USMNT Daily Update: What an all-MLS national team lineup might look like

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A popular question being asked these days about the U.S. national team is "Where are the MLS players?" With Landon Donovan missing so many matches for the U.S. lately, and with Geoff Cameron having made the move to Stoke City in the summer, the number of regular U.S. national team options from Major League Soccer has diminished and we have found ourselves watching the U.S. play at times without a single MLS player.

Graham Zusi did his part to represent the league well in the national team's most recent match, the 1-0 World Cup qualifying win against Jamaica, but the general lack of MLS players made me wonder just what MLS options might get the call if Jurgen Klinsmann could only call MLS players.

Before we get into that potential lineup, let us first discuss the question of why there are so few MLS players in the recent national team mix. It's pretty simple. More and more top American players are getting opportunities to play abroad, and the reality is more and more Americans are going to better leagues to play.

This isn't a knock on MLS, but rather the reality of the professional soccer landscape. Now that being said, there is still some very good talent in MLS, and there is a strong generation of young Americans starting to make their way up the ranks. Players like Sean Johnson, Bill Hamid, Perry Kitchen, Amobi Okugo, Austin Berry and Luis Silva just to name a few.

So what would an All-MLS U.S. national team lineup look like? Here is what such a squad might look like:


—————–Chris Pontius——–Chris Wondolowski—————

Brek Shea—————–Graham Zusi—————Landon Donovan

—————————Kyle Beckerman——————————–

Heath Pearce—Matt Besler—-Omar Gonzalez—-Steven Beitashour

—————————-Nick Rimando———————————-

A few thoughts:

This is a squad based on what I think Klinsmann would call in based on past call-ups, camp invites and current league form.

As a team, this squad is pretty solid. Good wing options, solid centerbacks, really good central midfield. It's not a team that I think would do much in a World Cup, but if it got dropped into CONCACAF qualifying I think it could make the Hex, though maybe not qualify out of the Hex.

It was a coin flip between Pontius and Eddie Johnson, but with Pontius having been a national team alternate recently, he gets the nod. Chris Rolfe also merits consideration.

Both Sean Johnson and Bill Hamid have very bright futures, but if the USMNT had a game this weekend and had to have an MLS goalkeeper start, the veteran Rimando would get the nod. Dan Kennedy is someone who deserves a mention as well.

Heath Pearce isn't playing left back for the New York Red Bulls, but he remains one of the best left back options in the pool. Justin Morrow deserves definite consideration for the spot, and Seth Sinovic has quietly become a solid left back as well.

Before anybody from Seattle mentions Osvaldo Alonso, as things stand he is still not eligible for the U.S. national team and therefore doesn't get the nod (and truth be told, I don't think he'd get called before Beckerman anyway. Klinsmann is a big Beckerman fan).

Matt Besler is quietly enjoying a tremendous season and is a definitely lock for his spot. Klinsmann has noticed his progress, and has made him an alternate for recent matches. Don't be surprised if he gets a call for the upcoming qualifiers.

Klinsmann hasn't called in Omar Gonzalez yet, and he probably won't this year in order to let Gonzalez settle in with the Galaxy as he continues his full recovery from a torn ACL. Despite that, he makes this list because he's simply too good a national team prospect not to be on the list.

Brad Davis is a great player for the Houston Dynamo, and one of the best in MLS, but at his age he's just not likely to get a national team call again. The same goes for Jay DeMerit.


What do you think of the squad? Who didn't make the lineup that you feel should be on the team? How do you think this team could do in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying?

Share your thoughts below.

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132 Responses to USMNT Daily Update: What an all-MLS national team lineup might look like

  1. Clayton says:

    Cool article. The MLS players get better every year – so do the US MLS players. The future is bright.

  2. Ken says:

    Is Rafael Baca eligible to play for the US? If so, Matt Doyle is going to be sad reading this.

  3. Al says:

    How in the world does Wondo not get a real look the past couple of years….

  4. Shane says:

    okay you got us all talking about Adu being called up and then he doesnt make your all MLS line-up?

