Who was your USMNT Man of the Match?


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The U.S. men's national team enjoyed one of their most thorough performances under Jurgen Klinsmann in their victory over Jamaica on Tuesday night, and several players put forth strong showings in a 1-0 win that was not as close as the score indicates.

From Steve Cherundolo's marauding runs forward on the right flank to Danny Williams' ability to maintain possession and break up plays in his more natural defensive midfield role, there were a number of quality outings by the U.S. players in Tuesday's World Cup qualifier at Columbus Crew Stadium. Herculez Gomez also put in a hardworking shift that included the winning goal while Graham Zusi impressed on the right side of midfield in a match in which not many Americans set a foot wrong in.

That leaves us to pose the question: With so many Americans playing well in Tuesday's win, who was your Man of the Match? Was it Williams for his contributions in his first start for the U.S. as a defensive midfielder? Was it Cherundolo, who helped keep Jamaica on their heels with his surging runs? Was it someone else?

Cast your vote after the jump and let us know who you voted for and why in the comments section below.

Who did you vote for? Which performance surprised you the most on Tuesday?

Share your thoughts below.

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123 Responses to Who was your USMNT Man of the Match?

  1. Shane says:

    Boca should’ve been in there over Cameron

  2. James says:

    Cherundolo just completely changed the whole face of the right side. Not only with his own skills, but by being able to combine so well with Zusi.

  3. catfish9 says:

    The Twelfth Man – Columbus was the MOTM!

  4. just sayin' says:


  5. Number 4 says:

    Cherundolo. Has ther ever been a more underrated MNT player?

  6. Number 4 says:

    O/T but Iceland may be going to the WC. They have the easiest group ever in UEFA qualifying. Their chief opponents are Norway and Slovenia. No way that Johansson switches to us if Iceland can get to the WC

  7. serious blak says:

    Is Mexico and the US the only CONCACAF nations that have players in actually worthy leagues? Seems most of the nations have players in 4th/5th tier leagues like Norway or Vietnam?

  8. Face says:

    Why is Torres even on this list? Zusi brought some attacking prowess to the game – something that was desparately needed. He got tired and faded as the game progressed, but he definitely helped set the tone in the first 20-30 minutes.

  9. StatesideSupporter says:

    Has to be Williams…was a revelation in a position from which we had previously seen zero production. That shot from distance was absolute class as well. Not sure why Torres is up for consideration. I thought he often times slowed down play to our detriment when he received the ball. I will say his performance was head and shoulders above those prior…

  10. NE Matt says:

    My thought on the game:
    1. Danny Williams (MOTM) was a huge upgrade over Beckerman. Not sure what Klinsy will do once Bradley is fit, but I would keep Williams at the 6 and take off Jones for Bradley.

    2. Our most technically gifted on the ball athlete is Fabian Johnson. If we find a suitable LB replacement, (Lichaj anyone?) we may solve our current playmaking midfielder problem.

    3. Brek Shea did not impress. Yes he’s a one-trick pony at this point, but if you have one trick in your arsenal – speed on the flank – use it! He was all too content to pass backwards instead of putting his head down and taking on the Jamaican RB 1v1.

    4. Zusi did enough to cement a spot on the 23 man October roster. I would still love to see Gatt in camp for Donovan’s back-up, but Zusi will suffice until Gatt can get and stay healthy.

    5. Until (if ever) we push Fabian into the midfield, Zusi may be a great playmaking CM based on his composure and offensive spurts last night

    6. Our “much improved offense” people are talking about after this game may be nothing but an illusion. Yes we moved the ball better and held possession and rattled the post numerous times, but for the 15th game under Klinsmann (out of 18 games), we failed to score more than 1 goal.

    7. We still very much need the “old guard”. Dolo was superb. Bocanegra while he wasn’t required to do much, he embodied the role of captain as I saw him calming down Cameron a few times. Howard (yes part of the old guard) stop the Austin shot when needed and was solid on his organization and decision making on Jamaican corners.

    8. Speaking of corners, the US didn’t take many corners these past 2 games vs. Jamaica. We’re a set-piece driven offense, so this needs to improve.

