According to Nuremberg, Chandler set for USMNT return

After turning down repeated call-ups over the course of the past two years, Timmy Chandler appears ready to return to the U.S. men’s national team.

According to Chandler’s club, Nuremberg, Chandler has been called in for the U.S. team’s upcoming friendly against Russia on Wednesday.

Chandler told SBI last month that he was open to a return, and U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann revealed just last week that he was in regular communication with Chandler about a return.

Having Chandler back in the fold would be a major addition for the USMNT. He looks like the best-equipped successor to Steve Cherundolo at right back, and has also shown an ability to play left back very well. His speed on the flanks would be a welcome addition, and could be a major weapon in Klinsmann’s preferred 4-3-3 system.

It should be noted that Chandler is still not cap-tied to the United States, and appearing in Wednesday’s friendly vs. Russia would not cap-tie him either. Chandler remains eligible to play for the German national team. His next opportunity to be cap-tied will be on Feb. 6th, when the U.S. faces Honduras in World Cup qualifying.

What do you think of this development? Happy to see him coming back? Still upset with him for his past snubs? Not buying a thing until he’s cap-tied?

Share your thoughts below.

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217 Responses to According to Nuremberg, Chandler set for USMNT return

  1. cjkxx says:

    It’s a friendly, not World Cup Qualifiers. He is just tempting Germany to call him “before it”s too late.” Believe it when he is cap-tied.

    • downintexas says:


    • THomas says:

      I really don’t think so. He’d have to file for a switch to play for Germany, and that can only be done one time. It’s not like you can go back and forth your whole career as long as you’re not cap tied.

      Also, after seeing that piece from CNN on the Germaricans we currently have, they seem to have a special bond with one another. They all said they never quite ‘fit in’ with a typical German and people always knew they weren’t completely German. Plus all of their fathers are American Servicemen. Not saying Timmy would feel the same way, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

      • Joe+G says:

        He wouldn’t have to file a switch as he’s never played in an “official” competition for the US at any level. He could theoretically bounce back and forth playing friendlies for either until he became tied.

        • Roman Lewandowski says:

          If he played an “official” match, he would be cap-tied. I’m pretty sure you have to file a switch if you have played for a team in any capacity at the senior level.

          • Joamiq says:

            Friendlies don’t cap tie a player.

          • Joe+G says:

            I’m referring in general, but the only time you need to file a one time switch is when you have played an official match at the U17 or above levels. Anything else, doesn’t matter. That’s why Fabian had to file the switch and Danny didn’t.

        • THomas says:

          I’m not up to date on FIFA rules (I don’t even think FIFA is) so you could be right. But as Roman said I think if you’re only playing in youth competitions, the application isn’t necessary. But if you’ve played in a friendly (as Timmy has) or as a guest in another confederation’s tournament for the Full National Team, then you’d have to file

          • Joe+G says:

            You’re right the rules are confusing, but I think I have figured it out after a year of debating this on BS.

            1) Friendlies at any level don’t have any effect on making a switch.
            2) U17 and above competitions provisionally tie you to the federation & you’ll have to file a switch to play at any level for another federation – friendly or competition
            3) Other youth competitions don’t count, but other federations sometimes change a tournament’s status as a qualifier in a competition after the fact — making it hard to even know if a player is cap-tied.
            4) All rules are subject to change at any time without notice.

        • Scott says:

          He definitely would have to file his one-time switch. The switch must be used by players that have participated in FIFA sanctioned games, which full national team friendlies are FIFA sanctioned games.

          • Alex says:

            Nope. If you’ve played in a FIFA sanctioned full senior team game, you’re dunzo. No going back. If it’s youth level, or friendlies at the senior level, you can file the switch.

            • broadsthooligans says:

              If you have not played above U-17(I believe) ,you do not need to apply for a one-time switch and can switch back and forth at will.

              If you have played above U-17 (I believe) at all, you can not switch without applying for a one-time switch. Obviously this is a one-time thing so you can no longer switch back and forth. This applies at any level from U-17 to Senior friendlies. Jermaine Jones was tied before he ever played a cap-tieing match because of this. If Chandler accepts a call from Germany he cannot come back.

              If you have played a senior level cap-tying match (qualifier, world cup, gold cup/euro/copa america) you are no longer allowed to used your one-time switch (except under the Thiaggo Mota circumstance). You are permanently tied to the country, hence cap-tied.

          • fischy says:

            And to further clarify — a friendly is not a FIFA match. If you play for a youth national team in a FIFA tournament or qualifier, you can still switch. If you’ve never played in an official FIFA match, but you have played in senior friendlies, you are not cap-tied and you also don’t have to file for a switch because you’re not actually registered to begin with.

      • Rory says:

        Another benefit of the Cold War! The war that keeps on giving!

      • Wake me when cup-tied says:

        You didn’t read his greman interviews in which he basically begged to be called in to the german team, and saying he felt more german than American. Which is all fine by me, want to play for germany do so. At least Rossi had the balls to say he would only play for Italy and didn’t jerk the US team around.

    • Joamiq says:

      Agreed. Not buying a thing until he’s cap-tied.

      • CplDaniel says:

        We are coming up on the next stage of WC qualification. We don’t have to time to dick around with ANYBODY that is not a serious call-up come February and march! Only call him up if he has filed the paperwork to be in the USA WC qualifiers. If he hasn’t than his spot needs to go to lichaj, dolo, & gatt, or to see how cameron does at RB for the Nats (even though i think he’s vital at CD)

    • A wise man once says:


    • bizzy says:

      When the games matter, when we play games that will cap-tie him he is not available…….when friendlies come around with a high profile team where he can show boat his talent……and still not be tied to the US he is available. Not drinking this kool aid….
      Altidore should have studied German (rosetta stone) and told Klinsy he was German-American, because I know he is good but damn……..

      • Juan says:

        Fine.. if he plays against Russia and looks good then call him into a cap tie game. If he ducks it again…NEVER call him again for anything.

        He’s no star, we really don’t need him and I’m tired of being jerked around by this kid. JK was the real deal and this kid is basically a wanna be… it’s below JK to beg this kid to play for us and makes us look weak. Use the people that wanna be here, not someone thats trying to use a call
        up to further his chances to play for Germany.

        Rossi did stand up and refuse the US to his credit…. wrong decision but at least he was honest. How’d that work out for him?

