Who should Klinsmann start vs. Jamaica this time?


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Just two days removed from Friday's disappointing 2-1 loss to Jamaica, Jurgen Klinsmann is left to figure out just which 11 players he can turn to for Tuesday's crucial rematch against the 'Reggae Boyz' in Columbus.

There were few good performances across the board for the Americans, and some that should lead to changes in the lineup. The issue for Klinsmann will be finding alternatives on a squad already missing a handful of key players.

The midfield is a particular area of concern, which Jermaine Jones, Maurice Edu and Kyle Beckerman all enduring sub-par nights in Kingston. Klinsmann isn't going to bench all three, but it's a safe bet at least one of them (most likely Beckerman) will be on the sidelines on Tuesday night.

The U.S. sorely lacked attacking punch, which Klinsmann is likely to try and address by inserting Brek Shea into the lineup. He could also start Terrence Boyd at forward, but the reality is neither Jozy Altidore or Herculez Gomez could be faulted for being non-factors on Friday considering the lack of service they were provided.

So what will the U.S. lineup look like on Tuesday at Crew Stadium? Here is one potential squad Klinsmann could turn to:







Some thoughts:

The four changes are Carlos Bocanegra, Brek Shea, Jose Torres and Danny Williams for Clarence Goodson, Jermaine Jones and Kyle Beckerman. Goodson didn't have a terrible match, but didn't do enough to hold on to the position ahead of a veteran like Bocanegra, who is a better organizer and gives the team a threat on set pieces (Note- Goodson is suspended due to yellow card accumulation and will miss Tuesday's match).

Expect to see this group deployed in a 4-3-3 rather than a 4-4-2 (which was originally listed here), which will force both Fabian Johnson and Michael Parkhurst to get forward and cover more ground. This set-up will also give Dempsey the freedom to roam and pick his spots to go at the Jamaica defense.

Shea has to start because of the lineup needs an attacking boost and there simply aren't many midfield options. Graham Zusi is a player who could see some time on Tuesday, but Joe Corona lacks experience in high-level senior matches so he is highly unlikely to be thrown into the fire. Shea's energy should not only provide a threat, but his presence on the left wing should help Fabian Johnson find space to overlap.

Willams showed some promise in his second-half cameo on Friday while Jones looked frustrated and on the verge of a red card at times. Klinsmann could give a Jones-Edu combination a chance in deeper-lying roles in a 4-4-2, but Jones' showing on Friday has to be a cause for concern. It was one of his worst national team games in some time. The effort was there, but he was reckless and poor in possession.

Jose Torres is an interesting option. Klinsmann believes he can provide an attacking spark in midfield, and this could be a perfect chance for him to show what he can contribute to the offense. Edu didn't do enough on Friday to be considered a locked-in starter come Tuesday, but he could certainly get the nod again.

Beckerman simply wasn't good enough on Friday and seems to be the starter most likely to be on the bench come Tuesday.

Parkhurst didn't do too badly in place of Steve Cherundolo on Friday, but he did have some vulnerable moments defensively. It's a safe bet that, if Cherundolo is healthy enough, he will get the nod.

Altidore and Gomez get the start again, but you have to wonder if Klinsmann will be tempted to give Boyd a look ahead of Altidore. Expect him to stick with the more experienced Altidore.

Four new starters means some fresh legs for a match that will come just four days after the first meeting between these sides. With Shea and Torres, the Americans should be able to create some more chances after a Friday that saw the offense be invisible for the greater part of 89 minutes.

What would be a surprising? If Klinsmann made fewer than two lineup changes. Beckerman is the best bet to sit, but if Klinsmann doesn't bring in any more fresh legs than Brek Shea (most likely), the Americans could be in trouble on Tuesday.


What do you think of this lineup? What changes would you make to the starting lineup? Think the U.S. will rebound and beat Jamaica on Tuesday?

Share your thoughts below.

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158 Responses to Who should Klinsmann start vs. Jamaica this time?

  1. HDsnob says:






  2. Conor says:

    Goodson is suspended due to yellow card accumulation according to Goff, he must be taken out. I personally think the biggest problem with this team is it looks like they just don’t care at times, which is why I think we need to find a way to throw Boyd on the field, kid loves repping the US.

  3. roger says:

    Not Klinsmann…. “cut his effin head off!” lol

  4. roger says:

    man we have a crappy team

  5. Jim says:

    I could go for this. I don’t get why Jurgen continues to call up Corona and then barely give him any time on the field, ever. If a guy has no international experience you can CREATE experience by putting him out there. If he’s good enough then he’s old enough.

  6. Jon says:


    Just for something a bit different…

  7. Thomas says:

    i would like to see Zusi start or get some playing time.

  8. SuperChivo says:

    The return of the empty bucket.. no way in heck is this going to make the pitch. It just makes too much sense and is way too easy. Klinsmann will make some changes I but I can’t see him adding more than one more offensive player.

    (SBI-The 4-4-2 would make too much sense, but Klinsmann will most likely go with a 4-3-3)

  9. Peter says:

    Replace Jones with Spector in midfield. Too bad Ozzie Alonso can’t play for us, he’d be a better option at DM than Beckerman.

