Where will you be watching Jamaica-USA?

USMNT (Getty Images)

The U.S. men's national team's path to Brazil 2014 continues Friday night with the first of two World Cup qualifying matches against Jamaica in a five-day span.

The game in Kingston, Jamaica, is the first U.S. men's national team game to be televised on beIN Sport, a network that is being carried on Dish Network and DirecTV and has begun to be rolled out by Comcast in different markets around the country (call your local provider for the latest information leading up to first kick). While it makes for a more ideal scenario than the pay-per-view situation that surrounded the last U.S. qualifier in Guatemala, it still leaves a good portion of fans without a home viewing option. 

Fortunately, it's Friday night, and the amount of bars around the country showing the game should be more than sufficient for fans hoping to see the United States win a World Cup qualifier in Jamaica for the first time. Here is a list of official U.S. Soccer bars, although they won't be the only ones carrying the match. 

Where will you be watching tonight's game?

Share your plans and any U.S. Soccer watch parties in your area in the comments section below.

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139 Responses to Where will you be watching Jamaica-USA?

  1. JB says:

    I’ll be at the Chattham Tap in Fishers, IN

  2. BAJ says:

    The Olde Ship in Santa Ana, Ca with the Orange County American Outlaws.

  3. NE Matt says:

    21 Bar and Grille – Keene, NH

  4. Gerald says:

    Either Mulligan’s in Hoboken or Legends in NYC

  5. The Imperative Voice says:

    It’s actually less ideal if you are on the outside looking in because you not only can’t watch the game live on your home TV, you can’t fix that by buying PPV, and you can’t even hope it will be shown on delay like Guatemala on ESPN.

  6. Gabe Cash says:

    I will streaming it on my computer out of spite. I just don’t get it. Any game that Argentina plays not matter the country, the people of Argentina get to watch it. No matter what. WTF can’t we have that same standard. F’n hijo de puta!

  7. A.S. says:

    Nowhere. Screw beIN. I could not detest al Jazeera more.

  8. TV guy says:

    BeIn is offering a free weekend period for all Dish and DirecTV subscribers, so should be at PLENTY of bars

  9. Clayton says:

    Is BeIN on Verizon yet? Just checking …

  10. OldPuebloFC says:

    Conor O’Neill’s in Boulder, CO.

  11. FElix says:

    a la casa

  12. SSFC Rules says:

    The Dray

  13. Topher says:

    Brewhouse in Lil 5 Points – Atlanta.

  14. Thank you, @sshole networks says:

    As someone with pre-school kids, no babysitter, and FiOS cable, I’ll be watching Netflix… no USA/Jamaica for me.

    Oh, how I love these obscure networks.

  15. Hokierama says:

    Nice that Fishers IN is representing… I may be there too

  16. Steve C says:

    How in the hell is there not 1 official soccer bar in the state of Massachusetts?! Seems illogical.

  17. ALM says:

    Do you have to be 21 to get in to The Olde Ship? I’ve never been to one of the official bars, but I would like to see the game.

  18. louis z says:

    I will be watching it at home with family and friends. Going to the olde ship in santa ana is tempting but I got a 60′ TV at home. GO USA.

  19. Mike in Missouri says:

    I’ll be watching the scintillating action via matchtracker and twitter.

  20. Sean says:

    Love that place, wish I still lived nearby.

  21. Kevin in AZ says:

    DirectTV question. I am on the west coast so a 7PM eastern start means 4PM my time. I have DTV and when I got to beIN (which I have as part of my sports pack) it shows “Express show” from 4-5PM and then “Soccer” from 5-7PM with “no information available”. I have to DVR the game and I am worried that it isn’t giving any USA info. Thoughts?

  22. WayDownInTexas says:

    Hopefully I can find a place to stream it online as I have Time Warner Cable. Got a Six Pack of Sierra Nevada Torpedo Double IPA in the fridge, just need to a find a website to stream it. Someone told me frontrowsports.eu and atdhenet.tv any other suggestions?

