Donovan, Shea ruled out of USMNT’s upcoming World Cup qualifiers


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U.S. men's national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann said Monday he called up target strikers with good heading ability because it was likely that the Americans were going to be forced to settle for whipped in crosses in their two upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

Well, Klinsmann will not be getting any of those crosses from Landon Donovan or Brek Shea.

Donovan and Shea have been ruled out for the Americans' upcoming qualifiers against Antigua & Barbuda on Friday and Guatemala next Tuesday. Both entered the camp with knocks and underwent medical evaluations by the team staff on Tuesday morning, only to be ruled out and sent back to their respective clubs. Klinsmann has the option to replace them on the roster, but he is not expected to summon any at this time.

"It's unfortunate for Landon and Brek that they won't be able to play," said Klinsmann via a press release. "Landon was very optimistic over the weekend when his knee was feeling much better, but now he needs time to recover. We knew Brek was a question mark coming in, and now we have a clear picture of where he stands. We feel confident that the group we have will get the job done."

Donovan had suffered a left knee injury on Saturday in the LA Galaxy's 2-1 loss to Real Salt Lake but he said it felt better on Sunday, and he skipped an MRI in Los Angeles to fly to Miami on Monday. Shea, meanwhile, had been carrying his knock since FC Dallas' 3-3 draw with the San Jose Earthquakes on Sept. 30.

Donovan and Shea's absences now leave the U.S. with two fewer wide options on a team littered with central midfielders. Graham Zusi, Fabian Johnson, Edgar Castillo and Sacha Kljestan can all be deployed out wide in the midfield, but that is not a position any of them play regularly for their clubs.


What do you make of this development? Starting to worry about the U.S. team's chances of getting results? Who would you like to see in Donovan and Shea's spots?

Share your thoughts below.

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197 Responses to Donovan, Shea ruled out of USMNT’s upcoming World Cup qualifiers

  1. PJC says:


  2. pd says:

    Can JK call in anyone else to replace these scratches?

  3. Liga says:

    Bummer, but kind of expected. Sounds like Landon might have been a little more optimistic than he should have been. Guess you can’t fault him for trying.

    Zusi is more than capable of filling in and Shea wasn’t playing anyways.

  4. danielofthedale says:

    Who did not see at least of these guys not being able to play. I am getting a very bad feeling leading into Friday and Tuesday.

  5. PD says:

    When do we hear that Jones is unavailable as well?

  6. Liga says:


    It’s Antigua and Guatemala at home. Relax. Take a chill pill. We’re in first place in the group still.

  7. WeatherManNX01 says:

    No Donovan and no Shea on top of no Altidore, and no replacements have yet been named, if they’ll be named at all.

    Pay attention, ladies and gentlemen, for one week from today we could be witnessing the final match of the Jurgen Klinsmann era.

    (Note: I am not trying to be pessimistic here, but with all the recent developments, from Altidore to Donovan to the Jamaica loss, it’s very hard to be upbeat these days.)

  8. Mike says:

    Johnson should be plugged into the midfield with Castillo at LB.

  9. OPMG says:

    Why not use this opportunity to call others in? There are no rules against calling in additional players. Pontius? Gatt? Anybody who isn’t a CDM?

  10. Old School says:

    Well, more of the same. Donovan hurt and/or not available for another call up.

    Time for some others to step up.

  11. Karl Schneider says:

    F. Johnson Bradley Zusi
    Castillo Cameron Boca Dolo

    Our team is still solid, with most of our best players on the feild. Even without Brek, and Donavan we can win handily with this lineup.

  12. John says:

    Sacha could also be deployed at a wing.

  13. Realist B says:

    In all honesty what did you expect Jozy to do? He will not be the reason we win or lose these upcoming qualifiers. Also the fact that Donovan cant play is hardly JK’s fault.

  14. pd says:


    Subs: Edu for Dempsey (Williams shifts right)

    This might be ok provided there are no injuries.

  15. Jon says:


    If you’re going to wait to the absolute last minute to call players in, then you better only call the ones that can go. Shea was held out by his club, no excuse for calling him only to send him home. Donovan is slightly different, but still an error in judgment.

    Stop ****ing up, Klinsmann!

  16. pd says:

    Right! I forgot that SK was actually called in…

  17. Kevin_Amold says:

    I think I agree.

  18. TheDude says:

    Sorry to hear the definite news about these two known injuries. This whole qualification process is causing stress for me and my plans for Rio. Klinsi, you do realize that we are not automatically granted a WC qualification? These are not friendlies against island nations. These are ridiculously important games—as were the ones before these and the ones before those. Should have had our lineup and philosophy in order. And we should have brought in our best team. And I really, really hope and pray that the should haves end here. I would love to laugh about how scared I was this time next week. Till then, I’m scared.

  19. James says:

    Might as well get the obligatory comment out of the way early:

    You know who would be great to fill the void of Donovan and Shea? Altidore, Boyd, and Torres, that’s who. Oh, wait…

  20. cj says:

    Why not bring in a Lenhart. Guy is a beast and can create mischief at end of game lol

  21. swoopy says:

    Dude. Get a grip on yourself.

