Welcome to the new Soccer By Ives

After nearly five years with the same design we started with way back on New Year’s Day of 2008, SBI has finally undergone a facelift.

It has taken several months, and will probably take a few more days to work out the kinks, but we have completed a major transformation of the website many of you have made a regular part of your soccer-loving day.

The changes are considerable, but necessary and we ask that you join us as we make this transition into a new era at SBI. Please bear with us as we put the finishing touches on these changes, and rest assured we will be working hard to try and make it a smooth transition for all of you.

We welcome feedback on the changes. Let us know what you like, don’t like, want to see more of and want to see less of. Tell us what you love, and what you hate, and we will take it all into consideration as we complete the final aspects of SBI’s transformation.

As always, please share your thoughts below.

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149 Responses to Welcome to the new Soccer By Ives

  1. Joe says:

    I like it! I approve this message.

  2. Bobert says:

    I like it a lot on first impression! When I first came to the site I was very confused, haha.

    • Dennis says:

      So was I. It took me a while to figure out I was at Ives site rather than elsewhere. I wonder if this one remembers my name like the old one did so I won’t have to retype it every time. I guess after this I’ll try to see if it does.
      I like that there is a box to notify me on follow-ups.
      So far I like this format.

      • Dennis says:

        Good, it remembers me (and probably everyone else).
        Now question is can I edit my typpos.

        • Dennis says:

          guess not

          • Dennis says:

            I did not get notified when I replied to my own post. Maybe I have to subscribe for that to happen. But the text below the post comment box says I am subscribed to this post. Maybe someone else has to reply for me to get a notification.

          • bryan says:

            no notification if you reply to yourself. also, you have to manage your subscriptions if you haven’t already. also, as of right now, the notification setting for “replies to my comments” is not working 100%. you will get a notification for replies to your comments, but you’ll also get a notification for every comment that is a reply (to anyone’s comments). i got an email for each of your responses to yourself.

          • Dennis says:

            I finally got the notice of replies, the first came an hour after I checked the box. And, I now get notified to every reply to this thread, but not to my posts. Given that Ives threads almost always have greater that 30 replies, I won’t be checking that box anymore.

  3. David s. says:

    Looks really good! Congrats.

  4. Jared says:

    Thought I was on a different site. Looks great. Keep up the good work.

    • Roger says:

      Same here haha… I like how you kept the commenting portion pretty much the same (no Facebook, yahoo account needed)

  5. AC says:

    Same here! I thought I was on a different site as well….LOOKS GREAT!

  6. Brad says:

    Nice, Ives! Now you can start working on a message board.

  7. rambo says:

    Congrats on the new site! It is looking good

  8. NE Matt says:

    Sweet site Ives!

  9. rambo says:

    The link for AOL Fanhouse goes to Huffingtonpost.com

  10. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Whoa! Nice

  11. downintexas says:

    I guess this means MLSSOCCER.COM will be changing their site soon!

    Looks good, lots of hard work pays off

  12. elmatador says:

    Good Job Ives, I like it!!…Looking forward to the Podcast!!

  13. Gnarls 2.0 says:

    Great looking update, Ives! Congrats.

  14. bryan says:

    niiiiiice! good stuff SBI!

    • bryan says:

      managing subscriptions was easy. love that aspect of it. being able to get alerts for responses or new posts is great. love the drops downs with all the different categories. this is fantastic.

      figured i would let you know in the “US National Teams” drop down the top three in the list appear to be misplaced. they are already under the “SBI Awards & More” drop down.

      • bryan says:

        suggestion. i would add that “edit” button! but maybe that is complicated, i’m not sure.

        i also noticed you have to either save the email with the link you are sent when you click “manage your subscriptions” or go through the “email a link process” every time you want to manage your subscriptions. but maybe this is how it was designed?

        • bryan says:

          so in subscriptions when you select to get notifications for “replies to my comments”, it is actually pushing notifications for replies to ANY comments.

          i’ve gotten a notification for every “reply” comment in this thread.

  15. kpugs says:

    You handsome S.O.B. Way to go broseph.

  16. kev says:

    holy crap dude

  17. Natalie says:

    Looks great, love it!

  18. Ceez says:

    My first reaction when I got here this morning was a very audible “Whoa!”

