After repeated snubs, Klinsmann didn’t bother calling Chandler this time around


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After repeated attempts to call him into the U.S. Men’s National team this year, only to be turned down on more than one occasion, It appears U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has grown tired of Timmy Chandler’s unwillingness to commit to the U.S. national team.

Chandler’s absence from this month’s U.S. roster is not because the fullback denied a call-up, but rather because Klinsmann did not offer him an invitation, sources at Chandler’s club team, Nuremberg, told SBI on Wednesday.

Chandler told SBI last month that he was open to receiving a call-up and getting cap-tied to the United States during the October qualifiers, but Klinsmann apparently did not deem it necessary to select the 22-year-old fullback.

That Klinsmann ignored Chandler for this coming camp may not be entirely surprising given that Chandler has rebuffed call-ups from the U.S. head coach in the past, not to mention previous coach Bob Bradley. Still, Chandler not getting selected when he said he was publicly open to doing so now means he cannot be cap-tied to the U.S. until the 2013 Gold Cup or World Cup qualifiers.

Chandler and Nurnberg have endured some struggles in the German Bundesliga in recent weeks, but whether that is part of the reason for the snub is not clear at this time. What is clear is that the Chandler saga is still not yet over and it won’t be for quite some time.

What do you think Klinsmann not calling in Chandler? Is it the right move given how many times Chandler has turned down call-ups in the past? Do you even want Chandler on the U.S. national team at this point?

Share your thoughts below.

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170 Responses to After repeated snubs, Klinsmann didn’t bother calling Chandler this time around

  1. James says:

    Chandler is washed up at this point anyway. Why bring him in?

  2. Chris H says:

    Why pursue somebody for well over a year only to not call him up when he says he might be willing…seems inconsistent…sort of like declaring club form to be the most important part of call-ups and then not calling a guy who is starting every game and leading the Eredivisie in scoring, but calling in a player who has played 10 min as a substitute once this season for Stoke. I don’t pretend to know what Klinsi is thinking, I wanted him to be hired and was excited when he was, and I still feel like he could be the right person for the job. However open he may appear to be for fans and for the media, these inconsistencies are ruining his credibility.

  3. VB says:

    A lot of athletes/teams have done a parody of “Call Me Maybe” on YouTube, I think it only be fitting if Timmy Chandler did one as well.

  4. Revolt says:

    Enough of Chandler already. Looks like Klinnsy’s moved on. Good.

  5. Liga says:

    Yeah, does anyone really buy the argument that he all of a sudden “would be open to a call-up to be cap tied?”

    That smells like a public relations firm.

  6. Josh says:

    Chandler has expressed interest in possibly playing for Germany down the road. I guess Klinsmann is trying to set a tone saying that if you do not want to be here, we don’t want you here.

  7. kpugs says:

    As annoying as it is, players have the right to snub national team call-ups. Coaches should NEVER, EVER snub players out of spite if they think the player can contribute.

    If Klinsmann truly believes we don’t need Chandler then I have to respect that decision.

    What I personally think is that Klinsmann is a moody b***h, and he’s flushing these qualifying matches down the toilet because of it. No wonder the country is swiftly getting tired of his antics and seemingly mindless tactics.

    • John R says:

      This is a dumb comment. Qualifying so far is 4-1-1 so Klinnsman is not “flushing matches down the toilet”. As for his tactics, I think most knowledgeable fans understand what he is trying to do and see progress. the issue is still developing consistency game to game. Let’s see how things go in the hexagonal before making rash judgements.

    • bdowns12 says:

      Honestly, you can not give Klinsmann crap for not calling him up being that he has not accepted the invite several times before. To me he needs to come into a friencly or two and Klinsmann and Chandler need to have a heart to heart. I say ask one more time for the next official FIFA match, if he says no then. Then he does not want to play for the US and is still holding out hope of a Germany call-up. Let him wait and see if that works out for him. But I dont think you can let a guy snub you and teh US national team 3 or 4 times and keep giving him chances. There comes a time to say “we were behind you 100%, but you kept saying no. Know you are on your own.”

  8. Drewbles says:

    Yeah, JK looks to be having problems with a number of players in the pool. Problem is, the US pool doesn’t have enough talented players that we can afford to have our coach alienating some of them.

    • John R says:

      “alienating players”? Klinnsman called him up repeatedly until Chandler decided that he didn’t want to commit to the US. Chandler is the one that has alienated the coach, team and country. Germany is NEVER going to call him up. IF Chandler wants to have any chance of playing in a world cup he needs to drop the ego and come back and beg Klinnsman for another chance. otherwise, he’s never going to see the world cup.

  9. Tony in Quakeland says:

    My attitude is that I want to cap tie every possible player on the planet so that we at least have the choice….but yeah, that’s not practical or wise. Nonehteless, Chandler could add some attacking width that has been sorely missing. Bottom line…I’m ambivelant here. He still could be a very good player and we could be thanking JK for his persisentce the next dozen years if he cap tied him. But I get not calling him.

  10. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I was trying very had not to say what you said… but yeah, that’s really what I think is going on

  11. le coq says:

    More mind games from JK. I love it. You wanna be lazy, go trudge around in Holland. You’re really committed to your 16th ranked Bundesliga club? STAY THERE.

    I’m glad players have to earn their way into this squad. Kljestan, Gomez, Bradley and EJ have fought to get in. This team is going to be HARD like they were in the 90’s!

  12. biff says:

    Nice to this story, Franco. Kudos. Glad that you took the initiative to do it and this is a good sign (in my opionion) that Klinsmann did not call him up. Would have been a major mistake to inject Chandler into the team at this point, disrupt team chemistry because I bet their or more than a few USMNT players who are not happy with his May and September snubs. I wonder if Chandler’s awful form the past few games might be a major case of regret that he did not hop aboard the USMNT when he had chances in May and then in September.

    How about now, Franco, a telephone call to Concacaf HQ in New York and ask them their official yellow card stats are correct, because on their Web site is says Clarence Goodson only has one card while US Soccer keeps claiming Goodson got his second during the September 7 game in Kingston. I think USMNT fans have a right to know whether Concacaf is correct of US Soccer is correct and why the discrepancy.

    Here is the link to the Concacaf stats page, you need to click on “top goal scorers” to call up the disciplinary (yellow card) page.

    link to

  13. Liga says:

    Problems with who? One player–Jozy and it seems to be Jozy that has a problem with him.

    Chandler not wanting to play for the US isn’t Klinsmann’s fault lol

  14. le coq says:

    A moody B? You mean he actually has a spine? The USMNT doesn’t have to take this anymore. This ain’t the 80’s.