  22. Old School says:

    Sacha Kljestan at wing? No thank you. He should be deployed centrally or remain on the bench.

  23. NE Matt says:

    We are gunna be playing like Stoke City with the EJ + Gordon selections and no wing play now :(

    So much for his attractive keep the ball style he was preaching

  24. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    As long as JK doesn’t call in Jozy. That wouldn’t make any sense.

  25. Wendell says:


  26. Brian says:

    Torres is supposedly hurt.

  27. Bryan says:

    Beasley, Pontius or Gatt. At least one should be called in. Come on

  28. Old School says:

    loud noises!

  29. Old School says:


    Great call.

  30. Liga says:

    My god some of the comments in the last two days are insane–you’d think we were last in our group and about to lose everything.

    We are in first place in our qualifying group. FIRST PLACE.

    Jozy hasn’t scored in a year. A loss? Not really. Zusi is a more than adequate replacement at the CONCACAF level for Donovan. Shea wasn’t playing anyways.

    We still have Bradley, Dempsey, Gomez, Johnson, Jones, Dolo, Howard, Boca. It’s like people think we called in a D squad and are going to get crushed by… ANTIGUA.

  31. meowmix says:

    I like this

  32. Dimidri says:

    The fact we are a) in a position with two games to go where we have to get 4 points in the weakest of the three groups (not counting ourselves) and b) we are so afraid of an Antigua team that needs a win bunkering down that we are specializing to beat them is beyond ridiculous.

    Think about that, we should be able to beat a team that has 70% of its players from one of the worst teams in the USL-Pro without having to call in specialized players and just long ball it.

    Maybe Klinnsman should stop blaming Jozy’s attitude and recognize the fact that a) Eredervise defenses > Atigua and Barbuda and Guatemala’s defenses and b) it’s not your job to diminish your own player’s accomplishments, its your job to prod and encourage them-“What he’s doing is great in Holland but we need more out of him for the nats, needs to work harder” doesn’t prompt that tweet from Jozy-‘All his great form is a figment of the Dutch league having worse defenses than countries who already play wide open styles and have populations of 3 million it’s illusory Jozy” is what prompted that tweet.

    JK, it’s your job not to create us vs. them dichotomies and make players fit your mold, it’s your job to get the best out of your players-AZ’s coach is doing that now (no, his benching last year is not responsive and is revisionist history-AZ began its free fall from 1st place to barely in the Europa league ONCE Jozy started playing less, a metaphor JK surely hopes doesn’t apply to the US).

    Whether or not what Jozy did was wrong or not JK is proving time and time again (late roster selections for players who already are questionable, making it VERY hard for replacements to come in, 4 DM’s against Jamaica, etc.) that for a man of his age he lacks serious coaching smarts.

  33. PD says:

    Sorry, this is not a formality. If you don’t remember, we were already packing our bags for London as well. My concern is Guatemala. If we tie or lose that game we don’t do ourselves any favors.

  34. danielofthedale says:

    If Guatemala and Jamaica draw, then Guatemala will have to have a win to insure qualification. WIth a motivated Guatemala and CONCACAF refs with a less than full strenght squad its not out of the realm of posibilat that they could get the win and knock us out.

  35. Darwin says:

    Eddie Johnson converted to left back!? Genious!

  36. Dimidri says:

    What competitive game during JK’s tenure makes you feel confident with a diminished team we can beat Antigua and Barbuda there? Don’t get me wrong, obviously in theory we should win 10-0, but we lost to Jamaica who tied there, doesn’t seem totally unreasonable. We’ll blame it on the bad pitch like we did in Kingston, or on players being injured, but at the end of the day, JK has done nothing to inspire confidence, so each loss of somebody who can compensate for that is worrying when you consider the stakes-no truly competitive games until 2015.

  37. Darwin says:


  38. Since 82 says:

    Thank you.

  39. swoopy says:

    To everyone who is calling for JK’s head on a platter before the games are even played, can we all just take a big, old-fashioned deep breath.

  40. Liga says:


  41. Mike r says:

    Zusi is more than capable based on one game?

  42. Darwin says:

    Double rainbow!!

  43. ryan says:

    So now is he forced to call in Jozy? Haha the irony. This is just too funny.

  44. Nicole says:

    I don’t see how you can say Zusi is “more than capable” of filling in. Have you noticed how our team is struggling – really struggling – to create chances, not to mention actually score. And that’s with Zusi filling in. LD was supposed to really rev up the attack.

    Not saying Zusi won’t do a good job, but the implication that we won’t miss LD at all is false, I believe.

  45. Liga says:

    People have a really short memory.

    In 2009, we lost to Trinidad and Tobago in first group qualifying. T&T is no Jamaica.

    And then people forget that it took a 94th minute Jonathon Bornstein goal against Costa Rica in 2009 to avoid finishing 3rd in Hex.

