Johnson reveals USMNT call-up on Twitter

EddieJohnsonUSMNT (

Guess who's back?

Seattle Sounders forward Eddie Johnson revealed on Twitter on Friday night that he has been called up by the U.S. national team for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Antigua & Barbuda and Guatemala.

Johnson sent out the following tweet on Friday night:

Thank you to the Seattle Sounders and my teammates family and friends for believing in me when everyone else didn't. #igotthecallupguys

If Johnson did indeed secure a national team call-up, it would mark his first time with the U.S. national team since he made a substitute's appearance in a scoreless draw against Colombia on Oct. 12, 2010, almost two years ago.

Johnson has enjoyed a career renaissance since joining the Sounders this season. He has compiled 15 goals and two assists for the Sounders this season, regaining the form that once made him a regular U.S. national team call-up.

Klinsmann may also be looking to call on Johnson's experience in World Cup qualifying. Johnson has scored eight goals in nine career World Cup qualifying matches, with seven of those goals coming during the qualifying cycle for the 2006 World Cup. One of those goal actually came against Guatemala, in a 2-0 win on March 30th, 2005 in Birmingham, Alabama. The U.S. faces Guatemala in the final qualifier of the current round, on Oct. 16th at Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kansas.

If Johnson is being called in, it will be interesting to see who Klinsmann chooses to leave behind for the remaining qualifiers. Terrence Boyd has been on the bench for Rapid Vienna in recent matches after enjoying a fast start following his transfer from Borussia Dortmund so he could wind up being left out.

Klinsmann will formally announce the U.S. World Cup qualifying roster on Monday, when the team will convene in Miami for training camp ahead of Friday's qualifier against Antigua & Barbuda.

What do you think of this development? Excited to see Johnson back in the field? Think he has shown enough to merit another look? See him earning playing time in the upcoming qualifiers?

Share your thoughts below.

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122 Responses to Johnson reveals USMNT call-up on Twitter

  1. Keanu says:


  2. 2tone says:

    Pretty much saw this coming. With Boyd and Gomez both in poor form; Eddie Johnson was going to get the call. Wouldn’t be surprised if either Boyd or Gomez is not on the roster.

  3. Chris Fox says:

    Would love to see E. Johnson paired up with Dempsey up front. Those two know how to find space and get on the end of crosses. With Donovan back and F. Johnson bringing it up the back would put a lot more speed in the lineup.

  4. 2tone says:

    Good for him. He has been in real good form.

  5. RedLine55 says:

    3 Johnsons (Sean/Fabian/Eddie) at the same time?! Could we see a new record?

  6. Bimmer_benz says:

    This sucks tbh guys like Gonzalez, Pontius and Lichaj deserved a callup way more than EJ.

  7. 2tone says:

    Licha and Gonzo? No. Pontius may still be on the roster.

  8. 2tone says:

    like I have said. Klinsmann is going to make this rostr a more attack minded roster more than likely.

  9. Edwin in LA says:

    How does Lichaj not deserve a call up? Guy has been starting almost every game dating back to the last 2 months of last season….

    Gonzo maybe not for this crucial qualifier but Klinsmann took FOREVER to call him up last year he was snubbed for a while then got injured and is pretty much back to his Best Defender caliber in MLS….

  10. 20 says:

    Lichaj has been dropped by Villa. He needs to work his way back into the starting lineup. If he’s not going to get PT, hopefully he can go out on loan again.

  11. Liga says:

    I feel awful for Boyd.

    Rapid’s coach is flailing around trying to keep his job after some embarrassing defeats and his first move was to bench his team’s leading scorer–T. Boyd. T. Boyd is also the league’s second leading scorer with an incredible goal to game ratio of 50%. That’s Torres with Liverpool good.

  12. 2tone says:

    Uhm no he hasn’t. Klinsmann recently alluded to that Lichaj probably won’t be called up until the November friendly.

    I like Lichaj. But I am with Klinsmann on this. Not only that Licahj is back on the bench for Aston Villa.