    9. The “Dempsey Face” needs to be a part of every game in order to intimidate our opponent – EPIC

    10. This is getting long so I’ll end here, but dropping Beckerman from the 23 is my biggest request going forward.

  11. Grubbsbl says:

    People just like the myth of Torres too much. He played decently, tracked back a few times and made the simple passes. I imagine the myth of Torres started because Pachuca was one of the best club teams in North/South America when he came through their academy. Pachuca stood as the anti-thesis to the Bradley regime, so fans thought an insertion of Torres into the line-up would alter the style of the USMNT. I like Torres’s game, but I’ve yet to see him ever really produce when it matters and he certainly wasn’t better than Zusi last night (who showed a much high level of fluidity in possession and offered way more of an attacking threat). Donovan should replace Torres. His pace would stretch the game and he can still link up short in posession. Him and Zusi on the wings would be a great balance. Bradley for the workhorse that is Jones (a move that probably –and rightly– limits Edu’s time on the pitch significantly).

    Cameron is a real gem at CB. Too bad he is at Stoke.

  12. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Jo who?

  13. aj says:

    Well said. What a crowd.

  14. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    lol @ Torres even making this list. Might as well have put Edu in there, too.

  15. deepvalue says:

    Give it to Herc in a close decision over Cherundolo. Herc should have drawn a red card early when the second defender grabbed him with both arms and dragged him down in the box. The ref and announcers must have been loooking at the first defender who only made incidental contact. Further, Herc’s goal has been underrated. The keeper punched it into the side netting because it was whipped in there with a big bend. Yes it was stoppable, but a red hot goalie couldn’t get there. Must have been a pretty good shot.

  16. James says:

    Leading scorer in denmark i think, only like 22 too.

  17. soccerhorn says:

    Iceland. Seriously. Do they still allow whaling there?

  18. soccerhorn says:

    Jamaica has nine – yes, 9 – players in MLS. USMNT only 5.

  19. aj says:

    Jamaica, Canada, and Honduras may disagree.

  20. soccerhorn says:

    Torres is just keeping Donovan’s spot warm.

  21. DJ says:

    Need to combine Zusi+Cherundolo as Men of the Match. Haven’t seen a combo like that for a long time.

    Props to Danny Williams, but Zeus and Dolo crushed dreams last night, especially during the first half.

  22. WeatherManNX01 says:

    If you look at the comments that come up in just about any USMNT discussion, I’m going to go with ALL OF THEM.

    (But yes, I think Dolo gets a lot less credit than he should.)

  23. soccerhorn says:

    oh no that wasn’t long at all.

  24. T-mob says:

    Also Jamaica has two in the EPL.

  25. FELIXS9 says:


  26. T-mob says:

    Zusi stay’s, Gatt needs to get out of Norway.

  27. nate says:

    Cherundolo was great until the last fifteen minutes when he decided to start aimlessly booting every ball up the pitch, gifting Jamaica virtually endless possession at the end of the match. Not really sure why all the love for Torres either. Sure he completed some decent passes but gave the ball away far too much and then frequently compounded his errors with stupid fouls. Loved the play of Williams and Zusi though.

  28. KarlthewonderYak says:

    Didn’t read it.

  29. serious blak says:

    Greenland perhaps.

  30. serious blak says:

    how many of them are in Bundesliga, Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Eredivisie, Ligue One, Super Lig?

  31. racakekekeenn3n3j3jjeenenee says:

    Brek Shea nees to move to Europe. Holland or Germany if you ask me. MLS ain’t helping him get better and his price tag just suffers each day. NT cameos doesn’t do much for him.

    and I agree with the guy above. Josh Gatt needs to move next summer to a bigger league for sure.

  32. racakekekeenn3n3j3jjeenenee says:

    Hoping to see Dempsey on the bench this weekend and next for Tottenham. I don’t think he’s ready at all to start but soon.

  33. racakekekeenn3n3j3jjeenenee says:

    7 in 8 goals. Sure it’s only Denmark but it’s ranked the 11th best league in Europe. This dude could be on to bigger and better things.

  34. Mad Men says:

    So is Gooch ever going to get a call up again?

  35. .. says:

    Is Guzan starting this weekend for AV? Because we nee a solid no 2 in qualifying. We can’t just expect Howard to get us through. Throw in Sean Johnson and Bill Hamid a few friendlies to get themselves ready. Rimando is good but getting up there in age. Might as well call Hahnemann

  36. BF says:

    As always there is a complete lack of understanding of the qualities that Torres brings to this team. It’s the little things that count, it’s about possession, it’s off the ball play. you won’t understand any of this by watching MLS. We need more players like Torres, smart and technical and less Altidore’s, lazy and a robot.

