Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

The early rounds of the FA Cup are always intriguing because of the potential for upsets and the match-ups between English Premier League powers and once-might clubs now struggling in the lower divisions.

Sunday offers just those kind of opportunities, with former EPL side Leeds United taking on Clint Dempsey and Tottenham while Brentford faces Chelsea.

In Spain, Barcelona will look to rebound from their first league loss of the season when they take on Osasuna. All three top teams in Spain are in action, with Atletico Madrid facing Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid taking on Getafe.

In South Africa, the Bafana Bafana will look to secure first place in Group A with a win against a Morocco side that can book their own place in the knockout rounds.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV Schedule is after the jump):


5:45am- Fox Soccer Channel/Fox Deportes- Brentford vs. Chelsea

6am- beIN Sport/beIN Sport en Espanol- Real Madrid vs. Getafe

6:30am- RAI- Bologna vs. Roma

8:55am- Fox Soccer Channel/Fox Deportes- Leeds United vs. Tottenham

9am- Brentford vs. Chelsea (delayed)

9am- beIN Sport- Atalanta vs. AC Milan

9am- beIN Sport en Espanol- Parma vs. Napoli

11am- Fox Soccer Channel/Fox Deportes- Oldham Athletic vs. Liverpool

11am- Leeds United vs. Tottenham (delayed)

11:30am- GolTV- Stuttgart vs. Bayern Munich

12pm- Morocco vs. South Africa

12pm- Cape Verde Islands vs. Angola

1pm- Oldham Athletic vs. Liverpool (delayed)

1pm- beIN Sport/beIN Sport en Espanol- Barcelona vs. Osasuna

1pm- Univision- Toluca vs. Pumas UNAM

2:45pm- RAI- Inter Milan vs. Torino

3pm- beIN Sport- Atletico Bilbao vs. Atletico Madrid

3pm- beIN Sport en Espanol- Real Madrid vs. Getafe (delayed)

5pm- beIN Sport- Real Madrid vs. Getafe (delayed)

7pm- Univision- Atlante vs. Jaguares

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129 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. zq says:

    Dempsey to score today. Also so great to see all the lower league sides knocking out PL teams in both Carling and FA Cups. A semi pro team knocked Norwich out yesterday

    • Edwin in LA says:

      We might see Spurs get knocked out as well and Dempsey did score to try and make it a game of it…

  2. G. Bean says:

    Not impressed with Chelsea.

    Torres did have a good goal, assisted by Ba.

  3. Wallace says:

    Another solid performance from Bradley. It was a classic Zeman game, 3-3. Looking forward to deuce and tottenham.

  4. jones says:

    Friedel in goal today. Interesting lineup – no Defoe or Dembele. Dempsey up top centrally, with Sigurdsson in the middle.

  5. MemRook says:

    C’mon Deuce!

  6. MemRook says:

    Well that was a very tame shot by Dempsey. I understand why he took it but maybe he should have held it up and waited for help?

  7. MemRook says:

    Spurs fans, is Huddlestone a good player? Is he a preferred starter? I ask because every time I see him play he never impresses me. Quite the opposite actually. He usually looks like a huge liability. Today he is playing quite poorly too.

    • Dudester says:

      Huddlestone is fourth choice behind Dembele Parker and Sandro who’s injured.I remember when Huddlestone first came on the scene he was impressive with his passing range n what not.Seems like he hasn’t kicked on since then though.

    • Sir Coble says:

      Huddlestone used to be a very solid player in the middle. Not a preferred starter by any means, but AVB has been getting him some minutes. I would say it Dem, Parker, Sandro, Huddlestone, Gylfi, Livermore is the preferred order.
      He is/was known for smooth passing, some hard tackles, and quite a shot from distance……but mostly his passing.
      He has been in and out for what seems like 3 years with injury. Tottenham kept him over Palacious whatever that tells you.