  15. ccs says:

    just get him cap tied then figure out what to do with him later

  16. biff says:

    +1 and it is so easy for Chandler to say now after not getting called up: Ja, but this time i would have said yes and agreed to be capped.

    Yeah, Timmy-boy, sure you would have said yes.

    chandler is prima donna who broke his promises to USMNT coach, teammates and fans and we don’t need him on the team and Klinsmann has done the right thing for the good of the team.

  17. biff says:

    do you think he would have really accepted the invitation had Klinsmann invited him? I don’t. I think he telling more untruths now if he says he would have accepted.

  18. Chris H says:

    Not very concerned about the “problems” with individual players. What I am concerned about is the trust I as a fan have with what JK is telling us vs. what he is showing us. His words and actions are so contradictory and inconsistent that I have a hard time feeling at ease as a fan of his team. I can imagine the players might feel the same way, although since there is a lot more communication between him and the players than between him and the media and fans, it’s hard from the outside looking in to see how anything he says or does is supposed to be interpreted

  19. Ferris says:

    Chandler making a comment that he would be open to call-up to be cap tied sounds more like a ploy than a true committment. If he decided he was 100% on board with the national team, he would say so to US Soccer, not the press.

  20. jb says:

    Glad to hear this. No player is more important than the US team. He had his chance and declined. To pursue him any further would reek of desperation and is unnecessary.

    We can debate Klinsmans tactics, but his leadership has impressed me. Holding players accountable can be difficult but will pay off later on.

  21. kevin says:

    hes 22…

  22. BB says:

    Good for Klinsy. He’s setting the tone. No more favorites. Good veterans are great to rely on for any team but if their attitude sucks, then they aren’t worth it.

  23. biff says:

    but if Fabian Johnson is truly sick with the flu and will miss Friday game as Germany’s kicker has reported, then Klinsmann better call in Erick Lichaj real, real fast because we need another fullback. I don’t think the Kicker story has been confirmed yet. Hope it is wrong.—donovan-faellt-aus.html

  24. Ramin says:

    I don’t mind the fact he snubbed Altidore or Chandler, but replacing Jose with Eddie Johnson makes no sense. Eddie is just as lazy and enigmatic as Jose but half as talented. Also Spector otr Lichaj are better options than Castillo or Parkhurst in my mind. The other forward I found flat stupid journeyman Alan Gordon. WTF!

    • John R says:

      So what are you saying now? 2 goals and an assist from EJ and an assist from Gordon. not bad for a “flat stupid” decision. If you paid attention you would have read exactly why Klinnsman called up EJ and Gordon instead of Jozy. EJ and Gordon are both good in the air. It was anticipated that AB and Guatamala would pack in the defense and having players that can flick on to other players was a must. do I expect to see Gordon at WC14? Probably not. Do I expect EJ? probably if he continues to perform the way he has. EJ has learned from his chaotic time in Europe that he has to work and he has been doing that.

  25. dcm says:

    What? If you patriotic zealots want to get revenge so bad, cap tie him and then never call him again.

    Now, for the rational people, what is the harm in inviting him? If he declines, eff him. If not, cap tie him so we can evaluate his skill, commitment in the future. It’s a phone call and a 90 minute sub. No harm. If he wasn’t an excellent player, we would have written him off last year.

  26. biff says:

    +1 this is one aspect of Klinsmann I am happy with, while other aspects, though, have me worried.

  27. Raymon says:

    If JK is trying to make it clear who wears the pants, I commend him for it. It’s called leadership. We want to be the anti-England, where the players know their place vis a vis the coach/manager and the good of the team. We dont know the whole Jozy story, but read between the lines – Jozy’s attitude or half-arse participation at camp was not acceptable. EVERY ONE has to earn their call up and PT.

  28. ex_sweeper says:

    Totally understandable. Likely JK anticipated the reaction to his other roster choices and figured the team didn’t need another distraction at an important time. Also, defense appears to be the least of our concerns right now. If he isn’t offered a call-up in January camp, that will be a story.

  29. louis z says:

    i have heard over a month ago that Chandler was ready to commit but looks like JK is now not ready. by having chandler now, it would help our left midfield by allowing Fabian to move up and chandler to take left back for the immediate future.

  30. biff says:

    This is so true. And the information is coming from “sources at Chandler’s club team, Nuremberg, told SBI on Wednesday.” It is easy for anonymous sources to tell untruths. I would be more likely to believe the information if the source agreed to be quoted by name or, better yet, if Timmy (through a translator, or course) told this himself.

  31. Chris H says:

    I am with you on Chandler, but I question your praise on Klinsmann’s leadership. What exactly is he holding Jozy accountable for? Not performing in Jamaica when nobody performed? Not coming on time to a very important training camp that Jozy wanted to be at but that his team wouldn’t release him for? Maybe he’s holding him accountable for being the leading scorer in his league and getting regular minutes? Perhaps he is holding him accountable for creating his own goal from the run of play just days after calling him out and telling him that’s how he needs to improve. I’m fine with him sending a clear message to Chandler, but I am not ok with the mixed message he is sending to Jozy and with some of his other callups.

    • Bobeto says:

      All you have to do is watch Josey on Nats Team, he shows no imagination or movement off the ball. He seems more comfortable in trailing back to help defense when he is our lone striker. JK wants him to make those diagonal runs if not to receive balls then to open space for others. I admit he is not the only one standing and watching play but (as a compliment to Josey) I think JK believes he is better then what he shows while playing for the US. Intelligent movement without the ball or taking on defenders then passing to an open man or better yet, finishing by putting the ball in the net is what JK (and the rest of us) are looking for out of this team. JK has a right to be frustrated….we all are! GO USA!

  32. Sarasota says:

    Agree totally with Chris H! I was very excited to finally have Juergen as US coach, and he’s has done some VERY positive things with the overall organization, e.g. consitent national youth training system, year round fitness, having a unified A team play all games (not MLS in some games and European-based players in other games), higher standards and expectations,and recruiting some talented dual nationals. I’m still hoping for the best, but some of his decisions are head scratchers and appear counterproductive, e.g. 3 D-Mids, a single stranded forward,etc.

    If we had a chance to cap tie a talented young player like Timmy Chandler who has a tremendous upside, explain to me why you don’t do it!!!!! Dios mio, Chandler could help us at Right Wing (his best position) in the next two games!

    Vamos Xolos, Corona and Castillo!

  33. Spank says:

    Nice! JK is proving a point to Jozy and to Chandler. His selections may not be what everyone wanted but regardless he is picking players that our fighting for their national team lives and will do the same on the pitch. Chandler def didn’t deserve the call up. Now he’ll have to come to terms with the fact that neither the USA or Germany want him. Abandoned again like when he was a child.

