Klinsmann cites Altidore’s disappointing USMNT form as key reason for WCQ snub


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When Jozy Altidore was left off the U.S. Men's National Team roster for a pair of crucial upcoming World Cup qualifiers, the decision looked to be a serious head scratcher considering Altidore has been one of the best forwards in Europe in the early months of the new club season.

It was no mistake though. It was a decision Jurgen Klinsmann made based, not on Altidore's club form, but rather on his national team form, which has been disappointing during Klinsmann's tenure as head coach.

"I communicated with Jozy that I was not happy about his latest performances with us, maybe even over the last 14 months," Klinsmann told media on Monday during a conference call to discuss the U.S. roster. "I think Jozy can do much, much better and the reason he is not coming in is mainly because of the performances in Jamaica and at home, also in training, also certain things that went on through the May-June camp."

Altidore has scored eight goals for AZ Alkmaar, good for the Dutch Eredivise lead, but his continued struggles to have a similar impact with the national team ultimately led Klinsmann to look at other forward options in San Jose's Alan Gordon and Seattle's Eddie Johnson for Friday's qualifier at Antigua & Barbuda, and the Oct. 16th qualifier vs. Guatemala.

That Klinsmann summoned Johnson and Gordon ahead of Altidore (and fellow missing forwards Terrence Boyd and Chris Wondolowski) for the games against Antigua & Barbuda and Guatemala was even more eye opening, but Klinsmann cited tactical reasons for his forward selections.

"I spoke to both to Wondo and Terrence and we wanted to bring in Eddie and Alan because both are really strong in the air," said Klinsmann. "We expect two difficult games where the opponents will probably play more defensively and kind of get a lot of numbers in their box to play more defensive against us, so we need to force things with crosses coming over the wings and get really strong in the air.

"They don't leave much space probably on the wings behind their back lines, so that's the reason we bring in Eddie and Alan, two guys that are really good in the air, that can lay balls off and that's how I also explained it to Terrence and Wondo."

The omissions of Altidore and Wondolowski seem to go against Klinsmann's previous comments about the importance of club form, but the U.S. coach made it clear that club form is just one factor he considers.

"It's absolutely important," Klinsmann said of his players' club form. "For sure, now it looks kind of a little bit different in Jozy's case because he's doing well with Alkmaar and he's scoring goals. But he hasn't done well with us in the last couple of camps and that is why now I have more trust right in these upcoming two games in Alan Gordon and Eddie Johnson.

"It is important that they have their club rhythm, it's important that they play well, it's important that they have their starting spot there. But it doesn't mean coming back into the national team, things are for granted, so that's as simple as it is."

As for whether Altidore's absence should be seen as a bad sign for his future with the national team, Klinsmann downplayed the long-term ramifications of the snub.

"This is a decision as of today, for these two games," said Klinsmann. "The door is always open and we hope to see a positive reaction from his end and put more effort and commitment into this whole approach and there will be the next calls coming up."

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195 Responses to Klinsmann cites Altidore’s disappointing USMNT form as key reason for WCQ snub

  1. Dinho says:

    “…also certain things that went on through the May-June camp.”

    Had to have been some sort of bust-up. Wonder what happened.

  2. Mike says:

    I would cite Klinsmann’s inability to put together a functioning midfield as the reason for the USMNT struggles.

  3. Coach Beck says:

    How quickly do you think JK gets fired if we fail to qualify?

  4. biff says:

    This is true. Wonder if there are any soccer reporters out there good enough to find out details of what happened at the May-June camp and then have the courage to write a news article about it.

  5. Liga says:

    How many coaches is this now to bench Jozy for serious attitude problems. And by serious I mean something that is notable and beyond normal that could result in benching or public discussion. 3? 4?

    Grow the heck up kid, you’ve got the world in front of you.

  6. Liga says:

    As quickly as any coach that fails to qualify when they should? That’s a silly question. It is general practice to can a coach that fails to qualify when it’s expected.

    Any respectable team would.

  7. Mike says:

    Also, people are talking like advancing to the hexagonal is a definite, probably because the notion of not is horrifying, but it is far from given. Klinsmann’s needs these results. Furthermore, look at the list of players who are sitting on yellow’s….Bradley, Edu, Jones, F. Johnson. I think they get through but only put the odds at 70/30.

  8. PD says:

    Wow, he might as well call him lazy and b*tch about how he doesn’t bend his knees in team photos while he’s at it… Jozy’s start at AZ was pretty rough, so I’m not panic-ing just yet, but I’m not a fan of this kind of alpha-dog psychology. There are other ways to make your point.

    I said it before and I will say it again, I am all for a coach pushing his players to be better, but if it’s not done effectively it’s not to anyone’s benefit and just comes off as berating and d*ck swinging.

    I hope JK’s brand of tough love works out in the end… If Altidore becomes our Trezugeut I’m gonna puke all over myself, because we do not have a Benzema waiting in the wings.

  9. Phillip says:

    Klinsmann is a fool. Biggest error of the Sunil Gulati era is hiring this incompetent man to coach anything.

  10. jon says:

    maybe there was no bust-up. But he didn’t like the late arrival, the training intensity, etc… but really, he’s po’d about the tweet

  11. 2tone says:

    I have no problems with this if what he states is true. if Jozy is having a negative impact in the locker room than there is no need for that in these two upcoming games.

    I will also point out that both Gordon and Johnson are better aerially than Altidore as well. If Klinsmann is stressing getting to the endline and whipping in crosses; I would much rather have Eddie Johnson on the end of those crosses than Altidore. Eddie has scored like 8 or more goals from headers this season.

  12. Dillon says:

    Klinnsman is a terrible man manager. Talking about some incident in May-June does nothing but sow discord within the team and alienate Jozy. Good coaches work to get along with their star players, bad ones try to change them.

  13. Joe says:

    I think this is a great message to send to Jozy. In regards to his National team form, he really needs a wake up call. Hopefully we get a reaction out of Jozy over the coming months and when he gets another opportunity (Which he will), I expect him to want to make a real statement with his play.

  14. Don't Do Drugs says:

    You’ve been repeating that same point over and over.

    At some point Jozy has to take responsibility for himself.

    This is the 3rd team I can think of that Jozy has been disciplined for attitude problems AND laziness. And you put it on Klinsmann for getting tough on him?

    It’s not being an Alpha dog, it’s holding people responsible. Jozy is a man and should act like one.

  15. Scott says:

    Altidore has certainly shown more than a little petulance throughout his career.

  16. George P says:

    Yes they have struggled mightily. Defeating Italy and Mexico on the road. Get real. They lost ONE game off two set pieces.

  17. Good Jeremy says:

    I was initially really upset, but this explanation makes a lot more sense to me.