    • Nick4235 says:

      No, and I agree with you. The usual midfield pairing was Sandro and Dembele but Sandro got hurt and Parker came back from injury so it’s been Dembele and Parker. Personally I think their best is Dembele with Parker or Sandro. In fact any time Dembele isn’t playing I find them underwhelming.

    • TomG says:

      He was a very promising young mf and a regular for the Spurs until he had some disastrous ankle injuries a couple years back and has never really regained his role or his form. He is also not really a fit for AVB’s style and was much rumored for a Stoke transfer ths summer.

    • CplDaniel says:

      Huddlestone is Lazy, with a terrible first-touch on the ball, has no vision, and is the kind of player who disappears for whole matches at a time! Sure he was great at the U-18’s-U-20’s but he just came up to fast and wasn’t allowed to grow. Of course, if we find his birth certificate, we will finally know his real age. But at the very least we know that If his dad wasn’t the coach, he wouldn’t even be in consideration!!
      Just sayin’.

  8. G. Bean says:

    Now we got ourselves a game.

  9. MemRook says:

    Oh man. HUGE error by Spurs defense and Leeds take lead.

  10. MemRook says:

    Deuce swings and misses!

  11. TomG says:

    Deuce outguessed by the Leeds keeper there.

  12. jones says:

    this central midfield combo isn’t really working out

  13. Soccer Guy says:

    Dempsey is awful so far. I think even Defoe would have done better with the good chance Dempsey had.

  14. TomG says:

    Not sure why there’s even a debate about Deuce starting when Adebayor returns. Deuce out scores him by a significant margin this year, last year AND the previous season as well. You have to go back to 2009/2010 season to find Adebayor on top. If you’re basing decisions on form from 4 years ago, you’ve lost the plot. Note also, that Deuce has done most of this from the midfield spot AND with an inferior club side.

    • jones says:

      right, but they aren’t the same type of player, really. So it depends on what kind of lineup AVB wants and who the competition is. But yeah, I think his goal-scoring/assist record should help him stay on the field.

    • fortunate only says:

      Not sure what you’re talking about since Adebayor scored just as many PL goals as Dempsey last season. He also has scored quite a bit more goals than Dempsey through out their EPL careers. It doesn’t really matter what they’ve done in the past since right now they’re playing as strikers for Spurs and Dempsey nor Adebayor have really solidified themselves as starters next to Defoe.

      • TomG says:

        You don’t want to look at the past? Well, let’s look at the present. This season, Deuce has 12 goals across competitions to Adebayor’s 4. BPLgoals, he also leads 6-3.

        Last season Deuce had 27 goals across all competitions to Adebayor’s 18. The season before, Deuce also led across competitions and league goals. I think you are the one living in the past… The very distant past.

        • ld says:

          I dont know where u get your numbers from but according to soccernet he has 5 goals in the league and 2 in the cup for a total of 7 goals this season

          • TomG says:

            Incorrect. Soccernet says 11 total goals across all competitions. Add one for today equals 12.

            • ld says:

              if you are comparing him to Adebayor then why the hell are you including goals he scored for the USA national team

              • TomG says:

                I included Adebayor’s intl goals. Why shouldn’t I include Deuce’s? Use whichever stats you wish. Deuce has scored more goals over a one year, two year or 3 year period whether you are talking about league only or across all competitions, and he’s done it from inferior clubs, often from mf. He’s also a better ball winner and a more physical presence. He’s a better player in almost every way.

        • Judging Amy says:

          Well done TomG. That’s how you destroy an argument.

          • fortunate only says:

            Yeahh except he didn’t.

            Given the fact that Adebayor was injured for quite a while and Dempsey has been given ample time with the starting XI, five premier league goals to Ade’s two doesn’t bode well for Deuce.

            While you were busy drooling over Tom destroying arguments you completely missed the part where he questioned why anyone would start Ade over Dempsey while erronously touting Dempsey’s scoring record from last year when ultimately, they both scored the same amount of goals in the League.