  37. Sarasota says:

    Agree totally w/ Face! Who put Jose Torres on the list and why????? It’s time to move on and give wingers like Corona, Gatt, Mixx, and maybe even Gyau a shot. Young players like Alejando Guido and Junior Flores have much more potential than Torres as actual playmakers, number 10s. Torres is a nice guy and a capable club player but clearly does not add anything at the international level.

  38. smithers says:

    Until recently, Michael Bradley.

  39. Excellency says:

    Hopefully Danny’s manager at Hoffenheim reads Soccer by Ives and sees its MOTM assignation and takes Danny off the bench and gives him a start.

  40. Heft says:

    Another very solid match for G Cam. He makes it look easy to dispossess opponents, and his maturity is growing as well, which is evident in his positioning.

  41. Excellency says:

    Hopefully Danny Williams can convince his manager at Hoffenheim to take him off the bench and give him a starting job now that Danny is MOTM for the USA’s National Team in World Cup qualification.

  42. Soccertes says:

    Starting lineup for Oct qualifiers:






  43. BF says:

    why would he deserve one?

  44. dynamofan says:

    Columbus should have put it in the net then.

  45. OC says:

    it’s weird that Greenland is full of ice, yet Iceland is full of green…

  46. Vic says:

    I agree. I would rather see Donovan than Torres. However, I’d rather see Torres than Shea, Edu or Beckerman.

  47. MSNats says:

    well played

  48. Nate Dollars says:

    …and you started off so well…

    First, Jozy runs the same way Dempsey does–maybe “efficient” would be a nice way of putting it–that is, if there’s a run worth making, he’ll make it.

    Second, I agree that Jozy and Torres are totally different types of players, but they also (ideally) play vastly different types of positions–why says we can’t use both?

  49. TomG says:

    Gatt needs to get, and stay, healthy

  50. biff says:

    Hard to take this poll seriously if Jermaine Jones is not listed. I won’t go as far to say he was man-of-the-match, but he was one key to the victory and his performance was awesome up to the final whistle when he collapsed to the ground exhausted. He was definitely one of the top three players of the game, and I am not alone in thinking this:

    US Player Ratings: Marked improvement in Jamaica win
    link to mlssoccer.com

  51. joe says:

    Yes, they still allow whaling in Iceland. Most of it gets sold to Japan.

  52. Ryan says:

    Honestly perfect lineup except just drop Donovan back on the right and Dempsey up a little even though he’ll drop back, (hopefully not to pick the ball up at midfield). Then we have Donovan and Dempsey presumably switching sides all game, making runs, Herc’s tireless work, and on set pieces we have Boca and Cameron to head one in. This is it!!! Well done.

  53. QuakerOtis says:

    I also agree. This site tends to favor EPL type play. Nothing wrong with that (it is, of course, more fun to watch), but other national teams (like Mexico and Italy) rely on players like Torres to control tempo and maintain possession. He didn’t necessarily excel last night, and again, it isn’t always fun to watch games played at this tempo, but he did his job. And we won.

  54. Luke from CBus says:

    Boca and Cameron were equally solid; probably should both be in.

  55. .. says:

    I blame Erik the Red. Bastard

  56. .. says:

    Gomez needs to be on the roster for the WC. 20months until the final squad is prepared but still he’s getting us there.

    we need 5 strikers.

    Gomez, Jozy (though his MNT performances are rather weak, he’s useful), Boyd (coming along fine) and 2 other strikers. Young guys preferably

  57. T-mob says:

    Really, last time I check he created the game winning goal in MLS. You can’t judge a player coming in 10 minutes in a game. Zusi is getting better and better, I think USMNT fans are really uneducated. Cameroon struggled in MLS for awhile, you move to CB and got better.

  58. dcm says:

    I think Jemaine Jones needed to be on this list. He had an solid game, great passes, great possession, and was breaking up plays the whole 90.

  59. Roger says:

    I hope this leads to a decent crowd for Columbus crew.
    Go dynamo!

  60. T-mob says:

    People look at leagues way to much, Jozy play in Eredivisie, yet he sucks for the national team. Zusi plays in MLS and shined.

  61. T-mob says:

    Nagbe and Farfan might have something to say on that matter, as the future number ten. Nagbe is just so talented, we might have to wait because he is not a citizen, maybe next year.

  62. T-mob says:

    I mean, game winning goal against Mexico.

