Johnson, Zusi headline January USMNT camp roster

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Jurgen Klinsmann has called in 25 players ahead of the January camp roster, a squad heavy on MLS talent.

Eddie Johnson and Graham Zusi headline a squad with 21 MLS players. The Houston Dynamo trio of Will Bruin, Brad Davis and Tally Hall were among the players called in, as were USMNT veterans Benny Feilhaber and young playmaker Mix Diskerud.

New York Red Bulls rookie Connor Lade is the first member of the 2012 MLS rookie class to earn a call-up.

Here is the USMNT roster for the January camp:

GOALKEEPERS– Tally Hall (Houston Dynamo), Bill Hamid (D.C. United), Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire)

DEFENDERS-Steven Beitashour (San Jose Earthquakes), Tony Beltran (Real Salt Lake), Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City), A.J. DeLaGarza (LA Galaxy), Omar Gonzalez (LA Galaxy), Connor Lade (New York Red Bulls), Alfredo Morales (Hertha Berlin), Justin Morrow (San Jose Earthquakes), Jeff Parke (Philadelphia Union)

MIDFIELDERS– Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Alejandro Bedoya (out of contract), Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo), Mix Diskerud (Rosenborg), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders), Benny Feilhaber (Sporting Kansas City), Joshua Gatt (Molde), Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)

FORWARDS– Juan Agudelo (Chivas USA), Will Bruin (Houston Dynamo), Edson Buddle (Colorado Rapids), Eddie Johnson (Seattle Sounders), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)


More on today’s announcement after the jump:

According to Fox Soccer, Jermaine Jones and Maurice Edu could still be called in to take part in the January camp. Klinsmann pointed out that Landon Donovan was not called in because he is still on his winter break and has yet to make a decision on his future.

Nick Rimando was also originally slated to be called in, but was forced out due to injury. Chris Pontius is also still recovering from injury, as is Brek Shea.

This roster is NOT the squad that will face Honduras. Klinsmann will select a different roster for that qualifier, which should include some of the players on this list. Klinsmann stated that we could see anywhere from five to eight players from this camp on the roster for the Honduras qualifier.

While the camp is being used to provide a fitness base for several players who will be a part of the Honduras qualifier, it will also serve as an opportunity for fringe players to establish themselves on the USMNT depth chart ahead of a busy summer for the national team. A summer that will include the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

The USMNT will hold camp in Carson, Calif. from Monday through the rest of January before concluding camp with a friendly against Canada on Jan. 29th. The camp will serve, at least in part, as some preparation ahead of the Feb. 5th CONCACAF World Cup Qualifier vs. Honduras.

What do you think of the squad? Who are you happy to see on the squad? Who wasn’t called in that you feel deserved a look?

Share your thoughts below.

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169 Responses to Johnson, Zusi headline January USMNT camp roster

  1. Wess says:

    Edson Buddle…..really…..ughhh. But I like the roster.

    • chris_thebassplayer says:

      Yeah, I hear you, there are a lot of players that are just camp filler. I would have liked to have seen Berry also instead of another outside back. Happy to see Omar, Besler, Morales, Beitashour and Morrow…Mix, Gatt and Zusi…Agudelo, EJ and Wondo.

      • Wess says:

        Agreed. But Buddle in my opinion is done. This past season he has been awful. Maybe a Sapong would have been a better option.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Might be because he wants someone to be a professional and serious model. These kids know who Buddle is and respect his talent. They may be better then him in the end, but right now it helps focus them. IMO

  2. Bo says:

    No Alan Gordon???

    • Chris says:

      He’s hurt

    • AcidBurn says:

      The fields in training and for the friendly are too good. Gordon will be there for the crappy fields in Panama and Jamaica. When the US needs an equalizer/winner after the 85th minute on a crappy field, who are you going to call?

    • AcidBurn says:

      The fields in training and for the friendly are too good. Gordon will be there for the crappy fields in Panama and Jamaica. When the US needs an equalizer/winner after the 85th minute on a crappy field, who are you going to call?

  3. Dos says:

    Connor Lade invite blows my mind.

    • alex says:

      Can not believe the Connor Lade call up. Unbelievable! I’m beginning to wonder about Klinsman’s choices.

      • T-lover says:

        Conor lade is a good player when he is put in the midfield, however struggles as an outside back. I would have also called in Silva and Farfan, who have very good creative skills. I don’t get the Buddle selection, he had a very poor season last year.

        • CorkSoccer says:

          Would rather have Sheanon Williams instead of Garfan.

        • Eurosnob says:

          Lade is listed as a defender on the roster. Plus, Kitchen, DeLeon, Adu, Farfan, Silva, etc. had better seasons than Lade and deserved the call up more.

    • rigoberto says:

      Agreed. I wouldn’t even want him on my club team, let alone getting a whiff of the national team.

