MLS Match Day: Your Running Commentary


In a game with massive playoff implications, the New York Red Bulls will host the Chicago Fire today in a nationally-televised match.

With the two teams tied for second place in the Eastern Conference, a playoff preview could be in store at Red Bull Arena this afternoon. One of the clubs could clinch a postseason berth today, as the winner of the match can seal its spot based on results in other games around MLS later on.

On the West Coast, a tasty matchup sees the Los Angeles Galaxy host Real Salt Lake at the Home Depot Center. The game is crucial for playoff positioning, as Salt Lake currently sit two points above the Galaxy for second place in the West.

Other matches around the league see DC United looking to stay in the playoff hunt against Toronto, and Houston Dynamo facing Montreal in a game that could extinguish the Impact's postseason hopes. The San Jose Earthquakes will look to preserve its lead in the Supporters' Shield race as they take on Colorado.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below (and also be sure to follow us on Twitter at @soccerbyives for updates on all of tonight's matches).

Enjoy the action (Today's MLS Schedule is after the jump):


1pm – MLS Live - Toronto FC vs. D.C. United

3:30pm - NBC – NY Red Bulls vs. Chicago Fire

7pm - MLS Live/MLS Direct Kick - Philadelphia Union vs. NE Revolution

8:30pm - MLS Live/MLS Direct Kick - Houston Dynamo vs. Montreal Impact

9pm - NBC Sports Network – LA Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake

9pm - MLS Live/MLS Direct Kick - Colorado Rapids vs. SJ Earthquakes

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49 Responses to MLS Match Day: Your Running Commentary

  1. Dank says:

    I feel like Chris Pontius has really failed to step up with De Rosario’s injury. I guess the plus side is that we’re not going to lose him to Europe anytime soon.

  2. karbaz says:

    Toronto is such a laughable organization.

  3. SilverRey says:

    DC throws down the gauntlet for 2nd place.

  4. MiamiAl says:

    Salihi with the poachers nose!!! DC is in mix for 2nd place!!!

  5. fischy says:

    Don’t blame Pontius. Blame Olsen.

    I think it’s hysterical that Harkes is giving Olsen the credit for his substitutions.

    Howzabout ripping him a new one, instead — for the hapless, impotent and ineffectual lineup he chose to start??? The same crappy lineup that stole a win in Portland. The same crappy lineup that barely beat Chivas at home.

    How is Pontius supposed to do anything when he’s [laying as a withdrawn striker and he’s got a central midfield of Kitchen and Saragosa…and his target guy is Pajoy?

    For chrissakes, Benny!! Play the real players, not the scrubs.

    Hamid was awesome, but a better team would not have been kicking the ball where Hamid could get it. A better team would have routed United on this day. 3-0, maybe 4-0.

  6. fischy says:

    Ives is spot on with this tweet he just posted”

    “Has a team ever played less impressive soccer during a 4-0-1 stretch than DC United? I bet they don’t care. Winning ugly beats losing pretty”

    United has looked terrible in this stretch, but Olsen keeps going with the same weak lineup to start. The team can play a lot better, but Olsen isn’t giving them the chance. The reason they’re 4-0-1 in this stretch is that the opposition has really stunk, and DC has gotten really lucky. 4 points in the last 2 games because of a mistake by an official and now a mistake by a goalie.Really, United didn’t deserve points in either game.

  7. Nate Dollars says:

    my thoughts exactly. the starting lineup made it look more like we have nothing left to play for, rather than everything.

  8. Mick says:

    More emphasis on Red Bull/Fire match. I expect a lot of goals

    Let’s go Toros!

  9. Andrew H. says:

    Thankfully, Rafa Marquez isn’t starting. A Red Bulls salesperson called me to see if I would attend a game, and I told him that I wouldn’t as long as Marquez is on the team. He is arguably the most overpaid player in sports.

  10. Hopper says:

    Doesn’t matter how big the game, they still can’t pack Red Bull Arena.

  11. Heft says:

    Please don’t sing the Star Spangled Banner like that anymore.

  12. Al says:

    Wow, Red Bulls are coming out flat again. Maybe they could use Rafa right now.

  13. Dax says:

    That arena is huge…too big or else it would be packed

  14. polska_del_sur says:

    What’s with all the Polish paraphernalia at Red Bull arena?

  15. Rick says:

    Solii is garbage in the midfield, why don’t they play Le Toux on the right? They could use his hustle.

  16. Miguel says:

    especially if they want energy to start fast at home

  17. Liga says:


    Playing next to Greg Berhalter is the same as playing next to Arne Freidrich in terms of learning.

