USMNT Daily Update: Who should Klinsmann call up to face Russia?

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The final U.S. Men’s National Team match of 2012 is just over a week away and it’s time to start thinking about which players Jurgen Klinsmann will call on to take the trip to Krasnodar to take on Russia.

We shouldn’t expect a ton of new faces for the Russia friendly, but Klinsmann has made it a habit of sprinkling in some new players every chance he gets, so the most interesting aspect of this roster selection will be which newcomers get the call.

Players like Josh Gatt and Mix Diskerud are possibilities, as well as Alejandro Bedoya, who has yet to play for Klinsmann. Then you have a player like Timmy Chandler, who has yet to accept a call-up, but who could be tempted to take the short trip from Germany to re-acclimate himself to the team he hasn’t played with in almost two years.

So what will the roster look like that will face a strong Russian side? It will be light on MLS players, and should have some new faces. Here is one projected 21-player roster:


GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan

DEFENDERS– Steve Cherundolo, Tim Chandler, Michael Parkhurst, Geoff Cameron, Carlos Bocanegra, Clarence Goodson,  Fabian Johnson, Eric Lichaj.

MIDFIELDERS– Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Danny Williams, Josh Gatt, Sacha Kljestan, Alejandro Bedoya, Joey Corona.

FORWARDS– Clint Dempsey, Herculez Gomez, Jozy Altidore, Terrence Boyd.


Yes, Jozy Altidore is on the list. With Eddie Johnson recovering from a leg injury, and Alan Gordon and Chris Wondolowski good bets to still be in the MLS playoffs, it is tough to imagine that Klinsmann would still find a way to leave Altidore out. If he does, then we’ll know there’s a serious issue brewing.

Josh Gatt and Alejandro Bedoya are the new faces, though Graham Zusi could wind up getting the call ahead of one of them if Sporting Kansas City can’t turn things around in the MLS playoffs.

Don’t be surprised if Tim Ream gets a look. He’s been playing regularly for Bolton and Klinsmann has mentioned his name recently as someone on the radar.

Eric Lichaj is on this list, but it wouldn’t be a shock if Klinsmann decided to call in Edgar Castillo instead based on past preferences. That said, this friendly would be the perfect opportunity to take a look at Lichaj as a left back option (or right back option), especially if Timmy Chandler isn’t a part of the camp.

So where are Brek Shea and Landon Donovan? Shea needs a break, he is physically worn down and it doesn’t make much sense to call him in. Donovan could be finished with the MLS playoffs, but also needs a mental break and should probably start on that extended vacation he’s talked about needing.

Aron Johannsson is a name that has made the rounds, and you have to wonder whether Klinsmann might consider sending him an invitation, but it should be noted that there still hasn’t been anything concrete to suggest Johannsson wants to play for the U.S. ahead of his native Iceland.


What do you think of our projected roster? Who would you like to see on the roster? Which of the players listed are you NOT interested in seeing called in?

Share your thoughts below.

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171 Responses to USMNT Daily Update: Who should Klinsmann call up to face Russia?

  1. Oranje Mike says:

    I would take Altidore over any MLS based striker aside from Eddie Johnson.

    • Oranje Mike says:

      At this time (not as a general statement).

    • SuperChivo says:

      I would take Altidore over any US striker aside from Clint Dempsey.

    • THomas says:

      I would just take Altidore, Dempsey and Boyd. It’s just one game, I don’t see the value in getting taking Gomez half way around the world unless you’re trying to impress the European scouts that may be for a potential January move. But he’s been linked to Chivas so…I say leave him back and let the others play.

      • Tim P. says:

        Herc’s birthplace and nationality might make it difficult for him to be picked up by C.D. Guadalajara.

        • THomas says:

          That was addressed. He’d be the first player on a foreign natioinal team but wouldn’t violate their Mexican only policy since both of his parents are Mexican nationals.

        • Big Chil says:

          Since his parents are Mexican citizens, he apparently still qualifies under CDG’s club guidelines.

    • Weaksauce says:


      Klinsmann would be an idiot to bring that roster. It’s a friendly, Bring in new faces!

      2010 November friendly vs South Africa – Bob Bradley brought an 18 man roster only spector, bornstein, and finnley were the only experienced players. That was 15 new players.

      • Ives Galarcep says:

        It’s the last chance to see a full team before the February qualifier. Slightly different circumstances than the ones that South Africa friendly were played under.

        • Josh D says:

          Agreed. We can’t blow up the squad. That’s for the Gold Cup.

          He’ll sprinkle in new players like Gatt (please stay injury free!). I don’t even think he takes many from Mexico except Corona who deserves more minutes for waiting on the bench the last few games. I can see Gomez too if he’s going for the win, but I hope Klinsi takes the time to experiment more with his forward lineup.

          I also hope he takes Mix who is a perfect player for his system. I see him being brought over Bedoya. Mix is younger, has improved greatly, and fits better than Bedoya who I have never been impressed with personally.

          I also hope to see Brooks. Klinsi brought in Morales even though he wasn’t ready to ensure Morales looked favorably on the US as an option, and Brooks appears to be twice the player Morales is in a position we’re desperate to find quality for. I’d see Brooks over Castillo.

          I also hope to see Johannsson. I think you can point to his quote last month about considering the US and him dropping out of the Icelandic squad last month as subtle signs Klinsi is working his magic. From the few games of him I have seen and the YouTube footage, he’s a more physical Jozy and harder working. A hybrid between Gomez and Jozy, but not as skillful as Jozy. However, I have heard he isn’t qualified yet to play for the team, so if he does go, it may have to be only to train. Ives any news on that front?