  46. Mike says:

    I really don’t see any alternative. Other than Zusi, F.Johnson is the only other player on the roster who can be construed of as a “winger”. I guess Dempsey could be shifted out wide but then either Bradley or SK would have to be shifted “into the hole”. Don’t see that as viable options. Also, I guess JK could go 4-4-2 with Dempsey out wide left and either Gordon or Johnson paired with Gomez. In my opinion, that would be a perfect set-up for Altidore…playing off a striker running the channels with Dempsey cutting inside in support. But whatever.

  47. Darwin says:

    “Klinsmann has the option to replace them on the roster, but he is not expected to summon any at this time.”

  48. spicoli says:

    I agree with your point, but we had already qualified in both of those matches – nothing was at stake in them.

  49. Mike says:

    3rd in hex still qualifies no? Furthermore, they took 16 out of 18 points and a plus 11 goal differential. Stop cherry picking.

  50. James says:

    Oh, ok. Then not so bad. Still. I hope some decent replacements are called in. By no means do I hope for a tragedy, but the stars don’t seem to be aligning in our favor, between Donovan, Shea, Torres, Altidore, Boyd, etc.

  51. jon says:

    i couldn’t disagree more. having rock solid defenders is crucial in these tight qualifiers. i want fabian at the back, and coming forward and providing width when he has the chance.

  52. Liga says:

    In our last 7 games not against Brazil, we are 4-1-2.

    We have scored 12 goals and conceded only 5. We have wins over Mexico, Scotland, Jamaica and Antigua and we drew Guatemala and Canada in their respective countries.

    People need to stop the hatred of Klinsmann. It’s like people have created this fantasy world in their heads where we’ve been blown out a dozen times and can’t score goals.

  53. cj says:

    Beasley missed his game on Saturday and Gatt just returning. Why not Gyau

  54. away goals says:

    In a lot of people’s lineups, zusi and donovan were both starters. So it’s not zusi we’ll now be relying on, it’s sacha. Or an out-of-position jones/williams perhaps.

    Not exactly excited to have our world cup hopes resting on any of those scenarios.

  55. Darwin says:

    Eddie Johnson? Somewhere in Wales, there is a crowd of people laughing at us. Make it their last laugh EJ!

  56. jon says:

    i’ve seen jozy play in a wide forward position before…

  57. Arkie says:

    The first place part is rather null when all teams not named Antigua are also in FIRST PLACE based on points. We’re also tied with guatemala on goals scored and shipped. It’s not like we have 12 pts and everyone else is 3 or more points away. We have dropped points on the road already and should never be in this position. There won’t be an Antigua in the hex (provided we make it there which we still should). We need a coherent team, I’m sick of constant tinkering in games that matter.

  58. away goals says:

    Because if there’s one thing US soccer fans have learned in the past two years, it’s that we can open the floodgates against these ‘lower’ teams.

  59. Liga says:

    That’s just an out and out lie.

    First off, there are 30 available points in the HEX. We took 20 points and had +6 GD.

    In the first round of qualifying we took 15 of 18 points and that group included Trinidad and Tabago and Cuba. It was a much easier group than our current group.

  60. Mike says:

    Who do you put out on the left then? Don’t just disagree and not suggest an alternative.

  61. Freegle says:

    I think calling for the firing of JK would be an overreaction. But it is in no way unreasonable to question the choices he’s made for the qualifiers. He has not inspired confidence by his selections, his explanations, or his contradictions.

  62. Alonso Vaquerano says:

    Let’s bring ADU, he always steps up when he plays with the NATS, CMON Klinsmann call him up.

  63. Clover362 says:

    What is really getting me annoyed by this was it is obvious that Donovanand Shea could never be 90 minute PLayers for both of these games and Klinsmann was fine basically wasting 2 roster spots on them.

    In WCQ or any competative setting, you need to have a complete roster so you ahve depth incase players go down or you need to make tactical adjustments. It’s completely unacceptable to leave these spots open. What if we lose another play to injury? What if one of or players carrying a yellow earns another and is gone for Guatamala. This is unacceptable.

  64. Mike says:

    I assumed saying 16 out of 18…and you are right it was 15 out of 18 implied that I was not talking about the hex. No reason to discuss the hex since qualifying for it this cycle is still very much in the air.

  65. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    If JK decides to bring in new guys to fill the void; I say Demarcus Beasley would be a great wing option. He has experience and is playing decently. Pontius/Gatt wouldn’t be so bad; just neither has that much experience.

  66. Mike says:

    You are the one creating a fantasy world my friend. 3 out of 18 games with multiple goals. 21 in 18 matches under Klinsmann. If you want to hang your hat on beating up on a clearly disinterested Scottish squad that is fine. But don’t try to sell me that drawing in Canada is some type of awesome result.

