Klinsmann unveils 24-man roster, omits Altidore and Boyd among others


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U.S. men's national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has released the 24-man roster that will aim to attempt to reach the final round of World Cup qualifying, and there are surprises aplenty.

Sacha Kljestan, Eddie Johnson and Alan Gordon were among the players selected by Klinsmann for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Antigua & Barbuda and Guatemala, while Jozy Altidore, Terrence Boyd, Jose Torres and Chris Wondolowski were all surprisingly left off. Landon Donovan, who suffered a knee injury on Saturday while playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy, was also included on the roster. 

Other veterans on the team are Tim Howard, Carlos Bocanegra, Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey.Timmy Chandler, who told SBI last month he was open to an October call-up, was also once again missing.

Here is the full roster:

GOALKEEPERS (3) : Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Tim Howard (Everton), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)

DEFENDERS (8) : Carlos Bocanegra (Racing Santander), Geoff Cameron (Stoke City), Edgar Castillo (Club Tijuana), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover), Maurice Edu (Stoke City), Clarence Goodson (Brondby), Fabian Johnson (Hoffenheim), Michael Parkhurst (Nordsjaelland)

MIDFIELDERS (8) : Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Michael Bradley (Roma), Joe Corona (Club Tijuana), Jermaine Jones (Schalke 04), Sacha Kljestan (Anderlecht), Brek Shea (FC Dallas), Danny Williams (Hoffenheim), Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)

FORWARDS (5): Clint Dempsey (Tottenham Hotspur), Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy), Herculez Gomez (Santos), Alan Gordon (San Jose Earthquakes), Eddie Johnson (Seattle Sounders)

The U.S. players have already begun convening in Miami for camp, which is the second-to-last one Klinsmann is expected to have this year. The team will train there through Wednesday.

The U.S. is currently tied on points in Group A with both Jamaica and Guatemala with two games remaining. The Americans visit Antigua & Barbuda on Friday before hosting Guatemala in their final group stage match four days later.


What do you think of this roster? Which inclusion/omission most surprised you? Why do you think Altidore and Boyd were left off?

Share your thoughts below.

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363 Responses to Klinsmann unveils 24-man roster, omits Altidore and Boyd among others

  1. Liga says:

    I know what’s coming so I’ll save everyone the trouble. This is why Jozy is not on the roster. This is his tweet about Klinsmann’s interview.

    link to i.imgur.com

  2. A wise man once says:


  3. Michael F says:

    Big mistake leaving Jozy off the roster. Na d for Alan Gordon? Who the hell is he?

  4. Chris H says:

    No Boyd? No Altidore? ALAN GORDON!!!!!??????? What is he doing???

  5. goyim says:


  6. ANM says:

    “Alan Gordon (San Jose Earthquakes)”

    Just this morning, I was laughing at England having called up Jonjo Shelvey. “Have they sunk so low?” I laughingly asked.

    Karmic payback usually takes a lot longer than a few hours.

  7. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    What will be the match fitness of Shea, Donovan, Jones, and Bradley? Seems risky but understand that all of the above should be called in.

  8. somedude says:

    Alan Gordon over Wondo? Jesus

  9. anon says:

    I think Landon, Jermaine and Shea are all on the roster as a diversionary tactic…all are injured.

  10. HoboMike says:

    Is Donovan’s knee OK? I guess so, otherwise why waste the spot on him?

    This is interesting. If Jozy was omitted solely because of that tweet, then it’s obvious that Klinsmann is sending a message. If he’s trying to send a message, then Jozy may not get called up again while Klinsi is in charge.

  11. Mat says:

    No Altidore is a bit of a shock. The guy’s a top scorer in his European league. Gordon is the second surprise. Basically Boyd and Jozy are out for Gordon and EJ.
    Aside from that, good to see Sasha get rewarded for steady play in Europe.

  12. Mike says:

    Woah he actually said that? Wow I wouldn’t call him up either. That’s flat out inexcusable.

  13. HoboMike says:

    Oof, and no Boyd? Hm.

  14. A wise man once says:

    Instead of Wondo or Pontius?

  15. BS says:

    Looks like Klinsmann wants to blame forwards for not scoring but maybe its been his midfield choices that haven’t provided good service? I don’t know really but this goes against what he said about not bringing in “new” faces right now. As long as we get to the next round nothing else matters. I guess Kljestan has been replaced by Altidore in Klinsy’s doghouse…

  16. GD10 says:

    gordon does look like jesus

  17. Da Trufth says:

    I hope we get by these Qualifiers because we need some serious player changes for next year

    Alan Gordon really ?????

    I hope this means donovan is OK !!!

  18. mtgunner says:

    Never been so disapointed and nervous over concacaf games with teams not named mexico…

  19. Liga says:

    Alan Gordon is killing things in MLS–not really surprising.

    Wondo plays Herc’s role and Herc is better at the international level.

  20. Jerry84 says:

    Gordon over Altidore = stupid decision,
    Again Parkhurst and castillo over Lichaj = Stupid decision

  21. RChris says:


  22. Mat says:

    Any chance with Landon probably injured, Jozy gets the call as his replacement? Perhaps all one big masquerade to send Altidore a message?

  23. Joe shmoe says:

    Alan Gordon (San Jose Earthquakes)- I think that guy is a misprint, right?

  24. OPMG says:

    Alan Gordon is not a suitable replacement for Jozy. Not happy about that one but I was really hoping to see GATT get the call. I thought Shea, Jones, and Donovan were injured, no?

  25. The Imperative Voice says:

    He also deleted it. Which shows he knows better. One game suspension max, have him for the decider. Two games is putting his personal feelings ahead of the team.

  26. Bob Bradley says:

    WTF is Jurgen smoking….. Gordon over Wondo?!? Jozy hasn’t been given a fair shot with the right midfield (3 d mids is a joke).

  27. Da Trufth says:

    Why the #$%^ is Kyle Beckerman still being called in ?????

  28. Jerrod says:

    fingers crossed, not actually a bad idea

  29. Tony in Quakeland says:

    We have two league leading forwards. Neiether are on this roster.

  30. WK says:

    Gordon & EJ will likely battle each other to make the bench both games. Say what you will about Gordon, he and EJ both can get on the end of crosses, something we’ll likely try to do a lot against the likes of under-sized Guatemala.

  31. The Imperative Voice says:

    What’s goofy is if you are going to call in a SJ player……

  32. HoboMike says:

    Looks like Klinsi made his bed. By Tuesday night, we’ll see if he gets the chance to lie in it.

    You need to think that not qualifying (not saying this is going to happen – just making a general statement) is cause for being fired.

  33. brian mcbrewed says:

    Probably overreacting here but this roster is so screwed up it actually makes me want klinsmann to step down

  34. TheFrenchOne says:

    actually sascha has not been playing much this season

  35. Use Common Sense, Idiot says:

    Alan Gordon? I’d rather him waste the spot on Adu.

  36. Bryson says:

    Oh man..

  37. The Imperative Voice says:

    I thought Landon got hurt over the weekend?

  38. cps says:

    I can see not starting Jozy because of the dumb tweet, but to not bring him in at all only hurts our chances of qualifying.

  39. elgringorico says:

    Unbelievable that Gordon, Donovan, or Shea are called up. All are either injured or waste of spots. Altidore needs to be there and Pontius should. I guess we’ll find out what this squad is capable of but I’m pretty stunned with this roster.

  40. CplDaniel says:

    Hope you’re right. Scary, no Boyd or Wondo. I will forgive the no Jozy call…but none of the three?? Oh $#!7. Hope a couple of them are on speed-dial.

    Come On You Yanks!!!

  41. ex_sweeper says:

    This actually makes a lot of sense in view of Klinsmann’s comments in an interview last week. He said if he was faced with needing a last-minute goal in Antigua he would do what it takes, including throwing a lot of big bodies in the box. If you look at the Quakes goals, the last-minute goals are being scored by Gordon and Lenhart, not Wondo. Wondo is a finesse poacher – he doesn’t sacrifice his body for a goal. Gordon will give his all up to the last second of injury time.

  42. Alex says:

    I wish we had a coach that just called in the best players, didn’t tinker too much, and put them out in such a way that played to their strengths. A coach that put results above everything else. I heard the guy coaching Egypt isn’t half bad…

  43. Jon says:

    It really, really shouldn’t be this hard.

    Billing USSF for my bar tab and Prozac Rx.

  44. Sabella says:

    Beckerman = Joke
    No Jozy = no service, no goals. That simple.
    Gordon = who?
    No Wondo = how no Wondo but Gordon?

    Sometimes coaches over think things. Klinsi is starting to scare me

  45. Edwin in LA says:

    Was this in some way connected to a tweet about Klinsmann’s comments? How do we know this had to do about JK???

    But assuming it is….I think 2 games MIGHT be a bit too extreme

  46. poo says:

    How many goals does Wondo have to score to get called in. Right now he has about as many as EJ and Gordon combined. EJ I can understand, but Gordon?

  47. elgringorico says:

    This is a very valid point

  48. Soon, surely. Still a bit young and raw in Klinsmann’s eyes probably. But having a great year. He must be being watched at least.

  49. JJ says:

    People need to realize that Jozy is being immature and that Gordan will not play. Man people over react to everything.

