USMNT stars discuss youth soccer and the sport’s impact on their lives

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12 Responses to USMNT stars discuss youth soccer and the sport’s impact on their lives

  1. Byron says:

    Sign me up for Youth Soccer!!!! :)

  2. Benny says:


  3. bryan says:

    sweet. love it.

  4. 2tone says:

    Good video.

  5. hmmmmmm says:

    I totally wanna get my 5 year old niece into soccer. But not exactly very easy in Baton Rouge, LA But it’s great for our Women’s team to be doing so well. Really inspires the next generation

  6. hmmmmmm says:

    in 20 years dozens of players will be telling you how the likes of Dempsey, Bradley, Altidore and Howard inspired them to success.

    2 decades, MLS may become 1 of the best leagues on earth and our NT be in the top 10-15

  7. elgringorico says:

    Man. I love Hercules Gomez. His perspective is incredible. He was never a star but always kept working and now he’s finally gotten the credit he deserves. My favorite part is when he talked about how fortunate he is that soccer has flown him around the world and allowed him to meet 3 different presidents.

  8. downintexas says:

    100% agreed. Look how much MLS has grown in its short history. Look how well the Modern NT has improved. We are really just on generation away from domination.

    I remember seeing some MLS games in HS and College when it started. I had no players to look up to. I had “dreams” of football and basketball.(Yeah right good luck for a 5’6” 130lb white boy) But I’m taking my kids to FCD games. Hope they catch the bug. Hope I can take my future grandkids to games as well. Read that soccer is the second most popular sport in the US for ages 12-24. It may take another 10-20 years for those folks to take up MLS. But it will happen

  9. Kodi says:

    Dude come one…They have all those fields on Burbank and leagues all over town.

  10. hank rearden says:

    For future job interviews, I will tell my kids to memorize Landon’s comments near the 5-minute mark. Absolutely. Spot. On.

  11. Angel from LA says:

    Ives, It is nice to hear from this guys their accomplishment and how they grow up playing football(soccer) but the question to ask them is, have you been following the Youth National team, who you think is coming up and can be great assets to the Senior National Team. Do they have a one player that is young and making an impact aboard or in the MLS? That what I want to hear from the Veteran players in the USNMT. But I like the video is nice to hear from them. Just that I want to hear more from them (the players)about how the USA youth system is coming along.

  12. George3000 says:

    Great video. The last portion is why the World Cup, in my opinion, will always be better than the Champions League (with all apologies to SAF and others on that tip).