Castillo out for both USMNT qualifiers, Johnson to join team in KC

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U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann must be feeling a bit of deja vu right now.

As was the case in the United States’ first World Cup qualifier against Antigua & Barbuda back in June, Klinsmann will be without both first-choice left backs, Fabian Johnson and Edgar Castillo, for the Americans visit to Antigua this coming Friday. Castillo has been sidelined by a foot injury and will miss both upcoming World Cup qualifiers while Johnson, who is suffering from a flu, is expected to join the team prior to their match against Guatemala next Tuesday.

“Obviously it’s a difficult situation losing Fabian for the Antigua game and Edgar being unavailable for both,” Klinsmann told “We were in a similar situation for the first match against Antigua & Barbuda in June, and we will be prepared.

“Fabian has been ill since the weekend, and we were waiting to see if he would be healthy enough to join us in Miami. At this point, it is in everyone’s best interest to allow him to fully recover from his illness and come into Kansas City ready to play against Guatemala.”

Johnson and Castillo’s absence now leaves Klinsmann without a natural left back for the match in Antigua and it also takes away two more of his wide options. Landon Donovan and Brek Shea were both ruled out on Tuesday with respective knocks.

As things stand now, the U.S. roster is down to 20 players. Klinsmann can summon replacements, but he will not do so for the Antigua & Barbuda match. How things stand after that in terms of injuries and suspensions will determine if he calls in any extra bodies for the Guatemala game.


What do you think of this development? Who do you see playing left back on Friday? Think it would be a mistake for Klinsmann not to call in a replacement?

Share your thoughts below.

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133 Responses to Castillo out for both USMNT qualifiers, Johnson to join team in KC

  1. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:


  2. Goalscorer24 says:

    Wow that is brutal! Call in some reinforcements.

  3. d says:

    hahahahaha………..oh man thats all you can do is laugh at this point

    so we’re down to 17 field players if I understand correctly for Friday

  4. Benjamin C. says:

    Lichaj seems the most logical choice, but predicting Klinsmann’s decision making process is almost impossible.

  5. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    Well, this maybe a blessing in disguise that will force JK’s hand to summon other players…maybe.

  6. Jerry84 says:

    Klinsman must be call Altidore and Lichaj is necessary.

  7. Spank says:

    Thanks for confirming what we all already know Klinsmann! How about the next time, you make a statement about something we don’t know… Like maybe who you’re calling in to replace these guy’s! Maybe Pontius? Gatt? Adu? Lichaj? Bornstein? Haha jk about Bornstein!

  8. Cojosurfer says:

    Suppress your man feelings for will feel better about yourself LOL

  9. Benjamin C. says:

    I am curious and may come off as ignorant, but I believe there are alternates to every roster, at least in the mind of the manager. Why not announce a replacement the moment you announce that a particular player is out due to injury? Certainly there are already contingency plans in place, and alternates are notified to be on standby in case something drastic happens.

  10. Eric says:

    Best guess, given JK’s reluctance to play Boca out wide or (much less justifiably) to avoid Eric Lichaj like the plague, is that we’ll see Michael Parkhurst line up at LB against Antigua, and JK will keep his fingers crossed that Johnson is ready to go against Guatemala.

    Parkhurst put in a halfway decent shift filling in for Dolo against Jamaica, and even though he’ll be out of position at LB, Antigua doesn’t present the same offensive threat with pace that Jamaica does. I could live with that scenario, even though I’d still rather see Lichaj brought in.

    But if Johnson can’t play against Guatemala, I’m sure we will all be on pins and needles the whole time.

  11. Ipecac says:

    Call in Justin Morrow!

  12. Kwall says:

    He won’t!!!!!

  13. Eric says:

    Pontius, Gatt, and Adu are all forwards, and we’re talking about left back here. What are you smokin’?

  14. MJC-DC says:

    How’s Beitashour’s form out in San Jose? Him or Lichaj seem like options.