  34. Chris H says:

    Adding personal insult to a very sensitive issue of abandonment…stay classy…

  35. Jason says:

    I’m not seeing the player problem. Landon and Shea were willing to fly cross country to be evaluated, and both probably knew they were not close to fit.

    I think it is time that JK begin to show the loyalty to the current players in the pool. Chandler had his chance and may well get another in the future. But I think I was important for JK to make it clear this is his team.

  36. MINOR THREAT says:

    Washed up?WTF? Somtimes, comments on here, don’t make any sense at all

  37. baldomero123 says:

    I don’t know yet if Klinsmann is a great coach but he is definitely one cool customer! That’s the way to treat this baby Chandler, and if he is lost for us, so be it.

  38. biff says:

    The harm, dcm, is that half team right now might think that Chandler is a total jerk and not derserving of the honor of wearing the US shirt after he lied to us a year ago promising he had no desire to play for Germany and dreamed only of playing for the USMNT and he has declined to be cap-tied at least three times and given interviews to the German press bragging about how he has turned down Klinsmann and hinting that he wants to be called up by Germany. It was a massive PR campaign and a massive insult to Klinsmann, his former USMNT teammates and the fans.

    I think it is correct of Klinsmann to finally give our players who would give their left one for a chance to proudly wear the shirt and who have sweat blood in four difficult WCQ games to get us qualified for WC 2014 in Brazil the respect they deserve. And if Klinsmann puts Chandler on the squad then he has to leave off one of those deserving players and I say sc**w Chandler.

  39. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Can’t say I blame Klinsmann for this. He calls, Chandler turns him down. Klinsmann calls again, Chandler turns him down. Klinsmann calls again, Chandler turns him down.

    Why should Klinsmann keep putting thought and effort into Chandler if we don’t know that Chandler’s interested. He says he is, but recent history says otherwise.

    Let him sit and think about it now, and call him into camps and friendlies over the next few months to see if he’s really committed.

  40. Brodie says:

    I may be in the minority here, but to me I feel like we need to call up talented players who can offer something to the US going forward. We are not in a position to just pass up players with his ability. The past is the past, Klinsi should have at least called the guy and said “I saw your comments regarding being called up to the US team for qualifiers, if I call you in October are you really going to accept?” He is a quality young player who could definitely offer us some flexibility (Johnson moving forward to LM/LW and coverage for Dolo’s aging legs). It’s not desperation it’s thinking ahead that a quality 22 year old wing back is open to being cap tied and spending the prime of his career with the US national team

  41. Chris H says:

    Also, it’s not leadership to insist that club form is the #1 determining factor in calling people up and then calling up Dempsey and starting him twice or calling up Mo Edu as a “defender” when he has played a grand total of 10 min this season in midfield(and we have 4 other D mids on the squad). How is it leadership to verbally commit to an attacking style and then trot out Danny Williams on the wing time and again? I am a Klinsmann fan, I like his openness with the media, I like his (albeit unconfirmed by the on-field product) commitment to attacking play. However, I wouldn’t call what he is doing currently the best form of leadership.

  42. Thatpageguy says:

    It’s sure beginning to look that way. If he lets his personal feelings interfere with his role as manager and doing the best for his team, he shouldn’t be manager, it’s that simple. As for Chandler, the only questions should be: Is he willing, is he good enough and will he be disruptive to the team? If the answers are yes, yes, and no, there should be no question about him being invited. Trying to qualify for the WC is no time to be “sending messages.”

  43. Spank says:

    I forgot Timmy reads this blog. I’ll ask Ives to delete it. I’d like to think Chandler has thicker skin than that.

  44. Just saying says:

    I think is good that he didn’t call him up. Why call someone who apparently was just using the US as a platform to get his name out there, come on now. He has been doing this since bob Bradley I remeber him being the second German-American after Jermain jones to be “discovered” and we are still talking about commitment with this guy? I say F him. As far as Jozy goes its true if you perform good at club level you earn a call up buy what if you don’t perform with the Nats? Remember with Sasha the last few times he got called up and just laid an egg or the same thing with wondo if you’re a good striker you’ll be good in any league or team. So what’s good about having an Audi that is good when you test drive it but when you need it to perform it doesn’t. Fix it or replace it

  45. Vic says:

    We have two important games in a matter of a few days. Calling in Chandler is a risk to morale of the team. Players have been fighting hard for a long time to play for USMNT. If we advance its better to deal with Chandler next year.

  46. ss says:

    Having lived in Germany for over a year, I can assure you that the DFB will allow a player with such a monstrous appearance to ever wear a German kit

  47. AC says:

    Timothy who?

  48. Chris H says:

    I find myself in the same boat as Brodie here. If he says no, move on, if he were to have said yes, I think that most of the commenters on this board who are throwing him under the bus would have totally caved on their positions and said “Oh, looks like he really was just trying to figure out his club situation”. Not even making a phone call doesn’t seem to me to have been the right course of action.

  49. le coq says:

    If JK would call in Gatt and Party Boy, I would feel MUCH better.

  50. Thatpageguy says:

    Let’s be clear here. At this point there is one and only one thing that is important. That is to qualify for the World Cup. If calling up Chandler could help with that, he should have been called up. If Altidore being on the team helps with that, he should have been called in. How many people actually think that Alan Gordon is going to be a vital cog in qualifying? Anyone? Based on reports,JK seems to be more concerned about making points than making the WC. Friendlies are for making points and sending lessons. Yes, you need everyone on the same page, but it doesn’t matter much at all if they are sitting at home watching the WC in 2014. The US isn’t good enough that it can gamble with its player selections and that appears to be exactly what JK is doing.

  51. Chris H says:

    I know he isn’t going to read it personally, but an unsolicited personal attack or insult like that on a blog hiding under the anonymous pseudonym “Spank” shows something about your character.

  52. Spank says:

    My name is Mason Sizemore and i live in Bakersfield, California. Now am i still anonymous?

  53. whoop-whoop says:

    Whether it be the team dynamic, Klinsman’s message to the team vs, his public persona, what has gone on with Jozy Altidore, or about Chandler, it is pretty funny that folks think they really have a clear picture based on blind speculation, rumors, or third, fourth-hand quotes they may have heard about in the media. Ought a coach make decisions based on he read or heard about, or through first hand experience and conversations with a player? If I am Klinsman and I have given Chandler numerous opportunities to come in and been turned down, there would come a time I would stop pursuing and say,” I would love to have you on the team…. if and when you are clear and commited to this team, give me a call.” Whatever the case, it is a fair bet that JK is more informed and better equipped to make the decision than I am. I’m looking forward to the coming games, 6 points and hopefully, an end to all this ridiculous drama and hysteria. Carrying on like a bunch of 13 year old girls in here.

