Which new faces should Klinsmann call in October?

Sacha Kljestan (ISIPhotos.com)

Photo by ISIPhotos.com

Jurgen Klinsmann had a chance to take a good, long look at several players in the U.S. Men's national team's recent training camps and World Cup qualifiers, and it is a safe bet some of those players won't be back.

The question now becomes just which new players will Klinsmann take a look at when the team reconvenes in October for the final two matches of the qualifying round.

We already know that, assuming they are healthy, Michael Bradley and Landon Donovan will be part of the squad in October, but there are still plenty of other players who could merit a look after not being a part of recent national team camps.

On defense, you have players such as Eric Lichaj and Omar Gonzalez. In midfielder, there is Sacha Kljestan and Chris Pontius. Then you have forward Eddie Johnson. These are just some of the players who Klinsmann might be taking a look at the next time he brings the national team together.

Which player are you hoping to see get a call next month that haven't been called in by Klinsmann recently? Cast your vote after the jump:


Who did you vote for? Was there a player who you would have voted if they were on the list?

Share your thoughts below.

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205 Responses to Which new faces should Klinsmann call in October?

  1. Chris says:

    Brad Davis

  2. Shawn says:

    I’d say Pontius, because I think he’s more effective on the wing than Shea, and thus represents the only one of the list who’s an upgrade to the current pool (assuming full strength).

  3. Shawn says:

    I have to say, I don’t understand why Davis has never gotten serious attention.

  4. Ed_blythe says:

    I think Matt Besler could and should be called in. Didn’t get much of a look for what ever reason in Mexico. With the second game being is Kansas City it becomes to easy.

  5. N says:

    Steven Lenhart.

  6. DeLarge says:

    Aron Johansson

  7. anon says:

    We need more wingers – I say Lee Nguyen, Danny Cruz, Tony Cascio, or Nick DeLeon. Feilhaber should also be back in the fold.

  8. The King of Norway says:

    I’d get the paperwork going on Osvaldo Alonso. It’ll take a while to work out with FIFA, but he’d be a great addition to the team replacing Jermaine Jones.

  9. starvs says:

    where has alejandro bedoya been? he good.

  10. corey says:

    I second this.

  11. Jamie says:

    Benny Feilhaiber (Don’t get the hate-Zusi showed how important a guy in this role is, close to top in MLS in ‘chances created’, has played well for us in the past, has experience, not his fault revs suck, etc.)

    Dan Kennedy-Better than Rimando. No debate.

    Eric Lichaj

  12. Jason says:

    Former US Captain Dax McCarty!

  13. Andy says:

    Related question: what is the latest on Stuart Holden? Could he possibly be available for the hexagonal?

  14. Jason says:

    Justin Morrow

  15. Robinswood says:

    I’m a big Sounder and EJ fan, but I’d honestly rather he not get called in until the January camp. EJ has made a remarkable turnaround (I utterly hated our bringing him onto the Sounders, so that gives some perspective). But my sense is that he’d be better served by a little more time to focus on the here and now of the Sounders, then go into camp in January, ready to be a part of the puzzle.

  16. Nick in LA says:

    Really everyone? Josh Gatt getting the majority of the vote? Omar is the most glaring snub so far. The guy is the best centerback in MLS by a wide margin and barely got a look.

  17. RLW2020 says:

    back in Sweeden, forgot about him!

  18. John says:

    Gatt. Speed and Width.

  19. Dinho says:

    Nick, I’m a Galaxy fan also and I like Omar, so don’t get me wrong. But bringing in a new defender (whoever it is) for 2 of the biggest qualifiers in this round is not a great idea. Agreed that Omar is looking fit and comfortable, but I STILL question his composure on the ball. And, with JK harping on playing out of the back, I don’t think he’s there….yet? I think Cameron/Goodson are fighting for that position next to Boca with Orozco Fiscal and Edu/Parkhurst/Spector there for cover, if needed.

    Personally, I’d like to see some more cover on the wings, so we can have some dynamic options going forward. Zusi did well, but he’s not a true winger. Gatt would bring this, in my opinion.

    I may be wrong, but entitled to my opinion nonetheless.

  20. jon says:

    GK: Howard, Guzan, Rimando (3)

    LB/CB: Johnson, Cherundolo, Castillo, Parkhurst (7)

    CB: Cameron, Bocanegra, Goodson, Ream (11)

    MF: Donovan, Bradley, Williams, Jones, Shea, Gatt, Zusi, Kljestan (19)

    FW: Dempsey, Gomez, Boyd, Altidore (23)

  21. Dinho says:

    Orozco Fiscal over Ream.

    Otherwise, I like it!

  22. AdamTheRed says:

    I would love to see Diskerud, playing well at Rosenborg and if Gatt can get called up from Molde he should merit a call-up.

  23. Bunker Bob says:

    Jonathan Bornstein

  24. Dinho says:

    Laughed hard. Thank you.

  25. YO says:

    I’m a Dynamo fan, but Davis is on the down side of his career. It took him a while to reach All Star level.

  26. that guy says:


  27. YO says:

    Shea is Klinnman’s guy, but it would’ve been nice to see what Pontius would’ve brought to the table.

  28. cj says:

    I agree like Gomez he knows how to come off the bench and score. He also gets under a teams skin, and in qualifying that can be helpful by him having a top player pick up a silly yellow card. He may help a team lose a player.

  29. Soccer Rules says:

    Yes, he should be in that list. I actually feel sorry for the guy. It’s not his fault that he is not the best defender out there.

  30. SteveMcSteve says:

    If it were the November friendly, I’d say “all of the above.” Each of those 6 guys is worth a look. But for October, personally I’d bring Gatt, Kljestan and Lichaj.

  31. Chicago Josh says:

    (Tips his hat) Thanks!

  32. swoopy says:

    Gatt, but i definitely second the notion of getting Osvaldo Alonso status asap, if possible.

  33. Scott says:

    Back training with Bolton in Oct-Nov, then playing with Reserves and then the first team. Best case scenario still doesn’t have him back with the USMNT this year.