  15. Chris says:

    As long as all injuries are hold, and we don’t bring anyone else in, we can still field a decent line up.

    zusi bradley kleijstan

  16. Pete says:

    Call in Morrow.

  17. Jake says:

    Heck, call in anyone you want. We should really be dressing a full complement for every game since we have the opportunity. If only to give guys the experience if nothing else. I’ve been giving JK the benefit of the doubt. If he really loses 4 guys and doesn’t call anyone else in, that’s just stupid.

  18. Eric says:

    If we’re going to bring in a MLS-based player to shore up our defense, IMO it should be a natural left back like Morrow or Sinvoic.

  19. biff says:

    So now we know the truth of the matter. Klinsmann has known since at least Monday that Fabian Johnson was sick and would not make the Antigua match Friday and yet he did not call in Lichaj or another left back just in case anything happened to Castillo and now something has happened to Castillo and we are without a player who plays left back at the club level and Klinsmann is now too stubborn to back down and admit he screwed up and call in someone at this late hour and he in fact is playing with our chance to qualify for WC 2014 and I am beginning to think Klinsmann is a total fool and I am so fricking pi$$ed off right now I cannot believe it.

    All that said, I do think we kick bu++ Friday in Antigua but just worried as heck something is going to go wrong…

  20. Cojosurfer says:

    Perfect opportunity to make a Skype call to Nurnberg. JK can settle any doubt with Timothy Chandler as to whether he may or may not ever get a call from Klinnsman as long as he is in charge. Perfect opportunity for Chandler to say “I am committed” and step up for the USMNT.

  21. Jerry84 says:

    We all know that there are enough elements to play on Friday but we need alternates in case of injury during the game.

  22. Eric says:

    I don’t think JK will start Sacha, but you’re right, that’s a reasonable starting XI in its own right.

  23. Pete says:

    Morrow and Beitashour both deserve good looks at the outside back positions.

  24. Lorenzo says:

    Lichaj doesn’t have enough MNT or club experience, plays in too low of a league, for too low of a team, and can’t play left back.

    I mean… I guess anyways..

  25. Tony in Quakeland says:

    FOr the record, I want it known that I do not blame JK for either Castillo’s foot or Johnson’s flu.

    Kust wnat to make it clear that I can be reasonable

  26. Spank says:

    It wasn’t meant just for these two specific individuals… It was including replacements for Donovan and Shea as well. I haven’t smoked anything today tho. Any suggestions Eric?

  27. Lorenzo says:

    Wait- check that. He plays in the best league in the world, can play the position, and did great in the Gold Cup.

  28. biff says:

    sorry to disappoint you, Benjamin C., but that makes too much sense for Klinsmann–we will probably see Tim Howard at left back and Guzan at left wing and Rimando as goalkeeper. tinker, tinker tinker tinker–I am seriously wondering whether the guy has lost his mind.

  29. biff says:

    but we don’t know whether injuries will be on hold…we need to be prepared

  30. biff says:

    ha-ha. i mean, really.

  31. 2tone says:

    Lol. Well I would imagine that the Attack will be dreadfully right skewed now. And if Antigua figures that out then the USMNT offense will sputter again.

    I will say the USMNT gets a 1-0 result in both of these games, and barely skids into the HEX.

  32. biff says:

    Let listen again to the words of wisdom:

    Klinsmann: “Eric has always been on our list and the more he plays, the closer he gets. Right now it’s not the right time to bring in a bunch of new players. Every coach wants to see young players coming through the system, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Eric for myself, with the group. 2013 will be a big year with qualification and also the Gold Cup. We’ll have to build two rosters. Hopefully there’s an opportunity for Eric coming up in the near future if he keeps starting at Aston Villa.”

    I wanna scream

  33. biff says:

    I hope 2013 will be a big year for qualification…got my fingers crossed

  34. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Preach, brother.