  5. elgringorico says:


    he has.

  6. Barry G says:

    I would put Silva over Baca at this point

  7. Karl Schneider says:

    In my opinion Zusi is better than freddy at his natural position controlling the game. In essence, Adu would be in the 23, but not the 11. I hope he gets a January Camp look.

  8. Al says:

    A 5 minute sub in a couple of games is not a real look…

  9. Siberian says:

    I don’t believe in any kind of conditions for a player to play on the national team, but I think in general they should be playing in better leagues. Landon Donovan is obviously a great player who plays in MLS, but I do think the national team would benefit if he were playing in the EPL every week.

  10. David says:

    “This is a squad based on what I think Klinsmann would call in based on past call-ups, camp invites and current league form.”

  11. David St. Hubbins says:

    hmmm starting stud CM no. 8 for the #1 team in the league vs. inconsistent flair player with no substance on the last place team in the league?

  12. TGA says:

    And if this was our only option…would the US break the top 50 in FIFA? Surely an all MLS USMNT would be ranked above Montenegro.

  13. anon says:


  14. elgringorico says:

    He’s been in basically every camp for the past year and a half. If he can’t practice his way into starting then that’s his problem. Look at Herc — came into camp with no real consideration for the starting job, then worked his ass off and won it. Now he is a starter.

  15. Rod says:

    If it aint broke, dont fix it….Winning titles has turned Landon into a leader. He doesn’t get that in the EPL unless he is starting for one of the top 4-5 big money clubs.

  16. PD says:

    I wonder how long the players from the U-23 will remain in JK’s doghouse? The vast majority of them seem to have become persona non grata…

  17. elgringorico says:

    He’s been basically every camp for the past year and a half. If he can’t work his way into the starting lineup, then that’s his problem, and a testament to him not being good enough. Look at Herc — came into camp and worked his butt off, got a start out of it, and showed everyone why he deserves to start more regularly. Wondo is a poacher who knows where to be, but at the international level we need more technical skill and speed.

  18. Old School says:

    Didn’t he actually get a few starts and/or at least an entire half on more than one occasion?

    I have nothing but respect for Wondo’s MLS service but it hasn’t translated to the Nats.

  19. Mitch says:

    An in-form Eddie Johnson deserves consideration. Seattle’s midfield service helps, but he has become a complete striker.

  20. patrick says:

    he has, he was part of the group in January that played those 5 games. He onyl appeared once against canada. he was also part of the infamous 2011 gold cup team where he scored exactly 0 goals.

    He’s brad Davis, great MLS player, maybe a ve3ry good CONCACAF player but thats it.

  21. T-moble says:

    I think your claim about Landon makes no sense. he was our best player in the 2010 world cup, while still playing in the MLS. Also the MLS is a good league, and is getting better. Zusi played better then jones, yet jones plays in Boundasliga. The only way the USMNT gets better, is as MLS continues to grow. This is how national teams continue to improve, by their league improving, just look at mexico.

  22. slowleftarm says:

    Depends – are other countries allowed to use players that play abroad?

  23. patrick says:

    he said pontius got the nod over EJ bc he’s been invited to camps in the past whereas EJ has not

  24. T-moble says:

    I think an all MLS team would still make the world cup, because it’s a good league. This lineup is not even all the best players in the league.

  25. AMPhibian says:

    i think those attacking players would create and score more than we currently do. i would love to see that top 5 get some time together in a game or two of little importance, but for the real stuff, i’ll take demps and altidore somewhere in that attack, as i’ve seen both go into unstoppable beast modes.

  26. JD in FL says:

    Would anyone else like to see this team vs. an all foreign-based national team? I’d pay to see that game in person.

  27. Old School says:

    Are they really in his doghouse or did we simply overrate them?

    I think the results lean towards the latter, to be honest.

  28. Old School says:

    I would.

  29. This is reality speaking... says:

    Wondo may tear it up in MLS competition, but he’s proven that he can’t hack it at the international level… just like Beckerman. Maybe Klinsmann can toss them a bone by capping them in friendlies against St. Kitt’s and Nevis, but that should be the extent of their USMNT appearances.

