Is this the USMNT’s new centennial jersey?


The U.S. Men’s National Team has long been rumored to be releasing a new jersey as part of U.S. Soccer’s centennial anniversary, and now we know what it might look like.

Images of what is believed to be the new U.S. jersey, which will be part of U.S. Soccer’s 100-year celebration, surfaced on on Tuesday. The jersey is predominantly white with thick navy blue trims on the sleeves and an old-school U.S. Soccer crest replacing the current one on the upper left side. There are also red and white stripes and white stars on blue on the lower left and right sides, respectively.

There was no word as to when it would be released, but if recent history is any indication the Americans will debut their new uniforms in friendlies late this spring or early in the summer. The U.S. have unveiled each of their last two home jerseys during that time period.

Here are a couple of other images of the jersey:


What do you think of the jersey? Planning on getting one? Is there any different type of design that you would have liked to see on it?

Share your thoughts below.

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142 Responses to Is this the USMNT’s new centennial jersey?

  1. Aguinaga says:

    Tight. I like it.

    • Steve says:

      Class. I hope they rock this with white shorts. We always seem to play best in the full white kits.

    • daledaledynamo says:

      The crest is way better than the current one. Also, im glad they didn’t put the beauty pageant sash on this jersey. They need to quit putting that damn sash on every jersey.

      • Paul Miller says:

        I believe we did that in 2010 because we realized England would be in our group. The jersey from that miracle upset over England a half century before had a sash. Different color pattern, but I believe the sash was a little inside joke at the Brits’ expense.

        Why it hung around after that, I’m not sure.

      • MINOR THREAT says:

        The sash looked good for the 2010 kit. Classic like the Peruvian kit.

      • MLSsnob says:

        Agreed, the current crest seems totally contrived and a ode to mid 90’s fashion. This crest not only looks better, IMO, but gives us a sense of history that we lack.

    • Old School says:

      Classic looking and trades in the ridiculous stars for applicable stars to our flag.

  2. David says:

    Dope. Doooooooooooooooooooooope. Dope.

  3. bbstl says:

    Three thoughts:
    1.) Awesome
    2.) Please let the home jersey be red
    3.) I would love it with no names, just simple block numbers on the back. Go completely old school

    • Dan in New York says:

      +1. Also, that old-school crest is killer.

      • PD says:

        THIS. This crest kicks my lame ass.

        I want one in Navy and one in Red, dunna care which is away and 3rd kit, just make it so.

    • William the Terror says:

      Agreed. But f we’re going to go old-school, we need to lose the Nike swoosh too. The sponsor just has to eat this one.

      • ec says:

        Put a small swoosh on the lower middle back. I only own 1 jersey because I just don’t want to walk around as a billboard for Nike. If they were capable of being understated with their logo, I’d own several.

      • Josh D says:

        If we’re going old school, lets see some string laces near the neck!

        Great jersey!

    • Matty K says:

      Here is my thing about red jerseys. ( minus the red and white hoops which I like ) A full red jersey is very common in world soccer. Internationally at least. And especially amoung the top teams in the world. I love the fact the USA wears navy because it becomes sort of the “trademark” color ( Germany White, Holland orange, brazil yellow and so on). Though I like the idea of the “hoops” being our trademark. Anyways, The Navy is not not as used as red. So it sort of distinguishes us. ( England, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Russia, Norway, Austria, Serbia, plus more use red, more locally T&T, Panama, Costa Rica, Canada all use it ) Aside from that, I like red, I just hope its used more as a 3rd jersey ( like our last jerseys) than a full home or away. Though, I would be interested to see red shorts with the hoops.

      • PD says:

        if hoops ever became “our thing” I’d have to consider rooting for someone else. we’re not sailors.

        • Matty K says:

          If they stay, im happy, if they go, then im alright with that too. Though recently it looks like the “sash” will stick around. Since it was on our current and last designs. Im happy usually with whatever they have. Even if it is red ( though I like the navy ). There will always be people who do not like it and other that do. What I would like to see, maybe for this next WC. is a remake of the 1994 WC jerseys. I know they were Adidas, but still, They could make those look way better.

        • john says:

          If the style of a jersey would influence your partisanship, you should consider another sport. Like Project Runway.

      • chris says:

        The hoops look hideous

        • Matty K says:

          they cant please everyone, I think every design some people will like and some will not. Just your preference I guess

          • Austin R says:

            Ha no way I love the Hoops! Candy Cane warriors.

            I realize candy cane isn’t the most intimidating of comparisons, but I actually really like the hoop jerseys

            • kevdflb says:

              Aside from the weird white box on the back, the hoops are great.
              With blue shorts, I think that should be our home look since it is practically our flag and is rather distinctive while still being a traditional soccer design.

