BREAKING: Olave and Espindola heading to RBNY, Johnson going to Portland as RSL prepare to shake up roster

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The MLS trade window opens on Monday, and when it does open, Real Salt Lake will be at the forefront of a busy window filled with some blockbuster deals.

RSL is set to trade centerback Jamison Olave and forward Fabian Espindola to the New York Red Bulls for a large amount of allocation money, pending league approval, multiple sources confirmed to Soccer By Ives on Sunday.

The trade is one of several Real Salt Lake has lined up to reconfigure a team that had no choice but to change up its roster because of salary cap issues.

RSL are also set to trade Canadian midfielder Will Johnson to the Portland Timbers for allocation money, sources confirmed to SBI. The Canadian national teamer has, along with Olave and Espindola, been a regular starter for RSL for years.

The two major deals won’t be the only moves RSL makes in the coming days, with sources telling SBI that some other trades are also in the works.

Several MLS teams have agreed to trades in recent days, but a league-wide moratorium on trades until after MLS Cup has kept those deals from being approved.

By trading away Olave, Espindola and Johnson, RSL are set to save $1 million in salary, while generating more than $500,000 in allocation money, sources with knowledge of the deals confirmed to SBI.

Losing Olave and Johnson are two big blows, but RSL is well-equipped to replace them, with highly-regarded centerback Schuler slated to step into the lineup and Luis Gil the natural replacement for Johnson.

Espindola continued to struggle with inconsistency in 2012, leaving RSL desperate to address the need for more goals this winter. Their allocation haul is likely to be used to help the team land a quality forward to partner with Alvaro Saborio.

The Timbers will be overjoyed to land a quality player like Johnson, a 25-year-old midfield force who should slot in well into Caleb Porter’s expected 4-3-3 system.

For the Red Bulls, Olave gives the team a rock at centerback, though injury issues have diminished his standing after being voted MLS Defender of the Year in 2011. His arrival makes even more sense given reports suggesting Markus Holgersson won’t return in 2012.

The addition of Espindola gives the Red Bulls the kind of fast forward the team wants to have partner with Thierry Henry, and could mean some more moves in the works for New York.

Sources with RSL, New York and Portland could not be reached for comment on the pending trades.

What do you think of these trades? Think RSL is smart to make these deals or do you think the team dismantled its squad too soon? See the Red Bulls improving with the addition of Olave and Espindola?

Share your thoughts below.

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151 Responses to BREAKING: Olave and Espindola heading to RBNY, Johnson going to Portland as RSL prepare to shake up roster

  1. Dominic says:

    Wow!! Who’s out in NY? Le Toux or Cooper or both?

  2. NiceBull says:

    From a Red Bulls fan perspective I like it. Hopefully Olave stays healthy because he is a beast, and Espindola doesn’t need to score a bunch of goals to be effective for RBNY- his speed and clever play are enough. Great move for Red Bulls!

    • Tony in Quakeland says:

      My first thought was if I’m a Red Bull fan, I’m pretty happy right now. That’s my second thought, too.

      My third is Rafa on his way out, freeing up DP money?

  3. EBFG_SounderFan says:

    If you consider being a master flopper clever play, then you would be correct.

  4. Metrohoboken says:

    I like it. Great players. ! By by Kenny Cooper thanks. Markus – you definitely got better but Olave is excellent.

    • James says:

      I hope Cooper stays, he’s such a great guy! There’s no reason to get rid of him because without him we don’t have any depth at the striker position.

  5. Dick Mac says:

    Espindola is only 27 – that’s an exciting trade and will be good for RBNY. Olave is 30-something and we may very well watch him wind-down at RBA, as opposed to be a major contributor. I am happy to be wrong about that. It appears we give-up no players, just allocation money. Woo-Hoo!

  6. Gabe79 says:

    Why is Holgerson not coming back? he was terrific the second half of the season

    • James says:

      Holgersson wasn’t terrific. He set the bar so low in the first half of the year that there was nowhere to go but up. His skill on the ball is some of the worst I’ve ever seen from a professional soccer player. When any pressure is put on him, even the simple jogging of an opposing striker in his direction he closes his eyes and bombs the ball 40 yards down the field hoping an RBNY player will get to it. Did he have a great performance against DC, yes. But if you forget about the rest of the year and bring him back just because he shined in the last few games of the season, then your becoming subject to the same terrible play that he did for the majority of the season.

