Bedoya a popular free transfer target for multiple clubs


American midfielder Alejandro Bedoya might have taken a gamble moving to Sweden on a short-term deal a year ago, but now that gamble is paying off.

A strong season at Helsingborg has not only helped him get back on the U.S. Men’s National Team radar, it also put him on the radar of several club teams who are now interested in his services as a free agent.

Sources tell SBI that Bedoya has options with club teams in Spain, German, Denmark and Sweden, and is expected to complete a move this month, though he is not confined to the January transfer window due to his status as a free agent. Swedish champions Elfsborg have been identified as one of the teams interested in Bedoya’s services.

Bedoya has been called into the USMNT January training camp, and will participate in that camp until a transfer move is finalized.

Where would you like to see Bedoya go? Think he can make a good enough impression in USMNT camp to earn a spot on the World Cup qualifying roster?

Share your thoughts below.

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59 Responses to Bedoya a popular free transfer target for multiple clubs

  1. Rik says:

    Have always been a big fan of Al. Still raw at times, but brings a tenacity and speed/creativity that is definitely welcome. Hope he lands at a good club and would to see him make a big enough impression to crack the WCQ squad.

    • Riggis says:

      Well said…I remember in his first games with the USMNTs he lacked confidence and didn’t look great. However, after a few caps and once he settled i remember seeing a speedy wing player with heart (can’t coach that) which every team needs. Seems to me he still has some upside. If he chooses a good situation (easier said than done) i think he still has the opportunity to be an impact player for club and country.

  2. xanaf says:

    Real good in Sweden. Flop at Rangers. Yet many clubs want him? I thought if u flopped at a bi xlub, your career aspirations would take a dent.

    • Mike in Missouri says:

      Like Fernando Torres?

      • Gnarls says:

        Apples and oranges.

        • Lorenzo says:

          Yes and no. Bedoya is not trying to sign with Chelsea. Not only that but Torres was not showing his old self after his career took a hit. Bedoya has played well since.

      • ed - houston says:

        aww man… that’s not a good comparison… torres is a world and european chap for God’s sake — how about like maurice edu ?

        • PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

          to use as the analogy you need a well-known player like Torres. I think its a fair statement….OK Bedoya is not in Torres class – but neither was his ‘flop’ at Rangers as evident…remember he was injured when he arrived and never got a chance before the Administration debacle.
          Still, he chose poorly to go to Rangers – he should go to a mid-Spanish team or the Bundesliga. He doesn’t need the Swedens/Denmarks of the world any more.

  3. sandtrout says:

    Where has he been playing for Helsingborg? On a wing?

  4. xanaf says:

    I’d love a move to Holland. But out of those available options, a move to Spain would be nice. Though some critics note its very easy for Spanish clubs to “forget” to pay their employees

  5. THomas says:

    I think he’d fit in well in Spain. As long as he can finally get some playing time.

  6. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    I’ve never been that impressed. What is it about his game that stands out? That sets him apart? I think he’s a fringe nats player at best. And a teachers pet at worst. Nothing wrong with that though. As long as he develops.

  7. Testing123 says:

    How did he do at Helsingborg? Did he get a lot of games?

  8. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Why are my comments “awaiting moderation”?

  9. Beto says:

    Any team in Spain or the bundesliga would be a great move for him. He is a player who could be a great fit in jurgen’s system if he can elevate his game just a bit.

    • steveo says:

      “sources tell SBI”- translate :Bedoya tells SBI

      “Spain, German, Denmark and Sweden” -translate: second tier teams in Spain & German-y and top league in Denmark and Sweden

      • Ives Galarcep says:

        No, not really. Didn’t speak to Bedoya for that story. And, from what I’m told, there are teams in La Liga and the Bundesliga interested.

      • Oranje Mike says:

        Oh, man. Not those mid-table clubs in Spain and Germany where he’ll get playing time and walk away with a hefty amount of cash in his bank account. Horrible. Just horrible.