      • T-lover says:

        Conor Lade is a good player, people make idiotic claims without seeing this player play every day. As a defender, no. However in the Midfield,he has speed and skill on the ball. If you watch when NY played Seattle, he did this sick move on seattle.

    • DCUnitedWillRiseAgain says:

      Conor Lade is incredibly over rated. He may turn into a good player one day, but this it precipitous to say the least.

      • T-lover says:

        Yeah you names say’s it all, DC United is lucky Rafa help you with a win.

        • Dlewis says:

          Lol man stop getting caught up in your feelings. D.C United beat you guys, get over it. As for Lade, your justification for his selection was one move against Seattle, good squad depth player, but he should be nowhere near any national team setup.

          • T-lover says:

            As someone that see’s him play every game, I think I should know how good a player is. He is fast and skillful. You are the only one that is letting his feelings get in the way, because the only reason you have a negative opinion about Conor Lade, is because he is part of the NYRB.

          • T-lover says:

            You clearly don’t know talent. The kid is raw and talented, anyone that see’s him play every game would agree with me. He is not good depth player, he is a good player, that played out of position last year. Which is why Backe got fired, for bad decisions like not playing him in the Midfield Position.This is what Henry said about the kid “I was asking to bring Connor on, because I think Connor can help us,’’ said Henry. “I understand that he comes from university and you have to also be patient with him because you don’t want to also burn him. But you saw it; when he comes on he changed the .game, and that’s the kind of thing I was asking for. So If both Henry and Jurgen see the talent, why can’t you idiots.

            • Chris says:

              I kinda agree. Connor Lade is fast, and skillful, and made some godawful decisions in defense last year. Maybe training at a high level (I can’t imagine he’ll get in a game this year) will help him improve his decision-making.

    • Joamiq says:

      After the season he had, he deserves it. From time to time, you have to reward unheralded young players like this who step up out of nowhere and contribute to their clubs in a big way. Does he possess national team talent? Probably not. But he deserves a shot, and it sends a good message to potential diamonds in the rough that he’s getting it. And who knows – maybe he’ll surprise people. He’s done it before.

  4. wilyboy says:

    How in blazes did Chris Pontius not get an invite? What good is Brad Evans? Buddle has no business being on here as well. Conor Lade? WTF.

  5. Murphy says:

    I like Lade and Parke but are they really going to help the national team?

    • Forza says:

      Lade not so much, but Parke is a very good defender and could possibly start for the USA B team that will be playing in the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Guys like Cameron, Goodson, Gonzalez, Edu, and maybe even Besler will be playing in the Qualifiers.

  6. leobriseno says:

    Alan Gordon instead of wondo. Its clear wondo doesnt fit in klinsman formation or style of play.

    • chris says:

      You’re right wondo thrives on service and in JK’s 3 defensive mid system the forward gets no service at all

      • Forza says:

        But if you look at this current roster, there is only one clearly defensive midfielder in Beckerman. The rest of the midfielders are creative (Bedoya, Feilhaber, Davis, Diskerud, Evans, Gatt, Zusi). I expect to see a better fluidity in the offense in this game.

        • chris_thebassplayer says:

          Maybe we see Morales as a Dmid. I rather see him given an opportunity…don’t want to see Mo brought in, and we already know what Jones can do there.

  7. Ryan nanez says:

    Here come all the brad Evans fanboys. I’m glad mix, bedoya, and feilhaber are there

    • Ryan nanez says:

      Oh and I’m glad Zusi and Gatt are too

    • Travis says:

      brad evans fanboys? where? he is a good player who can play a variety of positions but is clearly not a USMNT player.

      • Ian says:

        Fanboy here: an interesting fact I heard from an interview of several Sounders players: the consensus was that if they could have 11 of one player on the field, who would it be? Brad Evans. Or, as @theshinguardian calls him, Brad “Peanut Butter” Evans.

        • Rory Miller says:

          Jack of all trades…

          • Tim M. says:

            Master of none…

            • brad.evans says:

              There is a lot of value in a player that can play multiple positions well. I am not saying Evans is in the 25 that get picked for a qualifier, but that Evans has really stepped it up the past 1.5 seasons (especially after the Sounders got Tiffert) and Evans is deservedly in the mix and deserved this call-up. He is good enough to impress and I would not be surprised if he moves up to the “bubble” group of players for this year’s qualifiers.

              Hate him all you want, but he’s become a very good player. His best years are right now and the next few seasons. In his prime, entering his peak run.

      • GW says:


        Since JK called Evans in for the last January camp, he and his staff obviously disagree with you.

        • Travis says:

          i am a sounders fan through and through, watch him all the time. solid player, very useful, may even be ok for playing against lower level CONCACAF but against major teams i dont see it.

      • alf says:

        How do you know that?

  8. wfrw07 says:

    The 12 goalies and defenders called in combined have 10 caps. That is interesting.

    Other than that, the camp is what it is, and anyone with a hint of injury is being held out, so no complaints from me.