  67. biff says:

    Let me get this straight: In order to call in only healthy players to avoid last minute cancellations, Klinsmann the Genius devised a plan to hold off announcing the roster until 3 p.m. on Monday with the game only four days later. Almost every other national team in the world announced their rosters by Friday of last week. Donovan apparently had an appointment scheduled for Monday morning for an MRI on his knee in LA but skips it to fly to Miami. Shea didn’t dress for his last game because of injury but gets the call anyway and flies to Miami and lo and behold both are not injury free and sent back home. I saw this coming with Donovan, the story about his being in pain Sunday but his knee feeling so great Monday morning he skips the MRI set off warning bells for me. And I suspected Shea was not going to be fit. Sometime I just don’t get it, what Klinsmann is doing. Why could Donovan and Shea not be examined by club doctors Monday morning and if pronounced not fit then Klinsmann could have instead called in Chris Pontius or Josh Gatt or Freddy Adu. Crazy. Fricking crazy. Cannot frickin’ believe it.

  68. Liga says:




  69. robbo says:

    Bad coach. Bad judgment. Bad decision. We need a new coach.

  70. Indigo Montoya says:

    y supergracias a Dimidri

  71. Mike says:

    Hey, I agree with you on this.

  72. away goals says:

    Of course we’re still favorites to get through, but it’s guaranteed that we’ll need a result against a guatemala side still in contention. Even if the needed result is a close loss.

    And there’s the potential for our squad tuesday to be completely patchwork. Worst case over half the STARTERS not having any significant experience playing as a team.

    You don’t have to hate klinsmann to see his selections have put us in an uncomfortable spot for this one-off scenario.

  73. Mike says:

    You mean the kid who has played a grand total of 45 minutes in the Second Bundesliga?

  74. Joe B NYC says:

    +1, and I was happy when Klinsmann was hired.

  75. mr coolio says:

    Hate to be “that guy” but Klinsman’s player selections are worst than Bradley. And even when picks the right players he doesnt use them properly. This is pecisly why it was a bad idea to leave players like Altidore and Boyd. We are in a position where we need as many attacking options as possible, but Klinsman doesnt see that. He’s sees this is an opportunity to discipline some players and mess around with the lineup. Fyi to the people that think these two games are 6 easy points. How many goals did we beat Antigua and Guatemala by? Exactly. Remember we squeaked out a 3-1 win against Antigua IN Tampa WITH Landon. Landon wont be playing on Friday and we will be in Antigua. We already know the field will most likely be crap. Those are two things that go against us in a major way.

  76. RLW2020 says:

    this is what i hope to see to. i have a feeling that we could also see a 4-3-3 if one of the new strikers shows up big in training..

    what i would prefer:

    what i think Jurgen will do:

  77. Yankeedom says:

    “Klinsmann has the option to replace them on the roster, but he is not expected to summon any at this time.”

    I don’t understand why you wouldn’t call in replacements right away? It couldn’t hurt to have two new, healthy bodies if only to help out in practice.

    I think Beasley needs to get called in right away (if healthy). Even if its simply for the sake of having an extra winger.

  78. beachbum says:

    if he’s deployed now it will reek of desperation to me; why call him in all of the sudden now for the crucial qualis and believe he’s going to get it done when he hasn’t been believed in yet? doesn’t speak very well of the other options that have been repeatedly checked out out date imo

    on Sasha, he’s not worked into the team not been a part of what Klinsmann has done but maybe Sasha can do it and rise to the occasion, maybe he can get comfortable and play attacking soccer with touch and confidence straight out of the gate with the pressure of WC qualifying in the balance, IF he’s called upon

    IF he is called upon it’s an intense situation for him and the team to be put into last minute, and if he responds well to it I’ll give him ALL the credit for stepping up and doing it in such a situation

  79. RLW2020 says:

    why don’t we just put in the San Jose Earthquakes (those that are US citizens)… they always seem to win…

  80. RLW2020 says:

    yes! why not??? if DMB is healthy his services would be very helpful! Id give Pontius a try too.

  81. ben says:

    Klinsmann originally called in 24, an extra player than usual, and I’m sure he was prepared for the contingency that one or both of Shea/Donovan might not be fit. I highly doubt he assembled the roster assuming they’d both be 90 minute contributors and is now left with an “incomplete” roster. I assume Klinsmann did his homework knew the situation with them, and feels (rightly or wrongly) he has a complete roster without Donovan or Shea.

  82. DirtyLeeds says:

    Have you been watching US soccer the past couple years? If we’ve learned anything its to expect the worst.

  83. Charles says:

    Wales ? Does that place still exist for soccer to have anyone to be laughing there ?

  84. RLW2020 says:

    really down about Landon, we play so much better with him in the line up and the idea of Zusi-Donovan wings sounded great. Shea has proven to be a very dangerous option off the bench.

    I guess its all up to Zusi to bring the attack, big series for him hope to see him do well in KC too.

  85. postmaster says:

    He can add anyone qualified at just about any time, between games, whatever — until the moment the 18 for a particular match is due.

  86. Mike says:

    Gareth Bale could be laughing…in between rolling around on the ground clutching his calf.

  87. ben says:

    I’d say go with the same type of system that produced the dominant 1st half display in Columbus (granted they lost control a bit in the second half). Go with the 4-4-2 (4-1-3-2) with Bradley in Jones’ role and Kljestan in Torres’ role. That was at least able to keep possession and generate some chances without true wide players. I could also see Jones dropping back to play the 6 in place of Williams.