    Also Chandler is not on Germany’s roster again. Might mean something.

  13. 2tone says:

    But Rapid has won games with Boyd on the bench. More than Likely Boyd will be starting this weekend.

  14. Edwin in LA says:

    He started and went 90 on the 15h, started and played 68 minutes on the 22nd, only got 4 minutes plus stoppage time on the 25th and missed out on the 30th….how is that being dropped? Played in 3 of 4 of the last games. And significant minutes with starts in 2 of those games….I don’t see how he is suddenly dropped and it wouldn’t be the 1st time that a player doesn’t get club time but plays for national team….see Mexico lol

    Lichaj offers better wheels at Right back and depth for Left back even if he was a reserve I trust him more than Castillo I’ll tell you that much….and I like Castillo

  15. Edwin in LA says:

    Did you not see him play game after game last Spring? come on how was that not deserving? Guy was great in Gold Cup until Bradley decided to switch him and completely change the defense instead of subbing a RB for RB…Lichaj had a great run to end last season and continued this season….being on the bench for 1 game and 1 mid-week cup game but still getting in for a few minutes is hardly being dropped. How is he not deserving?

  16. louis z says:

    If this is true I think it will be at the expense of Boyd. I can see the change, Jozy and Boyd are too much the same player.

  17. Bimmer_benz says:

    But Rapid lost 2-0 in Europa League Thursday and Boyd was on the bench, also Gomez has been on the bench a lot lately for Santos.

  18. Edwin in LA says:

    Why not bring them both Boyd & Gomez that is…24 players is not exactly a big deal…bring Boyd and Gomes and add Johnson as an extra striker….

    I really wish Chandler was a reality but that guy I think really wants to play for Germany so he needs to first make up his mind then apologize to his teammates for leaving them hanging!

  19. Darwin says:

    We’ll see if Lichaj starts this weekend. Still, for Lichaj, it is too little too late. Besides, is he going to unseat the best left-back in the bundesliga? The most experienced right-back in the bundesliga? No and no.

  20. Cojosurfer says:

    Eddie Johnson…you’ve been blessed. Continue working hard and playing smart. Inspiring to see you get back.

  21. TerkyJerky says:

    Jozy is being drop. He is scoring in a league that doesn’t play defense where he needs 3 to 4 chances to score one goal. That does us no good in qualifying when he is going to get only 1 chance per game. Since he doesn’t hustle and is lazy he is probably going to be replace by Eddie Johnson.

  22. Edwin in LA says:

    I don’t think I ever said he was going to start did I….and yes I do think he can challenge Dolo, he is getting really old really fast and really slow really badly…against the minnows of Concacaf he may fly but we need to start grooming people for top caliber games 2 years from now….

    Also Fabian can be played at Left wing which we are in dire need of having some options there, and no Shea is not a realistic option….that guy only does anything vs Mexico for some reason…lol I thought he would be way better by now

    Anyhow, he is better than Parkhurst and I remember Parkhurst unseating Dolo….although I think Dolo might of been carrying a knock but still…Lichaj > Parkhurst.

    Again did you not see him starting 9 games straight for 2 months? How is that too little too late? We could of used him in those June/May games

  23. Nate Dollars says:

    too little too late? what are you talking about? it’s not as if lichaj hasn’t been called before; as i recall, he’s impressed every time he’s played for us.

    AND, most people are not saying he should start over fabian or dolo; they want him called up for depth (you know, so we don’t have torres at LB again).

  24. Edwin in LA says:

    I doubt that, the last goal he scored was very much a hard hustling goal in which I believe he took and beat a couple of people and assisted on another goal and helped keep the score…..Why does everyone say Holland plays no defense??? Ever hard of Mark Van Bommel or Gio Vanbrockhurst???? Or Greg Van der Weil the guy who PSG has as their Starting RB who Barca considered when there was talk of Alves leaving?????

  25. Nate Dollars says:

    if this comment was supposed to be funny (not sure), this was pretty good.

  26. mike says:

    eddie response.
    “…and in the thunderbolt greaseslapper, Tom Slick.”