  35. Brad says:

    Ha. I see what you did there. You made us think he was not qualified, when in fact, he is.

  36. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    Question: IF (and a BIG “IF”) JK makes a call to Germany to call upon a guy named Timmy Chandler; do you hold it against him ?

  37. biff says:

    i can live with that–well, assuming that i am able to survive the tension of both those wins.

  38. Brad says:

    Now read that comment again, using Jon Stewart’s voice.

  39. Travis in Miami says:

    At what point in qualify did the Mexicans get nervous with Sven?

  40. ernj says:

    This is getting ridiculous. With all of these injuries and 5 (I believe) on yellow card warning we could be in serious trouble for the Guatemala tie. Pride goeth before the fall, Klinsi. Call in reinforcements.

  41. biff says:

    I have been thinking about just this philosophical question, MLS_Soccer_Talker. And after a bit of pondering this is what I have concluded: This would be a perfect time for Timothy Chandler to win back the hearts of USMNT fans by coming to the rescue for a cap-tying must win game. But honestly, his form has been mostly horrible the past three weeks and teams have been scoring and beating Nurnberg. I would not trust him to do a good job. Would much rather see Lichaj or some of the MLS guys being mentioned on the board. Klinsmann better make a move for Lichaj or and MLS-er and it better be today.

  42. Jared says:

    You nailed it. There is no excuse to not call in replacements. The way the injuries have hit this team I would call in another dozen guys just to be safe.

  43. Old School says:

    your post makes me think you have.

    the hyperbole of posters around here is getting more ridiculous by the day and I didn’t think that was possible.

    everyone needs to take a deep breath. freaking out like a bunch of school girls.

  44. biff says:

    No, not five players. According to official Concacaf statistics, six USMNT players are carrying one yellow card and would be suspended for a game if they receive a second: Bradley, Edu, Fabian Johnson, Jones, Zusi and Goodson.

    link to

  45. biff says:

    u r not maybe just a little bit worried, Old School?

  46. Eric says:

    Fair enough. I’d like to see Pontius as a Shea replacement myself (Adu…not so much).

    And sorry, no suggestions. =p

  47. Spank says:

    The joke would be on you if this whole thread actually did only consist of school girls posting. haha

  48. Old School says:

    That’s a great theory. One problem with it: Your expectations Chandler has the capability now during qualifying or in the future in crunch time/backs against the wall when you’re depending on him to say…..”I am committed.”

    …and that’s entirely the point. This isn’t spiteful on JK’s part, this is reality. Some of you need to let it go and take a hint.

    It’s not time to move on. In fact, it’s past that.

    It was time to move on after the first call-up. At best, maybe even the second call-up denial.

    This begging mentality is weak and I’m happy JK (and I imagine the US teammates showing up and giving a damn) don’t share it.

    • Dale says:

      Well said. I gave up on Timmy awhile back.

      I actually think we have more options than everyone else.
      Boc has played LB and I remember seeing Sash hold down the LB spot. Also Edu and Parkhurst could survive Friday.

      My concern is on the other end. Same ole problem there…….Not enough goals.

  49. just sayin says:

    gatt has also played some rb for his club. not left side tho

  50. PD says:

    Beasley and Lichaj. That is all.

  51. PD says:

    Wait, we’re NOT?!?!?

  52. Old School says:

    perhaps it is, because that’s how it appears.

  53. Goalscorer24 says:

    As I said in a previous post (and got hammered), Bradley never had this type of injury issues during qualification.

  54. Eric says:

    Yeah, I don’t think asking a winger to play left back for a WCQ because he played right back for a few Tippelegaen matches would work out very well…

    @PD: Beasley is a possibility. I certainly want to see Lichaj there.

  55. downintexas says:

    It’s just Castillo, never rated him highly. But for the love of all things holy bring in some one.

  56. Old School says:

    There’s a difference between acknowledging issues and freaking out.