    He definitely could have just left the explanation at the tactical level of needing players stronger in the air and left out his power play of publicly acknowledging dirty laundry that he’s taking the high road by not mentioning in order to keep Jozy quiet though. I’d be livid if my boss pulled that on me. Those are conversations that happen behind closed doors.

  18. Clive Park's Dad says:

    Must be culture clash.

  19. Goalscorer24 says:

    Well with Jozy his AZ coach did the same thing to him early on, and he responded well. So hopefully Altodore will get the message.
    But certainly JK is on the hot seat, if we do not qualify he would be fired right away.

  20. Cameron says:

    Yeah, I think there have to be some personal differences here. I mean, come on, how harshly can you really judge a forward playing for the joke of an offense the USMNT has? It’s not like Jozy hasn’t had any good moments under Klinsmann (setting up Dempsey’s goal against Italy for one).

    I’m not going to kill Klinsmann for trying a tough love approach with Jozy, but I don’t think he should act like Jozy’s been terrible with the USMNT, considering how few goals the team scores with or without him.

  21. Mike says:

    He should be upset about the tweet…but he should look in the mirror and realize it is the truth. It is Klinsmann’s tactical deficiencies that are the problem with the National Team. Nothing else. Multiple goals in only 3 of 18 matches with many of those matches devoid of real opportunity.

  22. Good Jeremy says:

    too bad the entire fan base begged for him while we chased Bradley out with pitchforks…

  23. Danny Rizzuto says:

    I miss Bob
    With him we almost win the Gold Cup, Confederations Cup, and top our group in the World Cup (even if luck was on our side). With Klinnsmen we struggle to qualify…

  24. Mike says:

    Yes, and the midfield was functioning great in those matches. Please, they were dominated in those matches. Dominated. It had everything to do with a wasteful opposition. The midfield is simply not functioning and creating chances. If you don’t see that then you have on serious blinders.

  25. Old School says:

    man, you’re really hammering home this point, eh?

    can’t really blame you though.

  26. Relax says:

    Some of you are INSANE. Struggling to qualify? WE’RE IN FIRST PLACE IN THE GROUP. We lost ONE match on a sh*tty field on the shot of someone’s life from a free kick.

    It’s more than obvious that a lot of you are looking for a reason to hate Klinsmann. Direct your anger where it belongs–Jozy.

  27. Old School says:

    If we fail to qualify, I’d imagine he’ll be shown the door shortly after.

  28. yikes says:

    the following thread has like 300 comments. all in under like 3-4hrs. whoa

  29. Old School says:

    You apparently didn’t get the memo. It’s the “haters” fault, not reality.

  30. Old School says:

    Hindsight is always 20/20.

    What I can guarantee is you didn’t make a single post saying this hire was a mistake.

    Let’s judge after Brazil 2014 (assuming we qualify) to accurately judge.

  31. Old School says:

    I guess it’s the fault of every manager he’s played for too then?

    This apologist viewpoint has grown tiring.

  32. Old School says:


    To counter the “Look how young Jozy is and all he’s accomplished. Go easy on him” crowd.

    You’re right. Jozy is young and this entire situation is proving it.

    Luckily time/age is on his side. Unfortunately maturity isn’t.

  33. AH says:

    “…and the reason he is not coming in is mainly because of the performances in Jamaica and at home, also in training, also certain things that went on through the May-June camp.”

    To the extent the Jamaica game has anything to do with it Klinsman should blame himself for fielding that joke of a midfield.

  34. Goalscorer24 says:

    But he is also talking about Jozy’s effort in practice.

  35. Mike says:

    Some of the comments here are just ridiculous. Jozy acts like a child and is disclpined and that’s Klinsmanns fault. Yeah how dare the coach hold his player responsible for poor play and an even worse attitude.

    Its not like this is new, Jozy has been publicly benched 3 or 4 times in just a couple years for a lack of effort and serious attitude problems.

    Im going with the idea that people just want to hate Klinsmann.

  36. Old School says:

    No question, he’d be out the door if we don’t qualify and rightfully so.

    As you pointed out, many people are forgetting that despite Jozy’s amazing goal scoring this year, his manager addressed some type of issue with him as well.

    …but that’s not Jozy’s fault. It’s all the managers he’s played for.

  37. BCC says:

    I agree with his logic. I am actually more curious as to why Boyd was not invited, although I suppose it could be for the same reason.

    I like that Klinsmann is willing to show players that name and reputation don’t matter.

    Fans should also take into account that Klinsmann was a world-class striker–perhaps that is why he seems to have a high standard for performance at that position.

  38. Tony in Quakeland says:

    BFD – we won a couple friendlies. Klinsmann clearly over valued the friendly results and under estimated Jamaica. The Mexico game was hardly scintillating soccer and the Italy game was little different (but for the final result) from games Bradley and Arena had against them. And Arean’s 1-1 draw in the world cup against Italy is a FAR FAR more important result. Pointing to the friendlies is a joke.

    Klinsmann changes the criteria for selection to suit his whims and prejudices. Now it appears he is valuing his own feelings and “respect” over our chance to qualify. And as ridiculous as not bringing in our most in form striker, picking Gordon over Wondo goes beyond bizarre. His selections have gone from peculiar to perverse.

    He doesn’t get it. His tactics are crap. His promise to develop our program is belittle by his inability to work with one of our most talented play. He should be fired.

  39. Old School says:

    Whether or not you miss Bob Bradley, going two World Cup cycles rarely works.

    Additionally, the team needed a shake up. If I recall correctly, I think his message was starting to wear thin with some of the veterans (i.e Donovan/Dempsey) from reports I read.

    …last but not least: Jonathan Bornstein.

  40. Liga says:

    Looks like Klins probably told Boyd to solidify his starting spot (which he just earned back the other day) and to keep going strong and that the call ups were going to more tall, bruiser players who can hold the ball up and go in the air.

    I think it’s a smart tactical decision as Boyd is a face forward, run at the defender technical striker. In CONCACAF that just doesn’t work as well.

  41. KevDC says:

    “Truth” is subjective when talking about coaching decisions. The mere fact that Jozy — and you — think JK is incompetent and has “shortcomings” doesn’t make it gospel. Many would disagree. Regardless, if I was the coach and had a player who wasn’t producing for me and then insulted me publicly via Twitter I’d leave him home, too.

    Grow up, Jozy.

  42. louis z says:

    “But he (Jozy) hasn’t done well with us in the last couple of camps and that is why now I have more trust right in these upcoming two games in Alan Gordon and Eddie Johnson.” …To JK: You have more trust on players that hardly have seen camp in the last 18 months?

  43. AH says:

    to JK: You have more trust in Eddie Johnson, who has spent a career proving that he is a terrible soccer player?

