MLS Combine: Day One Match Highlights


Here are the match highlights for the two matches played on the opening day of the 2013 MLS Combine, a day that saw plenty of goals:

adiPower vs. Prime

adiZero vs. adiPure


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10 Responses to MLS Combine: Day One Match Highlights

  1. Jeff says:

    You’d hope that highlights of a combine would not be entirely focused on action around the goal.

  2. Patrick says:

    Do mls videos ever work?

  3. Um, yeah says:

    Why is Simon Borg always shouting? He’s like a Mike Myers SNL character who has no control OVER the VOLUME of his VOICE.

  4. Travis says:

    After the combine is there any chance of an article discussing how this class compares to other recent ones talent wise? Admittedly I do not follow the college levels to close so would love to hear how good these prospects are.

  5. The Imperative Voice says:

    Is there any list with jersey #s? Struggling to find one on MLS. You see someone do something good or bad on the highlights and want to correlate the number to a name. Goofy for MLS to not make it readily accessible. The alphabetical list of invitees just provides a haystack for the needle to hide in.

    Green team game 1, 72 and 15 looked good and also Manneh and Alvarez.

    Game 2, 49 looked good as did his goalie. 38 hit a heck of a driven shot. Welshman missed two soft chances.