Youngsters headline USMNT squad for Russia friendly (Update with a closer look at the roster)

Jurgen Klinsmann called in a young squad of players for the U.S. Men’s National Team’s upcoming friendly vs. Russia on Wednesday,including five players from the U.S. Under-23 national team that fell short in Olympic qualifying last spring.

Joe Gyau, Mix Diskerud, Juan Agudelo and Sean Johnson were all called into the squad, as was Timmy Chandler, who returns to the team after more than a year away.

The squad does have a strong nucleus of veterans, including Michael Bradley, Tim Howard and Carlos Bocanegra, but Clint Dempsey has been left home for the match.

Here is the full squad:

GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard (Everton), Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
DEFENDERS– Carlos Bocanegra (Racing Santander), Geoff Cameron (Stoke City), Timmy Chandler (Nuremberg), Maurice Edu (Stoke City), Clarence Goodson (Brondby), Fabian Johnson (Hoffenheim)
MIDFIELDERS – Michael Bradley (Roma), Mix Diskerud (Rosenborg), Joshua Gatt (Molde), Joe Gyau (Hoffenheim), Jermaine Jones (Schalke 04), Sacha Kljestan (Anderlecht), Danny Williams (Hoffenheim)
FORWARDS– Juan Agudelo (Chivas USA), Jozy Altidore (AZ Alkmaar), Terrence Boyd (Rapid Vienna), Herculez Gomez (Santos Laguna)

Here are some thoughts on the roster, and a projected starting lineup:


The missing regulars like Clint Dempsey and Graham Zusi shouldn’t be considered snubs. Dempsey has played quite a bit with Tottenham and could use a rest (and has a big game against Arsenal on Saturday), and Zusi is coming off the busiest and toughest year of his young career so he can also use a rest.


Jozy Altidore is back, putting to rest any notion of a serious issue between him and Klinsmann. It is obvious Klinsmann wanted to send a message by leaving him out of the October qualifiers, but now Altidore is back and should be motivated to prove he should never be left out again.


Juan Agudelo finished the regular season with Chivas USA on a good run so his return shouldn’t come as a major surprise.


Timmy Chandler is in full damage control mode after his past snubs of USMNT call-ups. He insists that he is now fully ready to commit to the U.S. national team.


Klinsmann is in dire need of some new blood on the flanks, and the speedy combo of Josh Gatt and Joe Gyau can provide that. It shouldn’t be expected that either of them start against Russia, but the call-up will allow Klinsmann to see them up close, and against national team defenders.


It should be noted that this is a short camp, so there isn’t a ton of time to work with the players, but the call-up gives the young players a good experience of being in with the national team and around some veteran players.


Here is the lineup we could see face Russia:






So why Agudelo? He’s well-suited for a wide forward spot in the 4-3-3, though we could also see a 4-4-2 against Russia:







What do you think of this squad? What player are you most happy to see in the camp? Who are you disappointed to not see in the camp?

Share your thoughts below.

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193 Responses to Youngsters headline USMNT squad for Russia friendly (Update with a closer look at the roster)

  1. landon says:

    where is my big boi brooks at? Or my arctic home boi Aaron Johannnssonnnnn?

    • Two Cents says:

      I like the roster for the most part, but there are some things I’m still questioning. For one thing, why bring in Howard and not Guzan? Also, it would have been nice to see Omar Gonzalez, Eric Lichaj, and Freddy Adu given the somewhat experimental side. Especially with Lichaj, as we could move Fabian Johnson up to the left wing, where he can do some serious damage. Either way, I still like the injection of youth in the lineup.


      • Two Cents says:

        Woops, didn’t see Gyau. So, the new lineup is as follows:


  2. THomas says:

    This could be a dynamic lineup. Edu listed as a defender could mean we see him paired w/ Cameron there.

    • Josh D says:

      Love it! Except I was still hoping to see our own Kaiser centerback make an appearance. Also curious to see Guzman left off. I wonder if he declined?


      I don’t want to start Howard, but without Guzan there and the fact we’re bringing him, makes me think he starts. I guess Klinsi is still working on the defense and wants as much consistency back there as possible.

      I don’t want to start Timmy as punishment but without another recognized sideback, I’ll throw him in. I suppose Cameron could play there, but I trust him more than Goodson at CB. Edu just hasn’t played enough, albeit, I expect him to get a run out to help his club chances.

      The midfield three still hasn’t played long enough to properly gel so I expect our starting three to continue earning minutes together. But Mix will be brought in at half-time.

      Gatt on the right because I’ve never seen him play left. He also earns the start over Gyau just because he’s played longer and Klinsi has wanted him in camps in the past. I also expect Gyau to earn time.

      Jozy because he now needs to prove himself. Boyd has scored a ton but is still only coming off the bench so I expect him to do so for us. Gomez out wide because we need a veteran up top. I haven’t seen him much on the left either, but Gatt’s speed and ability to add crosses from the right means he’s more important there. Gyau to replace him at halftime.

      I can see Agudelo getting minutes only if Klinsi is trying to get him noticed so Juan can get the h*ll away from Chivas where his talents are wasting away.

      I’m very excited by this roster.

      • Josh D says:

        I meant Gyau to replace Gomez at half. Then we see Gatt, Jozy, and Gyau for 20 mins before Jozy leaves for Boyd to come in.

      • nam says:

        I still don’t see why Klinsmann has a fascination with calling Rimando in. He’s too old to make any kind of impact in 2014; besides, he’ll be stuck behind Howard anyways. Might as well give someone a bit younger a chance like Kennedy or Hall.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          Too old? He’s Howard’s age, and keepers play til they’re 40 many times. Friedel is still chugging along like 7 years after he retired from international play at an age older than Rimando.

          I don’t take the callup as a critique of Howard, who is solidly #1. I take it as Klinsi not wanting to call Guzan mid-season for this, and maybe looking for a #3 among eliminated MLS teams. Johnson’s Dynamo performance leaves me wondering if he has the yips too much in big games to just be handed #3. Maybe Klinsi has the same thought calling in two potential candidates for that spot. In this particular case it’s not necessarily about who will start but about sorting out the pool.

          If Johnson flops again I do think you might see Klinsi start looking at Gold Cup next year for different #3 candidates, including perhaps Hall.

          • mo says:

            don’t be stupid my friend

          • GK Ross says:

            RImando has proved that he is a strong and consistant keeper and a good fill in for Guzan.

            I’m sure Klins would love to bring Guzan but he’s finally broken into the starting squad in the EPL and needs to keep his focus there.

            The combination of Howard, Rimando and Johnson is clearly an educational one. Besides Friedel and Hannemann, those two are the best for a youngster to learn from.

        • patrick says:

          dude, did you not see the performance Rimando had in the playoffs? He’s a beast

        • GW says:

          “I don’t want to start Timmy as punishment but without another recognized sideback, I’ll throw him in”

          If JK accepts the Chandler rationale for his behavior and it seems like he does then your “punishments” are pointless and counterproductive. He is not a puppy being housebroken.

