Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

With winter breaks now completed, La Liga, Serie A, and Liga MX have turned the calendar to 2013, with all leagues now returning to action.

The third round of the FA Cup has kicked off the year for the English clubs, as the weekend closes out with Swansea City taking on Arsenal, and Mansfield Town hosting Liverpool.

Meanwhile, in league play, Lionel Messi and Barcelona will look to build on their tremendous run to the opening half of the season, closing out a historical run for both Messi and his scoring record to the 49 point output in 17 games for the club. At 16 points behind, Real Madrid will continue to hold onto their slim hopes of defending their La Liga title as they host Real Sociedad.

After a brief trip to Florida, Michael Bradley and Roma return to Serie A play as they travel to San Paolo Stadium to take on Napoli, while league-leading Juventus hosts Sampdoria.

If you will be watching today’s soccer action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

8:30am- Fox Soccer Channel– Swansea City vs. Arsenal (FA Cup)

9am- beIN Sport– Juventus vs. Sampdoria

9am- beIN Sport en Espanol– AC Milan vs. Siena

11am- Fox Soccer Channel– Mansfield Town vs. Liverpool (FA Cup)

11am- beIN Sport– Real Madrid vs. Real Sociedad

1pm- beIN Sport– Barcelona vs. Espanyol

1pm- ESPN Deportes– Puebla vs. Club Tijuana

1pm- Univision– Pumas UNAM vs. Atlas

2:45pm- beIn Sport Espanol– Napoli vs. Roma

3pm- beIN Sport– Mallorca vs. Atletico Madrid

3:15pm-– Estoril vs. Benfica

5pm- beIN Sport– AC Milan vs. Siena (Delayed)

5pm- Azteca America– Puebla vs. Club Tijuana (Delayed)

5:30pm- beIN Sport en Espanol– Juventus vs. Sampdoria

6pm- Telemundo– Chivas Guadalajara vs. Toluca

7pm- beIN Sport– Udinese vs. Inter Milan (Delayed)

9pm- beIN Sport– Napoli vs. Roma (Delayed)

9pm- ESPN Deportes– Puebla vs. Club Tijuana (Delayed)

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52 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Scott says:

    “I will score this many goals in the 1st half”

  2. Dennis says:

    On Direct TV, Bein sports is showing Roma v Napoli delayed at 9 PM, not live at 2:45.

    • dikranovich says:

      dennis, if you have bein espanol on directv, you can watch live at 2:45, if not, it is delayed at 9 pm, which i believe is what is in the listings above.

  3. EvertonBrian says:

    Inter lost this morning.

    If Roma and Mikey beat Napoli, they jump from sixth to fourth today!

    • EvertonBrian says:

      Fiorentina and Juve also on the verge of losses! Go Roma…

    • ACS says:

      A win today would be huge, Fiorentina just lost by 2 so there would be a 3-way tie for third in points with Fiorentina having the GD, unless Roma wins by 2 or more.

  4. ec says:

    Madness early at Real Madrid-Real Sociadad. Benzema opened the scoring in the 2nd and it looked like a cake-walk, but a bad series of defensive passes in the 6th leads to the Madrid keeper getting a red card. Of course they have the benched Casillas to bring in, but now 1-1 and Madrid down to 10 men.

  5. Citronomics says:

    Nice to see Sturridge open his Liverpool account. Tidy finish.

  6. Edwin in LA says:

    Wow….a 2nd benching of Iker by “the Special One” is quickly reversed by Adan getting himself ejected on a foul that results on a converted PK after his ejection….Madrid had gone up in the 2nd minute tho so it was a game tying PK now Madrid have gone up on a very nice goal by Khedira but somewhat lucky the Real Sociedad didn’t get out fast enough to trap Madrid players out….

    Wonder if RM routs them or if Socieded finds a way to make the 1 man advantage for 80+ minutes count

  7. Shark says:

    My mom was born and raised in Mansfield, England and met dad who was in the USAF….so this game is of great interest to my daughter and I….a coal mining town that has fallen on hard times…my granddad and uncles almost all were coal miners….tough life for little pay….

    Liverpool just got a goal that was hand balled into the net yu Suarez and how in Gods name the linesman could have missed that is beyond belief….

  8. Old School says:


    “I’ve come here to chew bubble gum and score goals ..and I’m all out of bubble gum.”