  23. Tim says:

    Anyone know about Comcast Chicago?

  24. 20 says:

    do you remember how long it took Verizon to get FSC in HD? I would expect it sometime in 2014

  25. 20 says:

    seriously. Does anyone in the Boston/Lowell area know of a place to go?

  26. jaime says:

    anyone a place around los angeles that will be showing the gme

  27. 20 says:

    rojadirecta or myp2p usually have a link

  28. jaime says:

    anyone know of a place near l.a. calif. that will be showing the game

  29. MG3 says:

    CHARLOTTE – Courtyard Hooligans with the local AO chapter.

  30. ml says:

    Apparently they have it in low def Spanish on channel 594.

    However, AO Chicago is having a watch party at Leona’s (1936 West Augusta in Wicker Park) where it will be in HD on the big screen

  31. Big Ted says:

    Does anyone in the Boston area know if the BeIN on Comcast (channel 726 i believe) is the English or Spanish version?

  32. Mike says:

    Yeah my DirectTv doesn’t list the US game until tomorrow morning. It seems that they’re going to broadcast the Argentina qualifier tonight instead of the US game.

  33. Vik says:

    Anyone got a rec for a bar in fort Collins, CO? Just visiting for work.

  34. jon says:

    I’m a time warner cable dvr man, so no game for me (perhaps reading SBI’s play by play). Therefore, please post lots of highlights!

  35. Vic El Paso texas says:

    Here in el Paso,texas which is a soccer city, mostly every single bar will put the game for you, either the Usa or Mexico game. But in reality every single bar puts the Mexico game due to our Mexican sister city juarez and our population which is mainly hispanic. But if you ask for the usa game,u will get it but lets see who has BeIn sports. For example you got Mavericks grill n bar- pockets billiards which is very famous in el paso, cananas for mexico games, geskes expensive though, ales house, and a bunch more. This is a soccer city, and when Mexico plays bars are pack due to Mexican American population, but when Usa plays very important games that count, the bars are pack as well. Go Mexico and Usa- and I’ll be at hoppy monk pub for some European beers, then head to pockets in the westside right by utep university

  36. Hokierama says:

    Loved the Irish breakfast when it was Fionn McCool’s.

  37. Fred says:

    Is the turnout good at Legends?

  38. Dino1er says:

    Dillion’s Irish pub 3$ pints over 30 beers on tap. On Hollywood and vine with the Los Angeles chapter of USA supporters.

  39. Vic El Paso texas says:

    So if you drive by El Paso,Texas- you actually see a bar in every corner………cheers

  40. Fred says:

    AO Boston is at the Banshee in Dorchester, also check Phoenix Landing and the Field in Camrbidge

  41. Matt C says:

    The Blind Pig, NYC.

    In other news, I could use a little help from the North Jersey SBI Mafia… I’m moving to Verona in November, does anyone know any good soccer bars in the Verona/Montclair area? I know NYC has a bunch, but I spend all my work life in the city and don’t always want to go trudging back in on the weekends.

    Much obliged!

  42. Dimidri says:

    Cuatros, Austin tx

  43. Alex says:

    Anyone know of a place outside of Philly that is showing the game?

  44. my son and daughter-in-law live in Haverhill and they go to a bar in NH to watch.

  45. TheDude says:

    Trinity Hall Irish Pub, Dallas, TX. Anyone know any anti-Jamaica songs?

  46. C(note) says:

    ATX, Cuatros, AO Austin

  47. O’Brien in San Diego (dragging my husband – only get to go when we can’t get the game at home)

  48. Pete says:

    Rainstreet Pub – Wauconda, IL

  49. DynaMatt says:

    Traveling for Work so I’ll be at The Globe Pub in Chicago. . .

  50. BAJ says:

    All ages are welcome at the Olde Ship.