          Chandler is being called in now because he is behind schedule in terms of integrating with the team and qualifiers are right around the corner. This is fish or cut bait time.
          If Chandler shows up he instantly becomes one of the three or four best defenders in the US player pool. So it is in everyone’s best interests for Chandler to get as much PT as possible.

      • THomas says:

        This is the lineup I would guess…except Dempsey in for Gatt and Edu for Boca to try that out again.

    • Weaksauce says:

      My question is if Russia is bringing 26, why couldnt jurgen Klinsmann ?

      Why not John Anthony Brooks, Andrew Wooten

      Why not bring along seb hines, Aron Johannsson, Shawn Parker to participate?

      Seriouly Maurice Edu ? WTF

      • elmatador says:

        100% agreed…At least JABrooks he’s starting every game for a decent team.

      • Micah King says:

        Or Serio Duarte who plays for CD Nacional

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        Russia’s a big country but I’d be interested how far most of their players have to travel, and with a few days to train it might be worth over-calling. In contrast, we all have to travel, will probably do one or two practices and play. People will probably be showing up today or Tuesday to play Wednesday. All calling up people who won’t be used for one practice would do is disrupt. I could understand if this was in the B.1 winter break but it’s not, it’s mid-season for about everyone but people booted from MLS playoffs.

        Also, FWIW, the roster is only moderately experimental, core of consistent callins plus people with substantial senior and/or U23 experience. There aren’t any big surprises here, these are all pipeline people even down to Kljestan, Gyau, and Gatt. Klinsi’s basically a continuity guy, and he’s just trying a few marginal guys to see how they fit. Not a camp cupcake roster. I think if your guys get calls it will be for a January camp or Gold Cup.

      • patrick says:

        players are released for 48 hours, and they’ll have a grand total of 2 practices. It’s not the time to be bringing in a lot of new guys. Gatt has already had a call up (january, i believe) and Gyau has been on the radar b/c of U23s/ These other guys are just too far off the roster to come in for 48 hours. Would be pointless and could hurt their club status

      • Josh D says:

        I think only one of Russia’s players is from outside the league. So it’s like us complaining Japan didn’t bring 26 when we bring a team of all MLSers to a game in NY.

  3. JD10UT says:

    Good mix of vets with youth. Should be an exciting game to watch. I wonder if any young guys will have a stand out performance.

  4. Benny Dargle says:

    Young, but you could easily see a veteran lineup with perhaps only one young (new) player inserted.

    • biff says:

      Hey, Benny Dargle, I would like some cool shades also. Please reveal how you were able to do that?

    • Juan says:

      Boca is not young..or fast. What does JK see in Edu that nobody else sees?

      I’m mostly disappointed in no Parkhurst. Have to think Timmy took his spot for this one. Also, what happens if Jozy starts and is invisible again? He really needs to show something if he wants to stay in the mix

  5. Spencer says:

    Good lineup, but not sure why Guzan was left out.

    • nick says:

      agreed, would have liked to seen him get the start in this one.

      • Felix says:

        Probably to ensure he keeps his spot with Aston Villa. He’s been starting now finally just want to see the play continue.

        • PD says:

          good point, but this would have been a good one for him to start. i guess eh priority if is getting Timmy time to work with all the backline options that come through.

        • MMV says:

          I would have like to have seen Guzan in and Howard out. Simply because you know Howard’s the #1 and a rest couldn’t hurt. However, I think it’s clear Brad is #2 so I don’t think his obmission is anything to worry about. Villa are hovering just above the drop zone and probably would be there if not for Guzan so maybe Klinsy thought it was best if Villa had Brad for the week leading up to a crucial time in their schedule.

    • Laszlo says:

      No Steve C either. I guess JK gives the RB slot to Chandler for this one?

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      As I said above re Rimando, I think it’s mid season for Guzan and leaving him out is actually a display of confidence. I’ll leave you be and concentrate on 3rd keeper types, who are now out of season.

      • mo says:

        who needs midget in goal?

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          All due respect the Fire keeper I watched play the Dynamo in goal didn’t look like he should have a lock on their job much less the 3rd US keeper. He has kind of a history on this……and I didn’t buy he was the best keeper on that field that day…..Hall was….also American. After the U23 disaster I’m handling everything defensive off that team, plus the coach, with a chemical waste suit.

          FWIW, I’m not sure Rimando would be my 3rd from all comers, but this is a road friendly and Rimando is experienced and capped. I think any January camp and/or Gold Cup next year will see an open call for third keepers. If Johnson can’t consistently catch a ball I don’t see how he makes the Brazil roster without a challenge.

  6. Style says:

    Why Agudelo? He has been invisible recently. If he wanted to go with the young striker with potiental, he could have done better with McInerny or Bruin, atleast they guys have had soething to show this season.

    • Tyler Kitchens says:

      My thoughts precisely. JacMac would’ve been a good look. Bruin is in the playoffs though. That probably limited his choices some.

      • PD says:

        JackMac? get serious. just because he’s the top goalscorer for a club that didn’t make the playoffs doesn’t mean he’s showing potential as an international. that guys is years away from that kind of argument.

    • Rik says:

      Bruin is still in MLS playoffs and McInerny, while promising, is not at the same level yet. True, Juan disappeared a bit this year w/ injuries and struggling Chivas, but he’s shown he can play at top international level when healthy.

      • biff says:

        “…he’s shown he can play at top international level when healthy.”

        He has? When?

        • Bobb says:

          Seriously? Agudelo has scored goals against South Africa and Argentina, he won the first game for us and tied the other one.
          But yeah, Jack Mac! lol

    • MMV says:

      Bruin is in the midst of a playoff race and while his play is drawing attention there was no way he was going to be involved in this game.

    • biff says:

      Agree with that, Style. I don’t follow Chivas closely, but I do look at the match reports regularly and it did not appear to me that Juan Agudelo finished the regular season on a good run.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Agudelo had a goal in the last game of the season, was supposedly getting his self together, and has elusive qualities and the ability to hit an exceptional cross. I hope we try him more in a setup role instead of as a target because I think he’s got talent, he’s just not a back to goal type and he’ll look bad when so used. But him versus EJ on a wing? Please.

      He is also a better fit for the team than Bruin (who is in the playoffs) or McInerney, who are more in the manner of Altidore and Boyd, target striker types. And I’d rather have the latter two than the former two. Also, JMac is more horizon-level type US player, still more about potential right now…..kind of like his teammate Adu.

      • TomG says:

        Still not sold on J-Mac. He’s small and his ball skills are nothing special. He’s like a more athletic Taylor Twellman. He scores on grit, hustle and smarts. There’s nothing wrong with that but the ceiling on him isn’t all that high, IMO. Agudelo flashes more skills and tools.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          That would be my slap on Wondo, too. I think pure height, speed, skill, or shooting ability become the more useful traits on the senior team. The balls you might poach in MLS are either 50/50 or cleared before you get there.