          Otherwise, I’d agree with the rest of your picks. I’d also take Guzman as the starter. He deserves that award. I even agree with Chandler being allowed back in IF Klinsi forces him to come out and say he is going to make himself available again. And Klinsi makes him ride the bench this game. Say he’s on “restriction”.

          • Joe says:

            While I agree that Johannsson should get a look, I completely disagree with your assessment of him. He does not look anywhere as physical as Jozy. He is closer to Gomez than Jozy. Great work rate, makes sharp cutting runs and can finish.

    • Dennis says:

      It is one game and in Russia. I think the only MLS or Mexican based players that will get called in are those in positions that have no (and I mean no) european based players who are comparable. That for me means no Gomez, no Donavon, no Shea,no Corona, no castilla (Wondo, Gordon and Beitashour should still be in the playoffs so they are out even if they were wanted). In short, any MLS player called in will be a surprise.

  2. A says:

    Eric Lichaj should not be called up, especially after his most recent performances. He’s been really bad–making mental mistakes left and right.

  3. Aaron in StL says:

    Johannsson would be interesting, however would be a pretty major statement to make that jump. As he’s only played for Iceland’s U-21’s, does he have to file for a switch? If he really wants to make a WC it’s obviously in his advantage to go ‘Merican

  4. Matty K says:

    I think Chandler has played for Klinsmann. Im not sure but I think he played against France and Slovenia. My memory is a little fuzzy, much like that game against Slovenia.

  5. Michael R. says:

    Johannasson would have no file a switch, no? Which then take at least a bit to be approved, from what I recall with JJ. Don’t think he’s an option.

    Wouldn’t bother with Chandler for a friendly. If he wants in, call him in Feb., sub him on in the 89th minute, then tell him we’ll evaluate his future at a later time.

    Klins and Jozy need to get over whatever personal issues they have. Klins needs to man up, call him in, and have a face-to-face with a bottle of vodka between them. This stuff about him not even calling is childish.

    Would like to get Gatt in before WCQ. Fingers crossed for no injury in the next 7 days.

  6. anon says:

    Leave Boca and Goodson back, call up Onyewu and Whitbread instead to see what they have to offer. Goodson’s team is last place in Denmark, and Boca’s team isn’t much better in Spain.

    What about George John or Chad Marshall as CB options? Would also be fine with Ream getting a look-see.

    What about Gyau, Wooten, John Anthony Brooks, or Alfredo Morales as options?

    • boosted335 says:

      HEY …George John is under a full media blackout on this site.
      (or at least until he moves to Europe in a month or so)

      I mean how could a 6’4″ converted midfielder with good athleticism, technical ability, and four years of dominating MLS attackers be part of the answer for our back-line?
      Hell it couldn’t be that easy could it?! haha -sigh-

      • PD says:

        just curious, are you related to the guy? an agent, maybe?

        • boosted335 says:

          no…was there something that I said that wasn’t true that would make you think that? If so what?

          • Alex says:

            No, it’s just that the literal only times you ever comment are to talk about George John like he’s an Alessandro Nesta we’re missing out on. He didn’t have a good season, dude… Why didn’t West Ham pick him up?

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        Let’s see, there might be the fact he trained with the Greeks and thus offers a confused sales pitch at a time when players like Chandler already pose a headache.

        I also think you’re over-stating his ability.

    • elmatador says:

      John Anthony Brooks I agree!! he’s been starting every game for Hertha Berlin and def. Gyau that guy is impressive!!

    • Kevin says:

      Keep Boca, his experience is awesome, but don’t play him. Let him help some of the kids along. Bring George John and/or Omar Gonzales depending on the MLS playoff picture. The one to leave off is Goodson. He’s as fragile as an Arsenal defender.

    • Old School says:

      We know what Onyewu offers and it’s nothing but past memories. He’s contributing days are done and his countless recent performances has solidified that.

  7. Kevin_H says:

    I think Klinsmann uses this friendly to give Jozy another chance, to gauge his ability and commitment after the earlier snub.

    If Jozy’s not called up, JK truly doesn’t see him as a first-choice forward.

  8. Sean says:

    Johannsson has to file a 1 time switch. I could see Chandler, Gatt, and John Brooks being new faces in basically an “all Europe” camp.

  9. GL6 says:

    When will JK announce the roster?

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      History suggests today (ie, roughly a week pre-game)?

    • GW says:

      The HEX schedule will be announced tonight.

      JK said he will wait until they know what the schedule is before announcing the roster for the Russia game.

  10. beto says:

    so Jozy is back? Jurgen’s words in the teleconference didn’t sound like any progress had been made between the two.

    • biff says:

      Agree with that, beto. Klinsmann did not sound happy with him and I will be surprised if Jozy is called up for Russia. Much too soon to reintegrate Jozy back into the USMNT after his tweet only six weeks ago: ( “Love when people try to blame others for their own short comings and incompetence…”) Jozy needs more time to think about how silly it was to make that tweet and more time to try to win back the trust of not only Klinsmann, but of his teammates, after his miserable performance in June at Guatemala, when he stopped running in front of an open goal instead of taking two more steps to get the pass from Michael Bradley. That goal would have given the US a victory and 3 points instead of a tie and only 1 point–and would have saved a lot of worry in September and October.

      • Amru says:

        What makes you think he lost the trust of his teammates? That is a pretty ridiculous assumption to make and has no evidence what so ever to back it up. Also even Donovan has hinted that he doesn’t communicate that much klinsmann, so it’s not just jozy.

        • Jason says:

          He mentioned Alditore’s sub par performance in the last game he played vs JAM…I cant disagree having had watched and shared in the collective fustrations that Jozy can provide when his head is not in the game.

  11. beto says:

    excited to see Bedoya back and see what Gaat can do.