  51. Spank says:

    Right here at work! Just found out yesterday that we get beIN Sport. Getting paid to watch my team!

  52. Longshoe says:

    Diesel Filling Station in Atlanta, GA @dieselatlanta

  53. josh says:

    Is there really a bar called Conor O’Neill’s? That is the name of a friend of mine.

  54. Howdy says:

    Laughing Man Tavern on 13th & G NW is going to be the spot in DC tonight.

  55. Al says:

    Tonight’s match doesn’t start until 8 pm eastern, so you aren’t going to miss anything. Match starts at 5 pm PT.

  56. Stuck in Cali says:

    Game actually starts at 8pm ET — so 5-7 PT is accurate.

  57. EllisCarver says:

    I’ll be checking out one of the Center City Philadelphia bars. Most likely the Liberty Bar.

  58. Al says:

    Mavis Winkles in Independence, Ohio, with American Outlaws Cleveland Chapter! We had a great outing there for the win over Mexico, hoping for three points.

  59. Beau says:

    Austin, TX Cuatro’s with the American Outlaws

  60. ricecloudnine says:

    At home, tape delayed on beIN SPORT ñ through Comcast in Seattle. Being on the west coast, it won’t be too late and is better for me that trying to leave work early to get to a pub.

  61. Christiano says:

    Smithfield NYC!!!

  62. Jon says:

    Comcast has only added the Spanish version now. People have found that you can actually flip the commentary to English via the Audio Setup menu, but the schedule is not the same. The US game is showing on a delay on that channel, as they’re showing the Argentina game live.

    I’ll be at the local AO bar to watch it live and in HD (which Comcast also doesn’t offer.)

  63. angel_v13 says:

    I’ll be watching it at Springbok (South African Bar) in Van Nuys, CA. For those in the San Fernando valley, who don’t want to drive to Hollywood during rush hour, this might be a place to go to. I called yesterday and they said they would put it on.

  64. julio says:

    I dislike BEIN Sports right now…..no game in my house tonight.

  65. Dan says:

    MacDinton’s in Tampa FL on Howard Ave just south of Kennedy.

  66. smarty says:

    Anywhere else in LA?

  67. Brian says:

    One of the best soccer pubs I’ve ever been to!

  68. Matt S says:

    I called Phoenix Landing in Cambridge and they said they would be playing it. I also asked at the Cherry Tree in West Newton, and they said that they would play it if asked (don’t think they will have the sound on, though).

  69. Eric says:

    Danny Coyle’s in San Francisco.

  70. Chris_ says:

    Anyone know of a bar in Westchester County, NY?

  71. RB says:

    Well you can watch on delay Saturday morning on BeIN, in the Denver area with DirecTV, but apparently no live broadcast. So how are bars seeing it live?

  72. RLW2020 says:

    i don’t know anything on the north shore. into the city Phoenix Landing and the Banshee are great. Please post a reply if you find something good up there.

  73. Brian says:

    Jack’s Neighborhood Bar and Lounge in San Jose

  74. RLW2020 says:

    never been but i know CB Potts and JimmyC’s often have US/Rapids events, call ahead and see what they are doing..

    C.B. & Potts
    1415 W. Elizabeth
    Fort Collins, Colorado

    2722 S. College Avenue
    Fort Collins, CO

  75. RLW2020 says:

    nice, i miss El Paso, cool town good to hear its still buzzing with soccer.

  76. RLW2020 says:

    3Lions Pub on Colfax in the Mile High City!

  77. Colin says:

    Nashville TN – Winner’s in midtown is setting up the patio so we can watch the game there. Big group walking over from Vandy a little bit before the game.

  78. Oranje Mike says:

    FilmBar in Phoenix. Normally watch at 16th St but there’s a gathering up the block from FilmBar to celebrate the arrival of Phoenix FC. FilmBar offered to host AO and anyone else who may want to watch.