    • Gary Page says:

      Doubt he’s good enough for Germany and he has come to realize it. He figures the US is a decent alternative as we have a good chance to get to the knockout stages and who knows what can happen then.

  2. Riggis says:

    Don’t want someone who is not committed 100% to the team regardless of how good he is.

    • David JS says:

      I don’t think he’s stupid enough to think he can come for this friendly and still be “considering his options” when the Hex comes around. This has got to be a good sign that he’s decided he is with us. Also, I don’t think Jurgen would let this big question mark sit out there all the way until the pre-Hex camp begins, so my guess is he told Chandler “it’s now or never for you to be a part of the USMNT in Brazil” and Timmy chose “now”.

      • MLSsnobb says:

        Obviously he realizes he’s getting further and further away from a call up from Germany. Also, with each friendly he plays for us the more Germany get’s disinterested. I think it’s an ego thing, if you want to moonlight for another country then we don’t want you. He could be a young Philip Lahm at this point and Germany wouldn’t call him up, and I think he realizes this.

      • Sarasota says:

        I agree with David JS. And judging by the games he’s played on the right side for the US–both as RW and RB– he makes us a better, deeper team!

        As an aside, I hope the juveniles that frequent this site will refrain from making personal insults about his appearance, e.g. “he really needs an orthodontist” and much worse. There should be zero tolerance for that kind of personal abuse on a legitimate soccer website. Moderator?

    • wides says:

      Chandler is not the only one who has had trouble making a decision before. Jose Torres chose to wait on Mexico for awhile before accepting a call up with the USA. He missed out on the 2008 Olympics with the US because of it.

      “I had the chance to go to the U.S. before, because I got the call-up,” the midfielder said. “The U.S. called me up for the Olympics, and I denied it because I wanted to play for Mexico. That was in 2008.”

      It’s amazing how quick we are to praise Torres and denigrate Chandler.

      I am not going to begrudge Chandler a little time to make a lifelong decision before the age of 23. How many of you jackals had to make a decision like that before you were that old ?

      • DCP says:

        For the record, I have all sorts of issues with Chandler’s apparent lack of commitment, but I would much rather see him on the field for the U.S. than Torres.

      • David JS says:

        I appreciate your sensibility, in what is all too often an irrational topic of discussion, because you are spot on. Fans have to chill out and remember that players are just guys who play soccer as a profession. They think, feel, and second-guess themselves just like the rest of us.

      • Francois says:

        I’m making it right now; med school or law school? I’d rather do Law and, based on my LSAT score in comparison to my MCAT score, that would probably be a wise decision haha

        • CplDaniel says:

          Go to med school. Your job is much more secure from automation or outsourcing and you have a better government-regulated monopoly that allows you to make a good living at little risk. Spend the day writing prescriptions for $, and then leave every afternoon at 3pm to go play soccer. As a lawyer, you will be like “I wanna go play, but I have to sit here until the jury comes out or late when the judge gets tired and lets us leave!”

          • DCP says:

            I hate to break it to you, but those law grads who are fortunate enough to actually get a job (somewhat of an if right now) are at work long after a jury or judge has made a decision. So, I second the opinion that he should go to med school…

            • juan says:

              Med school = 29-30 yrs old and deep debt before you can hope to see a payday. Many, many obstacles to get there too

          • Mensrea says:

            More like:

            “I want to go play, which is good, because I am unemployed.”

            or, if lucky:

            “The partners have left and I want to go play, but I will get fired if I don’t bill enough.”

            And, nerdily taking things seriously, I’ve never wanted to go play while the jury was out; I’ve wanted to vomit.

        • MiamiAl says:

          Do em both! But go to med school first. You can always get a law degree at another point in your life. Any moron can get a law degree (speaking from experience)…It will be much more difficult to sit down and go for your medical degree after three years of law school. You can get the law degree at night over an extended period of time if you had to. Go for med school! Better money.

        • Freddie Footballer says:

          I have a law degree but am not practicing (I’m a college prof). My advice would be only go to law school if you really have a love for the law and can see yourself practicing for at least 5-10 years.

        • Jimmy Bobo says:

          Med school is a hundred times better. But don’t for a moment think you will get out of work at 3PM to go play soccer. I’ve just finished a 13 hour day at my hospital and now I am relaxing. I don’t know any of my colleagues who get out early. Still, I am constantly amazed by the unusual things I see and do; I am never bored.

        • Mingjai says:

          Definitely not law school unless you have a passion for it. The way the legal market is now, if you want to make anything close to what doctors make, you’ll have to work long hours at relatively large firm in a decent sized city. To get that job, you’ll have to have finished at least in the top 25 percentile (usually top 10 percentile) of your class.

          I have a JD, my wife has an MBA, my brother is getting his MD, and my dad has a PhD in Engineering. I’d recommend any of those degrees over a JD. ROI-wise, an MBA has the highest return because it’s only two years instead three.

      • biff says:

        you are comparing apples to oranges, wides. Jose Torres had not made public promises of being committed to the USMNT before 2008. But Chandler for more than 18 months starting under Bob Bradley was oozing love and affection for the USMNT, saying he was committed and had no desire to play for Germany. Yet he always found a way to weasel out of cap-tying games, first the Gold Cup under BB and then WCQ in June. Chadler should not be compared to Jose Torres.

  3. OPMG says:

    I’ve got mixed feelings. He’s no doubt a talented player and the USMNT certainly has use for him. But the road we’ve gone down to get here has been bumpy to say the least. Chandler will need to do more than just accept a call up to a friendly to prove that he’s fully committed to the US.

    Even if he gets cap tied in the next round of WCQ, it’ll take time for USMNT fans to warm up to him

    • Ross says:

      Unless he scores a goal, or an assist or shuts down the opponent. Lol
      I hated Chandler, until he scored that goal. Now I love him.”

    • Hogatroge says:

      It seems obvious that Chandler feels less American than some of the other Germanicans.

      Jones, Williams, Boyd and Johnson all speak English well… you’d probably consider Johnson and Boyd to be fluent.

      Chandler’s English skills, from what I hear, aren’t that great. Based on this fact, I’d say he has had less association throughout his life with American culture (via family, etc.), and as a result, doesn’t feel as closely tied to the nation or team.

      That said, I’m not happy with his flip-flopping either, but it’s somewhat understandable.

      • Joe+G says:

        Watch the recent videos. Danny & Jones speak fluent accented English.

        • WK says:

          Most Germans do this- English is a required course from grade school on.

