Report: Morales called into upcoming USMNT camp

Alfredo Morales may not be sniffing the field at Hertha Berlin this season, but that apparently has not stopped U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann from wanting to take a closer look at him.

Morales has been summoned into the upcoming January camp that will conclude with a friendly against Canada, according to a report from German outlet Bild. The 22-year-old Morales has been called up by Klinsmann before, but has not yet been capped.

This is Morales’ first selection since he was called into last summer’s camp prior to World Cup qualifying, and is somewhat surprising given his lack of playing time with Hertha Berlin this season. The versatile midfielder has not played in any league games for Hertha and only has a 45-minute substitue appearance in a DFB Pokal match in August to his name in the current campaign.

What do you think of Morales being called in? Surprised by his inclusion? Think he will earn his first cap vs. Canada?

Share your thoughts below.

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88 Responses to Report: Morales called into upcoming USMNT camp

  1. Coach Beck says:

    It’s camp cupcake and Hertha is gonna be glad to see him getting high level work and attention. Lets not read too much in to this shall we.

    • Shane says:

      And we should care about what will make Hertha glad? This is BS. He has done nothing to warrant his inclusion. I really cant stand Klinsmann preference for products of the German system that havent earned the callup. And it’s not as if he hasnt been called in before. He has had three call-ups, including U20 and U23, and he has done nothing. Give someone else a chance.

      • PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

        Shane, totally disagree that he’s ‘done nothing’ at the U20 & U23. He was one of the better players in the friendly against Mexico prior to the Olympic debacle. He would have helped steel that U-23 mid-field had Hertha allowed him to play in the qualifiers.

      • Grubbsbl says:

        I think your being a little hard. Morales certainly looked a decent and tidy player in his youth appearances for US. And from those appearances Klimsimann rates him. So why not give the young kid some time with the team? Besides this k

        • Grubbsbl says:

          What I was trying to say is… Besides this kid is a dual national and I remember Bradley doing the same thing with young players such as Mixx, Boss, Bedoya and Torres.

          • MLSsnob says:

            Those players were also playing with their club teams. I don’t agree that calling a player whos not getting any playing time in to a senior national team camp no matter if it’s a B squad.

            • Hogatroge says:

              A solid showing in a meaningless Camp Cupcake friendly could land Morales the loan deal that launches his career. Bringing in Rico Clark last year certainly seemed to turn things around for him.

              If you’d seen the way Morales demolished Mexico’s U23 midfield (y’know… the one that won the Olympics) back in February, you’d be singing a different tune.

              • Doug B says:

                His contract at hertha is up this season jk is calling him not only to get him some reps but to allow Mls scouts to get a look at him

      • Skeeter says:

        What if it leads to a transfer to a club that will give him playing time? duh

        • CG says:

          I think many people overlook this aspect of the USMNT. I’m not saying this is what’s going on here. I have no idea, but part of the manager’s strategy doesn’t always involve the “most deserving” players. Bradley used to get questioned on this all of the time – playing a player that the general fandom didn’t seem to think deserved the minutes. Then, in many cases, that player would make a move to a club (particularly in England) a short time later that required a percentage of NT minutes to secure a visa (or make a good argument for one at least). Building the program doesn’t always mean calling in the most deserving players.

          Now, if the above posts are questioning JK’s past comments about call-ups and playing time, then I agree. In that case, however, I would just say JK should keep his comments between him and those players he is trying to motivate and leave the rest of us to guess.

          • Dennis says:

            What someone who thinks Bradley did something good? And even goes so far as to say Klinsmann should keep more of comments private, like taciturn Bob. How novel!

      • Thebumswillalwayslose says:

        Who would you say are German products that have been given call ups that haven’t earned them, outside Morales in this case? As a follow up, who would you have called up in place of them?

        I’m just curious, as it sounds like you feel that this is a repeated course of action Klinsmann is taking.

    • PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

      The voice of reason….and my thoughts exactly.
      Coach K will need a 22-23 man roster to make a go of this, he can call in bubble players from the MLS and Scandinavia who are off season,or go deep into benches of other teams and perhaps get permission for them to come and see what they’ve got….and that’s a BIG perhaps, it’ll take someone who is buried deep in the roster for the Club to give up hoping that a change of scenery will spark a desire or an interest from another team.