  44. Mike says:

    Altidore should be held accountable for his actions and behavior. My problem is, Klinsmann does not seem to hold himself accountable for the struggles of the squad and his own childish comments.

  45. Angelo says:

    I do find the Altidore omission curious. From the games I have seen since Klinsmann has been hired as USMNT, I haven’t seen anyone excel tactically other than individuals in the defense. Geoff Cameron and Fabian Johnson come to mind. I haven’t noticed anyone else anywhere else on the field excel. Everyone has stayed the same or regressed. I feel the attacking tactics of Klinsmann thus far in his reign are mediocre at best. The lone striker mindset is not working and I don’t think it is for a lack of a decent enough striker. I don’t think he is putting the attacking players in the best areas to succeed on the field. But that could just be me.

  46. Mike says:

    I don’t think I am the only one.

  47. JJJ says:

    That was when Hercules really started coming on, and took the starting spot Altidore had previously owned. Perhaps an issue for Jozy?

  48. Mike R says:

    and yet he continues to bring in players who are only marginal in their leagues like Castillo, Gordon, Corona, and Torres. I think he believes the MFl is the best in the world.
    I think the problem is Jozy gets servicing here where he gets none with the USMNT especially the line up Klinsy trotted out there the last two games.

  49. M says:

    That’s just it..we have a 99% chance of moving on, otherwise this crazy selection would not be.

    Wonder what the real reason is for Jozy’s omission?

  50. M says:

    + 1 billion

  51. M says:

    So this gives Klinnsman the right to act equally immature?

  52. M says:

    Jozy gets 4 goals in the next 2 games..and we all put that in our pipe and smoke on it

  53. ram says:

    It’s fine to send messages to young players when you want them to work harder, It certainly resonates more when you have a coach like klinsman. He won a world cup as a player. However, the timing is wrong for such an omission. World cup qualifying. It looks arrogant. If we win the next to games all will be forgotton but if we don’t??

  54. baldomero123 says:

    Jozy is a talented forward but he should work harder in games, both for USMNT and AZ Alkmaar. I never bought Ives’ argument that Jozy does not score in bunches for USMNT because Klinsmann could not create the most favorable game flow for him as it was done in AZ Alkmaar. Had this been the case, AZ Alkmaar and Altidore would own Anzhi in UEFA, but in fact the opposite happened.

  55. Goalscorer24 says:

    If you look at the maturity of the two comments, JK is saying he wants more out of Altidore which is a level headed request, and not an emotional put down. Where as Jozy’s comment is purely an emotionally reactive one, it is not a constructive comment. That has me lean more in JK’s favor.

  56. Ryancweber says:

    As far as “struggling to qualify” I think it’s obvious that we’ve not been at our best. We’re in a 3 way tie with 7 points, and +2 GD. There’s not much room for error going into the final games. Realistically, we need a win and a draw (or better) to move on. Compare that to Mexico, who is traditionally considered to be the other “lock” to qualify from CONCACAF, sitting on 12 points, with a +6 GD. They have already qualified, and we will go down to the very last game before we know for certain.

    In that context, yes we are struggling to qualify.

    As for the Jurgen vs Jozy argument, neither of them are doing much to earn my support and respect at the moment…

  57. Goalscorer24 says:

    I hope all this chatter over this incident does not become a distraction in the locker room.

  58. mikeandike says:

    “players need to get consistent minutes with the club”-then why is Edu here?

    “I won’t introduce new players into qualifying at this stage”- why are Klestjan, Gordon and EJ here?

    “Alan and Eddie are better in the air”-really? Jozy has scored PLENTY of headers and set up goals for club and country-which one was your favorite? the debut vs Mexico? on the road vs El Salvador? at home vs El Salvador? maybe the assist for the tying goal to Bradley vs Slovenia in WC 2010….if anything, he’s been working on other parts of his game since…

    “we want to play attractive, attacking soccer”-why are 3-4 defensive mids routinely fielded, instead of EXISTING wing options in the pool (Fabian played left mid vs Slovenia-we scored 3 goals, maybe try a Lichaj at LB?)

    more like “I’ll make B.S. up as I go along and know that half the fan base will accept it as gospel and the media will let it pass with maybe a gentle prod or two”

    just imagine what the German media would do to Klinsi by now-the Bild would be calling for his head post Guatemala game

  59. sandtrout says:

    I think the message JK is sending by omitting Jozy is intended for the players. Beyond Jozy’s tweet, JK may be telling the players that he won’t put up with some sort of misbehavior in training. There may be something that everyone saw in training that amounts to a test of JK’s authority or resolve.

  60. PD says:

    The fact that JK is the relative adult in this scenario means that it’ on him to guide Jozy, who like many young men his age still has a lot of growing up to do. hat is, is it’s truly in his heart to mold and develop young players like he said he was going to do. If this is tough love then fine, but if it’s a pissing contest then it’s on JK to take the high road.

  61. T says:

    Klinsmann is overrated.

  62. Mike says:

    Should Altidore of tweeted what he did? No, of course not. Judging by the fact that he deleted it shortly thereafter, he knows he should not of done so too. Point being, what he tweeted is the truth. The goals aren’t coming because of lack of forward play…the goals aren’t coming because the midfield is a mess and the chances are few and far between.

  63. mikeandike says:

    if Jozy hasn’t performed well lately for USMNT and that’s the reason for leaving him out, then, boy oh boy, why is half the roster here?
    apparently tying Guatemala and losing to Jamaica is all Jozy’s fault. Clearly, HE needs to work better and stop being so darn lazy….

    Beckerman? Castillo?

  64. PD says:

    that 1-1 tie was due to an own goal don’t forget. don’t misunderstand me, that was one of the greatest matches ever played by the US in the modern era, but let’s be real about the offense that was generated under Bruce Arena and the microcosm of that match.

  65. T says:

    Good player does not mean good coach, that said we’ve had some decent results but tactical decisions recently have been rather dubious.

  66. assocfoot says:

    So Wondolowski has a great attitude, is lighting up the same league Johnson, Gordon and Shea are in, but he isn’t coming for tactical reasons and because the international game is a different thing – against Antigua? Gordon has never shown international level quality, ever, but he can head the ball? Wow… Jozy has looked nothing short of great for his club this year. He is a red hot striker who does not look even a little lazy this season, but if you look back 14 months, he hasn’t been good enough? After the May-June camp, he was invited to the team last month, right? So, is it the performances against Jamaica, or the last 14 months or the May-June camp? A good coach’s job is not just to make points it is also to ride red hot strikers. I guess Jozy and Wondo don’t count and we’ve got to hope EJ and AG do the trick, and that Landon is healthy, and that there is a good reason Shea is there (I like Shea, just not sure his selection this time makes any sense). I very sincerely hope I am wrong, but this is nothing short of bizarre.