  7. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Obviously, RSL plans to make a significant overseas signing. Otherwise, why clear all this money?

  8. Travis Guy Walker says:

    We traded the kitchen sink…

    • Travis Guy Walker says:

      and the wrong kitchen sink…#notmorales #notgrabavoy #notgil

      • Joseph D'Hippolito says:

        Travis, I don’t think Grabavoy has any trade value. Besides, if they trade Espindola, wouldn’t they have to keep Morales, now?

        • James says:

          From RSL fans perspectives (which I’m guessing you guys are) are you saying that you don’t want Morales or Gil, I thought Gil was a young player with promise and Morales a guy who despite getting older was still a really valuable creative midfielder. Also, are you saying that Olave and Espindola aren’t valuable? As an Red Bulls fan I will take Olave in a minute despite the possible injury problems and Espindola is about to enter his prime so I’m really excited about him.

          • JRP says:

            I am an RSL fan and the only one I disagree with was Johnson. It was clear the coach was fed up with Espindola. I needed a restraining order to stop myself from strangling him after at least 10 open net misses this season. Schuler is just as good as Olave (this past season) and is a lot cheaper. But Johnson will be missed. Workhorse.

            • James J. says:

              So you don’t like Espindola but what about Olave. Are we going to get anything out of him? I know he has had some injury problems but he is still solid. I personally think your going to miss both of them.

              • Camjam says:

                Oh we’ll miss them both for sure. However, but make a LOT of money, and all RSL fans knew the front office was ready to gamble on some young replacements. We’ve got some pretty good young CBs coming up. I don’t love the Johnson trade either.

              • JRP says:

                I don’t like Espindola. I loved Olave. But his last season wasn’t great. In fact, he has made more errors in the last season than he had in his career with RSL. Everyone watching saw his slow unraveling. Schuler is just as good. Borchers, cough, is even just as good this season. You may be right. Only time will tell.

            • KRB says:

              True Johnson does work. However, he was an outside midfielder who provided few goals and even fewer assists. He was rarely seen around the opponent’s box and used that hard work for not being in the right spot to begin with. Oh, and he made over 200K. 3 goals and 3 assists, not enough if you are making that kind of money and play that position. Good trade in my book.

              • KRB says:

                Johnson’s stats the last 5 years:
                2012 – 3 goals 3 assists
                2011 – 2 goals 1 assist
                2010 – 1 goal 1assist
                2009 – 1 goal 3 assists
                2008 – 2 goals 0 assists
                A lot of goals come from service in the box, especially with Sabo. Hard worker, but again, for the price tag, I think this was a good move by RSL with Johnson. They need more service for Sabo and whoever is going to run up front with him.

          • Rage Kage says:

            As an RSL fan i think the redbulls should be extremely happy with the signing of these two players. Olave is still an extremely solid defender still one of the best in the league who unfortunately has some injury issues. To those saying that schuler is just as good i’d think again, the kids come along way in three years and i do feel comfortable with him taking over Olave’s spot and performing effectively enough but he isn’t near the same level yet. While espindola can sometimes be frustrating with his accuracy there is no doubt he is becoming more and more of a creative threat with good vision and good one on one footskills. I wouldn’t be suprised if he starts blowing up over the next couple of years if he can become a more effective finisher. Johnson on the other hand i’ve never liked very much. The guy works harder than most but he has absolutely zero creativity in the final third and has produced very little during his time with rsl considering how much he is payed.

            I don’t think there is an RSL fan out there except for Travis Walker up there who would like to see Gil traded, he’s got a bright future and hopefully with a little more playing time this year we can see some major improvements. As far as Morales goes I really hope we can renegotiate his contract and see him stick around for next year. At this point in time with espindola gone RSL has zero attacking creativity besides morales. Unlike most people i don’t think guys like velasquez, viana, or martinez would be able to fill the void in the midfield if morales was gone. For some reason people have forgotten very quickly how important Morales is to our mid field and consequently our entire game plan.

          • Nezzy48 says:

            RSL fan…, not saying that. Javi has been the supreme playmaker for a long time, but since his injury hasn’t been as sharp. He is the highest paid player for RSL and still has good trade value. We need the $. I would miss him, but we got by without him and survived. Gil is starting to realize his own potential and is now starting to contribute more and should only get better.

