USMNT Notes: Donovan’s injury showing improvement, Kljestan’s return and more


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Fears that Landon Donovan will miss yet another U.S. men's national team training camp have been put to rest by head coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

Klinsmann revealed during a conference call on Monday afternoon that Donovan's injured left knee had shown substantial signs of progress and the veteran midfielder was on a plane to Miami to join the rest of the U.S. for their preparations ahead of their important World Cup qualifier against Antigua and Barbuda on Friday. Donovan injured his knee late in the Los Angeles Galaxy's 2-1 defeat to Real Salt Lake on Saturday night after a collision with Jamison Olave, laying motionless on the field before being stretchered off by team doctors.

"We were in touch over the last two days, obviously, and he was actually supposed to do an MRI this morning in Los Angeles but he skipped it because it improved a lot yesterday during the day," said Klinsmann. "We spoke last night and he said if it was even better this morning, he would skip the MRI and come straight to Miami."

Another player who is coming off an injury but was included in the U.S. roster was Jermaine Jones. Jones did not dress for Schalke 04's 3-0 win over VfL Wolfsburg this past Saturday because of a left ankle injury picked up in training last week, but Klinsmann said the German club held the midfielder out as a precaution and that he should be 'totally fine' for the U.S. camp.

Here are more USMNT notes from Monday's conference call: 


One of the bigger shocks among the 24 players selected for the upcoming qualifiers was Sacha Kljestan, who Klinsmann has not selected since the 1-0 victory over Italy in February despite some strong performance for RSC Anderlecht. Klinsmann, however, stated that Kljestan's recent form at the club level had satisfied him and warranted a call-up.

"Sacha was with us in Italy and then we left him out and I discussed it with him but he was always absolute by us and he's done well the last couple of games," said Klinsmann. "We had (assistant coach) Andy Hertzog actually go to one of his games, Anderlecht played Malaga, and he did very well even if they lost that game.

"He played in a way that we wanted to see him play. He was very aggressive, he was very direct, he looked for the vertical balls to play, he didn't play sideways the whole time, and he pushed forward in order to get shots off himself, so we are pleased with the way he's playing right now and that's why he's getting the call."

Jose Torres' inability to leave his stamp in recent U.S. games might also explain Kljestan's call-up. Klinsmann said in September that he wanted to see more offensively from Torres, a regular selection of his, but the diminutive midfielder failed to do that despite enjoying one of his better outings in a U.S. jersey in the 1-0 win over Jamaica last month.


Normally a midfielder, Maurice Edu was listed as a defender on the U.S. roster that was unveiled on Monday afternoon and Klinsmann thinks centerback could be the best position for Edu going forward. Klinsmann again singled out the United States' unprecedented win over Mexico at Estadio Azteca in August as a match that showed how good Edu can be as a centerback and the versatile Stoke City player may be a long-term solution as to who to pair Geoff Cameron with in central defense.

"He's a very serious option for us as a centerback, absolutely, going forward," said Klinsmann. "You can obviously play him as a (No.) 6 or 8, but the way he managed the game in Mexico City was the way we hoped to see him, because that's why we tried it out.

"Mo right now is going through his initial stages there with Stoke City. He has to break into the team. Now, he finally got onto the field the last game. He doesn't have enough playing minutes over the last couple of weeks that we hoped he will have but he's on the right track because his transfer was just getting done the last day of the transfer period, so he's a serious option for us as a centerback going forward and as well always as a defensive midfielder."


How big of a role do you expect Donovan and Jones to have in Friday's game? Happy to see Kljestan back in the mix? Agree that Edu should be seen as a centerback option?

Share your thoughts below.

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81 Responses to USMNT Notes: Donovan’s injury showing improvement, Kljestan’s return and more

  1. DeLarge says:

    Please just give me four points and I will be happy… otherwise I’m gonna have to use a sick day at work and I HATE doing that.

  2. meowmix says:

    Haha. I feel you, that will be gut wrenching

  3. meowmix says:

    I feel surprisingly relieved by hearing JJ is gonna be able to play too. I’m not usually that high on him (though I do like him), but his tenaciousness and ability to cover the field are really a valuable asset to the team.