          • David JS says:

            I asked Boyd on twitter when did he start learning English and his response was his mom/school so I’d say you’re both right on some level. I don’t think these guys would be as fluent in American English (the English taught in a German school would be more of the UK variety) if they didn’t have the family cultural connections as well as a desire to connect back. My feeling is both the family connection and the personal desire to connect to American culture isn’t as strong and didn’t start as young with Chandler compared to the 4 others mentioned. Sure, they all might’ve had English taught in school, but think about an American kid who is obviously going to the NBA in a Spanish class in school: unless he has a real want to learn it, how much Spanish do you think he’s gonna be speaking in 5 years?

            • Karol says:

              I am German.My school mates and I are fluent in English without having family ties to the US. Germans generally prefer American English over British English.
              And you do not need to feel a cultural connection to the US,GB,Australia, Ghana or Switzerland in order to zake English classes seriously. English language skills are important in the job market – that alone should be motivation enough.

        • SD says:

          that’s a dumb comment….speaking with an accent doesn’t mean that one cannot speak the language…to the brits, we speak with an accent, so are you going to tell me we don’t speak english????

      • GW says:


        Lots of foreigners not just Germans, study English in school. English is far too important for business worldwide.

        I’ll bet Chandler has a better understanding of English than the average American has of German.

        Another thing to remember is that it’s one thing to understand and have some basic English comprehension and communication skills; it’s another thing to go on TV and get interviewed in English. The media has made more than one intelligent “real American” person look like an idiot.

        Chandler is not running for office. He doesn’t have to go to Iowa and win votes. He has to win over, and communicate with the other guys on the USMNT, players and staff.

        If they are cool with him then you should be too.

    • SuperChivo says:

      Once bitten twice shy, it would only sensible for US fans to question him after he pulled out of the Gold Cup, came back under Klinsmann and then pulled out of qualifying. So we’ve been fooled twice now. Maybe third time’s the charm, or maybe fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice (or three times) shame on me.

      That said, if comes out and commits himself to playing in every qualifier that he is healthy for then I say we should give him the benefit of the doubt and welcome him back. On the other hand, without any such commitment or if he does verbally commit but then starts to miss qualifiers then I hope that the door is closed for at least the rest of this cycle. It is way too late to distract the team with theater like this.

  4. Roman Lewandowski says:

    Seemed like this type of news always was going to preface a Chandler call-up. I just couldn’t imagine his name appearing on the roster without any previous fanfare.

    Hopefully JA Brooks will be in the squad too.

    On a related note, Klinsmann has apparently met with Shawn Parker. The future could be bright.

    • mikeandike says:

      the Napster guy?

    • elmatador says:

      who is this Shawn Parker you speak about?

      • Spectra says:

        19 year-old Mainz Forward. German-American plays in German Youth Setup. Suppose to be a good prospect

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          Almost too good because when I look at consistent callups and production for Germany from U-16 to U-20, German-born, German-based, I wonder what our chances are.

          But I guess why not try?

      • Roman Lewandowski says:

        He’s a teenager who plays for the Mainz youth team. Unlike most of the other half-American prospects, he is a legitimate German national team prospect. He has played (and played well) for several German youth teams. Landing him would be the biggest coup yet, but it probably isn’t an issue until he gets a little older.

  5. Tony in Quakeland says:

    i want him. But having him come in for a non-cap tying friendly is BS. I am not at all confident that this isn’t just another chance for him to say, “Germany…here’s your last chance! Look at me!”

    • beachbum says:

      ^^^ this

      • biff says:

        +1 Agree with you 100%, Tony in Quakeland. Total BS that Klinsmann is calling him now for a friendly, taking that spot and opportunity to play in Russia from someone who is much more deserving of the honor than Chandler, who was too good for the USMNT to play in dirty WCQ qualifiers in June and September and in October, in the hope of getting a call from Jogi Low.

    • Nick says:

      Based on prior comments, I personally don’t think JK would have called him in without assurances Chandler and likely even Jogi Low.

    • MSNats says:

      Not sure how much of a risk it would be. If I remember correctly, Germany has gone on the record before saying they weren’t interested in him or or any other players who have played for other national teams.

      • biff says:

        Well, MSNats, I don’t think you are remembering correctly because what you are saying it totally false. Germany is in fierce competition with Turkey for players of Turkish heritage, such as the great Mesut Ozil who chose Germany and Nuri Sahin who chose Turkey. So, yes, if Klinsmann has truly invited Chandler for Russia, taking a coveted spot form other American players who would die for the chance to wear the shirt and have the opportunity to impress, then it is indeed a major risk for Klinsi because of Chandler changes his mind yet again in Febrray and declines a cap-tying invitation, then Klinsmann is going to look like an opportunistic simpleton and a lot of people will have a hard time forgiving inviting a non-cap-tied Chandler yet again for a friendly.

        • Joe says:

          It totally false? Well, when you cease making ghastly grammatical errors, then you can cast aspersions and be a jerk willy nilly. Until then, glass houses, stones and all that.

          Who the hell should we call up instead of Chandler, seriously? JAB? Fine, leave Goodson of Sacha home. Good Lord.

    • Smacking says:

      I understand your point, but he hasn’t been in a camp for some time and I don’t want him playing a game of significance until he has proven his commitment and re-acclimated to the squad in friendlies.

  6. Jody says:

    Great! No reason to hold a grudge. We need a replacement for Dolo, and he would def be in the mix.

  7. mikeandike says:

    “What do you think of this development?”

    positive, yet cautious- nice to have him back, but until he gets cap-tied it’s marginal…still a bit bitter than Jozy is shut out, while this prima donna gets to waltz in whenever he likes…

    That said, the U.S. has potential to be devastating on the wings with skill and speed-but the depth is thin… some combination of Chandler, FJ, Lichaj and Gatt at RB-LB-RM-LM would be a real pain for opponents to deal with, but only one of them, FJ seems to be a staple in the current squad…

    Besides them we have two skilled, aging vets with LD and Dolo, Shea-whichever version of him shows up in 2013, Zusi-skill, not quite same speed-after that it’s the horror of Frank Williams at Right Mid and Castillo doing his best Bornstein impression….

    • downintexas says:

      Maybe once we get better wing play and better service from the wings Jozy will be able to score those goals. Heck, not just Jozy but any of our forwards that have yet to score from play.

  8. ed houston says:

    Make him take an oath of allegiance to the USA

  9. A says:

    If he’s come to terms with his demons, welcome back. Let’s beat Russia.