  79. Bob says:

    When I lived NE of Philly I used to watch games at the Iron Abbey in Horsham, I’m sure they’ll have their back room set up.

  80. Dave says:

    Forget the USMNT, I am watching the IMPORTANT game live, Appo high vs St Georges Tech in Delaware.


  81. EkstraBen says:

    Why Leona’s? Because it’s big?

    Still gonna rep SmallBar on Division.

  82. EkstraBen says:

    You should check out AJ Hudson’s instead. Near the Globe, better food, better beers.

  83. thedude says:

    This is not this hard people.

    Most bars have DirectTV with sports pack so all you need to do is tell them to tune to channel 620. Repeat the Channel number a couple of times and they will change the channel

    For Dish its 408.

    Again ask a couple of times they will do it.

  84. Steve C says:

    You got a 60 foot television in your house?! Most impressive.

  85. RB says:

    That’s great except that at least in my area, it’s not listed for tonight on 620.

  86. JoeMormon says:

    I am not going to watch because it is not on TV in Utah. I have Comcast. This is most stupid thing ever. Just play the darn game on TV!

  87. elgringorico says:

    Can anyone provide more information about this? I have DirecTV and would like to order the free trial.

  88. Matt Kassel says:

    Will anyone be watching this in Buffalo, NY?!

  89. boosted335 says:

    Ill be at Paddys in Philly watching with Charlie and the gang. If you love adventure and tomfoolery you are welcome to join us.

  90. dino1er says:

    San Gabriel valley, Inland empire, and Orange county all have chapter bars.

  91. rees says:

    I’ll be at Trinity Hall or The Londoner (in Addison) depending on where my group of buddies decides to go.

  92. Scott says:

    Carolina Ale House. Augusta, GA

  93. thedude says:

    It will be on DirectTV etc just tune in at 8pm ET time.

  94. Jackson says:

    At The Press Room in sunny Santa Barbara, CA!!!

  95. krazymunky says:

    me too.

  96. Prayers answered says:

    – Channel went live yesterday
    – It’s in with the Spanish stations on 651 (bay area at least)
    – Just like GOL TV it broadcasts in Spanish and English. Just go into the cable settings menu and change the language preference from “channel” to “English”. And yes – Ray/ Phil will call tonights game
    – YOU DON”T NEED THE SPANISH PACKAGE to get the channel. But you do need the premium sports package which gets you GOL TV, FSC, ESPN U, etc…

    Call COMCAST ASAP and the channel will be up before the game. Too bad lots of you won’t have set your DVRs but best of luck either way!!!

  97. Charlesmwray says:

    Banter in Williamsburg (brooklyn)

  98. MidWest Ref says:

    Once they got it, they took it off again.

  99. engkzl says:

    Anyone know of a place to watch in Nassau County, Long Island?

  100. Gerald says:

    Yes it’s usually pretty good at Legends

  101. Ravi E says:

    Ill be at Trinity Hall Tonight!

  102. Vik says:

    CB Potts has it. Thanks!

  103. OldPuebloFC says:

    Yep: link to conoroneills.com – I wonder if he’d get to drink for free . . .

  104. Kevin says:

    Found out something cool. If you have comcast, if your area has BeIn channel, you can add package for 7.95 a month. Best part is that Comcast has a 30 day refund. After game, I plan on cancelling package!

  105. mj says:

    comcast chicago has the spanish beIN – channel 594. they are showing south american qualifiers live, and then showing usa game on delay later tonight. its also low def.

    the english beIN not on comcast chicago yet as far as i know – thats the one showing usa game live. its on direct tv channel 620

  106. Rlw2020 says:

    Do you live in cowboy stadium? Mr jones is that you?

  107. Kevin says:

    Where on LI? Originally from there! Library in farmingdale was a good one and boss crockers in seafood. Watched games there before- boss crockers is a good one

  108. mj says:

    small bar has crap tv’s. they have good food and beer, but expensive and no drink specials. rep away

  109. Dave says:

    but not all bars pay for all the direct TV channels. I know my local bdubs has directTV but no fox soccer channel.