  50. Bryan says:

    I don’t think Lichaj is in better form than either Castillo or Parkhurst currently. Still can’t believe all the hype for a guy who can’t lock down a spot for a terrible villa team…

  51. The Imperative Voice says:

    I said at the end of the Jozy thread, “suspend” him for A&B, send the message, call him in for the Guate decider.

  52. Steven says:

    Interesting to see Edu listed as a defender. That is probably his position. Glad Castillo made it. Hope Klejstan can produce. Weird roster really. Looks to me like Klinsmann is playing it really risky here. Hope Alan Gordon can produce. I don’t even know who that guy is. A lot of guys are off the roster that are pretty good including Altidore, Boyd, and Torres. Kind of feel like I did after BB named the WC roster last time.

  53. jake says:

    I typed in that link and it said no longer available.
    What was the tweet?

  54. Sarasota says:

    Gordon,Beckerman,Kljestan and Parkhurst? No Altidore, No Boyd, No Gatt (who doesn’t really exist anyway)? Funny, I thought these were WC Qualifiers not friendlies. Silly me!

    Been a big Klinsmann fan, but I’m starting to get very worried about player selections.

  55. Mat says:

    I was under the impression he was getting more PT at Anderlect these past few weeks?

  56. Jeb says:

    yeah, I’m kinda guessing that if gordon plays there will be a lot of balls sent in from the outside so that he can use an aerial advantage…we’ll see.

  57. The Imperative Voice says:

    My impression is he erred on the side of offense (for him). But he didn’t call the right ones.

  58. chris says:

    Im speechless

  59. RLW2020 says:

    if lando is playing, even just the second game, then i won’t be too worried. with out him in the XI i would be very concerned.

    the Gordon over Wondo (or Altidore, Boyd or the next 10 CF’s in line) is just hilarious.

  60. Ben says:

    I don’t think Gatt is completely recovered from his injury yet.

  61. 20 says:

    What the hell Klinsmann???? I don’t care what Jozy said to you or said on Twitter. He is on fire and needs to be in this team. WORK IT OUT. Gordon over Wondolowski?? I’ve been impressed with Alan Gordon this year. But I’m a lot more impressed with MLS’ leading scorer who has 25 GOALS.

  62. Ryan says:

    Fire Bob Bradley!

  63. bryan says:

    Dolo, Cameron, Boca, Johnson
    Bradley, Williams
    Zusi, Dempsey, LD

  64. Cabrito says:

    To everyone who was clamoring for Klinsmann to replace Bradley……….how do you feel now? Actually, don’t answer that until after these next two WCQ matches, in case you need some more convincing.

  65. Ben says:

    Lichaj hasn;t even played the last couple weeks. He has what, two or three starts all season? People need to chill on Lichaj.

  66. Alex says:

    Sure, but why call in Gordon then? If he’s not going to play, it’s a waste of a spot. Nothing to “realize” there.

  67. Paul says:

    I know that Jose Torres is much maligned in these comment sections but he was brilliant vs Jamaica in Columbus. Look what happened after he came off… and Jozy and Brek came on. I have mixed feelings about no Jozy, but no Boyd? He’s on a tear right now AND not tweeting insubordination.

  68. 20 says:

    I also thought Donovan was injured. If he’s not going to play why not call Pontius in?

  69. beachbum says:


  70. dacap says:

    didn’t think anyone could pick a worse roster then Bob Bradley but I was proven wrong

  71. Joe says:

    say what you will about the forward selection, but i think this lineup will do well. Our defense has been great with Johnson/Boca/Cameron/Dolo and Bradley is back to solidify the midfield. Happy Sacha got a call-up and looking forward to seeing Williams get another shot at CDM.

    dempsey and gomez will be the forwards for both games anyways… don’t think it really makes that much of a difference that gordon will be sitting on the bench instead of altidore.

  72. AH says:

    I know Eddie Johnson’s having a good season but he is a horrible horrible soccer player. Horrible touch. Trips over himself trying to do step-overs. Not a smart player. Took one of the worst PKs ever. He can get on the end of crosses at times though.

    Jozy, on the other hand is tearing it up and coming into his own. I don’t know the story behind the beef with JK but Klinsman’s got to get over it and call in his best players.

  73. Steve says:


    I am not that upset about Jozy or Boyd. An argument could certainly be made that they have not taken their opportunities. In support, I point solely to the work-rate displayed by Gomez when he is on the pitch which appears better than Altidore/Boyd. Once again, not a commentary on talent or skill or promise, or service. Just work-rate.

    That said, what forward named to this roster, with the exclusion of Gomez, could be credited for work-rate in excess of those two. Maybe Donovan, but even he disappears from time to time.

    This is certainly a gamble to inspire better results, but, Klinsman is making his bed. The unfortunate part is that no matter what happens, we will all have to sleep in it.

  74. Jason says:

    Hey now, people. Get off of Alan Gordan because I doubt any of you have seen him play let alone know who he is. If you want to complain, how about Kyle “running in sand” beckerman, or Jermaine “cinder blocks for feet” Jones, how about Landon “if im not hurt, im innefective” Donovan, get off of it guys, dont we need proper service for our mostally uncreative, but hard-working forwards?

  75. beachbum says:

    or better, never let it get to this point…….

    moving on now

  76. HoboMike says:

    Can’t make roster changes in between games, other than the ones who were already called in.

  77. Jerry84 says:

    damn no torres

  78. Ben says:

    Whoa there. Just because someone wanted to replace Bradley doesn’t mean they wanted Klinsi to be the replacement. It was time for a change, but I have no problem saying Klinsi wasn’t what I was hoping to see.

  79. beachbum says:

    true, good point. there was lots of discussion of this probable tactic in some other threads too

  80. Matt says:

    he has come off the bench more recently, including in their Champion’s League loss this past week. That said, he is definitely playing less than he did last year.

    Seems strnge to me, Klinsmann has always noted teh importance of regular playing time, but then leaves off two forwards leading their leagues in scoring; adds Sacha now when is has been largely relegated to the bench; Edu has only played one game this year, of the bench for 10 minutes.

    It just strikes me as odd when he benched Bradley, and otehrs who have demonstrated loads more talent but were in the same situation. I worry that players will not know where they stand, as the rules are not being applied equally.

  81. Teez says:

    well said

  82. The Imperative Voice says:

    I assume Bradley said something like this before Jozy got hurt at the last Gold Cup. I can call up whoever I want to support Jozy because all they have to be is compliments. Then Jozy went out, the forwards had to actually play, and he got rightfully fired when we lost to Panama and Mexico. You can never assume, “Oh, he won’t get used.”

    I’ll go ahead and break crony spades and point out that like Bornstein before him, Gordon was with the Galaxy at a time when Klinsi was loosely affiliated.

  83. Teez says:

    I can take parkhurst, but this castillo nonsense needs to stop

  84. Ben says:

    Actually, Boyd hasn’t been playing much the last couple of weeks.

  85. moy says:

    JK hasn’t watched enough American footballers to know who to pick, he makes the weirdest roster choices. Im begging to think he is a euro snob who watches San jose games occasionally.

  86. HoboMike says:

    It also seems very odd that Klinsmann does not call up Torres after pumping him up, sticking with him over the past few bad performances, and then drops him after arguably his best performance.

  87. DCP says:

    Although this tweet may be the reason why Altidore was not included on the roster, I have not as of yet seen any evidence that actually verifies that this is indeed true. And, even if the tweet is related to Jozy’s non-inclusion, there may have been other factors involved in the decision, Altidore may have already known he wasn’t being called in (part of reason tweet was made), or there may have been other ways to discipline him. So no, this doesn’t “save everyone the trouble.”

  88. beachbum says:

    just checked LAGalaxy.com and still no word on the tests which I think are today for LD’s knee. Have to think that he already knows the results and Klinsmann does too to call him up, but who knows?

  89. hm wasnt there an article detailing that break shea is unavailable for the qualifiers.????
    link to soccerbyives.net

  90. Trent says:

    Eddie Gaven is much better than Shea. He deserves a chance.

  91. Dave says:

    This is a joke, right? No Jozy, Boyd, Lichaj, Gatt, Torres? Gordon of Wondo, Pontius because he’s tall? Wow.

  92. Dillon says:

    Rehire Bob Bradley.

  93. Carlos says:

    Surprised but I’m going to wait for an explanation from Coach K, before I get all opinionated. Half of me likes not calling Altidore, say what you will but he has not produced internationally in over a year & a half . And he frustrates me to no end when I see him running at half speed after 3 minutes of being sub’d in. But to do it now at this crucial point, takes some balls.

  94. fifawitz1313 says:

    Chill out!! This will most likely be our line-up.





    A pretty solid line-up. Please stop overeacting about players that most likely will only come on the field for tactical switches in the second half of the game. If you are not confident about this line-up beating A&B and Guatemala, then I’m not sure how you expect one or two snubbed players to make a huge difference.

  95. The Imperative Voice says:

    I think no Boyd no Altidore is idiotic with Guatemala to play. Be like Houston showing up to play FAS recently and playing short players on purpose. If you have a basic advantage, exploit it. Instead we have possession players which sets up like Jamaica2. Tough up and down game and we didn’t call up the speedsters. That’s my thing….if you’re going ground game and technical, you need some fast wings to open space.