  30. Jake says:

    Boyd and Shea?
    Frankly, I can’t think of any others that have done much to warrant a callup over older guys. I’m sure some will argue for Adu, but I don’t buy it. Johnson got called up by Klinsmann. I think Hamid’s were before the U-23 games, but I don’t remember for sure. Were you thinking of anyone in particular that deserves it? Corona also got called up. Maybe you are thinking of Mix? I suppose he could have gotten a call, but really, he hasn’t been so great as to be a glaring omission.

  31. JG13 says:

    Isn’t even starting for the Revs these days.

  32. Ben says:

    I think a big point that should be mentioned is that a lot of the national team regulars started in MLS, and have since moved overseas. The fact that we don’t see many MLS players on the national team is more due to the fact that MLS has succeeded in developing players good enough to move abroad.

  33. AMPhibian says:

    that said, an all mls defense would be a major downgrade.

  34. Mick says:

    No, a poacher is exactly what the nats need. He scores big gaols at the right time. Confidence is needed in the squad.

    His technical level and speed are just fine. With his current form, I take him over anybody except Dempsey at forward.

  35. Germ says:

    Put in LA’s all-American backline, and I don’t think there is that much of a drop-off…

  36. Rlw2020 says:

    I still think a MLSXI vs LigaMXXI would be a great alteration of the all star game.

  37. louis z says:

    In my perfect US U23 world, this would be my lineup


  38. Game Changa says:

    agreed Baca and Cronin are the the two locks every week for the Quakes they may not score the goals but produce..

  39. Rod says:

    And how do you come to this conclusion?

    Like Wondo, Davis hasn’t gotten a fair look.

  40. Jake says:

    Yanks Abroad would win. Bradley and Howard and Altidore and Dempsey and Williams and Jones and Cameron are all a cut (or more) above MLS.
    Landon when he’s on is as well, but he hasn’t always been on. Other than that, I think the MLS team will get beat, although they could potentially make it an interesting game.

  41. Old School says:

    i like the direction this idea is going.

  42. bizzy says:



    —————-BRAD DAVIS—————-



    I would like to see other CONCACAF teams go against the US with a team like this. If Canada and Jamaica can cause trouble with MLS players I can only imagine. There would be possession on this team like no other.

  43. Miguel says:


  44. Big Chil says:

    I’d like to see some of the better MLS wingers push Brek Shea for his de facto #2 LW spot. We’re really thin on the wings, and Shea only has 3G 2A on the year, while Tony Cascio, Luis Silva, Nick DeLeon all had better stats. Pontius could be a stud on the wing for us, 11G 4A.

  45. T-moble says:

    true, I also think as MLS grows we will see even more players go straight to the BPL. It already is happening, but I think in the future you will see more.

  46. Old School says:

    ok, F-Chandler.

    in my perfect world Kofi Sarkodie would be developing at that RB spot.

  47. bizzy says:

    Did I mention it would be a sell out stadium if we had YANKS ABROAD vs MLS(USA)lol….I’d fly cross country to see that!

  48. louis z says:

    as you guys can see, we really don’t have a U23 ready for the CB positions, maybe the kid in the german 2nd division is better than OPARA.

  49. Rlw2020 says:

    This just speaks to how well MLS and the USNT has come along. It will be interesting to see what Jurgen does with the January camp; i heard him say something about making it a u-23 team or something along those lines.

    Personally i think he should call a u-23 and a top available side. Put the two against each other and then a game vs another nation

  50. Old School says:

    I think Jalil Anibaba has potentially be he needs to start getting some caps to prove it.

    Before anyone states that he’s a RB…he’s not. DLC ignorantly started a trend that should never have happened and likely slowed his development.

  51. Big Chil says:

    Yeah, January 2013 is the last good chance to look at the wider pool, especially at positions of need, like wing, CB, and forward.

    2014 is after qualifying is done, so anyone with a chance to fill a need has to be identified in January so they can train/play with the core during hex qualifying.

