Must-See Goals: Anthony Knockaert

One player, one game, two beautiful goals.

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7 Responses to Must-See Goals: Anthony Knockaert

  1. Jamie Z. says:

    He didn’t even get the hat trick. Lame.

  2. Drew says:

    I know, right? It’s only Huddersfield.

  3. Kosh says:

    Goal 1 – Johnson did that to RBNY this past weekend.
    Goal 2 – nice, very nice.

    Both goals were fantastic!

  4. The Dream says:

    Well played. Worthy of the tag!

  5. bizzy says:

    we have Brad Davis, Zusi and Nguyen who have scored from distance like that….uuhhh and as for the back heel kick….uummm Gomez and Altidore are practicing right now as we speak

  6. Raymon says:

    Is the 2nd one a “scorpion” or does the scorpion technically require you to be off of your feet? Either way, it’s cheeky.