    • Jake says:

      Not really. Howard and Guzan have the GK caps. Defenders in Europe or Mexico have the caps there. Gonzalez likely would have a lot more had he been healthy the first half of last year.

  9. SD says:

    I’m ok with this roster. Some of the guys can be on the roster for honduras and certainly many more could be on the gold cup roster…..

    • Jake says:

      JK said he might take about 7 from this group to Honduras. That’s good incentive for guys to work hard to make that team. I’d bet most of those spots are for 1 forward, a wide midfielder or two, and defenders. Perhaps a goalie?

  10. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Happy to see Benny get called in, hope he can work his way back into the national team mix.

    • evan says:

      i can’t see how Benny merits a call any more than Freddy Adu does, who was not called…

      • Forza says:

        Benny was still very good for the Revs last year and was close to the top of the league in passes, chances created, and big chances created (getting these stats from an mlssoccer article a while ago). The Revs just didn’t finish for him, but I expect him to get 10 assists at least for Sporting KC this year

      • Bizzy says:

        Thank you thank you thank you…….at least someone can say it. Adu created more chances and made a bigger impact for his team than Feilhaber. Benny couldn’t even out shine Lee Nguyen in NE, who wasn’t call up….Now throw in Bedoya, when was last time he featured for a club let alone play 90 mins….and Beckermen again, really? Another Bornstein on our hands….maybe this is to help some players with exposure (because that’s the only logical reason). I do like the switch up to the line up though with Brad Davis (finally) and Evans two really strong auxilliary players. I would have liked to see Chris Pontius

        • wfrw07 says:

          Have to disagree with your comment about Bedoya, who was starting in Sweden and playing Europa League football (and scoring) well after Adu’s season ended. Now, if you want to say that he doesn’t deserve a look, you can make that argument, but if you argue he isn’t playing, you are missing the boat bigtime.

        • GW says:

          Brad Evans was called in last January.

          Pontius tweeted that he has a groin pull and has to be ready for MLS regular season.

          Bedoya has been doing well in Sweden. You haven’t been paying attention.

          I believe Nguyen is still hurt and anyway he’s not better than Bedoya, Zusi, Mix or Gatt who are the guys he probably would be in competition with.

          Beckerman is a leader in the clubhouse and this is a young roster.

          Benny has defensive capabilites and is far more versatile than Freddy.

          Freddy’s USMNT record shows him to be a part time, specialist, luxury player. JK prefers versatile players who can contribute on both sides of the ball ( see Gomez, Herc) .

          Unless Freddy has a breakout season in Philly, one where you don’t have to make up lame excuses for his lack of production such as lousy forwards, then I don’t see JK ever calling Freddy up.

          But you never know.

          • Alcharod says:

            –Unless Freddy has a breakout season in Philly, one where you don’t have to make up lame excuses for his lack of production such as lousy forwards, then I don’t see JK ever calling Freddy up.

            yea your right adu has to keep the ball in the final 3rd, pass it to himself, make another pass to himself, shoot, shot blocked, Adu runs back down the pitch to play goal keeper… If you can’t blame is forwards when he gives excellent chances…then yes I guess he is doomed to be on this squad because hell he has to do everything play the 10 other positions as well and 4th referee…

            • GW says:


              Dominant players and Freddy is paid to be one, are supposed to make others better.

              Union Assist leaders:
              .Michael Farfan 5. Jack McInerney 3 , Lionard Pajoy 2, Roger Torres 2,Sheanon Williams 2

              Answer me this, if Freddy is so amazing how is it that these five guys have more assists than he does with what I assume are the same group of crap forwards?

              What exactly are Philly getting for their money?

              Shouldn’t they expect more assists from Adu than Sheanon Williams?

              • Alcharod says:

                You sound more like your pissed about his salary than his skills. Your quite bright my friend…if his forwards and finished what he gave them his stats would be up there. I dont understand some of you idiots against Adu. Why are you bringing up Adu and Philly. When this is the National team we are talking about? You saying the Union is better then the USMNT? Has Adu under-performed for the Nats? Exactly Idiot.

              • Dennis says:

                Adu under-performs for the USMNT. It is not that he fails to pull off some clever play, but that he takes risks that, when they fail, put the team in a bad position to defend. Also, he spends more of the game being unavailable to receive a pass than most players in his position. For instance, Hoppenot, while not having all of Adu’s skills, is much more clever in finding ways to get open or be available for a pass. And the same set of players seem to be able to find Hoppenot than Adu. If only Freddy would develop the soccer sense he needs. I remain ever hopeful, but still disappointed.

              • GW says:


                Your thesis, such as it is, appears to be the following:

                1. Fredinho is outstanding when he plays for the USMNT
                2. His club form therefore, is irrelevant

                Adu has 17 appearances for the USMNT (the senior USMNT not the minor league Under whatevers which do not count).

