World Cup Qualifying: European teams start their journeys, CONMEBOL action resumes, and more


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World Cup qualifying is set to get back into full swing on Friday and there should be plenty of quality and drama as 66 teams will be in action in an attempt to further solidify their place in Brazil 2014.

Europe will be the site for most of those matches, as UEFA's World Cup qualifying will begin with 22 matches. The first round in European qualifying lacks some of the marquee match-ups that usually come with each round of games but there are still several interesting match-ups to look out for, including Netherlands-Turkey and Bulgaria-Italy.

In South America, things will likely be a little more intense as the CONMEBOL teams are entering the seventh round of qualifyinh and some in dire need of points. One of those teams is Colombia, who surely will heavily rely upon red-hot striker Radamel Falcao in their home game against second-place Uruguay. Argentina will also play host in this round, and a win over an underperforming Paraguay side would give the albiceleste first place in the standings.

CONCACAF will also see 12 teams do battle, including the United States, Mexico and Canada, and there will even be a pair of fixtures in Oceania to kick off a loaded round of World Cup qualifying.

Here is a complete rundown of all of Friday's World Cup qualifiers:

Croatia vs. Macedonia

Wales vs. Belgium

Malta vs. Armenia

Bulgaria vs. Italy

Kazakhstan vs. Ireland

Germany vs. Faroe Islands

Estonia vs. Romania

Andorra vs. Hungary

Netherlands vs. Turkey

Albania vs. Cyprus

Slovenia vs. Switzerland

Iceland vs. Norway

Russia vs. Northern Ireland

Azerbaijan vs. Israel

Luxembourg vs. Portugal

Liechtenstein vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina

Lithuania vs. Slovakia

Latvia vs. Greece

Montenegro vs. Poland

Moldova vs. England

Georgia vs. Belarus

Finland vs. France

Colombia vs. Uruguay

Ecuador vs. Bolivia

Peru vs. Venezuela

Argentina vs. Paraguay

Jamaica vs. United States

Guatemala vs. Antigua and Barbuda

El Salvador vs Guyana

Costa Rica vs. Mexico

Cuba vs. Honduras

Canada vs. Panama

Solomon Islands vs. Tahiti

New Caledonia vs. New Zealand


Which of these matches are you most looking forward to? Expecting a wild day in Europe? How do you see things playing out in CONMEBOL?

Share your thoughts below.

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12 Responses to World Cup Qualifying: European teams start their journeys, CONMEBOL action resumes, and more

  1. brad says:

    how about the TV Schedule???!!!!

  2. Aguinaga says:

    Vamos Ecua eres grande!

  3. Joosetiger says:

    How does Montero not make the squad for Colombia, seems like he’d be a solid addition to that team, no?

  4. Number 4 says:

    France vs Finland. Well should be a nice match for Benzema and for Giroud to finally score after like 4months of nothing.

  5. Number 4 says:

    Yep he really should. but I’m guessing Falcao is the only legit striker Colombia has and who will play, so he’d just be a benchwarmer anyway.

  6. Gobletto says:

    …Or a nice opportunity for France to lay an egg early in qualifying to make things interesting for the 3 perceived also-rans in the group…

  7. Brian says:

    there are much better columbian forwards out there in the world. montero is easily 6th or 7th in the pecking order among colombian forwards. He might be a star in MLS but when it comes to the colombian national team, that doesent mean sqwat. jus sayin.

  8. elgringorico says:

    What time is Arg vs Par and Col vs Urug? Anybody? Any of these games on TV?

  9. ted says:

    Giroud isnt in the squad, has some sort of knock

  10. Redneck says:

    What sites do folks use to watch matches online? I’m talking about matches that aren’t necessarily available on tv? Like tonight’s USA-Jamaica match or some of the european or south american qualifiers…