    I like it. New, fresh look from the old, tired template from way back.

  19. krolpolski says:

    Still lacking in Fire news.

  20. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Congrats, Ives. I know it’s been a long time coming. It looks good. Best of luck with it as always. As a Creative Director in the interactive space I have a few helpful comments which I will email you. Keep an eye out for it and I hope to hear back. Cheers!

  21. ManicMessiah says:

    I probably should wait until I’ve actually surfed around on the site for a little while, but my initial reaction is very positive. Love the dropdown menus on top, and the new layout in general. More than worth the wait.

  22. WeatherManNX01 says:

    As a long-time reader of your site (perhaps as far back as the 2008 launch, I don’t remember), a redesign has been long overdue.

    And it looks a-freaking-mazing! So worth the wait!

    Internet, take note: this is how a website redesign should go – from a good, user-friendly site to a really good user-friendly site. A clean, functional design with easy access to everything.

  23. ACS says:

    Looks great, glad the comment section is the same and you don’t have to log in thru some other site to comment.

    • THomas says:

      I agree with this…only downside is you don’t get to know other posters as much. You still do, but it’s tougher since anybody can use any username.

  24. biff says:

    Initial reaction is that the design is very nice. Runs smoothly, good software. The links on the right-hand column are an excellent resource. If they were on the old site, I never saw them. I like the capability to click on links in the comments boxes. Maybe the “Top Headlines” list of headlines should be expanded to maybe 12-15 headlines.

    And, wow, just noticed: Spell Check.

    So when will the SBI IPO be announced?

  25. WiscFan says:

    Great new look. I remember reading your blog with the Herald. Time flies.

  26. GCS says:

    Site looks great. The ads with audio is extremely tiresome.

    • Like the new site, but the audio ads are bad. Lots of folk read at work, I know I used to, and when I set up my web site, was told not to have audio come on – dead give away when at work that you’re not working. Fortunatley, I’m now retired, so the audio is no big deal — and I got to watch a lot more soccer games.

    • josh says:

      Yup, I am with this. I know you need to make ad revenue, so I don’t know if there is anything you can do… and I know this is a growing trend throughout the web. But I usually click on a few stories from the front page to open in separate tabs, and then move through them over the course of a few hours of work. When they all start playing ads simultaneously… yipes.

      • ex_sweeper says:

        Audio ads crashed the Flash plug-in on my browser (Firefox 15.0.1), so no pain for me :-). But I agree, those are obnoxious, and why I keep the sound off at work. .

      • THomas says:

        I get that. But it’s not like this is the only website w/ audio. Almost every website you go to for info now has audio. I just keep headphones plugged in as my solution. I know there are many others, but that lets me hear it when I want and ignore it when I want.

    • Rob says:

      The ads with audio are absolutely the worst. And I’m not even reading this from work! Please please please do something about this. It’s something that could kill my allegiance to this wonderful website, not to mention absolutely kill any desire on my part to buy from the sponsors using this invasive sort of advertising.

      • Ives says:

        I’ve heard this from a few people. Not sure where the video ads are playing because they’re not playing for me. I will work on getting those removed.

  27. James says:

    It looks great! Just make sure yanksabroad.com doesn’t sue you.

  28. Manolo says:

    Congrats Ives. The new site looks terrific. As a long-time reader, I am loving the new layout. Continued success as the Ives empire continues to grow.

  29. frank says:

    Site looks great.
    I would suggest a like button for comments so people don’t have to comment “plus 1 ” after a good comment. Other than that no complaints

  30. PJC says:

    I hate noisy video ads like the one on the right. Other than that….it looks great!

  31. Darwin says:

    Whoa! I like it. It won’t take too long to get used to.

  32. Reiter says:

    geeze…wasn’t expecting that. but onwards and upwards. now i hope i can skip past the college and NASL stuff more quickly…doh!

  33. Modibo says:

    Very slick. Imagine how surprised I was to open the site and find this! It’s like Christmas in October!

  34. Neil says:

    Here is one thing I hate about the new site. the Video advertisements that run automatically when you come to the site. I view the site at work and the audio from those adds is a problem in my office environment.

  35. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    Looks Good.

