Studio 90: Gonzalez and Wondolowski discuss USMNT camp

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14 Responses to Studio 90: Gonzalez and Wondolowski discuss USMNT camp

  1. Jared Montz says:

    Nice little chip/dink finish from Wondo!

  2. Darwin says:

    “you know” Gonzalez

    • Gnarls says:

      “And uh” Wondolowski

    • JC says:

      Wow Gonzo! By my count, you had 8 “you know” in a 60 second interview. You know, that’s a lot of you know’s. Next time, you know, you might wanna keep that in mind you know!

  3. TheFrenchOne says:

    heather > alan

  4. zeygote note says:

    Wondo should be trying to get to Europe or at least a nice paying Mexican club

    • Sly says:

      I get the distinct impression the same thing is being said about Neymar in Brazil gotta go to Europe or you wont be anything. Im glad that argument is being challenged.

      * The neymar analogy isnt the most apt but you can be a success without sucking fron UEFA’s teet.

      Chris is being paid well playing well and could have another good 5 years here. I dont know if its worth him going over there and starting from scratch, is it worth it?

      • GW says:

        In Neymar’s case:

        1. The Brazilian league is doing well so Santos has a lot of money to throw at him.

        2. The World Cup is around the corner so since he hasn’t already gone, there is no sense in risking his place in the National team by going thru a transition period.

        3. If he does well in the World Cup the sky is the limit for what he could demand on the transfer market. He is only 20 now and he’ll be 21-22 after the World Cup. Time is on his side.

        I don’t see a lot of parallels with Wondo. Now if he does well in the World Cup and does not move then you have something.

  5. OPMG says:

    I think it’s cool to see how much emphasis they place on small sided games and really building that chemistry with the players who are near you on the pitch

  6. Edwin in LA says:

    Who is the guy on the picture above….top right of the pic? I can’t figure out who it is???

    I hope Omar gets the start and is able to work his way into the Hexagonal call ups