          I like Agudelo (I think people forget dude can hit a cross) but he needs to up the two way effort and Klinsi needs to forget any idea of using him as a target striker.

  7. JC says:

    Very surprised to see Gyau here, nonetheless excited to see what he can bring to the squad. He is a speedster. Glad to finally see Gatt as well. Not too worried about the result. I’m happy with the squad brought in by Klinsi. Young squad with lots of potential.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Gyau and Gatt (and maybe even Agudelo) are on there because we (a) need pure wing play and (b) cannot assume Landon will supply it. Tactically the absence of pure wings has been a developing issue.

    • TomG says:

      Would like to see G&G come in on the wings off the bench, flashing wide speed with Chandler and Fabian. The speed on that field would be a sight to see.

  8. THomas says:

    Even bigger than this could me the Chandler Q&A on US Soccer:

    link to

    • nick says:

      i think, like many of us here, that until i see him called for the feb 6 HEX game that will cap tie him, he can talk all he wants about commitment. Ill believe it (and him) when I see it.

      That being said, if he is called and is tied, I will be very exited. He can be locked into that position for years to come and will make us much strong going into the HEX at the back.

      • THomas says:

        It sounds like from this Q&A that he just wasn’t sure for a while that he was ready for the commitment to international football in general (not US vs. Germany). But now he sounds like he’s all in regardless of the game being a friendly, tournament, WCQ, etc.

        • nathan says:

          Yes, it sure does sound that way. But Chandler has been wishy-washy enough that until he is cap-tied…. its just talk.

        • biff says:

          Absolutely not true, THomas. Timothy Chandler and his coach and management at Nurnburg conducted a major PR offensive in August and September to try to catch Jogi Low’s attention for a Chandler call-up to the German national team. That is what Chandler wanted. But it did not work.

          In this September 10 news story in Kicker, Nuremburg sport director Martin Bader says Chandler is “still brooding because he feels more German” than American.

          link to

          • THomas says:

            Good find, but until I can figure out how to turn it from German to English I can’t fairly comment.

            • Edwin in LA says:

              Goggle translate my friend

              • Tim M. says:

                I frankly couldn’t give a sh*t whether he feels more german or american. as long as he leaves it all out on the field, when wearing the nats jersey.

                he’s a young guy, with plenty ambitions and you can’t fault him for having mixed feelings

    • mikeandike says:

      how long must I, as a USMNT fan, maintain a cynical frown, before i can start to feel giddy again?

    • pancholama says:

      I would recommend that if he hasn’t done so already, that he watch a lot of American movies (whatever genre turns him on), and mimick the dialogue. I know a Hungarian guy who taught himself how to talk nearly perfect English by watching American gangster movies.

      Of course Timothy, we will all feel a lot better, way much more, a lot better (that’s not really proper English Timothy, but bear with me)……when Tim Chandler is properly cap tied to the US from playing in a FIFA approved tournament or qualifier.

      Overall he sounds very sincere, and very genuine. And, it sounds like he has bonded with J Jones and D Williams in a very positive way, and that Jurgen Klinsman has also already become his big poppa, favorite extra uncle, guiding mentor.

      Day by day gentlemen, day by day, one day at a time.

      • patrick says:

        Bradley, Cherundolo Jones, William Johnson Klinsmann, Gyau, Boyd all speak German. DOn’t think the language is a problem one way or the other.

      • Tim M. says:

        That’s funny. Thats exactly like the film Stranger Then Paradise

  9. mikeandike says:

    I like this roster and the idea of seeing who among the younger players is worthy of potentially bringing along for the Hex, but would have liked to see more new centerback options explored (we know Cameron and Boca are #1 and #2 today, but who are the potential back-ups challengers to them?).


    that’s also the 2014 opening game of the World Cup line-up, with the exception of Dempsey inserted back in for Gomez and Donovan (if he’s around) for Gyau

  10. Marco says:

    Great to see Mix, Gatt and Gyau get the call! That’s a long trip for Gomez, just for a friendly. Can’t believe Lichaj is still being snubbed, seems Klinsi wants Chandler to know he will be the right back by not brining Lichaj. Hopefully Chandler will finally commit and be cap-tied in Feb. Holding out hope for a Stu Holden sighting soon…

    • Felix says:

      Lichaj isn’t even making the bench for a bad Aston Villa team – I think people need to get their head around that fact that he’s a very inconsistent player who has very erratic form.

      • JD10UT says:

        I think Yellow card accumulation kept him off the bench

      • Alex says:

        It was yellow card accumulation. Nice try though.

      • biff says:

        But, Felix, Klinsmann has given other players who might not have been playing full time the chance to show what they can do. Lichaj at least deserved a chance, but if he would have done well, then Klinsmann might not have been able to call back his fave Timothy Chandler.

        • away goals says:

          The implication that a manager would neglect an available player for fear that he would outshine another player who hasn’t appeared in a year is hilarious.

          I love biff but I assume his favorite movie stars mel gibson and julia roberts and that he considers it a documentary.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        I like Lichaj and think at some point it needs to be considered that whatever iffy form he is said to be producing for club, he’s always played well for country. The whole reason for the level of talk is how good he looked for us.

        At which point bringing up club form is almost backwards. It’s like a reverse Altidore, we know you can play for country but we won’t call you in til you’re playing well for club…..????

        That being said, the coach he proved himself to was Bradley, and Klinsi does not seem to be a believer. Unlike Chandler he was not a Klinsi guy who might get some benefit of doubt. So it would behoove him to get in a PT situation, even if that’s a loan out of Villa. The backs situation is sufficiently a wreck that if he was playing he might get a call.

        • Matt says:

          The thing about Lichaj is that he is playing, just not always starting. He has played in 11 matches for Villa, more than Guzan!. That said he has onyl started 6 and subbed in five,a nd his performance has been very inconsistent: from an arguable MOTM early in the season to a recent couple of dismal performances. That said, the PT argument doesn’t really matter anyway. That is just some BS lip service from JK or else Edu would not be playing at all.

    • biff says:

      I think there might be a grain of truth to what you are saying, Marco. I have a slight suspicion that Klinsmann did not call Lichaj for any of the WC qualifiers the past six motnhs, including in October when we were desperately in need of another fullback, because of Chandler. Sort of a message to Chandler that he is needed. And it could also be that Klinsmann likes Chandler so much that, well, what happens if he calls in Lichaj and Lichaj does a great job. At that point, it would be hard for Klinsmann to call back his buddy Timothy Chandler after Lichaj does well. In other words, better not to give Lichaj the chance he deserves to show what he can do.

      And it looks like another victim of the Chandler call-back is Michael Parkhurst, along the lines of, well, thanks Michael P. for your help getting us to the Hex, it’s been fun. But we don’t need you anymore because Timmy wants to play in WC 2014 and Jogi Low does not want him so he has decided to play for us. Does anyone know whether Parkhurst is injured? Or was he truly snubbed for Chandler?