  12. az says:

    I think we would see someone from Europe over a player like Corona. Its a long trip from Mexico, where they are still playing games. I just feel it would make more sense to call in a European player, like Diskerud, whose trip is a little bit easier

    • bryan says:

      while i like corona, i think that is a very real possibility. mix has been playing regularly and, like you said, he’s close by.

    • Gary Page says:

      Agree. The team should be restricted to European based players who have at least a chance to play in 2013. Too much of a trip for anyone based in North America. Might want to include Spector since he can play either in the back line or midfield.

    • cj says:

      Now that Corona is capped tied why bring him to make him happy? I would like to see an all german starting team :) (please sense the sarcasm) I think we can now fill one out :)

  13. David St. Hubbins says:

    Ream has been poor at Bolton. Not looking good.

    Too soon for Gatt.

    Lichaj is long overdue for a callup.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Definitely not too soon for Gatt, especially since he’s been called up before.

      He’s got nearly 2 full seasons as a (mostly) starter in Norway and Europa League experience. He’s excelled during those seasons.

      We’re not talking about a rookie here, and the U.S. is not exactly bursting at the seams with speedy options on the wing.

      • nick says:

        is Lichaj hurt? Hes been playing terribly for Villa i dont know why everyone is saying he’s overdue. Yeah his getting minutes in the BPL, but his play right now doesnt warrant a call up IMO

        • nick says:


        • Gary Page says:

          Well, he played well a # of times last year and our starting defenders Boca and Cherundolo are getting too old to count on for 2014.

          • GW says:

            That was then. What about now?

            Do you want to reward him for what charitably be described as an uneven season? Or do you think playing for the US will magically transform him?

            His last game for the US was the Gold Cup final where his give away in the penalty box lead directly to Mexico’s second and tying goal.The man has potential but he is having a bad season and needs to get himself sorted out.

            • away goals says:

              National team minutes are not “rewards.”

              An uneven season in a top league and one cherry-picked play from the gold cup don’t preclude lichaj from being the fourth best fullback available against russia.

              If you don’t want to call lichaj, fine, but who do you bring instead? Dolo, johnson, parkhurst, and who?

              I’m assuming euro-based players only, chandler being a wild card.

              • GW says:

                Lichaj’s last game, the Gold Cup final was one year and four months ago.

                The US now has a new manager and has since played twenty games for him.

                In soccer and in sports that is an eternity. Lichaj isn’t number four on the chart. Right now he is a fill in at Villa and may not survive the season. Until he gets more clarification of his status at Villa, he should be off the chart.

                Dolo and Fabian are the starters.

                If Chandler ever gets his act together, he is the #3 fullback.

                Parkhurst is right there and Cameron is playing right back rather well for Stoke, as I understand it. If Gonzo is as good as everyone claims he is
                you can line him up next to Boca ( or whoever) and push Cameron out to the right if Dolo should get hurt or lose form.

                Castillo has proven himself a capable backup on the left side. Danny Williams has played RB for Frieburg. In addition there are a number of MLS players, Beitashour ( sp?), Myers, Morrow, Williams, Lloyd, Pierce, Franklin, etc. etc. who have potential and who I would like to see get a shot.

    • Isaac says:

      If Gatt is too soon, then who else do you propose we bring at right wing?

      We don’t really have a winger who’s doing what he’s doing at the moment. Even Donovan isn’t as much a big 1v1 guy so much as he is a great navigator through space given to him.

    • Mc says:

      best screen name ever.

  14. joe says:

    Screw it bring in Pontius or Cooper depending on who advance on the playoffs. Leave bedoya out

    • Hogatroge says:

      Why would we leave Bedoya out? He’s been (mostly) starting for a good team, is in form, has previous USMNT experience, and provided a lot of energy off the bench in the 2011 GC.

      Were it not for a career hiccup in Scotland that was partially out of his hands, he would have been involved with the USMNT a lot more over the last year. Plus, we aren’t exactly replete with wingers (see my comment above regarding Gatt).

      I would take Pontius TOO if he’s not still in the middle of MLS playoffs. Leave Cooper home. Deuce and Gomez are much better poachers, Jozy and EJ are much better hold-up men, Boyd and McInerney are younger prospects.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Why would we leave Bedoya out? He’s been (mostly) starting for a good team, is in form, has previous USMNT experience, and provided a lot of energy off the bench in the 2011 GC.

      Were it not for a career hiccup in Scotland that was partially out of his hands, he would have been involved with the USMNT a lot more over the last year. Plus, we aren’t exactly replete with wingers (see my comment above regarding Gatt).

      I would take Pontius TOO if he’s not still in the middle of MLS playoffs. Leave Cooper home. Deuce and Gomez are much better poachers, Jozy and EJ are much better hold-up men, Boyd and McInerney are younger prospects.

      • GW says:

        Bedoya’s best years in Sweden were spent playing in the center of the attack. Bradley played him on the wing and he did well but he and Gatt are very different.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Why would we leave Bedoya out? He’s been (mostly) starting for a good team, is in form, has previous USMNT experience, and provided a lot of energy off the bench in the 2011 GC.

      Were it not for a career hiccup in Scotland that was partially out of his hands, he would have been involved with the USMNT a lot more over the last year. Plus, we aren’t exactly replete with wingers (see my comment above regarding Gatt).

      I would take Pontius TOO if he’s not still in the middle of MLS playoffs. Leave Cooper home. Deuce and Gomez are much better poachers, Jozy and EJ are much better hold-up men, Boyd and McInerney are younger prospects.

  15. Jacob J. Barker says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he rested Tim Howard. Gave the rising star of Guzan the start and some other Euro based keeper the #2.

  16. bryan says:

    i have no problems at all with anyone on this list. i would like to see this.

