Is Altidore missing the USMNT qualifiers? (and if so, why?)

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Jozy Altidore set off a rash of speculation this morning when he tweeted about attending an event with AZ teammates on Tuesday, a tweet that would suggest he is not joining the U.S. Men's national team for its training camp ahead of two crucial World Cup qualifiers.

Why would Altidore, currently enjoying the best run of form on the club level of his career, be left out for two all-important qualifiers? It is tough to find a legitimate explanation or reason for it. There are plenty of potential theories, but none that ring true as passable.

Could Klinsmann really be trying something new because of unhappiness with Altidore's play with the national team? Might there have been a falling out between Klinsmann and Altidore? Did Altidore's red card for AZ over the weekend lead Klinsmann to want to send a message? Does Klinsmann possibly think there are four other American forwards who are currently better USMNT options than Altidore? Is Klinsmann trying to light a fire under a player who has yet to really get going for the national team since he took over as manager?

None of those explanations make much sense, not with Altidore clearly in great form on the club side, and not with the U.S. still trying to qualify for the next round of qualifying.

If Altidore is being snubbed it would make more sense out of Eddie Johnson's selection for these qualifiers (Johnson leaked news of his own call-up on Friday). Johnson has enjoyed an outstanding season for Seattle, but had not been with the national team this year.

Remember, an Altidore snub is not yet official, and for all we know Altidore and Klinsmann could be conspiring to pull off a prank on Twitter in the wake of Johnson's Twitter leak last Friday (when asked about a U.S. national team call-up on Sunday night Johnson avoided all conversation about it). We will find out the real story in a matter of hours.

What do you think about a potential Altidore snub? Why do you think Klinsmann might leave him home? See the remaining U.S. forwards being able to get the job done?

Share your thoughts below.

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170 Responses to Is Altidore missing the USMNT qualifiers? (and if so, why?)

  1. bryan says:

    He better be there

  2. rambo says:

    maybe it was the tweet he deleted in regards to Klinsman’s interview with Espn insider

  3. James says:

    Crap like this makes it really hard for me to defend Klinsmann.

  4. Mike says:

    No, I don’t see the other US forwards getting the job done. Honestly, I am exhausted with Klinsmann and all his false promises. I think us USMNT fans need to realize that not qualifying is a very real possibility at this point.

  5. happyjuggler0 says:

    We will know soon enough what the scoop is…I’m not going to bother to speculate.

  6. Brain Guy says:

    How about confirming the truth of the speculation before speculating about the reasons? This all seems kind of pointless until we know for sure that Altidore has really been excluded fronm the call-ups.

  7. Rik says:

    What tweet? Missed that one.

  8. NE Matt says:

    Yea, missed that too. Not sure I read that one

  9. Chris says:

    what time is the roster released?

  10. Postmaster says:

    Jurgen has always been hard to defend. That’s why he was such a prolific scorer.

  11. le coq says:

    I’ve seen this before. JK is trying to harden Altidore up like he did with Gomez. He expects more from strikers, and this is his way of showing it.

  12. Tres says:

    OK, it’s been 10 minutes, rambo. Time to explain this “tweet he deleted” business!

  13. elgringorico says:

    We shouldn’t speculate over that tweet. It’s too vague. Let’s wait for the rosters before jumping to conclusions.

  14. downintexas says:

    WHY Ives, Why you ask, I’ll tell you cause Klinsmann is a nimkompoop!

  15. kevin says:

    he said something a long the lines of “don’t blame other people on your own shortcomings” after the ESPN interview with JK came out. i didn’t see it but thats what I heard. Looks like JK is not gonna call him. this is ridiculous he needs to be in there, he is out best forward

  16. rambo says:

    this tweet was linked next to the ESPN article:

    “Love when people try to blame others for their own shortcomings and incompetence”

    Probably not the best thing to say to your coach.

  17. downintexas says:

    Too true, it is a very real possibility! I think we get it done but it could be close.

    Mexico has already qual. now they get to bring in younger/on the fringe players to stregthen their bench

  18. rambo says:

    Klinsmann interview

  19. downintexas says:

    lol, good one postmaster

  20. BS says:

    Mike, you may be overreacting a bit on the not qualifying idea, but you are right on about it being time to start criticizing Mr. Klinsmann’s tenure. By this time 4 years ago people would have been after Bradley with pitchforks and a noose…the guy needs to stop tinkering and put our best players on the field in their best positions. Stop trying to fool everyone with these stupid formations and weird call-ups. Lets get the job done for crying out loud!

  21. rambo says:

    link to

    The link to the tweet on bigsoccer

  22. Kevin says:

    The roster is released at 3PM ET

  23. louis z says:

    thanks, got my joke of the day.

  24. Boriuano_Maestro says:

    It takes a nimkompoop to know a nimkompoop

  25. Joe+G says:

    Check out this comment on a previous SBI thread:

    Chris Van der rien said…

    jozy altidore has been snubbed by klinsman as well. hottest player in europe and still gets left home. not a fan of the kid but its clear now jurgen has a problem with jozy. Im from NC was visiting holland and got a chance to catch AZ practice and spoke to jozy who said he will be in holland next week for az charity friendly which means he got the snub. I should be a reporter. they play in tessel, holland on wed.