  2. euroman says:

    Once again Germany is the ticket to the Nat’s regardless of actually playing or not…what a joke.

    • Shane says:

      This is because Klinsmann wants the team playing like Germany. All that crap about finding the American playing style is exactly that – crap. He is so inept when it comes to coaching that he brings in German players that already play the way he hopes he can get the US team to play.

      • biff says:

        I think it’s deeper than that. We all complain from time to time that American players “don’t get no respect.” Well, it could be that the coach of the USMNT prefers players with a German pedigree over players who learned the game in the USA, or maybe thinks they have some sort of edge. I don’t know. But, we all remember the quotes from Bob Bradley last year when he was lobbying for the Egypt job, when he said Egyptian players have more raw soccer talent than American players, but that American players have superior athleticism. So if BB has those sorts of feelings, then quite possible that Mr. Klinsmann does too.

        • Kevin_Amold says:

          I remember there was quite a bit of speculation that the Bradley quotes you refer to were lost in translation a little bit or embellished. I can’t imagine Bob Bradley, always so measured in his tone, saying something so broad as “Egyptian players are more talented than American players.”

          I, of course, could be wrong, but it smelled funny then.

      • louisz says:

        Morales doesn’t play your classic “german” style. his game leans a bit to the latin style, shorter game, perhaps he picked that up from his Peruvian father, he does have the german “bite” when defending. Perhaps that is what is holding him up in the Bundasliga. With that in mind I would guess that is what JK is looking for, a hybrid of a player, blending more than one style in his play.

      • jim morrison says:


      • GW says:

        Shane & euroman,

        If coming from Germany is a “ticket to the Nat’s (sic)” then how come Matty Taylor and Preston Zimmerman, who play regularly in Germany are not on the USMNT radar?

        Camp Cupcake has always been about experimentation with fringe players, not collecting the finest USMNT eligible players the US can beg, borrow or steal. And Matty & PZimm are definitely fringe guys.

        As is Morales who has already been in a US camp and demonstrated quite well for the Under 23’s. He did not play in the qualifying tournament for what seems to me political issues involving his club, not anything to do with his ability as a player.

        “He is so inept when it comes to coaching that he brings in German players that already play the way he hopes he can get the US team to play”

        Is that what you call ineptitude?

        Reasonable people could call it bringing in an example for others to follow.

        Like when you call in Jermaine Jones who, it just so happens, is the only American, that I know of, who starts for one of the 22 seeded clubs in the Champions League, which I believe is the highest standard in the game. Not a bad guy for some young MLS pros to get to know.

        Using a person to set an example is a very common training technique used in a variety of situations not just athletics.

        Or do you find it offensive that Morales at 22 is a better soccer player than 20 year old Hoosier Perry Kitchen who I presume you regard as an All American guy and this somehow insults “real Americans”?

        Under 23 Olympic qualifying warm up, US plays Mexico with Morales, good win.
        A few games later US plays El Salvador needing win without Morales, with Kitchen, gets tie, gets knocked out.

        Are you going to tell me Kitchen can’t learn something from Morales?

        By the way Morales is also eligible for Peru (who are supposedly also interested in him) so he can play in the Peruvian playing style, whatever that is.

        And if he can play in the German and Peruvian playing style, I’m sure he can do American once you guys tell him what that is.
        I can’t, but I do know American soccer has always been about immigrants. One of the most important leagues, established in 1923, was the German American Soccer league. Ironic name, huh? They formed the basis of the first version of the New York Cosmos and gave them one of my old favorites Werner Roth.

        If it’s not too much work for you guys, Google it sometime. You might find it edifying.

        As for an American playing style, you want to tell me what that style is? Cause if you are going to tell me it was BB’s style, well you all rejected that as not pretty enough.

        Spain, Germany, Brazil, Italy, England, and Holland have a distinct national playing style. All of them, except for Holland, have won a World Cup. Just about every other country’s “style “ is a variation of what those guys do as well as some older iconic teams, like Hungary of the 1950’s, so you don’t have to be from that country to play that style.