      I assume Cherundolo bowed out because he just had two very strenuous games (Thursday and Sunday), both of which Hannover had to come back from deficits to win.

      • mikeandike says:

        if that is the case, then Klinsmann should be fired today. I think you’re overthinking it a lot here, because otherwise this is an idiotic-backward logic argument. The objective is to win games and if a coach deliberately leaves off players who would help to achieve that goal in order to please one player who is not even committed to the team then he should not be the coach.

        If Klinsi left off Lichaj because he did not think highly of him, i can disagree and move on, but if he left him off knowing that he could do a good job and help the team….wow…This is the USMNT and it has existed before and will exist after Timmy Chandler plays or does not play for it-to put the team at risk in order to attract one player is beyond comprehension…

      • Ross says:

        Do you really think that? This isn’t squirt soccer or beer league where you can get away with crap like that. This is the Men’s National Team. You’re implying that Klinsman didn’t bring in his best available players for a do or die match to send a message to an on the fence player that we need him. That’s insane.
        We you come up with ridiculous conspiracy theories no one gives anything you say any credibility.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        I think Klinsi risked leaving out Altidore from the final two callups to prove a point. I think he sees Jozy as only marginally valuable and wants to see if he’ll pick up his game. That conspiracy theory I buy.

        But at back Chandler has been moved around from right to left to suit Dolo so I don’t buy that Lichaj has been left out for this game, or even a set of games, to placate Chandler. Chandler is viewed as versatile. We didn’t know if Chandler was coming back, and needed players for his position(s). We’ve suited and started Parkhurst!

        Sorry, but Lichaj is in or out on his own perceived merits as viewed by the coach. Whatever others think, Klinsi appears simply unimpressed. I can’t believe a former EPL player would leave out an occasional EPL player for any reason unless it was lack of an impression.

        Personally, I can’t believe Lichaj getting spot time at Villa is any worse than Pakrhurst in Denmark, or some of the other options. And while he might not be fully matchfit, being in the EPL he’s probably fairly fit just training, and the object of the exercise should be getting a 20-45 minute look to see what he’s got. FWIW, some players can turn it on and off, others need the validation of routine PT to play a confident and competent game. Villa’s 17th bad and maybe he’s finding it hard to go in and out of the team, and not a good one…..come in cold……maybe he’s not wired the same way as Guzan where he can just sit there and then produce on finger-snap.

        • GW says:

          Comparing Eric to Brad is not a good idea.

          Guzan is a keeper. A big part of the job description is going for long periods of time doing nothing and then suddenly being called into intense action. The ability to do this well separates the average ones from the good ones.

          This outcry over Lichaj’s exclusion is mindless.

          Dolo and Fabian are the starters. If Chandler commits, if he does not beat out one or the other, he is immediately the best backup to either player. Eric is at best #4 and that is based on what we saw over a year and a half and one manager ago.
          All this whining over a guy who probably would not get more than 20 minutes a game if that.

          In soccer terms a year and a half is an eternity. Eric has had a major injury since then. By the way this notion that there was a precedent for Lichaj playing well for the US while not playing well for Villa is not true. When Bradley was calling him up Lichaj was getting the occasional Carling Cup game and went on a highly successful loan to Leeds. So when he was getting called up regularly by BB he was young and up and coming, even though he wasn’t getting EPL league games. However, and this cannot be overstated, he was bringing stability to a position previously manned by Jonny Bornstein. So it would have been hard for Eric to look bad in comparison to the much maligned Jonny B.

          Lichaj’s form for the USMNT a year and a half ago is largely irrelevant. His club form since then gives a neutral observer no reason to get excited over him.

          A year and a half ago Donovan was just about irreplaceable and today most of you are ready to move on from him.

          It’s how Eric looks right now that matters and you can tell that from his club form. It’s how you guys evaluate players like Gatt, Gyau and Brooks and so on. Why should JK be any different? Apparently he has seen or has had his guys see Lichaj at Villa and no one is impressed. Why is everyone so surprised about his exclusion? Players regress and getting on an EPL team is hard but staying there might be even harder.
          Look over the Villa fan sites sometime and you will find a lot of disappointment over the way Eric has played this year
          Do you think pulling on a US shirt will magically transform him?
          “And while he might not be fully matchfit, being in the EPL he’s probably fairly fit just training, and the object of the exercise should be getting a 20-45 minute look to see what he’s got.”got.

          JK knows what Lichaj has got.

          Lichaj is reasonably match fit. He began the season with a run of games as the starter, then appeared to be phased out by Lownton at right back and then Bennett at left back. Bennett has been a little shaky as well and he was also hurt. Yes, Lichaj was recently benched for card accumulation but regardless, Eric has not been playing consistently well. From what I’ve seen, the team is awful and all of Villa’s fullbacks are mediocre at best. Lambert seems to regard Lichaj as his utility guy. Right now the US already has a number of utility guys.

          Finally, why would any sane person suggest the JK was keeping Lichaj under wraps so that there would be a spot for Chandler? That’s insane. Chandler has been a pain in the ass. So JK has no overriding incentive to accommodate him other than Timmy’s unquestioned talent.

          If I were the manager and thought LIchaj was nearly as good, if not better, I’d have brought him up in a New York minute. Running the USMNT is tough enough without acting stupid and creating unnecessary problems for myself.

          And JK is not stupid. More likely he sees what any halfway sane soccer person would see, that Lichaj is struggling for consistency and that he is certainly nowhere near Chandler’s class not now or not ever.

          • biff says:

            That is an interesting comment, GW. But if Klinsmann universally applied the same arguments that you are using to justify Klinsmann exclusion’s of Lichaj from the USMNT, then Klinsmann would not be calling in for the Russia game players like Gyau, who I like very much but who is not starting for a second leauge team, or Agudelo who has not impressed this season or even Chandler, who has been in poor form the past couple of months.

            Klinsmann said: “Calling in players like Mix Diskerud, Joe Gyau and Joshua Gatt is a clear signal to this generation of players that we are watching you, follow you, and want to help you get to the next level.”

            Well, Lichaj is also a young player. Why is he not getting the same cuddly treatment from Klinsmann to help him develop, but instead getting tough love from Klinsmann? Is it possible that Lichaj has been negatively effected by Klinsmann snubs? Would a trip or two to a USMNT camp have helped him Lichaj get back on track after his injury? Klinsmann has called in other players to help them in tough times, like Brek Shea. Why not Lichaj?

            If you don’t count Geoff Cameron as a right back, where he is now playing for Stoke and which at some point Klinsmann will have to reanalyze for the USMNT, then Chandler is the only right back for Russia. Why not call in Lichaj or reward Michael Parkhurst for his dedication and hard work during teh WCQs with a Russia invitation?

            • GW says:

              The short answer to your question is Lichaj is not that good right now.