  63. BF says:

    i’m not comparing positions, I’m comparing their overall quality. jozy is lacking in so many ways.

  64. .. says:

    serious lack of depth at CB and he just joined a CL team in La Liga

  65. Since 82 says:

    Switch Donovan with Altidore. Switch Jones with Donovan. Then you are good to go.

  66. MLSsnob says:

    Without Gomez, we don’t score that goal, nuff said.

  67. biff says:

    this is so true. I know I have — what I think is an undeserved — reputation about a certain player (ain’t that right, GW?), but I am sure that if a carbon copy of Jermaine Jones’s great game last night would have been played by a certain other midfielder who was not there and who enjoys a strong and highly vocal followers, that player would have been overwhelmingly voted man of the match and probably given a rating of 11 on a scale of 1-10 across the board. Jones bled last night for the shirt, his second 90 minutes in four days as a midfielder racing up and down the field at full speed, not to mention being a primary target of the Jamaican thugs who used him as a punching bag and he kept his cool. About the only thing he could of done to make an already outstanding game better is if he had headed the wonderful free kick from Herc Gomez into the back of the net. Jones flew to Mexico City last month for the friendly when 7 other starters couldn’t make it. We should be glad we have him and give him the respect he deserves.

  68. Eurosnob says:

    I don’t think that Jozy “sucks for the national team.” He was the top scorer for the USMNT in the last WC qualifying and also led the team in scoring during the last Gold Cup until he was injured.

  69. MLSsnob says:

    So you’re saying that if you watch RSL or Seattle or KC that we’ll never see Sabario or Montero or Zusi or Kamara make off the ball runs or distribute like you would like to see? Do you even watch the league?

  70. PD says:

    If I could have voted for the “every last damn one of ’em” option I would have. Everyone brought their A game last night and the result was there for all to see.

    I voted for Cherundolo because I can’t count how many times I’ve heard on this board how he’s washed up, time to go, blah blah.

    HERC GOMEZ is another guy who just doesn’t get the love he should. Not only is he in amazing form and of the exact mindset this team should be aspiring to, but about 4 years ago this guy was nearly homeless and thinking about giving up the game. In a way he epitomizes so much of what many of us wanted Charlie Davies to be – a “never give up” attitude both on the field and off.

    I don’t know if these two of them will be in Brasil in 2014, but now that I’m feeling a little better about our odds of the team making is, what I I will say is if they can maintain this form I don’t see any reason why the won’t be.

  71. PD says:

    isn’t that cheating?

  72. Big Chil says:

    Has to be Herc. In addition to the game winner, he was pulled down in the penalty box in the first 10′ and it should have been a penalty kick. Plus several dangerous combines with others to set up shots.

  73. Shirley from Community says:

    that’s racist

  74. PD says:

    Folks who don’t rate Torres I think don’t understand that a player can be incredibly important in a match without ever putting a shot on frame. Torres’ game is about possession, tempo and passing–holding possession, switching point of attack, imposing our will on the opponent and springing opportunities for others. Now that he is tracking back and bossing a bit more I think he’s really beginning to find his niche. I don’t know if he’s a lock as a starter and I’m still not sold on him being a flank player (depends on the opponent maybe) but he’s certainly dresses for every match on my roster.

  75. Mike says:

    Gomez is soooo overrated by all you mls watching idiots! He will do nothing…I repeat nothing against a non-concacaf back four. He’s a work horse and he is fearless. But he is not our answer for striker when 2014 rolls around. That freekick was just okay but any champions league keeper catches that ball and chucks it down the pitch for a counter attack.

    That said I want him on the roster for his work rate and tenacity. But as a sub when we have a lead

    Altidore on the other hand has been crushing it in a league that is 2 times better than the mexican league and MLS. His touch and hold up play is better than ever and he scores quality goals against teams that are a hell of a lot better than anything concacaf has to offer (excluding mexico). When altidore is on the field the center backs of quality teams (PSV, AJAX, Brazil) locate him immediately and never let him out of their eyes..WHY? WHY? Cause he has world class strength and world class shot power! Gomez has no quality that is world class. That is a fact, well unless you consider DESIRE a soccer quality. Stop rooting for the rudy’s of the world American Soccer fans! I mean jesus, i like gomez but he is no altidore.