  10. Lucky Cowboy says:

    Deuce – Torres – Jones – Gomez
    Johnson – Edu – Cameron – Spector

  11. kg says:

    Ive’s lineup looks good enough. Parkhurst over dolo because even though dolo has the experience he is much slower and Parkhurst looked pretty decent on defense in the first game. Corona would be a good sub. Most important thing is Klinsmann’s motivational skills. Our team is on the ropes in this game, everybody knows it. The US literally needs to fight to the death for the points in this game.

  12. CJ Kogut says:

    Please no more Jones. I have no idea why this guy is seemingly rated so high. He’s sloppy in posession, makes reckless fouls, past his prime and will only get worse come 2014.

    I dont care that he plays in the Bundesliga. He was awful in the premier league and there is a reason he was never close to being on Germanys radar (bc he’s not close to being good enough). He can look good against garbage competition but the better the competition the worse he does. Im baffled why Klinsi thinks he’s so good, he’s not…

  13. Louis Z says:

    The only change I would make in SBI’s lineup is not starting Torres, I think he is too weak for this physical game. I would put Cameron with Williams, and insert Edu as BOCA’s CB partner. With Edu you lose 2 inches in hight but he is the fastest player that can play the CB position. We will be attacking alot thus we will be a bit more exposed to the counter, having Edu’s speed will help.

  14. chris says:

    We need more defensive mids. Suprised klinnsman hasn’t rolled out the 3-6-1 yet

  15. chris says:

    maybe they can hire a motivational speaker again. Why not waste some more money?

  16. biff says:

    That is a very tantalizing idea. I like it a lot. But don’t think I would risk it in this must-win game.

  17. Swifty says:

    Whoa, didnt even think about this, but I love it. Do it klinsi do it. Except keep boca not edu.

  18. Aquaman says:

    I like that line up much more than the one we saw on Friday. I won’t hold my breath that we’ll actually see it. Torres and Williams can provide cover for the back, with Torres being a more offensive deep lying mid and Williams continuing his good showing from last Friday. At the very least I think you have to make a sub: one (or two) of the d-mids for ANY attacking player(s). ANY.

  19. Scott says:

    The Boca for Goodson swap could pay dividends in a way that has nothing to do with playing ability. One of the things that we lacked, Friday, was a leader that could grab you by the shirt and say, you need to do this, stop doing this this, change this, etc. I didn’t see a single coach or player that took on this role during that loss. Boca has that experience, and I believe, respect that can allow him to do this in a manner that yields improvement without devolving into inter squad on field arguing.

  20. Scott says:

    I get the 6 DM’s, but why the forward? Isn’t that just depriving you of the 7th DM?

  21. mistadobolina says:

    have to point out that Corona is currently wearing the #10 jersey while Dempsey has returned to #8. Klinsey seems to place some value on kit numbers maybe its a sign..


    i prefer Dempsey to be off center and more forward than his central playmaker role in SBI’s lineup. Also i think having Shea, Dempsey and Johnson all on one side could really develop into some quality possessions.

    as far as the middle Jones should rebound, but Torres, Edu, Williams, Beckerman, Spector all sort of bring the same qualities so any group of 2, not 3 could work.

    Lastly, I would like to see Corona get a shot at the #10 role, linking the d-mids with the forwards. If it works we can call it the tex-mex offense!

  22. Lane says:

    No Jones or Beckerman and im happy

  23. mistadobolina says:

    Spector is kind of a wild card, remember those random appearances he made in CM for Villa not too long ago. I believe it was vs. Man U and he had an incredible game. it never stuck but there is something there.

  24. Tyler K says:

    I think Spector in the midfield isn’t a bad idea at this point.

  25. Benjamin C. says:

    Time to stop playing scared with so many players that provide nothing going forward. Go big or go home, in my opinion.


    Gomez as a super sub if we need him to score, or simply to provide grit if we have a lead; he could start, but I simply like his style of play better off the bench.

  26. Benjamin C. says:

    Sorry, change Boyd out for Dempsey.

  27. Tony in Quakeland says:

    If Zuzi and Corona don’t have enough experience, why are they there? Kljestan would have been in form and bring possession and experience. He should have been there. Isn’t Beasley on this team? He would have bought experience.

    Zuzi would at least have injected some energy.

    Given the options, the proposed line up is okay. Dempsey is not a play maker, however. He should probably be in the center of the front three. But who to put in with that hole given the team selection is a problem….

    Who are we kidding anyway? JK will start Beckerman…

  28. LA G says:






    Jamaica had NOTHING up top. 3-5-2 is the only way to go in my opinion.

  29. Tony in Quakeland says:

    The only thing I will give Jones is that he worked his butt off. It’s not his fault he was forced out of position.

    I’m not a big fan of the guy, but if you leave him alone in the deep mid spot, he would probably do okay. Having to navigate space with Kyle “Turnover” Beckerman and Maurice “Traffic Cone” Edu takes away your reason for having the guy there in the first place.