              Longer answer:

              ” Why not call in Lichaj or reward Michael Parkhurst for his dedication and hard work during teh WCQs with a Russia invitation?”

              Parkhurst apparently has a very busy upcoming schedule. Besides, Russia is about experimentation. And I would say JK has a pretty good handle on Michael, whose place in the pool looks fairly secure, at least for the next ten minutes or so.

              You keep ignoring the person who has the biggest impact on this little melodrama of yours, Eric Lichaj. All he has to do is play well, and convince the guy who is his club manager that he is worthy of being a regular starter for Villa in the EPL. But so far, he has failed to convince Lambert, a manager who is well thought of. That isn’t JK’ s fault.

              Oh and I’m pretty sure Lambert isn’t anti American as he played Whitbread regularly at Norwich until Zak broke down. So you can probably forget that excuse.

              You also ignore the other person in this little melodrama of yours, Chandler.
              He hasn’t played for the US in some time. And as you probably know better than me, he apparently hasn’t been playing lights out recently. So, JK might want to play him the full 90 to see if they can get him back in rhythm. You never know maybe you will be lucky and Chandler will play miserably and JK will drop him. You can always hope.

              If Dolo is available he’ll start at Honduras of course but this back four, Chandler, Cameron, Boca and Fabian (together with Howard) are unlikely to play together again before the February qualifier. So if I’m JK I want them to get their work in now.

              You are also ignoring the fact that Lichaj is already cap tied and JK doesn’t have to be so delicate with him. Eric isn’t being recruited. It’s not like he can go play for Greece, Poland, Serbia or Italy.

              Finally, there are other dual nationals still to be recruited and you can bet they are watching this wondering if JK will be reasonable or if he will go biff’s way and go all scorched earth on Chandler’s butt.

          • The Imperative Voice says:

            I disagree, personal experience, some players respond to playing time and the implicit show of confidence. You remove the implicit validation and they play tense, too fast, jittery. I gotta show the coach I deserve it in 20 minutes. Or maybe I suck.

            My comparison to Guzan was he had been collecting dust until recently. I recognize they play different positions with different demands but Guzan apparently is better at dealing with “getting the call.”

            I think we are building a 23 as much as a XI …. just look at the Russia callups, that’s with a bench eye a lot …… so even if you think Lichaj sits with the full A side, the question is what he has in a more B team selection.

            I don’t think the fact you succeed a player really defines you. Chandler was also part of the Bornstein succession. Does he suck? See how it doesn’t follow. I don’t think Lichaj is better than Chandler but mindful of recent callups the question is really more like is he better, as-is, than someone like Castillo or Parkhurst who has been playing lately. IMO, no. In which case I don’t want to hear, he shouldn’t start, or it’s mainly that he’s better than Bornstein, I want to hear, where does he fit in the overall pool, which leads to a 23 before a XI.

            Oh I agree that Klinsi lacks a high opinion of Lichaj, that was half my point. I think he’s been holding off on Lichaj for perceived form and not to placate Chandler. But I think that might be naive in terms of pecking-ordering him behind say Parkhurst playing LB, or Castillo. IMO THEY are not much better than Bornstein.

            • GW says:

              “I think we are building a 23 as much as a XI …. just look at the Russia callups, that’s with a bench eye a lot …… so even if you think Lichaj sits with the full A side, the question is what he has in a more B team selection.”

              True, but IF Lichaj is the 4th best fullback, then you are talking about a guy who probably isn’t going to play much in a tournament like the World Cup. Which means on a 23 man roster he is # 15-23.
              Assuming the things go the way they look now Dolo, Fabian and Chandler are the top three fullbacks.

              For the number four slot (typically, you see teams take no more than four nominal fullbacks to a World Cup) Lichaj would then be competing with guys like Parkhurst ( better on the ball, probably plays center half better than Eric) , Castillo ( better on the ball especially going forward, a little bit faster) or Michael Orozco Fiscal.

              Mind you these names could all change by the end of next year

              And JK may only take the top three fullbacks due to the versatility of Cameron, Parkhurst and Edu (assuming those last two get listed as center backs). In lieu of a Champion’s League level all star starting eleven national team managers like versatile players because when it gets down to that final 23 for the World Cup, they have a lot of flexibility.

              So Lichaj’s USMNT future may have more to do with how well versatile guys like Parkhurst and Edu play at centerback. In Edu’s case succeeding at center back could free up Cameron for right back in a pinch. Because if you aren’t going to be a starter, it really helps the team if you are versatile.

              The point is that #4 fullback slot is a pretty shaky place to be. There could be many changes between now and when JK has to decide his 2014 roster, assuming we make it. But as it stands now, I don’t think JK will take a specialist fourth fullback.

              In any event, there is no pressing need to see Lichaj RIGHT NOW. There will supposedly be a very hefty schedule of games in 2013. If you are a fan of Lichaj I would think you would want him to be in better form than he is now before being called up. I think he gets loaned or sold in the January window. That could be a good thing for him. Some have pointed to US call ups being given to guys who were out of favor at their clubs to help them get going. The call ups were then cited as helping our guy get going. The classic example is of course, Mikey.

              But it’s also a bad example because Mikey had, at that time, a record and resume with the team that was two to three times better than what Lichaj has now. He was a far better investment , more likely to give you a return than Eric. In other words he earned that benefit of the doubt. Eric has not earned it. Compar.ed to MB90? Not even close

              I think JK is a positive person and would prefer not to call up Lichaj and then have him fail against Russia.

              I just don’t think Lichaj is such a good player that he warrants all this weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  11. Spencer says:

    Preferred experimental line up that won’t happen

    Altidore Gomez
    Gyau Bradley Gatt
    Johnson Edu Cameron Chandler


  12. Nate Dollars says:

    exciting roster. agudelo’s the obvious surprise. what’s not a surprise is chandler showing up for a friendly.

  13. Ryan nanez says:

    It’s a friendly so just go for. Throw the youth players in the water. Gk Tim Howard. Defense: chandler,edu,cameron,johnson. Mid : Bradley and Williams in the center gatt and gyau on the wings and Gomez and altidore up top.

  14. Nice mix of youth and veterans — the only trouble I see is there is the short time they have together before the game. But a good look at some of the players. I saw Mixx play at one of the January camps and thought he played well, lots of composure on the ball. I expect to see some disconnect in the play as this lineup hasn’t played together a lot.

  15. Iggy says:

    So with no Dolo or Parkhurst does Chandler walk into a starting spot? No issues with that if so.

  16. Alex says:

    Why the hell isn’t Dempsey on the roster

  17. Alex says:

    Why the hell isn’t Dempsey on the roster

    • whoop-whoop says:

      Because it is a friendly.
      With a very quick turn around.
      Because he has been quite busy with his club…
      where he is quite new and still trying to fit in and earn his stripes.
      JK already knows exactly what he is and what he can do.
      He already has a spot in the starting 11 inked w/ the Nats.
      Be nice to get some time w/ other players that is not the case with.
      And give Clint a break.