            Olave is valuable, but Kries has managed to fill the roster with defenders, and we will manage w/o Olave. The good news is that he is in the eastern conference and we won’t have to play against him too much.

            I love fabi, but he has had a hard time making things work with the rest of the team and Kries….will hate not watching him play for us.

            Olave and Fabi will make NYRB soccer way more fun to watch.

    • louis z says:

      NY paid for the kitchen sink and got the laundry tub instead. enjoy.

      • Conrad says:

        That’s the craziest mangled cliche I’ve encountered in ages. But I like it!
        (Particularly the idea that kitchen sinks are so *expensive*! heh!)

  9. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Besides, it now makes sense why RBNY cleared all that salary about two weeks ago. They wanted cap room for Olave and Espindola. Both of them, as well as Johnson, will be missed badly — especially Johnson, who is the kind of consistent, solid player that gets ignored by MLS “experts.”

  10. Mike Porterfield says:

    WOW!!! RSL fan here, we’ve been expecting moves, Olave and Espindola have been in the thick of it all but i think most will be shocked about Will Johnson. I thought he would be apart of our new look team but i have faith in the front office to bring in quality talent as they always do. Personally i hope they look into signing a young DP to help our attack. New York and Portland are getting great players and i’ll miss them dearly. Cheers

    • Chodilicus says:

      Olave and Espindola are great MLS players. They are simply too expensive for RSL. As an RSL fan, Olave is the best CB in MLS when healthy. He was not healthy all season but it was always muscle injuries without long term impacts. For RBNY fans, Olave is the fastest player in the league and built like an NFL Linebacker. He is a very poor passer out of the back, however.

      Johnson had to go because he is a huge part of the problem at RSL in scoring goals. He is young, but he does not have a 5th gear. He always plays all out but does not have the foot skills to be a good Midfielder in MLS. He always plays negative balls towards his own goal. IMO, his future is actually at Right Back in MLS. RSL had played him there at times but have better options there. RSL needs much more creativity and speed from their wide midfielders. Gil will step into that role and be a big upgrade from Will Johnson offensively.

      The key for RSL fans will be if we can get that DP Forward that is really productive to play next to Saborio. If RSL doesn’t spend the money wisely, it will not go over well with the fans and RSL will struggle.

  11. Berto says:

    Nagbe, Chara and Johnson through Portlands midfield. Im liking the sound of it.
    Now the timbers need to fix their defense

    • AzTeXan says:

      Johnson is now your best player so you only need 10 more guys.

      • Kejsare says:

        I think you’re overstating the talent of Johnson, by a little.

      • Bobb says:

        Will Johnson is a really nice young player, very underrated, but Nagbe is pretty good you know…

        • AzTeXan says:

          Nagbe scores some nice goals but I think you mistake talent and potential with form and consistency.

        • KRB says:

          Johnson’s stats the last 5 years:
          2012 – 3 goals 3 assists
          2011 – 2 goals 1 assist
          2010 – 1 goal 1assist
          2009 – 1 goal 3 assists
          2008 – 2 goals 0 assists

          Underrated????? Those are his stats above as an outside midfielder on one of the best teams in the league and he makes over 200K. In my book he is overrated and overpaid.

      • Berto says:

        You are right about one thing Tex… Defensive depth is key

    • Chris Gluck says:

      I’m not so sure Chara remains with the club and Nagbe may have a new role under Porter… i.e. Center Forward. Johnson appears to be the type of anchor needed for the Central Midfield role and if he tackles with fewer fouls then Chara may be redundant… still plenty of time for plenty of moves in Portland.

      Whoelsale changes may be in order with PTFC just like RSL… Merritt Paulson seemed to indicate ‘many’ activities occuring this week in a tweet late last week..

      • Rage Kage says:

        i feel like johnson would be put to better use in a DMF role rather than on the wing. Like whats been said before the guy is a work horse and extremely tenacious but it seems like he’s always been better defensively rather than offensively. I could see him being comparable stylistically to an ozzie alonso if played in this position and becoming more effective than he is currently.