  30. biff says:

    I would like to see a 4-2-3-1, in other words only one forward, like the German national team. We need strength in the midfield. As the lone forward, I would lean toward big bad Terrence Boyd, who can be a raging bull and will not be intimidated by the very physical play of the Jamaicans. Jozy is big and strong, but maybe too nice, maybe not able to be as nasty at Boyd. I don’t say this in a negative sense, I am a big fan of Jozy. Boyd could spend the first half and the first part of the second half softening up the Jamican defenders (and hopefully scoring a goal or two), and then either a fresh Jozy or Herc Gomez could come in later to add a few more goals. (Goal differential could be a deciding factor in the group and U.S. needs as many as possible Tuesday night). All that said, if Klinsmann wants to go with experience up top, Gomez is a fighter and I would choose him over Jozy for this game.

    As for the midfield, Dempsey as central attacking midfielder with attacker Shea on the left wing and either attacker Corona or Zusi on the right. I would go with the bigger and more experienced Zusi. The USMNT could benefit from a couple of MLS offensive players in the starting line-up. Jamaica did okay Friday night with its MLS line-up.

    As for the remaining two midfielder spots, despite Friday’s debacle, I still like Edu, and Jones and Beckerman, but not as attacking midfielders/playmakers. Those three guys are all good defensively and are able to connect reasonably well with the defensive line behind them and the attacking midfielders in front of them. Klinsmann could go with Edu/Jones, Edu/Beckerman or Beckerman/Jones–and it would probably work. But I would rather see one of those three or Daniel Williams paired up with Jose Fernando Torres. Yesterday I posted a line-up preferring Williams, but am thinking now that Jones would be my first choice, mainly because he has been playing regularly at the club level while Williams has seen quite a bit of bench time so far this season.

    We missed Boca in the line-up Friday and we need his leadership, experience and nastiness Tuesday. If Klinsmann wants Tim Howard to be his captain, the coach has the right to choose his captain I have no doubt that Boca would accept the decision–and no one could complain that Tim Howard is also not deserving. Cameron is fearless and big and we need him out there. I agree Parkhurst impressed against Jamaica. But I have seen Dolo a few times already this season in Bundesliga and Europa League play and he has been very, very impressive and I would much rather see him at right back.





  31. SuperChivo says:

    the dyslexic option.

  32. ManicMessiah says:

    The three defensive midfielders were hindered further by the fact that it was basically Johnson being the only wide player who could realistically be expected to do something out wide.

    As far as 442 vs 433, if you played the 11 in the post Dempsey would pinch in so it wouldn’t play like a 442 anyway.

    Cherundolo being healthy will be a big boost to the formation, because, not that Parkhurst played poorly, but Cherundolo will give them much better wide play, which they desperately needed.

  33. chris says:

    Got to play danny williams out of position somewhere

  34. BFT says:

    Spector played for West Ham, not Villa..same colors tho!

  35. ryan says:

    Why isnt kljestan in the camp over beckerman?

  36. Colin in MT says:

    Shea. Jozy. Gomez
    ———corona. Dempsey
    Johnson. Boca. Cameron. Orozco

  37. swoopy says:

    Beckerman. Never. Ever. Ever. Again. Beg and plead with FIFA to get Alonso U.S. eligibillity. Beckerman sucks on the big stage.

  38. fischy says:

    I”d like to see this:

    Klinsmann (or Boyd), McBride
    Dempsey, Bradley, Jones, Donovan
    Johnson, Boca, DeMerit, Cherundolo

  39. Amru says:

    Haha well played

  40. Weaksauce says:

    We also have a lot of dual national options available.

  41. Mike says:

    I think SBI’s lineup over-compensates a little…try this, Klinsi:





    ——–Guzan, that’s right, Guzan.——

    It’s high time to play Jozy in his natural position…despite everyone trying to make him a #9 striker, it should be obvious by now that he’s the answer to our #10 “empty bucket.” I mean what other American was ever the season-leader in assists for a Premier League club? And that with limited PT. Witness his beautiful assist vs Italy, his clutch assist vs Slovenia. The list goes on. If Dempsey were more a touch more clinical he woulda had the famous Algeria assist too, as well as one the other nite. He should be playing beneath our strikers like Rooney does for United, dropping back and using his sheer strength to win balls and setting up our two proven scorers with his immaculate touch. He’s great w/ his back to goal, and would draw numerous fouls around the area (and in) that would feed our strong set-piece play. Then, if they drop off him, he can unleash his cannon like he did against Guadeloupe.

    Give Howard a break until he shows he can stop shots from distance…the ease at which he consistently gets beat from distance is getting embarrassing.

  42. Eugene says:







    – Edu plays a destroyer role to help out the back 4, clean out everything, create turnovers, keep possession, link the lines
    -Dempsey needs to play closer to goal and not the attacking mid role, that’s not him
    -Zusi comes on and plays attacking mid, he’s the only attacking mid of this group, and he’s good delivering the ball on set pieces
    -Spector and Boca come in to firm up the back line, one of Goodson or Cameron come off, it doesn’t really matter which

    – Gomez first off the bench if Altidore isn’t getting the job done, or switched in at the 60-70th minute regardless

  43. Neal says:

    Yes, go big or go home.