    Chandler at left back. Johnson at left mid. That’s actually a world class left wing.

    • Francois says:

      ^THIS!!! Pleaseeeee let JK do this!

      • bgood says:

        I agree that the left side would be locked down, but Klinnsman earlier comments seem to convey a desire to play Johnson at LB where he plays club. (Although that was before Chandler ‘came back’) I think Timmy’s talents would best suit us at either flank where we are THIN. While Zusi has played well, couldn’t Chandler play on the wing in front of Dolo for now until he takes over that spot? Just thoughts.

        Those people that say that Chandler shouldn’t be called until February, I would rather have him come back now so that step is out of the way. I do not want our first WCQ to be all about the return of Timmy. If he plays against Russia then getting called into the team in February is not a talking point at all. He obviously deserves to be on the team based on play and you can’t fault Kilnnsman for strengthening the team.

        • Hogatroge says:

          Agreed. Hopefully JK either has assurances or else he’s not calling in Chandler over other potential FBs that could use the camp to develop.

          I’m not high on Lichaj given his recent mediocre form for AV, but he should at least be in camp. His national team performances have been strong and I don’t think JK has brought him in yet.

          • biff says:

            Chandler has given numerous promises/assurances before and he broke them and it is possible he will do it again in February. And if you think Lichaj should be in camp, how would you feel if Klinsmann leaves Lichaj off the roster in order to have a spot Chandler, who used playing in friendlies for the USMNT to try to catch the attention of Jogi Low while turning down four cap-tying camps.

    • THomas says:

      I agree it would be good…maybe eventually world class…but let’s not use that term yet. I think it’s overused as it is and placing Chandler/Johnson in that class doesn’t work. Hopefully it does one day though.

      • Francois says:

        I think FJ is very close to world-class. Supposedley, German papers have stated he is the second best LB in bundesliga, behind Lahm.

    • Steve says:

      Disagree, put players in a position to be comfortable and to succeed. A position to succeed is usually the position they play on a regular basis. LB for Johnson/RB for Chandler.

    • josh says:

      Wellll… it is actually kind of a world-class reject’s left wing. 2 players that Germany didn’t call up.

      • Joe says:

        Haha, well crap. Maybe “other-teams-would-actually-be-envious-for-once-but-not-Vaterland-because-they-are-the-bestest-at-getting-themostest-out-of-everything class?”

  10. srf says:

    We will know on Feb 6 if he is committed. We definitely could use him, and it seems like there is no wiggle room around that date. If he is in, great, welcome aboard. If he plays v Honduras, then the discussion is over and he is American for life so fans will warm.

  11. James says:

    This is the only situation I would consider pushing Fabian up the field…Chandler at LB, with FJ at Left Central Mid…

  12. MidWest Ref says:

    If this is a sign that he is ready to commit and be a part of the team during the Hex, then great.

    If, however, Chandler is still unwilling to commit, then this is a waste of a space that could go to another player to try and prove themselves on the international stage. For instance, if Chandler is going to play left back, I would rather see Eric Lichaj get a chance to play, and either succeed or fail. I think it is ludicrous for JK to use Chandler as a place holder at left-back if he is not committed to the USMNT.

    • OPMG says:

      JK isn’t looking at Chandler for left back, Johnson has that position locked up. Chandler is there to fill in for Dolo if/when he slows down or play one of the wing positions.

    • Roman Lewandowski says:

      I imagine he will play RB, more likely, RW since we have FJ now.

  13. Naked Animals says:

    Chandler has come back out of the blue again, I want to here about players who show up to camps and are committed to the team. Timothy is talented at his position (no doubt) and would be great for us going forward in Qualifying and World Cup, but if he’s going to low ball the National Team to hang around for another countries team, I find that disrespectful and irresponsible. We don’t need PART TIME players.

  14. Roman Lewandowski says:

    I hope we will never see him at LB since anymore. His dropoff from RB to LB is far more drastic than Lichaj’s, for example. Chandler is nothing special when he plays on the left.

    • Roman Lewandowski says:

      Autofill on a phone is the worst.

    • swoopy says:

      No need to play him at LB with the rise of Fabian J. Nice to have him as LB option in case of injury, though.

    • GW says:

      Chandler’s first game at left back for the US and as a pro was against Belgium. He was matched up with Eden Hazard.

      Maybe you’ve heard of Hazard? Well, Chandler handled him quite well.

      Fabian is a better left back but Chandler is the next best US left back.

  15. Dean Stell says:

    I can see both sides of this. He’s clearly closer to Germany from a cultural standpoint and with his bump in form last year, he might have thought he had a CHANCE to play for Germany. I can’t blame him for waiting to be cap-tied to the US while he evaluated his options to play for the national team he probably grew up rooting for. I mean….I’m sure he was cheering for Germany in that 2002 world cup game.

    On the other hand…..if he’s yanking us around, we might as well get some other guys in there and see what they can do.

    It’s really easy to look at this from a “glass half empty” standpoint and be upset that we’re a consolation prize for all these guys who aren’t good enough to play for Germany. On the other hand, at least we have a chance to bring these guys in. I mean….if we don’t sprinkle the world with military bases, we don’t even have a chance at these kids and don’t have Fabian Johnson and Danny Williams and Terrence Boyd and Jermaine Jones who will probably all be on our Brazil squad.

    I only wish we had Air Force bases in Spain and Brazil too.

  16. Ed says:

    I think those who are unhappy about this are channeling some of their past frustrations on this issue because of Rossi, Subotic and others. A little annoyance is justified but Timmy’s “snubs” weren’t as egregious as people have made them out to be. We don’t have the luxury of having ill-will towards good players. We need the best we can get at all times.

  17. cps says:

    This guy is such an annoying distraction. I’d really hoped that we had moved on. Klinsmann, please, enough.

    • biff says:

      Agreed. Klinsmann is opening up a potential Pandaora’s Box on this one. If Chandler plays against Russia and then declines a cap-tying invitation in February, then the current Klinsmann haters are going to have some powerful ammunition for attack and probably a whole bunch of new Klinsmann haters will be created. Quite frankly, I am stunned by this news. I truly did not think Klinsmann would be stupid enough to call up Chandler for another friendly until the guy is officially cap-tied. Plus, I think it unfair to guys like Lichaj or others who are aching for a chance to show their stuff.