  96. Brad says:

    I am sure that Klinsi just misspelled Wondo, or that it is a language barrier thingy.

    I think someone needs to remind JK that you can only play the cards you are dealt, not try to alter them to play the hand you want.

  97. ben says:

    I agree with Edwin. What evidence is there that this is regarding Klinsmann? Could be about anything.

  98. Cowboys fan says:

    ah, you’re RIGHT! good news. I was so focused on the bad news, I didn’t realize it. haha. But for real, for all the controversial decisions, this is definitely one in the right direction: bringing Joe Corona in, instead of Jose Torress.

  99. Hugito says:

    it has to get worse before it gets better…as it with everything that we try “new” ..if we ever want our football to develop into something we have to make changes…bradleys soccer got old quick and with the game evolving into what it is

  100. hmm says:

    Let Guzan start. Rest Howard

  101. Rowsdower says:

    I am totally confused. Somebody explain this roster to me please.

  102. NATO says:

    Clint Dempsey is better than both Ronaldo and Messi

  103. Liga says:

    It’s on this Big Soccer board too…

    link to bigsoccer.com

  104. NATO says:

    why no Jozy and Boyd?

  105. lassidawg says:

    Funny how Beckerman keeps getting called in, when the only thing he can do is trap the ball, committ late tackles, and jump over the ball when he is part of the wall.

  106. Edwin in LA says:

    I am pretty sure is more than that and he has been on the gameday 18…which is a bit harder than in Belgium when you’re in the EPL

    Aston Villa has played 7 EPL games, Lichaj started 3 and subbed in at 1…..

    Played in both CC games started one and came in as a sub in another….that’s 6 out of 9 games and 4 starts.

  107. JJ says:

    I need more convincing. Of this I’m sure, Klinnsman knows more about soccer than me.

  108. NATO says:

    JK likes them tall, pale and thin

  109. The Imperative Voice says:

    Bull, you send in like a 30 man provo roster and then can pick your 18 like right before game time. There is nothing requiring us to handle our callups this way other than tradition. Bradley would occasionally make changes for game 2 of a pair.

    Plus, even if we did this the Klinsi way, you can put Jozy in the roster which is more than 18 people, declare he won’t dress for A&B, then play him the next game.

  110. NATO says:

    Still recovering from injury. Plus he has a month left of league games left and his team is really close to the title. Plus they’re heavy with EL matches.

  111. Nordy says:


  112. Edwin in LA says:

    I’d replace Jones with Zusi and you have a deal!

  113. gacm32 says:


  114. 20 says:

    very good lineup

  115. RLW2020 says:

    i agree we need someone like him, but its pretty clear he is neither healthy or developed enough (in Jurgen’s opinion) to contribute in this stage of qualifying.

  116. The Imperative Voice says:

    Yeah all the twitter talk is kind of inside baseball, you have to be on his feed or have followed a very quiet story to know of any of it. It could have been let slide….

    But if it wasn’t, there are more creative approaches then just complete omission.

  117. Amru says:

    While I can see the reason for excluding Jozy (even though I don’t agree with it) I don’t see how you can’t call in Pontius, when both Shea and LD suffered injuries very recently.

  118. Adam M. says:

    This is the Obama First Debate Call-Up, where Kilinsman seems distracted, leaves out important attacks, and makes some questionable choices. I have a feeling, however, that like Obama, in the end Klinsman win what he is supposed to win by just enough to save his job.

  119. biff says:

    The core of the team who will be dressing Friday and next Tuesday were called in and the talent is there to post two big wins. My only major complaint is no Jose Torres, whose superb ball-handling skills could be important late in the game. We saw the negative effects in Columbus against Jamaica when Klinsmann made the mistake of pulling him off the field, the team had trouble holding the ball and just about ended up in disaster with Jamaica scoring the equalizer.

  120. HoboMike says:

    No, you send in the 23-24 man roster. You cannot add to that, unless there is an injury.

  121. NATO says:

    God acts in mysterious ways

  122. Spank says:

    A lot of players were left off or weren’t called in at all but he will most likely have the same starting 11 as the other matches with a few tweaks here and there but this looks about what he will shell out regardless of the new additions.

  123. Tommy says:

    I’d go






    And a bench of:
    Parkhurst, Edu, Gordon (only for the late header option), Shea, Goodson, Guzan, Jones

  124. Raymon says:

    Gordon brought in in case this situation ever comes up away at A&B or home vs. Guatemala: link to youtube.com

    If this situation pans out and he gets a GWG, we will all be here commending JK’s genius move.

  125. John says:

    The unsung lunatic choice here is Castillo over Lichaj.

  126. Liga says:

    Alan Gordon is called up because when you need a goal from longball or crossing in the 90th minute he’s the best there is.

    Have you seen this guy’s game winning goal scoring statistics this year from headers and late game crosses?

    Jesus he has like 10.

  127. FozzyBear says:

    Laughing at the entire thread. Just remember: Klinsmann picks the team.

    To all of the American USMNT fans who don’t know who Alan Gordon is, well pphttt. I guess you just need to watch a few MLS games.

  128. Aaron in StL says:

    Yes!!!!!! Alan Gordon is FINALLY cap-tied, you guys

  129. lazydude says:

    Jozy needs to get his head straight. ASAP. Boyd needs more PT

  130. Todd says:

    Wondo isn’t good enough for the international level…I like the quote above that he and Herc are the same player but Herc is better. Just when you think Jozy is become more of a man he tweets like a little b-tch…deserves not to get a call. Don’t know much about Gordan not that he is going to get on the field. Back line is set barring last minute injury. Expect Zusi, Williams, Edu, Bradley at midfield…but I would like to see.

    Herc …. Dempsey

    F. Johnson….Williams….Bradley…..Zusi.

    Boca/Castio…….Cameron…Boca/Goodson …Dolo

    Actually I would like to have a better forward…might end up being Eddie Johnson which pushed Dempsey back to midfield and F. Johnson to LB and Boca to centerback dropping Goodson.

  131. NickCO says:

    Not a huge surprise to me that Jozy and Boyd have not been called in. In my opinion it gives a nod to his expected tactical formation (4-5-1, with Dempsey as the removed striker). Plainly, Jozy doesn’t have the speed or work rate that Gomez does in this formation. My biggest concern is the lack of depth up the middle. I still think we are leaning on Dempsey to much and could be in serious trouble if he is injured. He has been playing some serious minutes for Tottenham.

  132. Hopper says:

    You forgot to mention his slow pace and wayward passing.

  133. lazydude says:

    new episodes of the Walking Dead air this upcoming Sunday. Community starts in 11days

  134. fischy says:

    Clearly, Klinsmann is a foreign plant trying to sabotage the US team

  135. yikes says:

    best special forces in the world? Delta Force or SAS?

  136. fifawitz1313 says:

    Edwin- I think I would prefer Zusi as well, but I suspect Klinnsman will go with Jones. Another option in the midfield would be:



  137. BS says:

    Fire Bob!!!! Get him outta here! Why does he keep picking his son?


  138. yikes says:

    O/T but how much does the new Navy show “Last Resort” suck?

  139. kjasjerjk says:

    I think i understand jozy’s play this weekend. This must be beyond frustrating for him.

  140. Hopper says:

    Parkhurst was excellent in his Champions League match last week.

  141. Rob says:

    Altidore posted that tweet moments after ans ESPN article in which Klinsmann said this about Altidore’s lack of goals in an USMNT Jersey “Klinsmann: “The Dutch league is very open — he gets three or four chances a game. In international games, there’s less space. It’s hard to get chances; you have to create them yourself. Yes, you always want people to feed your strikers who are good at finishing, but on the other hand, when teams are locked in, you have to work, work, work and force your luck, and sooner or later you’ll get rewarded for that. I think Jozy can do a lot better, and he knows that.”

  142. FozzyBear says:

    Whoa there yourself. Nobody asked you who the manager of the USMNT should be. Put your scarf on and root for the boys or move to Zambia. LOL.

  143. RLW2020 says:

    very true. Jurgen certainly does not call the *best* players available, instead he seems to call who he wants to use. Interesting and infuriating at times!

    If it works we will praise him if it doesn’t he will be fired. Simple as that.

  144. OPMG says:

    Gordon won’t play? Who comes off the bench if Herc gets hurt? Gordon and Johnson don’t really inspire a lot of confidence in the fan base.

  145. Matt says:

    Well, we don’t develop skills at a national team; you hav ethe players witht eh skill set they have an dthen develop teh bast tactical formation and style to give the team the best chance to win (which can vary from team to team). Bob’s style wasn’t always teh same and changed based on opponent. Shoot, Chelsea won the Champion’s League last year using that style. Finally, I haven’t seen any indication of a change in the US style outside of Klinsmann’s press conferences. If anything, we have become even more defensive, but with less ability on the counter. That is what bothers me.

    I still am holding out hope it comes together, but I haven’t seen it yet during this two year run.

  146. RSLfan says:

    I miss Bob Bradley so much…

  147. Louis Z says:

    I don’t agree with you. If what you are saying is true, then why excluding Boyd? he is the biggest body we got up front.

  148. RLW2020 says:

    with all the players in the “potentially injured” category i expect to see 2 different line ups for the 2 different games.