  44. Ezra says:

    I agree. He played well for the U-23s and Shea has been uninspiring lately. Corona deserves a chance.

  45. Colin says:

    Spector Edu Cameron Johnson
    Shea Corona Dempsey
    Gomez Boyd

  46. smokeminside says:

    If these guys need to external motivation for this match they shouldn’t be on the team.

  47. smokeminside says:


  48. tom traubert says:

    I agree that you have to bench Jones. He’s pressing and we just can’t afford a red card in a must win game. I love his commitment but in CONCACAF the ref’s are quick to hand out cards, especially against the US. I agree that Spector offers an interesting option. I wish Benny would get just a look in a future camp- he can hold the ball and connect with the forwards quite well. Although I must admit I haven’t seen much of him with NE…maybe he’s having an off year.

  49. Brett says:

    I’m done trying to make a squad out of these players. When has a single striker worked AT ALL for us? Gomez has to play, he’s the only “pest” we have as a forward.

    I still don’t see how Dempsey’s role helps us. He just seems to float around for half chances and he keeps getting the ball and playing it back when he’s asked to be a hold-up player.

    Okay, I lied…

    I think Dempsey and Gomez should start up top in a 4-4-2. Let Altidore and Boyd come off the bench against a tired defense. Behind them, I can’t even picture a decent midfield with this group of players. I would like to see Fabian Johnson on the left, Zusi on the right, and Torres/Cameron in the middle. Back 4, Spector/Bocanegra/Edu/Cherundolo.

  50. Francois says:

    I’m not gonnna lie, when I read the first sentences, I thought you were off your rocker, but now that i’ve comptemplated it I can totally see it working. Well done, great thinking out of the box :)

  51. Weaksauce says:

    You like 2 williams ???

    You mean F Johnson

  52. Vic El Paso texas says:

    The problem is that usa has no leader to organize the team and attack and defend in a organized way. No matter what Landon is needed, as a captain n player. Jozy can only score when he has the ball in front of the goal. Dempsey has to create a partnership as a forward with someone as soon as possible because jozy n dempsey don’t click. We also need a number 10, who can move the ball left right up and down and be a through ball machine. We got a defense and goalie but klinsman needs to make up his mind with the players and line up besides learning the concacaf atmospheres.

  53. UMN says:

    We were way too narrow on offense. I don’t know if Johnson was tired or what his problem was, he can be one of our best offensive players from that outside back spot. I don’t think klinsman will play without at least 2 D-mids though. What I would really like to see is a 3-5-2 option like Man City are trying.
    Johnson———Dolo (Chandler someday maybe)
    Jones (Bradley)
    Shea-zusi-corona (gatt,donovan someone with speed)

    That way we won’t have to play so many d-mids and our backline would be faster without losing the experience. we would also be far less narrow offensively.

  54. Old School says:

    According to a vocal minority on a previous thread, our Startin XI should go something like this:

    —————–Sacha Kljestan
    Sacha Kljestan—————–Sacha Kljestan

    ——Sacha Kljestan——-Sacha Kljestan

    —————-Sacha Kljestan

    –Sacha Kljestan————–Sacha Kljestan
    ——-Sacha Kljestan—-Sacha Kljestan


  55. Goalscorer24 says:

    I like the nicknames. -lol

  56. Old School says:

    I mean, people can dislike a player. That’s their right.

    However, your assessment of his ability leaves me scratching my head.

  57. YO says:

    That was the tactics JK used, did not want to get burn by the Jamaican speed.

  58. I think you nailed it. Love the Williams/Torres combination in the middle. Your eleven would also work in a 4-2-2-2 with Shea out left and Demps on the right.

    God let’s hope JK doesn’t put Jones or Beckerman back in.

  59. biff says:

    Hey SBI: I would be interested in seeing your preferred 4-4-2 line-up. Are you willing to post it?

  60. JRP says:

    Beckerman also played out of position. Not cutting him slack. He stunk it up, but that is not his spot on the pitch. The whole game was thrown by the coaches experimenting. But I am not worried. Tuesday will be a huge victory for the US.

  61. biff says:

    Agree with that, OS. Jermaine Jones is a key component for one of the top three or four teams in the Bundesliga and he usually looks good when playing for Schalke. But he playing a classic Number 6 holding midfielder position and he helps link the back line with Schalke’s attacking midfielders quite well. He was man of the match 9 days ago and scored a goal against Augsburg. Klinsmann plays him out of position. Why? I don’t know. Anyone have any idea why Klinsmann thinks it is so cool to play Danny Williams at right winger or the Jose Torres experiment at left back that about killed him?

  62. JRP says:

    Everyone has a bad game. Most of those players put in a hell of a match in Mexico just two weeks earlier. Can’t cut them too much Slack or we won’t be in Brazil, but give em a a break.

  63. JRP says:

    Can someone tell me why everyone is harping on Beckerman but Edu was the sub? What did the coach not get out of Edu?

  64. JRP says:

    Because his last name is easier to spell, I suppose.

  65. biff says:

    I am wavering on this and by tomorrow might be willing to give it a 100% endorsement, except for the part about Torres. Jose has played against big guys before. I think he can handle it.