      • Joe says:

        I don’t watch Bundesliga, so I rely solely on SBI and you guys for updates on dudes at Hertha, Hoffenheim, Hamburg and of course Nuremburg (probably forgot someone, I hang my head in shame). But it seems that me watching AV and Lichaj have found me thinking he is going through a spell right now and maybe needs to just have a moment like last year against Man U where he is on and gets his mojo back.

        That time is not now. Get Chandler on, have him see the talent now and what our chances are, have him sit down with JK to wrap up a commitment to be cap tied and welcome to the big show in the Hex. We are rooting for you to do well Timmy, even those that are bitter at your wishy washy attitude.

      • GW says:

        “Plus, I think it unfair to guys like Lichaj or others who are aching for a chance to show their stuff.”

        If Lichaj is aching that bad then he should play better.

        I’m sure JK would prefer to not have to deal with the political and PR problem that Chandler represents. However, Lichaj has shown himself to be at best inconsistent.

        If he was doing a better job then maybe JK would not feel the need to upgrade the fullback talent.

        Eric could have played the “EJ is the answer to Jozy” role for this PR problem. Don’t blame Chandler for Lichaj’s failures.

        Unfair? BS.

  18. Dimidri says:

    It is not fair for us to use him. It’s not a question of whether or not he is committed, because even if he is committed it is for footballing reasons, not any sort of discernible tie to the US. That isn’t nationalistic chest-beating, it’s just a question of fairness-what is the point of the international system if you have players playing on your team who don’t only have stronger ties to another country but also don’t have any ties to the one they play for? That just isn’t the point of international soccer. It’s not his fault, his American dad left him when he was born, he never visited the US when he was young like the other American-Germans, it’s ok.
    How good he is immaterial. There is an implicit eligibility criteria and he does not meet it. Sure, there are a few Brazilians who have been nationalized by big countries (Marco Senna and Spain, Pepe and Portugal, Cacau and Germany) but those guys a) don’t play anymore for them/never really played for them b) have lived in those countries for a long period of time, might genuinely feel a connection, etc. c) quite possibly aren’t legit either-just because others do bad things doesn’t mean we should.
    The other German-Americans are fine-dual-nationality is complex, and just because you feel one nationality more doesn’t mean you can’t feel the other one-but it has to meet some (admittedly arbitrary) threshold.

    • Vic says:

      Fifa allows these idiotic rules. As long as thats the case, its Klinnsmann’s job to do whatever it takes within the rules to win games.

      • biff says:

        I disagree, Vic. I want a team I can be proud of full of guys who play for the shirt. I was a major fan of Chandler and staunch supporter of Chandler all last year and earlier this year but I would never be able to feel as good about him in a US shirt as i did before after his false proclamations last year about being dedicated to the to the USMNT and his untruths about not wanting to play for Germany and then his repeated snubs of invitations to play in cap-tying games. He will always carry that mark.

    • A says:

      If we are to compete we can’t plat nationalism. France and Portugal are a team of national mercenaries.

      • Dimidri says:

        Common misperception-France’s non-‘French looking players’ (as people often call them) are either like Thierry Henry who lived their whole lives in France or players from French territories who have no FIFA-recognized national team they could play in a World Cup with, meaning it would be no different from us using American Samoan players, which is fine. That’s different than Chandler.
        Portugal does have Pepe, and had Deco, but a) 95% of their team has spent 90%+ of their life in Portugal b) Deco and Pepe might have some cultural attachment to Portugal because of Brazil’s relationship with it, c) might have that from actually living there for some time, or d) just because others do bad things does not mean we should. The notion that we can’t be competitive without using Chandler is laughable.

        • Joe says:

          There’s competitive, then there is upper echelon. We aren’t cheating, we are just playing the game and I’ll be damned if I think it isn’t better. It’s America, we’re a melting pot, and that includes anyone who has US born blood in them.
          Ya know, for as much liberalism that pervades this board, I find myself here more for the humor of the deluded who talk out of both sides of their mouths. Keep up the good work most posters, but those who have problems with cogent thought paths, keep up the humor.

    • THomas says:

      What are you talking about? He’s an American Citizen!!! His father (whether or not he’s in his life) was in the US Military. His name is Timothy Chandler, not Thabo Kriegshauser.

      • Karol says:

        And if his name was indeed Thabo Kriegshauser – what difference would that make?

      • Dimidri says:

        You’re missing the point. The international system does not make sense in a world where players who are ‘technically’ able to play for other nations do-that world justifies and ultimately results in things like the Qatari national team.

        Having players like Timmy Chandler play for us cheapens whatever victories we get with him, both internally an externally, and worse, cheapens the genuine connections the other german-americans have by allowing them to be lazily grouped together and cast off as ‘mercenaries’.

        There has to be SOME connection to the country you play for, once again, not for nationalist reasons for but reasons of fairness. Are you really so desperate to win that you want somebody wearing the colors who is there only to be at a World Cup, in essence using the US?

        You’re right, this is not something that can be legislated, it is something for FA’s like England to say ‘it is wrong for us to use this player, we do not deserve him, period’. We need to do that in this instance. The fact you allow his talent to be a relevant consideration (not you but others) shows the issue here.

        And yes, he is an American citizen, but international soccer is ‘what do you consider yourself’, its a competition to see which country is better which is inherently an imprecise question, but one that is better answered by people who feel a bond to a certain country than those who are technically eligible.

        • THomas says:

          Fair enough. I can’t tell you what would ‘cheapen’ a victory, that’s up to you and what you feel.

          Similarly, it’s impossible for us to tell what Timmy is feeling. If he didn’t want to play for the USA, he wouldn’t. It’s not something that’s easy to identify as you pointed out, so we just have to take his decision at face value and only he will ever really know who he identifies more with.

          In the end I’d love to have him represent the USA.

        • biff says:

          Dimidri: I don’t agree 100% with every point you are making, but I do agree with the essence of your arguments. I don’t understand how fans are ready to embrace Chandler again so quickly after his untruths and snubs all for the sake of winning. Spots on the USMNT are precious, the stuff boys and then teenagers and then men dream of one day having. And for Klinsmann not to give Chandler a spot on the team for a friendly I think is–well, pretty bad. yes, I want the USMNT to win, but more importantly I want players on the team I can be proud of and who I like. And, Chandler, well, you know, he is not in the category for me.

      • Roman Lewandowski says:

        Thabo? Does he have a German father and a South African mother? You really couldn’t think of something like Hans?

        Thabo is an actual name, just not a German one.