  67. T says:

    Beckerman (and Edu) were the two players who committed the fouls that set up Jamaica’s two goals. Castillo has gotten scorched on defense every time I’ve seen him.

  68. KutamaObama says:

    But it could also backfire, that means Jozy refusing future call ups to concentrate on his club soccer aka Tim Chandler….. Then I wonder what all you fans would say. He has been criticized harshly for been lazy & not in form for the USMNT which is true to a certain point but he excels in hus club soccer which is not good enough for most of you fans so I can see this backfiring…..him not honoring future call ups until a new USMNT coach is appointed or a change of mind. How many have wondered why he didn’t have this problem with Bob Bradley

  69. T says:

    Maybe these decisions is why he didn’t get along with players at Bayern? I don’t know, but I thought Wondo was better than Gordon.

  70. chris says:

    Finally someone calls out klinnsman for his babble. He speaks of attacking soccer but all he does is trot out 8 CDMs and then instead of accepting the blame for his horrible tactical decisions he throws his players under the bus like its their fault. Grow a f*cking pair and man up

  71. Cojosurfer says:

    I remember when I was in my early 20’s (Altidore). I knew it all. Answers to everything. LOL. I’m saving judgement until game day. Just taking notes now. The USMNT needs our support more than ever right now.

  72. biff says:

    Well, the whole tweet-Jozy thing took me by surprise. But, you know, reading through this thread I just had this thought: Is Bob Bradley smiling real big right now at the problems of Jurgen Klinsmann and hoping that the USMNT loses at least one of the next two games so that Klinsmann will be fired and go down in US soccer history is the biggest coaching failure ever? Or is BB hoping that the USMNT wins the next two games so Klinsmann can keep his job and guide the team next year through the Hex and hopefully on to WC 2014 in Brazil?

    I don’t know, but I have a very hard time imagining Bob Bradley in front of a TV cheering for a team coached by Jurgen Klinsmann.

  73. PD says:

    well if I’ve made the point several times and you still haven’t gotten it let me say it again:

    “I am all for a coach pushing his players to be better, but if it’s not done effectively it’s not to anyone’s benefit and just comes off as berating and d*ck swinging.”

    the first few moths at AZ were very tough for Jozy and the coach didn’t put up with any crap, the result is now plain for folks to see. his stints in La Liga and EPL were to my mind a case of a young prospect being in over his head/brought along too quickly, and to be honest I don’t recall him having an attitude problem at those clubes, just more a matter of being out of his depth.

    He’s finally in a place where a coach is guiding him along firmly and doing that by being very strict with him. If JK is following suit, fine. But if this is about something else, we’re (meaning the men’s national team) in trouble.

    Contrary to the assumption of your response, I don’t really think I’m giving Jozy a pass in any of this.

  74. AH says:

    Correct on all counts. I’m not calling for Klisman’s job or anything and I’ve been a moderate supporter of him but his public reasons for some of these decisions don’t pass the smell test.

  75. DCP says:

    For all of you claiming that Jozy Altidore is not on the team because he is immature (which may be the case I don’t know), I suggest reading Grant Wahl’s piece over at Sports Illustrated. Mr. Wahl interviewed Jozy last week and includes statement from the interview that would suggest that Jozy is not completely immature.

  76. AH says:

    Regarding “saving judgment until game day.”

    It will probably work out on game day. We are playing Antigua and Barbuda and then Guatemala at home. It should work out even without our best team selection. But even if it works out, it doesn’t prove that he was right in his team selection.

  77. Danny Rizzuto says:

    Lets remember who was in BEFORE jonathan Bornsten. Cherundolo got injured, and as Ives has said so many times, we lack depth. Johnson wasnt a factor back then. What would you do if your starting left back got hurt? the logical conclusion would be to put in the back up. Unfortunetly for Bob, the backup had a terrible game. LEts not forget Bornstein had a HUGE HAND in allowing us into a group we could win (Costa Rica cough* cough*).

  78. THomas says:

    After all Bradley has done, and continues to do, that suggests he’s a great human being, you really think he’d be cheering for somebody to fail?

    Not to mention his SON plays for the team. Why would he want his son to miss the chance of playing in Brazil 2014?

  79. DCP says:

    That’s my biggest issue with Jozy’s omission. JK could have selected him and not played him (like he has been doing), but instead he left him off the roster completely. This seems like it could create a big distraction around the team that didn’t have to be there.

  80. dr gonzo says:

    what did jozy tweet?

  81. DCP says:

    Where in this article does it state that Jozy Altidore’s supposed tweet was the reason that he was not included on the roster?

    I am not saying that the tweet is not the reason (I don’t know), but there are a lot of people holding onto this tweet like it was the definitive reason why Jozy is not on the team when in reality it could be a myriad of other reasons, such as the reasons stated in this article.

  82. dr gonzo says:

    Never mind just had to look for it

  83. Matt says:

    And also don’t forget we played down a man a good part of that game and still came out even on shots at goal; Our possession was 46% which is also far better than in the recent Mexico and Italy matches. While much of that tournament was abysmal, that performance was top notch with lots of offense. Media reports stated that a draw was the least we deserved.

  84. 2tone says:

    Castillo is far from marginal in the Liga MX. He is one of the highest rated LB’s playing for the first place team in Liga MX. He has recaptured the form that saw Mexico and the U.S. salivating about his potetnial back with Santos Laguna in 2008. It’s quite obvious you do not watch or follow Liga MX very closely. Corona continues to play really well for Tijuana. Torres has always been average and now everyone is relaising it. The Mexican national team knew that Torres was just average a long time ago.

  85. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Damn it! How does Bob Bradley keep coming up with these crazy rosters? Alan Gordon? No Jozy Altidore? It’s like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. This man is crazy! Fire BB!

    Wait, what? Jurgen Klinsmann you say?


  86. Jay in Ft Lauderdale says:

    yeah but how many times have we had MB, CD, and LD healthy and on the field simultaneously since JK has been coach? need our best out there as we still have little depth in terms of “international caliber” midfielders after those 3. So just not sure we can blame JK for sub-par midfield… And I didn’t even mention Stuey. Just my opinion though…

  87. Cojosurfer says:

    JK does not need to prove he was right in his roster selection. JK needs to prove his roster selection got the team results in WCQ. I am going to give the benefit of doubt to JK on Altidore. There is something wrong, somewhere, on all previous rosters with past players and coaches on the USMNT. This will continue this week and well into the future with all future players and coaches. The bottom line is the players in the lineup breathing, sweating, and bleeding to get results in WCQ.

  88. Cojosurfer says:

    Vasquez needs to go.