  27. Perris says:

    Where’s Wondo???

  28. kfly says:

    Oh, great. Here we go again.

  29. Mario says:

    well-served…he has worked his way onto this team

  30. Mario says:

    Chandler is overrated

  31. Don dada says:

    Hercules Gomez might be left off. He hasnt been playing lately.

    Hopefully Edu and Torres will be left off too

  32. dom dada says:

    Hopefully we will also see 2 bocanegras

    Ricardo and Carlos

  33. Old School says:

    No way Gomez is left considering his production and work rate under JK.

    Boyd is more likely.

  34. Old School says:

    Dempsey, Jozy, Gomez & Johnson
    Forwards that will be called up.

  35. bizzy says:

    These are the kind of changes that bring hope…now (1)drop Orozco and add Demerit (or move Edu to defense) and (2)drop Torres and bring in Freddy Adu. We would stomp any minnows that come our way…..

  36. biff says:

    This is a great sign that Klinsmann is finally seeing the light and is recognizing the folly of playing 3 to 4 natural defenisve midfiedler and basically playing mostly bunker-bob style soccer for 14 long frustrating months (and, I might add, not playing bunker-bob style as well as the inventor, BB himself). But better late than never, although too bad it has taken a crisis to shake up Klinsmann.

    I have been saying all week that I thought Klinsmann was going to surprise us with some new faces and if he is calling in Eddie Johnson I would bet anyone 25 cents that Chris Pontius is also finally going to get a call-up.

    I am getting totally nervous about these games and a loss in Antigua would be a catastrophe meaning the USMNT would probably have to beat Guatemala by at least two maybe three goals in Kansas City to make it to the Hex and Klinsmann no doubt is now sweating bullets and doing proverbial bricks, if you know what I mean, because there is no doubt in my mind that if the USMNT fails to make it to the Hex then Klinsmann will not only be justifiably fired but would most likely never get a respectable coaching job again.

    Klinsmann definitely needs to be careful who he puts on the field, can only be players who he trusts 1000% to get the job done and not make a bad pass that results in a goal or make a defensive lapse to allow a goal or commit a red card foul that results in a penalty kick and down to 10 men. Any number of things could go wrong (think Olympic qualifying) to wreck USMNT WC2014 hopes and dreams. No more fun and games from Klinsmann and pretty quotes with no meaning. Time for Klinsmann to stop talking the talk with sugary sweet quotes that often make no sense but instead walk the walk and get the job done no matter what it takes. We need two decisive wins in two games and then on to the Hex.

  37. jerp says:

    him starting last year for villa was a team that had given up on the season giving some guys chances. he played alright, but he is not a lock for the team right now. especially after the last two weeks. i think he will be on the team in 2014, but we will see…

  38. jerp says:

    altidore has no chance at the int level

  39. Rlw2020 says:

    Im happy he got the call too but dont get ahead of yourself. I bet ej is in the range of #17-23, replacing boyd. Its possible he makes an appearance vs A&B if he does well in training but this is hardly any clue to how the rest of the roster looks!

    I also hope pontius gets a call and the overall team accepts a more fast pace attack but we will see..

  40. AC says:

    Great to see him work his way back. Hopefully he can contribute.

  41. Jared says:

    If he can keep his head right and work hard then he still has a lot of soccer left in him both for club and country. He’s still just 28.

  42. kevin says:

    This guy is an idiot. plus he’s discounting all his goals just bc of the league, which makes no sense. Also how about Vertonghan? player of the year last year in the dutch league and he looks awesome at tottenham

  43. andrew in tally says:

    Delighted for EJ. I think our wing play and crossing are going to be crucial against A&B and Guatemala. Both teams are going to put numbers behind the ball. A few good crosses will make for good goal scoring chances. For the folks who are pushing for LIchaj. who will he displace. Fullback is not a problem for this team.
    Can’t wait to see the 23 called up. Hope no injuries today. That’s key.