      Do not panic.
      This is not a snub.
      Rather… a nice gesture… a sign of respect.

  18. anon says:

    Some major snubs: Whitbread, Bedoya, Lichaj. Though with Chandler back, we’re very set at fullback. Bedoya could have been useful, we need more wingers (I’m assuming he’s on par with Gatt and Gyau). I guess they won’t be involved in the Hex come February. Still very thin at CB spot – don’t think Edu or Williams are ready to play there.

    • Goalscorer24 says:

      The only difference is Bedoya is not as fast as Gatt or Gyau. I think Klinsman is looking for speed on the wings.

  19. Dainja says:

    HAPPY. For all the criticism we give JK, he threw the dice a bit here and made this friendly very meaningful for us rabid USMNT by giving us some new faces to evaluate. Thoughts:

    -for some reason, i figured John Anthony Brooks getting called up was automatic. Its true, he’s years away from being ready, but would’ve liked to help bring him more into the US side if Germany is looking at him as well

    -Gatt FINALLY. Jeez, after years, finally seeing this guy with us has me amped. Diskerud too, finally gets a shot with the full team (plus Norway is always snooping).

    -so clearly, Chandler is not only called up but STARTING. There is no other cover at fullback! I guess if there is an injury, Cameron slides over since he plays fullback for Stoke.

    -glad to see Jozy is back, beef squashed. and happy about Juan too! He’s too good and too young to give up on. Granted, had RBNY beaten DC like expected (ugh), Pontius would have this slot, but still, nice to see Juan still in the fold. He is more advanced than JacMac folks.

  20. Marden08 says:

    If you add Dolo, Landon, Duece, Zusi,Corona , Eddie Johnson and perhaps one other MLS defender. I think you have the player pool for the Hex

  21. Steve says:


    I think this is the starting lineup based on prior first team experience…..

    • Andy says:

      Kill me now.

      • Alex says:

        Why? With Chandler and Johnson, you have two fullbacks who are capable of providing very dangerous width in that system.

      • Steve says:

        Not my nec. my preference, but hard to argue for starting players who are with the team for the very first time. Sub in Mix, Gatt, Gyau after the half.

        • Andy says:

          I can agree with that, Steve. Just to me, we need to put more emphasis on developing the players/squad rather than getting results in friendlies. I’d love to see Gatt and Chandler on the right side and Gyau and Johnson on the left side together. That would be dangerous speed.

          • THomas says:

            I agree, but I think that development happens in the camp and introducing them to the system through training rather than throwing them out there after only a few days to play in a game.

            I think he’ll stick w/ a 4-3-3 though rather than going 4-4-2 with a diamond.

  22. David M says:

    I don’t like it much at all. A bunch of unproven players from weaker leagues (Gatt, Diskerud, Gyau, Boyd, Agudelo) who haven’t really done anything to deserve a call-up. And I have a lot of doubts about Chandler. If this was a friendly played in, let’s say, Honduras, as opposed to Europe, would we see Chandler on the roster? And who’s going to direct the US attack? I really don’t see anyone capable of doing it with this roster. It’s good to try some new players but this is an away game against a very decent opponent — there is a strong possibility of this US team being blown out.

    • Josh D says:

      The game is a one-off for getting the (mostly) European players together. This is a perfect time to try out youths. And while they are in “lesser” leagues, they are lighting them up. Gatt and Mix are both starters for their teams and dynamic, Gyau is finally digging in. The others are the usuals.

      Agudelo needs all the help he can get to get noticed and leave Chivas.

      This game will be about counters and with Gatt and later Gyau countering from the sides and a big body in the middle (Jozy/Boyd) we’ll get a goal. I still see us losing, but we’ll make a battle of it.

    • Alex says:

      Michael Bradley is more than capable of running the offense.

    • Mc says:

      I don’t think that will happen, but I will take a few blow outs if it means we can identify some young promising talent for 2014.

    • away goals says:

      We’re not fielding an amateur team here. The back four and central midfield will be first choice. The only place we’ll be starting the unproven guys is on the wings.

      These call ups look specifically designed to search for donovan and dempsey replacements/back ups. I think it’s a very savvy roster.

    • Karl Schneider says:

      There are players that have their USMNT spots locked up like Dempsey, Zusi , Cherundolo, and Guzan who don’t need to be called in, and can focus on club play or recovery time. What we need to figure out is who can be effective back-ups and can contribute in a positive manner off of the bench. This is why Klinsi called in Gatt, Gyua, Mixx and Aguedelo to see who can contribute.

    • Francois says:

      Please, David. This team will not get blown out. For one; the CM and Defense is going to be pretty much the same as what we’ve been playing with and is very good. The forward line will be skilled and experienced. You’re overreacting, relax man.

    • AngelofLA says:

      Wow with this kind of attitude I’m glad you are a USA fan. Look is a lineup of youth group that are been call in to prove them self and to be consider for the future. Tell me who in the MLS has proven them self to be consider to be in the USNMT. All this time we been asking, for Klissman to give the younger guys a chance. Who care if USA get blown up that is why friendly are for to see new talent. I love my national team and I think some of the younger player will shine on. I know there are talent in the MLS but Klissman already see them play. Now is time for younger player aboard to get a chance and have klissman take a look at them.

  23. Andy says:

    Exciting, young roster with the potential to have a very boring, “same old same old” lineup. Hopefully that won’t happen though!

  24. Iggy says:

    it’s very possible that half of our starting 10 field players could be german americans.

    • mikeandike says:

      and it could morph into all 11:

      Preston Zimmerman-Jones-Williams-Pelosi

      • Bobb says:

        David Yelldell may be the best German-American goalkeeper but he is the 50th best American goalkeeper. Seriously, he is terrible. Bradley took a look at him once. But that’s it for him. People need to never speak that name in connection to the US national team ever again (he’s not even young, it’s not like he’s on some upwards trajectory).

  25. Roman Lewandowski says:

    Really disappointed not to see Brooks. Does anyone know details about his omission?

    • Josh D says:

      I’ve heard nothing. He’s been in the youth squad for us, but Germany has come knocking. However, he has said he wants to play for the US in the past so I’m left assuming Klinsi just wasn’t ready to try him out.

      But I agree, disappointing. I hope to see him in the fold soon however. He’s too good at such a young age in a position we’re desperate for to ignore.

    • Alex says:

      Young, raw, playing a lot of minutes for his club. He’s still got some developing to do and you don’t want to risk that by taking him away from his club. Let him solidify his spot.

    • biff says:

      Roman Lewandowski: Brooks played some U-20 games for Germany last summer and my read is that he is in their corner, at least for the time being.

      • Eric says:

        That goes against what Brian Sciaretta is reporting Biff. His reports have all said that Brooks went to the Germany camp because he wanted to see how it felt but that he felt much more comfortable with the US teams. He’s said that he’d prefer to be with the US program.

        I’ll post a link if you want.