  149. ex_sweeper says:

    Gordon has at least 2 inches in height over all the other forwards in the pool and has scored some amazing acrobatic goals this year. I would expect him on the bench, to be called on if things don’t go well.

  150. chris says:

    I love the double standard on this site. We still hold a couple comments about Jozys fitness from the past against him while the comments about Klinnmans incompetance as a coach from former players are forgotten???

  151. Aaron in StL says:

    Always Sunny resumes on Thursday

  152. Spank says:

    Alan Gordon is clutch!

  153. Chris says:

    Does anyone remember when Alan Gordon was playing for the LA Galaxy and he would have been on a clear break away but he was tying his shoes?? Can someone please find a video of this.

  154. Bryan says:

    He’s a grown man. There is no excuse to act like a petulant child. He made his bed in my opinion…

  155. RLW2020 says:

    seriously, its not like he knocked up Jurgen’s wife or something… call him up and work it out.

    Jurgen’s up and down relation with some of the bigger players; Jozy, Donovan, etc. needs to be fixed if we are going anywhere this time around.

  156. FozzyBear says:

    I feel great Cabrito. Sounds like you need to get yourself a new scarf. Perhaps one with some yellow and some green?

  157. Al says:

    Agreed…best lineup available with this group of guys. Shea to spell Donovan around the 60′ mark, Jones to spell Bradley to (hopefully) save him a yellow and suspension for next match.

  158. The Imperative Voice says:

    No, per FIFA you send in a max of 50 names no later than 30 days before the first qualifier, which can be messed with UP TO THE DAY BEFORE THE MATCH.

    Then 23 players can be listed on the match sheet.

    Those are your ground rules. Wanna be technical? Be accurate.

    Plus, you just ignored my comment that he could have been listed on the callins but omitted from the dress list for Game 1, if we just have to prove a point.

    link to concacaf.com,,12813~168137,00.pdf

  159. Jason says:

    I dont think you “get over” that junk Jozy thought he was entitled to tweet about his coach. So he should he rewarded with a call up after that and his embarasing display this last weekend?

  160. Dudinho says:

    someone should make a shirt that says Jergens History Maker

  161. DCP says:

    Although I rate Lichaj much higher than I rate Castillo, I am okay with his omission. Lichaj is still a young player trying to show that he belongs in the world of professional soccer (in the EPL no less), while Castillo is a vet with a defined role on his team. Leaving Lichaj off the USMNT roster allows him to focus on solidifying his spot as pro, while not possibly exposing him to more setbacks due to injury while on international duty.

  162. Shawn says:


    Bradley as an 8 and Williams as a 6.

    Hopefully Jones doesn’t get in there instead somehow.

  163. FozzyBear says:

    I think the USMNT player pool is deep enough to survive the bruised egos of a few players. Including Landycakes.

    Fabian Johnson is better anyway.

  164. Indigo Montoya says:

    Agreed – the starters are nearly the same, swap Torres for Bradley and “X” for Donovan and there you go…that squad should win

  165. Indigo Montoya says:

    I’ll take a double and buy you one too – nice.

  166. gstommylee says:

    Gordon and Wondo are two different style players. Plus Wondo hasn’t done well on the international level.

  167. William the Terror says:

    He might know more bout playing soccer than you. In all other regards, I am not so sure. The German players who panned Klinsman as a coach certainly know as much or more about the game than he does. My opinion, and it is just an opinion, is that he is a buffoon, unfit to be mentioned in the same breath with Bob Bradley.

  168. RLW2020 says:

    haha i was really worried about that!

    was it the American Samoa or the US Virgin Islands trying to poach him away from us??

  169. Shawn says:

    EJ seems to suggest a 4 4 2 of some kind? I haven’t been watching him play? Where does he fit on this roster?

    In a diamon, I would guess Gomez and Dempsey uptop or Gomez and a speedster such as LD or EJ.

    Then Dempsey as the CAM

    Bradly and Zusi as 8’s and Dwill as the 6.

    More likley it would be Bradley and Jones as 8’s and Dwill as the 6. Thats a pretty defensive alignment, but I would really like to see JJ as a sub.

  170. AH says:

    Yep. Call him up and talk it out and get over it. Look what Mancini did with a far more petulant Carlos Tevez at the end of last year. He brought Tevez back into the fold because he could help them win. And he helped them win the title. Not saying Altidore is in Tevez’s class but he’s our most complete and in form striker and needs to be in the team. So yeah, get over it.

  171. Shawn says:

    Yes because the US were so close to challenging Germany

  172. Andy says:

    Look, Gordon seems a lot like a Connor Casey situation. He sucks, and we don’t particularly want him on the team, but he can put up goals on CONCACAF teams with size and physicality.

    He obviously isn’t better than Jozy, Wondo, or Boyd, but maybe in terms of grinding out results in these type of CONCACAF games, he is.

  173. beachbum says:

    Jozy’s form this weekend very well was a result of how Klinsmann handled the situation, as it appears he took a small fire and set it ablaze and Jozy went from the best form of his club life to his worst showing possible

    that is some interesting leadership tactics from our Coach and I hope it works out

  174. AH says:

    EJ seems to suggest that Klinsman’s given up on playing decent possession-based soccer.

  175. Old School says:

    I don’t think the tweet is what kept Jozy off the roster. I think the tweet is a result of Jozy not being on the roster.

  176. DCP says:

    Although I agree with you, I don’t get why Klinsman didn’t start experimenting with other players sooner. And no, I don’t count trying Danny Williams 3X in a position that he does not play at club level as experimenting with all of his potential possibilities.

  177. Andy says:

    The tweet was way before the roster or call ups were being made. It was from an interview more than a week ago.

  178. Falsify says:

    I expect Zusi to be serving in balls to Gordon or EJ given his assist record and given ther height advantages.

  179. beachbum says:

    I liked the Gordon callup for Azteca too. Good matchup for him in my eyes both in that one and the 2 games ahead.

  180. Liga says:

    The tweet happened weeks ago immediatly after the ESPN exlusive interview with Klinsmann went up in which Klinsmann basically said the Dutch league doesn’t play defense and that Jozy needs to step his game up and work rate for the USMNT (hasn’t scored in a year).

  181. RLW2020 says:

    the new formation will be:




    (corner kick if you don’t get it)

  182. louis z says:

    I think we would only see him if we need a late goal. otherwise, he will ride the pine.

  183. Mike says:

    After next Tuesday, Klinsmann might no longer be in charge.

  184. beachbum says:

    yes, this board is pretty savvy

  185. Liga says:

    That’s nonsense.

    Mancini brought Tevez in because Man City owed him like 50 million dollars and NOBODY would take his salary.

    The accountants forced Tevez back into the squad, not Mancini or Tevez.

  186. louis z says:

    yes but if Herc gets injured the quality goes down a lot.

  187. AH says:

    But he came back into the fold and helped them win the title, correct?

  188. Todd says:

    Lando skipped MRI so is good and Jones healthy as well. Step back from the ledge… Lineups?

    ————–D. Williams———–

  189. Clover362 says:

    Ok So this Roster has cemented my opinion that Klinsman has really screwed up when it comes to managing the pool. My worries developed when I saw the last roster but this roster is terrible.

    The Players I specifically have a problem with:

    Beckerman: they guy is a good MLS defensive Mid. He is not international quality. I don’t understand how someone like klinsman cannot see that as it is obvious.

    Eddie Johnson: they guy has always gotten away with blazing speed, but lacked touch and good soccer IQ, Nothing about his MLS season has changed my oppinion about that. With the USMNT often providing sub-par service his lack of touch and positioning will make him completly useless. Not the worse pick on the roster because I’d lke to ahve an absolute speed freak to pressure Opponent defenses, but its a risky waste of a roster spot at this stage.

    Gordon: Who? Honestly, I don’t folloow San Jose, but my guess is a 30 year old mid tier MLS player won’t have the pace, or the ball skills to be effective at the International level.

    Sacha: I know he has is SBI fans, but I think he consistantly demonstrated in his past call ups he doesn’t have the pace or decision making quickness to be effective at this level.

    Donavan, Jones, Shea: all good players but if they are hurt these are 3 spots effectively wasted. 2 games in a week need you need to bring 24 players who theroetically could go 90 back to back. Maybe Klinsman knows more than us but this really risky. What if all 3 can’t go? Who are we left with?

    Jozy/Boyd: inexcusable. They two guys are the only effective european scorers in the pool right now (dempsey is as well but is better as a withdraw non-pure forward). I don’t care what Jozy tweeted, especially after Klinsman called him out in the press for not scoring in the position Klinsman has but him in (it’s not Jozy’s fault you have selected line ups with 3 DMids that can’t get the ball to him with people in support to connect with and move off of), he has to be on the team.

    I’m Hopeful we will still qualify, but with this roster, we are 1-2 training mishaps from fielding a team not cabable of getting us through.

  190. Shawn says:

    I agree with that, assuming he gets minutes.

    Maybe thats the key… EJ is a late sub for when the game opens up.

    If they go with Gomez
    LD Dmpsey, Zusi
    johnson, Boc, Cam, Dolo

    That group could possess. Then use Shea and/or Johnson late when the game opens up.