  44. biff says:

    i feel it in my bones, man, that we are gong to see Pontius on the roster and are going to see some high level attacking take-no-prisoners soccer and are going to end the group stage on a high note with two convincing wins going into next year’s Hex and the Klinsmann haters are going to be high-fiving and they will forget the name of the previous coach and they will be writing letters to Sunil Gulati demanding that Klinsmann’s annual salary be doubled to $5 million and his contract extended through World Cup 2018…

    …and then I start getting nervous again and worrying that Klinsmann is going to resume his love affair with a starting formation using three natural defensive midfielders and the outcome will be devastating and will make the Olympic 2012 qualification catastrophe look like a sweet dream…

    It’s gonna be a long week.

  45. biff says:

    agree with that for now if Castillo is back, then we are covered with four fullbacks (dolo, parkhurst, johnson, castillo)

  46. Don Pelayo says:

    Eddie the Eagle soars again. CAW!

  47. Primoone says:

    “guess whos back?”
    …Back to do WHAT?

    Weve kicked this can down the road for too long.

  48. Eugene says:

    This is kind of a useless retread. He’s done well this season, but he’s topped out his potential and it’s not high enough for the national team… So EJ gets the call but Wondolowski and Pontius get the cold shoulder? Pontius, although less productive in MLS, is younger and hasn’t gotten a shot yet.

  49. Andy says:

    We don’t know who got the cold shoulder yet. Pontius may yet be on the roster. Jurgen knows we need wingers and Pontius can fill that void.

  50. atd says:

    To those who don’t understand why you’d call a player who clearly isn’t international quality: Don’t forget that EJ is DYNAMITE against Caribbean and Central American sides! He’s scored against El Salvador, Panama, Jamaica, T&T, Guatemala, Barbados. . . . In fact, he ONLY scores against Caribbean and Central American sides.

  51. Juan says:

    Lichaj is NOT better than Parkhurst. Parkhurst will be getting the call on Monday

  52. Juan says:

    Bingo…hes had more chances than anybody on the front line and produced little. I think Klinsman has about had it with him

  53. Jared says:

    Eddie Johnson has shown that he can score against Concacaf opponents. Wondo has never shown that he can score at the international level (not that he’s necessarily been given the chance). He’s Twellman 2.0.

  54. kfly says:

    Dude, Adu can’t even lock down a place in the starting lineup for the UNION.

    Do you know how bad the Union are? (Apologies to any Union fans reading this).

  55. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:


    But, Parkhurst will more than likely get the call this time around.

    On EJ. Coach K is seeking some offense perhaps? Certainly, theyve been piss poor in that area for the most part.

  56. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    oy vey Edwin.
    Chandler is not interested in the International Game. Why bring him up? How many times are you going to let him say ‘no’ to you asking him to the Prom?

  57. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Biff….you’re my kind of guy!
    Those are the sentiments/doubts surging through my head as well.
    Has Klinsmann decided to lose the 6-3-1 in favor of something a bit more offensive? I’ll still be surprised when I see EJ on list…if he was in the mix, he should already have been brought in sometime in the previous year…to throw him in now is unfair to all parties involved. THATS WHY YOU PLAY FRIENDLYS!You don’t bring someone in cold…but EJ please prove me wrong and continue that 8 goal per 9 games ratio!

  58. Edwin in LA says:

    Thank you….and when did Fabian Johnson become better than say….Phillip Lahm? LMAO

  59. Edwin in LA says:

    Yeah….because scoring in qualifying and Gold Cup and against Spain means nothing…..

  60. Darwin says:

    I’m with you man, Parky is an assist leader in the league, and highest on his team. He’s even scored a couple at this point. We all now about his heady defensive work as well.

    Lichaj > Parkhurst only if you consider speed and ignore everything else.

  61. Marthac says:


    he has already proven over and over that he is a Jason Kreiss, Taylor Twellman an Wondolowski.
    Good in MLS, but over his head in intl play.

  62. Natsalways says:

    I love Eddie’s speed. It is a dimension which the other forward options in the pool do not have. Years ago I remember imaginging and Eddie Johnson/Jozy Altidore pairing being the future of U.S. attacking soccer….could still happen. Love it.