        • Beto says:

          Ya im aware that he isnt going to barca or bayern but a good mid to bottom or even a top second division team would be great for him. Just like parkhurst moved out of denmark; there is a lot more room to grow and more challenges in the spanish and german leagues

          Sounds like he will leave the us camp round the time zusi gets back from west ham.

    • Blokhin says:

      any team outside La Liga is the likely move for him

  10. DougMa says:

    Ale needs to go to a bigger league where he’s going consistent PT. If he wants to impress Klinsi, he should go to a mid-tier bundesliga squad. Don’t know if spain is as good bc there is such a gap between the top 2 and everyone else. He’s got to stay away from scandanavian clubs at this point if he wants to progress.

    btw, he didn’t flop at Rangers, he came in hurt in January and never got into the rotation. then the team went bankrupt and cut him loose. hardly ale’s fault there.

  11. Dainja says:

    I’ve always thought he was the poor man’s Holden: not a lot of flash but tons of hustle; a natural central midfielder but is successful playing wide by using cleverness to get open. Considering how thin the options are out wide for USMNT (and we forget this guy was our number one option off the bench last Gold Cup!), I think if he lands in a good club situation where he can play, I think he is a slightly better version of Zusi out-wide for the USMNT.

    • Grubbsbl says:

      I like Bedoya’s potential but at this point I think it’s fair to say Zusi is miles ahead of him. Hopefully Bedoya can land at the right spot, I thought his biggest asset was his ability to finish from the midfield.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      People forget and/or underrate how precise of a crosser Holden is, often because they choose to think of him as a central player. Holden started out in Houston as Mullan’s understudy — fair or unfair — and was often played by Bradley on a wing. To me he is up there with Landon, Davis, Agudelo, and a few others in terms of ability to cross from a wing. I do not see Bedoya as having equivalent skill in this task.

      Now, if you play Holden centrally, I think he’s less unique. I do think Holden had a pretty good engine. But I’d say you might be underrating Holden’s ability to play one and two touch tiki-taka in traffic. [Which I think also got him hurt.] I think Holden would be at Bedoya’s level in terms of go-forward #10 playmaking, but going side to side again I think he’s special.

      I just don’t find Bedoya amazing. Basically a link up give and go guy like McCarty. I think he’s getting surpassed by the people like Zusi, Mixx, Corona, and such who can actually split a defense and create things. Nor does he have the speed of a Gyau, Gatt, Dempsey, or Donovan. Just doesn’t stand out to me in any particular way. I’m not even sure he’s a 23-type because what does he uniquely offer as a tactical sub, other than one step down the pecking order?

      • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

        Have to agree with you. Although, I haven’t seen a great deal of Bedoya (who on here can really say they have). I have never been too impressed with him. He’s a “role player” type guy who can do a job if a manager favors him but isn’t terribly talented. I haven’t seen anything to make me think he can be anything more than a substitute for the national team at best. Like I said, I haven’t seen him play very much so could be wrong. Good luck to him.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          Oh, I think most of the pool players are pretty talented and would stand out in a Sunday league side if they ever tried it. But in terms of the international level, the problem I see in the US under Klinsi is converting all the passing effort and possession, mostly perimeter stuff, into dangerous chances in or near the 18. That’s going to be the success barometer. Bedoya fits into the groundball possession game decently enough but what we really need are attacking mids who can set the ball up for the forwards on a platter, in dangerous spots.

          Irony is that the Russia goals came off hoof it forward, knock it down, volley it on cage. But that works because the defense is no longer just sitting back watching you pass cutely around all day, the direct ball downfield forces them to flow to the ball, opens up space, etc. Not saying we should play kickball but we need to trade off some possession and possession players for some people willing to put in a dangerous ball.

  12. Luke says:

    Anywhere, where he’s actually playing and not sitting on the bench. A mid-table Spanish or German team that is in need of a outside mid or attacking mid. Don’t get visions of grandeur, like Onyewu did and sign with one of the big clubs.