    Reply October 07, 2012 at 04:47 AM

  26. louis z says:

    And all along I thought EJ was coming to replace Boyd. This team is starting to be like a soap opera with so many plot twists.

  27. Tres says:

    Hmm. Very interesting, thanks. This one certainly flew under the radar.

    Regarding that BigSoccer post: I guess I still don’t really understand what’s meant by “it was linked next to the ESPN article.”

    But thanks for the info.

  28. The Imperative Voice says:

    I’m not the biggest Altidore fan but his place among the best 4 forwards on the team should be very secure — he is pretty good if overrated, and should be there to knock around small Guatemalans off the bench if nothing else — and if we do callup EJ over Altidore, Klinsi has demonstrated his cluelessness. Because if people think Jozy is sloppy……At least the infamous Gold Cup team that got Bradley fired had the excuse of Altidore getting hurt.

    FWIW, for those reticent to speculate, EJ says he’s in, Jozy congratulates him, Jozy says he’s going to be someplace that doesn’t make sense unless he’s left out (game Friday, he’d be in Holland for an event Tuesday). I understand not wanting to rumormonger but the dots almost connect themselves, whether it’s wise or not.

  29. Cojosurfer says:

    Roster release time for you and me will be 1200 PST 1500 EST. As long as they pass in the 90% range, run off the ball (support player with the ball) into space, and shoot everytime near or in the penalty area, we should be fine. No matter what the pressure, there IS pressure, it still comes down to playing a fundamental game at a high speed.

  30. Andy says:

    Probably just showing up a day or two late to camp…

  31. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I find this as good a spot as any to remind people of my David Moyes for US Men’s Coach Campaign….

  32. downintexas says:

    I know and JK is the biggest nimkompoop I know after you, Boriuano_Maestro

  33. Jon says:

    The sense of dread that was already present is becoming heavier.

    Pretty sure that I had a nightmare last night that we drew 0-0 with A&B.

    It’s one thing to play games with your hottest striker if you have your squad sailing through qualification. Or if your teams have shown no issues with scoring goals. Klins has done neither.

  34. Mike says:

    I don’t think it is an over reaction at all. It is a real possibility. Not probable but it could very well happen. They have not played well at under Klismann. The good results (in Italy, in Mexico City) were very fluky. Games dominated by a wasteful opposition. Luckily for everybody, Michael Bradley will be back. How ironic, the younger Bradley charged with essentially saving the job of the man who took his fathers. Very Shakespearian.

  35. Ryan in NYC from NC says:


  36. The Imperative Voice says:

    I would like it if we put away these two games early with flowing offense, but qualifiers are usually much more brutal affairs. If we leave it late in a chippy affair, it would be dumb to have Jozy on the wrong side of the pond. Remember the time we spotted ES two goals in this same qualifying round last cycle and Jozy came in, banged around, got a goal, we salvaged a tie? I think he’s overrated, but better than EJ, and at least useful for the level of opposition this round.

  37. bizzy says:

    Not too worried…we have an “Altidore style of play” back-up….Eddie Johnson, maybe not as good, but will play the roll. No Shea?….call in Chris Pontius, No Donovan….uuuhhhh we have problems, lol

  38. Gary Page says:

    Good one. But why would he take the job?

  39. MidWest Ref says:

    I can’t imagine that Jozy would not be called into the USMNT camp for two such important qualifiers.

    However, Jozy has not been playing much when he has been called in. Gomez is the clear starter right now, with Jozy off the bench late in the game to hold on to the ball to kill off the game. However, Jozy has not been holding on to the ball too well in the qualifiers.

    It will be a complete fiasco if we lose either of these last two games and don’t qualify for the Hex (Concacaf is still doing the Hex next round, right?).

  40. downintexas says:

    look at the silver lining. One less forward equals one more DM. Its a win

  41. Gary Page says:

    In both games we can expect the opponents to put 9 or 10 guys behind the ball, so we need to have all our fire power. It would be crazy to leave out our most physical forward. I’ve been a supporter of Klinsmann, but if this turns out to be true, he could lose me on this one.

  42. rambo says:

    I think someone tweeted the article link and then Jozy replied with his tweet which showed that his tweet was referencing the article

  43. TomG says:

    Ha! Funny. I remember when Pat Riley Saudi his ideal basketball team was a bunch of 6’9 do everything, interchangeable players. Maybe Klinsi’s ideal lineup is 10 d-mids and he’s creeping towards it one step at a time.

  44. The Imperative Voice says:

    If the post about the Wednesday charity game is right, by your theory he’d be on a plane Thursday for a Friday game. Makes no sense. He’d be jet-lagged even if he didn’t play a minute. He may be embargoed from explicitly saying he’s out until the list is published but trying to indirectly communicate what’s happened.

  45. Tres says:


    Crazy stuff, regardless.

  46. Tony in Quakeland says:

    A good question. But the likelihood of Mila Kunis sleeping with me doesn’t present my fantasizing about it either….

  47. A.S. says:

    I wonder if Wondo might be called in.

  48. biff says:

    Wow, wow and wow. The Jozy Tweet message is huge and it is beyond me why the so-called soccer journalists covering American soccer had not reported this already. I thought it was crazy for Klinsmann to hold off on announcing the roster until Monday. I think every other national team in world except Klinsmann announced at the absolute latest on Sunday and most teams has done so by Friday of last week. And now not until 3 p.m. this afternoon? totally ridiculous.

