Carr diagnosed with torn ACL suffered in MLS Cup

The news just went from bad to worse for Calen Carr.

The Houston Dynamo announced Wednesday that the injury Carr suffered in the second half of Sunday’s MLS Cup final was a torn ACL in his left knee and he is expected to undergo surgery to repair it.¬†Carr sustained the knock in the 57th minute of the Dynamo’s 3-1 loss to the LA Galaxy this past Sunday when he collided with Galaxy centerback Omar Gonzalez, and the 30-year-old forward was immediately replaced by Macoumba Kandji.

Carr, who scored the opening goal in Sunday’s defeat, is set to undergo several weeks of rehabilitation prior to having surgery, for which there is no date yet set.

The timetable for his recovery will be decided once the surgery is complete.

What do you think of Carr tearing his ACL? Still believe the Dynamo would have won MLS Cup had he not gotten injured?

Share your thoughts below.

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30 Responses to Carr diagnosed with torn ACL suffered in MLS Cup

  1. Mark says:

    I don’t know if the Dynamo would have won if he hadn’t been injured, but I do know that as soon as he left the game, the Dynamo’s ability to press forward severely diminished.

    • AzTeXan says:

      The Dynamo probably needed to score at least one more goal to beat LA but if he doesn’t get hurt the game is a lot closer for sure. Just one more reason Omar was game MVP.

      • Lil' Zeke says:

        JK? LOL? Not cool

        • AzTeXan says:

          I’m dead serious. Omar injuring Carr (obviously not on purpose and he got the ball first anyways) was the most important moment in the game. My immediate reaction to that play was “LA is going to win this now. It’s not even a question.” I didn’t realize it would only take ten minutes for them to take the lead but that’s how it worked out. Omar did it all that game.

          • limey says:

            You guys are dreaming Galaxy would have scored however many goals they needed to to win. Houston laid down after LA scored not when Carr injured himself. The feeling that Galaxy were going to win after getting the early breakthrough was palpable. Houston can’t win at the HDC and they know it.

    • Shake says:

      Probably would have gone to OT where LA would have most likely won.

      Closer match but same result, sad to see him injured though, I was hoping it was just a strained hamstring or something not serious.

  2. atd says:

    It ain’t MLS Cup unless somebody tears an ACL.

  3. Rex says:

    Replaced by Kandji who ironically torn his ACL in MLS Cup after scoring (or maybe just creating) a goal.

    Really sucks for Dynamo and Carr. He was finally hitting his stride from the concussions.

  4. Pete says:

    Know he’s pain , did it to both of my knees at once … Out for a year

  5. Casey says:

    I don’t normally see someone tear an ACL that way at least in soccer. But being at the game and sitting in that corner he kinda brought it on himself. As I saw on here, someone posted that he ran into a wall. Guess that’s what you get in a reckless challenge.

    • AzTeXan says:

      Reckless? Neither player left their feet. Just seemed like a freak accident. He stabbed at the ball and his leg got trapped under Omar’s weight. You have seen it right?

      link to

      • Casey says:

        Obviously if you read I was in the corner at the game. He came in reckless and deserved what was coming to him. He always comes in reckless and this just happened to injure him this time.

        • ford says:

          Not even close to reckless… quit being a homer and actually watch the play objectively.

          It wasn’t anyone’s fault.. it just happened…. two players, playing hard in a championship match.

          That said.. it had a big impact on the rest of the match.. the Dynamo are much better with him than Kandji… not even close.

          • Casey says:

            No disagreement about Kandji. Thought he would be better than that with his size.
            But I am not being a homer. I went to the game but you are making an assumption I am a Galaxy fan. I don’t even live in LA but was in town on vacation. Is that so hard for a homer like you to believe?
            Both fans were awful during the game but the Dynamo took the cake when they let off a flare.
            Carr goes in hard for challenges and this one went wrong. Look up the definition of reckless while you are at it. He didn’t go in with the intent to injure Gonzo but went in recklessly.

            Want me to spell it out for you even more?

  6. BigBirdLenny says:

    Here’s hoping for a fast and complete recovery for Calen. He was good this year, and the Dynamo’s attack will suffer next year without him.

  7. landon says:

    maybe he shouldnt have been stupid and jump over the corner flag when he scored. ppsshhh

  8. Alex says:

    Good thing LA beat Seattle because if the final was played in Seattle they would have booed him and yelled obscenities and claimed he was time wasting.

  9. Gus says:

    The momentum definitely changed after he went down. I wonder if they try to go big and get Bruin a big time partner. They still lack that game changer to get them over the hump. The other option is bringing Oduro back in.

  10. Dick Tracy says:

    I personally can’t stand the guy. He dives at any point of contact, and dives into 50/50 balls, which caused his injury.

    Good riddance, Carr.

  11. Dan says:

    Well now I feel bad for telling him to get off the field on Saturday.

  12. Alex says:

    I thought he was faking…