                He has 2 goals and 3 assists. That is a goal every 8.5 games and an assist every 5.7 games.

                A good ratio for an attacking midfielder is a goal about every 3- 5 games.

                Assists are a little harder of figure but in MLS this year Zusi the season leader, in 32 games, had an assist every 2.1 games and Donovan, in 26 games, had one every 1.9 games.

                On the other hand Donovan is the USMNT leader and he has 48 in 144 games or I assist every 3 games.

                Adu is not much of a goal scoring threat then and is okay when it comes to assists.

                Contrary to myth, Adu was given an extended run by Bradley. He had 9 appearances in 2008 (4 games started, 1 goal, 2 assists) and 3 more in 2009 (2 game started, 1 goal, 0 assists). In 2009 Adu was at Monaco where he had something like 10 appearances (not full games) the entire season.

                In 2009 BB put Adu on both the Confederations Cup and the Gold Cup rosters.

                In South Africa, Freddy did not get off the bench and in the Gold Cup Freddy scored a goal against Grenada and then left to go train back in Europe.

                After all that, BB who has been unquestionably his biggest supporter amongst managers, did not name Adu to the 2010 WC squad. BB never said why but on the face of it looks like his declining club PT led to him not performing as well for the USMNT.

                That decision by Bradley should tell you why it is Adu’s inability to stay on the field for his club is important. It probably cost him a shot at a World Cup spot.

                BB called him back for the 2011 Gold Cup, after Freddy had a really good run with his club in Turkey. Freddy did well against Panama. He started the final and helped out on the 2 US goals but was also on the field for all 4 Mexican goals. If he was ever going to prove he was the US’ savior, that would have been the game to do it in. Instead, I see him as a fancy player who looks great while his team loses.

                The point is it seems clear that when Freddy goes through his annual club crisis he loses sharpness and form. And this time around, it’s the same old lame story all over again.

                His 17 games are a bit of a mixed bag. They show that he is okay offensively (5 total points out of 17 games). His assists are his main contribution. I’ve seen him play many times and all that flashy stuff is great but he is a defensive liability. He also isn’t fit and can’t go 90 so he always has to be subbed out or subbed in later.

                Because of his age, and only because of that, Adu may eventually come around but he isn’t going to do that sitting on a couch in Philly.

                In the context of the USMNT, if you have been following them, it’s pretty clear that JK sees Freddy’s negatives as not being worth his positives. Freddy is not JK’s type of player. Just compare him to the most obvious example of a guy who is JK’s type of player, Herc Gomez.

          • Brian says:

            “But you never know”…yeah, stranger things have happened…

            …like JK selecting Connor Lade.

            • GW says:

              I’m not familiar with Lade.

              But I see where Henry has been praising him. He’s biased of course but Henry doesn’t seem like the type to just praise anyone for no reason.

              Of course we are talking about the what? 46th spot on the depth chart?

          • bizzy says:

            GW, there is no player currently selected midfield that holds a light to Freddy Adu.
            What has Zusi accomplished….what credible team has he played for, How about Feilhaber, what credible team has he even sat on the bench for…..a player that got cut from NE with no team killing themselves to acquire him. And Evans? None of the selected Midfielders for this camp have played or gone on loan to any team worth talking about…None
            You are talking about statistics and ratios that clearly you don’t know what you are talking about and doesn’t justify the skill and talent of the player. Adu is not being played in his natural position where he excelled in the U-20/U-23 class, he is force to play the wings instead of being centered like a true NO.10. He is the closes thing to a true attacking midfielder that the USMNT has at this point (NYRB vs Adu/Toronto vs Adu….there isn’t a player in our midfield capable for such skill…blowing by players, nut megging defenders…none).
            What you and more people have to realize about top talent is that you need top talent around you to excel, hence one man cannot carry a team by himself
            Julian De Guzan did nothing in MLS, 2 goals in 65 appearances for Toronto, 1 goal in 12 appearances for FC Dallas…..yet he just signed a 1+ million contact with Mallorca in LA LIGA, one of the best league in the world.
            Roger Espinoza…..2 goals in 113 appearances….just sign a contact with Wigan Athletic in the EPL
            Marco Di Vaio…has played for Italian National team, Lazio, Verona, Bari, Parma, JUVENTUS, Valencia, Monaco, Genoa, and Bologna…..what could he do for Montreal Impact by himself? ..nothing, 2 goals in 17 appearances
            when talking about talent we have few in our pool that is as talented, ability and skill as Adu. We need to come to the conclusion that he is a dangerous weapon in our arsenal and going to war without him only hurts us. 24 under 24 Adu was in the top 5 in the league for chances created. The sooner an MLS team builds AROUND him and the USMNT grooms him, the better it’ll be for US soccer

            • GW says:


              “GW, there is no player currently selected midfield that holds a light to Freddy Adu.”

              You might be right.