  54. Chris H says:

    I don’t think Jozy’s form with the USMNT has been bad. Everyone played poorly against Jamaica in Kingston, other than that, his performances have been workmanlike and showing improvement in my opinion. You are completely entitled to have your own, but in the very limited action he has seen under JK he hasn’t disappointed me.

  55. Chris H says:

    Your own opinion that is

  56. dcm says:

    Sorry, I’m concerned more with winning games that preserving some strange sense of american honor.

  57. Chris says:

    Gordon’s selection is a bit of a head-scratcher to me, but I’m sure I’m biased because I’ve never liked him, and therefore see his current run of good form as a fluke. But hey, Klinsman is exparementing, with what is essentially a third or forth-string striker. Personally I would have called up another SJ striker, but I understand that his NT form has always left a lot to be desired.
    As far as Jozy’s concerned, I think his being overlooked is more to light a fire under him, a sort of “hey, you’re tearing it up in the Netherlands, now you need to pull it together for the NT.” I support that.

    As far as Chandler goes, it seems like doesn’t really care about the NT, so forget him. We don’t need players that aren’t going to fight and claw their way into this team, simple as that.

  58. Don Pelayo says:

    JK laying down the law. He is sending a clear message to certain players in the pool that playing for the United States is a privilege and an honor. If individuals do not see it that way, they do not deserve to be considered.

  59. jon says:

    I totally disagree.

    Do you really think not calling chandler up this once, after he’s rejected however many callups, will so hurt chandler’s feelings that he will never play for us????

    Just calling him up over and over reaks of desperation. he’s like the hot girl who keeps rejecting the same guy over and over because she wants the stud football player (i.e., germany), but only notices him when he stops stalking her and dates someone else.

    chandler likely will never play for us, but if he ever wants to, he now needs to take the initiative, call klinsi up, and actually committ. it’s the right move

  60. jb says:

    Obviously none of us can know for sure what goes on in training, but from Klinsman’s comments and previous criticism from other managers, it would seem Jozy’s effort has not been on par with the other players. Jozy said he was stranded without service in the first Jamaica game, ok. Not sure how he can defend his poor effort in Columbus. The leadership comes from holding Jozy accountable despite his talent and history with the team. This earns respect from other players who can contribute, havent had a chance, but now realize if they keep working hard they will get a shot. Besides which, such efforts seem to have worked with Jozy when used by his club manager. Its safe to say JK knows how important Jozy can be when the hex and world cup come around.

  61. dcm says:

    I’m with you buddy. The goal is to win, or get further along in the world cup after all, not to protect the egos of “true” american players or the sensitive feelings of fans that are hurt by Chandler’s indecision.

  62. Ryancweber says:

    The problem is he’s already been called several times, and he’s said no several times… At the end of the day, I don’t want guys wearing the US shirt because it was their fallback option. I want players who take pride in representing the US on the field. They will take us farther than prima donnas any day.

  63. Chris H says:

    If he has that information and has made that decision then I am completely on board. But if that is the case, why not make it transparent what the situation is?

  64. Felix says:

    I think we need players who provide natural width like Chandler, and we all know that Cherundolo isn’t getting any younger and the “heir apparent” (after Chandler), Eric Lichaj, is having a tough time himself at Aston Villa.
    All that being said, I would have done the same, let Chandler sit and brew for awhile and revisit the issue next year.

  65. dcm says:

    Yep, all good signs. Our coach is a egomaniac. Two instances in two days of his desire to play mind games instead of fielding our best team.

  66. Chris H says:

    Direct quote from Jozy Altidore on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 about the national team:
    “I’m the student here. I’m the player and I’m learning always. It doesn’t matter if I don’t understand. I have to get on the same page as the boss and all the senior players, not the other way around. I’m not a guy who can walk into the team and say, ‘Guys, adjust to me.’ That’s not my mindset. I’m trying to get on the same page as them, and until I do that I’m sure I won’t be playing. I want to try and do that as quickly as possible. I want to score great goals for the national team and be dominant for them.”
    That, to me, does not sound like a player who needs a fire lit under him. It sounds like a player who is very cognizant of his place and already has an internal fire that he is stoking on his own.

  67. froboy says:

    Playing hard to get, I like it

  68. colin says:

    We are not in a position to ignore players of Chandler’s ability and should be looking to call him up whenever possible.

  69. le coq says:

    It’s clear by the reactions of fans and media that we are not accustomed to seeing our loveable underdogs tested and toughened up. JK wants to see nasty play? “Oh, that’s un-American”. JK wants the players to be in shape? “There are off the record reports that players are unhappy with the invasiveness of the blood tests”. JK wants to light a fire under a historically underperforming young star? “Please don’t make King Jozy mad. He is the best we’ve got and is from New Jersey.”
    JK wants to forego humiliation in the locker room by not calling in a player that does not want to be part of the pool? Let’s call him in anyway.

    This is why we’re paying him all that money. New ideas. Let him work his magic. If he fails, throw him out. But I refuse to go back to the Bradley/Arena mindset.

  70. Duneman says:

    1- If you keep calling a player and he says no …its not great for the team and makes the invited guys who DO show maybe feel less a part of the team or program. Nobody wants to be a second or third choice.
    2- Dolo is such a massive talent for the US team, and his club….he has a leadership role, liked by other players, and is nothing but 1000% committed to the program. When you look at Dolo vs Timmy I would value Dolo more on commitment alone. We still need a solid 2 behind him…but we dont need to bump Dolo for someone younger but less display of heart at this point.
    3- He hurt the team by playing in friendlies and not in the real games. We could have had someone else progress in the friendlies in his place.
    4- Phone works both ways….if just says “i might be open to a call potentially in Oct” I am with JK here and would just ignore him going forward for key matches….MAYBE an invite to the gold cup, but not for something so huge as the WC qualifiers. If Timmy said “I have called the coach a few times directly and from my agent and even mentioned my goals to a few of the guys on the team directly. I begged all I could to get a call up, but it did not come.” …..THEN I could be on his side a bit and look forward to him being brought in…..but I 100% doubt he has done this….and him calling the coach to say “I am ready if selected going forward and 1000% committed” is about the only way I would like to see him brought in.
    5- I get the “value” of cap ties….its good for your team and takes a player from another country potentially…..but I dont want players because of a cap tie. I want them in camp because they want to be in camp and will come in camp or move hell and earth to make sure they can be in the game. I mean Landon skipped an MRI and STILL showed for Day 1. Thats commitment.

