Must-See Goal: Karim Benzema

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17 Responses to Must-See Goal: Karim Benzema

  1. Monkey Man says:

    Holy KAKA! That was a great cross!

  2. bryan says:

    so. nasty.

  3. Dinho says:

    Did anyone else see Ronaldo just walking behind Benzema after the goal, no smile, no celebration.

    He’s such a prick, probably thinking, “if he didn’t do that, I could have had a chance to score…”

  4. PurpleGold says:

    Yo you just seein what you want to see bruh. You can see Cronny straight smilin as Benzema is jogging back, and watch him when Benny da french hits the bicicleta. No mistaken that thats Christ Ronaldo himself saying something along the lines of “oh my gahd buddy”. Quit lyin bout somethin we can all watch.

  5. Dinho says:

    okay. whatever you say, buddy.

  6. AzTeXan says:

    Volley, back heel lay off, 40 yards run and pass into space, cross and scissors finish? I felt like I was watching that old clip of brazil.

  7. PurpleGold says:

    Step your hate game up. And your bandwidth game too. Full screen HD will cure your woes.

  8. Beto says:

    A side observation:

    It’s a simply gorgeous goal.

    Notice how Ronaldo is the closest player to Benzema.

    Marcelo runs to embrace Benzema, all smiling. Ronaldo has no such response.

    Maybe it is this clip. But Ronaldo seems disinclined to celebrate his teammates’ greatness.

    Seems that for Ronaldo it is always “mirror, mirror, on the wall…”

  9. jon says:

    benzema keeps getting better and better. it’s a wonder france has been so sucky

  10. PurpleGold says:

    Casillas too. He’s always been a selfish pre-madonna though. Always all “oh I’m saint iker, i can do anything, I’m so ruggedly handsome, i should always be the captain and i should be the only one on my team allowed to use my hands” selfish jerk. Casillas is nowhere to be seen.

  11. Josh says:

    I noticed it, too. Helluva player, probably not the best teammate. (But I’ve never been CR7’s teammate, so what do I know?)

  12. Dinho says:

    Beto, exactly.

    PurpleGold is probably also a Kobe fan. :)

  13. rph says:

    What the crap is a “pre-madonna”? Oh, you meant prima donna. Well done, son.

  14. PurpleGold says:

    I don’t even like cristiano.

  15. BCC says:

    You watch a goal like that and talk about RONALDO???


    I yelled “golazo” at my television when I saw it. Benzema has flourished under Mourinho.

  16. TerkyJerky says:

    Yep I was as impress with that cross as I was with the goal. Such a perfectly weighted pass if Benzema let it through it would had landed on CR7’s chest.

  17. Kevin_H says:

    He didn’t smile or celebrate much after one of his goals either, which leads me to believe it’s not contempt/selfishness. Probably best not to read too much into it.