            Sure, you can make a case for Deuce since he did so mostly by playing on the wing but as of right now, in the present, both Ade and Dempsey are battling for FORWARD spots on the Spurs starting XI.

            • TomG says:

              There’s nothing erroneous about it. I can’t help it if you aren’t reading accurately. You’re the one who is in error. Deuce has 6 league goals now after today, as I have stated repeatedly. You can make all the excuses you want for Adebayor, but the fact is that Deuce has been outscoring Adebayor for 3 years now. Deuce came in late and didn’t train with Spurs at all, yet you don’t see anyone making excuses for him. You don’t think Deuce’s 6 goals in 19 appearances bodes well, yet 2 goals in 14 appearances for Adebayor is better? Wrong again. 1 goal every 3 or so matches is a heck of a lot better than 1 every 7. You’re not making any sense.

              • Berto says:

                Your argument lands back on “how many goals” every time, where a quality coach decides based on a players ability to improve the team. Put every stat you want out there, but if the team doesn’t feel better with Duece out there, then he will not gain the starting 11.

                The reality is that this position on spurs will be a shared role. Duece has the ability to play an attacking midfield role as well, so he will get more playing time than Adebayor, especially since Sandro is out. If you’ve watched a few Spurs games, you would have noticed how well Ade links up with the team and makes special plays. This is tough competition for Duece,

                I can see dembele, Duece, Adebayor, and Defoe starting… Parker sub for Duece or Ade. The wings are a lock IMO

                Duece needs to retain better possession and maintain his top work rate to not only score important goals, but create special moments for his teammates.

              • ld says:

                todays game was a FA cup match not league

      • Old School says:

        Dempsey also scored a predominant amount of his goals while playing in the midfield/on a worse club.

        To me, that does matter in context.

    • bato says:

      Adebayor is “world class” but is very inconsistent. He finds the way for the team to score. Think of Emile Heskey but way better. Plus hes the highest paid player on Spurs. they have to play him no matter what.

    • Joamiq says:

      They’re very different players.

  15. TomG says:

    Great turn by Deuce. Love to see that.

    • TomG says:

      Love the line by the commentator too: Dempsey shows the skill to go along with his will.

      That pretty much sums him up.

  16. Dudester says:

    Dempsey with a decent pot shot at the top of the box.Got it to swerve with his right foot.Ashdown make a decent save.

  17. jones says:

    I don’t understand why some of my comments are posted right away while others await moderation…strange system.

    • Soccer Guy says:

      Same here. I don’t think they like it if your comment isn’t all sunshine and lollipops.

    • MemRook says:

      Yeah moderation blows. Undoubeltly the worst thing about this fantastic website. Been lobbying since the beginning of SBI’s new format for its removal.

      • Roman Lewandowski says:

        I disagree. As we see every now and then (MLS draft coverage, for a recent example), some of the riff raff tends to creep into this site from time to time.

        One of my favorites aspects of this site is the high quality of the message board posters. The general lack of riff raff is something that few other soccer sites can boast.

        Keep up the moderation, Ives!

        • Old School says:


          This site, unlike most, does a pretty good job of “self-policing” the fringe crazies.

        • TomG says:

          I think there should be moderation but I don’t understand the new filter on SBI and think it needs fine tuning.

  18. Dudester says:

    Dembele for Huddlestone.Defoe for Siggurdson second half.

  19. ACS says:

    Off topic….Aron Johannsson has signed with AZ pending a physical…
    link to

    • bato says:

      Expect Jozy to be sold this summer. A minimum bid of 5million euros and high bid of 8 million. Probably to a German or Italian club

      • Footballer says:

        Altidore 8 million Euros? No club is paying another $10M as Villarreal made a mistake years ago. Plus who are these German clubs: Bayern, Dortmund and which Italian clubs Milan, Inter, Juve and Roma? He can try to bench anyone on those teams in his dreams. Which mid table team will spend that amount on a player when they can develop their in Italy and Germany? No top English club will but him either. Maybe Russia or Turkey.