    I’ve never felt like this process would be a slam dunk, so as a result, I’ve always had a healthy concern.

    This type of chaos (mostly regarding availability, injuries, etc) is something every nation could potentially face in the World Cup. Assuming we make it, this adversity and chaos could actually be a positive in the long run.

    I’ll say it, despite it being obvious, but I guarantee we (the fans, media) are the only ones freaking out. I have every bit of confidence our boys are fine and ready to rock.

    Sounds cliche but we’re American. While we don’t play anywhere near the level of a Spain or Brazil, for example, our spirit, competitive nature and bravado is second to none.

    I imagine some so called “powers” on the national stage would likely wilt in the eye of this type of storm. I don’t believe our Americans will and I’m trusting in JK.

    If we fail to qualify, no one will be louder on here for JK’s immediate removal and voicing their disdain for some questionable decisions. Until then? Perhaps there’s some method to this mayhem.

    Let’s relax and let this play out, shall we?

  57. atd says:

    Goodson served a suspension last game — surely they get wiped after that, no?

  58. Old School says:

    The best player of this generation was a mainstay under Bradley: Landon Donovan.

    Under JK, he’s been a ghost under.

    You’re not the only one that sees things for what they are and puts emotions aside, Goalscorer24.

  59. ACS says:

    It’s Bornstein time!

  60. cj says:

    Well I guess we can guarantee that Corona will be likely capped by coming off the bench. I think if we still do not beat A&B by three we are screwed and do not belong. Also, since I have never seen them play outside of USMNT could Williams or Jones play lb if needed?

  61. YO says:

    How many players on the current roster are one yellow away from suspension? Add that to the equation!

  62. Nostrodamus says:

    I predicted nearly 500 years ago that the World Cup would end in 2012.

  63. dawwilly says:

    Klinsman seems to be reprising his disastrous Bayern stint with USMT.

  64. Good Jeremy says:

    So with our forward pool and presumably our offense built around flank play and sending in crosses, how do we adjust to our entire depth chart on the left side being injured?

  65. TheEmptyBucket says:

    +1 for a random lol.

  66. Kyle says:

    Dolo Cameron Boca Parkhurst
    Bradley Jones
    Zusi Gomez Dempsey

  67. jerry 84 says:

    Please Klinsmann call lichaj, gatt and adu an d alfredo morales.

  68. pd says:

    Onyewu and Davies? hello?

  69. Tim F. says:

    Why not call in Chandler?

  70. DCP says:

    My main concern yesterday was that Gomez would get injured… Now I realize I should have been worrying about both left backs.

  71. joel says:

    Lichaj is a no brainer but I am pretty sure
    he wont be called in. Spector is a another option.

    I guess Bocanegra will be put into that position.

  72. Jeb says:

    hahahaha, it’s never bornstein time 😉

  73. Voice of Reason says:

    The injuries suck, but lets all take a deep breath. Only 20 players now on roster, BUT only 18 dress for the game anyway! Its not like there’s going to be empty places on the bench. You move Boca over to leftback, Goodson fills in at centerback, and the big problem is solved. Give Corona a shot at left wing. Or Klejstan, or whoever. Its not ideal, but it should be more than enough to get by A&B. If Fabian cant go against Guat, then call a replacement. Until then, dont really see the point of calling replacements.

  74. WK says:

    This here is your lineup. But who on the bench (is there anybody on the bench???) can play outside back? If Dolo or parkhurst get hurt I suspect Cameron- easily our most versatile player, moves to the outside and Edu comes in at CB.

    I believe we’ll get a result in both games- though we may have chew through a few pencils as fans.

  75. Jason says:


  76. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    The US had already clinched their spot in the World Cup when Davies and Gooch were injured.

  77. Chuck says:

    Aurelio Saco-Vertiz is an American-born, natural Left Back. Got a call to camp from Peru but hasn’t played for them nor been re-called.