    My vote is with the players…if they want him in camp there are enough of the guys that will face him on the pitch or see him back in Germany or swing buy and say “We want you in”….if they dont see the need to push the invite, then I dont either. I dont think I have ever heard on of the players say “I talked with Timmy after the game” or “i sent him a tweet hoping i would see him in Miami.” So short of the guys making a push for him….or Timmy making a direct call to the coach and media saying for whatever reason NOW he is ready…i think it only hurts the team to put out an invite, regardless of his response.

    Nothing against Timmy at ALL. If playing for the US does not mean what playing for Germany would I TOTALLY get it. If he just wants to focus on the money and career as a club player and save himself for the club and not take risks in the international game that is fine as well. (That was part of why Fridel took himself out of the mix….he wanted to extend his career so he retired from the international game and we had him for several great years and now have Howard in his place. So if we can respect that for previous US players its fine for a guy like Timmy to feel the same about the international game.)

    Last- I dont think anyone involved would want him to ignore all the battles now and all the work and bonding taking place now and come strolling in on the Brazil squad saying “I am ready now danka for getting us qualified guys!!”

  71. Joe+G says:

    Of course, it’s entirely possible Jozy & JK have been talking all along.

  72. kevin says:

    Chandler’s best position is not right wing, nuremburg tried him there last season for a couple games to a complete fail, now hes back at RB which is his best position

  73. kevin says:

    it might be better for him not to play bc he is on a yellow, we need him more for the guatemala game, so sitting him out has a precaution for getting another card and bc hes sick might not be a bad thing

  74. kevin says:

    yes, you could have easily made that up, your comment shows how much class u have

  75. Chris H says:

    I think if we met I would respect you because you seem like a decent person in the comments since the first one, but I just thought that insult was uncalled for. I am sorry if I insulted you with what I said.

  76. PetedeLA says:

    I don’t know about moody, but he’s definitely foolish.

    If he was really pinning his hopes on Donovan, that’s just stupid.

    How the heck is he expecting to break apart the defenses of our opponents?

    I thought he wanted to play possession football, but hoping for crosses to land on noggins is the exact opposite!

    Who do we have that is truly a good crosser of the ball? No one!!!!

    Donovan and Brek Shea are out out! Chandler’s been snubbed. Cherundolo can get boxed out by physical opponents.

    It seems like we are completely reliant on heroics from Michael Bradley and Fabian Johnson. Graham Zusi may or may not be ready for this challenge. This is not the scenario we should be in in 2012!!!!

    I’m really disappointed. Yes, I think we should win both games. But if Klinsmann sees that we lack an adequate number of attacking midfielders he needs to give some scrubs a chance who have true potential. Joe Corona should not be thrown into the deep end and asked to save us. Players like him, maybe Adu, maybe Joseph Gyau seem to have the ability to cut through a defense. But they need to be developed properly.

    Right now I have the feeling we’re being turned into England-lite. And I don’t like it.

    More than anything I really don’t like the vibe I am getting from Klinsmann. It’s great that he wants to create a competitive atmosphere. But beyond 3 or 4 players, he has no real core yet.

    Bob wasn’t a sexy coach, but I have no doubt in my mind that the majority of the players would have run through brick walls for him. It wasn’t because he had a cool accent and an interesting resume. It was because he created an atmosphere of trust, respect, and honest hard work.

    I see Klinsmann and I see NOTHING, but a guy who thought it would be cool to give players who kind of suck a legitimate chance. Let’s be honest. Without some STELLAR defending by Geoff Cameron and some good stops by Mr.Howard where the heck would we be?

    I’ve got no problem with him snubbing Jozy if he’s getting too big for his britches. But if he just wants to play mind games and call what he’s doing attacking, possession oriented soccer, then I say it’s The Emperor’s New Clothes.

    Jamaica had our backs to the WALL. Jamaica!?!

    He’s got some serious work to do.

  77. Spank says:

    No hard feelings. Please excuse my anger at Chandler for turning down calls to the USA. Sometimes my passion for the USMNT blurs my judgement. We will squash it here. In the end we both have a common passion and that is our national team.

  78. Joe from Philly says:

    I don’t know if I’m hurt by his decision making. But from what I can tell, telephone lines run back from Germany to the United States too. If Chandler wants to make it clear, he can call Klinsi himself. Who knows though…maybe he already did?

  79. Fred says:

    Danke, dass ist mein liebe Sprache von Fussball artikeln

  80. Mark says:

    I don’t care about Chandler. Forget about him!

    While I appreciate the skills and efforts of the guys that were raised in Germany I actually don’t really care about anyone that can’t sing our national anthem not playing for us.

  81. bryan says:

    i understand people’s objection to Chandler and i would not argue against someone with a different opinion. because it’s just one of those subjects that is going to divide and people will always have different opinions.

    personally, knowing he apparently said, for good this time, that he would accept the call in October, i would have tested it. especially now that Shea and LD are out, we are short on wingers, and Johnson may apparently be fighting the flu. we could use him (just like we could use Beasley, Gatt, or Pontius).

    again, i truly understand when people get upset talking about the kid, but for me, i’d call him up and would be able to “let it go.” because no matter what, no matter his current poor form in Germany, the USMNT could use a young, talented right back. and this isn’t to say Lichaj is not that, but i’d like to have as many options as possible.

  82. DCP says:

    I am not a huge Klinsmann fan for a lot of reasons, but who says this is a snub against Chandler? When Chandler refused to join the team, Klinsmann had to pursue alternative plans. One of those alternative plans, Parkhurst, appears to be doing well. I think Chandler is probably a better long-term prospect, but I suspect that he would have been a bench player anyway, so why take that position away from a player who is committed to the team, playing well, and not a potentially negative influence on the locker room. I suspect that we will still see Chandler down the road, but maybe it is time for him to earn that call-up.

  83. BB says:

    +1 to biff.

    If I were on the USMNT I would think Chandler is unworthy of playing for the team.

    Fool me once….

  84. Troy says:

    Oh you heard it from a guy who heard it from another guy?

    Timmy that’s just not a good story.

  85. louis z says:

    I must admit I haven’t seen much of EJ in current form but in the old days he wasn’t a high octane player, back then EJ’s game was to look for the through ball and beat them with his speed, I hope he has more moves than that.

  86. Karl Schneider says:

    Parkhurst looks solid in the RB backup position (great form v. Chelsea/jamaica), and hopefully is a short term solution post Dolo

  87. kevdflb says:

    Oh, so we’re the anti-England but was say “arse”?!?!?

    I think you’re right and Klinsmann was right to leave someone out if he didn’t think his work rate or attitude in training was good enough.