  12. James says:

    These are the types of moves that will help RBNY win now. No euro-to-MLS learning curve to deal with as in the past with players like, well, Marcus Holgersson. Biggest worry with the new mgmt at RBNY was that it would bring in another set of euro signings that don’t understand the MLS. This first move is definitely not in that direction. Good sign.

    • Scott A says:

      Possibly a sign that Roxburgh (or maybe Houllier [or even Campos’ input?] pulled the trigger) understands that MLS is a weird beast. Could be a good sign.

  13. RSLstg says:

    Johnson will be missed gave his all for the club. Quite shocked by that one to be honest with his age the only thing i can think of is he is planning on going to europe (as he’s expressed in the past) and RSL wanted to get something out of him.

    • Travis Guy Walker says:

      Well said. Will’s energy is what made me love RSL and the team is the star attitude. I’m very distraught to see him go.

      • Skinnyj says:

        Cmon guys although Wrong Way Will Johnson was a fan favorite, he was not a good fit in this system-unless he’s playing fullback. Playing as a wing there MUST be more production; assists, goals and clever passing. Will is severely limited offensively. Plus his salary is like 250k… The biggest loser with grabavoy and Johnson in the lineup was saborio and espindola, rarely getting decent service. I’m sure morales at 400k and grabavoy at whatever are also gonzo.

        • JRP says:

          Good points. But I liked his work rate.

        • Highme says:

          Which side would Johnson play fullback at? If he can be a serviceable RB instead of MF, I like this pick up even more.

          • Berto says:

            Right back would be a great fill

          • Camjam says:

            He played both. He’s a natural right-footer who learned how to play on the left wing, so he’ll do either.

            • KRB says:

              Come on …. how many times did RSL fans ever see Johnson kick the ball with his left foot (or serve the ball for that matter). Portland could use him on the right … wait, RSL is in Portland’s division … Portland could use him on the left as much as they want. :)

  14. Prettypenguin says:

    I’m excited to get a new midfielder. Now we need a right back and a spare two outside backs. What position does Paul Addo play? Ghana Soccernet says he’ll be coming to Portland as well.

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  16. abel says:

    Montero to RSL

    • jahinho_guerro says:

      Imagine that..a fredy, and saborio attack…

      Its highly possibly

    • Naked Animals says:

      I definently wouldn’t be shocked to see that happen, if Montero can get his form back that is a beast tandem up top.

    • JRP says:

      No one in SL wants Montero. We already have one forward that walks around throwing his hands up in the air at the ref and his team mates. We don’t need a second.

      • a says:

        what is JRP’s annoying hate against anything seattle. getting really old and annoying

        • a says:

          and how can you speak for anyone in SL other than yourself. Have you polled RSL supporters for your evidence?

      • Camjam says:

        RSL fan here and if we don’t get someone like Montero i’ll be pretty unhappy with these deals. Also, if you’re on of those delusional fans who don’t think Sabo is as great as he is, then I surely don’t want you speaking on behalf of all Salt Lake fans.

        Montero would be an amazing pick up.

        • JRP says:

          Nearly everyone predicted Espindola and Olave leaving after the post season. Johnson took me by surprise but I can see the logic. I love Sabo. I don’t love his attitude 50% of the time. You do? The coach clearly doesn’t. But I don’t want another attitude on the pitch. I want a workhorse. Montero is a workhorse but brings a lot of baggage and is a cry baby.

          • Nezzy48 says:

            I need to jump in here…RSL is a defensive team, no doubt. Hate to see Olave and WillJ leaving. Olive is a brute in the back when he is healthy and WillJ adds a lot of horsepower in the middle, but our problem is up top. I am one of those delusional fans that thinks Sabo is awful! He needs to go…he is too expensive, he can’t trap, can’t pass, folds under ANY pressure, worst ball handler of anyone making more than 35K/yr and is a flopper! If you serve him up a pumpkin in the middle he is good with his head, if he happens to be on sides. It’s too bad that RSL is trying to build it’s entire offense around the laziest player in the entire MLS. He has finished games and hasn’t even broken a sweat. When he is in it’s like playing one man down. Thank goodness for our “D”. Remaining back line could still see some shaking up.

