Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

It is a light day of soccer action today, with just three matches on the docket, but the matches that are on the schedule should offer some good entertainment.

Chelsea has fallen behind the Manchester clubs in the race for first place in the English Premier League, but they can leap from seventh to third place with a victory today at home against Brad Guzan and Aston Villa.

The Villans won’t be pushovers, having put together a five-match unbeaten streak. Guzan has been key to that run, along with Belgian striker Christian Benteke.

Here is today’s TV schedule:

8:30am– Fox Soccer Channel- Swansea City vs. Manchester United

11am– Fox Soccer Channel- Chelsea vs. Aston Villa

3pm– Univision Deportes- Olympique Marseille vs. Saint-Etienne

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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35 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. cps says:

    let’s go Villa.

  2. nato says:

    Torres with the early goal. An incredible header. Guzan had no chance

  3. Rtanner says:

    No comments on Ashley Williams thug shot at RvP? Ives, what did you think about that? To me, it looked like: the whistle had blown, Ashley Williams measured up RvP’s head, looked no where else on the field, and tried to take RvP’s head off from point blank range. Straight red deserved. A post-match ban by the FA wouldn’t surprise me.

  4. ThaDeuce says:

    Is it Guzan or the whole team? 3-0

    • beachbum says:

      the AV defensive area like a firecracker pit…pop pop pop pop!!! Guzan under pressure constantly, and I mean constantly. Making some amazing saves but the one-way traffic is intense

  5. fischy says:

    #5 right through the 5 hole.

  6. fischy says:

    Brilliant save of a PK. Might even be the best I’ve seen, because the ball was struck so well, and he barely got a hand on it…still having the strength to deflect it over.

  7. A says:

    Guzan is having probably one of the top 5 best goalkeeping performances of the year–and they’ve still given up 7.

    With Given it’s easily 11 or 12.

  8. beachbum says:

    in the 89th minute, down 7-0, Guzan comes up with th PK save.

    but a minute later more one way traffic with unmarked Ramires in the area, and it’s 8-0

  9. fischy says:

    Guzan could have had the 8th — if he’d done the normal thing and stretched both arms for the ball, instead of reaching across his body with his right arm…but that’s nibbling.

    Is this the worst defensive effort in EPL history?

  10. A says:

    If you didn’t watch–to give you an indication of how great Guzan was today–he still netted positive fantasy points despite conceding 8 goals.

  11. nato says:

    wait what? he played real welll despite letting in 8goals?

  12. MemRook says:

    Ouch. I bet you $8 Guzan doesn’t give a darn how well he played today. Giving up 8 is probably horrible feeling.

  13. Wendell Gee says:

    I think that’s Guzan’s mother posting above.

    He was good compared to what you would expect given they gave up 8 goals. But he surely could have done better with no. 8, and no. 5 went right throuh his legs. He wasn’t great.

    • A says:

      He was voted MOTM for a reason.

      A close range blast through a keeper’s legs is hardly ever their fault. And sure, go ahead and hang your hat on him having a chance at ONE of the 8 goals scored.

      He still had 7 saves including a world class penalty stop. He had 5 fantasy points despite conceding 8. He was amazing. Keepers can’t and aren’t blamed for goals they have no hope of stopping. It’s ridiculous to say Guzan is at fault for guys getting tap ins and free shots from 8 yards out.

      • Wendell Gee says:

        “It’s ridiculous to say Guzan is at fault for guys getting tap ins and free shots from 8 yards out.”

        Where did I say, suggest, or even slightly imply this A?
        Answer: I didn’t. Don’t suggest I said things I didn’t.

        And voted MOTM by whom? Sky had David Luiz. It does make sense to give it to someone from Chelsea, doesn’t it. Sky gave Guzan a 5, by the way.

        He could certainly have done better on 2 of the goals, but he had some geat saves too. On balance, that’s certainly a better performance than the scoreline suggests you would get from a goalkeeper.

        Today certainly shouldn’t detract from his excellent season, which should have him in consideration for th USA no. 1 spot. But there’s a reason why no one anywhere in the media is going ga-ga over the amazing, jaw-dropping, legendary day that Guzan had. Because it wasn’t, in fact, that kind of day for him.

        And dude…I don’t even now what a fantasy point from a goalkeeper even is.

    • beachbum says:

      listen to your post…#5 and #8…which easily could have been #9 and #14 or worse. that’s not an exaggeration. #8 came on the heels of just saving a PK in amazing fashion already down 7-0

      hey, I understand if your point is that he was imperfect today vs. as much one way traffic as is possible to have in a game; you’re right, he was imperfect in that situation. but Guzan kicked ass out there today in what was essentially a goalkeeper drill with the D literally non existent

      I am not his mother Wendell :)

    • GW says:

      What would the score have been if Guzan had not played?

      • Wendell Gee says:

        Well it’d be a lot worse without a goalkeeper, that’s true. I’d say probably all of Chelsea’s shots on target would have gone in and they’d have won 15-0.

    • Addick says:

      Agreed, Wendell. Brad played well, but he certainly didn’t put on the goalkeeping clinic that some in this thread would have you believe.

  14. jollyr says:

    Today’s lesson – heart, hustle, desire etc etc are no substitute for actual talent

  15. TomDL says:

    That’s right…the Villans won’t be pushovers…ohh, wait…

  16. Zeelite says:

    Anytime u let in 8 goals it is bad and someone will be scapegoated. Poor Guzan though amazinf he got MotM

  17. Footballer says:

    Guzan let in 8 goals and he did a good job? Really? Did you guys watching the match? You have on so much blinders it’s affecting your sights. There were a couple of goals that were his fault. Great save on the penalty, but he let in eight goals. If it was Given, I bet you all be shouting he should be on the bench. And do you know the meaning of Man of the Match?

    • Limey says:

      I watched the game, I hate the Villa and i still say Guzan played well.

    • beachbum says:

      @ Footballer. Your post is pure BS. There were not 2 goals that were ‘his fault’.

      the only poster with blinders on here is you evidently

      • Footballer says:

        Beachbum, you’re a typical American fan with bs blinders on. Guzan had a (crappy) game, but instead of admitting that, typical American fans oh he had a good game. Where in the world does someone concede eight goals and it’s considered man of the match? Oh only in America, smh.

        • Ives Galarcep says:

          Actually, you might want to get a clue before making those kind of “Only Americans” generalizations. The UK media roundly identified Guzan as one of the few bright spots for Villa. Pretty sure the reporters writing for UK outlets aren’t American. Guzan wasn’t Man of the Match, but he was Villa’s best player. Game could have been 12-0 without him making some big-time saves. That’s not “having blinders on”. That is fact.

        • edmondo says:

          Wow…you just got shut down :) btw, Ives is correct, the presenters on my Skysports feed praised Guzan.