    Just sayin’

  78. louis z says:

    True but Chandler would be good enough vs concacaf foes.

  79. Scott says:


  80. kevin says:

    beasley is injured

  81. ANM says:

    I know that the conventional wisdom holds that Klinsmann would never do this, but… it’s got to be Bocanegra at LB, hasn’t it. He’s clearly not the fastest, but with A&B bunkering, the most useful thing would be to have a player who can get into the space on the left twenty-five yards from the touch line and serve up a decent left-footed cross when the left mid/striker in the corner lays the ball back. Bocanegra can do this. He’s played this role in both the EPL and the World Cup.

    I’d partner Cameron and Parkhurst in the center, since they have shown a nice understanding with one another.

  82. dcm says:

    Voice of reason – we still have 2 more days to go, at this rate there will be 5 more injuries, think about it.

  83. jb says:

    …and what would those extra dozen players do? fly down last minute to watch from the stands in street clothes? you could call 100 extra players…but only 18 are allowed to dress.

  84. jb says:

    Haha, some optimism please. Besides, only 14 players max will see the field so even if 5 more injuries… 20-5 = 15! See, we’d still be ok!

  85. Lorenzo says:

    yes, i can see that coming from stewart lol

  86. beachbum says:

    are you calling Donovan out? you’ve been riding this one for some time now and not just pointing out he’s been out but pointing your finger at him too.

    didn’t the guy just fly to FL to answer the callup with a bum knee because the coach wanted him on the team, only to be ruled unfit? Does that not prove he wanted to play?

    the way you have been putting it lately you make it sound like Donovan is dissing Klinsmann…is that your point that you keep trying to make about Donovan’s absence?

    ripping on others about not putting their emotions aside? hahaha!!!!

  87. Lorenzo says:

    Agree. What about Zach Lloyd? Didn’t he play some time there with USA?

  88. Bryan says:

    Boca at LB for sure for A&B then. I don’t see another option since no reinforcements.

  89. Das wird gut! says:

    Antigua + Barbuda 0:0
    Guatemala 1:0

    We go through. No muss, no fuss.

  90. MSNats says:

    I know he’s been unstable ever since that incident with Goose, but I think it’s time we call up Maverick.

  91. BrianVT says:

    Kid on my U-10 team curled one in, left-footed, from the corner-kick arc in the run of play last Thursday. But he’s potential dual-national (Mex.) I say, with three open roster spots, we call him up and cap him.

  92. mikeandike says:

    Does the A&B game even matter?

    Doesn’t it all come down to Guatemala game and if the U.S. win that game they’re through, no matter what happens on Friday?

    If anything Klinsmann should save all the guys with yellow cards for Guatemala…

    the USMNT’s fans bad bad dream if not worst nightmare…


  93. Gary Page says:

    Seems like he forgot that when he chose the illustrious (sarcasm) Alan Gordon.

  94. Gary Page says:

    You sound like an officer on the Titanic telling the passengers not to panic, all will be well. While it is A&B and they probably won’t pose a lot of an offensive threat, the issue is Klinsmann’s approach to the qualifiers, his failure to call in the best players, his failure to replace other injured players and the fact that if we fail to get 4 points it will be the greatest failure in US soccer since forever.

  95. Gary Page says:

    You pretty much nailed it. His roster moves have been just plain stupid of late. Even if we do manage to go through, I now have serious doubts about this man’s judgment.

  96. Gary Page says:

    While you are calling in Bornstein, might as well call in Ricardo Clark, too. At least he started playing for the Dynamo. And, no, I am not being serious. Just hope to gawd he doesn’t play Beckerman since we have all these injuries. Then we are really lost.

  97. SilverRey says:

    JK is already there, and this roster management tells me he’s taking these results for granted.

  98. Gary Page says:

    Replacements? We don’t need no stinkin’ replacements. After all, no one else can possibly get hurt or get suspended. I guess you were never a Boy Scout–you know, always be prepared.