        And Shane, if the USMNT can play just like Germany do you want to tell me why you would object to that?

        The last I checked they are one of the favorites for the upcoming World Cup.

        • Hogatroge says:


          I mostly agree with your sentiments, but Kitchen went 90′ in that 2-0 shutout over the Mexico U23s. The US probably goes thru to the semis of OQ if Kitchen plays DM over Jeffrey and Okugo. The onus is on Porter, who shouldn’t have played Kitchen at CB.

          That said, based on the one time I’ve seen him play DM, I’m high on Morales and personally don’t mind the call up at all.

          • GW says:

            Kitchen is okay but he could learn from Morales.

            For me the villains in the Olympic fiasco are the half wits who let Porter be a part time manager and then field a completely disorganized pickup team that was not ready to compete against “lesser” teams that really wanted a result.

            Pure unadulterated arrogance.

    • biff says:

      Did not see Shane’s and euroman’s posts before I posted below. Gotta say, while I don’t agree 100% with their comments, there are certainly some grains of truth…

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      This has historically been the camp for peripheral MLS and Scandinavian pool players to state their case, and Morales’ German break and iffy club situation probably put him on the same schedule.

      Klinsi is simply trying to see if he can find anyone better than Goodson in the next month.

    • ronniet says:

      we’ve been getting results against top national sides b4 the influx of german americans so your misguided comments are just that……misguided!!

  3. biff says:

    I think Morales’s contract at Hertha ends in June. And there were reports in the German press a few months ago that there were some problems with the new Hertha coach. Klinsmann in the past has called up players in these sort of situations to give them a boost pick and maybe help them find a team that would be a better fit.

    • Shane says:

      German players, but when American players like Bradley and EJ were in such situations he used those situations as reason not to call them.

      • biff says:

        Strange that Klinsmann never felt the desire to give Eric Lichaj a boost when he needed it.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          Oh c’mon, half the problem with Lichaj is the interminable English season — which the “Philes” want us to imitate — means he has to be called from Villa in an “in-season” situation from August to April. If he’s in an awkward spot with Villa, it’s like a Catch 22 where do I leave him there or call him in? Since he plays irregularly.

          Morales may have a similar problem but Germany has a long break that lets him get called in without messing with Hertha games.

          I liked Lichaj in his US appearances — although what I’ve seen for Villa is less comforting — but I think his chance will be Gold Cup during the English offseason.

        • wendellgee says:

          It’s not strange if you spend more than 10 seconds thinking about it.

        • GW says:

          Why is it strange?

      • A says:

        You mean when Klinsmann called in Eddie Johnson over Jozy despite loud cries that he didn’t deserve it and he lit it up?

        That happened quite recently in fact.

        • Tony in Quakeland says:

          Where were the loud cries that Eddie didn’t deserve a call up? The loud cries, as I remember them, were that Jozy deserved one as well. I think most people felt that Gomez should have been the odd man out.

          Frankly, JK’s rosters have been bizarre and capricious. He finds excuses to call in anyone he has taken a shine to and gives elaborate (and public) reasons for not calling in others. He contradicts himself constantly.

          • A says:

            Nah, he really doesn’t.

          • Micah King says:

            No way, he has been assisting for club and country Gomez has.

          • GW says:

            “Frankly, JK’s rosters have been bizarre and capricious”

            I find his rosters pretty sensible. His choices are sometimes surprising but that is mostly because I often don’t know much about the “surprise” player and after researching that player he usually makes perfect sense.

      • GW says:

        In Mikey’s case, his dad called him up while he was not playing at Villa.

        And I’m pretty sure that by the time JK got the job, Mikey was in the middle of finalizing his transfer to Chievo. JK not calling in MB90 during this time gave Mikey time to get settled with Chievo where he subsequently had a great year. And it’s not like JK needed MB90 for any important games during that time.

        As for “EJ were in such situations he used those situations as reason not to call them”, what are you talking about?

        When EJ came back to this country most of you wanted him shot dead if he came anywhere near the USMNT . JK called in EJ after Sigi told him he was ready and even then most of you still wanted him dead if he got anywhere a USMNT shirt.