  52. Hopper says:

    I have to agree.

  53. Uni-Bob says:


    Wake up Klinsmann!

  54. DJ says:

    Re: comments are Nat players should/need to play abroad—it’ll eventually happen. That’s what makes me sad about players like Zusi. It’s tough to think of an obviously better pure CAM available for selection to the Nats… who also plays in MLS. Zusi will be gone in <2 yrs.

    Others, like Shea or Besler, will follow (assuming Shea continues to get his shiznit together).

  55. ex_sweeper says:

    No, he’s a Mexican citizen. He is here on a working visa.

  56. Fred O says:

    the big positive is that the pay will be better and the fringe players will be allowed to develop stateside and not have to hop around europe when they dont get a fair shake.

  57. Fred O says:

    not necessarily….as the league continues to grow, the pay will keep these guys here

  58. Charles says:

    I am not a Beckerman hater like others are….

    ….but if JK calls up him over Alonso ( if available ), he is a moron.

  59. jayboy says:

    In the German style (Klinsi), they really emphasize that players stick within their age group for as long as possible. I believe the goal is to reinforce playing as a team in a certain style across the groups. The younger teams tend to focus more on coaching, development, and tactics, whereas the Senior National team is generally just “fly in for 3 practice days, rest day, game, fly out.” Obviously, if there are extraordinary players, they get called in, but for the most part the philosophy is that it’s better to leave the U-23 kids to develop until they are ready.
    I imagine there will be a ton of exciting players in January camp, but I doubt Klinsi’s going to bother with anyone new now, except maybe Gatt.

  60. AMPhibian says:

    dig your line up, and i concur about that MLS-YA game, it would be a great game to see, but i’m not sure how they could actually pull it off.

  61. patrick says:

    WOndo has 8 appearances and zero goals, under two different coaches, and he wasn’t playing Italy Spain and Brazil during his appearances. It’s pretty clear he can’t play at a level that much above MLS.

    As for Brad Davis, two coaches have looked at him, and decided against it, and everyday we have this disscussion, hes a day older and further away from his prime. Pretty much anyone with credibility acknowledges Davis is a quality MLS player, but not much more, including Ives.

  62. patrick says:

    i should also point out that last January Wondo spent nearly a MONTH practicing, scrimmaging and playing in games under Klinsmann’s watchful eye. What better shot could he want?

  63. MLSsnobb says:

    What about Conner Lade as LB, I know he’s a rookie but I like his overlapping runs and he’s a young talent.

  64. Gnarls says:

    How could Alonso ever play for the Nats since he’s played in a major tourny for Cuba? Is there an exemption for players that change nationality?

  65. Vic says:

    Unfortunately with international football, players aren’t given many opportunities especially strikers. You either score in the few chances you’re given or the coaches go back to their established players. It may not be fair but thats the way it works in most countries. That could be the case with Wondolowski. He could also be a good club player but can’t score on the international level. That also happens around the world. James Beattie and Kevin Phillips were good scorers in EPL but not for England.
    As far as Brad Davis, he is the best crosser in MLS outside of David Beckham. Unfortunatley for most of his career he was only a 70 minute player. I would still have played him but I could understand a coache’s hesitation. With his talent, if Davis focused more on his fitness he could’ve been making 1.5 million in Europe instead of 300k in MLS.

  66. AMPhibian says:

    beckerman has had enough chances to show us who he tends to be out there on the international stage. he is a bit slow, a bit card prone, he tends to make negative or neutral short passes, and his one touch play is often sloppy. it isn’t good enough for me, even without alonso, i like bradley more in that position, or jones, or it would be nice to continue to develop williams or even cameron, as that deep lying defensive mid. edu frustrates me.