              But you may be confusing a fun to watch entertainer with productive, effective winner. When Freddy is on he is absolutely more fun to watch than any other US player.

              But if the result matters, like the Gold Cup final, I don’t want Freddie anywhere near the team for longer than 20 minutes. Yes, he helped them score 2 but then he was also there for all 4 Mexican comeback goals. That sort of sums Freddy up.

              Score 2 give up 4 disappear when people need you near the end.

              In those kind of brutal games, when you need players to be tough, Freddy doesn’t show up.

              And make no mistake the World Cup is full of brutal, ugly games.

              This is a team game. There are 10 other guys besides Freddy and just because he may be the greatest midfielder in the world it does not mean the whole thing works when Freddy is in there. I really don’t think that a US team whose main tactic is Freddy going one on one is going anywhere. For one thing he can’t go 90 minutes.

              You are correct. To get the best out of Freddy you have to build the team around him. But you only do that if he is another Xavi, Iniesta, Riquelme or even Forlan but show me the person who believes Freddy is in their class.

              And guess what, while there is still time for it to happen, no one is currently willing do it. What do all these professionals know that we do not?

              Managers who know a lot more about the game than you or I have evaluated Freddy and his particular set of skills. I may not know what I am talking about but those guys were/are far more accomplished than you or I and where they stand on the issue is pretty clear. They have all decided that his particular set of skills is killing the teamwork.

              In 2008-2009 when Bradley was trying Adu out for the US, the offensive axis of the team was basically Donovan and Dempsey. Freddy wasn’t going to displace either one of those guys and playing them with him might have worked if the US could play like Barca, with what 78% possession or whatever but the US was not then, and is not now set up for that style. So Adu was jettisoned.

              Now it’s 2013 and Adu does not appear to have improved either on the field or off the field. Okay maybe Nowak is crazy but Freddy, who should know Nowak better than anyone, chose to reunite with him did he not? How many years is it going to be all the coaches fault and not Freddy’s?

              You act like he is still 14 when he first broke in and didn’t know any better. He’s a big boy now.

              And Bizzy, let go of that Under 23 stuff. It’s like Heisman Trophy winners in the NFL. Senior USMNT is a different game from the Under 23’s. Players often do well there, then get to the senior level and then disappear. Like Freddy.

              Bizzy, where I’m from if you want a job you look at the job description and try to make yourself look like what the employer wants. If you don’t you are either really arrogant or an idiot.

              Now do a little research and find out what JK wants from his players. That is the job description. The man certainly talks enough about it.

              Then tell me if you see any resemblance between the kind of player JK wants and Freddy.

              • bizzy says:

                Even though I don’t agree with everything you said, damn it I have to give it to you though, especially because of “the job description and try to make yourself look like what the employer wants”……it hurts but its the truth. Well put

  11. Jay says:

    Any interest in Johansson? Can’t argue with the current selections though. Just curious.

    • Derrick says:

      Johannson is hurt. he has a hernia . He said he would of came if not for the hernia surgery.

  12. Goalscorer24 says:

    No Lichaj, because he is playing for his club team I suppose?

    • Joe+G says:

      Yes. No players from UK, Germany, etc., because they are in season and this isn’t a FIFA date.

  13. Ryen says:

    About time Omar got called into camp! I know injuries and MLS cup playoffs have kept him out but this guy is the real deal! I’m expecting big things from Omar. Go USA! Go Galaxy!

  14. Bkyn says:

    Lade over Dax?


    • Jake says:

      Totally different positions. One where the US is absolutely stacked. One where the cupboard is bare. Although I agree that Lade seems like a strange pick in general.

    • fischy says:

      JK has his eyes on 2018, too. Dax ain’t gonna make the 2014 team…or the 2018 team. Getting Lade in early will help his advancement. Dax had similar looks when he was younger.

      • Tim M. says:

        But cleary Klinsy’s selection decisions weren’t all based on exposing prospects to the national level.

        I don’t think that Nick Rimando will make the 2014 world cup roster, or Buddle, or Parke, and about half of the other guys on this list, but their here (or would be) because of their experience and leadership qualities.

        Based of what i’ve come to learn about Jurgen’s selection process, Dax is definitely one of those “givers” and definitely has a tremendous work rate and plenty of ambition, not to mention just coming off a career year.

        I wouldn’t say his not being invited is major slight or anything, but it’s definitely not being here is a shame. He would of fit this group well

        But i guess Jurgen has his depth chart.

  15. somedude says:

    At least we can already identify who doesn’t have a chance at making the team for the Hex. I would be disappointed if some of the guys on this roster are on the Gold Cup team though. Edson Buddle, really?

  16. Jack says:

    No Michael Farfan? I thought he had a very good year for the Union.

  17. evan says:

    no Steve Clark?