        • Bobb says:

          That’s a nice pro-Klinsmann spin on not calling in Bradley, but let’s not forget that he publicly stated at the time that he thought the best defensive midfield pair from the US pool was Jermaine Jones and Maurice Edu. Maurice Edu! No mention of Bradley.

          • GW says:

            So? When exactly did he make that statement?

            Because depending on when he did there were more than a few of you who would have agreed with him. Much of this MB90 love is very much post Chievo bandwagon jumping.

            You speak with the benefit of hindsight but there were many people here who thought Mikey was nepotistic garbage and that his failure at Villa exposed him for the fraud they thought him to be.

            Bradley ended his time at BMG with a lot of bad blood between him and management then went to a ridiculous situation at Villa. The turbulence went on for a while and during that time his form suffered.

            He certainly wasn’t the best US midfielder then, during his last few months at BMG lasting through the period before he went to Chievo.

      • Hogatroge says:

        Your comment is equal parts untrue and ignorant.

        1. There was never a question of Bradley’s getting called back into camp. He needed the time to sort out a transfer. There was never any question that he would be back when it mattered, and he couldn’t be wasting time halfway around the world.

        2. IIRC, Klinsmann gave EJ a helluva huge chance against Antigua and it seems he’s rewarding him with another call up in January.

        3. Last time I checked, Rico Clark and Michael Orozco-Fiscal, who both got boosts from last Camp Cupcake, are not German.

  4. JJ says:

    There isn’t a definitive American style partly cause we are technically sound enough through the ranks to dictate one. JK is not the right man for this job. He does understand the American player nor the culture that led them being a player in the first place. His team selections have been more suspect than BBs ever were. At least we knew what we would be getting from BB- defend hard and counter. Attractive, no, but it did get results most of the time. We can’t play like the Germans and never will. It is not in the nature of an American player to do so.

    • Fredo says:

      The Germans have historically been a stamp your feet defend first team. They have only recently changed their style. Our most successful style has been the Run at You and Grab a Lead THEN Defend 2-0. Klinsi’s love of Jones and the 3-DM style is actually a lot closer to the traditional German style than the New Germany. I miss Landon Donovan running at fools.

    • jim morrison says:

      nice job, JJ. I have lost so much interest since “Klinsi” has taken over and I know a ton of others who have also

      • Hogatroge says:

        It’s nice to know you’re scared away by the best W-L-D record the US has ever posted. Oh… also, victories over Italy and Mexico sure are boring.

        Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      • GW says:

        Well, being dead, it’s not surprising you’ve lost interest. Are your other friends also dead?

        Besides being buried in France, you’ve got a better team to support now. You might have to file a one time switch though.

    • ronniet says:

      BB’s roster selections were head scratchers alotof times as well….if not mistaken, JK as the highest winning percentage in US history as a coach in the time span that he’s been in charge so he is doing something right and to i must add that it has come against stiffer competition! Can’t argue with results against Italy and Mexico, in italy and in mexico to boot! The Russia draw was impressive as well and were a bit unlucky not to win it if not for the stupid penalty on goodson…smh! The job of a natipnal team coach os the hardest in the sport bc of the limited time you have with the players so give him through this year to bring it all together and then you can judge accordingly

      • White Kix says:

        That’s how we’re spinning the Russia game now?????????????????
        All three of those games we were absolutley dreadful. Yes, we got results, but all three were friendlies. In friendlies, there is more than results. If those were World Cup games, then I would buy the results arguments, but not for friendlies. Go back and watch those games again. We were terrible. All three we were lucky to get results, not the other way around.

  5. The Imperative Voice says:

    How much do people think the MLS guys are playing right now? Little or none. The two concepts of the camp are surely to identify players who can help the A team at need spots, and get the callins in game shape in case they do make the quali roster, since many will be offseason players.

    So if Klinsi likes Morales, this is a chance for him to play for a few weeks, build fitness, show in a game or two, and depending how he looks, state his case for the qualis. It’s simply lucky for him that his Hertha coach probably doesn’t care and he’s on break, because that gives him a shot players like Lichaj may wish they could have but whose seasons won’t allow it.

