USA vs. Guatemala: Match Night Commentary



The U.S. Men’s National Team can book a place in the final round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying tonight with a win or draw against Guatemala at Livestrong Sporting Park (7:15pm, ESPN2).

The Americans are coming off a last-minute 2-1 win against Antigua & Barbuda on Friday and will be the heavy favorites against a Guatemala side that has never beaten the United States on American soil.

For Guatemala, a draw or win also means a place in the Hexagonal, though the outcome of the Jamaica-Antigua and Barbuda match will determine whether the ‘Chapines’ can advance even with a loss.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight’s action so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight’s commentary is after the jump):

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68 Responses to USA vs. Guatemala: Match Night Commentary

  1. He_Han says:

    If Gomez can’t step up his first touch and finishing this game, Altidore is the answer.

  2. James says:

    I don’t have access to ESPN3/WatchESPN, is there any other online stream?

  3. Eric Griesheimer says:

    KC crowed doesnt look like a Columbus crowed. Hoping for a US v Mexico game in Cbus next year.

  4. Dimidri says:

    God, the red/white, white, and white looks bad.

    Red/white, blue, and blue imo is the best (a horizontal Atletico Madrid), the usual red/white, blue and white is 2nd.

    Also the break in the jersey for the numbers looks bad, do what QPR/every other European team do, just put the numbers (in blue) over the hoops.

    • chuck says:

      The lack of a kit identity is an ongoing frustration with US Soccer. These Where’s Waldo jerseys are ridiculous. The sash was classy and was a look they could have kept for good (and still should). You can still vary an iconic look, but not if you don’t have an iconic look.

    • Nick says:

      Idk what you are talking this is one of the more attractive looking kit combos around

  5. Monty says:

    How did that happen?

    • mikeandike says:

      I thought Ruiz would score late on a defensive miscommunication….but this is eerie-looks like the U-23s El Salvador game

    • biff says:

      Looked to me like Michael Bradley gave the ball away and Guatemala took the opportunity and scored. Did see I see that right? Was it MB who gave it away?

      • MidWest Ref says:

        He was put in a tough sideline, and a give away in that position should not result in that easy of a goal.

  6. TomG says:

    That looked way offside no?

  7. TomG says:

    -1 for Eddie missing an obvious overlapping run
    +1 for Eddie with a nice bit of skill on the touch line

  8. TomG says:

    Shambolic defending + insanely biased refereeing = big trouble.

  9. biff says:

    Goal!!!! Boca!!! So much for all you guys who thought this would be a boring game

  10. TomG says:


  11. Brock says:

    Goal USA – That’s the response I wanted to see!!

  12. TomG says:

    Deuce with 2 great headed passes tonight so far.

  13. TomG says:

    Weak shot by EJ. should have done much better. Very wasteful.

  14. Ted in MN says:

    Despite the goal, Bocanegra looks terrible.

  15. Ted in MN says:

    and some breathing room.

  16. TomG says:

    Deuce from EJ!!

  17. TomG says:

    Great long ball from Dolo to spring EJ. That was like a 60 yard pass on a line.

  18. Joe Hamilton says:

    Bocanegra is much too slow to stay with Ruiz. Ruiz needs 2 steps to leave Boca in the dust. Eddie Johnson has not improved much from his play in previous world cup qualifiers. . He doesn’t the touch and ball control skills that will be needed against teams much better than Antigua and Guatamela.

  19. kevdflb says:

    I hate to say it in the middle of a great first half…
    But isn’t it sad that Guatemala have a badge that is sooooo much better than the US’s?
    After this game… (please God let it be a win for the US) can Klinsmann sort that out?

  20. TomG says:

    Awful turnover by Parkhurst

  21. TomG says:

    Nice work by EJ starting the attack there

  22. TomG says:

    MB and DEUCE with the skills!

  23. Ted in MN says:

    Dempsey poach MB’s goal? I don’t think it was headed in, but it’s close.

  24. TomG says:

    Sick play by MB to create that one. He has developed such deft touch. The ball is at his mercy!

  25. Jason Harris says:

    Klinsmann is looking like a mad scientist on the sideline.

  26. deepvalue says:

    Lip reading on that third goal – Deuce: sorry for stealing that. Bradley: I don’t give a ufck!

  27. TomG says:


  28. TomG says:

    This is how we SHOULD play against the Guatemalas of the world. Take it to them!