  76. Bird says:

    Norway has a little bit of quality with the Riise brothers and Hangeland and Demidov in defense and that Nordveit kid is coming up for Gladbach too also the striker for Hannover….abdelloue i think it is? has a great strike rate….they are young but the team has talent they JUST missed qualifying for the Euro behind Denmark and Portugal, 2 quality sides….

  77. Nate Dollars says:

    well, i agree that jozy is lacking in ways; he’s certainly not a world class striker. but i disagree that he’s ‘lazy and a robot'; he’s merely a good striker with the potential to be a great stiker.

  78. T-moble says:

    You really don’t know soccer. The funniest thing I’ve ever heard was how strong jozy is, yeah, it really showed last night, he kept giving up the ball every time. Also moving of the ball is a elite quality, which is what Gomez does. Gomez and Zusi, both play in N.America did more then Jozy did in months.

  79. Eli says:

    Does anyone miss JONATHAN BORSTEIN..????? lol worst mnt player

  80. Mike r says:

    Yes because Slovenia was a pushover in the WC for us and Norway is a pushover too…:p

  81. georkt says:

    Red Bull fan hoping to crush the Crew Saturday but there is no other place I’d rather have the USMNT play than Crew Stadium. I’m hoping KC can equal that.

  82. Mike r says:

    He said “worthy” league not overly fast paced hack a man league with little technical ability

  83. Mike r says:

    +1 MLS gives young stars playing time but not much else. He won’t learn anything else here

  84. Mike r says:

    That’s like 4 players. You see more man hacking, taking men down from behind and long balls than brilliant off the ball runs and I have season tickets so I see lots of games. More to support soccer in the US then enjoying the style and quality of play in MLS which I kind of don’t enjoy

  85. RB says:

    Agreed on all counts. People can say Gomez was lucky to be the one to score but his match overall is very much a case of making your own luck. What perhaps should have been kept out by the keeper only serves up justice wrt the other 2-3 plays where he might well have gotten a call (or just a luckier bounce) but didn’t. He worried the Jamaican defense all night, keeping up the pressure and intensity as Dempsey dropped off in those departments, and ultimately was the only one to net the ball. I guess this was his finest performance yet for the MNT?

  86. Vic says:

    Gomez scored against a team called Brasil this year. Not sure if you heard of them. They won 5 world cups. The Dutch League is very unbalanced and if your a forward on a good team you get alot of scoring opportunities. Altidore has scored once under Klinnsman(a penalty kick). Gomez has scored 3 times. In addition Gomez has more skill(Altidore turns the ball over alot) and better work rate.

  87. SilverRey says:

    #1 – One goal? This is Klinsy’s ‘new face of American attack oriented soccer’? Our offense totally disappeared in the second half once Jamaica stepped out of it’s shell and stopped giving us freebies. I hope goal differential doesn’t come back to bite us.

    #2 – 3 DM’s again? How in the world are we supposed to achieve the ‘new face of American attack oriented soccer’ when Klinsy keeps on trotting out 3 DM’s onto the field? Sure it was the second half, but come on!!!

  88. swoopy says:


  89. Mark says:

    I’m not a fan of Jozy either.

    Also you must remember, the reason he was the top scorer was b/c Bob Bradley played him every single game and we played crappy teams like Trinidad & Tobago so whoever was playing had an opportunity to score a lot of goals.

  90. beachbum says:

    +1 Dolo got the nod from me over Williams but both deserving. Dolo’s attacking confidence from the start set the tone, worked well with Zusi and I think helped Zusi feel comfortable right away. Dolo was a real leader last night

  91. beachbum says:

    did you catch Frankie before the game whooping up the crowd and generally expressing the incredibly intense person he is?


    great crowd Columbus!!!

  92. beachbum says:

    Keane, Wondo, Henry, EJ, Garcia, Nagbe, Rolfe, Gordon…there’s eight more in about 8 seconds of thought on the subject. Throw in the youngster Villareal out in LA too, kid making great runs already, just a kid

    if you see the games as you say yet miss these players making these plays and runs…that’s on you man

  93. beachbum says:

    Gomez scored in the WC vs. Algeria in that final group stage game, but of course it was waved off for a bogus offsides

    He’s a gamer, whether off the bench or from the opening whistle in my book

  94. beachbum says:

    could easily go Williams, the guy was excellent when played in his best position. Favorite play was his shot…no hesitation this time, just keep it low and let it go! Almost too

    But Dolo gets the vote. True leader last night from jump, just what the Dr. ordered. To me, he went out there and expressed what a leader does in big games. Late his game changed when Coach changed players and tactics and Jamaica finally came forward.