  4. Liga says:

    Think we might see something like this–

    Demp Donovan
    Jones Bradley
    Johnson Edu/Boca Cameron Dolo

  5. fischy says:

    Every time I have seen Edu play in defense, he has been terrible. Whatever his limitations as midfielder, he seems totally out of position in central defense — either because of his skills or lack of understanding of the position. if it’s the former, there’s no cure. If it’s the latter, he needs gobs of time to play the position before he’s ready to play it at an international level. WOrld Cup qualifying is no place to learn a position.

  6. gmonsoon43 says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Kljestan getting his chance if Donovan isn’t ready in time for the first game. I just don’t want to see Williams anywhere near the wing since he has played poorly when played out of position there. He showed very well at dmid so if he is going to play, play him at dmid.

  7. Jake says:

    He does have better speed than Boca, doesn’t he? Against A&B, that might be the idea, resting Boca for Guatemala. And if A&B doesn’t have much attack, let him get a little bit involved like an extra D-mid. We not only need to win, but getting a few extra goals would be great at A&B.

  8. atd says:

    Bingo. Zusi for Jones if we’re looking to attack a bit more.

  9. Zuuuusi says:

    Was there no explanation for the Alan Gordon call-up? I’d like to see this fabled depth chart if Gordon is ranked over Altidore, Boyd, wondo, even Wooten.

  10. Cojosurfer says:

    I really like that Box midfield..Dempsey and Donovan can get as forward as they can with Herc. Jones and Bradley would need to get as forward as possible and help sustain/support attacks…Williams could be dropped, if the game warrants it, and put in EJ with Hercules to spread the D…I like it..

  11. Mike says:

    Think of him as the United States version of Peter Crouch minus a few inches. Because of the complete failure of the midfield to create chances, Klinsmann needs somebody to win balls in the air when they resort to long balls and set pieces.

  12. Ko'd says:

    Let me first say that I am thrilled to see Sacha. He earned the privilege here.

    But JK has me confused. He says form matters, but leaves out Jozy, Wondo, and Boyd. And brings in the guy they bring in for Wondo in the 80 minute on his club team and EJ.

    JK says he is not bringing in new guys at this stage when asked about Lichaj. And then he brings in EJ, Sacha, and Gordon.

    Something isn’t right here, and it had a lot to do with JK’s mindset. From squad selection to tactics, his decision-making has become increasingly baffling. Sorry if these points have already been covered in other posts, but I am beside myself.

  13. Cojosurfer says:

    Expect to see an aerial game with lots of crosses…Alan Gordon MAY actually start too.

  14. Liga says:

    Said he’s not introducing new young guys unless it makes tactical sense for a single game.

    Boyd was benched for awhile and just earned his first start after awhile. Wondo plays Herc’s role and Herc is better on the international level. Klinsmann flat out said Jozy isn’t putting in the effort at the national level and has bad attitude problems.

    Lichaj isn’t starting or playing consistently. And he isn’t better than Johnson (or Dolo) who Klinsmann has said is the permanent LB.

    Ej and Gordon are monsters in the air. They have something like a combined 20 header goals alone this year. At the end of a game when the stakes are high and people are lobbing balls into the box that’s what you want.

    Tactically it makes perfect sense. Form matters, but you have to fit into the system.

  15. sarasota says:

    Vamos Xolos! Vamos Corona y Castillo!!!!!

  16. Lost in Space says:

    My only real complaints regarding the 24 called into camp is Parkhurst. The fact that JK is selecting him over Lichaj to me is the biggest snub. The exclusion of Jozy & Boyd…while in IHO is a mistake can at least be marked up to JK wanting them to work harder, but I don’t see Gordan being a good enough exchange.
    Kljestan over Torres isn’t that big a deal considering how poorly Torres has played. Might just light a fire under Torres to perform better.

  17. Liga says:

    You see Parkhurst in the Champions League just last week? He was great.

    Gordon isn’t really an exchange–he’s a situational player for the end of the game.

  18. Ted in MN says:

    Agreed. Against A&B for example, having an extra holding midfielder ain’t going to be much use when they’ll probably be playing fort knox sytle.

  19. downintexas says:

    I just don’t get JK. I’ve never liked Torres as a USMNT player, but JK has him all wrong, Torres is not an attack minded player, he is a great link from D to Mid.

    JK always says form and playing time are whats needed for call ups. Yet last year Sacha played like a beast and got no call ups, now he is on the bench playing a few games here and there and he gets a call up. Jozy and Boyd both top of their leagues no call up. Take Edu, he has barely played this year, he gets a call up.

    As for him and Jozy. Jozy only defended himself after Klinsy tossed him under the bus.