    If I were a soccer reporter this is the question I waThe big question now is whether Jozy was angry with Klinsmann’s criticism and turned down a call-up from Klinsmann and Klinsmann is now desperately trying to get him to agree to come before naming the roster? Or whether Klinsmann is has decided not to call him up, possibly because of the tweet.

    I found this tweet from Brian Scarieta on Jozy’s tweet that was deleted.

    link to

  49. Steve says:

    I think he is out. All evidence over the last week, even if it is just twitter feeds and interview soundbites seems to suggest it.

    It is getting hard to defend Klinsman. I understand that he wants his players to take it to the next level. But some of that comes from the coach and it seems like he is unwilling to accept responsibility for that. It seems pretty clear that he has a preference to go with player that really wants it, and is willing to mold themselves to the system over those who may be naturally talented.

    My guess at his picks:

    F: Wondo, Gomez, Boyd, Johnson

    M: Dempsey, Bradley, Williams, Zusi, Corona, Edu, Beckerman, Beasley

    D: Johnson, Castillo, Boca, Spector, Goodson, Cameron, Dolo, Parkhurst

    G: Howard, Guzan, Rimando

    Starting lineup:


    This is my expectation, not my preferance.

  50. Joe+G says:

    Would people react differently if Jozy turned down the call up?

  51. louis z says:

    How do you know he wasn’t called. It could also be that he was called and declined because how pissed he is with JK.

  52. louis z says:

    I don’t think so. A&B are already out of the WC and they have nothing to lose in front of their fans. Guatemala may play for the tie if they beat Jamaica, otherwise they would also need a win to advance.

  53. rambo says:

    Yeah, I agree. He deleted it very quickly though. Probably not as big of a loss as everyone thinks considering he wasn’t going to start. Would be nice to have as back up or a sub though.

  54. TomG says:

    If Klinsi leaves a top 5 player off the roster for important qualifiers over a personal issue, then he’s not the man for the job. He seems to be playing favorites much more than previous managers while making much, much more money and achieving little. He talks out of one side of his mouth about playing a more skilled game while leaving many of the highest skilled players off the roster. It seems like every time he opens his mouth he’s contradicting himself or his actions. He said Jozy and he were on the same page when, based on the information here, that clearly isn’t the case. We need a manager who fields a full strength squad and sets clear expectations, not one who plays favorites and games with the roster during qualifying. Klinsi needs to communicate better and Jozy needs to stop making dumb tweets, but leaving up him off the roster isn’t the answer. Getting him in and having it out with him on the training pitch is.

  55. TerkyJerky says:

    Did I not called this on the Eddie Johnson thread, although I was being sarcastic it might actually turn out to be true.

  56. TomG says:

    Of course, but I can’t see that ever happening.

  57. TomG says:

    Agreed, though his “system” has gone from a vision of free flowing passing, skill and width to a narrow, defensive bucket of dmids and forwards who don’t pass and rely on pouncing on mistakes to score goals rather than any creativity or build up play.

  58. GD10 says:

    Wish Bradley was still coach…..

  59. biff says:

    I respectfully disagree, TomG. I have made no secret in recent weeks that I have some problems with Klinsmann. But if I were coach of a team and player tweeted what Jozy is alleged to have tweeted, I would not call him up again, if ever, for a long long time. Chemistry is the most important factor in a team’s success and if Jozy is grumbling in the locker room or over on the edge of the field about the coach then the coach would be a fool to have that sort of poison on the roster. And I say that as a huge fan of Jozy and I hope it is not true what he is said to have tweeted. Cause if he did, it was stupid as heck.

    And let’s not forget the Bob Bradley had his favorites and also is thought to have cut off a few players from the roster who did not get along with his son and never called them back.

  60. PD says:

    True, but this twitter stuff is disconcerting. Freddy Adu is a pariah for much less.

    This while missing Jones and LD due to injury is gonna make for a new ulcer.

  61. Johnny says:

    Settle down people. Altidore has yet to be a consistent threat up top for us.
    Just please no Beckerman or Torres.

  62. GD10 says:

    this looks very bad for jk, don’t want to have beef with you star striker before a crucial qualifier

  63. PD says:

    Oh hellz yes!

  64. The Imperative Voice says:

    If he was talking about JK’s discussion of his own play, that would be silly, I read him as discounting for Holland and suggesting Jozy still needed to grow but not really criticizing him much. In which case he overreacted.

    Now, there were other parts of the interview that struck me as defensive, and the unit is tight knit enough to where players might not like to hear Klinsi downplay the team to justify his actions. At which point what interests me is that this would be the first crack in the wall of silence, a sign of internal rumblings. At which point you wonder if this is primarily Jozy grumbling over his downgrade, or the tip of the iceberg?

  65. PD says:

    If you have a beef, you settle it like professionals, you don’t tit for tat like bratty children. If this is true it’s embarrrasing.

  66. jon says:

    maybe this explains the red card over the weekend… jozy was distracted and angry

  67. Darwin says:

    Meanwhile, Edgar Castillo is putting the Lichaj talk to bed.

