A closer look at a special night in Seattle

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  1. shelsilverstein says:

    Heard there was a Groupon deal for seats?

  2. Rdizzle says:


  3. JRP says:

    Lighten up.

  4. elmatador says:

    I heard this commentator from Colombia in ESPNDEPORTES this morning saying that how he’s attended games in Argentina (Boca vs River), Mexico, Europe, World Cup games, and has never ever experienced an atmosphere like Seattle’s. He was amazed with the march to the stadium.

  5. Berk says:

    link to i48.tinypic.com

    Originality isn’t their strong suit.

  6. JayDub says:

    Or it could be a response to this: link to google.com

  7. JayDub says:

    this probably works better. link to preview.tinyurl.com

  8. Shatterhand says:

    And saying “King of _______” is? King of clubs? King of beers? King of Queens? King in the north?

  9. Shatterhand says:

    I love the idiot fans that think this is a bad thing.

  10. Charles says:

    Grope on this

  11. Charles says:

    Probably only surpassed, for crowds, by the Sounders winning in the semis to make Soccer Bowl in ET, in Sounder’s games I have been to…and I have been to more than a few.

    Fun times with plenty more to come, although hosting the MLS Cup Final is looking like a pipe dream this year. Maybe someone else can write about the Sounder’s road victory. 😉

  12. WildyUninformedOrJustReasonable? says:

    I’m not a Sounders supporter, but genuinely don’t understand most of the vitriol directed their way here and other places from folks other than Timbers fans (their vitriol I get and like a lot) and possibly Whitecaps supporters.

    Yes, they play in an American football stadium. Yes, they share business resources with an NFL team. Yes, they play on turf. All these things are true for New England as well, yet I don’t see the same level of hate.

    In my mostly humble opinion, this national TV game was great for MLS and American soccer. The Sounders as a club and a business are good for MLS and American soccer. The Sounders supporters are loyal and devoted and the ESC keeps things interesting. Additionally, their history is good for the continuity of American soccer.

    Genuine question: what am I missing here?

  13. JRP says:

    You don’t think your 200 word reply to a one sentence line of trash talk is overkill?

  14. acj says:

    1) People on this forum and a lot of other forums are generally just assholes to each other. There’s more of it for the sounders but it’s not like people don’t hate on everything and everyone.

    2) There are a few loud uninformed sounders fans that post here every once in a while. They give some people the false impression that sounders fans think they invented soccer. At the same time most of the easy going people that know something about soccer have given up because of the vitriol.

    3) Haters gonna hate.

  15. poo says:

    Cool video. Would be 1000X better though if the turned the music off and let the game sounds through after about 26 seconds.

    congrats sounders fans

  16. WildyUninformedOrJustReasonable? says:

    Possibly…. But it was more in response to the history of Sounders-related comments. Just ended up being this comment.

  17. smokeminside says:

    We did invent soccer.

  18. kfly says:

    Why was it so special? Didn’t they have the same crowd against the Quakes last year?

  19. El paso, tx- soccer love says:

    Make them their stadium or have a special game at huskies stadium or at safeco. Let the sounders rule seattle until they get their sounders wave stadium.

  20. meowmix says:

    Agreed. Sheesh i hate how they always play that music

  21. Skeeter says:

    you haven’t been to a soccer game at safeco have you?

  22. Flagermunsen says:

    I live in Vancouver but have been to about a dozen games at Safeco. It’s a fantastic stadium and the atmosphere at a Sounders game blows the atmosphere at a Whitecaps game out if the water. I only hope that Whitecaps can develop the following and passion to the scale Seattle has achieved.

  23. El paso, tx- soccer love says:

    No- what about huskies stadium by the water front

  24. Charles says:

    No he hasn’t, but they should leave their home of the last 12 years because a guy in Topeka doesn’t like the stadium.

    Those of us that have been to most of the games there, way more games than any other fans, we who love the.stadium, we are fools evidently.

  25. Charles says:

    They will and we will hate them like we did 20-30 years ago.

  26. Hopper says:

    The Mariners play at Safeco.

  27. smokeminside says:

    tomayto, tomahto
    you say safeco, I say Century link

    What amazing poetry.

    Gertrude Stein would love it.

  28. Flagermunsen says:

    Change Safeco to Century Link. Can’t keep all these sponsors straight. U want the CenturyLink atmosphere in Vancouver.

  29. AngstChild says:

    That’s so cool to hear. MLS is on it’s way UP!

  30. Seriously says:

    Hey, watch it. I’m the King in the North.

  31. Seriously says:

    Its the turf problem. If the few teams that had turf would get rid of it all the better for everyone.

  32. mono says:

    You mean the one they just tore down?

  33. SRSLY says:

    “Its the troll problem”


  34. smokeminside says:

    No worries…we Seattleites can’t even keep them straight. I still call Century Link Qwest Field.

    What’s a real stadium tragedy is the disappearance of the Kingdome! That place was LOUD: sell it out with the current Seattle soccer psychos and the top would probably pop off.

  35. slowleftarm says:

    Truly awesome and great for US Soccer. Who cares that the field is turf? 66,000 fans at an MLS game is great for the league and the sport in this country.

    The atmosphere looked a hundred times better than the one I experienced at a maybe 3/4 full Red Bull Arena the previous day. Oh I forgot, NYC people have to cross a river to get there.

  36. solles says:

    The vitriol is because flounder fans are obnoxious.

  37. jack says:

    the field they play on isnt bad enough, you want them to go back to the concrete of the kingdome?

  38. dcpohl says:

    Not so fast. Sounders fanculture from a neutral standpoint is unique and set the bar pretty high as far as support goes. Portland is right up there too, but look at teams like FC Dallas and New England bringing the overall MLS average for support down.

  39. Chris says:

    Even if the Sounders had their own stadium it would be turf. The only way the Mariners can maintain grass is with a retractable roof and insane grounds crews. The Sounders training facility and US Open cup ground is also turf, because its impossible to maintain grass here with the very wet winters and dry summers.

    Turf is gonna be here for a long long time, but it will also keep getting better, and is already way better than it used to be (coming from someone who plays on nice newly turfed rec fields on a regular basis)

  40. mcm says:

    Thought there were timber’s fans at the game?

    Nice work Seattle.