  29. TomG says:

    EJ still has the wheels at 28, huh? I don’t think he’s lost a step.

  30. TomG says:

    Nice combination play for MB and EJ

  31. Pete says:

    I am absolutely shocked by EJ’s performance. I just didn’t think he could provide that type of threat on the wings. His run down the right flank was perfect, as was his pass to Dempsey. He’s able to take players on with confidence and has displayed great overall movement. I had written him off for good. Shame on me I guess.

    • Michael Stypulkoski says:

      If anything, I might actually have been more impressed by him in this game than the A&B game. Even though he didn’t score he showed great skill and effort, and made intelligent runs. Very pleased, hope he keeps it up.

  32. dudeinho says:

    in response to the bring carlos Ruiz back to MLS comment. problem he has a discipline and fitness and is a known to have a drinking problem.. He makes the worst decisions ever. Philly to Veracruz. Comes on spanish radio and claims it is an amazing opportunity. Hes then let lose for the same binge drinking that got him booted out of MLS the first time around. That is what has derailed him from becoming a truly world class player. Its a shame honestly because the man can ball.

    at this point id pass on the guy too much baggage

  33. CA says:

    EJ’s link-up play has been outstanding. I almost want him back in the midfield for the rest of the night, but I think he’s already getting tired.

  34. Dennis says:

    Somebody has to ask it, “How was that early goal Bob Bradley’s fault?”

  35. Skeeter says:

    Where’s Jozy?


  36. PD says:

    second half. keep pushing boys!

  37. TomG says:

    A couple uncharacteristically poor touches this half by MB. He will be key to weathering the expected assault in the 2d half.

  38. TomG says:

    ooooooh nooooo EJ

  39. TomG says:

    Nooooooo EJ again with a miss. All he had to do was chip it but he drives it right into the keepers chest

    • GW says:

      Interesting how in a game where there is so much positive from just about every US player, r you choose to focus on the negative.

  40. Dimidri says:

    I don’t know who it is but MB needs to play a true central midfield position in front of the CDM-Danny Williams, Jermaine Jones, even Torres can play behind him. Brings too much going forward, but still isn’t a true CAM.

    • TomG says:

      Not a Ronaldinho style CAM, no. Not in the fast, run at defenders and create a goal out of nothing style CAM, but he is probably much more in the mold of the more recent vogue of do-it-all style midfielder like a Scholes or Lampard. Not many teams use Ronaldinho style CAMs anymore so I think it’s just as well for us that he is the guy that pulls the strings. We’d be lost without him. I don’t think anyone wants to see JJ pulling the strings.

  41. Brant says:

    Faster than a wounded turtle!
    Able to leap chalk dust in a single bound!
    Finally shaved the 70’s Euro-stache!

    It’s Sacha Kljestan!

  42. Dimidri says:

    Corona cap tied!

  43. Ted in MN says:

    Now that’s a perfect 10 in diving. The Chinese would be proud.

  44. TomG says:

    Deuce clearly trying to add diving to his qrsenal of skills but it doesn’t suit him at all.

  45. Benny says:

    Now the U.S. will win the hex.

  46. Brant says:

    Dempsey dive was pretty crap, but he was just trying to get back the PK that Bradley didn’t get.

  47. Dank says:

    Way fewer comments here than I’d expect for a match of this magnitude. I wonder if the new layout is deterring people.

    • Spank says:

      That might be true and i think that the comments section really should mimic the old one. When you reply its confusing, because it doesn’t actually show who you’re replying to, you just have to guess. If they can fix this comments section than i think it will be back to norman.

  48. Spank says:

    Most def a bittersweet victory… I wanted the USA to win but not at the expense of Guatemala. This one stings a little. With that said i feel that Jamaica is an easier team than Guate so that will benefit us in the next round. Great win tonight by the USA and they did it pretty convincingly… Except for the first 5 minutes but other than that I was finally happy with what i saw. For ONCE! Eddie Johnson showed that he can tear up concacaf teams with his fancy footwork and MB is always MB and it’s always nice to cap tie a player(Corona) and for all the flack that Pankhurst gets I thought he had a great night.

  49. CrankyOldRef says:

    A fine win, but backline problems persist. I remain amazed at those who think Boca can compete at this level. His time has passed. Will he be faster (or smarter) if somehow the US makes it past the hexagonals? JK may be a fine coach in other regards, but he seems lost when it comes to organizing a defense for a national team. Time for a help wanted ad.