Lichaj delivers assist as Aston Villa books place in Capital One Cup semifinals

Eric Lichaj is beginning to really make a case for more playing time in the near future.

Lichaj made his third straight start for Aston Villa in their Capital One Cup quarterfinals match against Norwich City on Tuesday, and he delivered the assist on the game-winner in the Villan’s 4-1 victory. Lichaj hit a low cross from the left flank in the second half that a teammate easily directed into the back of the net, giving Lichaj his second assist in the tournament (third across all competitions this season) and assuring the Villans advanced to the semifinals.

Lichaj’s Aston Villa teammate, goalkeeper Brad Guzan, dressed but did not play.

Here is Lichaj’s assist (at the 1:20 mark):

What do you think of Lichaj’s assist? Do you see him starting on a more permanent basis soon? Think Aston Villa has what it takes to win the Carling Cup?

Share your thoughts below.

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24 Responses to Lichaj delivers assist as Aston Villa books place in Capital One Cup semifinals

  1. C(note) says:

    The sports anchor butchered his name…Sounds like she says Eric Leches.

  2. mo says:

    yeah, game-winning assist AVB won 4 to 1 against reserve team of Norwich Lol.

  3. Lion4U says:

    He’s becoming a starting XI guy.

  4. Brett says:

    He could be Fabian’s backup.

  5. Dainja says:

    I wonder why folks aren’t talking about this more…Lichaj is now making the move to wide midfield. ???? Its very very early, but this could be definitely affect the USMNT. Look, right now we are three deep at each fullback position (wait – can we bask in that statement for a while?? haha. Its been so long since we had depth there) with international quality. So maybe Lichaj can have a better impact as a wide midfielder. Lord knows those spots are more wide open and not locked down. And if his defense sometimes is leaky but he’s great going forward, maybe he’s a better midfielder anyway?? Regardless, we have an American starting as a wide midfielder in the Prem. That’s big.

    • Friedel vs Lloris says:

      Cherundolo, Chandler, Lichaj, Johnson, Parkhurst, Bocanegra. Enough talent to get us throuugh qualifying and the WC. Lichaj deserves some caps

    • Lost in Space says:

      Don’t know where you get 3 Deep at Fullback. Best I can offer is 2 1/2 which includes Lichaj (RB – Dolo, Chandler; LB – Johnson, Castillo; Lichaj – Either Side).
      The concerns IMO are: 1) The ability for Dolo to continue to play another 2 yrs at his current level, 2) Castillo to remain healthy/injury free since he’s missed like 5 USNT games this past year, 3) Chandler becomes tied in Feb.
      If you’re including Parkhurst in your count fine….I just don’t see him being anything more than a fill in when we have both a 1 + 2 out for the same side….and even then I’d rather have Lichaj’s speed than Hurst’s grit.

      • yo mama says:

        Cherundolo only needs to be healthy 18months from now. Add Spector as an emergency option

        • Dainja says:

          LEFTFB —————————– RIGHT FB
          Fabian Dolo
          Castillo Chandler
          Lichaj Parkhurst

          Are all of them spectacular? no. But i’d feel comfortable putting any one of the six out there in a qualifier.

  6. mo says:

    No Parkhust or Bocanegra, please.

  7. Roman Lewandowski says:

    Can we confirm that he played in the midfield?

    • ko'd says:

      Sorry–why do we think he played midfield?

    • kodi says:

      I think he played wide in a 3-5-2

    • MattInMemphis says:

      Highly doubt he played mid. He does get up the pitch a lot. They even have him take corners, but I’ve never seen him play in the midfield. It’s always at fullback. He’s speedy. I’d like to see him and Chandler play. Lots of speed coming from either back flank.

      • b says:

        I know Villa have been playing a 3-5-2, and for their match against Stoke Lichaj was at Left Wing Back. So he was kind of in the midfield. He was covering a ton of ground on the left flank, getting really involved on both sides of the ball.