Manchester United 4, Newcastle 3: Match Highlights

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12 Responses to Manchester United 4, Newcastle 3: Match Highlights

  1. Zeelitee says:

    Match winner but he could have had a hat trick yesterday. Great game btw

  2. Dinho says:

    Still unbelievable that United has a 7-point lead considering their shambolic back-line.

    I hope they can go out and find a decent centerback in the January window. Right now, Ferdinand is looking the best of the bunch….and that’s a scary proposition.

    Oh, and how bad is Smalling at defending?!?!? Wow.

    (By the way, this is all coming from a United fan)

  3. Spank says:

    I despise sucka-rito! Always seems to pop up at the right time.

  4. Old School says:

    I only caught the last 30 minutes of the match.

    Hernandez looked like Cuauhtémoc Blanco running around on the pitch. I thought he was sure to go into cardiac arrest. However, he still found a way to come through, as he usual does.

    As an American, he’s public enemy #1. With that said, the kid ALWAYS finds a way and it’s hard to dislike him…but I still find a way. Respect, though.

  5. Hincha Tim says:

    It always makes me laugh when EPL lovers claim that defenses are so much better in the EPL than La Liga and Messi and others wouldn’t be as good in the EPL. Although the game was fun to watch yesterday, both those defenses were really crappy. Terrible fundamentals. No wonder Sergo Aguero and others are tearing up the EPL when the best team in the league has a defense like that.

  6. OBRick says:


    Please don’t put the result in the headline. Many of us (majority?) have DVRs and watch these games hours or days later.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      We report news. The game happened almost 24 hours ago. We aren’t in the business of suspending reality so someone can be surprised by a day-old result. This isn’t exactly a new development.

      • Adam Samples says:

        Well said Ives! We’re well beyond the information age…

        On the defensive argument: While there have been some large scorelines (my poor Yank Guzan!) and United’s defense has been horrific this year, I still believe the overall quality of defense in the EPL is far more superior than La Liga. Especially when you look at both tables in their entirity. C Ronaldo scores goals at will in Spain and in multiples, often.

        I believe Messi is the greatest player of our time but I would like to see him bring his game to the EPL and see if he can even come close to a 91 goal year again.

        • Eurosnob says:

          Didn’t Ronaldo score at will in the EPL just a few years ago, when it was a much stronger league?

        • Old School says:

          “Well said Ives! We’re well beyond the information age…”

          Please jump off Ives d**k please.

          Ives said all that was needed. You acting like a mosquito pigging backing his point is annoying. Too many people do that on this board.

          • rondo says:

            Yea Old School, you keep saying what your are saying! What you’re saying is soooo well needed to contribute to this board!

    • Bobb says:

      If you don’t want the results of a soccer game spoiled for you, you should probably avoid the internet altogether just to be safe, but you should certainly avoid websites that report on soccer news specifically.
      But why would you not want to watch this game, just based on knowing the score? It was quite entertaining, as the 4-3 scoreline suggests…