Kamara scores first EPL goal to help Norwich City rally to win


Sporting Kansas City forward/midfielder Kei Kamara is off to a dream start during his loan spell with English Premier League side Norwich City, notching a vital equalizer on Saturday for his first EPL goal.

Kamara came off the bench and paid immediate dividends, heading home the tying goal before helping set up a stoppage-time winner as Norwich City posted a 2-1 comeback victory against Everton.

Here is Kamara’s equalizer:

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55 Responses to Kamara scores first EPL goal to help Norwich City rally to win

  1. Wess says:

    Reppin MLS!!!

  2. Iggy says:

    a current MLS player scores on former MLS keeper.

  3. Matt says:

    Great, for him, sucks for KC. Yeah it is just one goal, but a very important goal for Wigan who is clawing to stay up

    • T-lover says:

      But I forgot, MLS sucks. With bad players, right? I think Kamara showed what MLS is. A very athletic league, with some very good players. I think in time, we will add more quality to our clubs, to support the athletic part of our game. However MLS is getting better and better.

    • Adam says:

      He’s playing for Norwich…I think you are thinking of Espinoza…

  4. The Voice of Reason? says:

    Go MLS. We trained him. We equipped him. Let’s start the bidding. Norwich can have him for 1.5 million dollars

  5. Citronomics says:

    Dig the power and form on Kamara’s header. Good on him for taking his opportunity today and making an impact.

  6. Dan in New York says:

    Good for him and good for MLS. Also, I’m glad he got rid of that ridiculous blonde beard.

  7. bizzy says:

    Kei Kamara gives Everton a taste of what Defenders suffer in our league year round, and Everton’s lack of respect for the Kid pays of. The header was powerful and accurate, and against an EPL team. Its always good to see a successful player in our league display the same effectiveness in high leagues. It shows what lacks in MLS is the quality of coaches rather than the quality of players at this point. We’ve seen it time and time again with Donovan and Everton, Ream and Bolton, Cameron and Stoke, Espinoza and Wigan, now Kamara and Norwich city, MLS-All stars vs Chelsea…..that we have players that are very good in this league, with the individual skill to exceed at a highest level. What MLS (and the USMNT) is lacking right now is good coaching, good technical knowledge….coaches that can work with the level/quality of players we have to create a force to be reckon with…….the reason Oldham stunned Liverpool, Brentford tied Chelsea (first game..lol), Luton town embarassed Norwich city, QPR lost to Milton keynes dons, Tottenham stunned by Leeds etc…simply good coaching, teams with coaches with the ability to bring the best out of average players, training LOW level players to bring down HIGH level teams……KEEP DOING YOUR THING KEI !!!!!!!!

  8. Jake says:

    Is that how people mark in the EPL?! He had a free run in on that header.

    • bizzy says:

      Thats not how they mark….thats how they mark unknown MLS players..lol, and he made them pay

      • GW says:

        I can just see Howard going ” forget about that MLS guy”.

        Obviously, Everton have no respect for MLS players and when Stoke shows up they can forget about marking Shea and Cameron on any set pieces,.

  9. Gnarls says:

    I hate to see Everton lose, but Kei came up huge and the commentators couldn’t say enough positive things about him.

  10. allouez86 says:

    He was very dangerous in his cameo today. He almost scored a nice header a few minutes before the goal, sent it just barely on the wrong side of the post. Had Howard beat. Hopefully he can continue to have performances like the one he had today. He was very good.

  11. Old School says:

    -Great job Kai!
    -Bad job making the lame heart sign with your hands!

    I don’t care who started that but it needs to be finished. When Ellen Degenres, Taylor Swift and random boy bands are doing it randomly in public, it’s lost it’s value.

    A close runner up? Players making out with their wrist and whatever tattoo they have on it representing a loved one/relative.

    • tryst says:

      Well whats your personal fav way to celebrate a goal

      • Old School says:

        We can start with what it isnt: making out with your wrist or making a heart symbol with your fingers.

    • Jason says:

      My least fave is the knees slide…ie: after jermaine jones’ CL goal.