  34. Cris says:

    Freddy Adu. Hes always had the vision and skill , and the ability to thread balls into tight areas, he also dribble and take a defender 1 v 1. my lineup:

    —————-Herc Gomez————–

  35. jon says:


  36. Bub says:


  37. Nick in LA says:

    You are entitled to your opinion, but yes, you are wrong. Playing out of the back is the thing that people always point to about Omar. What it says to me is that they haven’t watched a game of his for the past 2 years and are buying into the hack blogger’s perception of his game. His rookie season? Yeah, that was a valid criticism. Now? He makes pin point passes, is composed, and is better than Geoff Cameron/Orozco/Goodson/Parkhurst/Spector. I guarantee you if Omar gets some playing time, all of a sudden, everyone will start claiming he is the hope for the future and they knew about him all along.

  38. Lost in Space says:

    Lichaj over Castillo or Parkhurst.

  39. THomas says:

    No way he leaves torres aaaand edu out

  40. UnionFan says:

    Amobi Okugo

  41. Scott says:

    He is behind too many proven USMNT CB’s right now. Won’t see him until the January camp. You would not play him over Boca, Cameron, Goodson, Edu right now and JK would also rate Fiscal over him. No room. He also doesn’t have the ball control skills that JK likes. He booms too many balls instead of passing out of pressure. He plays more like Gooch. In summary, you don’t call up a guy just because he is the best player at a position in the MLS. You call up based on need. We don’t need him. We do need creative midfield play.

  42. THomas says:

    I’d roll with this

  43. Edwin in LA says:

    I’m not dropping Torres for Sacha….sorry let Sacha concentrate on getting his team to 1st like they’ve been for 2 years now and WINNING in UCL….and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Edu in for CB depth and also his flexibility to play there and his usual CDM spot….

  44. Chico says:

    Klinsy has to get over his subtle bias against MLS players. That’s his way out of the Yanks’ “depth problem”. Starting Zusi was a good step in this direction, and it paid off. Davis, Wondo, Pontius and Johnson deserve consideration to begin with….

  45. Eric says:

    Steven Lenhart would be the first player in a USMNT kit I couldn’t in good conscience cheer for.

  46. Cris says:

    The best lineup in my opinion, we would dominate i believe. Chandler would have been great on the right side but i still have hope he joins the US. Lichaj is also a great option but Cherundolo also has experience

  47. Weaksauce says:

    Josh Gatt, Chris Pontius, Mikkel Diskerud, Freddy Adu, Eric Lichaj


    Timmmmmmmy Chandler too if he wants to man up !!!!

  48. cj says:

    i love how everyone is doing sooooo well at their non televised club abroad until they get brought in a picked apart by the international game..

  49. Eric says:

    Eric Lichaj, hands down. Edgar Castillo simply can’t hack it as Fabian Johnson’s understudy at left back.

    Would also like to see Kljestan, Gatt, and Diskerud get some love. Gonzalez would be nice, but with Geoff Cameron’s emergence, Gonzalez would be, at best, #4 or 5 on the CB depth chart after Bocanegra, Cameron, Goodson, and arguably Parkhurst.

  50. jon says:

    Agree with Lichaj over Parkhurst.

  51. Yoko Ono says:

    Gatt, Lichaj, Guzan. No EJ. Pontius not likely. Call Gonzalez up for Camp Cupcake

  52. Old School says:

    Pontius and Lichaj for me.

    No more Parkhurst…ever.

  53. Yoko Ono says:


  54. Yoko Ono says:

    No Chandler. dude had time to decide. he failed

  55. Weaksauce says:

    I’ve always had it as a goal to play for the Icelandic national team. But if Jurgen Klinsmann calls me and says he wants me to play for the United States, then it would be pretty hard to say no. “


  56. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    I like Davis, he just had the misfortune of being a late bloomer in a deep generation of midfielders.

  57. Scott says:

    Better than those you listed? Your argument just lost all credibility and yes I have seen him play recently. I have added you to the same list that all of the George John people are on. He was the second coming of Christ…until the Greek national team and Europe tried him out and said no thanks. Cameron and Goodson are on a different level (higher) than Omar, Parkhurst and Spector don’t play CB and both can outplay Omar at outside back. Your only hope is that Omar can improve to eventually pair with Cameron. Who, BTW, was better than Omar in the MLS and actually moved on to better things.

  58. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Feilhaber is my personal favorite player, so I’d love to see him back in the fold. I think it goes almost without saying that Lichaj needs to be brought back in. He wouldn’t challenge Dolo or Johnson right now, but he’d be a more-than-adequate back-up to either. I’ll go with Gatt – can’t wait to see how he fits into the squad.

  59. Kyle says:

    eddie johnson can be left at home in the hood. He wouldn’t bring anything that our current guys cant do.

  60. RobsterCraw says:

    Good call, I forgot about Morrow, but he’s been nothing short of extraordinary for SJ.

  61. Jerad Gomez says:

    What about George John? Would love to see him and Cameron back there together. Talk about youth at a positions that can be groomed for years to come

  62. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Ozzie Alanso

  63. Dulliwhig says:

    Having watched every Union game since their inception, I can humbly yet boldly suggest that Michael Farfan is a significantly better player than Adu. Better passer and creativity, similar technical abilities, bigger, more pace, stronger, more consistent, and much better defensively. And to make it clear, I am not a Freddy hater – I have his jersey!

  64. Wayne says:

    Eric – you’d enjoy it a lot more than you think. I think he’s actually an interesting choice for Concacaf play. He knows how to turn the antics off when appropriate, and I imagine he would when wearing the US jersey.

    I like the idea of having Lenny, Gordon, or someone similar on the bench for late game dramatics. I could almost see EJ filling that role with the way he’s been scoring in the air. The only question is whether Mauro Rosales is giving him better service than he’ll get when Guatemala is parking the bus. When the bus is parked, I want someone crazy enough to crash through the window.

  65. soccerhorn says:


  66. Jerad Gomez says:





    Love the idea of the youth movement
    Dolo is awesome, but must get Lichaj action. George John and Cameron sound very intriguing to me. Boca is a rock but need to find someone to play with Cameron since Boca is up in years. Zusi was attack oriented and helped on defense when needed. Time to see if Adu has matured enough to create on international level.