  68. beachbum says:

    if you’re talking about the quali at Rio Tinto, I was there and it was a Jozy header for goal that mattered MUCH in that 2-1 win

  69. Rowsdower says:

    People here seem to focus on JK but what about Altidore’s immature tweet? IMO, there has to be some repercussions from it. Not sure snubbing him at this time is the correct solution though either.

  70. beachbum says:

    yet to be consistent under Klinsmann that is. Didn’t Jozy lead the team in scoring last WC qualifying cycle?

  71. mike says:

    Let’s say he did post about Klinsi. Devil’s advocate for a sec. If that is the case, this is no personal issue. It is a professional issue. And what coach of any professional team anywhere would allow such a direct and public criticism of his team to stand? What would Klinsi possibly lose? Well, possibly the respect and control of all his players. Wouldn’t you say? It doesn’t matter a damn bit that Altidore retracted this post. It only matters that he posted it. If this was about Klinsi then it is Jozy who is the fool. No question. It is Jozy who is putting his team in a difficult place. Because of his own selfish decision.

  72. beachbum says:

    if he is in fact snubbed, I agree and thought the same thing.

  73. beachbum says:


  74. mike says:

    “..criticism of his methods” actually.

    And tell me, honestly, that Coach Bradley wouldn’t do the same thing in Klinsi’s shoes. He would.

  75. AcidBurn says:

    Ives said yesterday that Beckerman is being called up.

    Beckerman, Danny Williams, Bradley, Jones, Cameron, Edu

    Six DM’s baby!

  76. Rowsdower says:

    totally agree.

  77. 2tone says:

    Jozy has every right to criticize klinsmann because quite frankly klinsmann hasn’ t been good enough. But on the flipside klinsmann has every to leave him off of the roster. Whatever I just the usmnt to win.

  78. mike says:

    Totally agree.

  79. Aaron in StL says:

    Are we being Homelanded by the Germans? It feels like we may be getting Homelanded by the Germans.

  80. cj says:

    Beasley is hurt kissed this weekends game. I see Pontious getting the call…but I want the badass of MLS Steven Lehnart get the call

  81. 2tone says:

    On another note. Jk and his ego makes him like a child though.

  82. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    Yeah, I would agree. Even though, Klinsy has been unable to make the midfield click and create many chances, Jozy shouldn’t come out and say what he tweeted…just makes him look like a diva.

    With that being said, Gomez has been playing better at the National team level. So Jozy wouldn’t have started anyway.

  83. BamaMan says:

    If Altidore was openly insubordinate to the coach via twitter, as it appears he was, Klinsmann had no choice. That kind of stuff will destroy a team instantly.

  84. Judging Amy says:

    Undoubtedly immature (if it was directed at Klins’ interview which it seemed to be). But whatever it was he took it down pretty quickly. Bottom line if this is a personal/disciplinary thing with Klins that’s between the two of them.

    I’m not going to go on a biff-like flight of fancy, imagining what goes on behind the scenes (not that I don’t like your vivid speculation biff).

    I can’t imagine us not qualifying. It’s no huge accomplishment (relatively speaking) for the US to qualify in CONCACAF. The gulf in talent between our side and Guat/AB is still huge even though they’ve improved. Not too concerned about that, but the Nats should be taking steps toward showing better and I’m not sure if they are.

  85. Old School says:

    I dunno.

    When every manager he’s had questions his work rate and effort at times, it’s really hard to put the blame on someone else.

    When other forwards are scoring with limited service, it’s really hard to put the blame on someone else.

    When national team duty is so quick and immediate that you need to produce right away/be fit and prepared, not “find your form” and you don’t produce, it’s really hard to put the blame on someone else.

    Maybe Jozy was talking about himself.

    I have a really hard time putting this blame on JK. If that tweet was about JK, I think it highlights Jozy’s immaturity and lack of professionalism, which, has been questioned routinely to begin with.

    That tweet is a prime example of a shortcoming and was nothing less than an incompetent decision to tweet.

    If he has this attitude, like it or not, he should be left behind.

  86. byrdman says:

    Jones injured, right?? And Cameron playing in the back. I agree too many DMIDS in the past, but let’s be fair. Or is Jones going to play?

  87. beachbum says:

    it’s the coach’s job to make sure his best players are feeling right on the team, his most important job even

    and you don’t see Jozy’s Dutch coach bitchin’ about him

  88. byrdman says:

    How many times are people going to screw up on social media before they stop tweeting, typin…. Nevermind.

  89. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    I dont think that Jozy has the right to tweet what he said. As a player you have to be professional.

    What positive thing has come of that tweet? Nothing, it just creates drama.

    Even Jozy knows that; that’s why he deleted his tweet.

    If you a problem with the coach; you talk to the coach, not tweet it like a 15 yr High School girl would.

    JK’s comments I think were intended to light a fire under Jozy. I think Jozy took it the wrong way, and said something immature. He comes off selfish and bratty to me.

  90. byrdman says:

    NO he sat his butt on the bench a good part of the second half of last year. It worked too!
    He came back and scored big goals late in the season. Then he reigned him in again, and said you can’t go to the NT camp until the very last minute. It worked again.

    It appears that Van der Beek or whatever is name is, understands that Jozy needs a tight leash. Maybe JK is trying to do the same.