  88. Old School says:


    Not sure what the confusion seems to be among our fellow fans.

    -A player lacks commitment to the team: Don’t call him up.

    -A player lacks effort and has attitude issues: Don’t call him up.

    JK isn’t Dr. Phil and this he isn’t a Soccer Mom.

    Some of you need to reevaluate your perspective of reality.

  89. Morningwood says:

    Why do you even bother defending Jozy at this point to these anti-Jozy proponent. If it was me I would not accept any call up from Klinsy from here on out. Doesn’t matter if I don’t get a call up from the US ever again. He already played in a world cup and that should be enough. There no need to gravel your way back to an unappreciative fan base and a coach who calls you out for antics you probably never committed and then questions your ability when he is calling in people with half the talent you got. But he doesn’t realize that the problem is not just you but with everyone he has called in at your position. So the coach need to take a look at himself and ask himself why his team can’t score instead of shifting the attention onto 1 player in order to mask the bigger problem.

    As for Chandler if he wants to play for the USA let him make the call we don’t need to be calling him anymore.

  90. louis z says:

    I believe it was from an interview that chandler gave, I would need to pull the article. But anyhow this whole thing is his doing so he is going to have to go through the consequences.

  91. biff says:

    I like your post, Duneman, excellent points. And your last paragraph, in my mind, is the most important point. As I have said before, at some point the door to WC 2014 in Brazil has to close to Chandler. If Chandler in May 2014 gave up on a Germany call-up and telephoned Klinsmann begging to be put on the USMNT WC roster, I don’t think anyone in their right mind would support throwing one man off the team to make room for Chandler. In other words, May 2014 is too late to finally want to come on board. Then the next question is, at what point do you shut the door to Chandler. March 2014? October 2013? September 2013? etc. etc.

    My feeling is the door closed for Chandler in September 2012 and should remain closed for the rest of the WC 2014 cycle and we go with players who are stomping on the bit to play and win for the shirt. And then after WC 2014, if Chandler is not cap-tied to Germany, then the door can be opened to him again. He will still be young and, hopefully, a bit wiser and more team-oriented and not as egotistical as he is now.

  92. Old School says:

    I disagree.

    I think Parkhurst is a liability. I don’t rate him at this level at all.

  93. kevdflb says:

    Team cohesion and mutual respect among everyone in the squad doesn’t help win games?

  94. Old School says:

    Because representing your country and the honor that’s attached with that is strange?

    I find that statement to be quite “strange”.

  95. Old School says:

    Pull up the article then.

  96. Brodie says:

    If Timmy Chandler helps improve our team I could care less if he turned us down 100 times, its that one time he accepts a call that matters. I want the US to win matches and all indication show he has the talent to help us do that.

  97. louis z says:

    thanks for the info.

  98. Kosh says:

    You assume that Chandler garrantees a win. In which case, if he is a guarnteed lock for the W, maybe…maybe it is worth mortgaging your standing as a coach to kiss hiss a**. Chandler, while good and very promising is not Messi.

    What you are keeping out of your point is the fact that it’s the coach’s job to manage a TEAM. At what length does a coach go and at what cost (team unity, team chemistry, etc) to chase down a slippery guy like Chandler who has talked the talked but did everything he can not to walk the walk.

    This isn’t about American Honor, this is about a coach’s job – managing a team.

  99. whoop-whoop says:

    Certainly there is PR involved w/ being an International level manager. We have to be aware that what is put out there for public consumption is almost never the whole story… nor should it be! Addressing every news article, piece of gossip, rumor or manufactured drama out there is a full time job and only feeds the monster, it doesn’t calm it. Probably better served to spend the majority of one’s time coaching.

  100. Ross says:

    You don’t put the best 11 individually talented players on the field. You put out a team.

  101. Ross says:

    It’s like asking a girl out on a date and 3 times she says no or that she has other plans. At some point you move on and if she really is interested then she needs to reach out to you.
    The “I’d be interested in a call up next month if Klinsman wants to call me” is selfish and juvenile. If he wants to play then he needs to take the initiative. Did he call Klinsman himself and say “I want to play”? If not then its on him.

  102. jai_brooklyn says:

    Maybe Juergen is better at administration than being the head coach!

  103. jai_brooklyn says:

    90’s? Oh, god. Maybe we can do better by now. Is a little addition of skill too much to ask for?

  104. Rlw2020 says:

    Id wait until the gold cup. Just not sure if he should be played in a qualifier

  105. Chad says:

    totally agree. This is ridiculous not to call him & try to get him cap tied. JK, needs to look at the long-term future of the club. I see ppl crying that he hasn’t previously accepted a call-up….who cares? He’s young(20) and confused. Think about the long-term!

  106. Chad says:

    sorry he’s 22.

  107. Darwin says:

    Timmy aside, I think choosing EJ and AG over Wondo and Altidore was a great decision. With both players, you get men who are fighting, and have been fighting for a long time to prove themselves to coaches and doubters. They have unmatched competitive drive, and and question of quality drop off ignores the impact of the fight and drive that these men have.

    You wonder why we struggle with lesser CONCACAF teams, or why we struggle to compare to Mexico?

    It is not a talent drop off, but a drop off in nasty, fighting edge. We lack it in certain areas of our depth.

    And before I hear another complaint about direct, long ball tactics…it is a successful tactic against teams that bunker. Ever wonder how Barcelona drops those surprising 2-0, 3-0 losses?

    When a team opens up and attacks us, it creates space for our midfield to operate. We saw it with Scotland and in spurts in many matches.

    However, we need to be able to transition quickly from these defensive, and attacking mindsets, and that is limited to your player pool. Which is why I support EJ and AG in this pool. With Dempsey, Gomez, Zusi, Corona, and Kljestan, we have the attackers that can do it.

  108. DCP says:

    Are Joachim Loew and Klinsmann still on good terms? If so, doesn’t it seem likely that Herr Loew would consult with Klinsmann before calling Chandler in. I don’t think this would necessarily mean that Loew would not bring Chandler in (that is if he is good enough for Die Mannschaft), but I would think it would be in Chandler’s best interest to be very careful with Klinsmann even if he doesn’t really intend to ever cap-tie himself to the U.S.

  109. biff says:

    Everyone makes mistakes, especially in the heat of the moment, and I think it is cool that Mason apologized.

    And Mason: I am with you 100% bro’. pi$$es me off like heck that Chandler promised us last year he was 100% on board the USMNT only to jump ship in the hope of getting picked up by Germany.

  110. biff says:

    would you please explain you comment that “There are off the record reports that players are unhappy with the invasiveness of the blood tests”?