  19. Kev says:

    I agree with everyone’s comments above. However, I also see it from both sides. I think Klinns has done an excellent job with this situation and has shown patience. I get the 100% commitment thing and the fact that we do not want us showcasing his talent in friendlies in order for him to build a case for a Germany call up.

    BUT I think including him as much as possible, keeping the communications up, and including him with the group will only sell Chandler on the USA more and more. I hate that we have to sell him on our national team. But the fact of the matter is, he is an excellent player who is world class at a position that we have a need. The benefits of including him outweigh any negatives.

    Unfortunately, with the FIFA switching rules in place, this is where the international game is going.

    With him being included, our full back potential rises significantly. Its tough – catch 22.
    Personally, I want the best team (talent wise) we can field and compete and I want him.

  20. Vic says:

    Certainly good news and the chances Chandler will be cup tied soon are very high. Germany won’t call him unless he becomes the best right back in Germany. Two things are playing out in our favor: his improvement has stalled a little and we are moving closer to the World Cup. Look for him to be capped in Feb or March.

  21. Wispy says:

    How about this lineup:

    ————– Boyd ————- Parker —————
    Donovan ———– Bradley ———— Chandler
    ———————— Jones —————————-
    Johnson — Brooks — Williams — Cherundolo
    ———————— Yelldell ————————–

    I propose the lineup not as our most effective one, but one that is completely fluent in German and thus can communicate better with the coach ….. just sayin’ …….

  22. AC says:

    Who’s this Chandler guy? He must be “new.”

  23. beto says:

    absolutly not! I will welcome him and accept him as USNT player in Honduras next February. If Jurgen gives him another friendly I will be pissed, especially if he plays. There is only so much playing time available for our pool and I would much rather see Lichaj get playing time.

    I believe Chandler is better than Lichaj or anyother Rb besides Dolo but no point in developing with our squad until he puts a ring on it, if you know what i meen..

  24. PD says:

    I’d feel much better about it if he would up being cap-tied at the end of it.

  25. Jason says:

    Websites never lie, similar to Vulcans from Star Trek.

  26. Joel says:

    as far as I am concerned he has until the 1st match in the hex…either he is ready to play for us
    or not he isnt.

    • Joe says:

      This I can get behind, leave the weird ultra nationalistic, gut churning diatribes at home. If he is eligible and not hurt but won’t show up in the Hex, then we can have a different conversation. Until then, let’s see what magic we can work.

  27. Ryan Nanez says:

    i dont mind it. its just a friendly so slot him in at left back and try johnson back in the mid just for this game. flank play problem solved


  28. Felix says:

    My major issue is if the team will accept him. They seem to have all accepted the other Ger-mericans, because they are committed (I love that attitude BTW), but Chandler has been playing the fence for whatever motivations (club loyalty or holding out for Germany).
    But if the rest of the squad accepts him and he gives 100% effort, I will support it.
    I still start Cherundolo over Chandler though for the time being.

  29. THomas says:

    I honestly think he was just focusing on his professional career first knowing all along that he’d be able to get into the setup when games mattered. 2013 qualifying, Gold Cup, and 2014 World Cup.

    And there’s nothing wrong with that. Even though he’s a great player, nobody is replacing Lahm at the moment and Germany’s youth movement is unbelievably talented. So finding a replacement shouldn’t be too tough. It’s not worth it to Lowe to pursue a half German half American who’s played for America. It wouldn’t add much of anything to his German team and certainly wouldn’t be worth hurting his friendship with JK.

    • biff says:

      “I honestly think he was just focusing on his professional career first knowing all along that he’d be able to get into the setup when games mattered.”

      Do you believe in the Easter Bunny, THomas? Just asking.

  30. KenC says:

    I think he’s welcome to camp, but he definitely shouldn’t start. Perhaps a 1 minute runout at the end of the game to cap-tie him.

  31. ec says:

    Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease be true. Team USA needs more speed. And skill. And defenders. No grudges here!

  32. Byrdman says:

    IT is easy for us to sit back and type out, “He should be committed to the U.S.” but our job is not on the line. JK has to win games, he has to qualify for the WC, and he has to compete against better nations. If he doesn’t do these things, he will not have the chance to do what he really wants to do, which is transform US soccer into a team that plays with a combination of beauty and American will power. So, since his job is on the line, I have no problem with him chasing Chandler. And by the way, there are plenty of Americans, now, that can’t speak English, that don’t know American History, and that don’t care about our heritage. So don’t hold TC to that standard.

    • A says:

      There are even more Americans that DO speak English and not only don’t know American history, but create their own for their own beliefs.

      That’s even worse.

      • Roman Lewandowski says:

        Is the quasi-political stuff really necessary?

      • byrdman says:

        I was thinking similar thoughts but thought maybe I should include them in the discussion. I would love for our guys to stand arm in arm and sing the national anthem at the top of their lungs, like many international teams do. But that is probably not going to happen in the US, because so much of who we are, is being the great melting pot. i wonder sometimes if we take so much pride in that, that we have forgotten what we were really founded on. Back to Football- GO USMNT!!!

  33. 2tone says:

    I will tell you this right now Klinsmann would not be calling Chandler in for this friendly if he wasn’t ready to commit to the USMNT.

    This is pretty much an admission that Chandler will be cap tied in February. I bet my bottom dollar on it.

    • Mc says:

      no way of knowing this for sure, but I would bet that this is the situation also. Klinsmann wouldn’t take the chance of disrupting the team if they didn’t have an understanding. Not to say that it’s a sure thing, but we all know that a player of his caliber is worth a little risk.

    • Hogatroge says:

      I hope and expect he has been given an ultimatum… along the lines of:

      “We’d love for you to play in Russia, but show up on Feb. 6 barring a serious health issue or auf wiedersehen!”

  34. EAA says:

    Come on people, cut the guy some slack. I doubt anyone commenting has any idea how hard it must be for him make this decision. As far as I can tell, unlike some of our other German Americans, he has no ties whatsoever to the U.S. His dad died when he was young and I’m not sure if he is in contact with his father’s family. I would be more suspect if he had no reservations playing for the U.S. In that case, it would only be a career/World Cup decision. It sounds to me like he wants to feel that connection and it’s taking him some time. So be it. I’ve said it before with Rossi, Subotic, etc. that if the state of our program depends on all these players choosing to play for the U.S., then we have far bigger issues that need to be dealt with.