  18. chris says:

    Dax over Evans and De Leon over Benny is what it should have been

  19. bottlcaps says:

    Good to see De La Garza in the camp. Being out injured for the whole of the postseason didn’t mar his great season with the Galaxy. The added bonus of DLG is that he a Omar Gonzales have been paired up since their collegiate Maryland where they won the NCAA title and then two MLS titles. Much has been made of Gonzales’ great season, but DLG was a good part of that. Tommy Meyer, a rookie to watch, filled in supremely in his absence and was a key understudy-made-good in the run to the MLS Cup.

  20. Jack says:

    I thought De La Garza is representing Guam now?

  21. spudder says:

    Austin Berry over Jeff Parke

  22. juan says:

    I think Dax should have been given a shot and would have liked to have Klinsmann give Kevin Alston a look. BB had called Alston once but his hamstring prevented him from going. Hes raw but has a ton of speed

  23. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    No Dax? Why?

  24. Dudester says:

    No DeLeon? No Conor Obrien? Maybe he’s looking for a new club and can’t be bothered but I’ll take him over Beckerman and Evans any day.

  25. Beckster says:

    Would have liked to see Perry Kitchen get a shot. He is terrific and just gets the job done without drawing a lot of attention.

  26. Dudester says:

    Chance Myers a guy I really like must be way down the pecking behind Beltran De Lagearza Morrow Lade ect, wow.With only 3 cb’s and the rest outside backs I would’ve called in Hedges or Barry.

  27. Philbin says:

    I don’t know why Beckerman keeps getting the call. I think he’s shown enough times that while he is a good MLS player, he just doesn’t cut it with the USMNT.

    • T-lover says:

      I think Beckerman had a bad MLS season, so this also puzzles me.

    • Thebumswillalwayslose says:

      Leadership. If you look at that roster, there are a lot of good players but very few guys who are captains or who have much experience with the way Klinsmann camps run. Beckerman has both and I’d imagine Klinsi will look to him to be the captain and leader of this group.

      That, and the fact that he’s the best defensive midfielder on the roster and, in my opinion, the best d-mid available for this camp.

      • Woodenshoe11 says:

        It would not surprise me if Beckerman became one of the key starters in the Gold Cup. He has looked pretty awful in some of the qualifiers, but likely will not be competing the cream of our d-mid crop for the Gold Cup. He may even be named captain for those matches.

  28. hudson says:

    The most important thing with this camp is that Omar Gonzalez gets into the mix in preparation for the rest of the qualifying process and 2014. Hee won’t have the opportunity to play w/ or against the established center backs–Bocanegra, Cameron, Goodson, etc.–but it’s his start on the path to eventually claiming the starting spot alongside Cameron.

  29. Bob says:

    It’ll be interesting to see Davis and Zusi duke it out for the free kicks. Also disappointed about pontius injury.

  30. Jon says:

    Not mentioned yet, but it appears Agudelo will be training with Zusi at West Ham and report in next week. Hia agent revealed on Twitter earlier today.

  31. TickTack says:

    Glad to see Davis back in the mix. Not so sure about Hall being in the net(and that’s coming from a Dynamo fan), Will Bruin isn’t really the ideal striker to have on the USMNT, but good to see him get involved in a camp. Would have liked to see Perry Kitchen on the roster but stoked to see Gatt’s speed in person.

  32. divers suck says:

    Pretty much the last chance for Brad Davis and Benny Feilhaber?

    • BigBirdLenny says:

      I’m a huge Davis fan, but I read his selection as a sort of recognition of his quality and an opportunity for him to play for the USMNT in front of his home fans. In a pinch, someone like Davis would be great in qualifiers, but I highly doubt we’d see it due to the fact that I cant see him going to Brazil.

      • alf says:

        Football has a way of making men rise to the occasion. People have bad habit of using stats to judge a human being and I for one think that is mathematically wrong. The human spirit has nothing to do with math.

  33. PetedeLA says:

    OK. There are some talented players here, but some of these guys are just too far past it. Cough (Buddle)

    And why the heck isn’t Nick DeLeon on this list.

    That kid has a huge future.

    Is it too late for Alan Gordon to convert to centerback?

  34. MMV says:

    Don’t be surprised to see some players leaving before camp has concluded. Guys like Mix and Bedoya are out of contract and are seeking new employment. Both were on short-term deals with Rosenborg and Helsingborgs. Agudelo has drawn some interest and Morales could seeking a loan due to lack of PT at Hertha. There are a couple of surprises in camp. At the end of the day, a look is a look and it hurts no one to be called up. It’s not like this roster is the roster for the Honduras.

  35. chris says:

    No Sapong? I initially almost cried laughing at the Sapong to Arsenal rumour but with KC denying Dwyers loan and Sapong not getting called in im starting to wonder

  36. DCUnitedWillRiseAgain says:

    Biggest surprise absence for me is John Anthony Brooks. He is a real budding talent at the back and we need those guys.