  89. chris says:

    Bob Bradley didnt have Stu either

  90. Scott says:

    I agree. It really irritates me when his pose does not work with the rest of the team. Minor pet peeve, not sarcasm. Regarding the remainder, we really don’t know what has gone on to precipitate this event. Odds are that much has been done behind the scenes and JK is pushing this public in a last attempt to change Jozy’s attitude. I think too many of us forget that we see very little of what happens inside of these teams. JK’s comments are no different that many that are made every season about player x and why they are not starting, or playing as often as the wish. There are also other ways to make your point without resorting to vulgar language. Alpha-dog blogging psychology?

  91. Joamiq says:

    I am with you 100%. This is not the time to get into a pissing match.

  92. chris says:

    Please Castillo plays in a horribly unphysical league. He’ll get pushed around when we play real teams

  93. chris says:

    Hes european so he gets extra chances. Learn the rules

  94. Ryan says:

    He did bash Alan Hutton’s face in while he was at Hull… but to be fair, Alan Hutton deserved it.

  95. Dinho says:

    What kind of idiot (aside from Chandler) would refuse a call-up and risk the opportunity to miss out on a World Cup? It’s the biggest stage there is. Period.

  96. colin says:

    Gomez sucks

  97. T-moble says:

    How is he acting immature,maybe Jozy should grow up, it’s JK that’s in charge, not Jozy

  98. colin says:

    Thats prolly the most trolish thing i have ever said, but I really dont like having Gomez start for the national team. Call me a Eurosnob all you want, but I dont like Mexican league players starting in general. I also think Gomez has shown, throughout his career in mexico, that he is best suited to coming off the bench and acting as a super sub…. Both Boyd and Altidore are much better starting options. Hopefully they will be getting the nod come Brazil 2014

  99. Ryan says:

    He’s got a point though. If this has anything to do with a tweet or whatever from 4 months ago, and Jozy has been called up between then and now, it seems kinda petulant to me.

  100. AMPhibian says:


  101. T-moble says:

    Yeah so horrible, yet the Mexican NT seems to be doing just find.

  102. D says:

    We all act like Jozy Altidore has been this prolific goal scorer. I seem to remember everyone complaining that all he does is get fouled?

    Moreover, it has been well known among the higher coaching circles in the US that Jozy a borderline lazy player in training and a poor professional.

  103. Joamiq says:

    These games matter. This is not the time for discipline.

  104. M says:

    His reasons for omitting Jozy are pretty lame. I doubt most people believe it’s the real reason. JK should grow up and be a man and tell us why he really didn’t bring him in.

    A mature person would never hide behind a lame excuse.

  105. T-moble says:

    The Mexican league is very good, just ask Mexico. You need to educate yourself about football.

  106. fleninho says:


  107. Jamie Z. says:

    I’m with Thomas. What in the world gives you any reason to believe Bob Bradley is anywhere nearly as petty as most of the people who post on this forum?

  108. Eurosnob says:


  109. Ben says:

    Whatever one thinks of Bradley, I have no doubts he is a classy guy and only wants to see the MNT have success.

  110. Since 82 says:

    Thank you.

  111. Ben says:

    maybe so, but then its also the truth that Jozy lets that affect his effort in games, which is another point Klinsi has made.

  112. divers suck says:

    As one who was extremely skeptical about the Sounders signing Eddie Johnson due to his ineptness since 2007. I think he’ll surprise if given a chance. He was a “can’t miss” during 2006 WC qualifiers (or maybe earlier?) who fell off the face of the soccer earth. Right now, he’s in better shape and better in the air than Altidore ever has been. He’s also far more mature and grown up than he was in 2004/5. I’m still a bit skeptical but certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he flourished for the NATS and (even better) light a fire under Jozy Altidores rear end!!

  113. Old School says:

    Please explain to me how Klinsmann is acting immature.

    Did he call Jozy a bad name? Did he tweet something rude in response? Did he say anything untrue about Jozy?

    He’s the manager. He’s managing. You simply don’t agree with how’s he’s managing but managing attitudes is certainly a part of the job.

    As of right now, Jozy has more attitude than goals with the Nats. Hence, he wasn’t called up.

  114. Ben says:

    lame? That is your “mature” criticism? his excuse is lame? Are you 12? He has a player he feels that he cannot rely upon, so he isn’t including him, end of story.

  115. Old School says:

    Bornstein had, has and will never have again…a place on the national team roster.

    It’s really that simple.

    On the other hand, Bob actually rated his ability..hence is routine call ups. So, let’s “remember” that too.

  116. RNG says:

    And didn’t Beasley or someone actually score a goal that was mistakenly called back for an offside?

  117. Goalscorer24 says:

    I don’t recall us dominating in qualifying under Bradley. As a matter of fact I usually recall us going down a goal before we would finally muster a comeback.

  118. Old School says:

    Johnson is a perfect example of immaturity and attitude.

    Perhaps Jozy will get the memo that being called up to the National Team is a privilege, not a right.

    I imagine once he discovers this, I foresee his performance changing.

  119. DCP says:

    Are you a member of the higher coaching circles in the US? How do you know Jozy is a borderline lazy player and/or poor professional?

    This comment isn’t directed towards you per se, but I have seen a lot of unsubstantiated statement made about Jozy today. I wish people would provide evidence for their opinions rather than overstating their positions.

  120. Ben says:

    Jozy has always said the right things. He is charming and savvy in interviews, yet he has a history of being benched for lack of effort. Journalists are suckers for a quote.

  121. Ben says:

    No, that is why it is time for discipline. Klinsi needs players he can trust.

  122. TomG says:

    I’d have a lot more respect if Klinsi just said he was holding Jozy out for disciplinary reasons. His excuse is pure, unadultered BS. I don’t trust a word out of Klinsi’s mouth now. It seems like everything he says is either contradicted by clear reality or by something he said previously. He needs to just shut his mouth, stop starting fires and handle things with his players in-house. How can his players respect him if he’s constantly bashing them in the media? This is basic, basic, basic man management stuff. No wonder he was a laughing stock at Munich. This is a really, really, really serious character flaw with Klinsmann that MUST be addressed. Not to let Jozy off the hook – his behavior is unacceptable, but do we really want Bobby Valentine as our national team manager? This is going to become Bayern Munich II really quickly unless Sunil grabs Klinsi’s ear and tells him to stop handling his man management in the media and start communicating clearly and directly in house. This is ridiculous. Jozy is a 22 year old player who occasionally loses his cool. Klinsi is a 50ish national team manager who should know better, especially considering his embarassing stint at Bayern. Just shut the heck up, stop lying, and tell everyone that it’s an issue being handled in house. He’s the figurehead of our national program and needs to stop acting like a jackass.

  123. Brad says:

    subtle, dude….very subtle.