    • Roman Lewandowski says:

      Where did you read that his dad died when he was young? I’m not calling you out–I’m just interested to learn more.

      • EAA says:

        I’ll call myself out – bad info I believe on Wikipedia. I know, I know. Though I do recall reading that his parents separated when he was young and he moved back to Germany with his mother (Yanks Abroad). The gist of my post remains the same.

  35. H-town says:

    He is playing RB, and we would be able to switch the attack effectively with Johnson on the L and Chandler on the R. Those two making overlapping runs on each side would strengthen the midfield even more. We don’t know if Donovan is going to play at this point, so I assume this is what we look like for qualifying if Chandler commits (and that is a big IF)…


    • H-town says:

      * Gomez
      Shea Holden/Bradley Zusi

      Johnson Cameron Boca Chandler

      • Amru says:

        I’m assuming this is the line up for WC 2014? If that’s the case I think you would have to have Bradley and Holden out there with someone behind them, probably Williams. I think Jones will be the odd man out and I don’t see anyway Jozy isn’t our starting forward by that time.

  36. H-town says:



  37. MMV says:

    i don’t have a problem with Chandler. Ultimately it’s his career and his choice whether or not to rep the US. No shame in that. Has it bugged me he’s flip-flopped a tad bit? Absolutely. But I would have much rather he turn down calls than to come into camps and games knowing he was unsure. He did that already and probably decided that wasn’t fair to any involved. That could have really caused a divide. Very few of us, or any of us, have any idea what these dual nationals deal with – what goes into making a decision. While we think it’s easy; it’s not. Maybe Timmy has done some soul searching. I have feeling if he’s be called up he’s 100% sure of his decision. If that’s the case we need to put the grudges and past aisde.

    • David JS says:

      if he plays vs. Russia and is in the squad for the Hex, we’ll have forgetten all about his waffling before we take the pitch at Azteca if not sooner. Things seem a lot bigger in the moment than they look in hindsight.

    • biff says:

      Give me a break, MMV. This is not a case of Chandler having trouble making up his mind whether to play for the USMNT or Germany. He has made up his mind: His first choice is to play for Germany and if had the opportunity he would accept invitation from Jogi Low in about two nanoseconds.

      But Timmy Chandler also has a very big desire to play in WC 2014. So his big decision is how long can he snub invitations from the USMNT for cap-tying games in order to remain free for Germany without letting the door close to the USMNT in the WC 2014 cycle. That is the diabolical game that Timothy Chandler is now playing. I guarantee you that if Chandler plays against Russia and Jogi Low calls him up in February for a Germany WCQ, then Chandler will still accept it. I realize chances are slim to none that Jogi Low will call up Chandler in February. I am just saying that Chandler’s heart still belongs 100% to the German national team.

      And that is why I would be happier if Klinsmann would forget Chandler and move on and pick a player for Russia who is aching to wear only the US shirt.

      • Ben says:

        I’m just curious…why are you so sure that Chandler would be hell-bent on playing for Germany if he had the chance? He’s cited fatigue, travel, focus on club as reasons for declining call ups in the past. Isn’t it possible that those have been his true motivations? You certainly could be right, but it seems to me that there is not much evidence that he’s been holding out for Germany, just speculation.

  38. whoop-whoop says:

    I am a fan of the USMNT and have the same emotional response as many do here, but…. operating on pure emotion isn’t a good way to go through life, so I leave that to my girl or watching a game. Between matches, I at least try to moderate my emotional reaction and sometimes even completely discount them. I’d also add that it is worth noting that the main players in this dance both have a cultural background steeped in a rich tradition of stoic, rational, non emotional interaction… all about the bottom line.

    So…. from an objective point of view I’d say the following:

    Chandler is not going to be playing for Germany. I’m sure he knows that by now and has for a while.

    Second…. beyond an aging Cherundolo, Chandler doesn’t have much in the way of competition at RB in the U.S. pipeline. This isn’t the case at his club and they have been pretty clear that they weren’t too happy with him leaving for Int’l duty in the past.

    The bottom line is, Timmy has had the luxury of thinking about the big picture in developing his career and the best timing in which to implement it. If I was managing Chandler as someone clearly is, my advice would have been that he is still a young, upstart player in a top level competitive league and that he could afford to focus his energy into solidifying his position at Nuremburg rather than jeopardizing his starting spot or risking injury traveling half way across the world for a spot he could just as easy step into 6 months later. Well… things are further along. He is now more established there and JK has expressed that time is running out here, that it is the time to commit and start showing up for the U.S. and it appears that is what he is doing.

    As fans, we can afford to speak of undying devotion, black and white commitment and wrap ourselves in team colors while waving the flag. Chandler is living in a different world where commitment only goes one way. This is his career… one that is precarious, with a a very short window of time taking place at the very top level with few open positions and lots of very determined, talented, best in the world folks vying for them. It is about bottom lines and is cut-throat. We can speak of a players commitment to team, but you better believe a team’s commitment to player is based on self interest alone… on there being no better option.

    In this light, I’d say Timmy has played it about right. I think if you’d like to see Chandler running up the right wing for years to come, then him being on the roster for the Russia game is no guarantee as those don’t exist, but it is certainly a good sign. If I were JK, I’d have said… OK, today is decision time’s up… I’d have wanted his commitment now, for him to play in the friendly so that he is integrated and ready to go for qualifying. I’d be surprised if that isn’t the case, but if not, what the hell, we took our best shot at a nice RB and move on with what we got. Who knows, maybe Mr. Steady/Cherundolo can go another 5?

  39. slowleftarm says:

    Too bad Andy Najar is a traitor to our country or he’d be a good option at right back. Nah, on second thought, he’d throw the ball at the ref in a WCQ match.

    • Soccer Rules says:

      First, Andy Najar is not an American citizen. Second, at the snail pace he is learning English, he will never become one. To this day, he still needs a translator to express his opinions, which gives you an indication of his intellectual capacity or lack thereof.

      So, he may be dumb but he is really not a traitor.

  40. ex_sweeper says:

    Question for anyone who has actually watched Nurnberg games – how has Chandler been playing recently, and is he at all responsible for his team’s dismal performance this year? They are 3 points above the relegation zone and have been on the wrong end of some bad losses (3-0 to SC Freiburg). I know that he is very fast and athletic, but there’s more to being a top-quality defender.