    • Hogatroge says:


      My only issue is bringing Joe Corona halfway around the world to MAYBE get minutes when Mix Diskerud plays a similar position, has a much shorter trip, and has been pretty solid lately.

      That said, I would like Corona to get more minutes, but we’ve got him cap tied now.

      • az says:

        I said this in the posts above. I just want to reiterate my agreement with this

      • bryan says:

        i agree with that. it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

      • Josh D says:

        Mexico to Russia isn’t that bad if you go across the Pacific. He’ll be jet lagged though because of the massive time difference. He deserves to play a half based on his time spent with the team vs lack of playing time.

      • GW says:

        I’m not sure the Mexican players are available in January.

  17. biff says:

    Don’t the players in Mexico have the post-season tournament starting after this weekend, when the last games of the season are played? If yes, then Castillo and others will not be available for Russia duty. Or is their a week-long break to allow players in the Mexican league to do international games? I tried to find dates of the post-season tournament and came up empty.

    • beto says:

      i don’t think the Liguilla 2012 schedule has been released, but TJ and Santos will be playing against each other in the first round and that will be sometime the same week of the Russia game.

      I would leave Gomez, Joe Benny and Castillo with their clubs! and replace them with Gyau, Mix and Lichaj. I wouldn’t expect them to get too many minutes but need to get them into the fold.

  18. biff says:

    IMO, Timothy Chandler should never again be called up for a friendly before he is officially cap-tied to the USMNT. If Klinsmann would call Chandler for Russia, and then in February Chandler declines yet again to play in a cap-tying Hex WCQ game, then the only ones happy would be Klinsmann’s enemies, as they would go into attack mode. My guess is that Klinsmann is too smart to risk it and that Chandler will be training next week in Nurnberg.

    • Hogatroge says:

      I like the roster and the players, but a few comments:

      1. Swapping Diskerud for Corona would make more sense given that Tijuana has a game two days before the USMNT on the opposite side of the world.

      2. Leave Gomez home for the same reason as Corona (they play each other the 12th)

      3. If DCU is out of the playoffs by camp, bring in Pontius to replace Herc.

      4. As said in the article, it can’t hurt to gauge Johannsson’s interest. If he wants to be in camp, bring him in.

      5. If Chandler turns down a call up, there’s no need to replace him on the roster for a single game. Spector’s probably not fast enough against Russia’s speedy wing play, and Cameron’s got some good EPL experience at fullback now (worst case scenario).

      6. Opinions may differ here, but bringing J. A. Brooks and Alfredo Morales into camp might not be bad, though they should definitely not see the 18. Brooks’ first team experience is very limited, but the sooner he’s evaluated the better. While there are a lot of potential CBs coming through the pipeline for the Nats, none of them are proven yet.

      • Hogatroge says:

        Not sure why I posted this as a reply and not a standalone comment…

      • bryan says:

        DC United will still be in the playoffs…no worries. lol

      • TomG says:

        May be too early for Brooks, but I wouldn’t mind having coaches take a look at him and give him some things to think about.

        • Josh D says:

          Brooks can play for Germany and reports from Germany say they’re interested. It’s not too soon at all. Lock him in as the new, faster, more technical Gooch!

          Das Gooch.

  19. josh says:

    Ives you know that Gomez, Castillo and Corona will be in the Liga MX playoffs, right?

    They are not coming.

  20. Joe Gould says:

    Greg Garza. Totally deserving, would love to see, and hoping he’s there – but honestly more likely for Jan. Solid LB option, since Lichaj (who I also firmly believe should be there) isn’t doing so hot right now and was pulled with an injury on Sat.

    Connor O’Brien is the other. This guy deserves to be there, point blank. Works his but off and will provide an excellent backup for Bradley. Needs to get integrated NOW.

    • bryan says:

      Lichaj was pulled with an injury? i thought it was because he had a yellow card and they didn’t want to risk losing another defender.

    • TomG says:

      Would like to see Garza, but would rather see Mix than O’Brien.

    • whoop-whoop says:

      Garza will be busy w/ Xolos in the MX Clausura along with Corona, Castillo. Consideroing they wouldn’t have got a sniff a few years ago, it is pretty significant to have 3 Americans playing a significant role on a top Mexican League side. Garza is short, but bulldog strong and skilled on the ball w/ solid crosses, Castillo has made great strides since his early, somewhat nervous, shaky appearances w/ the USMNT and I really think Corona could be that imaginative, audacious, creative spark we are so lacking in the middle of the park in the not too distant future.

    • beto says:

      i was going to say something about O’Brien as he is playing very well right now, but with the Danish league breaking in Jan-March he is prime for a January camp call up.

  21. Mike R says:

    Do not call up Chandler anymore unless its a cap tying game

  22. Roman Lewandowski says:

    Seems like the perfect camp to bring in Lichaj, Brooks and Morales.

    • Roman Lewandowski says:

      The Russia friendly could be for Brooks what the Italy friendly was for Boyd.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Agreed. A lot of people will say Brooks has too little experience and Morales hasn’t been playing enough, but it’s just a camp.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Morales might be an interesting choice if some of the regulars aren’t called.

  23. Isaac says:

    I’m kind of disappointed that nobody (except Hogatroge) is mentioning Mikkel Diskerud. He’s doing well for his club team at the moment, and even scored a few goals in the Europa League if I’m not mistaken. I’m just surprised how little attention this kid has gotten ever since he burst on the scene with that lovely assist for Agudelo against South Africa.

    • TomG says:

      Yes, bring in Mix, please. He has ball skills that other mids in the pool don’t possess. Call him in, see how he fits in and give him some things to work on.

      • GW says:

        Mixx looked soft in the Olympic qualifying games.

        He did not do well with his loan move to the tougher Belgian league.