      • Chodilicus says:

        RSL fan here, I completely agree that Montero’s attitude and on-field tactics will not go over well with the RSL leadership or fanbase. Kreis hates floppers and has made huge progress with Morales in taking that out of his game. Montero is as talented as any striker in this league, but he is a huge flopper and has terrible body language on the field. He seems like a complete Diva and RSL already went through that with Adu.

        I would love the talent pairing of Montero and Saborio. But I don’t think RSL will make this move because of the personality and intangibles of Montero. RSL wants a DP that will still fit with the system of the team being the star. No Divas will be welcomed by Morales, Beckerman, Borchers and especially Kreis.

  17. Cairo says:

    Hard to believe. When Olave is healthy, there is no better centerback in MLS. “when healthy” is the key phrase. Why that guy isn’t playing in Europe is beyond me

  18. 2tone says:

    my guess RSL is freeing up money for an expensive signing for attack.

  19. Cindi says:

    As a ReAL fan this SUCKS!!!! I can’t believe we are losing Olave! I’m sickened. Love Fabian and Will too! I hope NY & Portland know how lucky they are! This is crazy!!

  20. CÉU says:

    Juninho Pernambucano embarca para os EUA, mas Presidente diz que Vasco será ouvido antes de decisão. Juninho deu o primeiro passo para deixar o Vasco na manhã deste domingo. O ídolo da torcida embarcou para os Estados Unidos com o objetivo de conhecer a estrutura e ouvir a proposta do New York Red Bulls.

    • Rory Miller says:

      Sorry, the TARDIS isn’t translating for me today, can someone translate this post?

      • Spectra says:

        Juninho (The 37-year-old Brazilian) is coming to the US on Sunday to talk about playing for Red Bulls.
        I only speak Spanish but caught the jist of it.
        Can anyone else help?

      • Brodie says:

        Juninho leaves for the U.S., but President of Vasco says he will be heard before the decision. Juninho took the first step to leave Vasco on Sunday morning. The idol of the fans left for the United States in order to know the structure and listen to the proposal from the New York Red Bulls.

  21. Georg says:

    Not bad moves by RSL, back line is still solid, and as much as some of our fans love Johnson’s energy his lack of production won’t be missed. Looking forward to seeing the player’s coming in. A couple strikers and a attacking mid. 1.6 mil could get us three quality players.

  22. Colton says:

    Robbie Findley back to RSL??? That would explain the Johnson trade.

    • Georg says:

      No! I doubt our front office is that stupid.

      • ben says:

        I hope they’re that stupid, I’d love to have Robbie back! Can’t do any worse than Sabo/Fabi/Paulo did down the stretch!

    • Highme says:

      I’m not even going to pretend to know the intricacies of MLS roster rules etc., but Portland took Findley’s rights in the expansion draft.

      • RSLstg says:

        Yes, but possibly RSL regained his rights through trading Johnson to Portland along with the allocation money. Just a thought.

  23. As much as I love all 3 of these guys and what they do in the RSL system, each will be replaced well, with the only question mark at striker. Espindola has flashes of brilliance, but the tail end of 2012 is perfectly illustrative of how lackluster the attack is in Salt Lake. Saborio, a clinical finisher, not as much a playmaker, needs a dynamic striker on the other side. Schuler, Wingert, Watson-Siriboe, and Mansally have filled in a worthy backline in the absence of Olave, so while he’s great to have around, Real can make do without him and may be better off when you consider the salary offloading and what they’ll get in the trade. Gil will have big shoes to fill in Johnsons absence, and this move is a bit of a gamble. But Gil has a bright future and if he lives up to his potential, there shouldn’t be much of a hiccup in this trade. As long as they keep Borchers, Rimando, and Beckerman together, Real should be able to find the pieces they need to remain a contender in the West.

    • Georg says:

      Well said.

    • OPMG says:

      It’s very interesting to see the difference between fan reactions to major trades involving important players when the fans trust the coach and front office. Spend a little time and dig up the articles from Ives about Philly trading away their players when Nowak was in charge, or NYRB trading Agudelo. RSL fans trust the FO and therefore you don’t see the anger or panic from the fans in the comment sections.

      Olave, Fabi, and Johnson will surely be missed, but the overall reaction from the fans seems to be an optimistic eagerness to see who RSL will bring in to replace these guys. We should consider ourselves lucky to be fans of a classy organization that has consistently shown they have the acumen and desire to put a winning team on the field.