  111. biff says:

    that hits the proverbial nail square on the head…

  112. THomas says:

    I believe they are. I don’t know why they wouldn’t be. So I assume he’d consult him if he was looking to call in Chandler.

    PLUS, even though he only played in Friendlies, Chandler would STILL have to apply for a one time national team switch with FIFA. It’s not like you can play for one team one month, the next team the next month, so long as your not cap tied. There are still rules.

    PLUS PLUS he isn’t good enough to play on the German team as a right back. Maybe as the 3rd or 4th option?

  113. bizzy says:

    ….then you didn’t watch the F.C. Nordsjælland vs Chelsea.

  114. marden08 says:

    I agree with Jon. We hardly knew you timmy. Also coaches are human beings and at time make subjective decisions. All coaches have favorites and those that they have love hate relations with Let’s first see how the next two games play out and how presumably the next round of qualifying goes. If we don’t qualify Jurgen tenure will definitely be a failure. We have the talent pool to qualify.

  115. Eddie says:

    Well, he is headed for the adult crash.

  116. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Pete – Excellent Post.
    Though, I have to quibble with your rating of Zusi – he is as good a crosser as we have in our pool and can handle that aspect.
    The rest of your post is right on.

  117. biff says:

    that is an interesting thought, DCP. Just like the original Benedict Arnold, who apparently after he left the American Continental Army and defected to the British was never completely accepted by the British :-), it is highly possible that Chandler’s PR games to get Jogi Low’s attention did more harm then good, especially after a string of German news stories after he snubbed Klinsmann’s invitation for the Jamaica games. And in the past two weeks Chandler on the field has fallen apart, flop of the matches in a couple of games and Nurnberg has lost four in a row and is in a big crisis now. It is possible that Klinsmann finally get fed up with Chandler’s PR campaign to catch Jogi’s attention, especially after headlines and quotes that, I think, made Klinsman look like a clown and Klinsmann let him now the standing invitation had finally be rescinded and at the point Timmy the Rocket Scientist finally realized that he had passed up the opportunity of a lifetime and is now in a deep depression. Well, maybe not a deep depression, but certainly feeling deep regret. Poor guy. Sniffle. Sniffle.

  118. bizzy says:

    ….thats because you didn’t see Castillo play in Tijuana vs Toluca…went 90 mins, was a menace on the left wing. In the 56th minute, he skillfully passed three players in his own half, drawing chants of “olé” from the crowd in the Estadio Caliente. He also drilled the ball in the net on the 68th, but the effort was correctly ruled out for offside(with a team that is currently no.1 in mexico).
    ……Parkhurst was a beast in the F.C. Nordsjælland vs Chelsea game(UEFA cup)causing problems for Moses and Torres for the full 90 mins, overlapping and contributing on offensive.
    Castillo and Parkhurst are currently fit, in form and playing at a high level.

  119. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    He’s been called in to be cap-tied going on a dozen times and turned down the call each time.
    He isn’t interested in playing International Football right now, unless perhaps (and this is conjecture) it is with Germany.
    But he’s turned down a Gold Cup and the WCQs and a couple of friendlies along the way. Let him decide if he wants to play, keep the channel of communication open…but don’t call him in until he is ready to commit to the grind like the rest of the team.

  120. Detroit! says:


  121. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    On the training camp ‘that Jozy wanted to be at..” I think Jozy could have served his case better if he had trained on his own, instead of enjoying drinks with his buddies in the Caribbean.

  122. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    You do not pay him all of that money for ‘new ideas’. You pay him all of that money for results.
    You can pay all kinds of consultants for ideas….coaches get results, period.

  123. Old School says:

    I’ve watched some AZ Alkmaar matches, too.

    Why are we comparing club and country again?

  124. Ben says:

    He said it was one of the most important factors, not the only one. Try not to be so literal.

  125. Ramin says:

    It’s great that they played well for their clubs, but I’ve seen both on the international level several times and they stunk. Also it’s not tough to defend in all offense league like Mexico. All you have to do is be well positioned and make an effort to defend.

  126. Ben says:

    Yeah and then what do you do when you are counting on him and he decides to reject a call up? He is a player who has rejected them in the past and is a guy you cannot rely on. You can’t win games with unreliable players.

  127. Modibo says:

    I think you’ve summed it up nicely. Maybe Bradley had more time to deal with these issues, or maybe he was willing to ignore them. Klinsy is not in the same boat.

    Why bother to cap-tie Chandler if he hasn’t been willing to play in the past? Just because he’s cap tied doesn’t mean he actually has to say yes to a future call up. If he’s too tired or the flight’s too long when he’s 21-22 years old, guess what – he’ll only have more excuses as he gets older, gets injured, gets married, has kids, etc. Look at Cruyff in ’78 – he was no longer hungry for the WC for whatever reason and Holland went without him.

  128. too soon? says:

    Can we stop following this guy until he actually appears for the US again? It just seems silly to waste time talking about a guy who doesn’t even want to play for the Stars and Stripes.

  129. Ben says:

    Good thing people like you aren’t in charge of anything. Klinsi said what that was insulting to Jozy? That he expected more from him? No coach has ever said that about any player ever. What a harsh, embarrassing criticism. Jozy probably couldn’t face the public after that. Also, he didn”t criticize the scoring; he even admitted there were less chances; he wasn’t happy with Jozy’s effort in other areas of the game, which strikes true with me at least. Finally, I assume you mean “grovel,” not “gravel.”

  130. Ben says:

    The best possible team is not always made up of the most skilled individual players.

  131. Chandler who? says:

    I can’t stand Chandler. He says one thing to the press in English (sheepishly wanting to play for the US but is too tired blah blah)then totally another thing in German to the german press (how he feels more german than American (hint hint Löw)). Grow a pair and declare.

  132. Sarasota says:

    Disagree. From what I’ve read on YanksAbroad, he was a “constant threat” at right wing. Then again, I would also like to see Gatt in the team. Does he really exist,or is he a phantom phenom?????

    Hoping we’ll see Xolo Corona over Klejstan.

  133. Ben says:

    Chandler is not going to play for the Germans. Ask the fans; they have better prospects out there than Chandler.

  134. Kosh says:

    But how does the act of him constantly turning us down and us constantly “calling him up HELP out team?

    Is he good? Yes. Does he have potential? Boy, does he ever. BUT in the end JK has to manage a TEAM – the team of players who are at this very moment fighting to play for us (who also have club duties and lives of their own).

    To address your ealier post, if Chandler would have come this time if asked (which the track records says was a fat chance) then he would have gottent a “cool, now let’s rebuild this relationship” from me. I wouldn’t have jumped around the room going “whoooo hoooo” because a guy who has not been straight with us has all of a sudden decided that his word means something. I’m not hating on the guy, or having a go at you, but the argument that his talent and/or potential is worth destroying what we have now just does not work for me. Bird in hand…bird in hand.