  36. Nick says:

    Awesome man I’m glad you got rid of the home typepad.con home site. Now it won’t be blocked by my work network. Best of luck and I’m psyched for this change.

  37. PJ says:

    I don’t have an answer, because an extremely loud and long ad is on autoplay, and it won’t stop. Something has to be done about that, or Ithe (seemingly great) redesign won’t be usable.

  38. MH says:

    Awesome – this will make me come back more

  39. CRitch says:

    i always have SBI up while at work. did a refresh and thought i broke the website. new site lookin’ good

  40. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Well this was a surprise. I like it so far!

  41. golfstrom says:

    Looks great, huge improvement!

  42. RP says:

    I actually like the minimalism of the old site. It was easy and simple.

    • RP says:

      Also, this is obviously the end of one of the coolest experiments in blogging. The Designated Players. I know that name now belongs to Grantland, but it was a classic for me.

  43. Jeff says:

    Really like the new look. Well done

  44. mistadobolina says:

    muy bien. as long as the content is just as good im happy.

  45. Dave says:

    Wow, huge improvement. Love it. How about a mobile version though?

  46. Raymon says:

    Nice! Keep it up. Fight the good fight. Change is good.

  47. ex_sweeper says:

    Love it! No more waiting 2 minutes for the ad-ware links to creep past my employer’s firewall. And you’ve done the rotating pics right (hear that, Yanks abroad?) – it freezes on mouse-over in Firefox, allowing me to actually pick the story I’m interested in. Good work!

  48. Christopher Hoeger says:

    Love the new look, now what about that podcast 😉

    • Christopher Hoeger says:

      The only feedback that I have is it would be great if the comments section could be updated live so we don’t have refresh for threads we are following.

  49. Don Pelayo says:

    Looks great!

  50. Jdavids says:

    This site has been a part of my daily since 2008. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  51. Charles says:

    Much better. Congrats, that was well needed.

  52. RedLine55 says:

    Congrats, Ives. Long time coming, and looks like it will be worth the wait. Some have mentioned a few links being off — the Chicago Fire blog link on the right is going to a washington(?) blog with no content. Site looks great – good work!

  53. Lenny says:

    The site looks fantastic! Terrific makeover. I would also suggest losing the loud auto-play ads. It makes for a bad user experience.

  54. Joel J says:

    Pretty cool. The top part is similar to ESPN’s. Something makes me miss the simplicity of the original however.

  55. IMSYE says:

    Mobile version coming soon? Only thing keeping me from making SBI my homepage is a mobile version

  56. Spank says:

    Very nice look! The old design was simple and to the point and i loved it but SBI was due for a facelift… I like it though. Keep it up Ives!

  57. Vinz Clortho says:

    Thank you! The page loads with the old site were problematic at times.

  58. Phil says:

    Looks awesome

  59. LoS says:

    like it.

  60. Old School says:

    So far, so good.

  61. Kosh says:

    Sexy, Ives! Lookin’ Good!! LOL

    I love it, sir. Keep up the excellent work.

  62. Mark says:

    Is there a mobile version, to make my work day less sucky?

  63. Andrew says:

    This might be the most positive set of comments that I’ve ever seen to a blog/website design change, which means that you should consider the change a huge success. Very well done!

  64. eric says:

    Any plan for iphone app?

  65. Alonso says:


  66. Mike C says:

    love it so far. seems to load way faster than the old site.

  67. dave says:

    To make it easy on the eyes, I think the site should use the same font for the headline text as for the article and comment text.

    Also consider whether the headline need to be all cap and/or bold, or just a larger font size.

  68. Enos says:

    Continuing your status as the best source for news and analysis for the American fan. Keep it up!

  69. Travis says:

    I would slow down the pictures on the front page or give the option to pause. It can be hard to even get through a headline before it skips. But overall it looks great.

  70. Jamie Z. says:

    Hey, slick! Congrats!

  71. Stiv says:

    I liked the old layout better. This new layout is too busy and disorganized.

  72. Mark K says:

    Nice work Ives. Good to see you updating and best wishes for continued success (from a reader who predates your 2008 launch – ah yes the good old NJ days).

  73. THomas says:


  74. Heft says:

    I had to check and see if I was on the right web page. Looks much better so far.