    • Alex says:

      Kei always celebrates with his “heart-shaped hands.” The reason being that he started his own foundation, called the Heart Shaped Hands Foundation, to provide better education to children from Sierra Leone, Kei’s native country. He’s not imitating boy bands, he’s repping his charity.

      • Old School says:

        I think your reading comprehension is a bit off. I never said he was imitating boy bands. In fact, I said the opposite.

        Additionally, I’ve never heard of that foundation or if it even exists. Be a sport and provide a link. Even if it is real, he still created it based on the hand symbol, which as I said, is ridiculous and played out.

  12. tryst says:

    I predict he finishes the season with 4 goals and Norwoch buys him for 2million. Bunbury needs to stay in MLS and Sapong needs another season than maybe hes ready for a Danish/Turkish/Dutch league

  13. AMPhibian says:

    great job to shake fellaini!!

  14. el paso tx says:

    Good for him and MLS. Now if Mls can raise the cap, make it 4dps, free agency in order to surround the dps with higher talent. For example, look at the galaxy who where lucky enough in the past 2 seasons to surround becks,keane,donovan with very good talent which makes their job easier. Most Mls teams with Dps need talent around them in order to give the Dps a chance to shine and teach the players how to play real soccer. Its not rocket science but Garber and Mls make it so difficult for us the fans. In soccer u need a good goalie,centerback,number 10 and a center foward in order to have a foundation, which that is why MLS needs free agency and 4dps and a higher salary cap.

    • tryst says:

      Amen. Salary cap needs to be at 5million in a decade

      • T-lover says:

        Next year the cap will be at 3 plus million, so by the end of 2014 the cap will be above 6 million, not a decade.

        • K-Town says:

          Got your math wrong here. The 2012 salary cap was $2,810,000 per team, not counting the extra salary of designated players in 2012. Players in the first 20 roster spots will count against the cap (players 21-30 do not and are considered off budget players). The cap will go up 5% each year until the CBA expires at the end of 2014 leaving the 2014 salary cap at just over 3 million.

          With all the new stadiums and extra revenue from increased jersey/stadium sponsorships, and new tv deals, I would expect the next CBA to jump the cap up by a higher percentage entering the 2015 season.

          • K-Town says:

            Not really sure where you get 6 million in 2015 from. I doubt the league doubles it in one year even with a new agreement. Although, I think 6 million would be a great starting point.

            • T-lover says:

              Again I said next year the cap will be above 3 million? This year, its a little over 2.8 million.Then I said after 2014, when the CBA is up, I believe the cap will be raised another 3 million more.

          • T-lover says:

            I said next year the cap will be above 3 million, didn’t I? Also the CBA, ends in 2014. I have heard MLS believes by then, they will have more revenue to raise the cap.

  15. el paso tx says:

    By the way, kamara reminds me of chicharito. Only if dempsey and altidore played with that kind of heart. The american team needs to be like tim howard,with a badass attitude because all the time when there’s an american on the field and punk by the opponent, I never see someone stepping upand talk back with balls, only agaisnt Mexico and that’s getting old.

    • Old School says:

      It appears you’re incredibly unaware how incorrect both statements are associating Dempsey with lack of heart or addressing punks/getting into their face.

      Either you’ve never watched Clint Dempsey play or are unfamiliar with what he actually looks like.

      Perhaps you’re thinking Landon Donovan?

  16. Michael F SBI Mafia Original says:

    He just comes across as one of the really good guys. Happy for him. Is he on loan or transferred?

  17. john.q says:

    that was the prettiest header i’ve seen in a while.

  18. Dudester says:

    It seems like the MLS and US soccer in general is getting more respect in Britain.Since the world cup match and all the MLS players transferring over there.

  19. Falsify says:

    He has scored a header against Manchester United(friendly with SKC) and now Everton. Those are two good teams to score against.

  20. Ceez says:

    He needs to stop with those corny heart shaped hands. That was going on when I was in high school…which was a long time ago. So played out. Time to move on, guy!

  21. Emarcel says:

    Just curiuos, is he already cap tied somewhere?

  22. Emarcel says:


  23. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    That’s called the “Special K Special”.