    Far as his right to be called goes, I thought he was the big omit from the SBI U23 list, he played well against Mexico U23 in a win and was ahead of Okugo, and he was ticketed for both a U23 spot (called back) and a NT callin (camped but no cap). I think we may look at him as a back, and that is a need area. FWIW, I assume we will call in a lot of people at his spots, so even dressing won’t be handed to him. It’s an opportunity in a friendly, B team environment, we didn’t just call him straight into the 18 for a quali cold. No reason to freak out. He either helps or doesn’t.

    Last, US coaches have occasionally seemed to toss interesting players in awkward playing situations a bone by calling them in to let them get some PT. In theory, the player gets to show off and if their playing situation improves it can redound to the NT’s benefit.

  6. beto says:

    jurgen really doesn’t want to lose this recruit! He looked good in the U23 vs. Mexico friendly last year but hard to justify this call up.. hopefully this is Jurgen’s ace up the sleeve

  7. MikeG says:

    Klinnsman may be helping the player with an upside get into a new team or loan situation. This could be good for Morales. I hope it works out like that. Young players in the Bundesliga are at a more advanced stage in player development than most younger players in MLS. This is not a fault of MLS. MLS is slowly developing and signing there own younger players. MLS just has a way to go, but are on the right track.

  8. MA1 Rodriguez says:

    Canada is perfect team to use these youngster or B level Euro players.

  9. Gage says:

    When does the rest of the squad get announced?

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Probably a week before camp, whenever that is. What’s going on now is some of the people told ahead of time they might be involved seem to be “leaking” to the press….EJ, Morales (Altidore also seemed to hint when he was not called). I don’t know if they were sworn to Twitter secrecy or what.

      • Joe+G says:

        This sounds like it might be the club that’s leaking. Because it’s not a FIFA date, JK had to make a special effort to get Morales released. The club isn’t bound by the USMNT’s secrecy rules.

        • Hogatroge says:

          That would be advantageous if Hertha were trying to shop him to another 2.Bundesliga squad or something.

        • Hogatroge says:

          That would be advantageous if Hertha were trying to shop him to another 2.Bundesliga squad or something.

  10. MikeG says:

    I can see 3 or 4 younger players from U23 be on a WC team in Brazil. These may be the core players of the future: Corona, Boyd, Agudelo, Diskerud, Gyau, Gatt, and Morales.

    • Jack says:

      +1 but i would also add Adu if he has a good year because he has shown some great skill on the international level.

  11. A says:

    This call up is quite logical.

    Morales is almost out of contract. He isn’t getting playing time at the moment, but he’s a good young talent and Klinsman rates him well. He played well in his last appearance for the US national system and a run out in a men’s team friendly coupled with a good performance is free publicity for both Morales and Hertha.

    If another team likes him and wants him for their future, it’s a win-win-win. Klinsmann earns the forever loyalty of a young talent, Hertha gets a transfer fee for a player they don’t have space for and Morales gets playing time at a new club.

    If he doesn’t perform well, it’s CAMP CUPCAKE. Nothing lost.

  12. biff says:

    Off Topic, but…

    Hoffenheim is looking to bring in during the January transfer window a center defender and a Number Six defensive midfielder because of a bad injury to Sebastian Rudy. I wonder if any American players will be candidates.

    link to

    • 2tone says:

      I wonder if Hoffenheim go after Gonzo?

    • louisz says:

      Are you saying that HOFF is not happy with Willaims? he is a “6”

    • Bobb says:

      If Danny Williams is not suitable for Hoffenheim’s #6 role, who does that leave from the US pool that is better? Bradley or Jones? I don’t think Roma or Shalke will be selling a player they rely on to Hoffenheim, so that rules out an American DM.

  13. 2tone says:

    Doesn’t bother me that he was called in. As long as a deserving player like Perry Kitchen doesn’t get snuffed because of it. This will get Morales out there and visible to other teams i.e. MLS scouts, etc.. I thought he played well for the U-23’s, and was extremely pissed at Hertha for not allowing him to play in Olympic qualifying. Klinsmann did the same thing with Ricardo Clark last year. So anyone that is claiming this is happening because of Morales’ German roots is completely wrong.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Morales and Chandler were going to be the best two U23 defenders. The defenders who did play instead, stunk. Morales makes way for Kitchen? More like the other way around.