              The red with blue sash jersey is also good.
              Blue and white sleeves sucks.
              White with off-white sash sucks.

              Retro badge is good, but a bit too big in this image. Bring it down to about….. 70%
              Current badge is laughably bad.

    • Yaznasty says:

      This is a third jersey, there isn’t going to be a “home jersey.” We get new primaries and secondaries every two years. More than likely, one, if not both of our current jerseys will supplement this one for 2013

    • Old School says:

      +1 Old School

  4. BFT says:


  5. blag says:

    Anyone else like this crest more than the current crest?

    • Sam T says:

      It’s a vast improvement

    • Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper" says:

      AGREED. If we could find a way to get 50 stars I would liek it better!

    • Scott says:

      I would prefer Sponge Bob as a crest over the current crest. The retro crest looks great. We should cover US Soccer up with e-mails to keep this crest.

    • Gnarls says:

      Much, MUCH better.

    • Aquaman says:

      I liked the current US crest enough to get it tattooed on me, but I have to say, if they switched to this old school crest, I’d have to get a second US Soccer tattoo

    • Joe Dirt says:

      Word, we should keep this as the new permanent crest. This crest is dope. Stars and stripes is all that need to be there. It says it all baby. Lets get ride of the current one with US written in and fake stars we haven’t earned on it.

    • kevdflb says:

      Whoever designed this badge seems to understand that on the US flag the stars are on a blue field, and the stripes are red and white.
      The designer of the 1980s clip art badge (with Motion lines! Weeeee!) apparently had not seen a US Flag.

  6. Raymon says:

    Where’s the beauty pageant sash? Is that so 2010?

  7. Iggy says:

    Looks slightly feminine, though I am not sure why. I do like it though. Better than the waldo shirts!

  8. MemRook says:

    I. Want. That.


  9. Marco says:

    Nice!!! Much better than the Where’s Waldo’s we’ve got going now. I’d buy this one!

  10. Jersey2Colorado says:

    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes..

  11. 2tone says:

    Awesome Crest, nice simple Jersey, and Nike will garner more money from me.

    Oh for the record I vote for that Crest to be the official US crest from here on out.

  12. vik says:

    Wow. Our crest used to look like THAT!? That’s awesome! Why did we ever change?

  13. Dean Stell says:

    Love it! Love it! It’s so nice to see a soccer jersey that can also double as a shirt you could wear somewhere normal. And I love the crest!

    Amazing that we’re like 20 responses in to the thread and nobody hates it yet.

    What’s funny is that it doesn’t look THAT different than the rumored new England jersey (also from Nike) and it seems like all the England fans HATED it.

  14. alabamafutbol says:

    9 to midnight

  15. Neal says:

    Love it.
    Please keep this as permanent jersey and crest…

  16. Hunt Daddy says:

    Sometimes less is more. I love it. Digging the v-neck.

  17. Connor says:

    I cant be the only one that thinks these are awful can I?

    • Cody says:

      This is the jersey the fans have been waiting for. You’ll be in the minority, that’s for sure.

    • THomas says:

      Judging by the responses, yes, yes you are.

      Everything about this jersey is awesome.

    • r.benjamin says:

      I’m with you. I like less is more. But something more like the 06′ white. Not like something my youth team wore before we had budget.

      Definitely a yes to the crest however.

    • Yaznasty says:

      Not necessarily awful, but I’m wearing a white v-neck t-shirt right now so I don’t really need to get this jersey.

      If the thing people like the most about it is the crest, I understand, and I agree, but ideally we could just put that on other jerseys. Aside from that, what is so exciting about it? I guess it will always be a matter of opinion and preference, but I love my red 3rd jersey from 2011, to me it’s just way more fun than this white one.

  18. chris says:

    This jersey gives me a woody. Im so happy there is no sash or stupid stripes. Clean and professional just how it should be. Still wish they would bring back those black/dark grey ones for a 3rd jersey

    • Brian says:

      No team representing the US on the international level in any sport has any business wearing a jerseys, uniforms, or kits whos primary colors aren’t some combination of red/white/blue. It is part of our identity.

      People complain about the kits all the time but my guess is Nike got more than average when they tried that stunt.

  19. B. Franklin says:

    Nice. Nice. Nice.

    Apparently our boys are only representing the first 13 colonies. Take that, “Louisiana Purchase”!!!

    • Grant says:

      It’s a reference to the fact that there were 13 colonies, obviously, but also to the fact that U.S. Soccer was founded in 1913.

      • kevdflb says:

        Wow. Check out the historian over here!
        Seems obvious now that you say it, but I would never have guessed.

  20. Mc says:

    Man, it’s perfect. Anything but those damn red hoops.

  21. el paso tx says:

    Acabron- sweet jersey and keep that crest. Maybe Mls teams will learn from the crest and Usa soccer federation needs to keep this crest forever.