        • downintexas says:

          Go for it. Post away

          • Eric says:

            link to

            Here you go, “The United States is still my first choice,” Brooks said. “Playing for the German team was O.K. but America was a lot better. My father would like me to play for the United States but he said it was my decision. I like Tab Ramos, I think he’s a good coach and will bring us to the World Cup next year. The U-20 World Cup next year is a top goal for me.”

            • biff says:

              Thanks for that, Eric. Was not aware of that story, and had not seen any comments from Brooks committing so strongly to the US after his game for Germany last summer. Interesting.

      • Bobb says:

        biff you are making some awful posts.

        He is not with the Germans, he went to one camp. He is with the US, he will play for our U-20s.

    • patrick says:

      10 professional games. T-E-N

  26. az says:

    If at any point we see gyau and gatt at LW an RW (or LM and RM) we would have very fast wing play. Both those players can move!

  27. Peter says:

    Reminds me of the lineup for the South Africa game in Nov 2010. Hopefully Agudelo gets some more goals!

  28. Crazy Jon says:

    So Chandler only wants to be called into non-binding games

  29. Mc says:

    LOVE THIS ROSTER. For me, the one thing that has been missing in USMNT games has been seeing young guys try and make it. I understand why he goes with veterans to qualify, of course, but the games with new faces are the most exciting to watch. Hopefully some of them get their chance.

    I might be one of the few, but It’s great to see Agudelo back and Gyau and Gatt called up.

  30. ronniet says:

    loving the roster selections although we’re quite limited with wing options….would love to have seen bedoya added to compensate for that observation but all in all its a good group! Go Yanks!

    • Air Jordanz says:

      Gatt, Gyau, and Agudelo are all potential wingers. More guys can play out wide if JK goes with a 4-5-1 or 4-4-2.

  31. Sheriffbart says:

    This group shows that there is definitely depth starting to be developed in the States. 20 years ago it was tough to fill out an 18 man roster with any quality after the first 11 and even that could be debated. It’s now time for some more skilled players to start showing up (i.e. Javier Hernandez). You can have some success if you play a system that does not expose your weaknesses (ala Greece in the Champions League) but you are unlikely to have any sustainability without some players that strike fear (Spain) into the opposing team/coaches. It would be nice to see a few Yanks make a quantum leap in that regard. I would love to see my boy from Michigan be one of those players.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      My response would be that we’ve entered a somewhat more complicated mature phase. I think part of the reason the higher age level teams are struggling is that the pool is sufficiently professionalized — fewer and fewer collegians or unattached — where we can no longer maintain as thorough of residency teams and camps. We are now more reliant on the club teams training up our pool, and then releasing the players when we want them.

      In terms of the senior side, MLS has basically ended amateur input. Like the youth teams, the USMNT is basically dependent on clubs bringing up players. I think this worked well through the Landon Bradenton era, but I think it’s gone wobbly a bit since. You look at the Agudelos Altidores Sheas etc. and I don’t think it’s playing out as smoothly as it did middle of the last decade. Not as many can’t misses. I think if you didn’t have a whole pile of Germans supplementing the pool it would be a worrisome team right now. Down ebb in terms of domestic player development IMO.

      So I’d grant that it’s a more professionalized team, but as good as 2002 or 2010?

  32. biff says:

    I am totally pleasantly surprised Joe Gyau’s call-up. He has improved tremendously in his first two months at St. Pauli and, with his innate skills, the sky is the limit. There already is an aura of something special about him the moment he steps on the field. I have a feeling he might start at left wing against Russia. In any case, I hope he gets some minutes and goes back to St. Pauli to nail down a starting spot

  33. coachA says:

    I’d like to see…

    Aguadelo Altidore Gomez


    Williams Bradley
    Johnson Chandler
    Cameron Bocanegra

    Substitute at half:
    Gatt for Gomez
    Gyau for Aguadelo
    Edu for Bocanegra
    Mix for Kljestan
    Boyd for Altidore(at 20/25 minute mark)

  34. The Imperative Voice says:

    I’d have turned over the backline more after their struggles, called in Lichaj, Morales, somebody like that. I’m not comfortable with standing pat plus Chandler.

    Kljestan is a wasted callup.

    But otherwise a nice little test for some of the marginal types.

  35. TGA says:

    What is this fascination with Mix or Mixx …. we dont need another skinny, one footed…and slow footed white guy…

  36. Turd Bradley says:

    NO KENNY COOPER!!!!!!!!! WTF

    sorry I am still living in 2009

    • Josh D says:

      He’s more productive than Wondo at the international level!

      On a serious note, if Cooper continues playing well, he’ll get a Gold Cup call up. I actually think his style of play suits the team more now than in the Bradley era. I’ve always liked Cooper and was begging for him when we were throwing on Ching.

  37. Isaac says:

    Exciting roster, I think.

    My only concern is whether there is a guy in there who will look to play between the opponent’s lines of defense and midfield and really pull the strings of the attack. We’ve got plenty of pacey players with good dribbling skills in Altidore, Gyau, Gatt, Agudelo, and Gomez, and I even think we can trust Michael Bradley and Danny Williams to dictate the flow of the game( against most sides at least. Russia isn’t a joke), but we need creative players who can link the two and really play the final ball.

    The only guys who I see on here like that seem to be Diskerud and Kljestan, so if anything, I would go with this lineup:

    link to

  38. beto says:

    i am excited to see Gaat and Gyau! even if they don’t play this just proves that they are knocking on the door to become USNT fixtures.

    Biggest snubs are Bedoya and Lichaj. Really wish they were with the team.

    I am glad that Chandler is back and committed but I wouldn’t give him any PT until at the end of a qualifier. It should be Lichaj’s time to tryout for the #2RB spot.

    I don’t understand the Gomez call up.. isn’t he about to start a playoff series on Sunday? How or why would his coach approve that? He should not be called in for the same reason that EJ, Pontius, Bruin, LD, etc. are not. Id replace him with Bedoya ASAP.

    • beto says:

      for what we have id go with:

      ———–Jones———Bradley (c)————

      subs: Gomez?, Agudelo, Gaat, Gyau, Mix, Clarence, Rimando.

      • beto says:

        im sure everyone wants to see Mix, Gaat and Gyau but not as starters! bring them in one at a time and when the game is ready.

  39. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    I want to see a combination of new blood and old vets on the field..On paper this team is dynamic on the flanks. I think this is just what we needed to ail our stagnant midfield play that we saw on the away WCQ’s matches.

  40. primoone says:

    Gyau and Gatt on the left and right wings respectively <—————–PROBLEMS

  41. primoone says:

    That first lineup SBI trotted out would be a disaster…you can start with that lineup however, I guarantee that lineup will look more like a 4-4-2 Fifteen minutes into the game. Bradley as the lone attacking midfielder? Im sure he can play the Holden role however, we dont have that much talent on this team to hide his lack of speed and creativity.

