It’s Fantasy MLS Time (Join the SBI Fantasy MLS League)


The new MLS season is just a week away and it’s time to start thinking about Fantasy MLS.

SBI will be running a league once again and we are inviting all of our readers to join in on the fun. We will be using the official MLS fantasy game this year. The game appears to have undergone some needed upgrades, and no longer requires a Facebook log in so it should be more appealing to those of you who passed on joining the league last year.

We have set up a league called ‘The Official SBI League” so you can go to the MLS fantasy site and find the league there. The code to join our league isĀ 7655-1695. We had a very strong league in 2012 and I expect it to be just as tough this year. And yes, I’ll be looking to take it very seriously, same as last year. After winning the Supporters Shield in the MLS Experts League last season I’m determined to try and win everything possible this year.

We are working on some prizes this year and while we weren’t able to set anything up last year I can say with certainty that the top ten teams in the SBI League this year will receive something (with the winner and second and third receiving what we hope are quality prizes. We’ll know more once we pin down a sponsor).

If you plan on joining the league let us know in the comments section below.

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57 Responses to It’s Fantasy MLS Time (Join the SBI Fantasy MLS League)

  1. Kevin_Amold says:

    Sure, I’ll have a go.

  2. Portland J says:


  3. elgringorico says:

    I’m in

  4. Lucas says:

    Yes sir!

  5. Chad says:


    FC Gingerbread Monkey all the way!!!!

  6. Davin says:

    Signing up.

  7. Swifty says:

    Im heading to boot camp somewhere in the middle of the season, but I plan on doing some damage before then. Thx a ton for doin this ives, always a blast.

  8. Weston John says:

    I’m in. I’ll sign up this weekend.

  9. Alex says:

    I’m in for sure!!

  10. MFLS says:

    After you make your team on the official game, head to and make one there too!

  11. u4u44hh33 says:

    question, do we have to pay? I’ve never had an online fantasy team before

  12. George says:

    Let’s do this.

    Ives, I’d like my grand prize to be a black long sleeve Luis Robles jersey. Size XL. Thanks bud.

  13. Matt says:

    yes I am down

  14. Phil Mitchell says:


  15. Ryan says:

    Haven’t played before, but I’ll give it a go.

  16. Koschei23 says:


  17. MooseKens says:

    Count me in!

  18. WES says:

    i will play but the official game still can’t compare to MFLS.

  19. Gabriel says:

    In, hopefully my team win something this year

  20. Richard Paz says:

    never played before but i just joined….

    Good luck !

  21. Nyarko says:


  22. PW says:

    Go Spartans!

  23. PSU says:

    I’m in. A little disappointed by the limit on the characters, so I had to cut my name short.

  24. Eric says:

    /In. Team rabblerabblerabble is a go.

  25. Charlie N. says:

    Always its a prize next year. I won the first year and i’m still waiting by the mailbox for my Ives bobble head. I may try again but cut the crap with the “prizes to be awarded” stuff. By the way love the site :)

  26. The B in Apt 23 says:

    I wonder if FC OutSwingingBalls will violate the team name stipulation……I hope not. If it doesn’t, see you there!

  27. Reuters says:

    Who the hell is that random fan running out on the pitch in galaxy jersey in the middle of a game?

  28. DG in the 253 says:

    In. Should be good!

  29. Trey says:

    I’m playing as well.

  30. Rex says:

    Any major rule changes this year?

  31. SiteFan says:

    Doh- already set up an MFLS team that will not inevitably languish from lack of care. But I’m in.

  32. g-dub says:

    Game on boys

  33. jay nt says:

    joined up as
    os mutantes

  34. RK says:

    I’m ready to lose.

  35. Gnarls says:

    Joined! It’s my first time playing fantasy soccer. Excited to give it a go.

  36. Daniel says:

    I’m in for the second year in a row!

  37. Travis says:

    Joined, been a while since I played fantasy soccer we shall see how this goes.

  38. slimkid32 says:

    Playing the Barclay’s one right now and having a blast! Can’t wait to do this one!!!

  39. James Sullivan says:

    ill definately join

  40. Michael says:

    San Gabriel Valley Galaxy are in. We’re playing our home games at Citrus College till our SSS on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona is completed.

  41. Eric says:


  42. Brian says:


  43. Leo Castracane says:

    I’d love to join the SBI Fantasy League

  44. Carver Shaw says:

    Joining now

  45. Ronald says:

    I’m in. Let’s go team “I’m not a rapist.”

  46. Andy says:

    I’m so in. This will be a blast.

  47. Greg says:

    in, please.

  48. Ben says:

    I’m in