De Rosario, Ricketts headline 22-man Canada roster for camp ahead of Denmark, USMNT friendlies

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Canada’s latest roster might be a bit younger than usual, but it still has its share of experienced offensive weapons.

Dwayne De Rosario and Tosaint Ricketts are among the 22 players that Canada interim head coach Colin Miller has summoned for an upcoming camp that will run from Jan. 19-30 in Arizona and Texas. The Canadians will play two friendlies during the camp, first squaring off against Denmark on Jan. 26 in Tucson, AZ before battling the U.S. Men’s National Team at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston, TX.

Other notable players on Canada’s roster include Valerenga goalkeeper Lars Hirschfeld, recent MLS draft pick Kyle Bekker of Toronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps’ Russel Teibert.

Here is the full 22-man roster:

Goalkeepers (3): Lars Hirschfeld (Valerenga), Roberto Stillo (Genoa), Simon Thomas (unattached)

Defenders (6): Ashtone Morgan (Toronto FC), Nana Attakora (FC Haka), Dejan Jakovic (D.C. United), Doneil Henry (Toronto FC), Mason Trafford (IFK Mariehamn), Andres Fresenga (Racing Club de Montevideo)

Midfielders:  Matt Stinson (Toronto FC), Evan James (unattached), Emmanuel Gomez (Club Atletico Griffa), Jonathan Beaulieu-Bourgault (unattached), Russel Teibert (Vancouver Whitecaps), Kyle Bekker (Toronto FC), Terry Dunfield (Toronto FC), Philippe Davies (Richmond Kickers), Nik Ledgerwood (Hammarby)

Forwards (4): Dwayne De Rosario (D.C. United), Tosaint Ricketts (Sandnes Ulf), Frank Jonke (FF Jaro), Kyle Porter (FC Edmonton)


What do you think of Canada’s roster? Who would you have like to seen called in that wasn’t? Do you see Canada beating Denmark? Think the U.S. team will dispose of the Canucks easily in Houston?

Share your thoughts below.

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40 Responses to De Rosario, Ricketts headline 22-man Canada roster for camp ahead of Denmark, USMNT friendlies

  1. jonathan s says:

    Now who is the projected USMNT line up?

    • Paul Miller says:

      Has anyone heard for sure that the Canada roster will be all from the camp? No chance any of the known starters come back for it?

      • Paul Miller says:

        I meant USMNT roster for the Canada game; not Canada’s roster (in case anyone couldn’t figure out my question).

  2. Josh D says:

    The mighty Richmond Kickers are represented. Good memories from their games.

    This squad looks very weak.

  3. chris says:


    • Alex says:

      Minor, inconsequential squabble: Swap Besler and Gonzalez

    • Edwin in LA says:

      I like your line up but would much rather see Feilhaber in place of Beckerman even tho it’s been a while since he’s been in the nats or in form or since he was playing as a true D-Mid

      And Wondo I don’t know….I know he needs a run of games with the main guys, and these aren’t even the 1st team guys but at least with the best players available but I think I rather see EJ or Bruin to see what they have….

    • SoB says:

      I would love to see that eleven.

  4. Alex J says:

    Josh Simpson?

    Will Johnson?

  5. William the Terror says:

    So, they have one guy who ws just drafted into MLS this week, three guys playing for FC Unattached and a couple who appear to be playing in a recreational league in Greenland? I’m starting to worry.

    • James says:

      Not that I disagree, but keep in mind this isn’t Canada’s full strength squad either. The US roster for this game isn’t terribly formidable on paper either.

      • William the Terror says:

        Agreed, James. And, in all fairness, I love pretty much everything about Canada (especially teasing Canadians with overused stereotypes).

      • Hogatroge says:

        I would leave a snarky comment about how wrong your last sentence is, but I don’t want to jynx the US squad.

    • chris says:

      Dont underestimate Klinnsman’s ability to try something stupid

  6. AtlPRPlanner says:

    Really, I have no idea about this squad. I would like a more analytical piece. I think the Canada stories have to be CMNT for dummies. I thought I followed MLS, but then I realized I really know nothing about these MLS listed players, with the exception of the new draftee. I hope Canada does well, they have a much higher ceiling for development than other countries in CONCACAF. And given that MLS is US/CA, I think our fates are intertwined, and hopefully the will develop into a high quality rivalry.

    • Bigby says:

      They are using this training exercise to cap tie a number of potential future players, as well as see what the youngsters have to offer for the future.. It seems to be standard for many countries, especially when there really is absolutely nothing at stake.

  7. James Bond says:

    Brek Shea to STOKE CITY, that’s what’s reported. STOKE? All that talk about Arsenal, it’s kick and follow Stoke City.

    • Edwin in LA says:

      I mean he was talked about with Arsenal being interested back when he was playing well in 2011 but eh I’m not surprised there’s nothing coming from the Gunners….as for him going to Stoke….god I hope not…..look at how that turned out for another US mid….Edu?

      Although I suppose maybe they are not as deep in wingers?

      • Beto says:

        Absolutly no way he makes it to arsenal’s game day roster. Stoke he has a much better chance and i think he could actually play into their style. Good move if it happens.

      • Beto says:

        Edu was just behind too many other cb/cdm’s i would say stoke is loaded with wing forwards/mids like they are with central defenders

    • Monty says:

      Stoke City are guaranteed to stay in the Premier League. It could be a good move for him since he would only need to beat out Etherington to win a starting spot.

    • GW says:

      Wrong rumour.

      Holden is supposed .to go to Arsenal right after they sign CJ Sapong

  8. ac says:

    Kyle Beckerman vs Kyle Bekker! lol same name both went to ACC schools.

  9. AMPhibian says:

    anyone know what’s going on with evan james right now?

  10. Beto says:

    This canada roster looks like a joke. I hope deRo is back to his old form cuz take him out and id say any mls team could easily handle this team..let alone the US B/C team

    • Paul Miller says:

      Same thought. What are we really going to learn from this? That Gonzo and Besler can potentially handle De Ro? We already have seen those match-ups numerous times. The only thing interesting about this is it will provide a marker of how well Gatt and Diskerud perform against MLS-level competition. There has been some comparisons made between the Tippeligae and MLS, so now we’ll get a more direct look at how a couple of the more exciting players from over there look against some of the less exciting players from over here.

  11. AzTeXan says:

    Just bought my tickets. It should be much more enjoyable than the Gold Cup double header I went to in Mexico, er, I mean Reliant Stadium.

  12. Coop says:

    Will be great to see the nats in bbva. DeRo will have a fine homecoming. A shame he didn’t opt to stay though.

  13. duncan green says:

    DERO should have been dumped after the WCQ campaign..hes utterly useless to us and has been for a while..Canada is supporse to be rebuilding, so why keep a lazy fossle on the team??