  99. Quadros says:

    Beckerman is one of Klinsmann’s boys. Expect him to always be involved somehow.

  100. Old School says:

    “You sound like an officer on the Titanic telling the passengers not to panic, all will be well.”

    …and that’s where I stopped reading.

    Appreciate the response, however.

  101. Old School says:

    Let’s make this as simple as possible for you to comprehend:

    Landon Donovan has not been available as often for JK (if at all), as he was under Bob Bradley.

    His impact, which I clearly rate if I feel the need to make reference to it’s importance, has had direct consequences on our ability to be successful and/or play to our highest ability.

    The fact that you’ve taken this as I’m insinuating Donovan is “dissing” JK is as absurd as your assumption.

    I’m not one to mince my words. There’s no hidden meaning to my post.

    Nice try, Mel Gibson. No conspiracy here.

    • beachbum says:

      BS Old School. pretty soft reply

      geez, if you’re going to passive aggressively go after Donovan at least cop to it.

      Is that simple enough for you? Probably not

  102. Goalscorer24 says:

    Plus the shear volume of injuries. Four off this roster.

  103. Steve says:

    Everyone relax! General Bradley has got this under control.

  104. Hogatroge says:

    You don’t think we can score on Antigua?


  105. Hogatroge says:

    3 of those players are keepers.

  106. KG says:

    What I expect to see
    Jones Bradley
    Zusi Gomez Dempsey

    what we should see
    Zusi Bradley Pontius

  107. Q says:

    Those results count as “no muss, no fuss” to you?

  108. WorldCitizen says:

    Old School: “I’m going to make this as simple as possible for you to understand…”

    You can talk all the haughty smack you want about being a “voice of reason,” but if you were a truly reasonable person, you wouldn’t behave like such an arrogant, condescending dooshbag toward others. Such behavior is the surest sign of raging insecurity, because no truly self-assured person feels the need to treat others like toilet paper just to feel better about themselves, as you quite clearly do. Do the rest of us a favor, Old School – grow up or shut up!

  109. Joe B NYC says:

    Who has so, so many games for the national team under his belt…

  110. Jamie Z. says:

    I don’t know how I feel about putting Cher at right back. I mean, on one hand, she’s certainly getting on in years, but on the other, who wouldn’t like to see those long legs of hers bounding forward up the A&B left flank.

  111. chris_thebassplayer says:

    Sounds ridiculous that JK wouldn’t bring in replacements, but if he doesn’t, I’d play Williams as a stay home, defensive cover only LB…I’m not so worried about left mid, it’s not the best, but we can get by with a natural righty. Maybe drop Herc to Rmid and play Zusi on the left. Play EJ up top with Deuce underneath. With JK it’s best to expect the unexpected. For all we know, he could have Goodson and Boca at CB with Cameron as a 6 and MB as an 8…or MB at right mid with Jones and Cameron in the middle…who knows…even with the injuries, we have enough quality players to get it done.

  112. Matt says:

    Why is everyone freaking out? Move Boca to LB and put Edu at CB. Would rather have Fabian, but its only Antigua.

  113. TADevil says:

    Why not try Edu at LB?

  114. sir coble says:

    or German stint.
    Maybe this is the guys MO. He only feels comfortable when his head is on the block.

  115. smokeminside says:

    I AM a school girl. Back off, buddy.

  116. smokeminside says:

    Bono comment!

  117. smokeminside says:

    That’s our Tony.

  118. smokeminside says:

    that’s cuz they never trained.

  119. smokeminside says:

    Yes! The spector of injuries.

  120. smokeminside says:

    I got that reference! Nice, Iceman. You can be my wingman anytime!

  121. smokeminside says:


  122. Chad says:

    Guess JK should have called Chandler again. JK didn’t do this only because Chandler has been ‘snuby’?