  66. beachbum says:

    wrong. no one thinks he’s a savior, only that he brings a skill set that was sorely missing from the game vs. Jamaica…you disagree? please explain why.

    and if all you can do is misrepresent in your responses and then pretend you just made some striking call, then you should run for office…politicians love doing that stuff!

  67. biff says:








    ———————–Jones (Williams)—–


  68. JRP says:

    I have to say that the coaches have some huge ones to put forward that last lineup and formation, watch the squad fall on their asses and not say anything about it to the press. If they were Japanese they would have split their guts on the pitch in shame. I hope they put the squad back together in a tested formation by Tuesday. The whole nation deserves better. I know the players can do it.

  69. Brain Guy says:

    I like the idea of Gomez and Dempsey up top, or perhaps a 4-3-1-2 with Dempsey as the withdrawn striker. Second, we need some speed and creativity from at least one of the outside midfielders – Shea on the left might complement an overlapping Cherundolo on the right (assuming he’s healthy). I would also expect to see Bocanegra in the middle of the defense.

    For all the domination of the US midfield by Jamaica on Friday night, the Reggae Boyz created few real chances in the run of play. A silver lining?

  70. beachbum says:

    interesting ideas on Jozy…hmmm, I wonder. certainly made me think. Fun, thanks

  71. UMN says:

    Really? from what I watched it seemed like a 4-3-1-2. Granted I wasn’t There and the stream I had was awful.

  72. biff says:

    I like this one a lot, with Dempsey as striker. And I agree with you on Jones. I will hold my breath and cross my fingers and type: If he starts Tuesday we might see him play the best match of his life. I don’t understand the comment about him looking close to a red card Friday. yes, he was mad, but he got intentionally smacked in the face after being beat on all night. I thought he held his temper generally quite well. the yellow card was unfair (from a Mexican referee who was pretty bad all night long).

  73. biff says:

    Amen. Let’s just Brother Jurgen heeds the call and leaves the guy alone in the deep mid spot…

  74. biff says:

    That’s the spirit. Like it. I see you are catching the Louis Z fever also, Cameron as the holding midfiedler…

  75. biff says:

    Good point. I would not be surprised to Orozco Fiscal on the field Tuesday at some point, possibly as a starter. Plus the guy knows how put the ball into the back of the net.

  76. hogatroge says:

    Maybe when they start allowing 12 man formations… probably not before, though.

  77. Louis Z says:

    if memory serves me right, Torres had problem with european players. besides, if the midfield is not in sync, he won’t be mucch good, his game is based on having players like MB to help him release the pressure. Cameron is used to the rough stuff, he should do well in the midfield.
    will see how “desperate” JK gets on Tuesday.

  78. biff says:

    Wow. that is food for thought, Jozy playing beneath the strikers. could be. I also am leaning in the direction that it might be time to give Guzan a start.

  79. MJC-DC says:

    I think he would be great in goal.

    You really don’t like that guy. Care to elaborate why?

  80. beachbum says:

    Willimas-Torres could be good idea, and Shea could add speed/width/attacking presence to link forward with Torres on that left side. Torres would have to deal defensively with the athletic Jamaicans, maybe he can, but linking forward from that deeper position (his natural position)he would probably be a big improvement from Friday

  81. MJC-DC says:

    Jozy up top, and this lineup would be my preferred lineup.

  82. biff says:

    Let’s just *hope* Brother Jurgen…

  83. louis z says:

    after reading your previous thread post of good Beckerman is with his stats and two previous NATS coaches are correct about him, I’m surprise you are still riding that wagon.

    p.s. Beckerman did play his customary position, he was just too slow to anticipate the play, never mind catching up to the Jamaican players.

  84. louis z says:

    I don’t think Edu completed the game. Edu was as bad no question about it. he was the reason why Jamaica got the second free kick.

  85. louis z says:

    I don’t think Jozy will be a good choice, for one, he is not known to hustle down to back to the midfield, gomez does.

  86. Jj says:

    ———————– Jozy ———————-
    Corona ——— Demps ————– Herc
    ————- Williams —– Jones ————-
    Fabian —— Boca —- Cameron —- Dolo
    ———————- Guzan ———————

  87. BD says:


    Let me just say how much I hate the options at midfield right now. It really hurt to type the word “Jones”, but I don’t know who else could go in there.

  88. BD says:

    And here is my dream:


  89. hogatroge says:

    Again… pretty sure they don’t allow 12-man formations.

  90. Chupacabra says:

    Good riddance. Goodson and Beckerman still have the stink of the 5-0 loss to Mexico in the 2009 Concacaf Gold Cup final on them and should never have been invited back to the US Nats after that embarassment.

  91. downintexas says:

    Guzan for the 6th D mid!

  92. 2tone says:

    Knowing that Klinsman loves CDM’s this is my Line-up

    Yeah that pretty much gets all of the CM’s and CDM’s on the field. God I really am way too sarcastic right now.

