Biello to be Impact interim head coach

While it remains unclear for just how long he will carry the title, it appears Mauro Biello has been tabbed to replace Jesse Marsch as head coach of the Montreal Impact.

Just a day after announcing publicly that the team’s head coaching duties would be shared by the Impact’s entire coaching staff, the Impact have settled on Biello to lead the team, sources told SBI on Sunday. Montreal players were informed of the decision over the weekend, meaning Biello will be in charge during the team’s upcoming tour of Italy.

A standout player for the Impact when the team was part of the A-League (Now the USL First Division), Biello has served as an assistant coach with the club since November of 2009.

Assistant coaches Denis Hamlett and Mike Sorber are still with the team.

What do you think of this development? See Biello eventually sticking as the head coach? Think he can do the job? Who would you like to see take over as Impact head coach?

Share your thoughts below.

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14 Responses to Biello to be Impact interim head coach

  1. keith says:

    i would like to see an MLS team land Redknap…………I think he would be great for the sport here and for the team he coaches…….

    • Rabid RBNY says:

      Salary Cap could make it difficult for him.

      • Mike says:

        I was thinking the same Redknap would be great for the league. However my guess is he still wants to manage in the EPL. Let’s face he’ll be the coach of QPR by Boxing Day (just my guess).

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        I don’t think he would be absolutely out of his depth because he played here before — and thus understands it’s a growth sport — and he is a renovator with an eye for talent who has often worked with “borderline relegation” teams. He will not expect gold-plated like Gullit, who had CFC’s ownership throwing him all the players he wanted.

        However, I do think the salary cap would still pose a problem because balancing a salary structure and signing the right free agents is not easy and many MLS coaches even don’t get it. Arena and maybe a few other coaches understand how to find just the right amount of talent combined with foreign signings to create a strong team. Coaches like Redknapp who would be used to paying veteran EPL prices to fix problems, will find that even if they don’t go gold-plated there ain’t much budget for fix-by-signing, and if you spend too much on one player it tells elsewhere, like the first Beckham years at the Galaxy.

  2. The Imperative Voice says:

    I find it interesting Biello was elevated above Hamlett and Sorber, who are more experienced hands. Biello is like a career minor leaguer appointed to coach major leaguers, and unlike say Rennie, he doesn’t have a coaching CV of success to support the choice.

  3. Jahinho_Guerro (Toronto FC Fan) says:

    The “special thing” thatBiello has is that he is fluent in Italian and French.

  4. Shane says:

    Sorber should quit.

    My prediction for next year – massive underachievement for Montreal. Just like Toronto and New York (even Vancouver in a way), who think the answer lies in importing European players and managers and paying them ridiculous salaries.

    • ed houston says:

      well said.
      montreal can continue to buy old geezers. it will bode well for the rest of the eastern conference. not being a fan of marsh i still thought he did pretty damn good.

  5. Silvina Defendente says:

    Dumbess think ever no experience they will be looking for a had Coach by June 2014

  6. Were says:

    Just a hand puppet for De Santis and Saputo…There was a clear power struggle with Jesse in charge so they shipped him out for some Quebecois who will just be a figure-head for the real men pulling the strings.

  7. Soccer_mind says:

    Let’s also not forget he is De Santis’ brother-in-law- how convenient.