  22. Paul says:

    THANK YOU NIKE FOR MAKING A DECENT KIT FOR THE US NATIONAL TEAM! (Yes, the caps are appropriate, given the fugly crap thrown on our men and women during Nike’s “outfitting” of the national sides. The caps alone are justtified for the women’s absmal “corset” uni.)

    Why don’t we just use make these jerseys our offical color scheme? Easy on the eyes, easy to recognize, easy to not fudge up. I would actually buy this…

  23. el paso tx says:

    About the stripes and sash, USA should keep them because no other country in the world has our flag design. If some soccer powerhouse country had our flag, that certain soccer powerhouse would use the stripes and sash without thinking about it. RIGHT :)

  24. Joamiq says:

    Old school crest = all manners of win

    • Joamiq says:

      US fans should chant “keep this crest”/”keep this shirt” for a solid 10 minutes before every match. Maybe someone will pay attention then.

  25. K-Town says:

    LOVE IT!

  26. Megatron says:

    The old crest looks much better and much more cleaner. The current design looks like dog s**t and needs to be removed ASAP.

  27. Scott says:

    Love it! Small collar would be a nice, older school touch. What to wear with it? White shorts and socks? Navy shorts and white socks? White shorts and navy socks? The only thing to hate is having to go back to the crappy current crest at some point.

  28. Reid says:

    That white is going to look great with ketchup and mustard stain from the sausage and pepper sandwich… that will complete it.

  29. Al17 says:

    Definitely the real deal unless Nike decides to pull it at the last minute.
    Can’t confirm date it will be available but can confirm that’s coming soon

  30. Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper" says:

    The mock ups with the sash were really cool to me. I obviously like the Sash. It’s a western Hemisphere (Americas) thing.

    I wish we could get a Navy Sash laden with either 50 stars of varying sizes or alternating Red/Wht stripes to break up the beauty pageant look.

  31. Mase NJRB says:

    I think US has had pretty nice kits overall but this one is just special, it bleeds USA. Get 50 stars on that crest and keep it!! Dont hate the current crest but this……..when is the release date!!!

  32. Dennis says:

    Of course we will have a new uniform for the 2014 WC. I already have jerseys going back to the 2006 WC, and maybe an old one from 1994 or so.

    I like the red versions for the fans and wish the US would encourage the fans to all wear the same (red) color jersey to USMNT games. (Nike would hate that, since there would be no reason for the fans to get a new jersey every year.)

    FWIW, statistically the team wearing red is more likely to win, I’ll take any advantage, real or perceived.

  33. Gnarls says:

    So much better than the modern crest. I hope US Soccer keeps it permanently.

  34. dan says:


    USA doesnt understand how to have a f*iing identity we keep changing the jerseys. I dont mind the centenial but after we should go back to the hoops and stick with it

    • Joe Dirt says:


    • Brian says:

      I’m a big fan but I refuse to buy a jersey for this reason.

      England, France, Germany, Argentina, Mexica, Japan, Italy, the Dutch….these are all countries that have done it right. Pick a look and stick with it. Modernize it every once in a while, but for the most part if you flip on the TV and see the jerseys you know who is playing because it’s part of their identity.

    • GJJ says:

      I really like the hoops. They are distinctive and very old school. Celtic, Sporting Lisbon, Santos Laguna, etc all look great in their ultra-traditional kits. As for our current crest, it’s rotten. I like the new crest, but want something soccer specific on it like an old leather ball and perhaps the date of the USSF founding (1913 I think). Without something soccer specific on it, it could be mistaken for something I just picked up at old navy. On another note, the Nike shirts I have are way less comfortable to actually exercise in than the Kappa shirts I own. I stopped running in them in the summer because they don’t keep you very cool compared to the Kappa gear.

  35. Joe Dirt says:

    Love it. Totally Dope. Should make the Crest permanant. Ready to burn my Where’s Waldo shirt. Bring it on in all white baby. By end of match Clint will be all dirty and we’ll know who did the most work on the pitch for the day. Please Nike stop changing the shirt so much we need continuity for a change.

  36. Cabrito says:

    I hope they keep that crest going forward instead of the “cartoon-like” crest they now use. It’s time for a change.

  37. wilyboy says:

    Love it. Hope it sticks. I like Where’s Waldo as much as the next man, but the candy cane kit isn’t a classic.

  38. chris says:

    So youre saying our identity should be hoops a european design? Please the only identity we need is the colors red, white and blue. Everything else is superficial bullsh!t

  39. DREAM says:

    …and the 13 original colonies.