    Note- Spector plays CDm for Birmingham sometimes RB
    Note 2- Zusi is really a CM

  93. Chupacabra says:

    Beckerman’s spot is not on the pitch. He doesn’t even belong on the bench. He belongs back in Salt Lake with his hackysack and herb.

  94. Goalscorer24 says:

    I just hope Klinsman sees that he has to make some changes, and he does not stick with the same eleven. Especially Beckerman.

  95. RNG says:

    Baffled by Ives’ line “Klinsmann isn’t going to bench all three (Edu, Jones, Beckerman)” followed by a line-up that does exactly that.

  96. Frank says:

    Is there any chance lichaj Bradley GATT and Donovan could stI’ll join????

  97. Scott says:


  98. Primoone says:

    A few things to consider. That Jamaican team is the same team you played when we lost so with that in mind, how do you neutralize their threats? Well, considering two goals were scored on set pieces the only threat they posed was benefiting from silly fouls committed in our own end. That said, you remove the unfit players i.e., beckerman and Edu. Both those players were guilty of being unfit in: 1)containing the jamaican midfield 2)maintaining ball possession. When you have 3 defensive midfielders failing to win the ball, failing to keep focus in defending in addition to failing to connect with the attack, you have a recipe for disaster. I am surprised there weren’t more chances created by the Jamaican team. As a result, you alienated Josi, Herc as well as Dempsey leaving them stranded in the attacking half of the field. Wing backs were also pinned in defense all night long as a result of the over-run midfield. There was absolutely nothing down the jamaican flanks.

    If you take a look at SBI’s projected lineup, you can see that SBI thinks it is best to “attempt” to pin the jamaican midfielders in their own half by virtually playing a risky 4 attacking options up top. You can throw that type of lineup out however, should the US fail to establish possession, Torres will fail miserably tracking back and winning balls. Williams is ok however, he too will be over-run. Dempsey, Shea and Gomez would not be expected to track back such distances. You will again strand the attack in Jamaica’s half. I believe SBI’s formation along with their selection is lacking and does not play to our strengths. The best scenario would be to take the conservative route and flood the midfield and utilize the two best possession based players at our disposal to pull the strings in tight spaces. This would only work if you insert a true ball winner behind them. If you are able to win the majority of the possession, you will avoid getting beat up the middle and minimizing play down our flanks. If we are able to take the lion’s share of possession,then you will have the option of the Wingbacks and wingers getting up the Jamaican flanks and into the attack.





  99. Rik says:

    Assuming 2 DMs (one would be cool, but may be too risky):

    Johnson-Boca-Cameron-Dolo (if healthy)

    Also wouldn’t mind seeing Zusi or Corona get a shot in there somewhere in the mid, as other ppl have said. Or seeing Cam in mid. Boyd could start, but need someone to sub in at forward at some point.

  100. hogatroge says:

    I really like your points, but I don’t think a 4-4-2 accomplishes what you’re talking about. However, moving Dempsey out of the midfield is a start.

    To clog the midfield we need a 4-5-1 or a 4-5-3, which for a team with the US’s level of talent would probably end up being pretty similar.

  101. USMNT Fan says:

    I can’t see Corona start in such a meaningful qualifier. How about this?


  102. America Snob says:

    You have Howard playing up top huh? I like it, it’s bold, and Boyd in goal, I can see that.

  103. Brain Guy says:

    Over the past few years, the accepted wisdom ssems to have been that midfield is the deepest position for the MNT, but now (granted, with some injuries to key pieces) there is great dissatisfaction with the options at midfield. Strange, eh?

  104. hogatroge says:

    First, some comments:

    1. The talent to win this game handily is there.
    2. Get Deuce out of the MF, ESPECIALLY in a 4-4-2. He contributes very little on defense.
    3. To play both Deuce and Jozy, you have to have a 4-4-2. Neither will contribute much on the wing (by Deuce’s own admission), though I’d expect Jozy to attempt slightly more crosses.
    4. Out of the last game’s starters, Gomez has more to contribute both offensively and defensively out wide.
    5. It’s time to take a risk with a true(r) AM. Zusi needs the start.
    6. Spector has played very well for West Ham in the past at various MF positions.
    7. Jones had a stinker, but we know he has great games in him. Yes he has a YC, but he would serve suspension against Antigua… not so bad.
    8. I leave Parkhurst in because he was strong against Jamaica and he has more tread left than Cherundolo. If he’s not a weak link, why change him out?


    Deuce – Jozy
    Shea — Gomez


    Jozy – Deuce – Gomez
    Williams – Jones
    Same back 4

    Additional Notes:

    1. Danny Williams available to relieve Jones in 4-4-2. Torres available for either Jones or Williams in 4-4-3
    2. Spector for MF sub

  105. Jonny Harkes says:

    Because Klinsman doesn’t know what he is doing.
    He’s the king of “huge victories” in friendlies

  106. ricardo says:

    Your lineup plays right into Jamaica’s plan to play for a tie on the road.
    Are you on Klinsman’s staff bc your soccer IQ is the same as his. Are you a blond also.
    Ya know what they say about blonds?

    Try to get some sleep before Tuesday,Biffer.