  67. Call Up Lichaj says:

    1. Lichaj

    2. J.A. Brooks

    3. Adu (didn’t support this idea until I watched the Jamaica game in Kingston)

    4. Kljestan

  68. louis z says:

    I would like Jk to take a closer look on this kid. Could this be diamond on the rough that has scored the faster hat trick in league history?

  69. louis z says:

    I have seen him play, and yes he has improved his passing, is he at par with Comeron? no. is he at par with BOCA, my guess is that he is getting closer

  70. dcm says:

    Brad Davis is great, I just think his position is unfortunately stacked.

  71. dcm says:

    You have to consider that they didn’t like what they saw in camp.

  72. louis z says:

    I feel sorry for the guy that he doesn’t have his daddy coach to put him in at the most inopportune time of a crutial game.

  73. Leo says:

    I’m much more interested to hear who you think was called this time, but won’t be for some time to come…

    I’ll start. Beckerman.

  74. Red Stripes says:

    GK: Howard, Guzan, Rimando
    LB/RB: Johnson, Cherundolo, Castillo, Lichaj
    CB: Cameron, Bocanegra, Goodson, Gonzalez
    MF: Donovan, Bradley, Williams, Jones, Shea, Gatt, Zusi, Kljestan
    FW: Dempsey, Gomez, Boyd, Altidore

    Camp Cupcake Callups: Mix, Pontius, EJ, Ozzie, John, Adu, Loyd, Farfan, Besler

  75. BCC says:

    I would say Gatt only because he is an unknown in terms of international performance.

    Anyone who says Klejstan has a short memory. He has been Bornsteinian in a US jersey, a near-disaster in most of his matches (yes, I know, he had a hat trick against Sweden). Some guys are good club players and don’t have “it” when it comes to playing for country.

  76. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Parkhurst played well against Jamaica. He was the only bright spot in that first game.

  77. dcm says:

    Judging by the last game, all players on the field need to be at least half German or a mayor of a German town to be effective on the field. I’m not joking. I say we just go with it.

  78. Juan says:

    Thank you

  79. Sarasota says:

    Gatt, Lichaj, Diskerud and yes, Tim Chandler. Chandler is a great young player that makes us better. We could use him at right wing and also as a back up to Cherundolo.

  80. Juan says:

    Sad to say but not ever. He’s missed his window

  81. Juan says:

    Weve seen the lsat of Gooch

  82. primoone says:

    Negative ghost rider…

  83. Bo says:

    Adu? Really? And No Chandler he wants to play for Germany.

  84. CPS says:

    1. Lichaj
    2. Gatt
    3. Kljestan

  85. The Imperative Voice says:

    Saucedo (if passport), Chandler, Lichaj, Gyau, Alonso, Gatt, Benny.

    I think Davis would offer a missing element but this has not been his best year, is not being well exploited in the Kinnear 433. We could use a deadball artist as a sub but who knows how he’d play on present use and form.

    EJ? Mwahahahha. Fool me once….fool me twice….etc.

    Has no one broken spades on Wooten? Or is JA Brooks stepping into the German-hipster-approved slot?

    Funny that the thread picture/ provocation is Kljestan but few are biting.

  86. HoboMike says:

    I’m not sure I would clarify it as an MLS bias. His favorite player is Beckerman. He brought Shea up and started him his first game in charge. I’m sorry, but I’ve seen what Wondo and Johnson can do against international competition. There are MUCH better options than those two.

  87. Nordy says:


  88. goyim says:

    “When the bus is parked, I want someone crazy enough to crash through the window.”

    Brilliant. :)

  89. David JS says:

    I’d most like to see Gatt called in for the exact same reasons.

  90. Joe+G says:

    I was reminded by Brian S. that Aron is going to have to file a one-time switch because of the UEFA U-21 tourney. That means at least 2 months waiting for FIFA to approve.

  91. David JS says:

    “”When the bus is parked, I want someone crazy enough to crash through the window.”

    Brilliant. :)”


  92. 2tone says:

    Pontius, Lichaj, and Gatt are the three players I want to see. Gatt will be called if healthy thats just a no brainer now. Pontius and Lichaj are very deserving.

    Kljestan is just a slower version of Torres. No thank you.

    Gonzo not until either the November friendly versus Russia or the January camp.

  93. Fred Clause says:

    Random player from 3 years ago who I heard was going to be big and players underperforming in MLS!

  94. Eli says:

    JONATHAN BORSTEIN !!….:: Cap him

  95. Fred Clause says:

    SBI commenting is an art. Juan seems to have perfected it.

  96. divers suck says:

    All of you folks calling for Adu are dillusional. His mind is just not there. He has difficulty making the Union, bottom tier MLS. No team in Europe wants anything to do with him. He has incredible potential but how many years have we heard that? For reasons only he must know, he never plays with the commitment necessary of a full 90 pro baller. There are plenty of players in the pool that we don’t need a head case like Adu.

  97. beachbum says:

    you think Orozco-Fiscal or Edu are better CBs than Omar? No way, and his composure is good, gets a bum rap that he can’t play out of the back, BS

  98. beachbum says:

    he does not boom too many balls. You don’t watch him play or you wouldn’t blindly say that

  99. Sarasota says:

    Question. Why the references to Oswaldo Alonzo? He has not been deemed US eligible.

  100. Tom says:

    What’s this about 23 year old Adu leading MLS in “big chances created” per minute played? Second place, Landon Donovan.

  101. beachbum says:

    disagree. he’d immediately be the fastest player on the team and possibly the best aerial threat as well

  102. George says:

    Yeah, and it wasnt good enough for law school, so he has to play soccer

  103. George says:

    Yeah, and it wasnt good enough for law school, so he has to play soccer

  104. Jrb11 says:

    Seb Hines over Ream, Lichaj over Parkhurst, and Corona over Klestjan….otherwise very solid lineup! Anyone have Klinsi’s email, and we can send it to him….lol!