  75. WT says:

    Great update. I approve a whole lot.

  76. RAMONE says:

    Whenever I go to a website that has been redesigned, my first reaction is “uh oh”, largely because so many are done poorly.

    This one however is done well. Not a MAJOR shift, just bolder photos with the same basic features. Good work Ives and staff.

  77. Mark says:

    Looks good, I like the update

  78. Justin says:

    I like the update, even on my mobile. I would like to see a playoff format or a single table format for the MLS, because this is an American site. Because even the MLS site does not have this all year.

  79. Brit says:

    Could we have a voting function for the comments? Maybe even just a “up” and no “down” so I could just press that instead of commenting +1 on comments I really like.

    The progressively indented replies are a nice addition.

  80. Lazio Curva Sud says:

    Looking sharp!

  81. Joamiq says:

    Looks awesome! Well worth the wait!

  82. Will-SBI says:

    Can you please add a button that pauses the top picture from moving? Like Fox Sports does.

  83. Ian says:

    Ives, I love the new site!
    Would it be possible to include position played in the Americans Abroad recap?
    Certain players are moved around and it’s interesting to know where they are lining up.
    Also, would it be possible to do a similar “round up” for MLS players who are in the national team mix?

  84. A wise man once says:

    Now I’ll have to change my name to make it make sense again… :(

  85. Daniel Karell says:

    I like it!

  86. Brian says:

    I miss the twitter feed.

  87. JCC says:

    Whoa! I like it!

  88. Juan says:

    Dont really care for it and like it even less when a political commercial started playing for Elizabeth Warren. Its bad enough that I have to listen to her lies non-stop on TV… if I have to hear it here to then I’ll just stop coming here

  89. Aquaman says:

    I can dig it…except when I click on “Get the App” at the top of the main page, it takes me to get the hotels.com app

  90. mike says:

    like the archives. any chance we can have dates on the initial page?

  91. Scott says:

    I was perfectly happy with the old version…but, this is a great refresh!

  92. Ted Tran says:

    Huge improvement, makes the site look more legit.

  93. Alex G says:

    Great site, I´ll love if you could do more interviews on our young players, especially the ones on the brink of becoming a steady set up in our NT, more follow ups and updates on dual nationals.

  94. Victor says:

    I love this nice design….great job Ives.

  95. beachbum says:

    Congratulations Ives, this is nice. Well done.

    I liked the old site just fine but I like this one too.

  96. Ulysses says:

    Awesome! A great decision to go with WordPress, by the way. I have been a WordPress user since the early days, and I have been reading your blog for many years. I’m glad you made the switch. Love it.

  97. Tim Scott says:

    Congratulations on the new look. All the best for many more years of SBI.

  98. Green says:

    Looking good!

    Seeing that you are using WP as a platform now, may I suggest to your IT guy/gal that he/she utilize this plug-in:
    link to wordpress.org

    WP is an easy target for hacks/injections without adding some beefed up security.

    I’ve used this plug-in for the sites I’ve built on WP. Trust me, it’s the shite.

    Again, well done on the re-launch!

  99. Lionel Holley says:


  100. HoBo says:

    great job, like the new layout

  101. SD says:

    Love the new look. Congrats on the accomplishment

  102. todd says:

    it’s nice. although i miss the simplicity of the old site. I think i might access the rss feed.

  103. dan says:

    Site looks great, but please lose the video ads!

  104. 99 says:

    thought i was tripping for a moment… yes, it’s still ives. awesome look! congrats.

  105. LarryM says:

    Personally, I detest all websites that allow video media to open automatically when the website is activated. Ives, please fix this!! I like your contributions, but will cease coming to your site if the video runs without me deliberately activating it.

  106. Soto says:

    The old rss feed did not announce this change, so I only found the new site by accident. I had not noticed that I stopped getting SoccerByIves updates. You might want to put an announcement in the old feed so readers will know to go directly to this site.

    Now to track down a new feed.

  107. Kevin says:

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to email questions, or contact SBI at all. I would like to see at least a contact us form.
    Thanks for the great coverage.

    • Smacking says:

      Yes! I also recommend a short about us section that explains who the members of the team are and why they have credibility as writers. I know it’s a work in progress but I’d also like to see the twitter feed back on the sidebar.