  20. mikeandike says:

    ditto, I echoed these comments in the earlier thread…

    bringing Alan Gordon for “tactical reasons” over Jozy, Botd, Wondo is like starting Tarvaris Jackson at QB instead of Tom Brady for his scrambling ability, or starting Kyle Korver instead of Lebron James at small forward because of his 3pt ability… yes, he may or not be better at one factor relevant to the forward position, BUT there is more than one factor relevant to the success of a forward….and if there in only ONE, it’s goals, which Jozy and Boyd and Wondo have been scoring on a weekly basis

  21. Benjamin C. says:

    The happiest man in Europe today? AZ Alkmaar’s manager Gertjan Verbeek, who has apparently learned how to maximize Altidore’s immense potential, something that is currently baffling Klinsi. No trans-Atlantic travel, no back to back exhausting qualifiers for Jozy; I am sure Verbeek is all smiles.

  22. steveo says:

    here are some Klinsmann quotes that were not posted for some reason:

    “since Beckerman has photos of me yodeling while naked, I have to keep calling him in”

    “Eric Lichaj’s cousin posted a mean joke about me on MySpace two years ago, so he will not be called in as long as I’m the coach. I’ll use his lack of playing time, or his lack of experience with the current USMNT, because I never called him before, basically whatever I have to use”

    “when I spoke to Bob Bradley after taking over, he told me to pick two or three random favorites and call them in whenever possible to drive traffic to US soccer blogs after rosters are announced. I looked at the entire pool of players and picked Edward Castillo and Jose Taurus”

  23. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Garbage. Wondo does everything Gordon does, only he does it better, It’s a ridiculous pick from an outsized ego.

  24. Jason says:

    You can obviously play him as a (No.) 6 or 8…”

    Anyone know the complete number designation thing? an 8 is someone that would play right behing the back line? I dont know the others like what a 9 is.

  25. Goalscorer24 says:

    I highly doubt Klinsman will start Edu at center back at this point. He is just there for backup.

  26. theraccoun says:

    I would also say parkhurst was excellent against jamaica in the first game. One of the few bright spots

  27. Liga says:

    Verbeek’s benched him TWICE for disciplinary reasons in just the past full season of games.

    And basically called him an idiot in the press this weekend… so no, I don’t think Verbeek is very happy with him.

  28. Liga says:

    Goal keeper – 1
    Defenders—— 2 —– 4—- 5—– 3
    Midfield ——— 6—– 10—– 8
    Forwards—– 7——— 9——– 11

    That’s for a 4-3-3. It changes around, but generally 10 is CM, 9 is a striker and 1 is a GK. The rest move around in their part of the field.

  29. Goyim says:

    Co-signing on this…..

  30. Lance says:

    Jones blows…A turnover machine

  31. Benjamin C. says:

    But what does Jozy do consistently for Verbeek? Plays dynamic futbol and scores goals. That is not a mirage; mine eyes have seen the glory. Plus, my original statement was actually hyperbole, because most club managers seem to despise their players having to leave for international duty. Just trying to make light of a situation where both Jozy and Klinsi need to act like adults and figure this thing out; neither side is blameless and both come off as fairly

  32. goyim says:

    Parkhurst was very calm on the ball in the CL game. His team was running a lot of their attack (in the first half at least… Until Chelsea dominated towards the end) through him. I wasn’t a Parkhurst fan previously but he can definitely ball.

    He is not the problem with JK’s roster.

  33. Goalscorer24 says:

    Tossed under the bus? JK did not say we lost because of Altidore. All he said is he wants to see more effort out of Jozy. And Jozy’s response was “He’s incompetent.”, and to prove his immaturity he got thrown out of AZ’s game on the weekend with a 2nd yellow for decent.

  34. Rlw2020 says:

    —-8———————11——-holding/attacking mids


  35. 2tone says:

    Yes but what about Shea’s apparent injury?

  36. Rlw2020 says:

    They should post an audio link to this conference call. I would love to actually how Jurgen says what he does and what kind of questions he fields..

  37. Joe B NYC says:

    You know, Klinsmann is starting to look like our version of Hugo Sanchez when he coached Mexico. I understand Bradley had to go (at that time), but I’m starting to miss him…

  38. Colin in MT says:

    This is what I’d like to see

  39. Goalscorer24 says:

    I like it!