    • ex_sweeper says:

      Hmmm – can’t watch streams at work, but Mainz vs. Nurnberg just ended in another loss for his team. Chandler had 3 mentions in the ESPN commentary: an injury delay (apparently minor), a foul committed, and a missed shot. How does the bottom of the Bundesliga compare to the EPL?

    • biff says:

      Hey, ex_sweeper, that is a good point. Until Chandler had the assist in the game last week against Wolfburg, he had several miserable flop-of-the-match performances, what could not be considered grounds for being called up by the USMNT. So yeah, his is not in good form.
      Chandler: „Ich stecke in einem Loch!“
      link to

  41. Older & Wiser says:


  42. 2tone says:

    I hope to hear or see John Anthony Brooks has also been called up.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Brooks professional career consists of 10 games in the 2.Bundesliga. I think a little more experience is probably necessary.

      • MMV says:

        That’s more experience than Terrance Boyd had when he made his debut against Italy.

        • CplDaniel says:

          Yes, but Boyd was so proud to start for the USA that he called is mother up to make sure that she’d watch him play! He couldn’t wait to play for the US Team. So Boyd gets a pass….and maybe some bonus cookies!

  43. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    I don’t want to see him on the field for another friendly.

  44. The Imperative Voice says:

    I know a lot of the more suspicious types are focusing on the absence of cap-tying in the friendly, his past wavering in commitment. But showing up again is headed the right direction on commitment, and I have yet to hear him waver on the US, it’s been the travel. Plus, if you want to reintegrate a player, you don’t just toss him out there in qualis, you test him in a friendly. It would be a catch 22 if he had to commit to play but could not commit without playing in a cap-tying game. You have to start somewhere.

    I think as long as it’s not a divided national loyalties issue, and is instead a question of travel, you see if he’s up to it. That being said, a Russia friendly is not the sternest of tests of commitment in terms of travel for a German player, He basically is either going to show up for qualis or not, and one hopes that Klinsi hammered out a verbal commitment to show up for us when it counts, before heading down the friendly reintegration road. After all, he played quite a few European friendlies for us before, the whole question is if he’s willing to regularly come cross-pond to play our games because we’re not going to be qualifying from UEFA anytime soon.

    I don’t entirely blame frustrated fans but I also find interesting no one roasts Brad Friedel for blowing us off in similar fashion.

    • beachbum says:

      Friedel had already delivered for the Nats, at the WC no less. Different cases.

      Originally I was huge Chandler supporter. But he made this bed for himself. Turning down repeated callups? There are other options who display the respect such invites deserve.

    • Braden says:

      Don’t be so sure about that. Friedel’s decision does bother me. Howard’s a good player, but not infallible, and there is no reason to think he’s immune to second guessing. I honestly believe Friedel makes a save each against Slovenia and Ghana that put us in a better position in WC10. I don’t consider him an USMNT alum. I consider him to have abandoned it. That said, it’s not as if he makes me angry. I just don’t care about him. When I check scores and see that Tottenham’s playing I don’t care if Friedel or Lloris is in goal. For me, there’s only one American on that team.

      • GW says:

        Keepers are different.

        Only one can play at a time, so you can fly halfway around the world and wind up sitting on the bench and do that repeatedly. Friedel seems to have gotten tired of the travel and fighting it out with Keller and then Howard. After his 2002 performance, I guess he felt he had taken the USMNT thing as far as he could take it and decided to focus on his club career.

        Given how things have worked out it is hard to argue with his decision. Keller was his equal, Howard not so much but overall they have been adequate in his absence. Friedel is still playing at a high level.

        I do agree he would have done better than Howard in 2010. In fact, I think he is still better than Howard but his USMNT career is over.

  45. ERic says:

    Cap tease.

  46. biff says:

    Klinsmann was in the stadium to watch Timothy Chandler in the Mainz-Nurnberg game. The story says Klinsmann is in Frankfurt, which is the meeting point for USMNT players before the Russia game, and Mainz is just outside of Frankfurt. Here is the link (You have to scroll down to find the Klinsmann mention)

    link to

    • Spank says:

      Haha when i first read this article you immediately came to mind Biff. I know your views on Chandler since you’ve expressed them here many times. I almost commented “Biff isn’t going to be happy with this news”. It was nice to come back to this thread after a few hours and see your hilarious comments because I 100% agree with you.

  47. Ben says:

    I don’t even think the main issue with Chandler is cap tying him or not. I’m more concerned just with his lack of commitment to consistently accepting calls from the USA. It doesn’t seem like there is/was much interest or likelihood of him playing for Germany, and it was stated in the past that the reasons for his declining call ups were wanting to focus on developing his club career, fatigue, things like that (could perhaps require a grain of salt there, I know). Even if he were cap tied, these things could still get in the way, and I would think (and hope) that Jurgen has made it clear that he needs to be committed 100% when called upon. Hopefully he’s made his decision.

    Plus, I vacationed to Nuremberg last year and dropped some cash on a Chandler jersey, so I’d hate to have to stop wearing it if this guy turns his back on us!

  48. sir coble says:

    If I were Klinsy I’d invite him for the Russia friendly and have a long private chat after the game judging his allegiance and focus to the USMNT. Once I felt satisfied that he was committed for our cause I would ask Loew to call Chandler in February to ask him to play for die mannschaft as a loyalty test.

  49. pancholama says:

    Hopefully the other Germ-americans on the team have been tweeting, texting ,and phoning him and rationalizing with him about what a GOLDEN opportunity it is for him to get one board with the US team right now – with a German-American coach, 4-5 German Americans on the team, several others who speak German fluently – it’s now or never Timothaeus. Come on little brother! Get on board and ride this train to glory! You money, baby, MONEY!

    • biff says:

      Well, pancholama, the Germ-aricans would only be doing that if they liked Chandler and if they truly wanted him back on the team. I have no idea how they feel, and it possible that they think Chandler is a prince of guy and they miss him. But it also is possible that they think he is a prima donna and don’t like his snubs during the Gold Cup last year and the WC qualifiers this year in June, September and October and don’t much like the guy himself and don’t want him back on the team. But you are right about the German langauge part of it: The guys on the team who speak only English and/or Spanish but not German are not able to communicate with Timmy on a very high level. Dolo can talk to him in German and probably MB, and, of course, Klinsmann.

  50. Mc says:

    Haters on this comment thread will forget all about their grudges when we wins the starting spot and helps us qualify.

  51. toby says:

    Take him back with open arms!! Now we only need 2 center backs. Please find someone quickly. Give John Anthony Brooks a look and anyone else….