    JK could be an idiot!! Who’s to say.

  91. mike says:

    it’s only personal if they are talking alone. once he makes it public he involves everyone. including us for that matter.

  92. andy says:

    I agree with Old School. Jozy’s attitude has always been his downfall.

    And Verbeek was sure bitchin’ about Jozy yesterday calling him and Maher “a bit stupid” for the red cards in the Twente match

  93. Old School says:

    You’re aware Gertjan Verbeek benched Jozy this year, at one point, correct?

  94. Johnny says:

    Don’t know. Josy had 13 goals in 51 caps. EJ had 12 goals in 42 caps.
    Gomez has 5 goals in 16 caps.

  95. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:


  96. MidWest Ref says:

    It sounds like JJ may be out too.

    Hopefully the return of MB90 will make up for our other losses.

    I am not feeling too good about the upcoming qualifiers. This must be how Mexico felt in 2008-9 when Sven was coaching.

  97. beachbum says:

    that’s true, but he hasn’t been bitchin while he was scoring all those goals, just stroking him

    I can see many want Jozy to be knocked down a peg or two, but for me I prefer my strikers to be propped up and filled with belief, sort of like what Germany does for Klose

    hopefully Klinsmann’s approach works. we’ll see if Jozy was in fact snubbed

  98. Johnny says:

    And now I’ll start drinking Drano…

  99. beachbum says:

    yes, but not now while he’s been going off. I guess the thought by Coach is he can teach Jozy something and we don’t need him in these crucial qualis even tho Jozy’s delivered in them for the Nats before

  100. 2tone says:

    Yes he does have the right. It’s called free speech.

  101. Johnny says:

    IF this is true, then it shows why he’s not being called up: emotional maturity.

  102. beachbum says:

    that is IF he is in fact snubbed. we’ll see

  103. Old School says:

    There’s propping someone up and there’s ignoring blatant immaturity and not addressing it.

    If you recall correctly, Jozy was off to a fast start with AZ (i.e. scoring goals) and was STILL benched by his manager.

    I don’t recall the full details but that’s neither “propping him up” nor “ignoring it while he was scoring all those goals”.

    People will see what they want but there’s a trend that is impossible to ignore. Especially in this context.

  104. Raymon says:

    May I just say that I commend SBI for its often-creative selection of photos for particular stories. This photo of Jozy begs for a caption. It asks us to interpret what happened or what is going on. And is one that you dont normally see.

    Other photos include some fantastic ones of Deuce and some hilarious ones of LD in the past.

  105. MidWest Ref says:

    That is a very minute point to debate – whether he was not called or whether he was called and refused.

    Either way, if Jozy is not in the camp, our coach has some explaining to do about how and why he has alienated one of our few true forwards and potential scoring threats.

    You see, this is why Charlie Davies was so important. We have some minor scoring threats from the midfield, but most of our forwards are stuck playing hold up to allow others to join. When CD played, the defense had to be worried about a fast, creative scoring threat. Once he got into that car with the drunk driver, he made the US easier to defend.

  106. chris says:

    The Germans have come to sabotage our team!

  107. chris says:

    He hurt his wrist in a game not that hard to detect if you watched the games

  108. Judging Amy says:

    Agreed in that Jozy’s tweet (again, assuming its actually directed at Klins) affects Nats fans in as much as it was dumb and impacts the NT. Jozy is of course open to criticism for his public actions (though I feel that a segment of sports fans are often creepily obsessed with and too quick to chastise athletes over trivialities).

    I should have perhaps clarified to indicate that the resolution of this whole tweet ordeal can be resolved between them and I don’t need or care to speculate on it. I’ll be satisfied with the resolution (whether its them working it out which seems unlikely at this point or Klins removing Jozy from the team for these quails). Speculating about what actually went on through 3rd/4th party sources on the internet just seems like gossiping to me.

  109. Ben says:

    Once again, a person doesn’t understand what free speech is.

  110. Old School says:

    No, you don’t.

    Even the biggest Bradley supporters knew it was his time to move on.

  111. jerp says:

    hear ya

  112. biff says:

    ha-ha. “a biff-like flight of fancy” i will be so proud when that quote gets included in Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations.

  113. odsum25 says:

    Jurgen must be watching too many Stoke City matches.

  114. jon says:

    not a huge fan of klinsi, but if jozy really sent that tweet, I feel like you have to bench the guy a couple of games. It’s assumed – criticize the coach in public, you don’t get called. That’s how it’s always been and how it always will be.

  115. Don't Do Drugs says:

    That tweet appears to be legitimate.

    I don’t care if he ever sees the pitch for the USMNT again now. Petulant child.

  116. Amru says:

    I would like to think that a professional coach could rise above the immaturity of a 22 year old by bringing him into camp and squashing this “feud.” JK sinking to that level, if he in fact did not call up jozy, is much more concerning to me.

  117. Vic says:

    I certainly believe it. We know EJ got the call so the other forwards are probably Dempsey, Gomez and Boyd. Jozy certainly deserves to get a call. Personally I could care less. His club play is great but his national team play is poor. Its almost definate that JK won’t change the system to accommadate Altidore’s style so why play him?