        He is doing well back in Norway, a weak league. He still has to show he can consistently excel at a higher level than the 26th ranked league in Europe.

        • Hogatroge says:

          While he did underwhelm in OQ, he was a beast against Mexico’s U23s in February.

          To that point, everyone had been complaining about how he was lax on D, but he covered a ridiculous amount of ground that match and made Mexico’s starting XI, many of whom started in the Olympics, look completely out of place.

          • GW says:

            So he was a “beast” in an exhibition but when it mattered against El Salvador and Canada, when the Olympics were on the line, he was soft and disappeared.

            You find this encouraging?

  24. AdamFromMich says:

    I didn’t think I would be the first to say it, but no more friendlies for Timmy Chandler. I’m okay with him coming back to the USMNT, but I don’t want any more waffling. Plus, has he been playing well enough to earn a call-up? I know he had an assist this week, but he’s only a few weeks removed from games where he got very poor ratings in the German press.

  25. Jake says:

    Pontius if DC is knocked out.

  26. Coach Beck says:

    Any chance Eugene Starikov gets an obligatory call since we are playing in the land of vodka???

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I was asking that myself a month or so ago. The reasoned response was he is not playing much for his Russian team, which would make it an extremely obligatory-type of obligatory callup. With qualifying coming up I’d be surprised if he doesn’t make it, although that would be like the US passing through Denmark without players like Parkhurst, Goodson, and Davies getting called.

    • GW says:

      Last year, when the US played Belgium in Brussels, JK called in Sacha but did not see fit to give him even one minute of garbage time in a 1-0 loss to Belgium.

      It does not seem JK is very sentimental.

  27. mikeandike says:

    the game could be in Alkmaar and an icelandic volcano could block all flights from US and MX and Klisnmann would still find a way to leave out Altidore- I’ll be very surprised if either makes it based on the recent comments from the coach…

    Goalies: Howard, Guzan, johnson

    Defenders: Boca, Onyewu, Cameron, Goodson, Ream, Whitbread, Brooks-Klinsmann needs to find more Central options so call in a bunch…plus FJ and Cherundolo playing LB/RB-as always not enough cover in case someone gets hurt so Lichaj is out and Chandler says yes, but then makes up an excuse for missing the flight….

    Mid: Gatt, O’Brien, Klestjan, Bradley, Jones, F. Williams, Edu

    Forward: Dempsey, Boyd, Wooten

    I’d say Conor O’Brien, Bedoya, Gatt, Goodson, Parkhurst from the Scandi leagues

    Whitbread, Ream, Dempsey, Howard, Guzan, Lichaj, Edu, Cameron from England

    Brooks, Morales, FJ, Williams, Jones, Wooten from Germany

    Boyd from Austria

    Bradley from italy

    Onyewu, Boca from Spain


    • whoop-whoop says:

      I’ve always been a Gooch fan but…. he’s barely seen the pitch in months and is very unlikely to play a role in Brazil. Cameron and Boca will probably start but I’d much rather see an up and comer get some work in camp and maybe sub in. Besler and Gonzo could well be available or John.

  28. Goat Herder says:

    Freddy Adu, Ike Opara, Kofi Sarkodie, and Gale Agggbossssouuuumoooonnnndeee!!!!

    • Shane says:

      Would be an inspired call-up but he doesnt deserve it at the moment.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Adu and Sarkodie are awful (Kofi more so) and Gale A. hasn’t done a thing above minor league level yet.

    • TomG says:

      Maybe for January camp

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        Adu is about the only one who’d make a Bradley-esque Camp Cupcake, but I believe one of the questions bouncing around is whether Klinsi intends to keep the lengthy, off-calendar-type camps going, or whether he will just call in particularly interesting off-calendar people a little early for the qualis and any friendlies. In which case, it won’t be a Bradley-worthy cattle call of many new faces, it’ll more likely be the usual suspects. In which case Adu is lucky to make it and no one else off your list gets a sniff.

    • John says:

      Is this a joke?

  29. Joe+G says:

    Chandler last played in a friendly at Slovenia Nov. 15th, 2011. Not exactly 2 years away.

  30. TomG says:

    We desperately need to develop a fast CB to provide cover and make up ability in the high pressure system JK employs. How many times have we been beaten over the top recently? This problem will be magnified against faster teams like Mexico, Honduras, Ticos, etc. next year and in the WC in 2014. Unfortunately, we don’t have any fast, in-form CBs in the pool. Therefore I want to see, wait for it… Mo Edu or Tim Ream. We don’t need to play them, but sometimes it’s good to bring in a guy who’s not playing much for his club to give him some action and encouragement… Yes, I realize how crazy it sounds but I don’t see any other rational speed options in back… I look forward to your hate mail.

    • Isaac says:

      To be fair, Geoff Cameron was supposed to be that guy. I still think he could be. He pushed too far up the field against Guatemala and left Bocanegra alone with Ruiz, which isn’t a good idea when you’re playing a high back line.

      That said, I’m not opposed to moving Maurice Edu to centerback.

      • TomG says:

        Cam has pretty good wheels for such a big guy, but I wouldn’t consider him a blazer. I was thinking someone with catch-up speed.

    • THomas says:

      I think Edu is the closest thing to that guy and being paird with Cameron they seem to make a good partnership. But it’s dangerous as well playing them both out of position from where they play at club level (Edu barely even playing as it is).

      • TomG says:

        No question. I was just thinking to get them into camp and playing together in training for the future.

    • chris_thebassplayer says:

      I agree with seeking a CB with speed. My own personal crusade would be to do anything possible to make JK move D. Williams into the rotation at CB. We’re stacked with players that can play Dmid. Williams would be a way better option at CB than Mo…he has better technical skill and distribution.

