USMNT reacts to loss to Jamaica


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39 Responses to USMNT reacts to loss to Jamaica

  1. dacap says:

    I have never been as disappointed in a coach than I am in klinsman. His team selection is pathetic and why he keeps putting 4 d mids together and expects goals is insane. Every game he coaches like this makes us worse and alienates fans.

  2. Tyler says:

    You people are so F*CKHJDFKSJH ridiculous it makes me want to scream. You aren’t every fan. Just because you claim something doesn’t make it true.

    We just beat Mexico in Mexico thanks to great tactics from Klinsmann. We beat Italy in Italy thanks to great tactics from Klinsmann.

    You’re telling me we can beat Mexico in Mexico and people don’t credit Klinsmann, but that same team almost loses to Jamaica because they d*ck around and that’s all Klinsmann’s fault?

    Just say you’ve always hated Klinsmann and love Bob, it’s more honest.

  3. Illmatic74 says:

    Mexico and Italy were friendlies. Klinsmann will be judged by what he does in competitive matches.

  4. Tyler says:

    Where’s the freaking blame for the players on this site?

    Did Klinsmann run out of the field and hack down the Jamaican players on the edge of our box multiple times? Did Klinsmann run out on the field and shank a shot from 10 yards out (Dempsey?)?

    Did Klinsmann tell the players to lose their cool and long ball each and every time instead of moving into space? Midfielders would get the ball and the nearest of the top 3 players would be 30-40 yards away. No tracking back. No defensive pressure in the middle of the pitch from the attacking players.

    People fault Adu for not tracking back, but we had three players doing that.

    No. He did none of that. In fact, he told the players to do the opposite, but they didn’t bring it. They didn’t bring any energy. Jamaica scored off two free kicks with one being a wonder strike and the other a freak deflection. Other than that they were impotent in the final third.

  5. Tyler says:

    There is no such thing as a friendly with Mexico. No such thing.

  6. USMNT Fan says:


  7. Illmatic74 says:

    Yeah but, the result of the match doesn’t really count. Qualifying for the World Cup is what counts right now. If USA fails to qualify Klinnsman’s USA managerial career will be more remembered for that then it would about winning a friendly.

  8. Tyler says:

    We won’t fail to qualify. We are still going to win the group. Relax.

  9. Illmatic74 says:

    But, Edu, Beckerman and Jones are all physical players who don’t really move into space. If you play them all together they will lose the ball and foul trying to get it back. That was a mistake in team selection.

  10. Illmatic74 says:

    Not if we continue to play like we did last night.

  11. Benny says:

    There is no way the U.S does not qualify. In the end, it should have been a draw the way the U.S. played but it wasn’t and we move on. The U.S. is going to get their three points and will play way better at home. I would not be surprised if the U.S. stomps Jamaica at home. In the end U.S. wins the group.

  12. danny says:

    Mexico went through the same struggles during the last qualifications. everybody needs to calm down. we will get through this just hoping our boys can stay healthy and find some way to attack. we have nobody that can play in the midfield (playmaker) and once we do have that player the pieces of the puzzle will soon come together.

  13. Tyler says:

    Thank you.

  14. Kosh says:

    Well said, Tyler, well said. The players, the National team members, the selection should have shown more rocks than they did. Yes there were lucky shots but we are still the better side.

    @ llmatic74, if there is one thing that is consistent about this team is that they are anything but consistent. Just as we see-sawed from wins against Italy and Mexico, so shall we see-saw with this loss. Jamaica gets the collective a$$es handed to them on Tuesday, and I pray they make the Hex so that our full first team returns to the office next year and remind them of how much a blip yesterday was.

  15. bryan says:

    I thought it was poor tactics but the players off the ball movement was static. The number of long balls was pissing me off so much. I’m done seeing that trio together, we either need to change formations or start incorporating an offensive mid.

    And while I want Lichaj on the team, people are ridiculous for thinking he would have changed that game. This game was lost in the midfield. A position we are supposed to be deep in. Tough loss but they can make up for it on Tuesday.

  16. Mike says:

    Wish I was hearing some players take some responsibility.

    Poor touches, poor passes, poor movement… Guys in the midfield especially should be raising their hands and saying it wasnt good enough.

  17. Illmatic74 says:

    Yeah I think the U.S will more than likely will qualify. But, it will seem impossible for the current U.S team to qualify until it actually happens.

  18. beachbum says:

    everything you are saying is making sense to me man

    Tyler is a broken record

  19. beachbum says:

    I hear you

    on the midfield, there is more depth that is not on the team. How else can it be proven? The bitch is that they are repeatedly not called, developed, etc.

    that Jamaica game was just desserts

    It is Coach who MUST ADJUST to what is happening, as all coaches must

    we’ll see

  20. theraccoun says:

    Any news on whether or not bradley is gonna play next game?