  118. Don't Do Drugs says:

    It’s concerning to you that Klinsmann would not introduce a cancerous individual with no respect for the coach into the locker room?

    Actions have consequences–especially when done in public.

  119. Amru says:

    First of all calling jozy cancerous is pretty ridiculous. Second if there is a problem with one of the best players on the team, I believe the coach and player should make try and make amends and not exasperate the situation with this tit for tat nonsense

  120. Indigo Montoya says:

    This is a solid observation, however, I still anticipate the US to qualify – and I don’t expect to read “Shakespearian” references – nicely done, sir.

  121. biff says:

    Probably there have been tensions between Jozy and Klinsmann for some time. That sort of explosive tweet could not have possibly happened unless Jozy had been stewing for a long time. This sort of expolains Jozy’s late arrival in the May camp, when he went to the Caribbean for fun in the sun with his team before straggling late into camp and Klinsmann kept him on the bench for several games. Yeah, I know the story was that his coach would not let him come. But under Fifa rules if Jozy had wanted to come he could have.

    And with this roster today coming so late for gosh sakes at 3 p.m. with the first game only four days away, makes me wonder if there might be some side issues with other players, possibly supporters of Jozy. And it also makes me wonder more and more about Clarence Goodson’s mystery yellow card in the September 7 game against Jamaica in Kingston. The official Concacaf match report does not Goodson getting a yellow card in that game yet US Soccer announced the next day that he got a yellow and he leaves the team and flies back to Denmark. Makes me wonder if there was some sort of bust up there.

    Official Concacaf match report
    link to

  122. Judging Amy says:

    JK sinking to Jozy’s level would be tweeting back at Jozy or saying something about Jozy in public.

    Jozy is one of my favorite Nats but his tweet (if directed at Klins) is indefensible.

    Klins could have handled it in a few different ways but if he took him off the team for that tweet, its not retaliation, its discipline. He’s the coach. Like him or not.

  123. Don't Do Drugs says:

    No. It really isn’t.

    Saying publicly that your coach shouldn’t blame you for his own shortcomings and incompetence after YOUR poor form is pretty much the definition of a locker room cancer.

  124. Judging Amy says:

    Not as fanciful as some of your other flights, but still good.

  125. Wooten says:

    link to

    This is a JPG of Jozy’s tweet about Klinsmann’s interview.

    And we thought Adu had some attitude issues when he was younger. Wow. I would never call him in again.

  126. downintexas says:

    +1 but I was hoping for an upgrade, have not seen that yet!

  127. Brolo says:

    This makes me happy

  128. louis z says:

    I thought most of our goals r scored by other than our forwards.

  129. Old School says:

    I wouldn’t go that far. However, I also wouldn’t find fault if he’s never called up under JK again.

    That said, cooler heads will prevail and Jozy *should* learn from this. I still see him a part of the Brazil 2014 team (assuming we qualify).

    All those people that say, “Look at what Jozy has accomplished so far at a young age.”…you’re right about two things: his accomplishments AND his young age, which highlights his immaturity.

    Jozy will grow up. This is a part of the learning process.

  130. Amru says:

    A locker room cancer would be someone like T.O. and Jozy is no where near that bad. Jozy does have maturity issues and that tweet was very stupid, but even he realized that because he removed it very quickly. I see this as a personal matter between the two and should be handled as such.

  131. The Imperative Voice says:

    Actually, I was speaking of the 3/28/09 quali game (actually Hex) in ES where the US fell behind 2-0 before salvaging a 2-2 tie. Jozy came on roughly 60′ and got a goal 77′ before a later goal equalized. Some teams simply cannot handle his size and for that reason alone he’s a useful bench option even if you don’t see him as starter material.

    I think most “Jozy Realists” still see him as higher up the relative scale than Wondo or EJ.

  132. TomG says:

    I disagree. Bob was always the ultimate professional and the ultimate man manager. I don’t recall a single instance of him playing favorites and certainly don’t recall anything about players not getting along with his son. Please source that because I seriously doubt anything like that occurred. The player always argued to be Bob’s favorite was Bornstein, but it was more the fact of having an awful lack of options at LB rather than anything else.

    You want Jozy to be banned from the team over a public criticism that he immediately deleted? Well, who STARTED this public criticism?? If it’s classless for Jozy, it’s the ULTIMATE in classlessness for Klinsi to start this whole mess in the press. He claimed Jozy knew all this, well obviously not, judging from his reaction. Klinsi should not be bashing his players in the press. THat’s extremely unprofessional. You all are bashing Jozy but completely letting Klinsi off the hook just because he’s the authority figure. If anything, the authority figure should have more awareness of his words. That’s his JOB!! Why is our manager starting public fights in the press with one of our best players? Why is he responding to questions about his system by bashing our players??? Would Bob EVER, in a million years do that? No, of course not. Granted, Bob was often criticised for being tight lipped, but now you see why. Both are at fault here, but while Jozy apologizes for his mistakes, when Klinsi screws up, he is showing an increasing pattern of blaming others.

  133. Old School says:

    It could be worse: Jonathan Bornstein

  134. TomG says:

    Bob never would have started this mess, Mike, and you know it. He never publicly bashed his players. This is why. When his team underperformed, he accepted the blame, unlike Klinsi who constantly shifts the blame to everyone else. I don’t want to come across as a fire Klinsi type. I’m not, but he has some serious warts that need to be acknowleged and sweeping them under the rug isn’t going to help.