      • TomG says:

        Good point. He has played a bit of CB for Hoffenheim, but he looks so good at d-mid, I’d hate to take him out of there.

  31. Byrdman says:

    I expect to see Edu get a serious look at the CB position. Maybe play alongside Boca for a half, and Cameron the other half. Lichaj will probably be included if he is not injured.

    I would not be surprised to see someone like J A Brooks for possible help in Central defense. It is clear we need help, and JK doesn’t mind rolling the dice in friendlies(see Mexico roster).

  32. The Imperative Voice says:

    If I’m reading the Liga MX table and schedule right, we’re almost to the liguilla and Tijuana is top seed and Santos is still hanging on. In which case I’d be surprised if players from those teams, eg, Corona, Castillo, Garza, Gomez, get called. Pachuca, on the other hand, is having a rotten season and Torres is reportedly on the way out, although his performance for the US has been weak of late. So if any Mexican-based get a call it’s probably a grudging Torres call.

    Conversely, there might be some eliminated MLS players available for selection, including, whether I like it or not, Sean Johnson. I’d assume the long trip to a random Russian city probably does favor European-based selections, but if anybody was available from the Americas it would be MLS people through with their seasons.

    I’d see Ives’ list except I don’t see Jozy getting it based on Klinsi’s interview, nor do I expect us to take Corona or Gomez. Nor do I think Kljestan deserves it on established performances. I would give Bedoya a chance even though he may not have earned it. To fill some of the gaps I just made you might then consider Gyau, Agudelo,Mixx, Davies, Zusi (if eliminated), Wooten, and other MLS eliminees someone could think of. I’d also be interested if there is some experimentation at back. You could cover wingback with Chandler and Lichaj if he and they were so inclined, but I’ll be interested if he just rotely calls up the same CBs who steered him wrong in the qualis. I could see some surprises there, and if Chandler is unwilling, I could see that being interesting too. If but for the bench I see some change required.

  33. THomas says:

    Isn’t there a U.S. kid who plays in the Russian league who has yet to get capped? Why not call him in. Sorry, his name is escaping me right now.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Starikov got called in January 2011 for Camp Cupcake. I don’t think he actually played.

      • beto says:

        did not, and has not played this year for his club in Russia..

        would France call up Le Toux from NY if they were playing a friendly in the USA? or would Ghana call up Michael Tetteh from Seattle if they played here?

  34. Weston John says:

    JK should definitely bring in Zusi if Sporting KC gets eliminated Wednesday night. Zusi seems like he may become a starter and the more international experience (plus exposure to European clubs) he can get before the hex, the better. I would also consider bringing in Besler and Beitashour and giving one or both of them 20 minutes at the end to get their feet wet.

  35. Brain Guy says:

    Gatt for sure. He can bring Davies-like speed to the attack. And I think Mix deserves another look.

  36. bryan says:

    GOALKEEPERS: Igor Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow), Alexander Belenov (Kuban Krasnodar), Vladimir Gabulov (Anzhi Makhachkala)

    DEFENDERS: Alexander Anyukov (Zenit St. Petersburg), Renat Yanbayev (Zenit St. Petersburg), Alexei Berezutsky (CSKA Moscow), Vasily Berezutsky (CSKA Moscow), Sergei Ignashevich (CSKA Moscow), Andrei Yeshchenko (Lokomotiv Moscow), Vladimir Granat (Dynamo Moscow)

    MIDFIELDERS: Diniyar Bilyaletdinov (Spartak Moscow), Dmitry Kombarov (Spartak Moscow), Vladimir Bystrov (Zenit St. Petersburg), Igor Denisov (Zenit St. Petersburg), Viktor Faizulin (Zenit St. Petersburg), Roman Shirokov (Zenit St. Petersburg), Denis Glushakov (Lokomotiv Moscow), Alexander Samedov (Lokomotiv Moscow), Maxim Grigoriev (Lokomotiv Moscow), Magomed Ozdoyev (Lokomotiv Moscow), Alan Dzagoev (CSKA Moscow), Denis Cheryshev (Real Madrid)

    FORWARDS: Artem Dzyuba (Spartak Moscow), Alexander Kerzhakov (Zenit St. Petersburg), Alexander Kokorin (Dynamo Moscow), Fyodor Smolov (Anzhi Makhachkala)

    • Beto says:

      Must be nice when 2 clubs make up 80% of your team! I feel like thats a full strength roster, arshavin hasnt been with the national side since august

  37. Wendell Gee says:

    “With Eddie Johnson recovering from a leg injury, and Alan Gordon and Chris Wondolowski good bets to still be in the MLS playoffs, it is tough to imagine that Klinsmann would still find a way to leave Altidore out. If he does, then we’ll know there’s a serious issue brewing.”

    Not sure about this comment. It was clear from the outset that Klinsmann was not refusing to call in Jozy because he didn’t think he was one of the best forwards for the US. It was clearly about attitude and sending a message. It wasn’t because he thought, for example, Alan Gordan was better. The same could go this time around.

    In any case, not calling him in for a WC qualifier was more telling than not getting called in for a friendly would be.

    • biff says:

      Good points, Wendell Gee. It should be clear to anyone who follows the USMNT that there are most definitely serious issues between Jozy Altidore and Coach Jurgen Klinsmann. I cannot see Klinsmann calling in Jozy only six weeks after Jozy publicly called him incompetent, especially, as you say, for a meaningless friendly. No coach in his right mind would be foolish enough to put a player back on the team so soon after publicly bad-mouthing him.

      I don’t understand the comments encouraging Klinsmann to put the past behind so quickly, as if Jozy is so special that he should be given special treatment that other players don’t get. I guarantee if Jermaine Jones or Maurice Edu or Kyle Beckerman or just about anybody else had made the tweet Jozy did than most of the same people now lobbying for Jozy’s reinstatement would be calling for the heads of Jones and Edu.