    • TomG says:

      Wow! Really interesting story. Would be so cool to see Jozy paired with a potential US strike partner though you have to think AZ looking at Aron as replacement for Jozy either in this window or summer.

      • suite life says:

        You’re correct. Suprised he didnt get any good offers from relegation fodder teams in Germany or Italy

    • MemRook says:

      What is everyone’s gut feelings regarding which country Johannsson will choose to represent?

      • mr greenland says:

        I myself despise Icelanders.

      • Dudester says:

        I think he doesn’t dismiss the chance to play for us.That said we better get him into the set up very soon.Seems like he won’t wait too long before choosing Iceland instead.

        • ACS says:

          He was called to go in for the January camp but had hernia surgery and wouldn’t be fit to play.

          • Footballer says:

            Hernia surgery does not mean you cannot still show up in camp like Jermaine Jones did years ago even when he was injured, just to support the team if you really want to be there.

      • Drewbles says:

        My gut tells me Iceland. Even though they will struggle to ever make the finals of the World Cup or Euros, I think he self-identifies as being an Icelander, not an American, and will choose his team with that in mind.

        • MemRook says:

          My gut tells me the same. Aron’s gamble seems it will be this:

          Play for the united states and have more potential to play Ina world cup, he a big player for USA, get a nice transfer somewhere etc…

          The flip side is, play for USA, don’t do too well, and not get much of a look in and wallow as a bench reserve player.

          Or…Probably be a guaranteed, GUARANTEED, regular player for iceland and play a lot for them. They may not make it far in competitions but he’ll definitely play

          Basically what I’m thinking is, playing for US is a greater risk/reward scenario for him, whereas Iceland is probably a safer bet.

          • Josh D says:

            I wouldn’t be so sure about starting for Iceland. There’s a reason he still isn’t getting a proper look from them. Iceland are actually stacked with young strikers plying their trade in tougher leagues. If anything, he looks at our strikers and thinks it’d be easier to break into ours. He sees Jozy who he’ll be playing with now, Boyd who’s in Austria, Agudelo who’s at MLS, Gomez who’s old, and Dempsey. I’d think in his head he could make the bench.

            But we’ll see. Plenty of players have a wonder season then do nothing for the rest of their career.

            I still think he picks Iceland.

            • louis z says:

              you hit the nail in the head. Aron didn’t even play for the U23 side, he was part of the team. So, guarantee playing time at the senior level is nowhere close specially when 3 of the current 4 forwards for the senior side are under 25.

              • MemRook says:

                Sorry guys, I guess I didn’t specify enough: these are my assumptions on what AJ will see his options are…not entirely what will happen or what I believe will happen. Just my best guess at AJ’s mindset.

            • CplDaniel says:

              Boy, it sure feels good to hear that we have more than one name for a starting spot at the forward position.

        • Joe+G says:

          Since he would have to file a one time switch (which takes a couple of months to process), it’s more likely he will stick with Iceland … unless he doesn’t get called in at all and Iceland goes out of WCQ. Players always seem to stall on filing the 1x switch until it’s a sure thing both directions.

      • Hogatroge says:

        Iceland has to be in the lead. Even if he would prefer the US, paperwork would make it pretty hard to get him into the squad in time for the 2014 WC, when he could take part in WCQ for Iceland in just a few weeks. He grew up in Iceland, and doubt he feels more American based on a short amount of time in Alabama.

        Plus, Iceland has a pretty talented squad for the fact that they’re such a small country, so they definitely could sneak deep into WCQ or the 2016 Euro. He would also face less competition for a role as forward with them. The US has…

        Dempsey, Altidore, E. Johnson, Boyd, Agudelo, Gomez, Bruin, and others filling that role or knocking on that door. Who knows who else might emerge this MLS season.

        • louis z says:

          I guess you didn’t read my comment above. Iceland already has 3 strikers under 25 and one over 25. He is not going to get a guarantee spot if he goes Iceland’s way. Going USA’s way is not much better, he has Herc to contend with and probably Agudelo. Jozy is battling with Boyd. And if JK decided to only use one forward, then you are looking at 1-5 chances. His best chance to crack the starting 11 for us is by being the LW which now is an aging E. Johnson.