  105. boosted335 says:

    Why is George John not listed?

  106. divers suck says:

    Since Alonso came to the US to seek asylum and it was granted, he’s cut all ties to Cuba including the National Team. He has his paperwork in to FIFA for an exemption to join the US Nats and I believe he has his US citizenship now also.

  107. boosted335 says:

    good roster …Adu is my only question mark

  108. Skyward says:

    No way. Stuart has skills that only MB can match, and MB’s skills developed last year to the current refined package. Before that Stuart was better than MB in international play, IMO.
    Now, as far as the injury and coming back. Remember how long Jones was out? About the same time I think
    Stuart will return and play for the Nats. I watched him with Bolton and he was truly impressive, ala John O’Brian.

  109. Scott says:

    Chris Rolfe. Always been a favorite player and he has been on fire in MLS.

  110. Skyward says:

    I disagree too. I’ve never been an EJ fan for the Nats, but his game improved in Europe, as seen with the Sounders. He dribbles fast with decent skill, and crosses well. He may contribute at some time.

  111. dcpohl says:

    Brad Davis is one of the greatest American players to never play for the USMNT (regularly).

  112. Gomez says:

    I think you and I are the only one’s wondering that. I would love to see John and Cameraon sitting in the middle of that back line. Two big, strong players who are very good in the air, sure tacklers, can pass out of the back and avg to above avg speed

  113. joe says:

    Bring in Eddie Johnson! He’s in beast mode right now

  114. quozzel says:

    Agree on Osvaldo, not necessarily to “replace” anyone but because he’s just that good.

    We’re thin at winger. Zusi made a case he belongs, I think Chris Pontius can too. Josh Gatt sounds good, looks good on the tape I’ve seen.

    We need a true #10. Still holding out hope Freddy Adu can mature into that guy. He can. WILL he? Always the question. Stu Holden can probably be that guy if he avoids knee-shredding tackles in the future.

    Omar Gonzalez needs to get worked in, probably after January. I think he’s better than Parkhurst over the long term – as in, a lot better.

    Lichaj, yes. Always liked what I saw of him. Also hoping Timmy Chandler finally takes the plunge.

    Those guys get successfully worked in over the next few months, keep the key vets healthy…and all of a sudden everybody is going to be marveling at the depth and talent on the US side.

  115. Elmo says:

    Dax Mc Carty is too small and sucks!

  116. The Imperative Voice says:

    For years he wasn’t fit enough to play past 70′ and he’s still kind of slow, defensive liability. But he can do his specialty well.

  117. The Imperative Voice says:

    The real issue is at DM we have starters and then starters and then subs and then subs for subs and then interns to shine their boots and interns to shine the interns’ boots. I mean, some would argue Williams put a foot in that door plus Edu, Bradley, Jones…..others would toss in Beckerman, Rico Clark maybe even.

    Kind of insane if you remember the days of Armas.

  118. Old School says:

    The orange cone? Naw.

  119. Lloyd Heilbrunn says:

    Kljestan is not a new face, he is an old face Klinsi doesn’t rate.

  120. GW says:

    Revisionist history on Holden vis a vis Bradley.

    Name me one USMNT game where Holden played anywhere near as dominant as MB90 has for the US. A competitive game not a friendly. And you can exclude that 2009 Gold Cup B team.

    Holden was great for Bolton but never played that way for the US when it mattered and certainly was never as good in a US shirt as MB90 was before Italy.

    Jones had a different injury (broken shin) and many will tell you he is no longer the holy terror he was before it.

  121. too soon? says:

    Mix, Adu, Gatt, Span, and Bedoya

  122. b says:

    +1000000 just for that amazing final line.

  123. b says:

    If we’re in need of wingers those guys are behind Shea, Pontius, Gatt, and maybe even Gyau. Plus Johnson (and even Chandler) can play there…

  124. GW says:

    Those guys may not as talented as Omar but they understand the system, how the manager wants them to play and most important their teamates.

    US fans never seem to think that familiarity with their teamates,what some people call the intangibles or chemistry, matters.

    Well, it does.

    You are talking about a central position in the back four, the worst place to bring in a rookie after goalkeeper. Edu and MOF are not
    as talented as Omar but, regardless of what people say on this site, they aren’t total crap either.

    Omar will get his chance but it may be a while.

  125. ps says:

    Steven Beitashour.

  126. b says:

    Let me clarify, I meant the other guys, not Feilhaber. Feilhaber should be ahead of Gatt/Gyau types, but for some reason Klinsmann is not impressed with him.

  127. b says:

    I agree with these three.

  128. b says:

    Morrow has been average, a disaster waiting to happen.
    Beitashour, on the other hand, has now been really good for two years.

  129. b says:

    In reality Diskerud will have to wait until January Camp.

  130. b says:

    2011GC Final…
    Chandler refused the callup.
    Spector got killed at LB all season for West Ham and moved to midfield.
    Cherundolo got injured by Bedoya, Lichaj had to move over to RB.
    Only then did we have to rely on Bornstein… you act like Bradley was waiting for a crucial time in the game to bring him in when in reality it was emergency duty due to a freak injury.

  131. b says:

    Freddy Adu shouldn’t be starting for a lousy Philadelphia Union team.

  132. Ryan in NYC by way of NC says:


    *This is what my Fifa13 11 will look like and what JK should strongly consider.

  133. b says:

    Lol John Anthony Brooks is not getting near the full team for at least another year and probably longer. He will be with the U-20s this cycle.

  134. Dave from Charlotte says:

    edu does not get left out…period. not that i necessarily like it, but if Torres’ is klinsi’s bornstein…edu is a close 2nd.

  135. Helium-3 says:

    I dont’ know if people calling for Adu are dillusional, but they do see a part of the US game that is clearly deficient.

    Yes, Adu is not in the best form lately so he does not deserve to be called to the USMNT but if you are looking for a match winner or that unpredictable element in the game, then he should still be in the picture, maybe for the next round.

    If you played soccer all your life then you know what to look for in players.

    I hope guys like Adu, Nguyen and Diskerud will get a chance in the next round.