  24. In Kreis I trust, I guess says:

    I am so bummed to see these guys go, especially Espindola. He is one of those Lenhart types that everybody hates unless he’s on your team, and then you love him. Really surprised by the Johnson move. Kreis and Lagerway clearly know how to build a team, though, so I think it will work out. I would be pretty stoked if we could pick up Feilhaber since NE can’t seem to find a use for him…

  25. ben says:

    Honestly would’ve rather seen Javi go than Fabi or WillJ, while he still has some trade value. Unless Johnson bolts for Europe, I think RSL is going to heavily regret trading him for basically nothing (especially when that leaves you with the sub-par duo of Grabavoy and Steele). I personally like Fabi, but when the team goes through scoreless streaks like it did this year it is inevitable that someone go (please someone tell me that Paulo Jr is following him out the door, he’s useless). I’m ok with the Olave move just based on his health record. That being said, NY is getting an absolute BEAST. I am not a NYRB fan at all, but good on them for recognizing a steal when they see it!

    • JD23UT says:

      Thought I saw Steele post on twitter that he is gone

    • RSLstg says:

      Steele is on his way out too. He just posted it on Twitter. I think Gil will step into Johnson’s spot and possibly a new midfield signing is coming.

    • d1ddy says:

      Grabavoy has no trade value. The fact that RSL FO were able to move Will despite his 250K contract and the fact that every other FO in the league knew RSL would need to make deals to get back under the cap makes this move impressive in my mind. He’ll fit in playing on carpet 50% of the season cause he is not great in possession, but no one is on turf. His endless energy and loyalty will be great for the Timbers.

    • USAHammerfan says:

      Correct that Steele is gone as is Paulo Jr.

  26. TomG says:

    I never know how to judge these allocation trades bc there’s no way to gauge what NYRB gave up but they certainly received 2 useful, proven, low risk MLS vets. I’m excited to see Gil starting for RSL and possibly pulling the strings. I’m very high on him.

  27. James J. says:

    This is a real sign that the new managment might actual know what their doing! Olave is a great MLS center back that I actual dreamed of having for the past three years so it’s a dream come true. He is the perfect combination of speed (which we’ve been lacking) and strength. He will hopefully be the leader of this back-line for years to come! I’m also loving the possibilities of an Henry Espindola partnership at forward. For Red Bulls fans who might not know Espindola, he can be like a new Luke Rodgers. I remember going to the game vs RSL last year and Espindola was sprinting the entire game (the guys a machine), putting constant pressure on the center backs, causing mistakes, and capitalizing on them. So far we lost a lot of dead weight (and some good players too) but cleared up a lot of cap space in the process, which has been used wisely! Speaking of dead weight, now we just have to get rid of a certain Mexican DP and replace it with a quality DP and our team will look Golden for March!

  28. SD says:

    as a red bull fan i am happy to see that they signed mls talent because at least it shows they watched some games….olave might be better off playing on the grass in harrison as opposed to the turf in salt lake….espindola-henry is nice…..maybe there is reason to have hope after all….

  29. Gary Page says:

    Well, it just doesn’t seem like it will be the same RSL without those 3 guys. Sounds like the Red Bulls get the better of the deal, but a lot depends on who RSL gets as replacements. It’s not like RSL has stunk up the place; they are always in the title hunt and one of the top teams so I’m surprised they would make such (relatively) radical changes.

  30. beachbum says:

    off season excitement in MLS!!! this is great

    at first look, seems like these moves can help all involved

  31. ACS says:

    Corona to RSL.

  32. PeteinLA says:

    Read in the interwebs about Kimura going to NY as well.. turning out to be a solid backline so far

  33. bizzy says:

    NYRB are on their way to a great MLS season, with Olave in the back and Espindola, the man who owned Gonzalez when RSL played LA, up front with Therry Henry??….wow. A Defender and striker, arguable the best in their respective fields that helped carry RSL, all going to NY. imagine:
    Pearce, Olave, Holgersson, Lade as a backline (if NY can’t keep Rafael Marquez). How about Cahill and McCarthy supplying Henry and Espindola……MLS is getting really interesting, very interesting

    • Shake says:

      Neither are the best in their fields, not even arguably. Henry got outscored by multiple players who make far less money, and was outscored by even more if you factor in post season goals.