    You seem a little stressed out
    Until MB comes back this team is shite anyway

  107. Miller says:

    Good point. Howard is a wonderful shot blocker but he makes some bad plays in BIG games.
    The Gold Cup final vs. Mexico he was awful and he let in a bad goal vs Ghana that would have gotten us through to the quarterfinal

    People often get caught up in how beautiful his saves are but he will never be as good as Friedel was for the MNT

  108. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I actually like Beckerman. I just don’t think he’s an international. And I am making nightly sacrifices to the gods that Alonso is allowed to play for the US and that JK takes advantage. Cause he’s the best of the bunch and would be awesome with Bradley

  109. Oranje Mike says:

    Bradley and Bornstein or Klinsmann and Beckerman? Which is the greater odd fascination?

    It pains me to see how dependent on Landon and Bradley this squad is. This is going to be a rough World Cup qualification campaign. We might be like Mexico last time and flirt with disaster.

  110. super mario says:

    demps – zusi – shea
    williams – jones
    fab – boca – cam – dolo

  111. Since 82 says:

    Please god, let it be SBIs lineup.

  112. Dreamer says:

    Dear Jurgen,

    This team is not very good. Understand there are injuries, but we need to bring in some new blood. The lineup should be as follows:

    ———-Dempsey——————-Boyd————– Gatt———-Bradley———–Jones———–Shea

    Off the bench can be Donovan, Altidore, Adu, Bocanegra, Gomez. We will be lucky to get into the World Cup, much less make some noise with the current team.


  113. Vic says:

    Torres needs someone to start in left mid-field. If Torres plays centrally and there’s no one to the left he will be forced to drift there. When he drifts to the left he doesn’t have the speed to take people on so he loses the ball. Either don’t play him or give him some support on the left side. He’s good at distributing but he should not be taking people on.

  114. andrew says:




    defense looked fine, but we need the captain to step in and play at home in a must-win game. we need to attack at home, so a 3 man midfield with torres adding some creative possesion and dempsey in between the lines could be dangerous. shea will give width and hopefully good service for altidore.

  115. andrew says:

    i like jones he usually does well for us, but in a more attacking lineup in which he’d be the only defensive minded midfielder, i’d preview someone like edu who is more positionally disciplined. i would, like you, like to see zusi get a start. provides solid possession and a little creativity, and tends to get lost/bypassed less than torres (even though i like torres’ game).

  116. chris says:


    I could also see gomez in for altidore, as well as possibly cameron in one of the holding mid spots.

  117. Shane in AL says:

    Yes, we have a winner! Great analysis. If Dolo is not fit, Lichaj. Left back still a problem, even here, but not asking much of Fabian Johnson with Shea attacking ahead of him. Spector for width (who’d a thunk that?!) but solid tracking back. Quick hook on Altidore (Boyd) if he slacks or gets gassed. And though I thought this one over….yeah, stick with Howard.

  118. ChrisB says:

    This made me lol.

  119. primoone says:

    It may not be represented too well in my diagram however, Jones would be forced to play that DM role confined to patrolling deep in the MF. Spector Torres and brek would make up the rest of the midfield. If you look how I staggered Altidore and Clint, they are not playing as a a conventional 2 forward combo however, the strategy is to have your most technical players always combining and passing off of each other. Clint is playing just ahead of Torres deep enough so that if he was not getting the service enough, he would be able to drop a bit into the midfield and search for the game on the other end, he would also be playing close enough to Josi to keep him involved with through balls and combonationplay…again

    The formation is a 4-1-3-2. However, Clint has carte blanche being soo close to torres that you can also call it a 4-5-1 or 4-1-3-2 however, you don’t really have 1 DM assigned to stay back. It is usually a combonation like Jones and Junior under Bradley when he would stroll out a conventional 4-4-2. In any event in the 4-1-3-1-1 dempsey would not be playing in a conventional 4-4-2 and you will always be playing with 1 DM behind 2 wingers and 1 AM in a 4-1-3-2.

    But, I do get your point. I would not like to see a 4-4-2 with Clint out wide. He can work there for club and has done soo with success because of the quality that he had surrounding him at Fulham however, we lack in the creativity dept. with the National team, unfortunately.

    Also, Im willing to bet that Spector would deliver and outperform anyone not named LD or Chandler out on the right flank.

  120. Brad2 says:

    Bocanegra is so slow though. Worries me against Jamaica but it’s not like we have other options…

  121. UMN says:

    Ya that was confusing, I meant two of the three should play in an advanced role. 1+3+5+2=11; 3 center defenders, two wingbacks, one dedicated d-mid, two midfielders in an advanced role, dempsey as a withdrawn forward, and a striker. The point being it would provide defensive cover so we wouldn’t have to play with 3 d-mids and allow the team to be less narrow.

  122. sandtrout says:

    Amazing isn’t it, but perhaps not surprising, that after they hear from a motivational speaker, they play the least motivated game in years.

  123. Primoone says:

    Not many folks here recall that Johnny boy had a game with the US that was pure class. Tracked back…sprayed to left from wide right…took on defenders up the right flank and got off a few crosses. For some reason, Bradley never placed him in that position again. SHOCKER! I cant recall who the opposition was however, It was more memorable than his play as left full back. From what I have seen from his past and current stints in the midfield, his natural position is wide right not soo much as a true winger however a solid option out on the right. Again, I could be wrong but Spector came up as a forward in his youth days so he is no stranger in the attack.