  136. boosted335 says:

    And then you just forfeited your credibility with that crap post..but never mind your inaccuracies how exactly does what someone doesn’t get an opportunity to do become more of a tell than what he’s done and what he IS doing? C’mon son John and Gonzalez are the two best CB’s in MLS… they are American, they are young, and they are dominant.Logic dictates that they should be integrated and PROPERLY evaluated ASAP. WHAT IS YOUR ISSUE WITH THAT?

    Strange how I don’t remember Geoff playing in Europe or for another national team (??) before he got looks for us. Funny how that worked out considering for the last 1/2 year Geoff was stinking up the pitch at CB in “lowly” MLS before his stock shot up on the ITL stage!! By your statement can I deduce that you believe players who consistently dominant in MLS (John/Cameron) aren’t worth getting the same look as someone who struggled? (Ream/Cameron)
    I mean c’mon aren’t even a little nervous betting the farm on Cameron who isnt even playing the CB position for his club team and who’s shown us toward the end of the Mexico game and in MLS this year that, while promising, he DOES have yet a lot to learn?
    COMPETITION makes EVERYONE (who’s worth a damn) BETTER.
    ….And we need more of it at the CB spot. Stop trying to hold the team down

  137. luke s says:

    just bring back donovan, bradley, castillo (injury). i’m alright with our roster, though i’d like to see lichaj and kljestan (unlikely i know). also, gatt pontius and gonzalez could deserve looks. johnsons a little farther off

  138. isma_el83@hotmail.com says:

    chandler’s replacement lichaj would be my best choice

  139. Helium-3 says:

    Another very good player who is underrated because he isn’t flashy or scores tons of goals. However, he is a tactically intelligent player who will be 30 when the next round of qualifying starts.

    If the young forwards on the team haven’t picked up the scoring slack, then Rolfe would be a wise choice.

    US should try to put a lineup of tactically intelligent players (Dempsey, Zusi, Diskerud, Nguyen, Rolfe, Adu) in attack and see how well they can create.

  140. boosted335 says:

    Yeah seems pretty obvious right. Oh well. Most likely we’ll need to wait until January camp before they get paired up inevitably making Klinnsman look like a genius.

    Shame it hasn’t happened sooner but, as you know, last January John and Gonzalez went after club aspirations ….luckily Cameron seized his opportunity so we have now at least 1 out of the three CB’s I want for 2014

  141. Josh says:

    Steve Ralston

  142. divers suck says:

    If this was 1998 Rolfe would be a shoo-in. He’s pretty old now with not a whole lot of Nat team international experience. In other words, not a chance. Too many others younger and more talented than Rolfe. I compare him to an older Wondo type. Brilliant players at MLS club level but kind of lost and looking a little out of their league internationally. I’d like to see EJ a couple of more times to see if he still “has it” but only a chance or 2, still on the fence with him since he was virtually unstoppable early in his career but little since. Rolfe and Wondo, quite frankly, have never done anything at the NAT team level to justify any call ups.

  143. biff says:

    If I never hear again on these threads that a player is to old be called up by Klinsmann for the USMNT, it will be too soon. A few good players are mentioned above who are then shot down by posters claiming they are too old. Ridiculous.

    The most important lesson from the humiliating defeat by Jamaica in Kingston is the wake-up call that qualifying for WC 2014 in Brazil is going to be harder than heck with intense, brutal competition in the Hex next year, not to mention the two final group qualifiers in October. Assuming that we do win both games in October for an invitation to the Hex next year, we need the best players possible to ensure victories no matter what their age, even if they are pushing 30 years old or are a few years beyond–think Dolo, Boca, Donovan, Dempsey, Howard, Jones. The Hex is not a training ground to groom for future USMNT stars. It is going to be battle after battle after battle and we need the best players possible no matter how old they are.

  144. biff says:

    Glad to see someone else likes Castillo. I see him already as a key component of the team at either LB or left wing.

  145. GW says:

    Shea is about three years younger than Pontius. He is still learning and has a lot more upside.

    Pontius is 25 or so and while he can still develop his upside is not as high as Brek’s.

    Both still have a lot of “soccer instinct” to learn but if the choice is one or the other there is no doubt that Shea is a much better prospect.

    And if JK is going to bring in another new wide player, Gatt is more promising than Pontius. And then if he does well in Germany, Gyau probably leapfrogs Pontius. And if Gyau does not pan out Bedoya is lurking around the edges.

    Pontius has probably gotten as far as he can in MLS and needs to move abroad to raise his game or risk becoming Robbie Rogers 2.0.

  146. GW says:

    Maybe it’s because he had Benny in camp and then watched him go out and have his typical Benny half lame half good game against, I believe, Venezuela.

    Benny needs to be more consistent if he wants back in. Right now he is at best a 20-30 minute end of game sub and that isn’t good enough to waste a roster spot on.

  147. GW says:

    Right now Zusi is better at the “Benny” role than Benny so there is no need for Benny.

  148. GW says:

    Saucedo is 30 or so.

    If he starts the whole process today,and he has yet to do that according to him, he might get his passport around 2017 when he will be 35 or so.

  149. Matt Snyder says:

    Agree completely…..I am tired of the coach’s favorite’s (Bradley had them too! – Bornstein) such as Beckerman and Brek getting serious time. There are plenty of other midfielders who are more skiled that Beckerman and less freaking LAZY tha Shea! Ex.- Try Alejandro Bedoya, Beasley, Robbie Rogers on the wings for Shea or the boatload we already have in the middle of the park instead of Becker.

  150. bizzy says:

    Shea is a better player that Pontius?? As what? Better Finisher, passer, control, vision?? Or just because he’s younger… For right now, not even close. Pontius is a far better finisher, has better control, is a better game changer than shea, and thats exactly what we need on the USMNT. He doesn’t need to go overseas but a coach who believes in him (like Olsen, and he stepped up and scored against Chelsea)
    Shea, Agudelo etc are the next wave of players for USMNT but should be just that…the next wave

  151. Matt Snyder says:

    Adu is a lazy, headstrong, lazy, out of condition, non-defense playing, lazy player who teammates can’t rely on. (Have you EVER heard of a teammate sticking up for him throughout his career struggles??!!)