  124. Goalscorer24 says:

    JK commented on this. He said he even talk to Wondo about it. He is doing it for a tactical reason. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but at least he has talked to his players about it.

  125. Joamiq says:

    No, he needs the best players to get the job done. Not the likes of Alan Gordon.

  126. DCP says:

    Of course journalists are suckers for quotes, and Jozy may have a history of being benched for lack of effort (I don’t have an informed opinion on this), but there are a lot of people spreading rumors about Altidore today and I think it is only fair to judge him with all the possible facts at hand. I cited the article as it provides one side of the story that has not been presented on Ives today. Of course it is self serving, but that doesn’t make it completely invalid.

  127. DCP says:

    +1, post of the day!

  128. QuakerOtis says:

    All the haters who now hate the Jozy-haters-that-won’t-overlook-poor-performance-and-a-poor-attitude used to be the Jozy-haters-who-hated-on-Jozy-for-being-Lazy-Out-The-Door… haters. So who are the real Jozy haters now, Jozy haters? Yeah yeah, haters.

  129. Seriously says:

    Poor USMNT form, yet we still get Beckerman… yeah, ok.

  130. divers suck says:

    Are you serious? So the asylum should be run by the patients/inmates? Altidore needs adult supervision. What can’t you see about that? Altidore has massive talent but have you seen him? Despite his goals in Holland, he looks fat and out of shape which brings into question his commitment. Both you and TomG are idiots!!!

  131. QuakerOtis says:

    He’s suspended for one of them… but ok.

  132. Eurosnob says:

    What gives me hope is that both Klinsmann and Jozy went out of their way to downplay the rift in their interviews. Klinsmann said that his decision concerning Jozy is limited to two games, that the door remains open and that Jozy needs to show positive reaction. And here’s what Jozy said in a recent interview to Grant Wahl:

    “When I came right out and asked Altidore — are you and Klinsmann on the same page? — he answered straight up. “I’m the student here,” Altidore said. “I’m the player and I’m learning always. It doesn’t matter if I don’t understand. I have to get on the same page as the boss and all the senior players, not the other way around. I’m not a guy who can walk into the team and say, ‘Guys, adjust to me.’ That’s not my mindset. I’m trying to get on the same page as them, and until I do that I’m sure I won’t be playing. I want to try and do that as quickly as possible. I want to score great goals for the national team and be dominant for them. But unfortunately it’s not so easy sometimes when the styles of play are much different.””

  133. DCP says:

    Did TomG say that Altidore did not need adult supervision or that he shouldn’t be disciplined? TomG may have gone a little over the top, but I think his point is essentially correct. JK needs to put a better filter on what he says, and at times should say very little while handling things in house.

    With that being said, I will agree that being tight-lipped in this case may have backfired as the omission of Altidore from the lineup is a bold move and some explanation was probably better than none.

  134. Pd says:

    That’s a great point, actually, but if this is in fact his escalation or last resort the. There’s more cause for concern…

  135. Leo says:


    Discipline all you want, but nobody wants to be sitting at home in 2014. I was the first one calling to bring JK in; I’ll be the first one along for his head if we don’t qualify for Brazil.

  136. dcm says:

    just started hating jurgen for the first time, right now. what a c@ck. get him outta here.

  137. Kosh says:

    Yup, because these guys are not pros or anything. These guys have teammates and friends that have been dropped or in some sort of dog house. Heck, even these guys have tasted the drop.

    I am quite sure these grown men, these professionals will find a way to survive.

  138. DCP says:

    You know there are ways to be right without being a jerk… I still think this could create a distraction that did not need to be here for these crucial games, but you are probably right.

  139. Daniel Austin says:

    After Klinsmann was quoted on ESPN.com as saying that he needs more effort from Jozy, Jozy tweeted this “Love when people try to blame others for their own short comings and incompetence.”

  140. kevin says:

    no if i remember correctly he shot it and someone was in an offside position, didn’t touch it but distracted the goalie, the right call

  141. mikeandike says:

    EJ cannot hold Jozy’s jockstrap when it comes to career performances…

    Jozy leads Eredivisie in goals after a banner year last year…. Johnson did k that one time in Greece and England’s 2nd tier….

    please cut the crap

  142. jb says:

    Yawn. So Jozy stays home, good. I’d be pissed if he got called up after he jogged around doing jack sh** the last ten minutes in Columbus. Good on you, Klinnsman.

    Yawn. So he calls in EJ/Gordon over Wondo to come off the bench and play ten minutes. Simple tactical advantage.

    Look, we will see the same damn lineup minus Altidore. You would think the world’s ending the way people on this site (and SBI apparently) are screaming for pitchforks and fire. Just chill out and save your energy for cheering on the team.

  143. kevin says:

    agreed, was on the fence before

  144. Daniel Austin says:

    After Klinsmann was quoted on ESPN.com as saying that he needs more effort from Jozy, Jozy tweeted this “Love when people try to blame others for their own short comings and incompetence.” Do you still think that the tweet isn’t the main reason? I can’t think of a coach in any sport anywhere that would put-up with a public coment like this !!!

  145. whoop-whoop says:

    Thanks Euro, great post. I think the response from Jozy is spot on in attitude and where his play is with the nats at this time. If one ignores some of the hand wringing and drama based purely on blind speculation and merely looks at what is coming from the folks who count most in all of this- Jozy and JK, things will work out just fine. Fact is… even if selected, JA wasn’t likely too see much action anyhow and a different type of player might be better suited for spot duty.

    As for the upcoming games, knowing LD will likely play puts me much more at ease. His speed and imagination create space and movement we unfortunately never sem to see without him… are irreplaceable.

    There is tension as there well should be…. I like it, hopefully there is a greater sense of urgency from our boys. 6 points later, we’ll all have a much different view. Cheers.

  146. Joe Dirt says:

    Even if the tweet was directed at Klinsmann, Jozy’s comments are spot on in response to Klinsmann interview where he thru Jozy under the bus. Klinsmann roles out a formation with three Dmids and expects attacking flowing football is ridiculous. Blaming one of our all time best goal scorers (10th all time at 22 yrs old)for being injured then held back by his club team then only playing him less than 90minutes in the last two qualifiers is complete garbage. Jozy called his weak zzz shitt out and rightfully so. It’s Klinsimanns job to deal with player egos and get the most out of our player pool, this is epic fail on Klinsmann part. He should know better than to throw one of our core players under the bus in an interview, instead he should have manned up and taken the responsibility of our teams lack of scoring onto himself rather than deflecting the blame on Jozy when he was asked that question in the ESPN interview.

  147. whoop-whoop says:

    Yes of course… every leader knows that the even the slightest amount of adversity provides the perfect excuse to abandon ones ideals….

    Sounds like a great recipe for long term success and way to develop a team.