    Biggest surprise presence is Beckerman. If you don’t know what you’ve got with him yet, then I really don’t know what to say.

    Pleasant Surprise: Brad Davis. He certainly deserves it, but I didn’t think Klinsi would go for him. That said, I am not sure his size and speed are adequate to the international game, though his accuracy certainly is.

    Other than these I agree with what most have said re: Kitchen, Berry, Lade, Dax, DeLeon, Parke

    One other suggestion I would throw out there is Brandon McDonald. He had a stellar year with DCUnited anchoring that defense. He’s not the best, but I’d take him over Parke or Beltran.

    • Conor says:

      JAB is getting playing time with Hertha Berlin, no need to call him in. Leave him alone and hope he gets released for the U20’s Qualifying (Which probably won’t happen).

      • DCUnitedWillRiseAgain says:

        Ah that’s correct Conor. Thanks. I forgot he was actually getting starts now.

  37. Thomas says:

    GK: S. Johnson (I don’t really know between Hamid vs Johnson but Klinsmann seems to like Johnson better)
    RB: S. Beitashour
    RCB: O.Gonzalez
    LCB: M.Besler
    LB: Honestly I have no idea
    CDM: J.Jones or M.Edu
    CDM: B.Davis (I know he doesn’t play CDM and he played LM and CM for the Dynamo. I think he could play kinda like a Pirlo role even though he is no where near Pirlo talent wise, but Davis has good ball control and makes smart passes.)
    LM: J.Gatt (I think he played couple of games at LM for Molde)
    CAM: M.Diskerud
    RM: G. Zusi
    ST: E.Johnson (Even though Klinsmann likes him at winger, i think the January camp would be a good time to try him at striker.

    • danny says:

      I like this. I would only change a couple things.

      1. Swap Gatt and Zusi, Zusi has played on both sides (as well as the middle) with SKC, so he would fit in just fine on the left side.

      2. I would like to see less Jones and Edu, more somebody else… maybe Feilhaber?

      3. IMO Beltran is superior to Beitashour, and it still baffles me that a true LB like Seth Sinovic or Kofi weren’t called in.

  38. Ivan Mendez says:

    C.J. Sapong >>>>> edson buddle

  39. Arty says:

    No adu? Him and mix on a practice field measuring their skills wouldve been interesting.

  40. Andy says:

    Why can’t we call in 35 players? Everyone’s a winner!

  41. Dan in New York says:

    I like the Connor Lade pick. Yes he’s raw but you gotta start preparing for the future. Isn’t that what these January camps are all about?

  42. Sabella says:

    I think this camp and corresponding game are a complete waste of time. Yes, as a RBNY fan, happy to see Lade called in and get some experience. The fact is, it will be a good experience for all those players in attendence. But that is not the issue. We have a WC qualifier one week later. This camp is a distraction for Klinsmann. He should be glued to the TV watching the guys that are actually being called in for Honduras. He should be thinking about who his best 11 are and to do that he needs to know who is what form.

  43. Caleb H. says:

    Feel like chance Myers should be on this list as well as Austin berry or Matt hedges. Myers has great work rate and berry and hedges are good strong young CBs. DeLeon or adu would have been nice as well, need some more playmakers in the mix

  44. Josh says:

    It’s a never ending battle people. There will always be people left off. JK could invite 100 guys and you’d still find a way to find somebody who was left out. It is what it is, and most of these guys aren’t the top flight team for the important games.. If they were borderline, they likely aren’t going to get playing time anyways. Pessimistic rant done

  45. SoB says:

    Sheanon Williams deserves a shot. I know that Right Back is rather stacked with talent compared to the left, but he was fast even on a bum toe last year. Underrated crossing, great one v. one defender and he has the long throw-in. Shameless plug done.

  46. bryan says:

    Kitchen and, to a lesser extent, DeLeon are surprise non-calls to me.

    • Josh D says:

      This. Kitchen would do fine anchoring the midfield, and with Beckerman the only other true DM, it’s an even bigger surprise.

      DeLeon would be great out wide. However, I guess Gatt’s inclusion knocked him off. Still would prefer his potential over Davis’ who won’t see full team jersey for the rest of his career.

      I wish Klinsi offered a Twitter “fan conference” where we could ask him questions. The press is far too careful.

      Otherwise great selections. Hope Mix has a good showing against Canada. It may make his next career move.

      • Paul Miller says:

        JK is looking for subs. The starters are pretty deep at DM, with Bradley, Jones, Williams.

  47. Pete says:

    No Kenny Cooper?

  48. danny says:

    A few things…

    The selection of Wondo, Beckerman, Lade, and Buddle perplex me. The selection of Evans, Parke and Davis as veterans I am totally fine with.

    But I would hope to have replaced:
    Kitchen for Beckerman
    Myers/Sinovic for Lade
    Silva for Wondo
    DeLeon/Sapong for Buddle

    Other than the four, I am so down with these selections, so overall, I do think JK did an excellent job.

