Wednesday Kickoff: Puyol to miss eight weeks, USA up to 32 in latest FIFA rankings, and more

Puyol (Getty)

The terrible-looking arm injury suffered by Carles Puyol in Tuesday's UEFA Champions League match against Barcelona appears to not be as bad as first feared.

According to multiple reports in Spain, Puyol is set to miss eight weeks with a dislocated elbow. The injury will not require surgery, which will allow the veteran defender to return in an astonishing two months.

Puyol suffered the injury when he fell awkwardly onto his own arm as he skied for a header late in Barcelona's 2-0 victory. The injury initially looked like it might be a broken arm, but Puyol's arm bent at the elbow, limiting the injury to a dislocation.

Here are some more stories to get your Wednesday going:


The U.S. Men's National Team moved up one place to No. 32 in the latest FIFA rankings, which were released on Wednesday morning.

Colombia were the big movers in the latest ranking, climbing 13 places to No 9.

Mexico moved up to No. 19, while Spain and Germany remain the two top teams in the rankings, respectively.


Wigan manager Roberto Martinez was hit wit a £10,000 fine for criticizing referees following a recent loss to Manchester United.


Former Fulham striker Bobby Zamora, now with Queens Park Rangers, said in published report that "the vast majority" of ex-Cottagers didn't get along with coach Martin Jol. He suggested that Jol is the reason for the departure of several key players in the recent past, including American Clint Dempsey. 


What do you think of this development? Shocked to hear Puyol will only miss two months? Think the USA's FIFA ranking is a fair one?

Share your thoughts below.


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29 Responses to Wednesday Kickoff: Puyol to miss eight weeks, USA up to 32 in latest FIFA rankings, and more

  1. kikl says:

    sounds about right if you ask me. but i’d say on our best day we’re a top 25 nation

  2. smelly cat says:

    Zamora is a crap striker. who cares what he has to say. Poor man’s version of Heskey

  3. biff says:

    “Ask yourself? Why is everyone leaving or want to leave??? Hhmm”

  4. biff says:

    Michael Frontzeck, Michael Bradley’s ex coach at Gladbach, has been named new coach of FC St. Pauli, current home of Joe Gyau.

  5. atd says:

    Talent-wise top 16 on a good day IMO; performance still lags a bit.

  6. Gnarls says:

    Only eight weeks for a catastrophic arm injury? Barca got lucky, I think.

  7. Ceez says:

    It’s not catastrophic if it’s only eight weeks. No?

  8. ld says:

    talent wise more like top 50

  9. smelly cat says:

    the 1 that benched him in his 2nd season there and was fired shortly before he went to AV right?

  10. omega dud says:

    so whats the odds on Clint scoring Thursday?

  11. Ives, you wrote “limiting the injury to a dislocation.” I would just note that, in many cases, a dislocation has more long term residuals than a break. A break can be set well and heal up nicely, but cartilage and ligaments sometimes never fully heal following a massive injury. Of course, every situation is different, just sayin’.

  12. TGA says:

    hey if we can just catch Mali at 27 and another world power…Japan at 23 then the USMNT will have surely arrived on the world soccer scene. Pathetic!!!

  13. Eurosnob says:

    Hey, Brazil is ranked No. 14 (while Greece and England are in the top 10 ahead of Brazil), so we should not take these rankings too seriously.

  14. Rlw2020 says:

    Who cares about fifa rankings; more importantly what are the rankings in FIFA 13? I feel like they didnt give the US a very good assessment in fifa12. Anyone already have the game?

  15. Sup-Dogg says:

    Actually, Japan has a very good team with talented individuals. What they lack is a good defence to match their midfield. I think Japan is built similar to Mexico. If Japan and USMNT play ten games, Japan probably win majority of the games.

  16. Liga says:

    As many of us have been saying–Martin Jol was the problem from day 1. This is the second ex-Fulham player in only a month to come out and trash Jol.

    Deuce handled it professionally and behind closed doors until Martin Jol decided to make it public and trash Dempsey in the meantime to save face. Jol is a joke.

  17. 2333333333333333333333324 says:

    why don’t the USSF schedule a few friendlies in Asia? Perhaps to support the troops? There would be thousands of Americans to come to a match in Japan or S Korea. It could tie in with the local troops. Maybe also a friendly in Phillipines or Vietnam. just an idea

  18. 2333333333333333333333324 says:

    who did Mali beat to rise so high. aren’t they currently in a war against insurgents?

  19. WK says:

    Greece, Mali, Algeria, and Ireland all ranked ahead of us. really? if these were someone’s ‘power rankings’ i’d laugh, but as they’re actually used for WC seeding, well- i just laugh anyway.

  20. CG says:

    Brazil’s not gathering points in qualifiers, so their ranking (in FIFA’s system) should probably be disregarded.

  21. NE Matt says:

    I’ve built the USA squad in Ultimate Team. Some of the rankings are:

    Donovan – 82
    Dempsey – 81
    Howard – 81
    Bradley – 78
    Jones – 77
    Holden – 76
    Osvoldo Alonso – 76
    Onyewu – 75
    Altidore – 75

    I can get you others if you ask.

  22. Ryan says:

    Only the top 8 are used for seeding and with the host nation, Brazil, being ranked outside the top 8 only the top 7 will be placed into the first pot. So unless the US gets into the top 7 then their ranking is irrelevant.

  23. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    When I played a regular match with the US team Dempsey was an 83 and Donovan a 79.

  24. CrispyST3 says:

    josh gatt? Fabian johnson? Geoff Cameron? Omar Gonzo?

  25. NE Matt says:

    The ratings change depending on what position you play them in. The above ratings are the overall ratings for their main position.

  26. NE Matt says:

    Gatt – 73
    Fabian – 73
    Cameron – 71
    Gonzo – 71

  27. FootyNut23 says:

    I hear what you’re saying, but maybe Bobby might want to wait until his club is not at the bottom of the table before he rants about his former boss.

  28. FootyNut23 says:

    Belgium I think will continue to ascend the rankings. They sit at 30 after moving up 10 spots, and I think they will be top 10 by the start of Brazil ’14. Just an outstanding generation of footballers coming out of the country.

  29. Gnarls says:

    Did you see the video? Watch it and you’ll know what I chose that word.