Must-See Goal: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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61 Responses to Must-See Goal: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  1. NE Matt says:

    HOLY SH*T that was AMAZING. He just won at football

    • NE Matt says:

      Probably worth mentioning this was his 4th goal of the game. He single handedly beat England 4-2!

    • MemRook says:

      The most amazing thing about Ibra and this goal? Even if this goal isn’t top ten of all time (hard to argue against, but for argument’s sake), the amount of truly AMAZING must see goals is staggering. Can any other player boast his must see goal pedigree? With the same level of difficulty and variety?

      If you’re not convinced, check out this list of most (but not all) of ZI’s incredible golazos:

      link to

  2. MSNats says:

    Hart’s going to be having Zlatan nightmares for a long time.

  3. elgringorico says:

    Ok, yes, you could call this a must-see goal. Now everyone bow before The Zlatan.

  4. Tom in Indiana says:

    Wow! That’s insane…to even have the cojones to try it is impressive…the fact that it worked is just beyond comprehension….

  5. asdjflkj says:


  6. Raymon says:

    I just love that John Terry is somewhere stewing that he could’ve saved that goal.

  7. slowleftarm says:

    Wow, not a bad night for Zlatan.

  8. A says:

    Top 5 greatest goals ever?

  9. Gnarls says:

    Ives, now you have to retire “Must See Goal” as a headline. Ibra now owns it. I don’t think I’ve seen a better goal in my entire life. Just mind boggling.

    Ibrahimovic > England.

  10. Jon says:

    I literally said “No he’s not…” out loud as that was unfolding.

  11. yikes says:

    One of the top5 best strikers over the past 5 years

  12. yikes says:

    I loved that he did this to England. they always talk trash about how he cant play well in European competition and how he would flop in the Premier League. You can have Villa or Drogba but id take Obra

  13. Benjamin C. says:

    Should be two soccer entrants into the Sportscenter Top 10 tonight: Bradley’s golazo against Russia and Zlatan’s absolutely amazing bicycle goal, which should easily be the number one highlight.

  14. THomas says:

    There should be no comments on this post, just the video on repeat.

  15. Steve says:

    I love Jozy, but anyway we could swing a trade?

  16. johnnycougar says:

    I often enjoy reading the comments before watching the video. I thought the exclamations were hyperbole. They are not. That might be the best goal I’ve ever seen.

  17. Mc says:

    I normally don’t watch these clips ten times in a row with my jaw on the floor. That is just incredible.

  18. CSD says:

    I approve and rate it up there with Rivaldo’s great strike as one of the all time greats:

    link to

  19. Benjamin C. says:

    That is one hell of a way to inaugurate a new arena.

  20. Chicago Josh says:

    Even better with Swedish commentary:
    link to

    • Gary Page says:

      Yeah, this was Russian commentary (I happen to know Russian). I’ve already seen the Swedish version.Wasn’t English available? Wonder how the English commentators reacted. It might have gotten a rise even out of the usually reserved Martin Tyler.

    • happyjuggler0 says:


      Thank you for that….

  21. Primoone says:

    Mother F-er!

  22. Heft says:

    I don’t typically gush over a player, but an Ibrahimovich PSG jersey is being ordered.

  23. beto says:


    Some serious Jedi skills!

    P.S. Joe Hart is an idiot.

  24. wilyboy says:

    Zlatan then bent a spoon with his mind.

    Seriously, how did the goal not explode in slow mo?

  25. RJ says:

    I first saw that goal on SportsCenter around a half hour ago, and I still can’t stop smiling/laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of it. That was mind blowing.

  26. David M says:

    Well, to give you an idea of how many goals I’ve seen in my lifetime — I remember watching WC-70. But I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything like this.

    • Gnarls says:

      Thanks for the perspective! I only remember as far back as WC94, but I have no doubt that was one of the best goals ever scored.

  27. Iggy says:

    you’ve got to be a little off kilter even to have the thought in your mind, or subconscious, to try that – I think we all know Zlatan is though.

    To have it work out, is just crazy.

    Put this one in the dictionary next to “must see goal”

  28. IgnerAnt says:

    Why am I even commenting on this? Is there anything possible to add? Yet here I am, typing anyway… I guess when you see something that utterly amazing you just have to comment into the void, can’t resist it. I could yell at the wall, but I guess I’ll talk to the internet instead….. HOOOOOO LEEE COWWWW.

  29. Mike says:

    Zlatan is the only person in the world who would think he could score that goal, and he’s probably right.

  30. MemRook says:

    So if you’re playing striker against Joe Hart, you might wanna try a ridiculous bicycle. It will probably work: just ask Wayne Rooney

  31. Helium-3 says:

    Is he coming to MLS in 3 years? He’s going to be 34, and is MLS going to pass up on a player like him as they did for Ronaldinho?

  32. WeatherManNX01 says:

    The man did something in real life that you could never do in the video game.


  33. THomas says:


  34. Naked Animals says:


  35. Gnarls says:

    I’m a little late on this, but here’s a great top 10 international goals list from the Daily Mail. Those of us saying it was the greatest in history may not be far off.–VIDEO.html