    Also eager to see if Zusi and Aguedelo training at West Ham will do with Zusi working with Joe Cole and perhaps Aguedelo hanging in the air with Andy Carroll. Lol.

  49. Beto says:

    Pretty good squad. Plenty of new guys and vets. I hope they take it to canada with zusi and omar leading the way

  50. Brian says:

    Edson Buddle’s inclusion in this squad will probably be the high point for Colorado Rapids fans in 2013.

  51. Dainja says:

    Why all the Lade hate??? He’s a good talent, has speed and takes people on the way few young Americans do. Has he found his best position yet? i don’t think so, but Klinsman recognizes his raw talent and that’s why this pick is actually the most impressive out of all the selections.

    • SoB says:

      I’m a Union man and I still think Lade is loaded with talent. Anyone hating hasn’t watched him play enough. He was out of position at fb/ still learning the position. His vision, pace and composure on the ball are stellar, not just for his age, across the board.

  52. alex says:

    Lade is fast period. He can’t cross a ball if his life depended upon it. People confuse speed with talent.

  53. chris_thebassplayer says:

    Best quasi-sleeper pick with the biggest upside – Morrow

  54. Micah King says:

    Why did jones not get a call up?

    • Paul Miller says:

      Jermaine Jones? He’ll be playing in Germany. Look through the camp roster again. None of the probable starters are on it. This is the developmental group fighting for sub positions or maybe one or two starter positions still open, like Gatt at RW.

      • Alcharod says:

        Jones is being called up eventually the report says there is a chance he is still coming, and he’s not playing in Germany he’s on a 4 match ban.

      • Thebumswillalwayslose says:

        Not unless he decides to play in some pick-up pub league games. Jones is suspended from Bundesliga play until Feb 2 for getting a straight red, which is why there was speculation he’d get a call. At the moment I’d imagine there’s some conversation between JJ, Klinsi and Schalke management about what’s best for all involved parties. He might still end up in camp.

  55. Paul Miller says:

    Gonzalez and Gatt are the headline names here.

    Gatt is likely to be a starter immediately if Donovan doesn’t play, and Gonzalez will be a starter after the U.S. finds itself in an early hole this hex campaign.

    • Air Jordanz says:

      I’m gonna disagree with you to an extent. I imagine Omar could be starting as early as the first home match. Additionally, Zusi gets the nod over Gatt on the right side if Donovan’s not there.

  56. Chris says:

    This camp is all but meaningless. Maybe a chance for a handful of players to prove themselves before qualifying.

    Why bother getting your panties in a bunch about the chosen players?

  57. az says:

    Can’t complain about the team, but was really hoping for Dax McCarty. was a very solid part of NY Redbulls last year

  58. The Imperative Voice says:

    It’s camp cupcake so we’ll see who stands out. In terms of some of the critiques, if the others can’t outplay Buddle or some of the arguable mistakes, then they won’t make the A team anyway.

    • Paul Miller says:

      There are three groups of players at this camp. The control group of recent USMNT subs and even start, like Zusi and EJ. The observation group of promising young guys, like Gatt, Gonzalez and Diskerud. The outlier group of other known MLS names.

      The focus will be on the observation group, to make sure they first really can outplay first the outlier group and then second to compare them against the control group. A secondary focus will be on the outlier group, to see if anyone surprises. Wondo, for instance, could work into the striker mix with a blow-out camp followed by absolutely terrorizing Canadian defenders.

      The control group isn’t going to be watched except for that comparative control. Klinsmann knows what Zusi is and isn’t. He’s just there to provide a marker by which to compare Gatt.

  59. ACS says:

    Not a lot of CBs called probably because Klinnsman expects Besler and Gonzalez to play the whole game.

    • Air Jordanz says:

      Sounds reasonable. Parke provides injury backup and morales can slot in there in a pinch (though his few performances there for Hertha last year didn’t go so well).

  60. Ben says:

    Pretty happy about this roster. Omar comin’ yo!

  61. Brain Guy says:

    I agree to a great extent with those who wanted to see Dax McCarty get a call-up. He was the glue that held RBNY together for long stretches this past year. But I do see that his time for serious MNT consideration is past, especially for someone at his position. He is the definition of a solid, workmanlike professional who did not have the extra bit of skill to play in important international matches.

  62. Karl Schneider says:

    Agudelo— EJ
    Mixx- Zusi–Gatt
    Beckerman (c)
    Morrow-Omar-Matt Besler- Beitashour
    Sounds pretty decent to me.

  63. Brett says:

    Would’ve been nice to see DeLeon, Soares, Berry, Sapong. Could’ve done without Buddle, Davis, DeLaGarza…

  64. hush says:

    Still no Adu… very disappointing. Considering that some dudes on the roster haven’t played consistently or have any business on the NATS. Poor guy can’t catch a break. Farfan being left out was also wack.