  21. beachbum says:

    the midfielders were asked to do that which they are not best at

    whose Freakin’ responsibility is that?

    For me, no way you’ve played to not understand the fundamental differences of playing facing forward vs. playing facing backwards, which is what these D mids are being asked to adjust to and do…completely different perspective on the game

    some can do it, but because some can’t doesn’t mean they suck, it means they can’t BUT do other things, like hold, cover, etc.

    on Williams offensively, I just hope the next time he sees the ball at his feet around the area that he keeps it low and fires a shot…better than just freezing up which is what happens when he’s asked to attack from the wing

    get real if you want some respect here man. Coach owns this defeat, and if they win Tuesday, the win

    we’ll see

  22. Eurosnob says:

    In fairness to Klinsmann, two of his starting midfielders were not available (Donovan and Bradley), but I agree with you that three defensive midfielders is a bit odd alignment if you intend to maintain possession.

  23. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Tyler, explain how the games against Italy and Mexico were tactically different from what we’ve seen in the past? Arena’s 1-1 draw against Italy in the world cup was a far, far greater result then winning a friendly. Exactly what great tatics did JK bring? Your comment is ridiculous

  24. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Adu didn’t play. Try keeping the players right if you want to impress us

  25. BSB says:

    That’s not necessarily a call for us to “calm down” and keep on going as we are, since one of the ways Mexico got through qualifying during the last cycle was to fire Eriksson. Just sayin’ . . .

  26. Tyler says:

    I didn’t say Adu played, did I? No.

    I said people accuse of him of not marking back as the reason he shouldn’t play on the team.

  27. lol says:

    you’re taking “friendly” too literal. how about “Exhibition”??

  28. 2tone says:

    Whatever I am done gripeing. Hopefully the team plays better, and Klinsmann coaches better come Tuesday.

  29. goyim says:

    Not playing. Same player pool as Friday night.

  30. Alex G says:

    I´m sticking to the women´s game now, hahaha, this is so pathetic.

  31. hogatroge says:


    People keep mentioning Lichaj and Chandler like they would have made a difference.

    The backline was solid, Parkhurst played great, and even though Fabian had a subpar match, he’s probably still our best fullback.

  32. biff says:

    Oooh. I had not thought of that, a return trip to The Office next year. That would be such sweet revenge.

  33. biff says:

    I can buy that line-up, except would rather see Boca than Goodson on the back line. I also am leaning toward Boyd starting over Jozy.

  34. biff says:

    Oh yeah? Sorry, but there are several ways the U.S. does not qualify, with the ugliest way being losing the next (and last) three games. Another way would be losing to Jamaica again Tuesday and then tying both Guatemela and Antigua in October. The situation now is red alert danger and the team needs to go into Tuesday’s game in serious a$$-kicking mode with the goal of teaching the thuggish Jamaican team a lesson they will never forget.

  35. biff says:

    agreed. was not happy with Klinsmann’s half-a**ed comments sort of taking blame for the loss and sort of vaguely admitting mistakes, and then unleashing a torrent of criticism at the players for not being hungry enough.

  36. fortunate only says:

    “It should have been a draw the way the U.S. played”

    lol what?

    Since when are points deserved?

    I saw a much more hungry and organized Jamaica team that easily flew past our midfield and even though they didn’t create much more than we did on the attacking end, I never felt comfortable with the lead and it was only a matter of time until they tied or won, which they did.

    By that logic, Mexico deserved to win the friendly last month. They had all the initiative when it came to attacking and were trying to play and win the game while we sat back with five defensive midfielders trying to absorb pressure the entire game.

    Frankly, I’m surprised people didn’t see this coming, especially when look at the way the team has been playing under Klinsmann.

  37. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Yes you said ‘Adu’ ->”People fault Adu for not tracking back, but we had three players doing that.” see above.

    If players are 30-40 yards in front of others, that is a COACHING error. It is the COACH who has to make the instructions on how to cut down on the space.

    Few on this board want to see Klinsmann fail…but the guy is getting a paid a mint, was handed the keys to the car…and has driven it to the back of the parking lot near the bus…

  38. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Parkhurst was ‘meh’. Not terrible, and even perhaps his best game in a USMNT shirt. But to think he played a great is a stretch. He had 41 sucessful passes…most on the team…but LOST the ball 26 times (2nd only to Jones’30)so let’s not get carried away by a ‘turnover machine’ in the defensive end.

  39. Mason says:

    People should really stop hating on my boy Jozy! The man can score goals just give him some decent service, he’s also not bad at creating look what he did against Italy. People should also stop hating on Klinsmann, the man knows what he is doing just let him do his thing.