      But, you know, probably Jozy is just about the only guy on the team who would make that tweet. The other guys wouldn’t. At some point Klinsmann will forgive and move on, but next week is way too soon, especially for a friendly.

      • Shane says:

        But they all think the same thing. Why do you think Donovan is questioning his “interest” in the US MNT? Philip Lahm criticized Klinsmann’s coaching abilities worse than Jozy. When are all you Eurosnobs going to get a clue. Klinsmann is a figurehead cheerleader at best. Nothing more

    • Judging Amy says:

      Agreed. Klinsmann’s no fool. Altidore is a better striker than EJ, Gordon, Wondo but if his presence is toxic, he might be worse for the team. And as biff says, this is probably a discipline issue and Klinsmann showing Jozy that misbehavior won’t go unpunished.

  38. hifivinmofos says:

    Matt Besler instead of Clarence Goodson, if SKC out of the playoffs.

    • Big Chil says:

      I don’t think Klinsmann is going to put someone new on the back line that hasn’t played under him yet, i.e. the higher line responsibilities, turning the ball right back to our attackers higher up the field, etc.

      I did put Omar Gonzalez in my lineup projection below, but only as a guy who would start to get work in the training, to be prepped for later in January.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I was impressed with theBesler throwins against Houston although I wasn’t absorbing how well he was actually playing on defense.

      However, the complicating factors may be that, as our colleague mentions, I doubt it’s too experimental and probably heavily European, and Klinsi may in fact be picking the team mid week this week in which case if he picked MLS he’d have to probably stick with already-eliminated players to be safe.

  39. Big Chil says:

    We’ll obviously know which MLS players will be available in a few days. Surprised Shea is not included on your list. Donovan needs a mental rest, sure. He’s all over the media about that, and if L.A. is eliminated, wouldn’t expect him to go. Probably have a phone conversation with Klinsmann, but… As for Shea, he probably needs a game to get his groove back with the USMNT. Also, I would imagine a smaller roster, even just the gameday 18, and dropping the Mexican-based players, as people have noted in the comments.

    **IF L.A., SKC, SEA, and D.C. are eliminated as of 11/8:

    GOALKEEPERS- Tim Howard, Brad Guzan

    DEFENDERS- Steve Cherundolo, Michael Parkhurst, Geoff Cameron, Carlos Bocanegra, Clarence Goodson, Fabian Johnson, Eric Lichaj, Omar Gonzalez**

    MIDFIELDERS- Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Danny Williams, Josh Gatt, Sacha Kljestan, Graham Zusi**, Brek Shea
    FORWARDS- Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Terrence Boyd, Eddie Johnson**

    I dropped Pontius for Shea. Figure Pontius is more likely a January camp callup. The other MLSers, with the exception of OG have played under Klinsmann before and are more likely to go.

    This roster is 19, and may be pared down by the playoffs. My bet, SKC & L.A. are done.

  40. Guy #2 says:

    Mixx, Gatt, Gyau please

  41. Darwin says:

    I know we’re not talking about starting 11 yet, but I would love to se Kljestan play. We would lose the Bradley-Williams partnership if he plays his true position, but internationally, I think he is more of a wide midfielder in a 4-3-3.

    I watched his game against Zenit today, which has several Russian MNT players, and he hit many a killer pass including an assist on the game winner. He split the entire defense with a few long diagonal balls. We could use that kind of outlet from a deep position. His D was pretty bad, and he failed at most of his tackles, but he was a quick link-up player from deep.

    • beto says:

      i’d go with:

      once the game has settled switch Jones for Jozy, Bedoya or Gaat.

  42. John says:

    Ummm doesn’t the Mexican playoffs start the day before the Russia friendly Ives?

  43. 2tone says:

    Lichaj is in doubt because he is injured.

    Players that will defeinitely be brought in from Europe:

    Bradley, Jones, Williams, Deuce, Kljestan, Boca, Cameron, Boyd, Guzan, Howard, Fabian, Dolo

    European based players that will more than likely be called in:

    Gatt, Bedoya, O’Brien, Goodson, Parkhurst, Altidore, Brooks

    Diskerud has stated that he would like to play for Norway, so who knows what happens with that situation.

    If Klinsmann calls in 23 players or more (F.Y.I Russia and Capello called in 26 players), then that leaves 5 places for any MLS or Liga MX players.

    Here is my Roster with only European based players. Can’t add any others yet from MLS.
    GK: Guzan, Howard
    Defense: Chandler, Fabian, Dolo, Parkhurst, Goodson, Boca, Cameron, Brooks
    Cm’s: Bradley, Jones, Kljestan, Williams, O’Brien
    Am’s: Gatt, Bedoya
    FWDS: Dempsey, Altidore, Boyd

    Possible MLS players: Pontius, Donovan, Zusi, Eddie Johnson, Besler, Gonzo

    • Matt kassel says:

      Your post becomes invalid as soon as you mention obrien. Do you even watch the games or are you just a euro snob?

      • Hogatroge says:

        That said, O’Brien’s definitely worth a look in January since he’ll be available. You don’t get consistent minutes as a midfield starter for a team at decent table position in any European league if you suck.

      • Hogatroge says:

        That said, O’Brien’s definitely worth a look in January since he’ll be available. You don’t get consistent minutes as a midfield starter for a team at decent table position in any European league if you suck.

      • Hogatroge says:

        That said, O’Brien’s definitely worth a look in January since he’ll be available. You don’t get consistent minutes as a midfield starter for a team at decent table position in any European league if you suck.