  191. beachbum says:

    +1 and good call on why he was called, my opinion

  192. iToddyC says:

    Klinsy loses credibility every time he calls Beckerman into the team. Fact. I won’t ever understand it. The dude plays hard but that’s not good enough.

    This Gordon guy over Wondolowksi too? If you can’t earn a call up by breaking records in the MLS what do you have to do? Have dreadlocks?

  193. TJ says:

    Agree completely with this. A very solid tactical sub to have available late in games, and a strong areal presence that brings a different skillset to the strike force. I have no problems with Gordon getting the call.

    Also, for those not paying attention, Gordon leads MLS in goals per 90min and scoring chance conversion rate:

    Gordon: .90 G/90min, 30% conversion rate.
    Wondo: .85 G/90min, 21% conversion rate.

    Also, Wondo’s 25 goals include 4 PKs that help his stat line, whereas Gordon has no PKs.

    I’ve only seen San Jose play a couple times this year, but I think Gordon has something unique to offer. Maybe not a better player than Wondo for 90 minutes, but a great sub to have available late in the game if a goal is needed and you want to throw some big bodies forward into the box.

  194. Eric says:

    Bradley at least should be close to match-fit. He went 60-70 minutes and scored a goal in Roma’s fixture over the weekend. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him in the Starting XI.

    Shea, Donovan, and Jones are bigger question marks, but calling them all in really isn’t that risky. Zusi is a more than capable deputy to Donovan on the right wing, and we have so much depth at Jones’ defensive midfield position, it’s ridiculous.

    My best guess is (if Klinsmann sticks with the 4-1-3-2 he used at Columbus against Jamaica) we see a central midfield of Bradley and Williams with Donovan/Zusi and Shea on the wings.

  195. 99 says:

    just because a player is on fire doesn’t give him free reign to dis the coach. i want jozy there too, but maybe jozy’s head needs a check.

  196. TheFrenchOne says:

    honestly, people are honked off about this roster, but if you just lay out a starting line up, then the only real complaint is Jozy’s absence:

    Donovan – Bradley – Zusi
    Johnson – Boca – Cameron – Dolo

  197. Eric says:


    It’s great that Kljestan is getting called up finally, but it is odd timing considering his downturn in playing time at Anderlecht.

    And Edu still getting called in is downright puzzling. He’s made one appearance for Stoke, and he’s proven time and again that he is incapable of anything more than a strictly holding role for the MNT. Only reason I can think of is that Edu is an insurance policy if Jones isn’t ready to go, but that’s why you have Beckerman, right?

  198. TheFrenchOne says:

    Williams instead of Jones. my bad

  199. QuakerOtis says:

    Zusi swingin one in to Gordon, Boca, Cameron, and Dempsey. Not a bad idea if we need a late prayer answered on a set piece.

  200. gstommylee says:

    Eddie Johnson is a huge air threat and he has shown that in MLS play with the sounders

  201. Jason says:

    Quite right. Wondo suffers from the Jason Kreis/Roy Lassiter disease. A great MLS player who is unable to translate that success on the international level.

  202. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    And if he’s not….we’re out of the World Cup.

    Where do I buy a Gordon USMNT Jersey…Walmart was all out.

  203. Since 82 says:

    I haven’t been impressed with Klinsmann up until this point and “his” handling of Altidore is worrisome.

  204. Todd says:

    Does Danny Williams start over JJ? I think his last performance warrants hat along with Zusi getting the nod.

  205. THomas says:

    Well nobody can say JK isn’t going all out for qualification. He brought in guys who are playing and, in most cases, playing regularly and well for their clubs.

    There also seems to be a lot more attacking midfielders than any previous camps.

  206. Sarasota says:

    Quick! Someone get a urine sample and check his jagermeister!!!

  207. Matt says:

    Yes, mad man management skills isn’t it. I mean hey, constructive criticism is all good, but don’t do it in the media. Most top coaches I know try to deflect it away from the players, because they re under enough pressure from the fans as it is.

  208. GTV says:

    I’m just going to say it. Klinsmann has been a bust and now it looks like he has lost the team.

    Jozy is as hot a striker as the USMNT is ever likely to have at any given time. It is NOT Jozy’s fault that Klinsi can’t figure out how to get him service, and shame on any coach who can’t find a way to get service into a guy with the talent of Altidore. If I was Jozy I’d be irate too.

    Furthermore, Klinsmann needs to get over his infatuation with the half-German players. This isn’t the German-American fussball club. Stop trying to make the USMNT something it can never be.

    Klinsi better hope this works out with qualifying wins. If we miss the WC, he would be smart to move back to Deutschland.

  209. THomas says:

    Close but I think it would look more like this…4-2-3-1


  210. Cojosurfer says:

    I’m more concerned about what team will show up? The team against the first Jamaican game or second? You cannot make chicken soup from chicken sh!t.

  211. Dimidri says:

    Jozy’s right, JK is wrong.

    a) while the nebulous ‘international level’ may be harder as JK describes, I assure you Guatemala, Antigua and Barbuda, even Costa Rica, etc. do not have better defenses than Twente does. Even Mexico, the best team in CONCACAF, has most of its defenders play domestically, in a league that most say is even laxer defensively than Holland’s is…As for other international teams, the past two teams Jozy has played against who were in the 2010 WC (Italy and Slovenia) he assisted and scored against.

    b) Maybe Jozy is upset that after years of trying to get regular playing time he has finally achieved it, is playing incredible, and JK is trying to punitively diminish his accomplishments by relying on intellectually lazy stereotypes? Even if the Eredervise is the 12th best league in Europe defensively (and 8th best overall) the notion that it’s defense is so much worse than MLS, Mexico, Austria, The 4. Bundesliga (Boyd last year), etc. is just wrong. There may be a difference, Jozy’s tally may be inflated-so he has an adjusted tally of 6 goals this year-that’s still a lot and enough to be on this team.

    c) Jozy does create for himself, look at his goals, under BB for the nats and with AZ. Most are not ‘poachers goals.’ He does create for other people, huge assist tally for AZ, lay off for Dempsey against Italy, etc. No, others have not ‘done more with little’. The US has scored 1 goal from their last 4 games against teams with a population greater than Montana, 2 goals overall. Herc scoring a goal off of a free kick that the keeper probably should have saved (and you would have pined if Jozy scored it that the poor keeping shows how he only can do it against weak opponents) is not ‘making more with less’. Jozy has scored a lot of free kicks for AZ, those don’t change based on the opposition. Nobody is playing well.

    d) Even if everything else I said was wrong, JK could have said his statement much more diplomatically-“Obviously the Dutch league probably inflates his tally a bit, but he’s scoring great goals that stand on their own-I want him to work harder to get that same production with us, it’s tricky, but I believe in him.”

    e) What Jozy said was not diplomatic either, but in do or die game you don’t not call him up. He took it down, I think it was somewhat justified, and the game is too important.

  212. PD says:

    This Altidore thing is silly.
    Men acting like children is never professional, on either side of the equation.
    A coach should no HOW to push a player, not simply shove someone around. I’m not saying Altidore was right in running his mouth, I mean thumbs, I mean twits, but a coach needs to know how to push or he screws himself and his team out of an option. No one wins.

    VS A&B:


    vs. GUAT

  213. QuakerOtis says:

    Fair point, but sometimes leadership means giving your people an opportunity to reveal their true colors. Jozy has a lot of potential and HAD been doing well until the last game… but a truly reliable forward takes out his frustrations by working hard and scrapping for goals (Clint Dempsey anyone?), not by throwing twitter tantrums and getting sent off in the next match he plays. Instead of rising to the challenge, Jozy took the bait.

  214. Dimidri says:

    *1 goal in the run of play in the past 4 games against countries with a population larger than Montana’s.

  215. 2tone says:

    Whatever. My guess If Landon is a no go his replcemnt will be either Pontius or Gatt.

    Pretty sure Shea is injured as well.

    Everything else hass been covered from all of the rest of the comments. Biggest snub for me Chris Pontius again.

    I do like that he left Torres at home. Klinsman is looking to get physical and just batter A&B and Guatemala from the looks of this roster.

    Should be interesting to see the game’s they are not goign to pretty that’s for sure.

  216. better than "Streets Ahead" says:

    Honked off. I like it.

  217. CrispyST3 says:

    I think klinsmann is thinking that if the USA score with different forwards and the same midfield, he’d have his point proven about Jozy and the other forwards not producing

  218. 2tone says:

    Uhm. It definitley will be Williams before Beckerman.

  219. PD says:

    not yet. I actually thnk Beckerman gets the nod first

  220. Ken says:

    Altidore has not played well in his last several MNT starts. JK is still trying to show players that no one has a set position. Anyone can be left out.

  221. Bryan says:

    Beckerman over Williams?

  222. PD says:

    just because he’s getting into a pissing match with a young striker doesn’t mean he’s lost the team. if LD had passed and Deuce didn’t show up and Jones said he’s too tender to play then you have problems, but what you do then is call younger guys and move ahead as best you can.

    I’m pissed too but let’s not get carried away just yet.