  40. Ted in MN says:

    really well put

  41. Goalscorer24 says:

    Maybe so, but Mexico eventually got to the right coach. Going back to Bradley would not work,

  42. Sarasota says:

    You nailed it. That is defintely our best lineup!

  43. steveo says:

    well, which team will be better-the one Klinsmann puts out, or the best XI of those NOT called up

    Wondolowski-Altidore…. strikers who are on fire
    Pontius-Mixx-Gatt……speed on flanks
    Holden……..fine replace him with one of the 8 DMs we have
    Lichaj-Spector-Whitbread-Chandler……are two English Champinship defenders that worse than a 2nd tier Spanish and a Premier mid playing Cb?

  44. Jamie Z. says:

    Thank you for your valuable contribution!

  45. T-moble says:

    Jurgen is the coach, the only person that needs to grow up is Jozy. Only in this generation do people feel you don’t have to respect authority.

  46. Lucas says:


  47. PD says:

    Does Holden play on crutches?
    Do we have a sub for Chandler for when he no-shows! Beitasour gets my vote.

  48. dcm says:

    Yep. If the battle in the air is what he wants to win, then why not call Lenhart? Better player, better in the air.

  49. dcm says:

    Ridiculous justification for bringing in a player who would never see actual game time in a world cup game. I guess we will see…

  50. Juan says:

    JK has looked at Wondo multiple times and the answer is no thanks.

    Im not in love with any of the usual forwards though I really think the lack of goals is more a function of playing too many defensive mids with no creative mid in sight

    BTW… I dont see Kljestan on the bench and more that likely, this is his last chance if he doesn’t impress in camp. Kljestan hasnt seen the day that he’s better than Benny and Benny can’t even get a sniff. Being stuck on the crappy Revs is not his fault

  51. Deli122 says:

    It is explain here in the previous post on SBI

  52. dcm says:

    Jesus, what kind of comment is this? Did you also favor the 3rd Reich?

  53. Louis Z says:

    I thought that was the problem with Jozy’s performance, didn’t get enough service. How is Gordon going to solve that?

  54. dcm says:

    Our starting lineup should be fine, what scares me is if someone gets hurt in camp. Imagine Gordon or EJ actually starting? Their frailties will show very quick. Both of these selection are a joke. EJ had his chance, so many time I can’t count, and never did squat. I’m assuming the people who approve of that selection are too young to remember the last ten years of Eddie Johnson.
    Gordon? Whatever. If Jurgen doesn’t know he has about 10 stronger options, then he will fail eventually.

  55. Louis Z says:

    This formation is very much offense oriented, it would always work if LD and Zusi could play high pressure D.

  56. Jj says:

    But being crappy on the crappy Revs is.

  57. Benjamin C. says:

    Let’s just move past the Jozy situation and examine your comment . . . You want me to blindly respect the authority of a manager who calls up Alan Gordan over all other available options?

    And then concerning your blanket generational comment: this nation was built by men who refused to respect authority when it was dead wrong. Remember the Founding Fathers? How about something more recent: Martin Luther King, Jr.? Don’t be condescending.

  58. Joe B NYC says:

    I never said let’s re-hire Double B, but I do miss him. If not Gus Hiddink, re-hire Bruce Arena.

  59. Benjamin C. says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your Gordon viewpoint; he clearly does not have the talent to make it at the international level, period. He is an adequate MLS player, and that is fine, but I understand the reasoning to bring him in over other much better options.

    However, I only agree partly with your EJ critique. Yes, he had a lot of chances, and yes, he squandered many of them. That being said, he looks like a completely different player in the games I have seen him in this year. He is very fit, which has allowed him to take advantage of his immense natural athleticism. He is running off the ball better and working harder than I ever saw him do in the past. And, you have to admit this whether you like him or not, he is scoring some great goals for the Sounders. I would argue that this may not be the best time to bring him in over guys like Altidore or Boyd, but he deserved a look at some point by Klinsi.

  60. cj says:

    You all are missing the brilliance of JK. He left out Jozy and picked Gordon so you all would forget about Timmy Chandler. Was it not just last week everybody said no Chandler in this round, his ship has sailed. Well, I guess that ship is out to sea.

  61. cj says:

    Sense my sarcasm

  62. Wow there was a nice informative post I can’t read that news before that about anywhere on website or in any new paper but you have done a good work to post that new keep it up with nice work

  63. Lucas B. Middleton says:

    You are correct. And thank you for reminding all of us that it’s the players who pick the team and it’s the coaches job to sing them lullabyes and bake them cupcakes and be happy about it. Our founding fathers double thank you. I remember the glory days of the USMNT in the early 1960s. Man, that MLK sure could play down the wings and lay in some sweet crosses. If only JFK had lived to see that.