  44. Big Chil says:


    The back line is fairly easy to guess, but I’m wondering if Klinsi will revert to his 3 CDM midfield again (sigh). We may not have much in the way of wingers, again, unless 2 of Zusi, Shea, Johnson are available. Doubt Corona goes due to playoff schedule.

    Hopefully Klinsi stays with what he learned from the Jamaica & Guatemala ties. Liberal substitutions would get Gatt in there on the wing, and maybe Jones for a 3DM triangle if we’re winning.

  45. Alex says:

    would like to see Guzan starting instead of Howard

  46. Matt says:

    If you see this as an experimental camp to some extent, and with the possible call up of TIm Ream—who isn’t playing much right now–albeit he is on a Premier side, what are your thoughts on Frank Simek or Zak Whitbred being given a shot? YEs–I know they are playing non-premier league teams (this is primarily due to them losing their team spots due to long injury layoff), but if Klinsman is looking for younger, athletic defender’s for back-up roles (younger, fit version’s of Demerit or Gooch), why wouldn’t he take a look at them? Both have played on Premier league and Championchip teams and done well when healthy. Wouldn’t they be better experiments than guys like Parkhurst (too slow, small) or Orozco (error prone), and some of the the other inexperienced, young options he has been trying?

    • GW says:

      “but if Klinsman is looking for younger, athletic defender’s for back-up roles (younger, fit version’s of Demerit or Gooch), why wouldn’t he take a look at them.”


      Simek and Whitbread are a lot of things but “younger” and “athletic” are not exactly the words I would use.

      Both are 28 true, but both have heavy mileage on them because of serious injuries. Whitbread is incredibly brittle. As soon as he is called up he gets hurt.

      Simek has never been the same since he was beaten out by Spector for the US and then shattered his ankle. It was thought he might not play again. Now he is back but there is no reason to think he is any better than Spector, who I believe is a better option than Frankie.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        And I wouldn’t take Spector on a bet because he only occasionally hits a good cross or makes a tackle, and is generally a defensive liability. He replicates rather than resolves defensive issues and at the NT level is a wingback, where I think we can do better.

        I would expect at least moderate personnel turnover on the back after the last few games. Team’s not playing well enough to stand pat. Johnson Boca Cameron Dolo Goodson likely holdover, then maybe Lichaj Morales and Chandler? Gonzo’s in the LA playoffs, Besler’s with KC, etc.

      • Matt says:

        Interesting info….and probably true. I haven’t followe either of them THAT much, but I had thought they were both healthy at this point. I had also thought both were only 25-26 and not late 20’s. My only thought being–IF they were healthy, that their experience might be of use as we are so damn thin on the D-line now. Gooch gone, Demerit aging–, and no one really stepping up to take the spots. Ream, Goodson, and Cameron all seem to be flailing rather than perfoming solidly. Looks like they wouldn’t be much of a short term 2-4 year solution as players develop. And now that you mention it, I do recall Spector beating out Simek in a Bradley camp. We are THIN…… Just a few years ago we seemed to be loaded at centerback…..

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          DeMerit hasn’t really been given a new shot. Cameron can be quite a good athletic, physical back, it’s the tactical smarts he lacks, maybe he can get that if he plays in a spot consistently enough. Goodson is one of those Kinnear-esque stick figure backs like Boswell where he’s composed and good in the air on either end but lacks marking mobility. Gooch, Ream, Simek, flush. Gooch has already blown up in our faces again recently and has not been the same since the knee. Personally I see Ream as a Boswell-worthy flash in the pan who was already pushing the competence level at NY — where he had 2 of the 5 gaffes of the year — much less in England.

          The backline players that interest me are Gonzo, Lichaj, Chandler, and Morales.

          • The Imperative Voice says:

            FWIW, DeMerit would be like 34-35 at the time of Brazil, I think. So he’s at best a stopgap because he’s as old or older than the people he’d be replacing for age reasons.

            • GW says:

              Age is not the primary concern with Jay, assuming he maintains his form and health.

              The problem is he is not as skilled on the ball as JK likes to see in his centerbacks and he was never “fast”.

              However, when he is on, he can shut most anyone down and he seems like one hell of a guy to have around so I would not rule him out entirely.

      • Tom says:

        Frankie is a far better defender than Spector and his ability to get forward has always been underrated. He’s played over 100 games for Carlisle since 2010. True, Carlisle is in League One, and the injury may have knocked him back a bit, but then regaining form after such a serious incident takes time. I never understood why Bradley did not give him a realistic opportunity. Cherundolo is getting older and Klinsmann apparently does not favor Lichaj, so what would it hurt to give Frankie a look?

        • GW says:

          “what would it hurt to give Frankie a look?”

          Other than wasting time,space and energy that might be better spent looking at a more realistic candidate ( and there are a number of other, more realistic candidates) it wouldn’t hurt a bit.

          If JK is interested he can get his “look” by watching him play for Carlisle.

          People like you decide a player is worthy for the national team based on watching him for his club all the time . Why should JK be any different?

          Has Frankie been outstanding recently? He has been a regular but has he distinguished himself in any way other than being an American?

          He debuted for the US was back in 2007. As I recall, Dolo, Spector, Pearce, Jony B, an a number of others were under consideration. Ultimately what killed his USMNT career was a terrible ankle injury that year that kept him out for nearly a year. At the time he was with Sheffield Wednesday . He then came back from injury and transferred to Carlisle United.

          By then Bradley had moved on to other fullbacks.I happen to really like Frankie having followed him since he was with Arsenal. Maybe he could do the job but if JK is no longer interested in Simek, I’m not going to question his intelligence,
          and integrity on the matter.

          The US player pool is thin and could always use help but it is also past the point where the only thing you need to be considered is to have professional soccer experience, a heartbeat, and a US passport.