  223. Jason says:

    No one is above the team and Klinsmann has to lay down the law, even someone who is on fire.
    Jozy is doing well now, no doubt about it, but he seems like how a lot of other young hotshot American players have been- lazy and with an attitude.
    Eddie Johnson is a perfect example and his career has been a reflection of it. Only now, at 28, does it seems as though he’s sorted it out.
    I don’t agree with all of Klinsmann’s decisions. However, if he can bring some of these guys down to Earth, then fine by me. None of them are Messi and none of them are the saviour so many American supporters keep desperately searching for. None of them are entitled to a spot, they have to earn it.

  224. QuakerOtis says:

    Yeah, I mean, why pick a guy who routinely produces scrappy goals for a top team with an unmatched work rate and “never-say-die” attitude for a CONCACAF qualifier? Just plain stupid.

  225. Jason says:

    Agreed. Torres provided a lot of the delivery to the forward line that so many people have been complaining as being non-existant.

  226. PD says:

    yes and I’ll tell you why. it’s CONCACAF and JK’s rationale will be that it’s closer to an MLS style of play and for whatever reason JK rates Becks highly. Against GUAT I think he’s going to want a bruiser in front of the back line ready to brea Ruiz’s legs if need be.

    I would personally go with Williams over Jones and Beckerman in both games, but I’m trying to project the lineup I think we’ll see JK put out there based on the callups.

  227. jfae says:

    Much happier having Kljestan in over Torres. I really don’t want to see Torres again.

  228. tom traubert says:

    It seems as though everyone is forgetting Altidore’s total bonehead red card this past weekend. His team is going down a man and he decides that it’s time to mock the ref. He really hurt his team. I think JK didn’t call him because he doesn’t want him here while suspended at his club/league. Say what you will, JK is still German and that just isn’t put up with. Remember Mathis and the infamous “point to the wristwatch” after scoring a winning goal? I’m pretty sure that was his last game at Hannover.

  229. Miguel Rubio says:

    Both Jozy and Klinsmann need to stop this crap and MAN UP.

    Jozy – you’ve been in great form at AZ and we’re all stoked about you. We understand that Klinsmann’s comments regarding the Dutch league and needing to do better probably stung a bit. You realized your tweet was daft so you deleted it – good on you. Now MAN UP, get in contact with Klinsmann, apologize and get on with life.

    Jurgen – you’ve done a decent job so far and we all think you can do great things. But DO NOT bring drama into our team. This isn’t the English National Team, we don’t need that crap. Now MAN UP, get into contact with Jozy, accept his apology and get him back in our Starting XI for the next match.

  230. PD says:

    that’s not exactly the point. if the crown jewel in your pitch to US soccer regarding being hired with a million dollar salary is moving the game forward and developing players you should know how to do that in a way where you don’t wind up with a very public pissing contest on your hands.

    It’s a two way street and I’m not absolving Altidore from his part, but JK has been around awhile, you think he’d know better.

  231. beachbum says:

    why mess with a guy’s head when he’s in the form of his life? Tap that sh!t!

    anyway, not defending Jozy’s actions either, just very disappointed that it reached this point at such a critical juncture that Jozy got dropped after displaying the best form of his life so far this year.

    I expect whoever starts will see more service than Jozy has with the lineups he’s been picked for as Klinsmann will put out a more attacking group and some will say, “See!” it happened in Clumbus and I kept thinking, “Dammit! Jozy would finish those chances, he’s in the form of his life!” But he wasn’t out there when Klinsmann chose to play an attacking lineup

  232. Evan W says:

    Kljestan is more than 2 years older than Torres with much less upside. I’ll take Torres anyday over Kljestan, and Beckerman for that matter. I’m fine if Kljestan is the 23rd/24th man but I hope to never see him on the field for the Nats again.

  233. Benny says:

    Would Klinsi have the audacity to put a line-up like this in the Hex, in Mexico City, or for the WC roster 2014?

  234. Joe shmoe says:

    “Gordon has something unique to offer” yeah wooden foot.You sound like an idiot my friend.

  235. mike says:

    disagree. if he knew that he wouldn’t have done it in the first place.

  236. Casey says:

    It’s not Jozy’s fault. It is never Jozy’s fault.

  237. too soon? says:

    The only way to defend either decision is to say that they are more needed at their clubs and would risk losing their roles.

    I think it’s a total crock. There is nothing more important than these two matches, and if we fail to qualify, Klinsmann should no longer be in charge of his own player selections.

    Brek Shea? Again? You better hope this works, Yeeergen.

  238. Emus says:

    anyone who thinks ‘wondo’ should be called up needs to watch this, fake hattrick in a meaningless game are the type of goals he gets-
    link to mlssoccer.com

  239. Joe shmoe says:

    How about Mamma & Pappa shop

  240. QuakerOtis says:


    How many cousins/brothers/sisters does Lichaj have on these boards?

    So he’s fast and he’s on an EPL roster. So what? By that logic, we should have been calling up Robbie Findley before his loan.

  241. JRP says:

    Seems you forgot to mention how Beckerman completed every pass he made in the Mexico game where he played 90+ minutes. He had a terrible, terrible game against Jamaica. But he has been solid for 10 other games. Not brilliant in any single game but solid throughout.

  242. 2tone says:

    Donovan skipped his MRI, so it looks like the knee injury isn’t serious at all.

  243. JRP says:

    Good news is Landon is hurt so he will likely be effective.

  244. Joe shmoe says:

    …. and Gordon did well, yeah?

  245. Jason says:

    Not to underestimate the opponents but Guatemala and Antigua are not exactly planet smashers. The team he called is solid enough to take care of business, but with some new (old) faces to add into the mix and see if they can earn a place.

    The only thing I’m disappointed in is seeing that the Beckerman experiment has not ended.

    I have to admit, I don’t know much about Gordon, but at 6’3″ the guy could be a good target man to terrorize the box of two teams whose average player is probably 5’nothing.

  246. Joe shmoe says:

    agreed I hope we will loose to A&B

  247. Mike Caramba says:

    Alang Gordon FTW! But not literally.

  248. Jason says:

    You think a coorperation-like structure in Man City with all the investment spent on Tevez, the Man City board, the stockholders, etc would let ANYTHING get in the way of him playing? Its not the same w/ the NATS…its honor, glory and hard work, not cash and returns on your investments and making the people droping insane ammounts of funds happy.

  249. Javier says:

    Beckerman sucks as an international player! Why does he keep calling in Beckerman in?

  250. Jason says:

    If he crosses the Egyptains the wrong way, they might literally set fire to Bob Bradley.

  251. Bill says:






  252. Evan W says:

    I agree, and again he was played out of position but still did pretty well. The few times Torres has played his position for the Nats he has looked really good.

  253. Andy in Atlanta says:

    but he was playing on the right side… he wont start in front of Dolo and is way too light weight for the middle..

    I wanted Lichaj

  254. Bryan says:

    explain the Mathis thing. I don’t remember that.

  255. Jamie Z. says:

    What a ridiculous thing to post…twice.

  256. Jason says:

    You call public criticism (sp) or your coach, your boss a small fire? Just let it bun inside rather than logging into Twitter and making your feelings known publically. On the other hand, I dont believe after as much time has passed with Klinsmann as coach that he needs to still be “defusing” situations needlessly caused by one of his more senior players…hows he going to be counted on in a stressful gametime situation if he cant controll himself over twitter? forgive my spelling

  257. AC says:

    Should be funny and interesting IF, and I MEAN IF, this team blows away the competition and the USA gets to the next round. Not saying it’s going to happen though.

  258. le coq says:

    It sure is going to be tough not seeing Jozy do his fat kid at PE trots, sour body language, and dreadful first touch until the hex. How dare Klinsmann exert his authority over the team. I really wish Bob Bradley were here. He would never have questioned Jozy’s brilliance.

  259. Jeff says:

    Agree with all said. Happy to see Sacha get called up but surprised considering the stakes of these games and having not been in a qualifier under JK to this point. Hope JK knows what he’s doing but I’m not convinced

  260. Clover362 says:

    The problem is that line up requires 2 players (jones and Donovan) who could very easily be pretty banged up to go back to back 90 minutes in a week. Bradley might have a problem doing that as well because he is just off an injury. After the startring line up his roster decisions leave no one to come in. Hope bradley, donavan, and jones are fully healthy and can go 90 twice in a week.

  261. Sam says:

    GOOD: Landon and Bradley are back.
    BAD: No Boyd.

  262. tmack says:

    no shopping while you’re on the clock!!!!!

  263. Shawn says:

    I would rather see Zusi in there instead of Shea. I imagine the plan will be to hold possession and that suits Zusi better.

    Shea can come in when the game opens up.

  264. Juan says:

    That quote is exactly right about Jose. He’s had a free ride for a long time and it may be winding down

    Im not sure Klinsman is the answer but am even less sure Jose is

    Beckerman does not belong but don’t see him playing..maybe not even game day roster

    Thought Jones and Donovan were hurt?

  265. Juan says:

    Totally agree and this might be Kljestan’s last shot. I dont see him on the gameday

  266. Juan says:

    Wondo wont be called again

  267. Vic says:

    What about his assistant Petr Nowak?

  268. Jonjo Gerrard says:

    Maybe Jozy was tweeting into the mirror.

    “Mr. Altidore is lazy and lacks discipline.”
    – Every coach he’s ever played for

  269. Colin in MT says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing castillo in place of donovan if donovan is injured.



    i think castillo and johnson could be a real headache on that left side

  270. Johnny says:

    Can we add Beckerman to the list?