      The German aspect only matters inasmuch as compared to in-season players he is available.

      • 2tone says:

        Morales is a DM. So…. not exactly with you on the defender front. He never played Cb for the U-23’s it was DM. And yes Kitchen is deserving of getting a call-up to teh January camp at DM.

      • wilyboy says:

        Kitchen was played at CB because the position was thin, not because he’s best in that role. He’s turned into an anchor for DC, helping them grind their way into the playoffs and beyond. He’s a deserving callup at DM, whether he is called or not.

  14. adrian says:

    Morales is a good young talent. No need to hate. I live here in Berlin… another guy who should get a look, but won’t for this camp is John Brooks… he starts at centerback for Hertha and is a real smooth player with good size and speed. He won’t get a look cause he starts and obviously Hertha won’t want to let him go in season. Hope he gets looked at in May, though.

    • Bobb says:

      Obviously John Anthony Brooks is way above Morales right now, he regularly starts for Berlin whereas Morales doesn’t even make the bench. Plus he’s like four years younger. Plus CB is a position of need whereas DM is not.
      What does that mean?
      If Brooks does not get called in for either World Cup qualifiers or the Gold Cup (forget about some U-20 tournament), either of which would CAP TIE HIM, we US fans should be enraged with Klinsmann.

      • GW says:


        What is JK supposed to do? Kidnap him just before the Gold Cup and force him to play?

        Has it ever occurred to you that Brooks has a vote in this?

        Do you know the guy personally?

        Because it looks to me like he is trying to keep his options open.

        Brooks has not solidified his place with his club yet and he may want to keep his options open with Germany. And if he can get on with them that is certainly preferable from a travel standpoint.

        If Brooks is as great a centerback as you all are claiming then the fact that the US is even in the conversation is an accomplishment

  15. wilyboy says:

    He was probably the chief reason the Olympic squad made Mexico look foolish in a friendly, and one of the reasons we didn’t qualify- he wasn’t there to cover. I’d be very interested to see him slot into the DM position, he looked very smooth there for the u23s.

  16. Edwin in LA says:

    Jesus it’s camp cupcake come on relax at least until we see the whole list….when we figure if anyone is “snubbed” we can begin discussions on who should be there….but given how this is just purely for MLS and Scandinavian players and maybe Jones who is SUSPENDED from his German club or maybe a player like Morales on break in Germany but maybe with a need for showing himself in a game before his contract expires in 6 months, you know the same way Klinsmann used Ricardo Clark a year ago who btw scored the winning goal in Stoppage vs Venezuela in Glendale, AZ…

    • Neruda says:

      It’s funny to see fans get worked up so much over Morales as if he was just selected in the starting XI for a WC match. As I understand he is not completely cap tied to the US so this is another opportunity to solidify his allegiance to the US squad in case he turns out to be a very good pro.

      • Neruda says:

        I love the passion that US Soccer fans show no matter what they think about Klinsi and his German bias.

  17. Paul says:

    I’m not sure what the hate is for. With 2013 being a big year for not just WC qualifying but also for Gold Cup. So we’re going to have 2 teams most likely playing in WC qualifiers and another playing the Gold Cup. Why would you not bring in a young talent that at the very least is a top 50 talent of the US and cap him for the US with the Gold Cup team?

    Think bigger than just the USMNT WC qualifying team. Reality is we know most of the USMNT for WC qualifying other than a few back up roles and some thin spots. The question is who will play on the USMNT for the Gold Cup that is not on team A? This is where Morales and others like maybe Fiscal, Agudelo, and other MLS players get their chances.