  123. JJ says:

    Dolo Cameron Parkhurst Boca
    Bradley Williams
    Zusi Donovan

    Asuming that Jermaine and Edu are not fit enough people need to relax, we need JK more than people realize. He has done more for the youth and players than any other manager. Not to mention that he is taking everything in the right direction,and he has the guts to tell the players that you arent good enough, or to not even bother with attitudes from players that are “locks” on the team.

  124. ian says:

    well said bonny lad

  125. The Imperative Voice says:

    Things people need to consider re Klinsi’s stubbornness:
    (a) quick turnaround on games, 12th and 16th, might not know you need someone new til the 13th and then you’re trying to tell someone to get on a plane for a multi-stop to KC.
    (b) if I don’t formally call in the player now he may see club action over the weekend and show up more tired than what I need.
    (c) Klinsi has traditionally waited til the last second to cull the callups down to a roster list, which means he usually leaves a trail of rejects in his wake anyway. So we can’t get the numbers right for him to follow his usual process? Not like he has to lie to the replacements, he can tell them they’re being brought in for depth and may not dress. As long as they’re not big names they probably see the experience as valuable….though you would probably have to dress a Chandler to get them to travel.

  126. biff says:

    I sometimes do not agree with you, The Imperative Voice, but I do on this issue. Yanks Abroad is reporting that Brad Evans is on Klinsmann’s alternates list, saying: “According to Joshua Mayers and other sources in Seattle, including head coach of the Sounders Sigi Schmid, Evans is on the ‘alternate list’ for Klinsmann. And quite frankly, Jurgen would be better off calling him in than not.”

    link to

    Klinsmann has known since Sunday that Johnson is ill and would miss Antigua, but did not call in a replacement. What disturbs me most about this farce, is that if Germany’s Kicker had not reported yesterday that Johnson had the flu, I have the feeling that Johnson’s absence and illness would have been kept quiet and not announced until Friday shortly before game time, sort of like a sudden surprise that Klinsmann had no control over and not something that Klinsmann had known since Sunday but had failed to take any precautionary actions.

    But who knows, so much secrecy surrounding this camp and we all know Klinsmann is good for a surprise that I will not be surprised if we have an announcement today that a couple of new faces have been called into camp, maybe even Evans.

    All that said, nothing more to do now but wait for the game and hope for no new illness/injuries and cheer on the team. And, I admit, I do think we are going to win decisively and if we get the win, I think we are through to the Hex no matter what happens between Guatemala and Jamaica. I have done the math on the possible scenarios, and I think maybe that the worst outcome for us would be a draw between Guatemala and Jamaica. Can anyone confirm that for me?

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Per the rules all Klinsmann has to do is list 50 possibles to CONCACAF before the first qualifier, add any new ones to the provisional list a day before a game, and have 23 listed players on a final roster the day of. I think everything else is in-house protocol rather than the true eligibility rules. Maybe Klinsi wanted to try and hide some potential weaknesses until game time. If I know their LBs are out I can tactically plan for it.

      But gamesmanship regarding whom Antigua will expect doesn’t excuse the tangentially-related coaching decision of not exactly plugging the hole.

      I think this discussion came up on one of the last game-related threads, I think the alternates list is like 30 people, so it’s not necessarily for sure Evans is the “next man up” even if he’s an alternate. I think about all we know for sure is we have the list, Evans is on it and could be called off it, and Chandler has not even been contacted to have a chance of being on the list.

      As I’ve said before, I would hope we can go through but I think it would be hubristic to assume it. The selections were funny to begin with, eg, Gordon; Antigua has played teams to 1-0 and 0-0 at home; and I think you need to preserve tactically flexibility and roster depth ahead of time by keeping the roster full. I still see this as like Bradley’s last Gold Cup roster where once players started getting hurt, the quality of the wonky second-tier selections like Wondo and Bornstein was exposed.

  127. Blake says:

    Sinovic has been playing pretty well for SKC this year. I think he deserves some consideration