  64. 20 says:

    Parkhurst has been very good lately. Lichaj needs to get back in the picture at Aston Villa

  65. biff says:

    +1 Jogi Low always holds a press conference at the German Football Association headquarters after announcing rosters that can be heard live and with complete transcripts. I also would like to know what questions reporters are asking and hear Klinsmann’s answers. For example, some news stories are saying that Jose Torres was not called up this time by Klinsmann because he was injured. I also would like to know if any reporters asked Klinsmann whether he invited Timothy Chandler.

  66. Soccertes says:

    Wow, dropping in late here, but skimming the comments my reaction is let’s all calm down a bit. Yes, this roster is unusual compared to what had become the standard 24 but frankly I’m surprised at the level of incredulity and bewilderment in response to Jozy’s omission. I do not share in said incredulity or bewilderment. To me, Jozy: (1) hasn’t made a valuable on-field contribution to the Nats since the 2010 WC (in which he should have scored after rounding Carragher v. England but failed to finish; OK, that’s abit harsh, but still); (2) was flat out terrible in the most recent qualifiers; (3) continuously demonstrates a lacking work ethic and questionable fitness; (4) has maturity/attitude problems as demonstrated by his 2 yellows last weekend and JK’s comments (although some of you may question whether JK cooked this up or is sour over the controversial tweet thing).

    Despite this abject lack of any meaningful production at the USMNT level, everybody is aghast at Jozy’s exclusion from these 2 qualifiers because he’s scored a bunch of goals in a league known for playing casual and porous defense. We can debate the quality of the merits of the Eresvidie another time, but the point for me is that given Jozy’s lack of impact the only theoretical “advantage” to calling Jozy over a guy like Eddie Johnson is that Jozy has more big-game experience. This might matter if we could remember the last time Jozy actually made a differenc in a big game for the Nats. Plus, there’s a tactical advantage to guys like Gordon and Johnson who can hold up play/act as target men for the aerial style that we presumably will need to implement against two teams who are likely to pack it in for the whole game. When you’re playing a “half-court” offense like we’re gonna be, you need target men who can hold up the ball. The only think Jozy showed he could hold up recently was our ability to score.

    Sorry. I like Jozy – or should I say I like his potential – but I don’t love his game. There’s just something about his style and attitude that to me reflects a lack of tenacity or total dedication. He could learn a thing or two from Dempsey.

  67. jb says:

    Agreed. It is the “soccer-mom” mentality that all players should get a trophy and playing time, etc. This is the highest level of the sport and we have a manager that has lived and played and won at the highest level. He commands respect and I’m glad. Frankly, if doesnt sit Jozy, he loses respect from the other players who bust their tails and act professionally.

  68. Josh says:

    Keep Williams because he’s disciplined enough to protect the backline from counters and that’ll be our only weakness in both games. Playing him as a defensive mid will also allow our sidebacks (Johnson & Dolo) to bomb forward more without worry. Plus, Williams, this season, has shown he has a great distant shot and can keep momentum with his passing. He’s perfect there.

    I agree with the general formation, except we need Boca back there more than Edu. Boca offers more in the box both offensively and defensively, plus his experience will be crucial in a situation when everyone on the field, in the stands, and on their couch are biting their fingers to the bone. Keep calm.

  69. Josh says:

    Agreed. Edu has athleticism which has gotten him further in Europe than his skills/soccer IQ. If he’s going to be a CB for us, he needs to break into the Stoke starting 11 as a CB. It’s madness to play both Edu AND Cameron as CBs when neither of them are playing the position for club. We need consistency in club to build consistency in the national setup.

  70. ko'd says:

    Yea, not sure how to address this, as your comments are unsupported and unsupportable.

    1) So what you are saying is that JK is ok with bringing in new old guys like Gordon and EJ? Tactically speaking, it’s a downgrade. Bringing someone in because they can head the ball is ridiculous on every level. These guys are top professionals. It’s ludicrous to bring in a player for a single skill set (which, I might add, is not exactly lacking in the three forwards left out). EJ and Gordon don’t corner the market on that skill set, or at least any more than Altidore, Boyd or Wondo. And EJ and Gordon don’t have 20 headed goals combined. Don’t make up stats to support flimsy arguments.