  9. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Saurez scores by knocking the ball forward with his hand, undoing a very scrappy performance by Mansfield Town. It’s ashame

    • ec says:

      That’ll help his image as a dirty player. Remember when Klose called one back against himself in the fall that the ref missed? I love Suarez’s grit, hustle, and skill, but just can’t root for him. Postgame should be interesting…

    • Gnarls says:

      It was a shame indeed. He dribbled the ball like Kobe. Disgusting performance and inept reffing.

    • Tony in Quakeland says:

      Rob Stone leads the early running for crack of the year, after the shot of the Mansfield owner with his wife: “Apparently he already has one trophy.”

  10. MemRook says:


    “That’s why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call “The Prestige”….. by the way has anyone seen my twin brother? He’s also missing two fingers.”

  11. ec says:

    Vintage Ronaldo today, took the game by the scruff of the neck with 2 goals in 5 mins, 4-2 73rd. Benzema has been fantastic but Madrid are a mess at the back, even accounting for playing with 10 men most of the game. Speaking of which – goal Sociedad, now 4-3

  12. Travis says:

    Not really on topic but did anyone see Blatter’s newest bit of genius? That players being abused by racism need to stand tall in the face of racism and not walk away from it. I am guessing that as an old white guy he has no idea what it feels like to be racially abused…

  13. deepvalue says:

    Classy game by Mansfield. Too bad about the handling. Suarez at least knew better than to celebrate too much.

  14. Gnarls says:

    Mansfield Town got royally screwed/robbed/bamboozled. Twas the most inept reffing I’ve seen from an English official. Suarez scored what Rob Stone called “one of the worst goals you’ll ever see.”

  15. divers suck says:

    60 Minutes has a report on FC Barcelona tonight, wonder what it’s about? Must see anyways for me!

  16. ec says:

    Hey Ives and Team – lately some of my comments appear as “awaiting moderation”, including two here today. I’ve been on this site since it was primarily a NY blog and have never posted anything offensive or been disrespectful. What gives?

    • MemRook says:

      Don’t worry it happens to everyone. If you post from a new ip of any sort I believe it will moderate you your first time. As far as other times goes, I feel like certain key phrases or words or emoticons will get your automatically moderated. What they are I’m not sure. Is it hella annoying? Certainly. It completely disrupts the flow of commenting.

  17. Alex says:

    Bradley in the starting 11 versus Napoli; should be a great game.

  18. Jamie Z. says:

    Napoli up early against Roma, but Bradley has looked strong thus far.

  19. ACS says:

    Bradley whiffed big time, open net and missed to the left.

  20. Jamie Z. says:

    Oof. Bradley misses a sitter and a chance to put Roma back in the match.

  21. ACS says:

    Would have made it 2-1, now its 3-0 Napoli

  22. Eric says:

    Uh oh. Bradley missed a sitter and then Napoli went down the other end and Cavani scored off a corner.

  23. Eric says:

    Roma pull one back. 3-1

  24. ACS says:

    Cavani is killing Roma’s central defense.

  25. bryan says:

    damn, 4-1. poor roma.

  26. Francois says:

    Miralem Pjanic and the Roma were both horrible today. Bradley, outside of that miss, has been excellent today.

    • Darwin says:

      Where can I buy those goggles?

      • Francois says:

        You didn’t think he looked good? Maybe excellent is a stretch, but i thought he was good on the ball and didn’t missplace many passes. By the way, maybe you should get some new material, that line has been played out. If you’re going to try to be a smart-a$$ at least be a smart… a$$.

        • Darwin says:

          Bradley was by far Roma’s best player on the night after they went down to 10 men and he even had a couple headers. Pjanic got sent off and he is the guy team mates were looking for. After that, Bradley stayed more central and quit overlapping deep with Balzaretti.

          De Rossi and Totti gave the ball away too much, and Bradley was much more tidy, but calling any Roma players excellent would be wearing goggles indeed.

      • Daniel says:

        Bradley was Roma’s best or second best player today. Sure they didn’t play well, but Bradley was excellent, particularly in the second half.

  27. Darwin says:

    Roma comes to the US to beat Orlando City 4-0 then returns to Italy days later to get beat 4-1 by Napoli. What was the purpose of that trip? Orlando City’s head office seems a bit savvy as well…

  28. Ivan says:

    CBS 60 Minutes just ran a segment on FC Barcelona.

    It was excellent and it was prime time exposure to the best football team in the world!

    At the end of the segment they said that Showtime will run a profile of Messi on January 9.