  271. ex_sweeper says:

    Watched any Quakes games lately?

    The “why Gordon and not Wondo” bitching totally misses the point. Klinsmann doesn’t like to play long ball but realizes he may have to. Who is our best aerial threat among the current USMNT pool – care to guess? It’s Carlos Bocanegra. You want your centerback in the 18-yard box when the game is on the line? Remember how nice it was to be able to rely on Brian McBride when the chips were down? Well, Gordon doesn’t have McBrides EPL creds, but he can sure as hell hold up a ball better than any other striker in the pool. Who else fills that role? Not Jozy – his touch has gotten better but put a defender on his back and he’ll give up a rebound half the time. Not Wondo – he works in the spaces between defenders. Not Kenny Cooper – people have been trying to turn him into a holdup player since day one and it hasn’t worked.

  272. Vic says:

    We absolutely need Altidore to play. Despite only scoring once(penalty kick) under Klinnsmann, Altidore does other things. He jogs on the field and gives away the ball. Without Altidore, I’m really worried. Does anyone want to protest in front of Klinnmann’s house?

  273. AH says:

    Everything you says is true. Nicely done.

  274. Judging Amy says:

    That would be in no way surprising. Anything other than that would be. Even for a US team in shambles (not the current state of the US team btw), qualification to the hex should be relatively easy.

  275. Bryan says:

    Jozy has scored free kicks for AZ?

  276. JRP says:

    Feel free, but who do you have to replace him who does translate and isn’t on the roster?

  277. JRP says:

    I hope we keep it tight to A&B. I never like it loose. What a stupid statement altogether.

  278. Air Jordanz says:

    That’s a little harsh. He has not impressed in the US shirt lately, but he has played well in Europe (both league and international play) and played well in the last games that mattered (GC).

    He didn’t take full advantage of the garbage time minutes JK gave him against Italy, but he was also played out of position and tasked mostly with defending.

    There are worse inclusions on this roster for sure.

  279. Todd says:

    I like that lineup. Unfortunately, I think that Klinsi migh stick with Jones.

  280. WayDownInTexas says:

    1. Not a big fan of Jozy, but Why on Earth is he not on the Team. Leads his league

    2. We need 2 victories in two games. We Must Score Goals to win 2 said games. We Leave out Jozy, Boyd & though “iffy” Wondo (all 3 are leading scorers is respective leagues?

    3. If Zusi keeps up his game, he’ll be a lock. Curious to see if GZ starts over LD given his recent injury?

    4. Anyone have any ideas of who partners Gomez up top? He will more than likely get the start.

  281. THomas says:

    I agree with you, he’ll likely end up with Jones and Bradley trading places as the 6 and 8 rather than just picking Williams to stay as the 6 and giving Bradley the freedom of being the 8.

  282. Bobeto says:

    Dolo Cameron Boca Johnson
    Williams Zusi (Donovan)
    E. Johnson

    Anyone have a better idea?

  283. THomas says:

    I’d love to see this. Only because Zusi played better last game than Shea has in his last few starting performances. Plus as you said, Shea has had the biggest impact off the bench his last few games when the game opens up a bit as we hopefully have a lead and our opponents are reaching.

  284. THomas says:

    Actually we can qualify with a loss to A&G and a draw with the Guats if everything else worked out. But 2 wins will obviously put it in our own hands.

  285. Cojosurfer says:

    This is WCQ. The USMNT should be a tournament team getting after results. Period. The USMNT should not be in the business of ‘developing players’ for WCQ. National leagues around the world develop the players. The USMNT should be playing with ‘finished products’ in WCQ. I believe this roster has more of that focus.

    Friendlies should be the focus of player and formation experiments between tournaments.

  286. THomas says:

    As to the partnering Gomez, I like Dempsey up there just behind Gomez as we have true attacking midfield and wide options this time around.

  287. Evan W says:

    I will admit he was better last year for Anderlecht but he hasn’t gotten much playing time for them this year (he has played in 2 out of 8 league games). He still doesn’t have the qualities that Torres has.

  288. Duracell says:

    With apologies to Brian McBride, Jozy might already be the greatest American striker ever. This is not considering career legacy or total production, but rather ability/athleticism/level of production.

    I was one of those that strongly clamored for Klinsmann over Bradley, but this is potentially a firable offense. Clearly he’ll be gone if they don’t make it to the Hex, but I wouldn’t mind a coaching change even if we do qualify (though I realize this will never happen). This is really such a joke. A coach’s ego can never be this big without being a detriment to the team and program.

  289. Jeb says:

    Do you think Bedoya will ever get called back up again?

  290. Juan says:


  291. Juan says:

    He will replace Dolo in time

  292. Primoone says:

    Gordon over Wondo?

    The fact that we don’t know how bad Alan is on the international stage puts him right above Wondo…I think its the general consensus that Wondo is trying to punch above his weight class. Not his fault by any stretch of the imagination. He is the player he is. A great Club player yet lacking the alpha mentality on the pitch with the big boys. Same thing goes for Sasha, Benny, Findlay, Eddie johnson, beckerman, Edu, bornstien. They are sound club players but we set ourselves up for dissappointment when we want them to be impact players on the national stage.

  293. Primoone says:

    Yes…but what about the other 85 minutes of action? I can tolerate inaction from dempsey for 3 moments of pure brilliance. I wont from any other scrub because it hurts the team in the long-run and makes the midfield susceptible to being over-run. Off with their heads!

  294. Primoone says:

    Its not about how many goals you score. Its about how that moron fits into what JK is trying to develop. Its not a knock on Wondo, however, if things dont turn out well for the USNT then turn your beems to JK.

  295. Primoone says:


  296. Primoone says:

    Wah…wah…wah..Get over it Cabron.

  297. Primoone says:

    Please…this board doesnt need any great perspective. Most here are doing just fine with Hyperbole, hate and ignorant analysis, thank you very much!

  298. Primoone says:

    To do exactly what?

  299. Primoone says:


  300. Primoone says:

    Now that is a perfect example of blind and unconditional man-love.

  301. beachbum says:

    I call Jozy’s tweet a small fire Jason, and then how Klinsmann has handled it gasoline. Took the most inform striker in the pool and melted him down with how he handled it.

    Do you believe Klinsmann had all this understood and has done this on purpose with Jozy? or did he perhaps misjudge his player and push the wrong buttons?

  302. AC says:

    Good article on mlssoccer.com….If Gordon gets some playing time, he’s not a “tweener” as in he’s a true number 9. He’s been scoring goals at a better rate per minute even compared to Wondo. He also plays with his back to the goal and takes a beating to bring in other players as Jozy is still working on. Remember, this is only for these games so far. JK said nothing about it being permanent. If Jozy is mature enough, it should light a fire in him to work even harder and never be satisfied at the club, or national team level.

  303. Primoone says:


  304. beachbum says:

    so Jozy plays in all of those defensive minded 3DM alignments and the empty bucket formations, etc. and now when Klinsmann is going to field attacking lienups with the studs back–MB, Clint and LD–guys who can provide service and link up well, Jozy doesn’t even get called in to the mix?

    can’t wait for all the brilliant ‘told you sos’ when USMNT forwards score because of all the service they will see with those three all playing out there together linking thru the midfield

  305. Hogatroge says:

    Edu put in a solid shift at CB against Mexico despite not being in club form. Against a team like Guatemala he’s not going to get muscled off the ball and is a legit option at CB.

  306. Primoone says:

    Dear Lord,

    Please give Sasha the strength and wisdom to make use of the talent you gave him on the international stage. Please don’t let him be a complete pile of Dog-sh*t out on the field.

    In the name of Baby Jesus,

  307. Eric says:

    If you’re worried about our CB’s getting muscled off the ball, I think Bocanegra is a much better option at CB than Edu, hands down.

  308. AMPhibian says:

    easy to get a percentage like that when you tend to pass short, sideways and backwards.

  309. Hogatroge says:


    Even if every player carrying a knock didn’t dress, the controversial picks don’t have to leave the bench.

    Deuce – Gomez


    Bradley – Zusi


    F. Johnson – Boca – Cameron – Cherundolo


    Castillo (maybe in @ LM)
    E. Johnson
    Gordon (late game, if chasing a goal)

  310. Hogatroge says:

    Well, good. Since there are FOUR injuries Altidore should be added.

  311. Hogatroge says:


    Bring Jozy into camp and discuss the issue like adults.

    The fact is, Jozy’s benching stems from his being late to the camp before the first WCQs which he had not control over since AZ wouldn’t release him.

    He lost his starting spot and, despite his excellent club form, was not really given another significant opportunity to start.

    We cannot rely on four strikers over 30 at the 2014 WC.

  312. bottlcaps says:

    The beef on Altidore from almost everybody who has coached him, is that he sometimes falls into a lackadaisical attitude and lacks discipline.
    It took repeated benchings of JA by Verbeeck at AZ to get him to focus. Yes, Altidore is a talent, but he plays on a team with three up front and some very talented passers, he doesn’t have to play defense!.

    Klinsmann, on the other hand, plays several different formations, but usually falls back to a 442. His experiments with Jozy as a lone striker, have repeatedly failed as Jozy has not the discipline nor attitude for the formation. He also lacks good defensive abilities and when called to defend, fouls a lot. JK is requiring that ALL forwards and attacking midfielders play defense..

