Celtic 0, Juventus 3: Match Highlights

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4 Responses to Celtic 0, Juventus 3: Match Highlights

  1. Good Jeremy says:

    What a horribly unlucky game for Celtic. They dominated the first 80 minutes but just couldn’t finish and got certain elimination from it.

  2. JoJo1973 says:

    Oh yes, they dominated first 80 minutes, then proceeded in their domination in the remaining 10 and overwhelmed Juventus in the injury time… oh, how thoroughly the Italians have been dominated…

    BTW, how come they’ve got three in the bag?

    • span16 says:

      +1 (or +3 if you prefer)

    • Good Jeremy says:

      BTW Did you watch the game? Or read the comment about not finishing? Go watch it and tell me Celtic didn’t outperform them in every part of the game except finishing. WAY more quality chances and better possession than Juventus.