  42. Goalscorer24 says:

    Excited that Klinsmsn is bringing in young players. The only still outstanding snub for me is Lichaj.

  43. Amru says:

    I want to see Kljestian get the start, in his natural position, so we can know once and for all if he can be a quality player for us or just another depth guy to fill out the roster. This is the 3 in the midfield I would like to see.


    Although I am pretty positive we will see Bradley, Willaims and Jones.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Yes yes and we need to agree ahead of time not to challenge him on the ball, or require any defense…….it’s like Freddy Adu, he can hit nice passes and nasty swerving shots uncontested, but how many teams let that happen? And then they exploit you going the other way.

  44. Crispyst3 says:

    How awkward would it be if Gatt and Jyau do a better job than Donovan and Dempsey?


    • Isaac says:

      It’d be awkward, but it wouldn’t be the first time this sort of thing has happened to a country trying to play more “progressive” football.

      Actually, considering Donovan’s comments this past year, he probably wouldn’t take it that badly.

    • Bobb says:

      Awkward? Not at all.

      Likely? Even less so.

    • whoop-whoop says:

      You must be using some form of the word awkward I am completely unaware of that means tremendous?

  45. boosted335 says:

    Central defense is still weak…disappointing. Hope we see 2-3 new faces in January

  46. Paul says:

    I would’ve liked to have seen Guzan get the nod for this friendly, since we already know what Howard brings to the team. He’s in a dogfight at AV, but this may have helped his profile.

    The two biggest surprises for me being left off were Parkhurst and Bedoya. Parkhurst has had a good run, including games in the CL, this season. He’s received high marks for his play, and isn’t riding the pine like other defenders in Europe right now. But perhaps his omittance, and the omittance of Cherundolo, indicates this game is more of a tryout for the new blood, since Parkhurst is in his late twenties. Let’s face it – there’s nothing wrong with competition.

    I had Bedoya at least on a par with the other new MFs selected. He’s garnered lots of playing time in Sweden and UEFA Europa, and has done well by all accounts. It might just be a numbers game right now.

    I wasn’t sure about selecting 4 strikers for a friendly, but I’m thinking it is JK’s way to letting a petulant and moody player in the Dutch leagues to take nothing for granted.

  47. Brett says:

    I know it won’t happen, but I REALLY want to see Gatt and Gyau on the pitch at the same time. We haven’t had speed on the flanks like that since Donovan and Beasley were both in their coming-up years.

  48. Wimsherfan says:

    Klinsmann s campaign is a little like Romney’s – the numbers dont add up but he just charges ahead anyway because he is on some kind of mission. With the exception of Johnson, he is packing the team with barely off the bench players from the bottom table teams in the bundesliga who are not even 4th on the depth charts of the German nat team. the argument will be made that these are better than the players they replace, but who is he calling in to compare them with? How do we go toBrazil and beat Germany with such a team?

    Haven’t we seen enough of Agudelo and Boyd for now? Let them learn how to play the game and reapply.

    • jim morrison says:

      Wimsherfan…Nice to see someone who gets it

    • Nick a says:

      I see where your coming from but think your being harsh. Out of the German Americans there’s Johnson who u mentioned as good then Jones whose a very solid club player and better than most in our player pool. Chandler is already r backup right back. The only ones who come close as of right now are Lichaj and Parkhurst. When Dolo’s legs finally stop running probably around 2014 parkhurst will be on the wrong side of 30 and Lichaj has really struggled for playing time. I aspect Lichaj to make it one day but who will back them up? As for Boyd, he’s pounding goals in for a team in a league as good as MLS at a higher rate than any forward in our pool in MLS. Bruins looked good but is in the middle of a playoff race. The exception is Agudelo who I don’t think should be there but isn’t a German like u were complaining about..

  49. Wimsherfan says:

    Klinsmann s campaign is a little like Romney’s – the numbers dont add up but he just charges ahead anyway because he is on some kind of mission. With the exception of Johnson, he is packing the team with barely off the bench players from the bottom table teams in the bundesliga who are not even 4th on the depth charts of the German nat team. the argument will be made that these are better than the players they replace, but who is he calling in to compare them with? How do we go toBrazil and beat Germany with such a team?

    Haven’t we seen enough of Agudelo and Boyd for now? Let them learn how to play the game and reapply.

  50. Cairo says:

    Would like to see fabian as the left winger with chandler at left back. Chandler proved he can play there, and fabian in the attack more would really help. Put Gatt at right back and Gyau at right mid. That lineup would be crazy fast

    • Andy says:

      Terrible idea. Gatt isn’t a right back, Gyau is better as a left midfielder, Johnson has been solid as all get out at LB (finally we have one!), and Chandler is a great RB. If you wanted all of them on the field, the logical setup would be: Johnson – LB Gyau – LM Chandler – RB Gatt – RM.

    • Bobb says:

      Chandler isn’t a left back. He is a RB or a winger. Gatt isn’t a right back, he just played there when Molde needed him to, but he is a winger.

      The best options for us:
      F Johnson: LB
      Chandler: RB
      Gatt: RW
      Gyau: LW

  51. JJ says:

    Very excited! no complaints Klinsmannis the man!

  52. jim morrison says:

    How can we compete with only 5 Germans that have American passports?

  53. Jeff Shafir says:

    Love the Roster, but why no Freddy Adu?? He played great during the Gold Cup and is still extremely talented, who is starting to play better. Also any word if Stu Holden could be back in the mix?

  54. Hayes says:

    I like this group for the friendly as I think JK gets to look at some players that might be in the mix next year and in 2014 assuming the US qualifies.

    I was thinking about the 23 man roster I would put together both for now and looking towards 2014, considering formation and styles of play.

    IMO, the US has the personnel to be more effective in a 4-4-2 than in some form of 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 or 4-5-1.

    The US simply does not have the high level #10 that is required in the other systems. IMO, the US is better playing Altidore with a quick forward who likes to stretch the defense ala what Davies did before his injury. Right now I see either Gomez or Agudelo filling that role. Dempsey is better on the left where he can pinch the space between the mids and defense supported by a LB that can overlap (Johnson).

    With that in mind, here is a projected 23. Players with an * are locks in my opinion for the next 2 years.

    Keepers: *Howard, *Guzan, Ramondo
    Defense: *Dolo, *Chandler, *Cameron, *Boca (lock for Hex but not 2014), Edu, Goodson, *Johnson, Castillo
    Mids: *Dempsey, *Bradley, *Jones, *Williams, Donovan (not a lock until he decides he will be there), Zusi, Gatt, Shea
    Forwards: *Altidore, *Gomez, Boyd, Agudelo

    There are a number of players that may end up in the mix in the midfield; Holden if he gets healthy, Gyau because of his pace, Kljestan, Mix. Also if JK decides we will play with some type of 4-2-3-1 then I can see a forward dropping off and another midfielder (hopefully a #10) that would be added to make 3 forwards and 9 midfielders.

    What does everyone think?