  18. Jamie Z. says:

    I don’t understand all of this venom. Out of all the millions of the things in the world to be outraged about right now, this should not be one of them. Klinsmann wants to see more of Morales and this upcoming camp seems to be a good venue for doing that. Big deal! What’s the problem in that? People here seem to be of the impression that a coach’s decisions much be reduced to a fixed and simple formula, consistent and discernible to all, that can in no way reflect his own intuitions or proclivities…unless those intuitions or proclivities happen to agree with their own arbitrary agenda. And Morales is getting a callup when Eric Lichaj hasn’t gotten much of a look? Well, it is January camp, mind you, and Eric Lichaj is locked in a relegation battle and a struggle for first-team minutes. But never mind that, let the irrational anger spew forth. As for the fact that Morales is Germany-based: who cares about that, either? I’m starting wonder where all the Preston Zimmermanns are coming from. It’s not as if these German-American players are coming in, dividing the locker room, and encouraging poor performances through their subpar play. Most of them have been a revelation. And that’s something Bradley understood prior to Klinsmann. I certainly don’t have a problem with unearthing one or two more of those.

    • A says:

      This site can be a breeding ground for Klinsmann venom. He leads the USA to its best winning percentage for a year in the modern era while dealing with a host of major injuries and still delivers some coaching master pieces like the EJ/Alan Gordon brilliance in qualifying and wins in Italy and Mexico and a tie against one of the hottest teams in the world, Russia, at their place and people still act like he’s some second rate coach. He handled Chandler perfectly and got him to commit to the USA as well.

      Given how much he’s changed the team’s playing already, the fact that he’s still getting great results is astonishing. He’s the right coach for us and he will take us to the next level, which is a more technical and quick playing style that will allow us to compete more consistently with better teams.

      • Brian says:

        The EJ move was brilliance. He could have easily passed on EJ for “the usual”…Jozy.

        Gordon’s part in that game was a fluke.

        • A says:

          He called in Gordon to be involved as a late game substitute who would boss the game physically while playing with an in-the-air mentality, which lead to him setting up EJ for a header goal to seal the win.

          He did exactly what he was brought in for–not sure how that counts as a fluke.

        • GW says:

          Given that Gordon played such a short time calling him a fluke is unwarranted.

          If you’re grading him he should get an incomplete except for the fact that his assist was a thing of beauty.

          I’d liek to see more of him in a USMNT shirt.

  19. Zak1FCK says:

    The article and people’s comments are a bit misleading. Morales is not getting playing time with Hertha’s 1st team, but is playing very consistently with the reserve team which plays in the the Regionalliga, the same league that Terrence Boyd and Andrew Wooten played in last year. He has only missed three games so far this year, 1 for a red card and at least one other one for an injury. He also has three goals.

    So you can make the argument about a call up for lack of first team minutes, and I may agree on that issue, but he is certainly not riding the bench nor sitting in the stands. He plays every week.

  20. DCUnitedWillRiseAgain says:

    Players I hope we see:

    Pontius, Kitchen, McCarty, Besler, Brooks, DeLeon, Bruin….

    Anyone else got some favorites?

  21. Bobb says:

    I’m fine with this, as long as no young player who is deserving of a look is snubbed.

    Abroad: Diskerud, Gatt, O’Brien. If Morales is getting released, how about Lletget or Packwood?

    MLS: Pontius, DeLeon, Gonzalez, Kitchen, Bruin, etc. etc.

    Let’s limit the old guys like Rico Clark please. Maybe just Wondo from the 26+ age group…

    • GW says:


      Who determines who is deserving?

      SBI fans? I’m pretty sure neither EJ nor Alan Gordon would have made the cut for those qualifiers if SBI fans decided who was deserving.

      I’m sure SBI fans would not have had Conor Casey on the team let alone starting the night he put two in against Honduras in World Cup qualifying and got us into the 2010 World Cup. Shouldn’t he have deserved to go to the World Cup? Well he didn’t.

      You guys accuse BB and JK of playing favorites when the reality is of course they do but they are at least better informed on the players than you are when you play favorites.

  22. beachbum says:

    I love this callup. The US system knows Morales well. Perhaps they want to give him a boost., a jolt of belief. callups that are ‘undeserving’ happen all the time. all you folks out there who coach/have coached, you have to make these kinds of decisions, it’s part of it, you have your info and you believe init, go with it

    these kind of players, two way tough players, can fit imo in the long term. does that mean Morales will fit? No. but I like this callup

  23. louis z says:

    I want to see Morales- Mix vs. Jones-Beckerman and see how well the youngsters hold up.