    Did I mention that he was freaking LAZY!!????

  152. Matt Snyder says:

    He got quite a bit of Natinal team time under Arena.

  153. GW says:

    Yes, but does having him on the team help it win? Specifically, the SENIOR USMNT.

    I can think of only one game, Panama in the last Gold Cup, where all his skill made a difference.

    Otherwise what you have is a lot of sizzle and no steak.

  154. GW says:

    Here’s what logic will tell you if you listen.

    John was called into Camp Cupcake and declined it to trial at West Ham. He did so reportedly with JK’s blessing.

    Meanwhile Cameron was at the camp and impressed and eventually wound up where he is today.

    The trial did not work out so well for John and he is still recovering. John gambled and lost. Cameron benefited from John’s failure.

    Centerback is a position where most managers like to have a veteran and a young guy; not two young guys for obvious reasons.

    Cameron is now way ahead of John in that USMNT young, developing centerback category.

    John may in fact be everything you say he is but he now has proven vets in front of him.

    John let Cameron take his spot in line.

    It may not be fair but it is a fact. Short of injury Cameron isn’t going anywhere. Short of a loss of form and/or injury Boca is not going anywhere. And should Boca falter there are a number of other guys already ahead of John.

    Opportunities to get into the USMNT mix do not come along every day and John gave his away so you have no grounds to complain.

  155. GW says:

    By the way,for a national team spot. Competiton is there every day. It is called excelling for your club.

    Since national teams play the only a few games a guy like John has to prove himself is the way most every one does by excelling for FC Dallas.

    And before you talk about players being called in even if they aren’t doing well, those guys usually are already a known quantity.

    As far as the USMNT is concerned John is a unknown quantity.

  156. bizzy says:

    The crazy thing he is a far better/all around player than beckerman, Robbie rogers etc…..but never gets the call

  157. bizzy says:

    Freddy Adu and Chris Pontius can make a huge impact for the USMNT but they need a coach that believes in them, would work with them, would mentor them. Klins believes in Shea, he is having a very bad season, his stats are nowhere and not doing much for his team but still got called with the plan to build his confidence…..BB did that for Robbie Rogers and Agudelo. I beleive if klins believed in these 2 players they would electrify the stage of US soccer….

  158. Todd says:

    Pontius has way too much talent not to be included on the national team. He will be in Europe within the next 1 to 2 years.

  159. Hayes says:

    For the October group, I expect to see Bradley, Donovan, Gatt and Chandler (based on comments he made earlier this month) with Corona, Beckerman or Edu, Parkhurst and Spector being the odd men out.

    Also expect to see Dempsey playing left outside mid or more of free role underneath a lone striker. However playing him there with Torres on the left does not really work because they like to occupy the same space.

    Based on this week’s play I would like to see something like this:

    —————– Howard ——————

  160. M says:

    True.. In fairness Stu emerged as a strong contender after the WC via his play at Bolton and more unfortunately ended at the hands of the Man-U goon squad

  161. M says:

    lletget and Gyau

  162. Catfish9 says:

    Eddie Gaven. People forget he is only 25. Been a professional since he was 16. I believe only Adu signed younger. Might have the most professional games played over anyone his age. He is steady, reliable, crafty, fast enough, and always gives max effort for 90 min. He just isn’t flashy. This season has proven that his game is even more elevated when surrounded by high level talent – witness his production since Higuain and Arrieta joined Crew. Been capped i think 8 times on sr. team and 10 times with youth squads. But not much recently. JK should at least call him in.

  163. krolpolski says:

    Since his return from Europe, Chris Rolfe is playing with confidence and determination. He’s the kind of forward the US National team needs. He can hold the ball, and distribute, and keeps his head in front of the goal, while being able to laser one in from long distance.

    In the back, I would suggest keeping your eyes on Austin Berry. And eventually, Sean Johnson will take Tim Howard’s place in goal.

  164. Vic says:

    Bob Bradley trades him from the Metrostars early in his career. Then Bradley became coach of the national team. Every coach has favorites and Davis wasn’t one of Bradley’s.

  165. Vic says:

    Lichaj, Gatt and Bedoya.

  166. Eric B says:

    Call back the best new face of all: DEUCEFACE!

  167. BrianVT says:

    SH should be brought in for his attitude alone. His positive spirit would be infectious. Anything he could contribute on the pitch, even as the 23rd guy on the roster, would be a bonus. Having said that, I soooooo hope he gets back to the caliber of player he was before the injury.

  168. The Imperative Voice says:

    I heartily agree with your bext XI notions, it’s a test demanding our absolutely best team right now, not a training ground. With the Jamaica loss and state of the group we may need to win out to ensure advancement. You run your risks out at Camp Cupcake when the games don’t count.

    I buy into the “regardless of age” except with the reservation that you really really really have to be monitoring fitness and health, and in everyone’s case but Howard, probably seriously developing the understudy. Because one of the lessons of 2006 to me was that you can stick with players like Reyna and Lewis way too long, and somewhere in the cycle they crest the hill, you’ve built the team around them, and if there’s no Plan B then your stuck going to the World Cup with decrepit players.

    So, if Boca seems healthy, fine, as long as he is in fact the best, but if he shows any signs of fading or being surpassed you need to be ruthless.

    In particular, I think when given the choice between Chandler and Dolo as RB, a conflict Klinsi has thus far evaded by shifting Chandler L, and also with the current “holdout,” Dolo has shown signs of losing a step and not being as effective. Chandler should probably start at RB if he gets his head right and shows up. But until he does, Dolo it is.

    I also think we need to be cracking on development particularly the next couple Camp Cupcakes because the 02/06 generation of players like Donovan is starting to show signs of wear and tear.

    Last, given that GKs hit the wall later Howard is less a concern. Injuries matter but in theory he could probably easily play the next two Cups without worrying he’s past it. Although for the next one I think you start what I suggested with Boca, etc., you start grooming a successor in earnest. And for our sake it better not be Guzan.