  135. BOHAWK says:

    Will take Bradley any day.

  136. Fraser says:

    Don’t think Jozy fits to Jurgen’s style of play. He doesn’t try nearly as hard for the Nats as he does for AZ, and personally I think EJ is better at getting on the end of crosses than Altidore is, making him a better fit for our “attack the flanks” mentality. As far as the midfield goes, we haven’t had our best players in their respective positions fit at the same time to be able to make a good decision or any criticism of Klinnsman. I think we’ll be fine for qualifications, assuming we do what we need to do on the field: Possess the ball, attack the flanks, and give the ball to Clint Dempsey. Besides that, I could care less if Jozy were there. If you can’t convert club to international play then you have no business with the latter, for now at least.

  137. TomG says:

    For both Klinsi and Jozy, yes. At lease Jozy apologizes when he screws up, though.

  138. The Imperative Voice says:

    Except you’re making the classic Kinnearian mistake of acting like a player is either In or Out, as though there isn’t a such thing as a bench where one can have a mix of solid luncpail second tier players as well as those who while flawed present useful tactical abilities, speed, size, etc.

    If someone wanted to throw in some truly trenchant criticism, it would be that maybe Klinsi from Jozy’s recent games got the idea he’s an unreliable person to put in to close a game out. Like Kinnear, maybe he wants a lunchpail work rate type like Wondo to chase the defense late. To which I respond, it better not be close later cause he ain’t scoring.

    For that matter, if there is a designated roster spot for Sloppy Athletic forward, you still take Jozy over EJ because EJ is even more mythic a striker.

  139. jb says:

    Really surprised at people going after Klinnsman on this. Not sure Klinnsman had any other choice unless he wanted to show obvious favoritism and alienate the rest of the players who bust their tails and act professionally.

    Furthermore, Altidore just isnt giving it his all when hes on the field! I’m not going to speculate on why because it doesnt matter. After watching him (in person) jog around in Columbus for the final 10 minutes of a game we had to win, I said to myself I was fine if I never saw him play again. I dont care how talented he is, it’s not fair to every other player( and certainly not the team) that would run themselves ragged for a 5 minute cameo if it meant repping the USA.

  140. The Imperative Voice says:

    As I argued elsewhere, do Jozy’s comments reflect his own opinion or a growing critical mass. If he’s just an isolated, benched complainer being left out entirely, that’s one thing, but if Klinsi is making decisions reflecting a broader divide within the team, that’s potential a Harkes/ Wynalda ’98 implosion.

    If you wanted to go conspiracy theory, Landon has ostensibly lost motivation, Chandler won’t show up, etc. Things could be what they are on their face, or he could be losing the team a little.

  141. WK says:

    if No Jozy, then against the Guats I’d like to see this:

    F. Johnson—-MB—-Zusi
    ———D. Williams——

    that leaves our left side mighty vulnerable to the pacce of Jamie Alas & Marco Pappa, but we counter with our own speed and skill on our left.

  142. The Imperative Voice says:

    This is not the YMCA, I don’t want to support a bunch of criminal thugs, but in terms of mere cards and press comments, grow thicker skin because this team is not that good where you can just say player x can go play for Germany; player y can sit as punishment for tweets, etc. I mean, it sounds like we’re calling in EJ, Castillo, et al. WTF?

  143. From A to Z says:


    You would think after reading through the comments here that Jozy was the second coming instead of an immature player both on and off the field. He needs to grow up, period.

  144. THomas says:

    At this point I’m starting to realize that the multiple DM’s isn’t because he loves playing defensively. We just don’t have experienced midfielders capable of contributing at this point who aren’t natural DM’s. That’s why we saw Williams tested out right.

    I think Beckerman just allows JK to play Bradley/Edu/Jones/Williams in more advanced or wide roles. Not having Shea or Donovan can only contribute to that. But the emergence of Zusi may mean that he takes the place of one of the DM’s when all are healthy again.

  145. EA says:

    Is Alan Gordon available?

  146. THomas says:

    Kind of funny because his tweet is in response to Klinsi speaking freely in an interview. So why wouldn’t Jozy be allowed to reply? It wasn’t slanderous.

  147. M says:

    Hopefully after this they JK and Jozy will get back on the same page.

  148. Ed says:

    Not so fast. Imagine if we had a healthy jermaine jones for WC2010 and a healthy cherundolo for the gold cup vs. Mexico. Might have reflected on those teams as some of the best US teams of all time.

  149. THomas says:

    This looks tantalizing. But JK himself said, maybe in the interview Jozy responded to, that he wouldn’t move Johnson from LB. We’ve got options wide left in midfield and to move our long awaited savior of left back there would be counter productive.

    He could move Deuce out wide left and pair up Johnson & Gomez. Assuming Johnson does end up in camp.

  150. MidWest Ref says:

    That was my point when I brought up Charlie Davies.

    To be a better team, we need to have scoring threats – whether they score or not – but someone who can threaten the opposition. Jozy is a bigger threat, in my opinion, than others – including Gomez, but I am not the coach.

