USA 3, Guatemala 1: Field Level Highlights


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10 Responses to USA 3, Guatemala 1: Field Level Highlights

  1. Raymon says:

    Learnings and questions from this:
    1. Reinforced that Deuce was a force of nature in this game. Could’ve likely scored 1 or 2 more.
    2. After goal #3 did Deuce tell MB90 that it was really MB’s goal? Was he explaining why he tapped in a ball that looked headed for a score to MB’s account?
    3. What happened to Ruiz’s hand after his goal? Did he twist his wrist or get some kind of splinter?
    4. Livestrong should def be a Hex venue

    • PurpleGold says:

      1. Truth.
      2. Looked like it, I thought MB mouthed “No way man” or something like that. Seemed to be a case of “Sorry man, your goal, I was just being sure” “Nah bro, your goal, you’re fine”
      3. Ruiz hits the dirt on every single play ever.
      4. Truth.

      • Big Chil says:

        Clint: “I didn’t know if it was going in.”
        MB: “Don’t worry (f it?) you got a goal.”

        There’s no reason not to tap it in. This is WQC. Be sure.

        • Raymon says:

          Watched it again, you’re right with that lip reading! Who gets the credit shouldnt matter in a must-win game.

        • Jim says:

          Yeah after that first exchange you mentioned Deuce said something again and I am pretty sure MB said “Dude I don’t give a f@%#.” Think it really shows his character that he wasn’t even thinking about whose goal it was just about the score.

    • Nick says:

      I don’t really have any problem with Livestrong being a Hex venue, but I do feel that I should point out that there were a lot of Guatemalan fans there. I didn’t really know how many until I watched this highlight. I don’t know why that’s being totally swept under the rug in the name of putting LSP on a pedestal when it comes to being a WCQ venue, but no one is mentioning it. It’s not really worse than any other place in regards to visiting fans, but it’s being propped up as a total impenetrable fortress, a ridiculous home-field advantage, and I’m really not sure why, as it really didn’t seem like it was any better or worse than most other places we’ve hosted games.

  2. PD says:

    I love highlights like this because I think it’s easy for fans like us, with the benefit of instant replay and slo-mo, to forget just how FAST this game happen in real time.

  3. Chicago Josh says:

    Ruiz looked like he scraped his hand along the advertising boards, and yes, flopped like a fish.

    From the angle on these highlights, it looks like Bradley’s shot on the 3rd goal was spinning wide.

  4. alabamafutbol says:

    Surprised no one else has caught this, but Ruiz legitimately hurt his hand a bit- you can really see it if you carefully watch the ESPN2 replay of Ruiz’ goal celebration- those ad boards aren’t continuous, they’re in segments. He used the boards to stop his forward motion, and had the misfortune of putting his hand right in a crevice where one segment of a board met another, and when he pushed it back it pinched the crap out of his hand.. I saw it haha. One time where I can say I don’t blame him for being in some pain

  5. Big Chil says:

    Things learned:

    Team picture squatting is much improved without Jozy.