    2) Gordon doesn’t start for the Earthquakes (he has started only 13 games this season). Boyd didn’t start a couple of times. But, Boyd has been in the system for a while and is tied for third in scoring in the Austrian Bundesliga.

    3) Lichaj was only recently benched. And regardless of whether JK favors Fabian or Dolo, you still need cover.

    Tactically, it makes zero sense. You said “At the end of a game when the stakes are high and people are lobbing balls into the box that’s what you want.” Three problems with that: First, the U.S. hasn’t had the players to provide service into the box (or at least they have been poor in doing so), so regardless of who is in the box, the service won’t be there. Second, JK didn’t bring in a bunch of wide midfielders that can provide service. He brought in, once again, 5-6 central midfielders. Third and finally, lobbing the ball into the box is not a tactic. And even if it is, “when the stakes are high” you want guys that have been there before. Gordon and EJ haven’t.

  71. Josh says:

    Thank you for being the voice of reason. There is logic in each choice Klinsi makes. You may not agree with them, but there is thought behind it.

    Jozy was absolutely dreadful during his last outing, and has been. And any talk about not getting service is an excuse because both Dempsey and Herc have excelled.

    When Jozy was brought on he gave the ball away every time save once, jogged, and didn’t challenge for balls. If we want to play an exciting 4-3-3, the defense starts with the strikers and Jozy is not willing to do that. We cannot have a striker out there who isn’t going to contribute and isn’t going to guarentee a goal every game if given the opportunity. Jozy still misses as much as he makes. If he was a Van Persie or Ruud, fine, let him camp at the top because if you give him half a chance he’ll score. But Jozy is no where near that.

    He’s doing a great job in the Netherlands. Better than anyone of us thought he’d do. But for every great striker that comes out of the Netherlands, there are countless failures. So he needs to build on this season wtih another team-leading season then move to either Spain, Germany, Italy, or back to England to really challenge his skills and develop.

    He’s our best natural striker, but he isn’t our best striker because the work ethic isn’t there. And Klinsi is the fourth coach to punish him for it and point it out.

    Wondo doesn’t dominate aerially and hasn’t impressed either under Klinsi or Bob. Johnson has proven he can score against these kinds of international opponents and Gordon is just a big body who is going to throw himself at every ball, no second thoughts about injury. You’ll need that if we need a goal. Perfectly justified options.

  72. Benjamin C. says:

    You are a rhetorical genius. And obviously don’t understand anything about context.

  73. Alex G says:

    What about Chandler?, is he on the German´s national squad or what?,who cares to give us an update.

  74. biff says:

    +1 Quite an erudite comment, Professor Soccertes (Socrates).

  75. biff says:

    Come on Alex G, are you too lazy to check news reports or the German Football Association web site to see whether Timmy was called up? Why don’t you check it out and give us an update.

  76. Danny says:

    You may say that the Dutch league is “lax,” but lets keep in mind that we played Jaimaica and had about as much offense as Biden has Brain cells. Political jokes aside (this isnt a political debate), Jozy has scored against some powerful soccer nations before Klinsmen implented his “super offensive” (At least 9 defenders and maybe two attackers) soccer. Jozy hasnt been performing because no one has. Dempsey, Gomez, and Boyd have all been pretty piss poor in my opinion because we never have chances anyway. We beat mexico and Italy in friendlies. Awesome. We cant beat teams in Concacaf. Imagine when Mexico or Italy actually need to win. We are done for. Dont diss Jozy because he has maurice edu or jermaine jones as his offensive support. Jozy needs help, he aint a one man show. Cmon People, Jozy has been a beast for the USA in the past! What changed? Jozy? look at his club season, he is that much better! The coach and playing style changed. And we cant win Concacaf games. Bring back Bob Bradley!!

  77. oscarinfw says:

    Edu can only be an emergency CB at best. How often has he played that position. He must also be out of form; I think he’s played maybe 10 minutes for Stoke this year at midfield. I’ll be surprised if he plays other than a cameo appearance in a game which is already decided

  78. Felix says:

    I’m not a JJ fan myself. Too many turnovers and a propensity for stupid fouls.
    I’d prefer him to be a backup for the moment.
    My preferential #6 is Danny Williams.

  79. dcm says:

    True, true, I will give him one more chance, just one more. I am already having flashbacks, though.