    When Williams moved more outside with him, instead of having Zusi out there, it seemed to affect things in the negative to say the least for both MOTM players interestingly

  95. Jason says:

    Me likey

  96. Ceez says:

    I’m not sure whether I read it or not. I think I kinda zoned out after the first two points.

  97. Eurosnob says:

    Look, crappy teams or not Altidore was the highest scorer. By the way, with exception of one goal, Altidore scored all his goals in the Hexagonal, which included the top six Concacaf teams at the time. And T&T had a decent team at the time – they tied Mexico 2-2 and Honduras 1-1 and beat and tied El Salvador. Before you start implying that Altidore does not score against strong teams, look up who scored in the 2-0 win over Spain in the Confederations Cup.

  98. .. says:

    new episodes start in October

  99. MANGA says:

    That was luck on Slovenia’s part. Norway has solid players but they haven’t qualified for anything in 12 years. Iceland has their best chance ever right now

  100. sargent pepper says:

    exactly he had a solid hat trick against them at home.

  101. Jahon says:

    He’s actually a solid striker in the Eredivise. Remind me of the other goal scoring CONCACAF strikers in top leagues besides Hernandez an Vela

  102. Jahon says:

    I agree. Send him to Holland and he will learn some more. But his ego and bad form isn’t helping him in Dallas

  103. I also voted for Steve – I remember how the US team faltered in the Gold Cup after Steve went out injured. Great play last night by a great player.

  104. Jahon says:

    Altidore and Gomez from now on. But someone definitely needs to talk to Altidore. The no1 striker role is slipping from him. Given a year perhaps Boyd will be ready for that position. I guess it’s either due to lack of concern or competition. Jozy was our best striker for 3 years and no one was ever going to take that from him and maybe he is finally realizing he could lose his starting spot

  105. yt67 says:

    Cherundolo. Complete legend. 14 seasons at Hannover. He is signed until summer 2014 I believe. I sure hope he gets his coaching license and keeps with their team or comes back to MLS and parlay his knowledge to the young ones.

  106. Leif Ericson who named Iceland and Greenland, was the first real estate salesman. See what a liberal arts education can do?

  107. yt67 says:

    Jozy vs Herculez

    I’d pay to see that. How’s Herc doing for his club?

  108. T-moble says:

    So zusi didn’t learn anything here, Cameroon improved here, so did holden. Jozy has scored alot and still sucks at the international level, go sit down, little Mike.

  109. PD says:

    Marfan = all hype at this point. He;’s exciting (I’m a union fan) but it’s way to soon to anoint that guy… hat would be like clamoring for Gil from RSL.

  110. PD says:

    if for no other reason than to make the gas face…

  111. PD says:

    i just don’t understand what you’re basing that on other than a line of logic that boils down to “he just doesn’t do what I think he should”.

  112. Boise says:

    I noticed lack of forward movement on both subs Shea and Altidore; however, I wonder if Klinsi instructed them to possess and play back? If not, then those subs were a waste.

  113. Boise says:

    I agree; Cameron’s emergence on the MNT scene is one of the most encouraging signs, esp since it’s in the critical CB position.

  114. Boise says:

    While I agree it was nice to see Jones keep his composure last pm, I’m pretty sure that he dove on a couple occasions.

  115. Rlw2020 says:

    +1 most of guatemala plays in their domestic league but they are no push over! Costa rica, honduras and jamaica all have players in the EPL, MLS, La Liga, and other big leagues. If you watched concacaf cl or qualifying you should know that the latin american teams may not be rich and glamerous like europe but they play good football and are difficult opposition.

  116. beachbum says:

    Mike, seriously, I was thinking about your post. I’m sure what you get at games you attend is what you see, but perhaps it’s a bad team you watch; that could ruin one’s perspective on it all.

    anyway, some fun teams out there to follow, fun players, every year better playmakers and more of them. Didn’t mention Higuain in Columbus…that guy is fun to watch, smart technical player who really wants to win.

    and with all of this talk, Landon not even mentioned although he remains one of the best still at making runs or releasing other players making runs

    cheers man

  117. jcd says:

    Hangeland actually born in Houston… could’ve been a Nat!

  118. Yoko Ono says:

    Answer mundane historical questions on a soccer site apparently