Hartman unlikely to return to FC Dallas

After three seasons with FC Dallas, goalkeeper Kevin Hartman looks to be on his way out of Frisco. His agent, Ron Waxman, commented tonight that the club has not offered Hartman a contract, and will not be doing so.

Waxman stated “FC Dallas have decided not to offer star GK Kevin Hartman a new contract. After 3 excellent seasons in Dallas, Kevin will miss the fans.”

Hartman’s contract expired at the end of the regular season, his third with the club. This past season, the 38-year-old became the first player in MLS history to surpass 400 career games played. He also holds career records for most wins, shutouts, and saves amongst all goalkeepers. He joined FC Dallas in 2010 after being traded from the then-Kansas City Wizards.

For FC Dallas, they will be looking towards the future, as they are expected to re-sign Chris Seitz, who recently won the MLS W.O.R.K.S. Humanitarian of the Year award. Seitz won the award after he was discovered to be a bone marrow match for a patient suffering from Leukemia. Seitz underwent a bone marrow transplant mid-season, and is still recovering from that transplant.

Long term, FC Dallas will look towards 18-year old Richard Sanchez, a Texas native who signed with FC Dallas as a homegrown player in 2011. He became the first American-born FIFA U-17 World Cup Champion, as he helped lead Mexico to a 2-0 shutout of Uruguay in the championship. He went on to see action for the U-20 team this year, along with being Hartman’s backup for six matches this season, while Seitz recovered from surgery.

Sanchez recently signed a contract extension through 2015 with FC Dallas.

What do you think of the move? Where do you feel Hartman ends up? Are you as optimistic about Sanchez as FC Dallas seems to be? Share your thoughts below.

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37 Responses to Hartman unlikely to return to FC Dallas

  1. Harke's Balls says:

    Word is he’ll sign for New York, so that they can get back up to 3 starting keepers again. They love having tons of depth in that spot, and none for the other 10 spots on the field.

  2. mark says:

    Most underrated MLS player ever

    • Weaksauce says:

      Hartman looks like ricky shroder from “silver spoons”

    • MMV says:

      He has over 400 career games played, career records for most wins, shutouts, and saves and is in the top 10 in GAA at 1.2. That’s on top of 2 MLS Championships, 2 US Open Cups, 4 Western Conference Championships, 2 Supporter Shields, and 1 GK of the Year award. Granted it all wasn’t him, it takes a team, but he played a HUGE part of his team’s successes. If that’s overrated to you, your expectations are ridiculous.

    • Joseph D'Hippolito says:


      Hartman should have been voted on the all-time MLS Best 11 during the league’s 10-year anniversary, instead of Tony Meola.

  3. downintexas says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! will miss you El Gato!

  4. Tim M. says:

    This was totally unexpected. I thought they’d re-up his contract for at least another two seasons.

    Seitz looked decent in his limited appearances last season, but after that horrendous season with Philly 3 yrs ago, as an FCD fan, going into the season with him as our no. 1 is a really scary prospect.

    On the other hand though, maybe this will give us the cap flexibility to resign De Guzman and bring in another striker.

    • downintexas says:


      I think Seitz can do it, plus Hartman was eating up a bunch of cap. If we can resign De Guzman and find a quality replacement for John(if he goes) and a second striker we will be just fine.

  5. A says:

    Ouch, that’s cold.

  6. Mensrea says:

    This, unquestionably, is the best part of being an FC Dallas fan: the annual purging of good players.

  7. Herb says:

    Back home to L.A. where he belongs

  8. Cindy says:

    What are they thinking? We need him!

  9. NaranjaFanatic says:

    As a Dynamo fan, I love it!

  10. Good Jeremy says:

    Hartman is one of our biggest underappreciated players. In a decade people will look back at him, see everything he accomplished, and give him the respect saved for the greats.

  11. Charles says:

    The only question, ok no the only question ( like what are they thinking ), is where does he end up ?
    Someone will benefit from this.

  12. Nato says:

    Could he move to Europe? MAybe Fulham or Reading?

  13. ed - houston says:

    the dude is rock solid.

  14. Tom Traubert says:

    I think the shot stopping can be replaced at an acceptable level. But the defensive organization and leadership is another thing altogether. Our record would have been Chivas USA-like last season without him. HSG really needs to prove to the fans that they are serious about improving the team by spending some bucks. We’re going to need a real stud scorer or two to make up for his big saves.

  15. anon says:

    Galaxy could actually use him – Saunders is sort of up and down.

  16. Eugene says:

    Bring him to NY! I’d also like NY to take a look at Will Hesmer as well, to at least evaluate if he’s recovered or recoverable back to form after his injuries. Wow… some teams are really throwing out the babies with the bath water.

  17. Zubrowka says:

    Come to Philly. Now.

  18. Goldenboytoo says:

    If this decision doesn’t spell the end for Schellas Hyndeman I don’t know what will … there will be a fans’ revolt. Kevin was about the only thing that stood between us and bottom place in MLS this season. By far the most consistent performer on the entire squad. To release him when he has at least three good years left in him is an absolute disgrace.

  19. KramLA says:

    He should make a return to LA where he started and should end his career there! Had his best years in LA, would only make sense! COME BACK HARTMAN!

  20. Linda P says:

    Come back to LA. We really miss you here. It took years for us to find a suitable replacement for Gato. Right underrated. He was robbed twice of being MLS GK of the Year! Only 1 with his record. One season the LAG was playing so poorly that if it hadn’t been for Gato we would never had made the playoffs. He single-handedly won Champtionships for us thru Champions Leagus and others. Team couldn’t score so we went into PKs throughout this tournament. Kevin is best in PKs and we won each one. Too bad FIFA then folded the tournament so they never to go to to Spain for the finals.

  21. Yo-Joe says:

    How much will he cost? At the right price, would love him in Philly to help mentor McMath.