  169. The Imperative Voice says:

    In the abstract Rolfe sounds nice and I think I even reflexively named him recently. But when I think about roles we need to fill, I don’t know if he’s a pure speed wing we need or a pure #10 setup artist. He’s more of a tiki-taka give and go guy, who slashes inside, and not as good as Torres or Zusi at that. So I lost interest because even though he’s showing well of late, he doesn’t really fill a need.

  170. Erik A says:

    Adu is an offensive player, period. US at this point talent wise still need all players to defend. Add to that club coaches either don’t have the patience or don’t know how to use this kind of pure withdrawn forward/attacking midfield. Adu has always performed well for country, so the insults confuse me.

  171. Richd says:

    The player who should be added is Freddie Adu. Despite his club situation he service in the Gold Cup shows he is a better player for the national team than for his club. He brings movement and passing that no on else can. His absence is the one complaint I have about the Klinsmann era.

    A comparison can be made to Podolski who is not special in club play but shines for the German national team.

  172. jon says:

    How ’bout this line-up?


  173. Erik A. says:

    Lee Nguyen and Ryan Guy. They’re wearing out the carpet getting up and down the sides at that horrible American football stadium. Maybe overlooked because of crappy team.

  174. BSB says:

    That’s a peculiar set of criteria for judging Holden’s worth — if you exclude the 2009 Gold Cup (fair enough), Holden didn’t have a chance to play in any competitive matches for the senior team except at the World Cup, where he was still not fully recovered from injury. It is the hallmark of Holden NT career that he has always missed his chances because of injury. So, to judge his value for the NT compared to Bradley’s exclusively by his performance in competitive NT matches is more than a little disingenuous. I also believe that Bradley is a stronger and certainly more reliable option going forward; I also hope (but don’t entirely expect) that Holden is able to recover his form.

  175. beachbum says:

    I was at that game in Phoenix and Benny played well! what are you talking about? In that game, Bunbury was the starting lone forward, an experiment Coach insisted on for a while…do you remember? It didn’t work in that game at all, or really ever. Once Sapong entered and Bunbury came off things finally changed. for the better.

    And besides, some players continue to get looooooong looks even though when they play they don’t impress

    benny has served it up for the nats on the biggest stages and is, in my mind, the best super sub the team has had for a long time

    what did you think of Coach’s subs vs. Jamaica Tuesday night?

  176. beachbum says:

    Stu’s an incredibly versatile player and responsible player, a glue guy on the field who covers a ton of ground and can cross it with either foot effectively

    he’s a big loss to not have available, and I only hope his tenacity and heart and desire allow him to recover all the way from his latest injury. You have to think he’ll probably have more injuries but if he can return to form, he’s a player

  177. beachbum says:

    I ALWAYS know familiarity matters GW, and I’m a US fan. Bradley’s system demanded that, nothing new here

    Omar lost out because he got injured in Germany and I agree he’ll get his chance.

    I never said Omar should get called up either!!! Only pointed out that he’s better than Orozco Fiscal and Edu at CB…and he is

  178. beachbum says:

    +1 as long as they are fit, they are a luxury. the young guns need their nurturing too, but old guns who still can are great for national teams

  179. biff says:

    Agree with everything you say except Chandler. But I won’t get on my Chandler soapbox here. I was not trying to imply that current starters will definitely be be starting in WC 2014. But people who want to start Danny Williams over Jermaine Jones in two key games in October are—how should I saw, well, I will say Jones is still a much better and reliable player than Williams. But next sumer or the summer of 2014, it’s possible Williams will have surpassed Jones and Jones will be starting games on the bench. As for Tim Howard, he is still the man, no doubt about that. But I do think Klinsmann from here on out should sit Howard for friendlies, like in November, or not even call him up and give his number 2 and 3 international playing time. Same with other positions.

  180. TomG says:

    Sooo, how is it Bradley’s fault that Klinsi isn’t inviting him into camp?

  181. Matt Snyder says:

    Maybe its just me and I am more than alittle tired of hearing about the hype of one vastly underperforming player, while other young guys never get a shot.
    Adu has only played well for the senior national team ONCE, and even then he was a sub. Every other time he was on the field was unremarkable and he was eventually relegated to the bench. Offensive talent won’t get you on the field on the senior national team; your “WHOLE” game is considered. And in my mind, there is simply no way that the only problem for Freddy is simply that “all the coaches just don’t understand how to employ him”. Counting all the teams he has played for overseas, on loan, and under contract for, and now in MLS (round #1 & #2)….we are talking about at least 10 teams nad probably closer to 15.
    At some point — he has to be accountable for his lack of performance, and if he is OK with an MLS only career. Good for him…..but there are plently of younger players whose “games” are progressing much faster than him. Zusi is a GREAT example. Even Sasha K. — I could see him getting called in again –and with consistent overseas play on an accomplished team would be deserving. Adu — not so much. His coach pulled him mid-season for inconsistency.
    I am not a “hater”, only a realist.

  182. Matt Snyder says:

    You could add Charlie Davies to the list as far the comments relating to him as well, but probably even more due to a poor attitude. (DC United wouldn’t even play him at the end of his loan, even when they needed strikers.)

  183. tom says:

    Agreed. Internationals are a different animal than MLS. I don’t know why he keeps bringing in Beckerman, but I think he may have got it right with Zusi. Shea still needs time to mature. Kind of like wine, if you like wine.

  184. tom says:

    I thought, for a friendly, even against Mexico, Besler would at least get on the field. I think his time will come.

  185. Mwing09 says:

    Wait. So we should not play Pontius now because Shea will be better in the future? If we clinched a spot like Mexico did I would agree with you….but we didnt. The better player needs to play. Not saying Pontius deserves a start, but your point doesnt make sense.

  186. joel says:

    Lichaj, Pontius, and Gatt would be great additions.

  187. Four Cents says:

    I second this- We need more fresh, speedy, attacking, goal scoring football.. This list includes all of the above…

  188. Helium-3 says:

    Yep, it’s because when you play with high level tactical players, and you help the team become better.

