Kick TV: Jimmy Conrad spends the day with Brad Guzan

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12 Responses to Kick TV: Jimmy Conrad spends the day with Brad Guzan

  1. Colin in MT says:

    I for one love these Jimmy Conrad features and the US soccer features on players abroad. They give me some insight into the athletes as people and I think that kind of “personal” connection can only help to increase the popularity of the sport here.

    Ives, you and your crew do a great job reporting and interviewing players in terms of the soccer aspect. I think an occasional piece on the personal side of MLS players would be great to give us some insight on these players as people.

  2. nato says:

    Id love a weekly Fox Soccer 30min program on YAnks Abroad. How they adjust to the leagues, language,culture, fans, competitions. Plus go into detail of the clubs or leagues. Daniel Agger playrd at Brondy years before Goodson, perhaps people feel a comparison of the 2. Just 30mins and can be cheaply shot. US Soccer can bankroll it. We dont have that many Yanks in top leagues.

    Dempsey, Guzan, Lichaj, Howard, Friedel, Cameron, Cherundolo, Bradley, Gooch, Jozy

    • CplDaniel says:

      I’d watch that…or at least leave it on in the background like the MLS-30 on NBCSports. Ask them questions like how they prepare lifestyle wise. Ask them: what’s hurting the mosts right now after a game?”. Little stuff about playing serious soccer so that us amateurs can compare their answers to ours.

      So FSC, start a yanks abroad program!

  3. nato says:

    4years after he joined he is finally showing himself. He is in a runnimg for AV’s player of the season.Howard is in bad form and if he keeps it up he might have real competition for no.1 spot.

    • John Lowe says:

      Did you say Howard is in bad form?
      Everton is in the top 4 of the EPL. Howard was a Beast Vs Russia.
      I would like to know what you consider good form?

  4. huh says:

    explain more. i thought those leagues had reserve teams in the 4th division. So what happens to the NASL? is there enough talent for 3 divisions in this country?

    • T-lover says:

      Go to NASN.TV click on blogs and you will see the details. I’ve heard rumors about MLS/USL talking for over a week, however it seems it’s going to happen. The big Losers is the NASL, because now, you will see more fans attend USL games, to see the future stars.

  5. Gary Page says:

    Guzan has been so good this year, I think he is equal to Howard right now.

  6. Jugular says:

    Is it me or are all our best goalies follicly challenged somewhat?

  7. Frank says:

    That British accent is seeping in a bit.

  8. Mike says:

    Excellent article and Jimmy Conrad continues to grow in stature as a journalist. He has always had a great personality from when he first broke into the San Jose team as a young defender and he is smart and articulate. I remember chatting with him at the San Jose Earthquakes post game parties at the Britannia Arms when he was just beginning to establish himself as a first team regular. He was never lost for words. I hope he continues doing many more of these. Pleased for Guzan too that his patience has finally paid off and he is now the first choice goalkeeper at Villa. Production team did a great job on making Birmingham look like a nice place! Not an easy task!