MatchDay 360: MLS Cup 2012 (A Look Back)

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10 Responses to MatchDay 360: MLS Cup 2012 (A Look Back)

  1. Gnarls says:

    Just got back from the celebration rally. I haven’t seen any official counts, but we filled half of the HDC’s 8,000 seat tennis stadium and then some. $2 beers, speeches from the Bruce, Becks, Keane, Donovan, and Mike mother-effing Magee. A good Monday night by any measure.

    Is it March yet?

    • Bobb says:

      Omar Gonzalez?

      • Edwin in LA says:

        They were ALL there….from Landon, Keane, Beckham, Magee, Omar, Juninho etc etc to Jose Villareal, Brian Perk and all the reserves.

        Omar did have a short speech and we cheered for him appropriately with a “M-V-P” chant

      • Gnarls says:

        Yeah, forgot to mention Omar. As Edwin said, it was short and sweet. Mike Magee is also a man of few words.

        The whole training staff and FO was recognized too. It was a nice way to cap off the championship.

  2. joe says:

    why is Arena holding a baby?

  3. THomas says:

    That was a really well made video. Funny the locker room chanting ‘one more year!’ to Beckham at the end.