  88. MidWest Ref says:

    excellent Old School. . . I laughed out loud.

    Boy, things really got out of hand quickly there.

  89. cairo says:

    If we added, Beasley and Pontius are the only really reasonable choices at this point. Barring that (and Klinsmann has said he’s not calling anyone else), hasn’t Herc been deployed on the wing at times in Mexico?

    My hunch is that we’ll see Fabian or Edgar Castillo moved up to left mid, with the other playing fullback. This should work against A&B, but the Guatemala game could get interesting. Not ideal, but it’s not like there are a lot of quality left footed guys in the pool who are playing regularly…

  90. poo says:

    why not replace these guys. MLS is on a break, so calling in say Pontius and Wondo, or any other 2 for that matter. Push the players harder in practice and give extra options.

    can he call them after the first game if say an additional player picks up an injury/suspension?

  91. divers suck says:

    At some point we have to find an heir apparent for Donovan, Dempsey et al. There can’t be such a glaring gap between Landon and his eventual replacement. Who might it be? I don’t know but we need to start consentrating on being at least 2 deep in every position if we’re going to even qualify for WC 2014…

  92. Ryan in NYC from NC says:

    +1 for the Brick reference. Carry on.

  93. biff says:

    A valid point, but Michael Bradley has played only one game since being out for over a month because of injury and Jermaine Jones was out all last week with an injury. What happens if disaster strikes and both of them would suffer re-injuries? let’s not forget Murphy’s Law.

  94. Olek Miecz says:

    I looks that he is.

  95. cairo says:

    Wait a second–is Joe Corona left footed? Seems like he’s played out on the wing for Tijuana sometimes. That might be your solution if Klinsmann doesn’t want to move Fabian Johnson up and Castillo into the lineup. That might work.

  96. Travis in Miami says:


  97. Mike says:

    Lest we forget that both are sitting on cards as well. It’s possible (and in Jones’ case probable) that one or both could be suspended for the second match.

  98. biff says:

    I will not be surprised to see Danny Williams given a try-out at left wing…

  99. Old School says:

    For the record, I wasn’t displaying my support for him being called up.

    I was stating positioning him on the wing isn’t a good look.

  100. ben says:

    Well, lets just say if that happens, I’d be pretty upset. But how is that different than the risk of injury in any camp? Players are constantly dealing with injuries and there is probably never a camp where at least some players are not quite 100%. And what would you have Klinsmann do, not call up Bradley and Jones because they might possibly get (re)injured?

  101. QuakerOtis says:

    What about Lichaj?! Everyone knows he’s the best player EVER! He could play creative mid, or he could play striker, or he could play left back, or right back, or give Timmy a rest in goal. Kilnisman just needs to give him a look at those positions. Eric Lichaj! Yyeeeaahhh!!!

  102. JRP says:

    This is the best joke I have heard all week.

  103. cj says:

    Johnson on the right wing with Castillo and corona out left. Put Dempsey up top

  104. Jake says:

    Which part? Calling them in or deciding they aren’t fit to play?

  105. moy says:

    Why does it feel like klinsman is making decisions off how he judges a player based on how the player does while playing FIFA13? Is beckerman that good in FIFA?

  106. ex_sweeper says:

    I appreciate what Lenhart is doing for the Quakes, but no… Carlos Ruiz would get him red-carded with his (Pescadito’s)first flop. You never know which Lenhart will show up – Good Lenhart with the killer headers or Bad Lenhart the provocateur.

    We might see some of the Quakes mainstays in the hex (if we get there, of course). Unfortunately, they’ll be playing for Honduras (Bernardez and Chavez), not the U.S.

  107. let’s not forget bocanegra has played leftback probably just as he has center back over his career, so we could just as easily deploy him there and put any combination of goodson or edu at the other center back spot! I agree we we should definately put FJ on the left wing and let him work, he has been very productive out there in the past for us! But please, no sasha or danny willliams on the wings!

  108. Dennis says:

    Beasley is probably the player best suited to fit in for Shea or Donavon. He is playing regularly (but missed last week,why?)
    Attacking speed on the wings is not a strength on the US squad. I blame that on a US soccer youth system that lets fast players get by on speed alone, never putting them where they must control the ball and dribble in tight spaces to succeed, or maybe they become wide receivers on their HS football teams.

  109. Danny says:


    Dempsey scores goals wherever he is, he doesnt only need to play offense…
    this formation has got some great results for us.

  110. Danny says:

    please excuse my spelling issues

  111. Lars says:

    i don’t understand why JK isn’t going to call in replacements.

    I would think Boyd and maybe even Wondo would be added.

    it just makes no sense at all

  112. Mike says:

    I would imagine if any CB is deployed at LB it would be Cameron. At least he has played a handful of games out there for Stoke. He might not get forward much in that role, but I am confident he would do a professional job.

  113. Mike says:

    I get the Beckerman call up this time. With Bradley and Jones coming off injury and sitting on cards (as well as Edu who hasn’t played much recently), he can at least provide cover in case of suspension/injury.