    Derogatory comments and tweets about the USMNT coach/players/administration will get you taken off the team no matter who you are. I understand Jozy is a young player, but he is a bit of a man-child. Let’s hope his attitude catches up with his skills.

  313. bottlcaps says:

    Gordon is a very good player. He can play a lone striker or pairs well with mobile/quick forwards. The LA Galaxy were loathe to give him up, but at the time they were hitting against the salary cap and needed to make room. He did well at Chivas and it’s no wonder SJ picked him up. The guy can play defense too. He pairs up well with Wondo and also Landon Donovan. He has a great no-nonsense attitude and works very,very hard for his chances. In short, he puts in an effort that JK likes to see. And in case anyone has noticed, he has scored a fair amount of goals this season. I think he is a plus for the USMNT.

  314. bottlcaps says:

    Luckily it was not serious. There was no pain on Sunday, (except for the mental pain of the loss against RSL.) As soon as he knew he was good, he called off the MRI that was scheduled for Sun morning and immediately called JK. Good for USMNT and great for the Galaxy

  315. bottlcaps says:

    Let’s not forget that Michael Bradley scored around 25 goals while at Heerenven, as a midfielder!! If Jozy can remain healthy, score at a good pace and remained disciplined and in the coaches favor, he “may” break 30.

    There are a lot of cupcakes in the Eredivisie.

    It may be a while until we can call JA the greatest US forward ever.

  316. bottlcaps says:





  317. abc says:

    Where do you people get this stuff???

    Gatt isn’t developed enough in Klinsmann’s opinion to contribute in this stage of qualifying… which is why he called him in for the previous two games.

    Gatt is recovering from injury, he is just now getting back. Fact. Leave it at that. Why editorialize with a bunch of nonsense that you can’t support?

  318. abc says:

    Amazing how when Klinsmann errs on the side of offense he still calls up so many defensive midfielders: Bradley, Jones, Williams, Beckerman, Edu, Cameron….

  319. abc says:

    That moron?? Wondo’s soccer IQ is 1000x that of Eddie freaking Johnson.

  320. abc says:

    lol NO.

    Eddie Gaven skipped the 2011 Gold Cup to spend time with his kids. Enjoy being a crazy religious freak with your own priorities but for the national team I want guys who will be there until you rip the shirt off their backs.

  321. abc says:

    Score more than 1 goal in more than 3 of 18 games as coach?
    Bob did it in 9 or 10.

  322. abc says:

    Lichaj keeps getting benched for an awful Aston Villa team.

    Tijuana are in first place in Mexico.

  323. abc says:

    You think wrong.

  324. abc says:

    Verbeek seems quite happy with him this year.

    It probably has something to do with Altidore leading the Dutch league in goals.

  325. Cobb says:

    Gordon instead of Wondo….Absolutely Ridiculous

  326. Stu says:

    Beckerman > Jermaine Jones

  327. abc says:

    Kljestan got one call in to play out of position back when he was playing great in Belgium. Now that he’s getting spotty playing time, Klinsmann calls him back in. It’s like he uses a dartboard to select his roster…

  328. Max says:

    Wondo has not gotten a chance at the international level

  329. Lance says:

    Where’s Wondo???????

  330. Max says:


  331. Lazy Altidore says:

    Good for Klinsmann. It wouldn’t bother me even a tiny bit to never again see Jozy Altidore in a US National Team shirt. You have to want it, and I don’t believe Altidore does. Let him concentrate on his excellent club career.

  332. Val says:

    He is killing because of who is playing right next to….Wondo

  333. Vet says:


    I’m more comfortable with him vs. Jones or Williams

  334. Luke says:

    If I was Wondo, I would decline….

  335. Bart says:

    Thank goodness, no Lazy Out The Door

  336. danny says:

    +1. couldn’t have said it better myself.

  337. KG says:

    Dolo Cameron Boca Johnson
    Zusi Bradley LD

  338. ThaDeuce says:

    Spector, and Lichaj over castillo and parkhurst, please nats gods!!! why do our coaches do this?!?!?

  339. AK48 says:

    Welcome back Eddie Johnson!

    Your loving fans

  340. JRP says:

    Never easy to get a percentage like that. Never.

  341. NE REVS says:

    Let’s just have Robbie Findley be a player coach.

  342. ben says:

    Yes, I read the interview and remember what he said about Jozy. I still don’t think its quite fair to assume that the tweet was necessarily about Klinsmann and that its definitely why he wasn’t called in. It may have been, but couldn’t there maybe be other things in Jozy’s life that he was referring to? Granted, it would be a coincidence, but theres still no real evidence that Jozy was tweeting about Klinsmann.

  343. Matt Snyder says:

    Amen to that. Wondo is playing is ridiculous. Maybe Klinsi knows something we don’t…. Wondo = turned it down due to schedule to exhaustion. Or MAYBE he also has an attitude problem like Jozy.

    At the end of the day, it looks like good or great club performance doesn’t always equal a Nat’s call-up.

  344. dcm says:

    Ridiculous justification of calling ANOTHER washed up player into camp that won’t be on the final roster.

  345. dcm says:

    uhhmmm, yeah. great argument. Gordon will tear the international stage up…….?

  346. ben says:

    I admit I don’t watch Torres much at Pachuca, but I don’t really see the upside that a lot of people seem to. He’s a nice player who is pretty good technically and a good passer, but I haven’t seen much to convince me that he’ll blossom into a dominant player on the international level.

  347. Matt Snyder says:

    Yeah, I am confused about this as well. But…I suppose it is Klinsi’s job to scout and know who fills a specific roll best at the time. or at least I hope he does.

  348. dcm says:

    Hah, all thid talk about Altidore not scoring enough goals. not making enough of his time with the USMNT. And who does he call in to replace him? None other that the guy who was been more disappointing on the international stage than any other, Eddie Effing Johnson. Does anyone even remember the last 10 years!!!???
    The irony is THICK.

  349. dcm says:

    I look at this photo of Jurgen at the top of this article and want to choke him.

  350. steve-o says:

    I like Klinsmann’s expertise on the German soccer system, modern tactics, and youth development. But like many of us, I’m beginning to wonder about his player selection and substitutions. However, after some thought, here’s my 2 cents. In Klinsmann’s mind, the first 11 is pretty much set. So the remaining players you choose to bring into camp are the “extras”. These “extras” are not chosen because they’re better than XYZ, or because they will start over the first 11. Instead, they are chosen based on what “extra” they bring to the table. It also offers Klinsmann an opportunity to see them up close and test them against the starters. For example, in offense, Gomez is the starter for sure with Dempsey behind him (where he plays at Tottenham now). Donovan will start at wing but can move to striker too (where he plays for LA now). If they park the bus and we need more offense, just push the middies up further – MB and JJ are box-to-box middies anyways. So, here are the snubs: Wondo, Jozy, Boyd. Wondo’s a poacher but Gomez is better and faster. Jozy is young dumb and lazy but tons of potential. Boyd’s a hard worker and also potential. But they are both young and not good enough yet to automatically start and take Gomez’s spot. Also, we all know what we’re going to get with them. And all 3 prefer the ball at their feet rather than their heads. So instead, you bring in Gordon because he’s the right guy for a last ditch effort or hail mary tactics. He’s picked over other big strikers, because he’s hot now and played with Donovan in LA. Also, Klinsmann’s never seen Gordon in camp – the same goes for EJ, who’s also hot now and thus chosen for his recent form, work ethic, good attitude and confidence. If they prove themselves in camp, then they’ll stay and play – if not, then they had their shot. Meanwhile, we still go on to win with our first 11, and the extra spots are used to try-out newbies. Granted, this is a WCQ game, but most of the time, you rarely ever use all your striking subs, and even if you’re forced to use EJ or Gordon, they’re not bad options off the bench and both offer a different skillset. Also, if Gomez is injured, you can still replace them with any of snubs because you know they could perform if needed. Anyways, that’s my attempt to pick Klinsmann’s brain, and it kind of makes sense, but he’s taking alot of risk in doing so in a WCQ game.

  351. steve-o says:

    Sorry for the long post. I didn’t realize I wrote that much until after I posted it.

  352. brian says:

    I would be happy with a 4-3-2-1:
    Dolo Cameron Boca Johnson
    Bradley Williams Shea
    Donovan Dempsey
    If Shea and Donovan are not fit, they can be replaced by Zusi and Kljestan (who else could play on the left?)

  353. simon says:

    ever heard of phil jackson

  354. Powderhorn Pops says:

    Nervous about making it to the hex… overreacting maybe. But I’m nervous.

  355. Skeeter says:

    Love it when players think they’re a lock for a position

  356. cairo says:

    Nothing in this lineup is crazy. I might not agree with some of it, but nothing is crazy.

    Jozy hasn’t played well for Nats lately and Klinsmann isn’t impressed.
    Gordon has looked very good this year, as has EJ
    I’d love to see Wondo get a chance, but he’s one of those guys who needs a run of games to impress. Even when he scores it’s not impressive. But he keeps doing it.
    Can’t get upset with any of these choices, really.

    Herc (with EJ as sub)