  67. beachbum says:

    have you seen his stints as the first guy off the bench tho? he’s good in that role and always has been, and he’ll be starting again this weekend I bet

  68. Money Mack says:

    good young talent indeed, but let this guy get a few professional starts under his belt first…

  69. Syd says:

    Beckerman provides much more stability than Jones

  70. Pierre says:

    Wondo hasn’t had the minutes for any chances with the current squad

  71. beachbum says:

    good lineup. I’d switch Pontius and Adu, and start Gonzo at CB. I’m a huge rimando fan for many years now but Kennedy is damn good

  72. Bobby B says:

    Inetrnational caps with legitimate minutes before it is too late…

  73. Fidel says:

    On a team that is goal-starved, this is pretty ridiculous. Something else has to be tried.

  74. Waterlewd says:

    Yes, there are very strict rules for changing nationalities. Unfortunately, the rules don’t mention refugees, but it states it’s possible to request permission to change nationalities if the player “permanently loses the nationality of that country without his consent or against his will due to a decision by a government authority.” Not sure if that applies with Ozzie, and I think Grant Wahl wrote something about his agent looking into it with FIFA.

  75. Shawn says:

    I don’t think Davis was given as much of a look as he deserved. But to be somewhat fair, this had a lot to do with ‘late-bloomer’ syndrome.

    When a midfielder doesn’t make anyone’s radar until 26 years old, it’s really hard to gage what he’s going to be.

    Wondo’s problem is a bit of a Taylor Twellman issue. He’s an incredibly hard worker who can make himself a pest. But against international defenses who aren’t going to be outhustled, he’s going to struggle.

    Now that said, I don’t think it would be bad to have a forward like him on for the last 10 mins to kill a won game. He works hard, he is a pest, and when a formerly-defensive minded side is trying to get back in the match, he could be just the player to poach a suckerpunch.

    The question is, do you reserve a roster spot for that?

  76. Shawn says:

    I don’t even think Adu is in the 23 even in an MLS lineup at this point. But he’s definitely not in ahead of Zusi or Pontius.

    And to be more to the point, Adu isn’t a 10 shirt, so he isn’t competing with Zusi, he’s competing with Pontius as an off-forward. But Pontius is a far superior player at this point.

  77. Mingjai says:

    Less interesting, but is this our All-Non-MLS lineup?







  78. Wally says:

    Beauty with Wondo is that he creates chances out of nothing…He does need meaningful minutes though

  79. Eric says:

    I think what Ives’ article makes clear is that more and more European teams are coming to MLS for talent. So many former MLS players are in the mix for the USMNT, which means that MLS is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do, develop more and more American talent.

  80. Plug says:

    This is a squad that could not qualify fro the hexagonal, much less the World Cup Finals. MLS continues to be a second-rate league and talented players are not interested in playing there. The recent trend in the make-up of USMNT rosters will continue throughout Klinsmann’s tenure as coach.

  81. SoccerAddict says:

    One of the best D-Mid’s in the league. Very underrated in all aspects of his game, including his leadership on/off the field.

  82. Dainja says:


    —-Eddie Johnson —– Kenny Cooper———

    ———-Freddy Adu (should be 1st)———–

    Nguyen ———————–B. Davis

    ———–Dax ——— Feilhaber—–

    S. Williams – DeMerritt – Okugo — Lade



  83. bizzy says:

    the Pontius / Adu switch would work, especially since we all know adu’s defensive flaw and pontius’ ability to play LM.
    Kennedy did proved himself vs Chelsea

  84. JRP says:

    Everyone prefers Bradley. Even RSL homers like me. We aren’t stupid. Bradley is waaaaaayyyyy better than Beckerman. But Jones is a huge liability on the pitch. And Beckerman has had one TERRIBLE game (vs Jamaica). He has to earn his spot again as a sub and back up to the real deal, Bradley. But remember the Mexico game? He played very well. He is not as good as Bradley. And he isn’t as good as Jones when Jones is in form. But game for game he is more consistent than Jones and that is why he often gets played over Jones. Jones is the more talented player. Beckerman is more consistent albeit a lower level of play than Jones is capable of.

  85. THomas says:

    Agreed. This team definately qualifies. Especially with little travel and familiarity with one another and a lot of their concacaf opponents.