  114. AcidBurn says:

    Don’t worry, JK will just plug Danny Williams in Donovan’s spot. Never can have too many DM’s.

    Then he can put on Gordon and Eddie Johnson and have Cameron hoof the ball 50 yards upfield and pray for a goal to win 1-0 in the final 10 minutes.

  115. louis z says:

    I like our chances but one has to remember that Guatemala is the country that has been knocking out our boys from tournaments, can they do the same with our big boys?

  116. CrazyMike366 says:

    I want to see Pontius get a call, as well as Lichaj, so that Johnson can be moved upfield.

  117. Nihal says:

    Try Fabian Johnson…..

  118. B says:

    Josh Gatt

  119. pd says:

    or you call up Lichaj…

  120. Ted in MN says:


  121. SuperChivo says:

    Amen & Boomshakalaka

  122. SuperChivo says:

    No way was that an easier group, Trinidad was better than Jamaica is and Guatemala was even better than they are now.

  123. Darwin says:

    man, you’re dense

  124. Darwin says:

    Eddie Johnson played for Cardiff FC from 2008-2009 and put in 2 goals in 30 games. Still, they loved him.

    Oh, and Cardiff is in Wales.

  125. louis z says:

    and the times LD was invicible?

  126. louis z says:

    if we move Fabian and then start castillo as our LB then Lichaj should be his backup.

  127. ThatKidNandez says:

    No one has mentioned Luis Gil or Alejandro Bedoya!

  128. shane says:

    Why are Klinsmanns call-ups always a mess? They never go smoothly. This time he calls in guys we already knew were injured just to find out they indeed are injured. Players cant come because they’re fatigued or their club is making them vacation in the carribean.

  129. SwerveZ says:

    I haven’t heard anyone mention Bedoya…is he injured or not playing/not playing well? He’s a winger right?

  130. John John says:

    Time for Joe Benny to step up from topping the Liga MX table to becoming an American Hero.

  131. John John says:

    Time for Joe Benny to step up from topping the Liga MX table to becoming an American Hero.

  132. John John says:

    Time for Joe Benny to step up from topping the Liga MX table to becoming an American Hero.

  133. too soon? says:

    Bring in Bedoya and Adu

  134. fischy says:

    “Who do you put out on the left then? Don’t just disagree and not suggest an alternative.”


  135. fischy says:

    Because Klinsmann has already said he won’t bring in brand new players at this point.

    Except, of course, Gordon and Johnson, because…..I can’t remember why that “rule” didn’t apply in their case…

    Any help?

  136. fischy says:


    Well…. Bedoya, anyway.

  137. SwerveZ says:

    Bedoya not even being mentioned surprises me

  138. fischy says:

    Am I allowed to say that Klinsmann is a butthead?

  139. fischy says:

    Re-hire Bob Bradley!!! More nepotism!

  140. Wendell says:

    If we can’t beat Antigua and Barbuda away and Guatemala at home without Shea and Donovan, then perhaps we have no business being in the World Cup.

    We’ll win, and do well in the hex, but that won’t stop the “sky is falling” posts between now and then every time the ball doesn’t bounce our way.

  141. Wendell says:

    And by the way, my comment was addressed generally to everyone, not specifically to you, louis z.

  142. Herb says:

    who? lol

  143. Wiley says:

    thank goodness no Out-the-door

  144. Hesyourlifelight says:

    are you saying Gatt isn’t good enough or do you really have no idea who Gatt is?

  145. DCP says:

    I don’t know any details, but this week’s Americans Abroad Weekend Rewind states that he did not dress this past weekend because he is recovering from an injury.

  146. Mike says:

    Yes, suggest somebody who isn’t on the roster. Helpful.

  147. whoop-whoop says:

    Oh I get it,,, we are going with sarcasm… let me try…uhh yes… whenever I think of someone to step in for LD on the Wing, Altidore is the first person that comes to mind.

  148. steveo says:

    what about cover for the lack of wing options?

  149. Benny says:

    If you had to pick one out of the two forwards for qualifying, Gordon or Wondolowski, who would it be? The guy who has 25 goals right? I guess not. Jk, what the hell is going on around here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. steveo says:

    after two days, I somewhat get the Jozy call…the coach should not be as hostile and throw any player under the bus in public as Klinsmann did in the ESPN interview and on Monday, but if you look at match by match performance, the team actually did better offensively and result-wise without Altidore….it’s hard to argue against that too much-I still thin there is a place for Jozy on the roster and he should be given continued chances if he excels at the club…

    but, WHAT ABOUT WING OPTIONS? How many times are we gonna go through this? he doesn’t call in enough wing cover and boom an injury here and there leaves us very, very thin…. Lichaj, Lichaj, Lichaj- at worst a back up to Castillo if FJ gets moved up to LM, at best starting instead of Castillo… instead there is a gaping hole at LM, no speedy winger to get up and down…

    you’re never gonna get experience players if you don’t give them a chance to gain experience in the first place…Klinsmann just continues painting himself into corners with his nonsense

  151. louis z says:

    ah, ok I’ll put the gun down :-)

    I also think we should win. I just don’t like our record vs Guatemala.