  63. bizzy says:

    No body comes close to Adu on the union team. Injuries and play time for other players is why Adu misses the starting line-up sometimes, because Philly is already out of the play offs……
    When Freddy plays more than half the game, the Union have 7 wins, 5 losses, and 1 tie. When Freddy plays half the game or less, the Union have 1 win, 6 losses, 3 ties (THE 700th LEVEL)
    Freddy Adu is tied for fourth in MLS this season with 15 big chances created (only behind Landon Donovan – 18, Felipe and Patrick Nyarko – 17, MLS.COM).
    If you put Dempsey on the UNION he’ll suck….Bar none. You can create chances but if no one is putting them away you have nothing, so don’t associate philly’s failure with Adu’s talent

  64. Benny says:

    I like Kinsmann but he is being a boob on this one.Lichaj should have been called up a long time ago.I do not buy what Kinsi is selling us about Lichaj.

  65. mikeandike says:

    Eddie Johnson? Where’s JOB? Where’s Beasley? eddie Lewis? Let’s get the 2005-06 gang back together, we already have Boca and Dolo

  66. SAEFubby says:

    Wow…truly can’t believe the amount of positive comments on this!

    Do people realize that to this day the EJ signing is still mocked and joked about amongst Fulham supporters.

    This is just sad…

  67. Togo man says:

    Klinsmann’s reason for not calling up LIchaj: “We think it’s too late to introduce new players this late in this WCQ round”


  68. Ryan Nanez says:

    i honestly dont give 2 craps about his recent form for seattle sounders. this guy was an international flop. hey we might as well bring in taylor twellman from retirement while were at it. he was good in the mls. ha what a joke.

  69. kjasjerjk says:

    Produced little? he was our leading scorer the last WC qualifying cycle

  70. What are you smoking Klinsmann? says:

    In other news, England called up Emile Heskey…

  71. dman says:

    FWIW he was an alternate for the Home and Away Series vs. Jam. they announced when the timbers played seattle

  72. Bird says:

    Parkhurst will be called in his form is amazing right now. He was terrorizing Chelsea in their champions league match and created a lot of chances on his side, was also very solid defensively. Looked very calm and confident on the ball not at all over-matched. Great showing.

  73. louis z says:

    I’m comfortable with too many changes on the most important games for these qualifiers to date. I hope he is just taking a look at them in training, not in a real game.

  74. Louis Z says:

    now THESE sounds like a baseball decision based on stats.

    Would it work? beats me.

  75. dcm says:

    Absolutely the worse news ever.

  76. Level-headed says:

    Jesus, you Lichaj fanboys are crazy. He is the 3rd-4th best Fullback at his absolute best. Not better than Parkhurst and IMO not better than Castillo.

    This dude had a 14month injury and cant consistantly crack the XI. So yeah, lets drag him away to Antigua when he is NOT going to play, and we can set him further back in his club situation.

    He has played in 8 matches for us. Pump the breaks, he is not a game changer.

  77. 2tone says:

    Very well said bizzy.

  78. 2tone says:

    Nobody cares about Fulahm supporters.

  79. meowmix says:


  80. Football player says:

    Gomez was never Santos Laguna’s main striker; it was Oribe Peralta. So going back to the bench is not a surprise.

  81. Football player says:

    @Edwin and Kjasjerk, that’s dinosaur years in football. Klinsmann was a striker and if he does not like what he sees in practice, no one in this country can question him. He is proven, nobody here is.

  82. Football player says:

    Congrats on the invite Eddie, good luck.

  83. Football player says:

    With that thinking, Klinsmann should not invite Donovan then.

  84. beachbum says:

    makes sense to me

    he adds elements that change the team without getting too into it, and he is in great form playing in that Sounder attack with some playmakers and fitting in well with them with his game. The way he and Rosales have clicked is great to see in MLS, even tho it is for that team :)

    he and Wondo are different players, bring a different bag of tricks to the party, so to me it’s not that one deserves it more or not but that the talents EJ brings are perhaps more what Coach is looking to inject into his squad at the tip of the sword

    I’m looking forward to it, hope EJ steps in and shows right away, and then off we go

  85. PD says:

    Wow. How much bleach did you drink today?