  124. PD says:

    They were wiped out from trying to roll frying pans into burritos…

  125. PD says:

    Given the injury rash that has limited our options, I don’t know if we can’t afford to not be bold.

  126. PD says:

    Spain plays a 0-10-0….

  127. PD says:

    You go big or go home people are full of sh$t.

  128. pd says:

    You are all on crack.

  129. PD says:


  130. timothy m says:

    i like this lineup

  131. Hill says:

    So much for “inspiring” play and being a true “professional”. I think this game made my point pretty well. Beckerman can’t cut it at the international level.

  132. louis z says:

    I remember but how long ago was that. Too much time has passed since he did that in the flanks. We are playing with current form players not past achivements. JK won’t make wholesale changes, he will tweak one or maybe to position at most.

  133. ThaDeuce says:

    gomez was not the problem. he created the goal!

  134. Primoone says:

    Valid point regarding the time that has passed since that performance. That being said, I wouldnt be too quick to dismiss the possibility of Spector starting wide right. He has been playing that particular position in the championship effectively and I don’t really believe Klinsman calls players up because they play in a certain league. We can assume that they are called in because they may have something to offer. In any event, I wouldnt mind seeing how he has improved from the last stint he had with the national team.

  135. Brian says:

    Yeah this puzzled me too. Ives must not be paying attention

  136. Matt says:

    Is Tim Howard suddenly Jorge Campos?

  137. Jidax says:

    So for all the Donovan haters, see how valuable he is !! we have a serious problem if we can’t get a replacement

  138. felixs9 says:

    I saw an issue in the mid once Beckerman was on the squad. This guy is no creator or any type of exp in national level.

  139. beachbum says:

    nope, but you made me laugh! just having some fun here man

  140. BrendoCal says:

    Pure genius. You know they say the best offense is a good defense.

  141. beachbum says:

    you’d like to see how much he’s improved by playing him in a Must Win WC qualifier to find out? Not me! But if he’s called I’ll support of course.

    I remember him playing the position for Bradley, and playing well, and then playing it not so well too

    Spector is a good player, skilled and positionally adept, fearless, but quite slow

  142. David says:

    I’m just not buying it. We have played quite crappily, but I can’t buy that its a crappy team. We are missing 2 of our most marquee players in Donavan and Bradley. THIS team selection is sort of crappy, but overall its not a crappy team.

  143. Cj says:

    Yeah I totally disagree. For a physical defensive midfielder whose game is based more on athletic rather than technical ability, I think he’s too old. For purposes of a world cup, Id want that type of player to be in his mid to late 20’s.

    But beyond that, ive never rated the guy. He gives the ball away way too much. I know he’s had a good run of form in his home league but he wasnt all that impressive in England. And other than some good games playing against some super weak competition with the Nats, he doesnt provide a whole lot other than hacking guys in the middle of the park. Just my IMO…

  144. Andy says:

    “Klinsmann isn’t going to bench all three”… Projected lineup: *benches all three*

  145. Andy says:

    If Gatt would stop getting hurt all the time!

  146. Andy says:

    Love the Altidore idea, but the rest is a little crazy and seems a bit desperate to be unpredictable. My variation:

    ——-Dempsey (Boyd)——Gomez——-






  147. Andy says:

    This is an interesting lineup that I would love to see. Altidore can play in the “Rooney” role really well I believe. He has better technique and passing ability than most we could put there, and he will win a lot of physical battles without needing the break away speed that he clearly lacks. The attacking prowess of this squad would give us a chance to dominate the game unlike 3 DMs in Kingston.

    ——-Dempsey (Boyd)——Gomez——-






  148. Kevin_H says:

    Certainly not for Tues. Honestly I don’t know what the rules are but I don’t think they’d allow for roster changes at this point. Regardless, Bradley’s out at least another week or two from injury and I would guess Donovan is as well.

  149. Kevin_H says:

    I like this. Or maybe shift dempsey up top with shea in the left midfield in a 4-2-2-2

  150. Kevin_H says:

    I see a lot of good potential line-ups from other comments here. But do you think there’s any possibility Klinsmann will employ any of them? Particularly,

    1. Altidore behind the striker
    2. Dempsey up top
    3. Benching Beckerman/Edu

    He has tried stranger things, but for some reason I can’t see any of these happening. I pray he does SOMETHING different.

  151. Primoone says:

    If we can both agree that he has played the positon well in the past…Why would you not want to see how much he has improved, especially in a WCQ?

    But enough of my double talk…

    I think Spector is solid and he has soo much experience for his age. I think he is still 26 and can offer leadership and stability in that midfield. He doesnt have winger speed however, he can keep pace with whoever he is tracking. His pure sprint is average however, his speed of play and thought is great…from what I have seen.

  152. Chris says:

    Lineup that will win if used…



  153. Use Common Sense, Idiot says:

    haha ‘hackeysack and herb’