  148. Eurosnob says:

    Danny, you are correct about the lack of depth at the time. However, our starting left back did not get hurt. Cherundolo, who was injured, was the starting right back. BB could have simply replaced Cherundolo with Jonathan Spector without reshuffling the entire back line. Spector might not be an elite player, but he played in the 2007 Gold Cup final, where the US beat Mexico. He also played well in the Confederations Cup in 2009 assisting Clint Dempsey on two of his goals (against Egypt and Brazil). One can emphasize with a coach when a starter goes down, but BB decision to put Bornstein in proved to be catastrophic.

  149. Joamiq says:

    Great leaders know how to balance idealism with pragmatism.

  150. Joamiq says:

    Shouldn’t issues from the May-June camp have already been dealt with by now? I mean, Jozy has played games since then. Sounds like a smokescreen.

  151. MJC-DC says:

    Who are the 3 or 4? The clear incidents I remember were Verbeek last year and now Klinsmann. Maybe the question you should be asking is how did Jozy respond to his last benching? I’ll take the optimists view, since we all make mistakes, so its not unheard of for a young talented kid to slip up ever now and again. What I am FAR more interested in is how he will respond to this benching.

  152. Logan says:

    This isn’t the first time Jozy’s had trouble with a manager. He didn’t do well in the EPL with his manager. He was dropped for a lack of effort with AZ Alkmaar and was only back in the side quickly due to an injury of the player in front of him. There seems to be a lot of patience with him from US based fans. We all expect so much of him, we will put up a lot. That shouldn’t make him immune to strong criticism from his manager. He hasn’t produced for the US lately. We can blame a lot of circumstances for this, but ultimately the responsibility to perform falls to him.

    I’m not overly upset about this. He’s having a strong season. Good for him. Continue that and come back to the national team. Prove Klinsmann wrong. But in the mean time, we should stop making excuses for him.

  153. DCP says:

    I am familiar with this tweet and the version of the facts you have just presented to me. Could it be the reason Altidore was not called in? Like I implied above, maybe, but that is not the reason that was disseminated to the press as indicated in this article. This may sound a little stubborn, but until I see more than a rumor that this tweet was the reason he was not included, I am not going to accept it as the reason. Now this may sound incredibly naive, but Jozy’s tweet could have been a poorly timed comment regarding something else. It is also possible that Klinsmann could have already told Jozy by that point that he would not be called in for these games. Or, assuming the version of the facts behind this tweet that has been rehashed all over this site today is indeed true, it may not have been the definitive reason Jozy was omitted from the roster, but 1 of many reasons.

  154. Daniel Austin says:

    I understand your point, I think any other reasons you can come up with plus this tweet equal immaturity and naivety on Jozys part. He needs to shut his mouth, close his twitter account and put his nose to the grindstone when he’s on the pitch! If he doesn’t, he’s going lose the respect of usmnt fans.

  155. Bob says:

    There is something DEEPER going on here. We need a really good investigative reporter to get someone to talk and release what happened back in May/June or, for that matter, the last 14 months.

  156. Since 82 says:

    I’ve seen enough to be not impressed with Klinsmann.

  157. Scott says:

    Agreed. Try managing rich kids from a position of weakness. Try managing anyone from a position of weakness. My son is 12. I tell him how I have played and coached the game. I also tell him that to get on the field, he needs to fill a need for the coach. Meet/ exceed his expectations and you play. Earn his respect and you get get to enter into the conversation of tactics and playing style. Buck the coach without earning his respect and you sit. Doesn’t make him right and you wrong. It just makes you a sub. Never forget that your coach has a job and an ego, just like you. The only difference is that he makes the roster.

  158. DCP says:

    You have no argument from me. I would also add that he should spend some time with Michael Bradley. My memory is a little hazy, but I believe Klinsmann criticized Bradley when he first took over and even started Beckerman over him for at least one game. Bradley worked hard and appears to have made a positive impression with the coach and maybe even some of the fans that previously had issues with him.

  159. goyim says:

    +1 for Joamiq…. Excellent parry and repost (to quote some fencing lingo from the London Olympics)

  160. Brian says:

    Well if we mess up against A&B and/or Guatemala and don’t get past this round, he’ll be fired by next Wednesday.

  161. Brian says:

    He barely touched Hutton. Hutton is a effing puss.

  162. tremendous says:

    To Klinsy re: Jozy in May-June

    link to youtube.com

  163. Ben says:

    then can’t this be a pragmatic move because Jozy is a disruption to the team?

  164. PetedeLA says:

    Klinsmann is not a fool. The big mistake was in not hiring a competent #2.

  165. Ben says:

    Right, because a coach has never said he would like more out of a player. That isn’t even remotely harsh. If Jozy is getting upset at that criticism, then he is in for a long career.

  166. Dennis says:

    All I can say is biff is an incredible jerk! His continuing negative facination with Bradley is simply inexplicable in any logical manner

  167. Dennis says:

    I have never been one who thinks a coach should be sharing negative comments about players with the press. (That is a whole lot different than letting the player know his short-comings in private.) I know that a lot of people thought Bradley kept too much to himself, but there is a certain quiet dignity and respect in that, something Klinsmann would do well to emulate.

  168. Daniel Austin says:

    “He’s a laid-back lad, to be fair, and sometimes he can train like that,” says Iain Dowie, who in mid-March took over as Hull’s manager. “He’s got to get into training as if it’s for real. Everything he does must be to the nth degree. At times he can be languid.”

    Responds Jozy, “I’ve been hearing that for a long time. I think it’s more based on the way I am, my background. I think people get the wrong idea of me because my family’s from the Caribbean. I might come off as lazy, nonchalant. But it’s just laid-back, you know? It’s hard to change what’s in my blood. It’s not lazy, but you go to a training session, everybody’s into it, yelling, getting after it. That’s not my type of thing. I don’t really yell. The energy I put out is there with anybody else’s, but I think they just want to see it verbally. I can work on it.”

  169. The Imperative Voice says:

    I always find it interesting when someone has many middling excuses rather than one good one. Klinsi has an endless list. Sounds very defensive, like CYA, and makes you wonder what the real story is.

    I mean, May/June camp? That’s four qualifiers past.

    Better off just saying I haven’t seen what I want to see for the US, period, end of story.

    But I think the “tell” he’s saying one thing and doing another is trying to pass off the idea that not just Gordon but EJ are better in the air/ for the US than Jozy.

  170. The Imperative Voice says:

    I think Klinsi is getting a tad cute with callups all over the field for someone who probably needs all 6 points to control our destiny.

  171. Anthony Cheng says:

    Ok. Fielding 3 DM’s was not wise, but you really think the midfield was the sole reason for Jozy’s lack of production that game? Also, Klinnsman cited his poor showings for last 14 months – not just Jamaica game.