  110. wendell gee says:

    In a hammock in Lencois, Brazil!

  111. ml says:

    Basically, smallbar seems to have switched it’s focused to craft beers/upscale bar food, which is great for them, just not for hosting US games (especially on a Friday). They don’t really seem to try to hard for our business (no mention on their website/facebook about the game, never any drink specials), plus their TVs are just way too small.

    AO Chicago is gonna give Leona’s a shot. They are offering drink specials ($10 buckets/$4 Lagunitas IPAs), have large HD TVs, and are giving us the whole west side for viewing. Hit us up on Facebook to see more details.

  112. thedude says:

    Dave, Beinsports is part of the sports package so they should have it if they are a sports bar.

  113. Kevin says:

    ‘ I meant seaford,not seafood!

  114. Mocksteve says:

    +1 See you at Cuatros!

  115. louis z says:

    60′ < — inch. :-)

  116. JSmiley says:

    Lucky Bar DC

  117. Old School says:



  118. chitim says:

    I am in Lincoln Square and 594 isn’t coming up on my xfinity lineup. Any ideas on where to catch it streaming? Can’t make it out tonight unfortunately.

  119. dcpohl says:

    I’ll be at the Chatham Tap downtown in Indianapolis, IN.

  120. dcpohl says:

    What no soccer bars in misery?

  121. agnigrin says:

    At home with my beautiful wife and cats! I have DirectTV!

  122. Dan says:

    Good news: I have beIN on DirecTV

    Bad news: Prior commitments are forcing me to DVR the game and watch later. I love that soccer is becoming more mainstream, but am holding out hope I can avoid hearing references to the game.

  123. Modibo says:

    What are the chances of finding a replay as of Sunday? I’m on my way to the Philippines, leaving an hour and a half before the game starts… sounds like I’ll be reading game recaps and maybe getting some highlights.

  124. Andy in Boston says:

    For anybody in the Boston Area that has Comcast….I just stumbled upon beIN Sports looking for other spanish channels that could possible have the US Game tonight. Its 726 on my cable box. I must have just gotten it in the past couple days…lucky me!!

  125. USFan says:

    any ideas for Vancouver, BC?

  126. ex_sweeper says:

    Unless someone knows of a bar/restaurant on the SF Peninsula that will show the game, I guess it’s pirate stream or match-tracker :-(.

  127. Chris says:

    I’ll be watching the game live from the UAE. It comes on Al Jazeera Sport in Abu Dhabi, but half of the USA can’t even watch a qualifier. Crazy world.

  128. C(note) says:

    +1. That’s four ATX posts today

  129. Frank says:

    Is Ray Hudson in the booth for this game?

  130. CJ says:

    I have comcast in boston and the Spanish BeIN sports now shows the US match live on the channel guide. The Argentina game is now on tape delay after. I am crossing my fingers that this is accurate.

  131. This Guy says:

    Going to the downtown Indy location as well.

  132. Maria says:

    Comcast in Atlanta has it on 547. It is not hd and in spanish, but I’ll take it.

  133. vincent says:

    AT HOME!!!

    one time I’m actually happy I have directv

  134. Original Aaron says:

    I’m in Mexico City- anyone have a suggestion? Otherwise it looks like I’ll be watching on a grainy stream (but even that is iffy considering how few people have BeIn Sports… hopefully at least one of them will be broadcasting)

  135. Shaun says:

    I’m currently in Bali. . . Any guidance on stamping the match would be appreciated.

  136. Shaun says:

    Streaming, not stamping.

  137. ... says:

    60′ <— 60 feet 60″ <— 60 inches

  138. doktoramor says:

    Wish that bar wasn’t so skeezy. But yeah, I’ve had to resort to going there too.

  139. jaime says:

    thanks, i will check it out on tuesday