    I am not saying right or wrong, but if Jozy is not called in (or refused the call in), someone better explain what is going on – and that lands in Klinsmann’s lap.

  151. The Imperative Voice says:

    Just a thought: since he deleted the tweet he clearly already “gets it” that he shouldn’t have said what he did. There is no lesson other than impulse control to teach here. Face-saving suspension for A&B, who we will beat anyway, road game or not; then have him on the bench for the Guate home game we will have to win. The moralizers get their scalp, Klinsi gets his message sent, but the grander goals of the team aren’t undercut.

  152. Mingjai says:

    Or perhaps he had an indication even back then that he wouldn’t be called in, which explains the tweet.

  153. Vic says:

    I would switch Castillo and Johnson. Castillo in midfield and Johnson LB.

  154. CplDaniel says:

    so in 5-minutes?? Yes!!

  155. Bob says:

    Sounds like what Bill Belichick was trying to do with Wes Welker. And we all know that, in the end, Welker got the last laugh!

  156. USAmr says:

    Altidore is out. Wow.

  157. Matt says:

    This is my concern as well. I worry that Klinsmann is pulling a Samson; he has had a rocky relationship with Donovan, Bradley, Jozy… and those are some of our most talented players. I just worry that the players will be upset that he isn’t called in. I sure hope this doesn’t go bad and we get out of these two games qualifeid for teh hex, so we they can be addressed. Klinsmann definitely isn’t a man manager.

  158. CplDaniel says:

    GOALKEEPERS (3) : Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Tim Howard (Everton), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
    DEFENDERS (8) : Carlos Bocanegra (Racing Santander), Geoff Cameron (Stoke City), Edgar Castillo (Club Tijuana), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover), Maurice Edu (Stoke City), Clarence Goodson (Brondby), Fabian Johnson (Hoffenheim), Michael Parkhurst (Nordsjaelland)
    MIDFIELDERS (8) : Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Michael Bradley (Roma), Joe Corona (Club Tijuana), Jermaine Jones (Schalke 04), Sacha Kljestan (Anderlecht), Brek Shea (FC Dallas), Danny Williams (Hoffenheim), Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)
    FORWARDS (5): Clint Dempsey (Tottenham Hotspur), Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy), Herculez Gomez (Santos), Alan Gordon (San Jose Earthquakes), Eddie Johnson (Seattle Sounders)

  159. CplDaniel says:

    Yes! I posted it one-minute before it was released!!

  160. biff says:

    That is a very interesting comment, jb. I never thought of Jozy like that before, you have definitely given me food for thought. And if Jamica would have come back and scored an equalizer in the final five minutes in Columbus, qualifying hopes would be in grave danger and Klinsmann’s future as a coach would be in deep, deep stuff and it is possible that a player or two might have enjoyed seeing Klinsmann sweat and he most definitely was sweating in Kingston and Columbus. Klinsmann needs to watch his back. No doubt about it.

    I think Klinsmann’s biggest mistake from the very beginning was trying too hard to be Mr. Nice Guy to everybody. There were obviously some players who identified with the previous coach and might not have agreed with Klinsmann’s appointment and a lot of new coaches coming into that situation would have cleared those guys out first thing for a total clean slate and to ensure no leakage of information to your biggest enemy to be used against you. I do think now, though, that Klinsmann has learned his lesson and he has simply gotta do what a man has to do to ensure survival. yep, Klinsmann needs to watch his back.

  161. Jeb says:

    well, people will be happy to see sacha

  162. Anonymous Coward says:

    Jeopardize the team’s chances of qualifying because of a personal feud…yeah, that’s exactly the sort of thing that inspires a team!

  163. mike says:

    as a big altidore fan, as well as a big U.S MNT fan, i fully support the decision not to bring jozy. jozy is off to a fantastic league start and playing in every crucial match there. why disturb that for a couple of important, yet winnable games without him ? so many players in europe seasons are ruined by the interval perios. its not worth the risk in my opinion. he needs to establish himself club first. quite frankly if we cant beat antigua and guatemala without jozy then were not going anywhere anyways.

  164. BK says:

    I’ve been saying this here for years. Altidore is not international material and never will be. Klinsmann has given him a shot and knows this as well.

  165. Mark says:

    I’ve never been a fan of “Lazy Out-da-door.”

    He’s a flopper and never fights hard for the ball.

    I’m happy he was left off.

  166. abc says:

    If Klinsy wasn’t going to call in Altidore while he is playing great in Holland and leading the league in scoring, he is a complete f’ing idiot.

    If Klinsy didn’t call in Altidore because Altidore correctly identified that the problem with the lack of goals for the USMNT was Klinsmann’s seventeen crappy defensive midfielders being unable to link up with the forwards meaning Jozy doesn’t have the same quality service he gets in Holland, he is petty.

    Pick your poison I guess. Either way, Klinsmann looks quite bad and we’re one step closer to “I guess Lahm was right about him.”

  167. abc says:

    Hey let’s not be too hard on the guy, after all he is the one who brought Aron Winter to Toronto and should get credit for their success!

  168. abc says:

    Okay, so can we call Klinsmann a petty incompetent fool now that we know for sure?

    He has a deeper US team than we’ve ever had IMO, and we can barely score one goal per game. And he blames Altidore while starting 3-4 defensive midfielders every time!