        • louis z says:

          why would it be hard for him to file papers and be in the squad before WC2014, it only takes almost two months. the WC is at least 17 months from now?

  20. MemRook says:

    Great goal by Leeds. Damn.

  21. MemRook says:

    Yowza. Spurs looking iffy on D today.

  22. cps says:

    what are Tottenham doing in the back? Embarrassing defending.

  23. zq says:

    Brad Fried. Shame he never got noticed by Man U or Barcelona. I bet he could start for them even right now. No doubt

    • Footballer says:

      Noticed by Man Utd? They had Edwin van Der Saar in goal who was way better and in a different class. Barca have not had a non-catalan goalkeeper in years, do some research.

  24. MemRook says:

    Deuce misses hella great opportunity. Damn.

  25. MemRook says:


  26. deepvalue says:

    Make your deuce face!

  27. MemRook says:

    Excellent header!!!!

  28. Dudester says:

    Spurs are screwed today.Warren Barton said it best.Dempsey can’t run behind you like Defoe, nor can he hold the ball up well like Ade.Hes not a true striker.He needs a real striker to run off and Siggurdson if def not that.Oh never mind Demps scores wit a header.

    • jones says:

      the real problem was the starting lineup – you’re right that Dempsey plays best with a striker to play off of (he is not a lone striker), but AVB also made poor choices in central midfield and defense today.

  29. Adam says:

    Dempsey pulls one back, header on a cross from Bale

  30. MemRook says:

    Out of nothing. Well that was beautifully placed.

  31. biff says:


  32. deepvalue says:

    2-0 the most dangerous lead in football. Game on, coys.

  33. Adam says:

    I think that makes 5 G and 1 Assist in his last 5 games…

  34. bato says:

    Dempsey needs to have a statue made in front of the White House and a film made by Clint Eastwood

    • Footballer says:

      So where does that put legends Ardiles and Vila? Jeez relax, greats have played at White Hart Lane and I hate the club. Robbie Keane would get a statue first and he is not on a list of getting one at all.

  35. suite life says:

    Ive a feeling Dempsey will be Spurs 2nd highest scorer come end of the season with 18 goald in all competition. He has 8 at the moment.

  36. Adam says:

    Great save by Friedel to keep Spurs within 1. Some of the stuff that Bale manages to pull off is just ridiculous…

  37. deepvalue says:

    Old man Friedel comes up huge.

  38. deepvalue says:

    The Maradona has been renamed the Gareth Bale.

  39. MemRook says:

    Just give Deuce one more chance. Just one more! He’ll bury it.

  40. jones says:

    they looked uninspired today

  41. Dudester says:

    Demps put in another shift like man utd last week.When Ade comes back from Afcon he’s gonna have a real fight on his hands for pt.

    • MemRook says:

      Why? Deuce was the ONLY Spurs players with any threat on goal today. Except for that one Huddlestone shot in the first half.

      Deuce also showed in the Man United game you just don’t count him out.

      • Dudester says:

        I meant Ade is going to have a real fight on his hands.Seeing as Ade was playing more than Demps before he left.

        • Footballer says:

          Adebayor is a striker, Dempsey is not. No coach will pay almost double for a striker and put him on the bench. Adebayor makes almost twice as Dempsey and Daniel Levy did not make sure he signed him permanently from City after his loan to have him sit in the stands. Get real.

          • Dudester says:

            So you’re saying Ade will start over Dempsey because he cost more and makes more? Regardless of form.You get real.

            • Footballer says:

              We’ll see in February.

              • Dudester says:

                Yeah well see.Ade will prob get more time to prove himself, like u said he costs more.That being said I doubt Avb won’t bench Ade if Dempsey consistently out performs him.This is top tier pro soccer not ODP.