      I’d rather have a guy who scores half as many goals in the regular season, but puts up 6 in the playoffs…

      Furthermore, Henry isn’t a very good leader, he consistently does incredibly unethical things on the field that hurt the team’s image and morale. (see his numerous suspensions due to dangerous play, and his handball that took an embarrassment of a national team to the world cup).

      • bizzle says:

        Not even worth an argument…..when you start watching MLS games, when you know the KEY players that made RSL the team they were, when you understand that its not all about scoring goals (ask Wondo/USMNT) and soccer is a TEAM sport…..then it’ll be worth it

        • Shake says:

          So your response to me saying that Henry is a poor teammate is that soccer is a team game. Yea, really relevant, did you even read what I wrote?

  34. Eugene says:

    This is VERY interesting for the NY Red Bulls, but I don’t think Cooper is out. I am QUITE happy with signing Olave and Espindola. More so with Olave, actually. I would like the team to keep Holgersson and Conde while dumping Marquez. Holgersson still makes the defense more solid, given Olave’s recent injury history. I have read the rumors though.

    Why would NY dump Cooper? LeToux is gone, but Coops has done everything right to stay and be HIGHLY valued. He was the 2nd highest scoring player in the league!! Espindola may be better as a late game sub where he can stretch the field and create space for Henry or Cooper, but not as a replacement for Cooper.

    Will be interesting with the real Juninho in the middle, if that rumor is true. I hope he has gas left in the tank at 38… or at least can drop balls into space even if he doesn’t run around much, and can be lethal on free kicks. Hopefully Juninho = Barros Schellotto for NY.

    • James J. says:

      First off even Schellotto who was sensational played for Columbus when he was 34 to 37, then he had to leave because he was too old. Now Juninho is supposed to be anything like Schellotto at 38, its not going to happen! Second, Conde has to go! He’s good when he’s on the field, but he is so injury prone that you can only pencil him in for like 10 games a year at most. And that absence from the team for “personal reasons” was because he went on a locker room tyrant at halftime of the Chicago game calling out almost every player on the team (including Henry!). Not to mention he assaulted a police offer in May, so the dudes a hot head get him out! Finally, I do agree with you on Cooper. A guy who has that good of a season, and is that good of a guy to the community deserves the loyalty of Red Bulls to at least keep him around for another season.

  35. ImaGoalMan says:

    “Breaking Olave” — lulz — I immediately thought “Crocked again!?!?!!” …and I’m an SSFC fan

  36. The Dude says:

    1) Happy with the additions to RBNY.
    2) I hope Cooper is still in the mix. We need three top strikers.
    3) I don’t want a 37-year-old Juninho. I want NY to dump Rafa and get either Mix Diskerud or Yossi Benayoun as an attacking DP.

  37. el paso tx wants NASL says:

    I thought nyrb were going for kaka in winter window by betting agaisnt galaxy- but my dreams of mls is for mls teams, to steal players from each other like real leagues and even trade becks and donovans around in the league. Now if seatttle, chicago, dc and all those big markets can at least get a top dp or even 3. By the way breaking news, chivas usa owner vergara has let go super cryuff from his plans due to drama behind close doors. So now what will chivas usa will do, bcus supposedly cryuff was helping vergara with a new coach.

  38. slowleftarm says:

    Very exciting for RBNY!

  39. James J. says:

    I just thought of something I don’t think anyone else has. So if we have Espindola and we keep Cooper like many want (including me), and we obviously have Henry, how can we add a creative midfielder in the center. Did we forget about Tim Cahill. Yes I know he is not even close to a CAM but the only option to get a CAM would be to have gotten one and then shifted Cahill to forward and use Cooper for depth. Now we have this surplus at forward and I don’t think we can bench McCarty he is one of the most promising young players in the league. So is it possible that if we do obtain a CAM along with Espindola/Cooper and Henry up top, that Cahill would see the bench!?

    • Bobb says:

      Dax McCarty is NOT “one of the most promising young players in the league”… Really good, yes. Worthy of starting, sure. But promising would suggest he has some sort of high ceiling that he does not have, in a league with guys like Gil, Nagbe, Agudelo… all the way to Fagundez, McCarty is hardly one of the most promising.