  86. PD says:

    DeMerit? You can’t be serious…

  87. ryan says:

    haha.. to all the EJ haters.

  88. GW says:

    The Lichaj that you and Nate and Benny are talking about was the guy who last played in the final of the 2011 Gold Cup, a game where no one in the defense played particularly well ( watch a replay sometime).

    Since then Lichaj has had a major injury and after missing most of the season came back to start the last ten games of the year for Villa. The general consensus from Villa observers is he did so because both starting fullbacks ( Hutton and Warnock ) were either hurt or so miserable that their lives were being threatened by Villa fans for the crime of impersonating professional players.

    In the ten games Lichaj played, Villa adid not win one of them and gave up about ten goals. So it was hardly a rousing success.

    As soon as they got the new manager, Lambert just about the first thing he did was buy a new right back, Lownton and then he brought in a new left back, Bennett. Lichaj has been given a chance to win the job, though some say Lambert is just having Lichaj keep the seat warm until the new guys can get acclimated. Right now it seems Lichaj’s time is up.

    However the most important thing to happen is that since Lichaj’s last US game a new manager was named. Lichaj did well for Bradley it is true, but it’s not as if he was proven starter like MB90 or Dempsey. And one year is an eternity in soccer.

    Besides, as we have seen with Sasha, JK does not believe that eveyone Bradley capped is worthy of a recall. If he really needs a sub for Dolo the following guys can do a fine job, Chandler(??), Fabian, Parkhurst, Spector, Beitashour, Edu, Danny Williams, Cameron, Michael OF,etc.

    Right back and frankly left back is not a priority with the USMNT. You can always use depth but JK obviously felt Lichaj was better off staying at Villa and fighting for a job. Hopefully he wins one but it is possible Lichaj will never play for the US again and he certainly is not a lock for the 2014 World Cup.

    You all underestimate just how hard it is to break into the USMNT.

  89. GW says:

    “If you put Dempsey on the UNION he’ll suck….Bar none.”

    That is the first time I have ever seen anyone claim Adu would be more important to a team than Dempsey.

  90. PD says:

    My only thought is that this callup comes at the expense of someone else, and frankly there are a lot of other players I rate before EJ. That said I hope he shows well!

  91. JRP says:

    Am I the only one that thinks it is classless to Tweet it out before the coach posts the team?
    He probably deserves the call up. And I wish him well.

  92. JRP says:

    Well, at least the worst since I heard Jersey Shore has been canceled. OMG!

  93. GW says:

    “Good in MLS, but over his head in intl play.”

    That seems to be some sort of insult. Even if that is true, Jamaica and Guatemala seem to rely on a lot of MLS players and Antigua & Barbuda have some players who would love to get MLS contracts.

    If EJ gets in these games he may well be covered by MLS defenders. EJ is an MLS standout.

    So by that measurement what is the problem?

  94. GW says:

    There are always exception. JK called up Gatt but he had to beg out due to injury and JK said then that there will be exceptions.

    Lichaj is hardly an exceptional player.

  95. Skeeter says:

    Watch.. he’s gonna score just to make you even more pissed


  96. beachbum says:

    like your analysis, makes sense all around. EJ could score off a header. we’ll see

  97. beachbum says:

    interesting info I was not aware of, thanks bizzy

  98. beachbum says:

    Klinsmann haters? come on man.

    how about this instead.

    the honeymoon is long over and there are bills to pay.

    What a great opportunity to get to work and balance accounts than with these two games ahead

    basically, it’s Klinsmann’s USMNT career at stake (if the US doesn’t qualify he, or whoever the coach, is gone). I expect bold moves ahead with so much on the line and amazaing contributions from all involved

  99. Primoone says:

    Cough…cough….Ej got a call…cough…

    Fringe players…start shaking.