  18. Liga says:

    Robles pulls Nyarko down as he’s shooting and gets away it… what was that? How did that not result in a yard or penalty?

  19. Liga says:

    Henry sprints back and just puts his cleats into Rolfe’s achilles. God he’s so petulant on the field. So good, but so childish.

  20. Ali says:

    & especially with the Chicago defense reeling a bit. Now they have fund their rhythm.

    Backe’s tactics are questionable…

  21. Mike says:

    Jesus Henry is a child. Shut your mouth and play.

  22. Liga says:


    How does he get away with literally screaming and swearing at the official for a good minute straight at half time?

    Camera follows him right over to the official instead of going with his team and he’s just yelling at the top of his lungs and lashing vulgarity all over the place.

    Do that in a reputable league and you wouldn’t be playing in the second half. Looks awful for one of the only MLS games on a major network.

  23. Liga says:

    Nyarko’s decision making in the box should be like 0 on FIFA. So much talent and so little at home up top.

  24. Liga says:

    What a goal from Chicago! Perfect pass and perfect shot.

  25. Mike says:

    Connor Lade was just torched and he was so far out of position. Didn’t help that roles pass was as perfect as could be but dude, mark up.

  26. Liga says:

    Was onside and the official did as they should–gave the benefit of the doubt to the attacking player.

  27. Max says:


  28. Rendon says:

    Terrible performance by NY…They were flat the entire game. Chicago completely dominated this game with ease. Where is the urgency?

    Fire Backe now, might as well.

  29. Stu says:

    Awful sub, Conde was playing well

  30. This Guy says:

    I initially thought Sherjill was offside on the 2nd but the replay was so close that it’d be impossible to make that decision real-time.

  31. Alonso says:

    MLS could have used a decisive NY win in this one…Credit to the Fire

  32. martha says:

    Berhalter is no where near Freidrich.

  33. beachbum says:

    fun game to watch as a neutral, up and down they went back and forth. Henry had two rippers headed for the back of the net denied by field player deflections, one by Friedrich which was top shelf, and Rolfe’s class showed on Chicago’s first goal

  34. 954 ftl says:

    why so many Poles at the game? Fire stalwarts from the Nowak era?

  35. Gusto says:

    Backe should be embarrassed by fielding such an unmotivated side. Chicago was more composed and looked like the home team. Macdonald was great all game for them.

  36. JS says:

    No. The Red Bulls could’ve used a decisive win. MLS doesn’t need any such thing.

  37. Liga says:

    That’s twice a ball has gone out from an LA free kick without being touched and both times the official gives LA a corner as everyone is walking back for a goal kick.

    What is this dude doing?

  38. Ben says:

    This LA/RSL game has that playoff intensity that New York lacked…

  39. andrew in tally says:

    omar gonzalez is too slow. he has zero recovery speed.

  40. Mel says:

    No way, that was just an unlucky bounce for Gonzo

  41. beachbum says:


    balls played across the face of goal are best bets to beat him so need those runners far post and late as options for best chances

  42. Liga says:

    And a THIRD time.

    This official is absolutely blind. Keane gets a free header near the 6 yard box and skies it… and is given a corner for it.

    This is getting ridiculous. That wasn’t even close. This official is either completely inept or trying to influence the game.

  43. Liga says:

    And another awful call.

    Gil has the ball and Marcello runs him over from behind and the official calls Gil for a foul. Commentators starting to make note of this.

  44. Jack says:

    Commentators are calling out Toledo for fabricating a call for LA.

    This is getting silly–just silly.

  45. Liga says:

    Wow Donovan.

    Stomps on RSL player’s ankle. Was several feet from the ball. Not like him, but that was straight dirty.

  46. Mike says:

    Okay this is ridiculous. Toledo is a crook.

    Making up calls, refusing to call fouls, gifting corners, ignoring late tackles? For heavens sake the 4th official had to stop the match and talk him into carding LA for a late ankle tackle right in front of him.

  47. Liga says:


    Olave beats Buddle to the ball and kicks it out and Buddle goes to ground and misses the ball by several feet, instead going through Olave’s legs and nothing is called. Corner LA.

    Commentators just absolutely flabbergasted–as am I. This is starting to get seriously upsetting to watch, and I don’t care for either of these teams.

  48. beachbum says:

    Rimando is the MOTM. If the play is in front of him he will make it and tonight he made many

    fun match all the way to the last whistle

    on the officiating, don’t know what to say about MLS officials. It’s just what it is, which often is poor. Well, Salazar was good today in the Fire-RedBull match, but he can’t call every game

  49. beachbum says:

    you really think he did that on purpose?