  152. rick says:

    Susane, what do you think about this?

  153. rick says:

    It took you a long time, but I still think you are sexy

  154. Mr. Metal says:

    If Gordon and Johnson have played previously with the USMNT and/or have been in a previous callup made by Klinsmann then do they qualify as “new” players? Johnson, in particular, certainly isn’t “new” to the USMNT and many of the players on the current squad already know the guy.

  155. CplDaniel says:

    10yrs ago, we had donovan fast as hell surging forward, creating chances and scoring some goals…and that was him at 20! Hmmm….sounds like 21yr old Gatt could lift our team by being what Landon was 10yrs ago. Fast as hell and surging forward to create chances for himself or others.

    I can’t wait to see Gatt play next month furing the Euro friendlies.

  156. CplDaniel says:

    Rabel, Rabel, Rabel, Rabel!!!!!

  157. Miami Pimp says:

    Forget getting out of this round. Not qualifying for the WC at any stage is a complete and unmitigated disaster. It would be THE worst disaster U.S. sports history and everyone involved would need to have their citizenship rescinded, if not be arrested.

  158. Byrdman says:

    Why would he call in Jozynow when Jozyis a striker and two players that are hurt our wings.

    But I would like him to callin somebody

  159. biff says:

    OMG, that is also a valid point. and a few others are sitting on yellow cards, including Clarence Goodson who according to official Concacaf statistics has only 1 yellow card, not the two yellow cards that US Soccer on its web site is wrongly reporting.

    (Click the box that says TopScorers to move to the yellow card list)
    link to

  160. biff says:

    If I were coach, I would have back-ups on board and ready in case disaster strikes. It seems so simple to me to just do it and be prepared for the worst while hoping it does not happen

  161. biff says:

    Nope, I think this is game Klinsmann will tinker around and try Danny Williams as left winger and maybe Joe Corona at right back.

  162. I agree with you !! You give great suggestion about topic.

  163. biff says:

    +1 on your wing comments. Crazy and I am so tired of it and it is almost as if Klinsmann is opening the door to disaster with a couple of injuries and/or yellow cards as a poster mentioned above. I will say that if no injuries or yellow card suspensions, the care team does look strong.

  164. Completely i agree with you. your suggestions are good.

  165. biff says:

    the *core* of the team does look strong.

  166. RG says:

    Donovan is really really good, but I wouldn’t call him invincible.

  167. bizzy says:

    lol….PJC, I think its a good think for the USMNT…
    *It eleminates the fact that just because you play in the EPL, Bundesliga or Dutch Eredivise doesn’t mean your spot is guranteed. your work rate in the red,white and blue counts
    *Its something different. No Donovan, No Altidore, No Shea(not as important)….and adding something different. Alan Gordon, Kjestan, Johnson…who would have known. Its different, its change…totally left field so it might work.
    *It gives other players especially in MLS a reason to fight, to work hard, to excel in other areas not just Goals and assists.
    Its kind of different….but lets see, you never know

  168. bryan says:

    yeah Beasley did, but Beasley and Gatt have A LOT more minutes than Gyau. Gyau is not ready for the senior team. he needs to be playing. right now he’s riding the bench in the 2.B.

  169. bryan says:

    Not ready. Injured.

  170. bryan says:

    Bedoya is injured guys…

  171. JB says:

    So we don’t call in a striker who has scored 4 goals in the last two years for us, and everyone begins to panic. Jozy has not produced for the USA. He is only 22, i’m not surprised he has had some issues with JK and his previous three managers due to his commitment levels.

    As long as our guys get switched on for these two games we will be fine.

    Go Go USA!

  172. Nicholas says:

    Lijac should be brought in and you should seek to push Johnson up into the midfield. This really shouldn’t have been that hard. I would think that Castillo will probably get run at LB while Williams does the aforementioned move to wing. We’re really not that much worse off, but the moves and lack of them from JK has been confusing to say the least.

  173. cps says:

    I’m sick of people like you completely mischaracterizing what people say about Lichaj. Absolutely no one thinks he’s the “best player ever”, we simply think he has done enough to deserve a call-up. He’s young and could someday replace Dolo. Would be good to have him actually playing with Dolo in practice. Or you could have Lichaj as a LB option now, freeing up Johnson to play left wing. So to recap: 1. no one is saying Lichaj’s the best thing ever. 2. Very few people are saying he should start for the USMNT. 3. Some people think he deserves to be called in to camp. 4. You’re a sarcastic, hyperbolic moron.

  174. cps says:

    yup, we need Fab Johnson attacking.

  175. cps says:

    Right. I’m fine with Castillo starting at LB, but it would be good to have Lichaj there as back up.

  176. Bobeto says:

    Freddy, Freddy, Freddy……..The one guy who can distribute a great cross…….JK, remember him?

  177. THomas says:

    JK said it himself in a recent interview when specifically asked about players in certain positions…

    Johnson is a left back for the USMNT, not a left midfielder. He’s not going to create another problem at left back when he has the solution in Johnson.