  86. JRP says:

    The discussion of Wondo is interesting. I like the guy, I like his MLS play. He has had four good seasons. I think it is just a matter of he plays the wrong position. Too many good players in that spot that play a different style that the coaches feel fits the team better. It may be wrong. He may DESERVE (whatever that means) a chance. But a bunch of hacks (like us) at their computer on a blog aren’t going to change the mind of the national coach.

  87. bizzy says:

    you are correct Sir
    I only wish we had the talent to spot talent, the ability to select a quality player before he signs with a big club and not after, in other words “to act instead of react”….

  88. Nick In LA says:

    So when are we going to seriously start in on getting Juninho his citizenship papers? Need my Juni ripping bombs from 35 yards against the Antiguas of the world.

  89. bizzy says:

    I don’t exactly favor the placement but for the mare fact that you recognized Freddy, Nguyen and Demerit…..surprising Nguyen, means you actually WATCH US soccer

  90. bizzy says:

    (Missed reply
    I don’t exactly favor the placement but for the mare fact that you recognized Freddy, Nguyen and Demerit…..surprising Nguyen, means you actually WATCH US soccer

  91. Da Trufth says:

    What a Dual National Roster Would Look like:

    ———-Aron Johannsson——–Andrew Wooten———–

    Miguel Ponce——Ricardo Bocanegra———-Shawn Parker

    —————–Thomas Delaney—————

    Gotoku Sakai–Seb Hines—John Brooks—-Adam Henley

    ——————-Darren Randolph—————–

    A few thoughts:

  92. abc says:

    F a regular starter and one of the better fullbacks in the Bundesliga, we have a guy who doesn’t play for the Houston Dynamo!

  93. abc says:

    3 DMs, Klinsmann approves.

    I would go with a 4-1-3-2


    But Liga MX guys like Gomez have to be on one of theses two teams, right? Are they home or abroad?

  94. beachbum says:

    Nguyen was playing fun soccer until shut down with the surgery, attacking soccer

  95. T-moble says:

    So by Talented players, what are you taking about? B.Garcia from Houston looks like a beast, we are also seeing many South Americans come to MLS. So I see, just because you dont read articles about these players, their not elite?Second rate leagues don’t send players to the BPL, and second rate leagues don’t have the top ten att. in the world. Jamaica had MLS players how did they do against the USMNT? maybe you should think before you talk. Or how did Honduras do in the Olympics, with MLS players? another uneducated Euro-idiot. Maybe if Klinsman called up more MLS players he would have better talent. The only player he seems to know is Beckerman. I think Zusi should against jamaica he’s a beast.

  96. Mike r says:

    That team would not get out if the first group stage. They would lose 4-0 in a meaningful game against Mexico ….like they did in that Gold Cup final.

  97. bizzy says:

    I know man, he was really stepping up his game for NE, then surgery….and out for the season!!! damn..

  98. Steve B says:

    Wow, so does this finally settle to old Tim Ream vs. Omar Gonzalez argument? Gonzo’s recovering from ACL and STILL gets picked to start at CB.

  99. Spank says:

    I would love to see that but it sounds better than it actually would be. I don’t see it being competitive. It would be more like the NFL Pro Bowl, where it’s a big joke and quarterbacks throw a bajillion ints. Did anyone watch the Messi all stars during the off season? It would be just like that.

  100. Cory says:

    Funny, because a lot of the other teams that are going to reach the hexagonal take players both from MLS, and their own, inferior to MLS domestic leagues.

  101. hogatroge says:

    Landon spent the months leading up to the WC playing for Everton in the EPL.

  102. hogatroge says:

    Diskerud has only gotten back to playing consistently in the last 2 months or so. Plus, he’s not an MLSer.

    He’ll be back in a camp before 2014, even if he’s not on the WC roster.

  103. boosted335 says:

    Did you forget about George John Ives?…AGAIN?!!? good god

  104. hogatroge says:

    I’m a Dynamo fan and I don’t want Sarkodie anywhere near the USMNT.