  135. Sarasota says:

    I hope you’re not correct, but you may very well be!

  136. bizzy says:

    People need to realize that playing for the national team is something you should really want, something you should wear with pride, like a badge of honor, a turning point in you soccer career. To call you up repetitively only for you to say no, with multiple excuses? Other players fight tooth and nail just to be selected for camp, why should Klinsmann stoop down to chandler. Just for him to say no again? If chandler or his agent doesn’t reach out to klinsy behind closed doors we can do without him.
    As far as Altidore, he’s the best striker we have, hands down and is red hot with his club, but he is not producing for the Nats for some reason. You can blame the midfield but that’s not going to change anytime soon, especially with Becks in the middle. In a way its nice to send a message to him, to Dempsey, to Donovan, to Howard….that your place on the team is not permanent or guaranteed, that you need to find that 6th gear and you have to be hungry for every game, every practice, to give 110% all the time, to chase on ever play, track back when you loose the ball, that you place on the team is not based on passed accomplishments but the present…..that each and every player, MLS or Abroad base, regardless of where you play, has to fight for his place on this team. Maybe things will change after this qualiying

  137. smokeminside says:

    because the guy is a cancer. He’s not respecting the coach, he waffles on his commitments, he’s immature.

    Dance with who brung ya.

  138. Darwin says:

    Does Chandler get the call now that Fabi is out with the flu?

  139. smokeminside says:

    but the answers aren’t yes, yes, and no. Chandler’s answers are: Sometimes, maybe, and probably.

  140. smokeminside says:

    He did not snub Chandler. Chandler said no to getting on board so many times that Klinsmann has left port, and I, for one, hope that boat has sailed for good. This gnashing of teet over Chandler is beginning to sound like the same crap that went on re: Rossi deciding to Italian instead of American. Get over it, already.

  141. smokeminside says:

    “teeth” Jeez, the orignal version would be painful.

  142. bizzy says:

    …because if he can defend against Chelsea he can defend against any team in Concacaf

  143. bizzy says:

    …..that was in the passed Ramin and I see what you are saying but players grow and improve. For right now they are playing really well and at a very high level. Both player just didn’t defend well, but contributed on offense too…..thats what we need on the USMNT

  144. primoone says:

    Calling Bull*hit on that…

  145. primoone says:

    Everything was great…it all went down hill once you mentioned Kljestan and finished with EJ.

  146. Gary Page says:

    I agree with most all of what you say. I don’t see how any of Klinsmann’s moves this week help the team win the next two games. That’s the bottom line.

  147. Thatpageguy says:

    This is a crucial time in WC qualifying, it is not the time to bring in untested players (like Alan Gordon) and play mind games with players who have formed the core of your team. And why hasnt JK brought in replacements for Donovan and Shea? The US absolutely has to get 4 points from the next 2 games and anything that detracts from that is stupid. Klinsmann is doing things that do not help in that regard and may hurt. Things you are talking about, like toughening up, etc., are long term issues. We have a short term problem that, if not overcome, makes all the long term issues meaningless for the next 2 years.

  148. JG says:

    The difference is that Rossi was better and actually had a shot to make Italy’s team. Chandler isn’t likely to be called by Germany.

  149. bizzy says:

    ….because there is a team in Concacaf,apart from maybe mexico, that can best Chelsea?….lol right back at you

  150. ronniet says:

    to put things plainly and in perspective, it’s not klinsmanns job to appease the feelings of the fans. He’s there to do a job and if he feels like changing his mind or tweeking some decisions he’s made is totally his perogative….get over it!

  151. PetedeLA says:

    You’re right. I really like Zusi. He is a good soccer player and a decent crosser of the ball. His call up is definitely a good thing. I just wish he had a bit more experience with the team.

  152. beachbum says:

    Jozy’s situation not remotely the same as Chandler’s

    But good for Coach on not inviting Chandler this time

  153. smokeminside says:

    true that

  154. beachbum says:

    I want to agree, but frankly I think the men on the USMNT DO fight for their place, and some have earned it…Clint, LD, Howard, MB, others…and they have a place on the team NOT because they’re grandfathered in but because the team needs them and they’ve earned it and proven it. Others need to look at why those guys are staples and figure out how to emulate that! Obviously if they seriously drop form then it’s different, but for the sake of TEAM building you need staples to the squad

    then with the inevitable turnover that occurs there is still a sense of continuity, a KEY ingredient for the Nats for a long time now in overcoming the talent gaps

    personally I wouldn’t want to see that disappear as it’s been a major strength

  155. PTM says:

    Chandler left the door open and JK just slammed it in his face. Why?

    This may go down with Rongen/Subotic level idiocy.
    Chandler is a step up from Cherundolo which is saying a lot.

    Easy way out is to call him up and let Chandler make the decision.
    Tell him this is the last call. If he says no the tell the press and move on.
    Why do this after Chandler extended an olive branch?

  156. beachbum says:

    Good for Coach. If Chandler wants to play for the USMNT he should reach out to Klinsmann at this point and say so and if not so be it. Chandler’s feelings and preferences are pretty clear, and that’s all fine and good imo, they’re his feelings and his life.

  157. beachbum says:


  158. beachbum says:

    no more favorites? there are numerous favorites he’s called in and continues to, and so what about that? they ALL do it

  159. beachbum says:


  160. beachbum says:

    regarding Jozy, I’ve wondered the same questions about this situation and the mixed messages, and the lineups/formations Jozy’s been included in OR not included in, and the fact that his USMNT goal drop coincides with Klinsmann’s arrival, and that no USMNT forwards (or any player) have been scoring consistently for the Nats under Klinsmann, and that the entire team succumbed in Kingston but particularly the midfield (an absolutely horrendous game from that unit in all respects) but that Jozy got benched for it when Klinsmann finally fielded an attacking lineup in Columbus…….

    Lots of stuff going on here man. Anyway, it’s amusing to me how so many resort to calling him lazy…like he was lazy in stoppage time vs. Algeria link to

    He does need the right management. Maybe Klinsmann’s snub is on target for that. we’ll see

    GO USA!!!

  161. primoone says:

    You cannot base decisions on that type of scenario because even a blind squirrel gets a nut. Listen, no offense man but you just don’t know what you are talking about.

    Should Josi score a hat trick every time he plays for the national team against Concacaf opponents? Probably…however, he doesn’t. You just don’t know what is going to happen. We have kicked the Parkhurst can a few times and he isnt impressing anyone.