  172. The Imperative Voice says:

    Aw c’mon you’ve never seen some guy “retire from international play” a few years too early? Or the never ending drama for France? You’re just sheltered since the closest thing we’ve had to insurrection was ’98.

    Ironically, the “Call of the Cup” theory works better for people who’ve never been there. Jozy has been there and probably figures he has 2-3 cycles more left. Chandler’s the one who should be pliable.

  173. The Imperative Voice says:

    Jozy is less than his potential but I don’t believe even a bad Jozy falls out of the top 4 and behind EJ and Gordon. He’s letting the personal cloud the professional.

  174. The Imperative Voice says:

    You don’t send two-game wakeup calls at the conclusion of a hotly contested qualifying round.

  175. joe says:

    Name one US striker who scored a lot of goals under Klinsy? Klinsy style of play is boring. the Nats are do not play an attacking style of football. Too many times, Jozy have to drop deep into the midfield to touch the ball; no one is feeding him. If it would not cause instability, I’d say fire Klinsy!

  176. Enzo says:

    I guess it’s true:
    Some people people aren’t cut out for the international level.

  177. The Imperative Voice says:

    98. Rub the veterans the wrong way with roster decisions and you can lose the team. People should remember Sampson had that team rolling through qualifying, left out Harkes (the whole Wynalda thing), all hell broke loose, couldn’t even beat Iran.

    Just look at France and Domenech. You can’t assume players will just grin and bear it, say rote things about professionalism.

  178. chris_thebassplayer says:

    JK has been in Jozy’s ear for almost a year as to how he wants him to perform with the nats. it hasn’t happened yet, most of the time it has been quite poor. Jk is simply sending a message. If club performance and goals don’t translate to improved performance with the nats, what good is it…it only matters how he looks with the nats. I think it is a good move bringing in forwards that are dominant in the air in anticipation of facing bunker D in both games.

  179. The Imperative Voice says:

    Wondo versus Gordon makes sense but Wondo versus EJ does not. But then the three of them make no sense to me versus Boyd or Altidore.

    The worrisome thing is I can do this for each level except perhaps GK, which hints at the space cadet issues we’re dealing with. Not only is this not the best 18/24, I wouldn’t even pick the new people for their supposed roles. Better attacking or wing middies than Kljestan, better Fs than EJ (including aerially); better wing backs than Castillo or Parkhurst, etc. It just feels off, like Bradley’s Gold Cup roster the time he got fired.

  180. Cris says:

    where’s Wondo??????

  181. brian says:

    What team does Bob Bradley play for? There is your answer.

  182. Nic D "the TX 2 Stepper" says:

    Jozy has been benched everywhere he played save for RBNY

    Villareal (2 appearances or so then benched)
    Xerex (Pine Rider)
    Hull (a few appearances, then benched, comments from coach about training and attitude)
    AZ (Same as above, then straightened out and played like 30 in a row)

  183. Todd says:

    Actually Bob is a class act. I am sure he wouldn’t would bad things for the US team or even Klinsi. His class shines through about the way he has taken over the Egypt job and marching in memory of the brutal violence that erupted after a Egyptian game. Class through and through you might not like his tactile abilities or player selection but you should respect him for how he has handled himself. Unless you were just being factious, then never mind.

  184. Todd says:

    wouldn’t wish

  185. smokeminside says:

    Biff, you ‘just had this thought’ re: Bradley? Please either think a lot harder, or stop thinking altogether because this last idea you’re throwing out here is ridiculous, as many others have already pointed out. Liked your question though, re: are there any soccer reporters good enough to track down whatever incidents between Altidore and Klinsmann may have occurred this past spring. I bet Ives loved that idea, too.

  186. biff says:

    At least I’m not a hypocrite, Dennis. I see that you are down below agreeing with a poster who is literally calling Klinsmann “a jackass” and some people might think only a jerk would do that. And unlike a lot of wimpy Klinsmann haters on this board and others who hide behind a new pseudonym used only one time on one thread to post potentially controversial comments, I post my comments under my own pseudonym.

    In any case, can you or anyone tell me exactly what I said about Bob Bradley that was bad? Absolutely ridiculous to make that allegation. I said nothing to imply that BB is a bad person. And although I supported BB being fired, there are things I admire about BB, in particular his courage. Anyone with any common sense at all would know that he most likely has some very strong mixed emotions right now about the USMNT, which is coached by his bitter enemy but which also includes his son, who I have no doubt BB wants to play and to be successful in WC 2014 in Brazil. As I say, I would think there are some heavy-duty mixed emotions swirling in BB right now and there is nothing bad about that and it would be perfectly natural for anybody in such a situation to have such mixed feelings.

  187. biff says:

    Well, TomG, I disagree that Klinsmann is acting line a jackass, but I agree with you that he most likely is not calling up Jozy this week for disciplinary reason related to the Tweet and Klinsmann has every right to do so and should be up front about it. If this week’s snub of Jozy is also, as Klinsmann alleges, because of “certain things that went on through the May-June camp,” then that does not make sense. If that were the case, then Klinsmann would have snubbed Jozy in September with the Jamaica qualifiers and would not have waited until October.

  188. david m says:

    Jozy hasn’t performed for the national team lately because as a striker he requires a coherent offensive game. Under Klinsmann, the US team has none. Six goals in four games against Guatemala, Jamaica and Antigua! And the goals are mostly off deflections and broken plays.

  189. too soon? says:

    I think Jozy’s tweet gave us our answer. I think we can say ‘so long’ to Altidore in a US shirt as long as Klinsmann is around.

    Oh well, “next man up” right?

  190. Evan W says:

    Torres is above average just inconsistent. I have watched enough of his games where sometimes he is the best player on the field, other times he is pretty far off the mark. He has better vision, passing and ball control than 90% of the players Klinsmann called in. There is still potential he just needs to be more confident at times.

  191. Detroit! says:

    Wrong. This is exactly when you send two-game wakeup calls. Establishing the values and expectations of the program matters most when there’s something to lose. It’s fine to say you have certain expectations of how a player should behave on the field and in practice, but if you abandon your principles just to win, you set yourself up for failure as a coach. That’s the quickest way to lose your team.

  192. Clark says:

    Looks like it’s been hashed out, but here’s my two cents: JK is over-thinking this. Clearly Altidore is one our best 2-3 forwards. He should be in the squad.

  193. BamaMan says:


    That’s the best comment I’ve read yet. Public insubordination is never acceptable and, if a coach does accept it, he will never command the respect of his team again. Klinsmann is the boss. Period. No American coach in any other sport would have stood idly by while a player on their team tweeted the kind of stuff that Altidore did. Altidore is a great club player and a mediocre international player at this point. He is imminently replaceable.