  105. hogatroge says:

    There’s plenty of time in January to play 2 international matches and a U23 vs. Sr. Team match.

    This January they played 2 U23-Senior matches, then the full team played Venezuela and Panama.

  106. hogatroge says:

    While the grammar could use some work, I will give you a…


  107. T-moble says:

    Doesn’t matter, he still played in MLS. The same this year when he had a hat trick against Scotland. Against Mexico, he was injured and was taken off, I think you guys are way to hard on MLS players, while we have seen many outplay Europe base players. Zusi was a beast, again he plays in MLS. The player you should be watching is Nagbe.

  108. T-moble says:

    Sarkodie even sucks for the Dynamo. I think he will be in the NASL in two years.

  109. peterjh says:

    “It was a coin flip between Pontius and Eddie Johnson”. I don’t agree with that assessment. Wondo is always paired with a big partner, which would then make the obvious choice Johnson.

  110. beachbum says:

    and our lineup doesn’t even have EJ in it…he’s tearing it up these days

  111. Jermaine Jones says:

    How is Jermaine Jones a liability on the pitch?

    The dude plays for one of the top teams in Germany and plays well. I think people just see the negatives they want to see. No soccer player is consistent every day, but few have the skill to put a team on their shoulders and carry them. With Jones, you get that potential.

    Personally, I like having a big, mean, tough-tackling, confident, mofo out there in the middle of the field. Jones runs circles around Beckerman, skill-wise and literally (because Beckerman is easily the slowest member of the USMNT).

    Play Jones in a World Cup and you have a chance to win and a player who has a chance to be the man of the match. Play Beckerman? Anyone who is being 100% honest couldn’t say the same thing.

  112. AMPhibian says:

    your point is duly taken, but if beckerman is our second most reliable number 6, we are in trouble.

  113. the (nothing) proven grounds says:

    It’s an all-MLS lineup, Ream’s in the Championship on Bolton.

  114. JRP says:

    Very true. But remember Jones’ unnecessarily rough tackle of Neymar vs Brazil? The wrong ref could have called that a red and it would have had a significant impact on the game. But you are right. Jones has more talent. Everyone is in agreement there. And the guy below is right as well. If Beckerman is the No 2, it speaks volume to the lack of depth. But for the last two years he has been No 2, or at least No 3, in that spot. Someone young better be coming up because all three of those guys are getting old.

  115. Mo says:

    Zach Loyd?

  116. Lil' Zeke says:

    All hail the ultimate arbiter of what matters

  117. Smits says:

    Captaining a team and winning titles in MLS is the key. That breeds leadership and confidence that is desperately needed for USA.

  118. Vitski says:

    Chandler blows….overrated

  119. Steve says:

    Tally Hall is better than Kennedy

  120. Matt says:

    eurosnob criteria…

  121. Syd says:

    You are overrating Bradley….Beckerman is better defensively, which is waht his role requires

  122. Cam says:

    Cooper is name not thrown around much anymore….another guy with a nose for goal

  123. Joe says:

    Talk about a D-Mid that can link and provide some offense.

  124. Don King says:

    He hasn’t progressed that much yet, but he has the talent for sure

  125. Mo says:

    and he still stinx

  126. abc says:

    Then what does that make Kofi Sarkodie?

    Dude went to Akron, was on the U-20 team that failed to qualify for the WC, was given a Generation Adidas contract, was one of the first few draft picks, was on the U-23 team that failed to qualify for the Olympics… and is so lousy that he doesn’t play at all for the Houston Dynamo.

    So if Chandler is “overrated” (lol), what is your word to describe Sarkodie?

  127. abc says:

    I like how the guy above has Davis in the center and you have him on the right… do you guys even know who Brad Davis is?

    (a decent MLSer who’s not good enough for the national team, that’s who)

  128. abc says:

    Isn’t George John always injured?
    He can be on the “oft injured CBs team” with Zak Whitbread and Chad Marshall.

  129. abc says:

    Huh?? Johnson is fast, he is NOT big.

  130. Benny says:

    Nice line-up. This would get out of the hex.