MLS Match Night: Your Running Commentary

The jockeying for playoff positioning in the MLS Eastern Conference will be in full swing today as teams try and move into better playoff spots, and the Columbus Crew tries to simply make the playoffs.

D.C. United takes on the Columbus Crew in crucial East match-up, with D.C. able to clinch a playoff berth and potentially even a top three spot with a win. The Crew need a victory just to stay alive in the playoff race, though a Houston loss to the Philadelphia Union could help Columbus’ cause.

Sporting KC can move a step closer to the No. 1 seed in the East playoffs with a win against struggling New York, which desperately need a win to keep their own hopes of a top three spot alive.

Here is a rundown of today’s MLS schedule:

1:30pm- MLS Direct Kick– Toronto FC vs. Montreal Impact

7pm- MLS Direct Kick/MSG Plus– New York Red Bulls vs. Sporting Kansas City

7:30pm- NBC Sports Network– Houston Dynamo vs. Philadelphia Union

7:30pm- MLS Direct Kick– D.C. United vs. Columbus Crew

7:30pm- MLS Direct Kick– New England Revolution vs. Chicago Fire

10:30pm- MLS Direct Kick– Chivas USA vs. Colorado Rapids


If you will be watching today’s MLS action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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15 Responses to MLS Match Night: Your Running Commentary

  1. Wolfgang Depner says:

    Hmmm….I thought the RBNY-SKC game was sold out?

  2. Liga says:

    Adu and JackMac are having to drop all the way into their own half to even touch the ball. These players Nowak brought in are freaking awful. You’ve got both these guys in the middle, why are you trying to play long ball down the wing?

    How can you not even be able to pass between your different levels? Adu and McInerny are moving all over the pitch just to try and get a touch.

  3. deepvalue says:

    Hamid just unintentionally scorpion-kicked a Crew shot that deflected off the post into his own goal. You don’t see that often.

  4. Liga says:

    Easily the most important and pathetic wide open net miss of the season. Should this end a tie or Philly win, Kandji just cost Houston the playoffs.

  5. Liga says:


    This is why Philly is bad. JackMac and Adu spend the entire game just trying to get a pass from the midfield and instead of fixing that you just take one of them out and put in another striker?

    You’re not scoring goals because your DMs SUCK.

  6. Adrian says:

    Man, why does Adu get pulled? He’s worked his butt off to make the best of a horrid midfield. Don’t see many Union games but its pretty easy to see that both Mcinerny and Adu were having to drop into their own half to even sniff the ball. You play two wingers and have two backs who can barely complete a pass and wonder why you aren’t getting a great attack?

    Adu seems to be the scapegoat for bad coaching and personnel purchasEs.

  7. Liga says:

    It’s hard to not say I told you so, but it’s really not surprising that Philly’s attack literally withers into nothing and Houston starts holding possession for long spells immediately after Adu is taken off.

  8. Adrian says:

    Think any of that vaunted Union coaching staff will notice a correlation between taking Adu off and Philly instantly getting rolled in possession and the midfield? Yeah probably not.

  9. deepvalue says:

    Vamos United!

  10. Colin in MT says:

    Just watched the end of the United game. As a neutral and MLS fan it’s good to see them back in the playoffs.

    Just switched over the Dynamo game. What has their attendance been like in BBVA? Is this a typical crowd?

    • Devin Brown says:

      Sadly yes. The problem is that this is a sold out game. The Dynamo have sold out 8 games this season, but a LOT of season tickets are corporate sales that go unused, so not only do we have a lot of empty seats in our stadium, people off the street are unable to walk up and fill them. So, I guess it’s good from a revenue angle, but it kind of sucks for atmosphere in the stadium. Of course it is reported in the records as 22,039 yet again.

  11. Liga says:

    Haha, man Hans Backe has nothing on the Philly coaching staff.

    Take Adu off in the 59th minute, who by all accounts was hustling hard to keep some semblance of possession and make some things to happen when the ball ventured into the attacking half. He was calm on the ball and controlling the tempo, about 60/40 Houston with the match tied at 1.

    15 minutes later Houston has 3 goals, hit the post on another and has 70/30 possession.

    Philly’s idea? Sub in a less skilled player in Adu’s position.

  12. Liga says:

    Who is this guy commentating? You can hear it in Arlo’s voice that he just wants to smack this guy.