    He also said always saw Williams as a ‘6’ and Jones/Bradley as an ‘8’ but the depth at midfield pushed Williams out wide right in an attempt to get the best talent on the field.

  178. THomas says:

    I’m for this. Anything that doesn’t have Fabian Johnson in midfield because it’s not going to happen.

    Dempsey is going to pinch in centrally and Johnson can take up that space when appropriate. He’s a great left back. Leave him there.

  179. JJ says:

    Dolo Cameron Boca/Edu Castillo
    Bradley Williams
    Zusi Johnson

    Why should we be scared this is a very solid team and we shouldnt have any problems.

  180. THomas says:

    Who said we need four points? We can lose to A&B and then draw the Guats, and still qualify if Jamaica beats the Guats. That would be one point, not four. Is that our best bet, No, but we’re in the best position of any team trying to qualify at this point.

    Easiest team on the road and second easiest team at home.

  181. Steven says:

    Not a bad idea. I was kind of thinking vice-versa. Either way, they could play off each other.

  182. Dennis says:

    Beasley is probably the one player who was not called in, who is not inured, who has the talent and experience to step into the roster as a wing player and who does not have to cross multiple time zones to get here. (for the Freddy lovers, Adu is injured and did not play in Philly’s last 2 games.)

  183. fischy says:

    T&T in ’09 were a much better side than Jamaica. Not now, but then they were.

  184. fischy says:

    More lilacs.

  185. Rolland says:

    Actually we lost to T&T in the second-to-last game of the previous round (2008); we had already qualified to advance and took a second-string team and lost 2-1. In the hex in 2009 we were 6,2,2 20 points (lossing to Mex and Costa Rica away. J Bornstein’s last minute goal earned us 1st place in the hex, otherwise we would have finished second, Costa Rica 3rd.

  186. hifivinmofos says:

    Exactly. Antigua and Barbuda are minnows. If we don’t win that one by at least 2-0 there’s a problem. Guatemala will be tougher, but I still like our chances at home.

    BTW, why does everyone keep saying Zusi doesn’t play wide. That’s all he does for SKC. Espinoza/Nagamura/Cesar play in front of the back four, and Kamara and Zusi end up wide.

  187. Kevin_H says:

    I like this formation/lineup very much. But knowing JK, I expect a few changes. Dempsey will be more central (a withdrawn striker). Jones will be on the field, barring any injuries. So I expect Bradley where you have Dempsey, and Dempsey taking over for Gordon. Either Williams or Jones in Bradley’s spot.

    That’s my prediction, anyway.

  188. Kevin_h says:

    Good point. I guess it’d be more accurate to say four points guarantees we move on.

  189. NC Jeff says:

    How ’bout this for craziness: Guat. beats Jam. and USA beats A&B. Then, Guat and USA both advance with a lifeless 0-0 draw … at the same time, Jam. beats A&B by 30, but it doen’t do ’em a bit of good.

  190. Mat says:

    Call in Pontius and Jozy to replace them and stop messing around.

  191. biff says:

    Germany’s Kicker is reporting that Fabian Johnson has the flu and will not be able to play Friday and his status for Guatemala on Tuesday is questionable. Murphy’s Law seems to have kicked in for these next two crucial games. Last week several Bundesliga players missed games because of the flu. Here is the link to the Kicker story, with Fabian’s illness mentioned near the bottom.—donovan-faellt-aus.html

  192. +1 … he has a great through ball too. He plays better with the National Team because the quality of players there can do something with his crosses, through balls, and movement off the ball.

  193. Stephen says:

    I agree with this. Call in the Adu.

  194. Scott says:

    Wouldn’t mind seeing this, but I think the natural selection out wide is Gomez. He’s got some pace and has played there plenty of times in his career. I think Klinsman will play him out wide over others…

  195. ex_sweeper says:

    Weather report for Antigua for Friday is high of 86F with a heat index of 95F! Yikes – not good news to lose anyone else off the roster.

  196. bizzy says:

    Klinsmann’s own words:
    “In international games, there’s less space. It’s hard to get chances — you have to create them yourself. Yes, you always want people to feed your strikers who are good at finishing, but on the other hand, when teams are locked in, you have to work-work-work and force your luck, and sooner or later you’ll get rewarded for that”…….. Who’s resume fits this job perfectly?
    What the TDs and coaches like about FREDDY ADU:
    “His technical ability, his one-on-one ability is where he can beat players … He’s very good in the final third … He has that kind of ability where he can create for himself and also his teammates … When he gets by a player, he’s got good vision and passing ability where he can find the open player … He’s still got the ability to break games for you … Has a good left foot … He is quick enough and he’s technical enough. He can put you through, shoot from distance. He’s very good on free kicks … Freddy is very good technically. Good server of the ball … On the ball, he is [at his] best. Technically he is fantastic. He can beat almost anyone one-on-one.”…..24 under 24 MLSSOCCER.COM.
    Now all I have to do is find a way to send this to Klinsy….or am I too late…damn lol