    • Bryan L. says:

      There is no chance in the world that Cahill sees the bench. If Cooper is on the team at start of the year, he is the 3rd man behind Henry and Espindola – he won’t see the field, Cahill will.

      Conde is gone for criticizing everyone on the team (except Connor Lade), but particularly Henry.

      I am shocked at the love for Holger-slow – as someone stated above, let’s not overstate things, he went from a liability to “serviceable” by the end of the year, not some rock-solid defender.

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  41. SLR says:

    I’m surprised at how many RSL fans are sad to see Johnson go. I mean, he definitely leaves it all out on the field, but hustle is about all he ever gave RSL. He will be easily replaced.

    Espindola is the only trade that surprises me, though based on his track record of missing open nets in big games and his recent struggles to score overall, it makes some more sense. The bigger picture will come into focus once RSL uses this newly available money to get a solid forward and attacking mid.

    • JRP says:

      How can Espindola surprise you? The coach sat him for half the Seattle game. If you take away four games, the guy hasn’t produced for us all season. You can only shank so many open nets before you get your bus ticket out of town. Add to that the number of one on ones he missed with the keeper and he should have been traded mid season.

      • Camjam says:

        We get it, you don’t like him. You are clearly in the minority. Fact is Espindola is pretty fast, works hard on defense, and creates a good amount for others from the forward position.

        He did seem petulant, and he is not a clinical finisher. Still, 8-9 goals with 5-6 assists each year is not bad from a forward who also does a lot of “little things” very well.

        • Nezzy48 says:

          Completely agree, Fabi works very hard on either side of the play…he equals more than the sum of his parts ( stats).

          Would rather play with him than against him!

          Explain “clinical finisher”…….

  42. Sean says:

    I’m not sure about this trade. Espindola has been disappointing recently. Could a fresh start do him good? Sure, but how many times have teams across the league said that? And I would guess up to 80% of the time, the answer is “no, it didn’t”.

    And the same goes for guys who have had troubling injury problems. Olave is a beast. But his recent injury woes, combined with his age, make him anything but a safe bet. There’s a reason RSL is a shadow of their former self. And there’s a reason they’re unloading these players at this time. The team doesn’t work. I’m not convinced.

    If this were RSL of old, I’d say great!
    But this is old of RSL, so I say please God be worth it.

    • Shake says:

      Well look at players like Magee, Buddle, and even Cooper. All these guys were under performing for their clubs at some point before being traded to a new team and completely turning things around.

    • Chodilicus says:

      RSL of old??? RSL had its best season ever this year with the most points yet. The changes are as much to do with failing in the Champions League as anything. Don’t assume just because RSL got rid of these players that they are done or past their prime. All of them are good players. Check your facts before you start throwing around ignorant comments.

  43. ed - houston says:

    daaaaaaamn, RSL is not messing around are they…

  44. ed - houston says:

    daaaaaaamn, RSL is not messing around are they…

  45. Jay says:

    The only negative from NY is that instead of some of the money, they should have shipped off Miller. I am betting they tried, but RSL was too smart to take the bait.

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  47. Keith G. says:

    Some good moves by the Red Bulls, its nice to see them looking at improving the defense which will really push the team farther. Now they need to keep Cooper and bring in Kaka. I would also like to see them get a real good LB and push Pearce in the middle.

  48. Dan says:

    Get rid of LeToux. Cooper is dumb to loose but with the Silly Cap it’s hard to keep him

    most of all GET RID OF RAFA!~

  49. 5280 says:

    This looks like the start of a mighty fine fire sale. Maybe Colorado can win back the Rocky Mountain Cup next year…

    • Neruda says:

      I don’t think so. Schuler will step in for Olave and RSL will have to find a replacements in the midfield either by promoting Gil and playing Sebastian Velasquez. They’ll also need to bring in a midfielder and a new forward to play with Saborio.

    • Chodilicus says:

      Yeah, not a fire sale at all. RSL will not rebuild yet. Schuler is a very solid CB who is much younger. Watson-Sirboe is another option that has similar athleticism to Olave. Gil is a major upgrade offensively from Will Johnson at Right Midfield.

      Then, as many others have mentioned, I fully expect that RSL will make a move for a DP Forward to pair with Saborio. Sorry Colorado fans, but we will continue to dominate you for years!

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