  100. beachbum says:

    BS no one in this country can question him! most non-sensical comment I’ve read on this board that was actually trying to be serious

    and I’m not bashing Klinsmann at all, love the EJ call, the destroyer role he’s intro’d, Fabian and Williams in the mix and more.

    But he ain’t perfect and NONE of them are

  101. Primoone says:

    How dare you use statistical inferences here on this site, no matter how spot on it is!

  102. GW says:

    “Cough…cough….Ej got a call…cough…”

    Have you gotten your flu shot yet? It’s that time of year.

  103. GW says:

    “Pontius, although less productive in MLS, is younger and hasn’t gotten a shot yet.”

    Interesting. So being productive is less important than being young and inexperienced.

    That’s good to know.

    I guess JK should call in Marc Pelosi and Villyan Bijev rather than Dempsey and Donovan. Why not just send out the Under 20 team instead? That would certainly fit your criteria.

  104. broadsthooligans says:

    based on the fact that Boyd? did this before, and I believe some other new faces have done it under Klinsmann, I have to assume he’s giving permission for it. It doesn’t neccesarily seem classless, but I’m also assuming he has that kind of permission to do so.

  105. broadsthooligans says:

    Are any of them competing for Johnson’s striker position or are we speculating that Johnson will be playing defense or midfield?

  106. broadsthooligans says:

    Haha Replacing Dani Alves doesn’t exactly require wonderful defensive skill…

  107. Leo says:

    I think he’s saying, “The Union suck, no matter the quality of the player you insert into the equation due to the suckitude of the surrounding players.”

  108. broadsthooligans says:

    …to be fair that’s still not quite what bizzy said. Not that he’s more important, just that he would also suck given the talent around him. As a Union follower, it’s hard to disagree. Adu hasn’t been great(M. Farfan is also a portion of why he doesn’t play), but their really is not a single forward capable of leading an offense on the team

  109. Ron says:

    Eddie Johnson is not good enough. He couldn’t hack it in the Championship. MLS is not a high enough standard.

  110. Thomas says:


  111. bizzy says:

    PD, I take it you didn’t watch the MLS ALLSTAR game….Demerit put forth a man of the match performance against Chelsea….. going up against the likes of Ramires, Essien, Lampard, Lukaku in a 4-5-1 formation. If he can go 90 mins against Chelsea while teaming up with Collins and hold chelsea to just two goals….He can surely go up against any team in CONCACAF including Mexico with Cameron by his side

  112. bizzy says:

    Thanks for saving me the trouble Leo

  113. bizzy says:

    right on the money broadsthooligans

  114. GW says:

    Of course you can’t blame Adu totally for the failure of the Union.

    But isn’t he their highest paid player? And isn’t he supposed to be their best player?

    And shouldn’t they expect more from such a player than some good stats and guys like bizzy saying “well, he did his part but everyone else sucks.”

    For the money Adu and hype gets the Union deserve more than that BS. They can play just as badly for a lot less money without Adu around.

    It reminds me of Alan Iverson, a lot of undeniable talent that never seemed to add up to much of anything.

    I take it and that you and bizzy think that all you have to do is put Adu on a better team and suddenly everything is better.

    I’m not so sure it works that way.

  115. Primoone says:

    Sounds like you caught it too…=(

    Lets hope EJ gets it as well.

  116. GW says:

    Jay D looked great at the All Star game. If you want a physical shut down center half there is no American better right now.

    Unfortunately he’s not so great at consistently working the ball out of the back, one of JK’s requirements for centerbacks. And I’m always a little suspicious of the commitment that a team like Chelsea makes to an All Star game like that.

  117. TerkyJerky says:

    Kinda hard to be sarcastic over the internet.

  118. Football player says:

    Prefect than anything or anyone this country has every produced or had. No one here has done crap in their football careers . If players are making things happen in practice guess what they will make the pitch. Go ask why Adu played in the Gold Cup semi and finals. Players went to Bradley cos he played great in practice. Zusi played last game because he did something in practice that the coach liked.