  13. Yusef says:

    Is it clear that his options in Spain and Germany are in the top flight?

    • Blokhin says:

      exactly-it’s the omission of saying La Liga and Bundesliga that make it clear it’s not top flight

  14. Andy says:

    I’d say Elfsborg for a year if he’s a guaranteed starter, and the way your options after a solid season. That way he can really get established before he ships out to another league. I guess if there’s an offer he can’t refuse take it, but if he has a good year at a better team in the same league, those offers will be there next year too.

  15. MikeG says:

    Not necessarily in any order but Germany, Spain, Holland, and Italy would be an upgrade over England, Scotland, or Scandinavian teams.

  16. Iggy says:

    Time to step up and move to Holland or spain.

  17. Gary Page says:

    I think Germany or Holland would be a better fit, but Spain would be better for his development. Anything that is a step up where he can play fairly regularly would be good.

  18. Brett Bates says:

    I wish he would give MLS a chance. Sporting or RSL would be good fits

  19. beachbum says:

    his talents would fit well on the current USMNT seems to me, if he’s in form. He’s a legit two way flank player who can get forward and play with energy

    hope his transfer provides great opportunity and not the bench

  20. Paul says:

    It seems Bedoya is following a path similar to Parkhurst. Parkhurst earned quite a bit of exposure in league play and Europa, and made the jump to a better league and bigger payday in Germany recently. The experience really helped Parkhurst, who was always an undersized CB. I haven’t seen Bedoya play since the Gold Cup under Bradley, but he did OK for a young player. I find JK to be a good judge of potential talent. Let’s see how he measures up in the January camp.

    • Footballer says:

      So if he is following Parkhurst’s path, he should end up in a relegation battle team then cos that’s what happened to Parkhurst. Won’t be surprised if that happened with all the “interests” we al know won’t end up in a big club.

      • Paul says:

        I agree. If a team is fighting relegation, and the financial implications that go along with it, it makes sense for those clubs to invest in players that can help them. Parkhurst wasn’t going to break into the starting lineup for a top-flight side, who are probably stable at this break and have plenty of depth at the back line. But he is an improved situation from a competitive standpoint playing in Germany every week. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same type of situation applies to Bedoya.
        He hasn’t been in the national team picture for a few years, so participating in this January camp may be very beneficial to him. If he shows well, an endorsement from JK to a foreign club looking for his services will carry weight with many clubs.
        Furthermore, one of the goals of this January camp this year, in my eyes, is to expand the pool of US team candidates to support two teams this summer. We could potentially see Bedoya with a few years of experience in Europe being one of the team leaders in the Gold Cup. (Here’s hoping the soccer gods let Holden progress to the point where he can be on that squad also this summer..)

        • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

          No matter what happens with Holden over the next 4-5 months I don’t think including him in the Gold Cup would be a good idea. Sure, we would all love to see him back playing for the national team thing, and we are likely to bring a “B” team to the tournament, giving him the low pressure chance to play.

          However, a good summer rest and a full preseason to prepare after spending almost 2 years out is the best thing for his career. After that long out we should take every precaution with Stu to give him every chance to return to full form and fitness. Calling him in to play in a virtually meaningless summer tournament won’t help him.

          He needs to make as much progress as possible until thee end of the season, take a summer break to rest, and return for a full preseason with Bolton (or whoever he will be with) to prepare for his first full season in years.

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  22. Luc says:

    Forget gambling with playing time. Come to the States and be a go-to-guy. He would fit nicely with RSL.

  23. cj says:

    I do not see Bedoya as a starter. However, he could be a guy off the bench whose hustle, tenacity, and speed will cause disruption and create set pieces. Plus, a needed start here and there would not be the worst thing, but he has holes in his game. I think his game would grow a ton in Holland.

  24. Tim Jones says:

    Sounders should take a look now that Montero is gone.

  25. Turd Bradley says:

    he is awful, what are you guys watching?

  26. Enrique Gonzalez says:

    Es un buen jugador el equipo que lo contrate ganara mucho con el