  40. FELIX says:


  41. seth says:

    so freakin nice. i’d buy that for sure

  42. Caxmarca says:

    we need a defining jersey and stick with it a la European and S. American teams…classics like Peru’, Argentina, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Spain even Mexico, quit changing…

  43. AJ says:

    that is sick! i think it would look preety good with a navy blue sash to, i think that was one of the USMNT early kit styles to but yeah totally gonna have to get me one of these

  44. Adam M. says:

    Please don’t screw up the numbers and letters. Please don’t screw up the numbers and letters. Please don’t screw up the num….

  45. Hogatroge says:

    Nike definitely didn’t need to put much effort into this design.

    It’s not bad, but the AO-NYC mock up w/ red sash was better. I wouldn’t have minded the collar, but the V-neck is nice too and distinguishes this from a Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

  46. Cristian says:

    I like the crest so much more than the current. But I like our hoops and think we should keep them. White as an alternate, maybe. But I would love to see this crest on the Waldo jerseys. Although youd probably have to switch the places of red and white stripes so that the seal did look out of place, in the end it would probably be awesome!

    • Cristian says:

      link to

      Quick, but already better. I hate the stars on top, because we haven’t earned them, but I don’t know what else would work there.

      • kevdflb says:

        That is still God-Awful because the motion lines and ball make it horrible.
        Stars are fine if they are a symbol of your country. The Black Stars have a star and they haven’t won the WC. If they aren’t silly and “3D” they’re fine WITHIN our badge since WC winning stars go above the badge.
        or Crest or whatever.
        I agree about the hoops with this retro badge.

  47. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    Unveil the Centennial jersey in the Centennial state! Suddenly Commerce City makes total sense.

  48. john.q says:

    anything ussoccer does just keep that crest. it’s HOT!

  49. Charod says:

    It’s nice and clean but come on man, can we put an eagle spreading her wings perched on top of the crest of something……looks like 13 stars for the 13 original? We had States 100 years ago lol…. All 50 states love our National Team.

  50. Danny Santos says:

    Wow! Please let this be permanent! I love the simplistic design of the jersey AND the crest. Both are must keeps!
    Where can I preorder my new Dempsey jersey?

  51. Paul Miller says:

    Can’t wait to get rid of those peppermint stick jerseys. Solid white, solid red, solid blue – don’t care. Just no more peppermint sticks.

  52. Chris says:

    That is beautiful.

  53. Thebumswillalwayslose says:

    Is there a buy it now option?

  54. Jamie Z. says:


  55. Joe Webb says:

    I LOVE the red and white hoops. The navy shirt has a nice arsenal type look to it. I don’t care for the plain white shirt

  56. Nate says:

    Looks good to me. Should be the new home shirt. The current shirt is half off, if that’s any indication: link to

  57. kevdflb says:

    I think it’s a great centennial, throw-back jersey or third jersey.
    But I wouldn’t want to see it as the permanent first choice.

    Thought because of Nike’s and the USSF’s desire to sell a boat load of new jerseys every 2 years, I doubt there we’ll ever settle on a permanent “look”!

  58. Alex says:

    To quote someone else, “dope.” But it would be doper with a collar.

    • Beto says:

      Canada’s centenials last year were “dope” this jersey would be cool with a colllar but i dont think we should become a collared nation going forward, just my american opinion

      • Beto says:

        What will take this jersey to the next level is the AO patch on the shoulder and my name on the back!

  59. Crispyst3 says:

    I don’t know if we can post outside links, but i googled our current logo and then it seems like someone was messing around on adobe illustrator or something because i found


    link to

    Which would be awesome too

  60. Beto says:

    I am going to agree with everyone else and say YES!!!! Perfect design, cant wait to buy one! I hope they are for sale before the first home game. Also this would be a great time to set a design that will be used for the next 100 years.

  61. Riggity says:

    The new kit is sweet, I wish they would bring back the Lighter Blue with thin white stripes and white shorts that we wore in Copa America as our third jersey. Does anyone else remember those? They wore them for like 3 matches…the all black kits we had a couple years back were cool too

  62. chris_thebassplayer says:

    I agree with just about every nat fan, we need to demand this to be our crest. It is simple, clean and strong…lose that freaking AYSO crest with the goofy soccer ball on it. The shirt is fine but i’d make a couple minor tweaks. The Crest is too high on the shirt and a little too large. It would absolutely crush if it were lower and slightly reduced in size…

  63. Alabaster Haberdashery says:

    I think we should have hoop shorts to go with the hoop jersey. Then try to incorporate the baseball cap into the uniform. That could be like our thing.

  64. Stephen says:

    This is awesome. I want this crest to be permanent and I want it on the hoops kit as well. Those should be our main two kits.

  65. ford says:

    I’ll join the party.. this needs to be the crest… let’s make it happen.. hey.. we finally got red jerseys right?

  66. Rusty Schakelford says:

    i love it!! i absolutely hate our current away Navy shirt with tge white aleeves….ugly.