    When you are playing with guys who don’t have a clue (tactically), it makes you look bad and seem like you make bad passes, but in reality those clueless guys are not making runs or reading the plays correctly to move into position.

    This is why everyone (who don’t play soccer) says Beckerman was making bad passes, but he wasn’t, and instead those playing near him can’t “read” his passes.

  189. dalton says:


  190. Since 82 says:

    Simple. Freddy Adu. I don’t care what he is doing or not doing for his club. His skill set is sorely lacking with the current NATS.

    Look no further than the last Gold Cup match with Mexico. Two passes. Two goals.

  191. GW says:

    I did not say Shea was a better player than Pontius. I said Shea has a much larger upside.

    You can argue about who is better now but you can’t argue that Shea probably has a more promising USMNT future. And if Pontius right now is an improvement over Shea I wouldn’t say it was a quantum leap.

    Better finisher? Yes Pontius is. But far better?

    In MLS Pontius has scored 23 goals in 93 games. That is a goal every 4.04 games.

    Shea has 19 goals in 91 games. That is a goal every 4.78 games.

    Pontius is better by .74 games. That is better but not far better as far as I’m concerned

    And they are not exactly the same type of player. Shea is more of a winger while Pontius is more of a Clint Dempsey attacking midfielder type. Pontius’ is more in competition with Clint Dempsey than Shea.

    And in Pontius’ case it wasn’t so much a manager holding him back as it was an inability to stay healthy.

    And Pontius is doing this for DC United.

    You have no idea if he will succeed right away, take a while to settle in or be a complete bust for the USMNT.

    Shea on the other hand took a while to settle, did well for a while, regressed and now appears to be coming back all for the USMNT. So he is much more experienced than Pontius when it comes to the international game.

    Right now, it’s qualifying time and JK has minimum time to experiment even in the friendlies because some of the guys he knows he will use, like Shea, need the playing time.

    Pontius hasn’t even been in camp or if he has it was very brief. So other than Gatt, who fills a very clearly defined role, I can’t see JK trying any new wild cards ( Pontius, Lichaj ) until January camp.

  192. GW says:

    “So we should not play Pontius now because Shea will be better in the future?”

    Those are your words not mine.

    Pontius and Shea do not do the same thing. Pontius is being kept out by Clint Dempsey who Chris most resembles.

    You don’t know what Pontius will give you in a USMNT shirt, since as far as I know he has never been to camp with JK. So to say he Pontius is a better player than Shea, well, maybe in MLS but not in the international game. Shea is a vet there, has played well and Pontius has never been there.

    We have two games left in this qualifying phase. Shea already has a track record with the USMNT and is getting better. Do you really want to call Pontius in for those?

    My guess is whatever friendlies the US has before those qualifiers will be used to try out some ideas and give some of the current guys, like Shea and Corona, some much needed playing time.

    Pontius is not in the mix for the next two qualifiers. Unless someone gets hurt I see no reason to call him in until the January camps.

  193. GW says:

    Benny is too inconsistent. I saw that game and saw nothing new from Benny. Like I said, half lame, half okay, one or two moments of brilliance. I don’t know if he fades or if the other team figures him out and shuts him down.

    What does Teal have to do with Benny?

    “And besides, some players continue to get looooooong looks even though when they play they don’t impress”

    Don’t impress who? You? Ives? Why does that surprise you? It means the coaching staff sees something you don’t.

    I love Benny and he’d could play for me anytime as long as he agreed to show up for 90 minutes or if the game was 30 minutes long.

    What I thought of the subs in the Jamaica game is that Bradley went for a long time being blasted for having good starting lineups but being stupid with his subs.

    Then when he started having effective subs, he gots blasted for having crap starting lineups. It’s always something.

    I was fine with the subs in the Jamaica game. It was SOP. For about 50 minutes the US played Jamaica off the park,then scored, and then tried to shut it down. Other than Spain or Brazil very few international teams can do for 90 minutes what the US did for 50.
    And the US could not have played like that for 90 minutes.

    And you have to give Jamaica a little credit for being able to turn it up when they had to. After all they were well rested having stood around for more than half the game.

  194. GW says:

    “So, to judge his value for the NT compared to Bradley’s exclusively by his performance in competitive NT matches is more than a little disingenuous.”

    Do you know why they refer to them as “meaningless friendlies”? It’s because nothing is on the line and it is hard to get a read on just how good or bad you really are.

    Holden by all accounts is a great guy , a wonderful role model and potentially a great player. And I’m being deadly serious, USMNT fans love him and his hair to death. He’s the kind of guy that makes you feel good about the USMNT.

    There is a great inherent value to that.

    But I’m someone who realises that without the World Cup the game in this country is badly hurt. Holden had a neglible contribution to the last one and may not be back for this one.

    So as far as I’m concerned he is a peripheral figure for the USMNT until he can prove that the guy who played 28 great games for Bolton a couple of years ago can do the same thing for the US, when it matters.

  195. GW says:

    I have no problem with sitting Howard and playing Guzan.

    However, if JK uses these upcoming friendlies as glorified practices for Guatemala and A & B, then the back four can never get too much practice interacting with their keeper,presumably Howard, especially on set pieces.

    It’s obvious the US needs to work on those and a friendly would the time to do it.

  196. GW says:

    “A comparison can be made to Podolski who is not special in club play but shines for the German national team.”

    It’s a bad comparison.

    The last two years in Germany, Podolski scored 14 and 18 goals for Cologne for a total of 32, which is about how many goals Freddy has for his entire pro club career.

    Does Freddy have such good numbers for Philly?

  197. GW says:

    “Look no further than the last Gold Cup match with Mexico. Two passes. Two goals.”

    Sure, two goal. But final score Mexico 4 US 2.

    Except for the Panama game name me a meaningful game where Adu helps lead the team to victory.

    All that skill and it doesn’t seem to help the US senior team win.

  198. Chad says:

    Chandler has expressed more interest in US than Germany, he’s been focusing on his club team Nurnberg.

  199. Mr_A says:

    I’m still mad at Bradley for not playing Buddle more, after he kicked butt in the friendlies. Think JK should give him a shot at least.