  42. Dudester says:

    On another note Davide Somma came on for last 10 min.What a douche he is.Wanting to “destroy the US” for not giving him a chance only to end up losing 1-0.

  43. Citronomics says:

    Serious ? Does any EPL player this season mean more to their club than Suarez. Liverpool looking shaky today v. Oldham, and Suarez levels it creating space and finishing.

    • DanO says:

      No. Liverpool would be fighting relegation without him.

    • TomG says:

      Creating space, finishing and rolling around on the ground like a half-drowned ferret every time someone breathes near him, you mean?

      • Citronomics says:

        Wasn’t commenting on his approach/character on the pitch. Making an assertion regarding his value and production.

        And as a LFC fan, I don’t disagree with the implicit substance of your post (forgive me if you are being facetious).

  44. KJ says:

    On those 2 Oldham crosses and goals, should the Liverpool keeper have come out and grabbed the cross? It looked to me at least the second one, which was very high, he had plenty of time. Not a good day for him.

  45. G. Bean says:

    Spurs out, and Liverpool about to be out. BPL teams besides United have looked bad.

  46. Citronomics says:

    Wouldn’t have bet on Joe Allen to score (albeit greatly helped by a wicked deflection). Final 10 mins should be tasty.

  47. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Gerrard hits the crossbar in the ninetieth minute, great finish to this game. Six minutes added.

  48. Scott says:

    As an Arsenal fan that’s the best outcome possible, Dempsey scores but Spurs lose haha. Also Liverpool losing right before we play them is pretty good too.

  49. Chupacabra says:

    And Liverpool runs into the locker room like the cowardly sore loser Euronacos they are. LOL

  50. beachbum says:

    4 goals for Messi, perhpas a dubious PK one of them, but Barca playing beautifully if you can catch the game. Messi unbeleivable performance today, even for him, making all kinds of other ticky tacky plays across the field all game, and Xav’s vision and distribution with Alves’ flare added in leading the havoce wreaking. offsides calls missed for goals too with Osasuna’s high line trap testing the linesmen routinely. what a display

    • beachbum says:


      • beachbum says:


        and man Xavi is fun to watch; if he’s pressured the ball is off his feet to safety ticky tack and moving if he must to create the space back to him, OR if given time/space he’s the Keymaker from the Matrix, unlocks any door

  51. Bryan says:

    Clint has missed a lot of chances the last two games

    • Adam says:

      He’s also the only person on his team who has scored the past two games

    • TomG says:

      Not really. All strikers miss chances. Most of his looks have been half chances at best. He also creates a lot of half chances by flinging his body into cracks that most strikers wouldn’t even try. Was that a chance? Only because he flung his body recklessly in front of the defender and glanced the ball at the perfect angle to score. How many guys would even attempt that? If you look at his big miss last week against the Manx, it seemed like an easy chance, but he is actually fling his body through the smallest of cracks, weaving through a network of defenders. He has to turn left to avoid the defense and De Gea brilliantly sees this and dives to that side before Deuce pulls the trigger. Clint tries to adjust and change his shot but can only open his hips enough to fire it up the middle and hit De Gea’s trailing legs. Only someone like a Romario or a Messi could have opened up their hips quickly enough to slot it into the right corner. Deuce could have attempted to roof the shot or use a glancing outside of the foot shot, or chip it, but it was all happening at the highest speeds and those are low percentage options. He basically put it on De Gea to make a spectacular save and he did. I still think that was probably the percentage move for anyon but a guy like Messi. So is Deuce isn’t Messi, but he’s still a really good, creative, opportunistic, cut throat goal scorer. Even Messi misses, after all. Just watch the last World Cup.

  52. wendellgee says:

    Cape Verde!!!

    Just got to London from West Africa. Almost almost arranged my trip so I would be in Cape Verde now. Soooo wish I had.

  53. ex_sweeper says:

    The Costa Rica/Honduras Copa Centroamericana final is being streamed live on Youtube.

    link to